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December 13, 2017



No Moore.


Quoth The Raven,"Nevermoore."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Bret Baier‏Verified account @BretBaier
19m19 minutes ago

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) delivered an emotional speech on House floor explaining why he’ll miss big votes. After an Oct diagnosis of high-risk prostate cancer, Brooks will be having surgery. He credited his loss in AL GOP Sen primary for saving his life. no mention of elex results
Sometimes we discover there is a bigger picture in our lives than what we foresaw.

Some may breathe a sigh of relief because Moore they feel Moore was going to create unwelcome controversy in the Senate and in the election next fall. Others may feel that the democrats, now emboldened with their successful gutter methods, will go forward trashing all GOP candidates.

I am not convinced much either way. The dems are going to do a lot of squirrely and yes, evil stuff, as they are desperate to get back in control. Most of them don't have anything else they can do if they aren't in elected office, and I also sense that quite a few worry their evil deeds stand a greater chance of being uncovered the longer Trump holds office.

I will say, Mr. Maguire, that I hope your sigh of relief isn't misplaced.


The big tease.... they wont finish in time.

The Associated Press @AP

BREAKING: AP sources: House, Senate leaders reach agreement in principle on sweeping tax package.


Why did Omarosa resign/get fired?


Miss M,

One year from now we will be celebrating picking up both Doug Jones' and Al Franken's Senate seats.

The result of this whole fiasco will be a net +1 for the Republicans.

Janet 🚬

Controversial candidate Roy Moore

Killing babies & selling their scalps & body parts for cash is a-okay though. Nothing controversial about that. Fine folks.

Believing men that say they are women REALLY are women isn't controversial at all.
No....Jones isn't controversial. He's a good guy.

Moore had to be defeated. He was too controversial. He is a pedophile too, right? The MFM told us so. They had a yearbook & everything.


Jones is in until 2020.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Blue Ox,

I certainly hope so. I do worry that the GOP needs to take a look at how candidates present themselves and reformat their message in a positive manner, rather than so often sounding like scolds.

We have to get this tax bill through. The democrats are framing it as something that will hurt people. I am hopeful that the President's speech this afternoon will cut through that nonsense.

matt-deplore me if you must

USA Today swung at Trump with both fists today. These people disgust me.

They just had the worst week for the credibility of the American news media ever, and they dare to reproach trump for speaking his mind.

Gillibrand has a checkered political past and like Schumer and all the other New York Dems was butt nuzzling Trump for donations for years.

Every day we are finding out how corrupt the people at FBI/DoJ have been and not a word from most of the media. These scum have defiled our most sacred public institutions and the Leftists cheer.

The more these dirtbags persist the more we have to fight them.


And he will do everything he can to damage us during those 2 years because he knows he won't win a re-election so why play moderate?


Jones. I should know by now that someone will have posted before I do. My bad.


Roy Moore is an honorable man, the Senate doesn't deserve him

So that's thanos scoutship. Cue mid 90s outerlimits.


Watch how fast these little women disappear now that Jones has won.

matt-deplore me if you must

And Gloria Allred will disappear in a poof of smoke just like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ha! I told you guys Andy McCarthy hadn't seen that comment!

Andrew C. McCarthy‏Verified account @AndrewCMcCarthy
4m4 minutes ago

Andrew C. McCarthy Retweeted Bret Baier

Obviously, this is not political banter. Clearly indicates professional duties infected by political viewpoints, which is disqualifying. I was going on the published accounts I'd seen, which didn't include this one. Should follow my own advice to wait til all facts in.
This is in reference to the "insurance policy" in case trump got elected.


I am confused. Did Moore lose because of how the Dems framed it, or did he lose because "It is the candidate's job to sell hiimself?"

Does the tax bill follow the same set of rules?


Moore reminded me of "Segregation forever" AL Gov. George Wallace - publicly defying legal orders while surrounded by cameras, glorying in being the center of attention, holier than thou to the point of using God's name in vain imo. Affirming him with my vote would have been very hard.

Old Lurker


The Ledge is and has been open and well stocked.

Sometimes I get lonely but I suspect that will change.


OL, The Ledge is the perfect spot to watch the tax bill fail due to Trump supporting Moore (and Moore losing, alas).

Dave (in MA)
And Gloria Allred will disappear in a poof of smoke just like the Wicked Witch of the West.
Until she sees another opportunity to get herself on camera, which could be anytime.


Them thar Alabama folk sure like them some racist 'n Ten Commandments leadership fellers.


If Trump supported no one and Jones breezed into DC during the 2018 session, the tax bill would have been a slam dunk in 2017.

Steve Earle Song Ideas

If media had no interest in Dems discussing 'wet work' I can't expect much from them with re. to FBI agents discussing 'insurance policies' in case Trump won.

