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December 08, 2017



Good morning!


Just a bit of Steely Dan out here on the left coast...

California tumbles into the sea
That'll be the day I go back to Annandale
Tried to warn you
About Chino and Daddy Gee
But I can't seem to get to you through the U.S. Mail
Well I hear the whistle but I can't go, I'm gonna
Take her down to Mexico, she said oh no
Guadalajara won't do

And I'm never going back to my old school.


On YouTube



Please explain the intrinsic value of bitcoin. If you can't do this in language that doesn't sound like half gargled babble out of Atlas Shrugged (choice of novel intentionally ironic), please don't suggest I invest and for Gosh's sake, don't invest yourself.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

There is intrinsic value in the blockchain concept applied in other realms.

Someone linked a very good explanation of bitcoin's problems re a real currency in the last thread.

Dave (in MA)

With going full swing, it's nice to see that in my district we've just got plain old unspecified alleged corruption of some sort,




A few years ago at a party I met a guy who claimed to be the Daddy Gee of the song. No way to confirm of course, but he said he went to Bard with Fagen and Becker. Seemed like he could have been a dealer type at the time. ;)

It snowed in Austin last night, more than I've ever seen in my 18 years here. Kids loved it. And today we have a snow day!

Thinking about you, RG.


I meant it sucks that people become Eeyores just because of a few setbacks, often temporary, inconsequential or simply perceived.

Roger that Iggy.

Just be happy you don't have to live with mood swings like mine.

Long way from bipolar, but still a pain.

Particularly when coupled with a dose of Irish temper:)

Captain Hate

The Left is reduced to arguing the someone who is LITERALLY HITLER is relocating the embassy to Israel in Jerusalem.


Speaking of serious threads a friend had a relapse of a tumor, keep her in your prayers, her name is linda.

Jack is Back!(On his iPhone)

Sitting in Apple Store on Walnut Street in Philly and read this story:


Anyone ever heard about this before? Never knew this.

Tom Bowler

And I'm never going back to my old school.

Posted by: Barbara | December 08, 2017 at 09:47 AM

Love that song, Barbara.


I went back on the last thread and couldn't find the post, but it sounds like you are looking at hospice for your Mom, RG. If I'm wrong my sincere apology.

At any rate, my best friend down here ran a hospice in VT for many years. If you want to talk to someone who know what you should look for let me know and I will arrange a call between you two.


You meet the most interesting people, Porchlight.

My nephew's girlfriend posted that it's snowing in Texas this morning. I'm not sure where they live. When you're finished with the snow, please send it out our way.


It's Friday. One can only imagine what will come out today.


Me, too, Tom. 😊


I am so sorry, narciso. I will pray for your friend, Linda.

common man

And now a federal judge has to recuse himself on the sentencing trial for Flynn? It really is a very incestuous place that swamp


Thanks all, she had been receiving good results until this week.

Yes common man, from the last thread:


So what is the Deal with this Prince bader, coul


Could he really be this stupid, making this kind of extravagant purchase at this time.


Porch!!! Enjoy the snow. Embrace it! Love it!!
Keep it all for yourself!!!



Who would have guessed the FBI would be the first part of the swamp to be drained.


CLEVELAND– Federal authorities indicted 26 people for their participation in two conspiracies to bring fentanyl, heroin and cocaine into NE Ohio. 18 were taken into custody Thursday morning. Five people turned themselves in and another was already in custody on other charges.


Dave (in MA)

It would be nice to know the citizenship status of teh 26, henry. It would also probably be unsurprising.


Menonites from Holland Dave.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

In case you guys missed it (I posted it on the last thread) the yearbook thing used as evidence against Roy Moore has collapsed.


I was driving home from derwill's home town in central ID a couple of years ago when I got my last speeding ticket. The song I was speeding to? My Old School . My favorite part is the fabulous horn line right after "California tumbles into the sea" that ends with that last note from the baritone sax that sounds like ebullient belch.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller‏Verified account @markknoller
7m7 minutes ago

Pres issues emergency declaration for California authorizubg Federal assistance in response to wildfires that began Dec 4. Emergency Declaration usually facilitates later issuance of a Disaster Declaration.


Great song Lyle, I just listened to it. My bro lives in Anandale.


That really is quite a bombshell 4 days before the election.



Dave, they are all AMERICANS and VICTIMS. They were raising money for Hurricane relief.
Irwin Jose Vargas, 42, of Euclid
Keyra Linnette Martinez, 42, of Euclid
Irwing Vargas Rosario, 24, of Cleveland
Isidoro M. Gonzalez, 41, of Cleveland
Alcides Garcia, 46, of Ponce, Puerto Rico
Austin Natale, 27, of Cleveland
Kayle Mae Jonela, 22, of Brook Park
Rosemary Howell, 55, of Cleveland
Dennis Mansfield, 58, of Cleveland
William Rodriguez, 41, of Cleveland
Jeffrey Mack, 44, of Cleveland
Victor Felix, 39, of Cleveland
Nelson Benitez, Jr., 34, of Cleveland
Thomas Lopez, 39, of Cleveland
Edgar Arroyo, 37, of Cleveland

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Baba97‏ @Baba9773
2m2 minutes ago

The NY Fed Res just updated their 4th Q GDP projection. It remains a solid 3.92%! If the 3rd Q is revised from the current 3.3% to what I believe will be 3.4%, a 4th Q GDP of 4.3% would AMAZINGLY allow @realDonaldTrump 1st Year to reach 3% GDP. P44's final year (2016) was 1.5%!



Just to clarify -- the woman with the yearbook is saying now that Moore wrote some of what's in that yearbook, but not everything that's in that yearbook. I guess she's saying the signature is not his? Just the inscription?

(Breitbart article is so anxious to get its spin in that it's hard to tell what they are saying)


"It verifies for us what we’ve said for many years and made the case to our colleagues: This is a government conspiracy, an organized, orchestrated conspiracy, (with) multiple layers of government." - Sen. @SenDaveCraig on John Doe government abuses


Sounds like DC deep state, who were pen pals with GAB via Kevin Kennedy & Lois Lerner (plus others).



She's saying she added the date and location. She and Allred denied this earlier. They assure us that everything else they've claimed is still true.

Congratulations Senator Moore.


Just to clarify, Appalled is a Clown d.a.



I'm not a GYN Oncology specialist, I deal primarily with tumors of the bowel, but here is my take for what it is worth. after a quick literature search.

Main thing to look at in her records is the original stage. the original stage should give you a pretty good indication whether this was expected or unexpected

Stage 1 cancer has a good 5 year survival of over 9 out of ten patients living past 5 years.

the odds start falling off pretty rapidly after that with stage 2 having around a 2 out of 3 five year survival and there is less less than a 1 out of 2 five year survival for stages 3 and 4.

these numbers are with chemo and radiation therapy, which if your mother received them makes it sound like she had a more advanced tumor to begin with

the robot is just another way to do the surgery, it may have made her recovery shorter, but it does not improve the ability to physically remove all of the tumor or improve long term survival results.

The problem with a cancer like endometrial is that if it makes it outside of the uterus it can spread quickly.

think of your abdomen like a room and the cancer like an aerosol spray can. it is hard to know what nook or cranny the cancer cells will go to once they start getting released into the abdominal cavity. So while I might tell a patient or family I got the whole tumor regarding the Primary location of the tumor I always try to emphasize the other ways the tumor can spread especially for tumors above stage 1 and or tumors that have made it all the way through the full thickness of the organ where the cancer cells can be shed into the abdominal cavity, like rust eating through the wall of a metal can.

This type of spread is common for endometrial cancer.

The abdomen is a relatively big place and the cancer can be quite advanced before it is found, even with PET scans or other more invasive tests.

The survival for stage 4 metastatic endometrial cancer is reported at less than 12 months regardless of treatment. Given your mothers age I do not know how aggressive I would have been looking for recurrence as I am not sure she is really a candidate for further intervention.

AS far as hospice if you are around a hospital ask the nurses where they would send a family member.

simply simon

Old Lurker do not despair, Rosenstein was confirmed by Senate 94-6 and Wray by 92-5 while Brand was 51-47 and Sessions had to put up with Franken's insinuation that he colluded with the Russians.

Trump , Grassley and the Freedom caucus know who they are dealing with and just slow walking it for the sound bites for the 2018 campaign. As I said the battleground has been drawn where the democrats are seen as obstructionists. So the democrats have shifted gameplan to protect their weak female senators like Stebenow, McCaskill and Baldwin and have gone to the extreme on this harassment issue.