Trumps tweets, though, have changed the game. Maybe a trap should be set?


TK, i see you understand GOPe ex post reasoning.


Good Morning OL, I've never asked about open space on your ledge, because I'm going down fighting. I have a 16 year old to think about.
I would love to meet Mitch McConnell, just to tell him what a sniveling jellyish he is.
I'm sure he already knows. ANYONE who backs McConnell cannot judge character.




Dave (in MA)

henry, Despite what Fauxcahontas is bleating about, Jones doesn't get a say in anything until the AL Sec. State certifies the election with a deadline of Jan. 3rd. If they can get their act together and pass the tax bill before that, the election won't affect it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


We are stuck with McConnell until the next time they choose majority leader, unless he resigns due to illness or something.

There is no way most of those jellyfish in the Senate would overthrow him as leader right now. For one thing, he probably has dirt on a lot of them.

What we have to hope is that McConnell wants this tax reform aas the crowning achievement of his career, that he can hold the majority (even if it means using what dirt he has on Corker and Flake), and the thing will get passed.

I am all for a new leader in the next Congress. I wish we had a senator more like Mick Mulvaney that could take the position.


Dave, the dancing Rinos will perform past New Years. No vote until Jones is in place, then it fails in the Senate. (or they fail it sooner-- makes no difference to Mitch saving the EU from US competitive advantage).

Old Lurker

There is pressure building already that no vote should occur on anything as important as a Tax Bill until the Senate reflects the will of the people including those who voted yesterday.

Even if "Leadership" wants to ram it through only a couple of Flakes and McCains can force that outcome by signalling they will vote no pending Jones' seating.

"You feeling lucky, Punk? Do you?"


Bill O'Reilly: Secret Tape Exists Of Woman Offered $200K To File Sexual Harassment Charges Against Trump

O'Reilly: There is a tape, Beck, an audio tape of an anti-Trump person offering $200,000 to a woman to accuse Donald Trump of untoward behavior.

Beck: Is this tape going to be released?

O'Reilly: I may have to go to the US Attorney myself. I don't wanna have to do that and inject myself into the story, but I had my lawyer listen to the tape. He's listened to it. There are at least three crimes on the tape. So as a citizen, I may have to do this.

Beck: I will tell you Bill, the first thing that you say - well I'm trying to get it, I'm trying to get it so it can be released. You weren't talking about getting it for YOU to release it, but it had to be out there. And I think the first time I said to you, I mean, if they don't - you've gotta bring it to the US Attorney.

O'Reilly: Again, it's in the hands of someone who knows the seriousness of the situation.

Beck: What is their hesitancy?

O'Reilly: You know, I can't really get into that at this point. But I can tell you that Donald Trump knows about the tape. And I'm, for the life of me, sitting here going "Why on earth are you allowing a movement to try to smear you when you have a powerful - and I mean it's powerful - piece of evidence that shows that this is an industry. That there are false charges and money changing hands." It's so frustrating but I wanted your listeners to know it, it's there, it's amazing, and it will change the whole discussion if it ever gets out.


I trust O'Reilly about as much as I trust any other MSM figure.

les nessman

Bill O'Reilly, Glenn beck and zerohedge.
All three combined. Yikes.
All signs point to a nothingburger.


Yeah, I know, but figured we should know it's out there.


Remember that talk about Mike Flynn and the “so-called Giglio material”.

Herr Mueller could possibly have compromised the entire “special counsel” investigation depending what he knew about Strzok.

Flynn’s lawyers must be scratching their heads about now … wondering if they should go back to court before letting their client “cooperate” any further.


According to the article, he also mentioned this to Newsmax 6 weeks ago. My memory ain't what it used to be but I don't remember hearing about that.

Comanche Voter

I kinda liked Moore--he said what he thought, and as a candidate against a box stock abortion supporting Democrat (is there any other kind) I'd have no trouble in voting against the Dem. That's not necessarily a vote FOR Moor--more against Jones.

That said the Washington GOP deserves a thorough trashing here. They are full of more buffalo "chips" than a herd of bull buffalo.


WSJ says we'll get tax bill details next week before the vote (also next week). Dancing, spinning, leaking Rino's: that was your cue. You're on!

Robin, 10 Square Miles of crazy....

I want to go back to the surgeon who sent emails to then Sec of State Clinton after landing in Haiti to volunteer and finding the CF hadn’t spent a dime there. The authorities are treating it like a suicide when he was home alone with his 11 year old daughter (the age of my daughter, btw) and supposedly stabbed himself in the chest with a knife.

Have you ever heard of someone committing suicide that way?

Robin, 10 Square Miles of crazy....