It is going to bite them in the ass, since Fauxcohantas You did not build that , was the architect of the CFPB and its shenanigans will be exposed plus DWS and the AWAN brothers will also be revealed . So do we get competent individuals like Pompeo and Cotton or do we retain keep opportunists like Warren and Gillebrand who brought the mattress girl to the State of Union speech.


This just in---DAN RATHER to attend ALLRED FARCE this p.m.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

From OL near the bottom of the last thread:

"Lois Lerner or even lower, say the Awan server guys?"
Maybe it is just me, but I think the damage done to America by the Americans who employed the Awans is far greater than what we are seeing. IMO, there is not a single America secret that was not exposed to the enemies of America.


Claire Berlinski on the sexual harassment scare. It's a long piece but on the money.


Captain Hate

This headline is incredible:



Pres Trump: "Fines and penalties against Wells Fargo Bank for their bad acts against their customers and others will not be dropped, as has incorrectly been reported"

so the money will go to America instead of Dem's fave charities? :) :)

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

I wish there was some way to bring the last few entries from each last page of a thread to the new thread.


How can this not be treason?


"This just in---DAN RATHER to attend ALLRED FARCE this p.m."

so the charges against Judge Moore are "fake but accurate"?

matt - deplore me if you must

Bitcoin = magic beans


A correction Harding did have an index but not a list of sources, among those omissions are crowdstrike fireeye or Shaw Henry and fusions ties to any of those parties including akmetchin in a deeply Freudian twist he mentions the trust as an aside.


This was an amazing historical link, thanks!

In a simulated war game attack on Pearl in 1932 the attacking side won big.
"The exercise was widely reported in the press and was observed by Japanese naval officers at the Japanese consulate on Oahu. Some 10 years later, the Japanese Navy would launch an almost carbon copy attack on Pearl Harbor, utilizing six carriers and double the air power used by Yarnell."

Captain Hate

That Daily Wire link is from March and was part of the follow up to DJT's claims of being under surveillance.


The value of bitcoin is based pretty much on the same principle as the value of those pieces of paper in your wallet: It comes from their acceptability as a medium of exchange in transactions, relative to the quantity that is out there. EXCEPT: Dollars are legal tender and more or less have to be accepted, and their value is pretty well established because of the sheer volume of transactions. There's a lot more uncertainty about how widely accepted bitcoin will be, so its value is murkier. On the other hand, bitcoin has (as I understand it), an absolute limit on the total supply, whereas our friends at the Fed can make as many dollars as they see fit.

The reasons for the uncertainty about bitcoin are, among others: Security concerns (there have been some hacks recently resulting in major losses, from what I hear); the possibility of competitors capturing part of the market; and just the huge range of possibilities for how widespread its use will be in the future.

Old Lurker

MM "The NY Fed Res just updated their 4th Q GDP projection. It remains a solid 3.92%! If the 3rd Q is revised from the current 3.3% to what I believe will be 3.4%, a 4th Q GDP of 4.3% would AMAZINGLY allow @realDonaldTrump 1st Year to reach 3% GDP. P44's final year (2016) was 1.5%!"

Obama says HE built that, not Trump.

(and we thought that guy had no balls...)


Homer lea was the journalist who described the path of the attack in the 20s if memory serves

Billy Mitchell who was the Michael Flynn of his era was courtmartialed because he saw the potential of air power.

Tom R

Trump needs to start shrinking the battle space and soon. If you can't get them into a jail, at least get them out of the bureaucracy so further damage can be avoided.

I love MM's and RG's optimism, and read hopefully the yarns being spun by CTH, Wictor, Rex el al., but dammit, I need to see something tangible. Soon.

I think Khan's classic line from Star Trek 2 is applicable here. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Remember NSA Admiral Rogers met with Trump shortly after he was elected and the next day Trump moved his transition team meetings out of Trump Tower to his golf course. I am inclined to believe all the stuff we are hearing this week about FBI agent Strzok Trump and his team have known about since before his election. If that is true then what we are seeing now is Trump's strategic plan to release this information to the public.

Think about it. How did the info about Strzok get released to the media? It certainly was not in the best interests of those trying to destroy Trump for the info about Strzok to become public knowledge.

My confirmation bias is obviously kicking in but it certainly appears to me that Trump's plan for revenge against Obama and everyone else involved is starting to kick in.

Beasts of England

Bitcoin is backed by the same amount of gold as US currency. They're both Monopoly™ money, as far as I'm concerned. Although you can gift and avoid estate taxes much easier with Bitcoin.



James D.

How can this not be treason?

It absolutely IS treason.



Thanks for posting that. It was very interesting and informative.


(MissM):"The NY Fed Res just updated their 4th Q GDP projection. It remains a solid 3.92%!"
(OL): Obama says HE built that, not Trump.

Hmm. How come Pres Obama couldn't get ANY of the previous 32 quarters to go up, eh?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate

Obama says HE built that, not Trump.

What a pathetically needy little bastard.

James D.

Jim @ 11:59

That goes nicely with the story about the Japanese planning for the Battle of Midway. If I remember correctly, they wargamed out the battle, and junior officers playing the American side won, using basically the same tactics that we ended up using in the actual battle, but the brass totally ignored the results.


Bitcoin is sooo yesterday, smart money's on Bitcache!


They have once again truly blown the forecast in atlanta where the metro school districts once again went for the dept of ag lunch money they spend on other things. I even listened at 7:30 this morning.

So we will be putting buses on roads with snow on them and temps where I am are now at freezing.



In case you don't get my text:

Have I told you lately that I love you - almost as much as I love chocolate!


Interesting thread on Wray's testimony. Seems to put the spotlight on the IG report Lucy's football.



Ring That Bell

Miss Marple the Deplorable

m going to lie down and put my legs up for a bit. The colder temperatures wreak havok on my knees.




Just for that, I am sending you our snow.


More treachery in the Obama DoJ/SC (incredible that those two even overlap):


Since it's behind the paywall, an excerpt:

At a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, Republicans focused on Mr. Strzok and Mr. Weissmann, who sent an email to former acting attorney general Sally Yates the night she was fired applauding her decision to instruct Justice Department lawyers not to defend Mr. Trump’s initial travel ban.

“I am so proud,” Mr. Weissmann wrote in the subject line of an email, which was released by the conservative group Judicial Watch. Mr. Weissmann also attended Hillary Clinton’s election-night party at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, according to people familiar with his attendance.

At the time, Mr. Weissmann was running the Justice Department’s fraud section, which is a senior career post within the agency. In his current role, Mr. Weissmann has been leading the case against Paul Manafort , the former Trump campaign chairman, and Rick Gates, a campaign aide. Both men have been indicted on lobbying and financial crimes, charges they deny and which aren’t related to the Trump campaign.

Man Tran

With all the glowing remarks about Conyers being the longest stay in Congress, I thought it might be worth mentioning that Carl Hayden was there for 57 yrs combined in both Houses. He was a sheriff in AZ Territory and became their first Congesscritter. They made a point of not bringing him back to campaign the last couple of elections, because he was almost a walking cadaver. Goldwater took his seat after Carl retired.


MeToo what Jane said, abadman. TY

Here in the NW GA/NE AL corner, snow is falling like I've never seen. Showers of large, poofy flakes covering everything except the street for some reason. Just beautiful.


Good Morning!

MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews said Thursday night that "the worst you can say about Democrats is that they´re too pure"


Lemme try this again...




WI AG answers fake news on John Doe:

“That’s dead wrong. They didn’t read the report,” Attorney General Brad Schimel...

“We plainly said crimes did occur. Unfortunately, the problem is because of the terrible record-keeping and security process at the Government Accountability Board, we can’t say which one of them did it,” Schimel added.

Local press claimed no indictment means nothing wrong. (Kinda like Lois Lerner, or effing Mueller).



Difference between dollar and bitcoin -- if value of dollar starts dropping, a lot of people will work hard to prop it up.

If bitcoin's value collapses -- what's its support?


More from the article:

If the nine John Doe officers named in the DOJ report signed affidavits falsely stating that they complied with the Supreme Court order to turn over all documents, they are guilty of a class H perjury felony, according to Wisconsin statute.

Schimel said he never considered raiding Falk’s home to search for John Doe documents or the missing hard drive.


Milwaukee's airport is named for Billy Mitchell.


Off to jail, boys...


Here's a better pic of the criminals.