I find myself more upset than I generally get about the AL vote. How did Democrats manage to turn out so many people? Why do black Americans vote against their own interests? Illegal immigration has been completely debilitating to their situation, yet they vote for the people who advocate open borders again and again. What percentage of abortions have been minorities? How do they not know the history of abortion?

Ugh. So depressing.


Sometimes I get lonely but I suspect that will change.

Well come on down from your perch on Mount Crumpet and join the party on MissM's Veranda in Whoville.



Gen akromeyev shot himself in the head nultiple times with the gun six feer away, so its a little implausible.


MacIver Institute @MacIverWisc

.@SpeakerRyan: The House-Senate conference committee will hold a public meeting on their sweeping #TaxReform package this afternoon. Final votes expected next week.

Old Lurker

HaHa Rocco.

Bah, Humbug.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Buy Tisssues! this is going to break your heart.



Has Franken resigned yet? (he won't).

Janet 🚬

Same for me, Robin.

Another thing is it shows me (once again) what the GOP think of me.


Great news, pagar. Let's see Franken wiggle out of that.

Clarice Feldman

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Clarice Feldman

House and Senate Republicans have struck a tentative deal on a tax bill Wednesday, a major step in ensuring the GOP majority is on its way to deliver an overhaul of the US tax system by the holidays. (CNN)


Investigators working for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III have finished interviewing White House officials, according to Ty Cobb, an attorney on President Trump’s legal team.
"All the White House interviews are over,” Cobb said in an interview on Tuesday, adding that the Trump camp hopes the special counsel’s office brings its probe to “a prompt and appropriate conclusion.”

... of course, MSNBC kyrons this as ‘Ty Cobb says interviews “are over”’

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter


" Gov. Mark Dayton on Wednesday named his trusted lieutenant governor and former chief of staff to fill fellow Democrat Al Franken's Senate seat until a special election next November."



Yes, it appears the Dems are going to keep Franken under that bus until it runs him over. I find the timing of the story leaking into the press on Franken's departure suggestive. Question would be, though, when was the selection actually leaked? If it was leaked early Tuesday -- when there was not a lot of expectation that Jones would win -- this might have been a way to make a reluctant Franken go through with his promise to quit.


Franken isn't quitting. He cheated lenders in his Air America thing, he cheated voters getting elected, and he's cheating now with the fake resignation.

Clarice Feldman

If he backs out he'll be stabbed in the Senate Dem cloakroom I think,henry.


Nope. He'll be fine. Just like Menendez.


Reuters: "Governor Mark Dayton said that Smith will serve a one-year term in the Senate, concluding in January 2019. Smith, 59, will run in a special election for the seat next year."



His political career is over if he doesn't follow through. He'll get rich -- either in Hollywood or Washington, depending on his choice. And, if #me too goes the way of Bitcoin (oops, getting ahead of myself, there), he can run again as a victim of the vast right-wing conspiracy. Hey, it worked for Roy...

Oh yeah.

But I think he preserves enough of his political credibility if he leaves now, and perhaps waits for some of the sexual harassment fever to pass. If he becomes a locus of frustration of the #metoo crowd, he is done, and his financial prospects for the future will suffer.


Appalled, he is an asshole. He'll stay out of spite. If he was gonna leave, he would have said when already.


Paul Ryan announces an end to taxpayer funds paying to shut members' accusers up. No mention of an accounting of for whom/how much was spent over the years.

Old Lurker

"Paul Ryan announces..."

He's been Speaker since when?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

A good question to ask Ryan is why it only got stopped when the public found out about it.

How many other dodgy finds are lurking in the House budget? Do we have one for paying traffic tickets? Is there a special fund to help members who owe taxes? How about a fund for hush-hush treatment of STD's?

No special funds. I want them all gone. And I want someone to ask Ryan why that fund has lasted on his watch.



If you're right, pass the popcorn, because it's gonna be a show...


How many other dodgy finds are lurking in the House budget?

Free Alzheimer's medication is one we only recently heard about, so STD meds is a given.


What about payoffs to people harassed by staffers?


For those thinking of buying Bitcoin: try and sell it. (you can't, it turns out).



Miss M:

All medical plans cover STDs, and that information is confidential under Federal Law. There's no compelling national interest in releasing that info.

Settlements to people working in Congressional offices -- that's a completely different matter.

Frau Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

A stealth campaign by the dems as we surmised. I'm sure it started in the primary. This from the Stassinopoulos Post:

This reticence was strategic. They didn’t want Jones, who was running in a state that is heavily Republican, to be burdened by his association with the national Democratic Party. The focus was supposed to stay on him and his Alabama message. So there were no TV ads paid for by party committees and no high-profile transfers of funds to the campaign.

When Republican Roy Moore or President Donald Trump tried to turn Jones into a puppet of Democratic leaders, it was harder to make the attack stick.