In case you guys missed it (I posted it on the last thread) the yearbook thing used as evidence against Roy Moore has collapsed.

Rush in Hour 1 is pointing out that she forged the Roy Moore signature but he is also pointing out that in the ABC news coverage they are not telling viewers that she forged the signature. They are telling viewers that she added some notes on the page but that it was still Roy Moore who wrote the message, so the Media is intentionally lying for her to continue to smear Moore by keeping viewers intentionally misinformed.

Captain Hate

ABC News on the radio is as bad as CNN.

Ralph L

I didn't read much of the CTH Flynn article, but this Yates comment stood out:
When asked by (WH counsel) McGahn if Flynn should be fired, Yates answered, “that really wasn’t our call.”

He's a Presidential appointee, dipshits.


I wonder why she admitted that now, with only 4 days til the election. Couldn't she have held off until then?


Evan McMullin's Group Buys $500,000 in Ads to Get Democrat Senator Elected


How can this not be treason?

Maybe they can add bars and a prison cell to Obama's Library in Chicago when they build it.

Old Lurker

Let's ask Beasts if there is one single voter in Alabama who has not already made up their minds and who would be vulnerable to any ads Evan might run. I suspect they are so sick of outside interference that ads might work the opposite as intended.


Dustin Hoffman, perv.


That really rock Wilson's bar tab.


From Henry's link:

My issue isn’t what he said, it’s what he did. Along with the nightly sexual harassment, he eroded my confidence, my dignity. He humiliated and demeaned me. He robbed me of my joy in the experience and he left dirty fingerprints on my soul.

These types of statements were addressed in the Claire Berlinski piece I linked earlier.


Henry and Extraneus, those actions are not "reflective" of who Dustin Hoffman is!!!
I find it "ironic" that while we LITERALLY have HITLER in the WHITE HOUSE, that you 2 can be concerned about wymynfolk being sexually abused and harassed by DEMOCRATS, who are "only trying to get us some PEACE".
Has DUST BIN HOFFPERSON pledged to take down the NRA yet?


More from the Fake News Network:

Sarah Westwood‏Verified account @sarahcwestwood

So CNN misreported the date of the Wikileaks email that @DonaldJTrumpJr received, meaning that the entire point of the story -- that the campaign might have gotten advance warning of the leaks -- is wrong. Wow.

Tom R

Let's ask Beasts if there is one single voter in Alabama who has not already made up their minds and who would be vulnerable to any ads Evan might run. I suspect they are so sick of outside interference that ads might work the opposite as intended.

Some new SuperPAC called "Highway 31" is responsible for almost all of the negative ads against Roy Moore. I'm on the wrong side of 50 and the ads they are creating are some of the most slimy political ads I have ever seen in the 35+ years I have followed politics closely. It will be very pleasing if Moore wins next week to know they have wasted millions upon millions of dollars again.

Old Lurker

Tom R, wasting perfectly good money on losers is a UniParty trait, both wings.

Didn't Jeb! blow $125M not getting nominated?

And then there is Hillary...


Only reference on A (always) B (been) C (COMMIE)
NEWS SITE is......this....

Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson 'scared to go anywhere' since her sexual assault allegation


Ext, that Berlinski piece was mostly on the money, but I was disappointed at her view of Trump and Moore. It seems out of line with most of what she wrote and suggests a bit of virtue signalling.

Clarice Feldman

Retweeted Judge Roy Moore (@MooreSenate):
Boyfriend at the time says she lied.
Employees of the restaurant say she lied.
Customers of the restaurant say she lied.
Her step son says she lied.
Now she herself admits to lying.
Let’s count how many national outlets will ignore the fact that she admits to lying. https://t.co/9D5OYCVORx


You spend thirty million on a nit even mid term primary in Alabama, that is a firing offense.



Is Gloria Allred in any professional legal jeopardy for pushing this forged Yearbook case against Moore?

Rush in Hour 2 says Nunes, now fully cleared by the Ethics Committee, will be issuing a subpoena for Bruce Ohr later today. Yippie! Nunes is back in the game and loaded for bear.


One of my best friends' wife is also correct.

RG, make sure you read Ig's post on earlier thread at 9:43. It was for you, and insightful.


Yes, I agree, Jimmy. A bit jarring amid all the honesty. As she said up front, she was afraid.

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