Behind the scenes, however, Democrats were heavily involved.

The Democratic National Committee invested nearly $1 million in the Alabama race, focused on organizing and mobilizing. The party also sent paid staffers to the state to help out, particularly in engaging African-American and millennial voters.

Dave (in MA)
NR Podcasts@NatRevPodcasts
New 'The Jamie Weinstein Show' | Andrew Sullivan joins @Jamie_Weinstein to discuss a whole host of issues including how he thinks President Trump is doing, how he thinks the #MeToo movement has gone too far,…
DanRiehl‏@DanRiehl Why is conservativism not ahead by 50 points you might ask?
-- A: National Review.

Senators listed by age aka "Never having to say good-bye" Inc.

Dave (in MA)

Leahy will be in the top 10 soon.


EsotericCD's avatar

Very, very bad. FBI agents talking about "Russia investigation" of Trump as an "insurance policy" to hamstring/remove him in case he gets elected. No spinning this away.

Jack is Back!

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Miss Marple the Deplorable


All medical plans cover Alzheimer's drugs as well. Of course, the gals who fill your prescriptions might not go to the papers, but they will gossip among themselves and it might leak out.

This is the exact same thing with STD medications. Yes, medical plans will cover the meds. But you cannot control gossip, and word leaks out. So like Extraneus, I think there is a slush fund for STD meds, just like they have a secret fund for Alzheimer's.

Just because you write a law doesn't mean everyone will follow it. See Jack Ryan of Illinois, whose divorce records were sealed but somehow leaked to the press.


Not just gossip. Look at the GAB holding illegally seized email records of State Sen Vukmir and her daughter discussing medical issues.

Then consider hackers, or evil insiders. The Awans have all the info, and copied everything to offsite servers. (sold to which enemies via ISI?).


Miss M:

Slush funds like that have a large number of enablers, some of whom may gossip (and some of whom seem to have Pakistani citizenship and awkward laptops). It's actually better to bury reimbursements in a large, general purpose program, where it is difficult to tell who is getting what.


The Ohs and Strzok info is getting traction:

James Freeman @FreemanWSJ

Fusion DoJ: Getting hard to tell where Clinton campaign ends, fed law enforcement begins. https://www.wsj.com/articles/fusion-doj-1513189993

Frau Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

Lotsa attractive Republicans in Alabama, all shapes and sizes. Now is the time to unseat Mr.Unctuous Jones.

Pamela Blackmore-Jenkins

Bradley Byrne


wsj linked by insty
"For Democrats, the victory in a state they never dreamed of winning just a few months ago delivers a jolt of energy—and, perhaps as important, could encourage balky donors who have left the party’s national machinery seriously underfunded this year. Perhaps most encouraging for Democrats, the same coalition of voters that propelled the party to victory in Virginia last month also emerged in Alabama."

Thanks, Mitch.

Frau Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen

JimNorCal - then it could happen in KY, too.


Bringing this over from the dead thread.

So sorry to hear about the death of your friend. The Smithereens had some fantastic 80's tunes. Still love playing them at 11. I'll do just that on my way home from work.


Affirming him with my vote would have been very hard.

It wouldn't have been hard for me. The alternative is a guy who supports late term abortion and would vote against every single element of the Trump agenda. And crow and gloat while doing it.

I'm disappointed in Alabama Republicans. I can only guess that people didn't understand the risks of their non-Moore vote or not voting at all. I'm sure there are some silver linings, but this emboldens both the left and Team Mitch McSabotage.

But, onward. I'm glad Trump is moving forward.


So does anyone know what the "Insurance Policy" was exactly, that the FBI discussed?


I'm not as worried as most of you about Moore's loss. First of all it puts a dent in the dems plan to say they are the party of purity. Secondly it screws Al Franken, and 3rdly Jones has only got 2 years.

We still have plus one vote, altho I expect congress to retire until after the midterms once tax cuts are passed.


Corker: ‘I’m Really, Really Happy’ With Alabama Senate Result

“I’ve tried to reach Dick Shelby this morning to let him know how proud I am of his state and for what he did. And again, I know this is not something that — I know we’re supposed to cheer for our side of the aisle, if you will, but I’m really, really happy with what happened, for all of us in our nation, for people serving in the Senate, to not have to deal with what likely we were going to have to deal with should the outcome have been the other way.”

Plus two votes with Pence, right? Or does he only come in for tiebreakers?

Jane, you may be right about the dent in the #metoo plans. I have a feeling Franken won't leave.


Deputy AG Won’t Say Whether The FBI Paid For Dossier

“Did the FBI pay for the dossier?” DeSantis asked.

“I’m not in a position to answer that question,” Rosenstein responded.

“Do you know the answer to the question?” the Republican DeSantis followed up.

“I believe I know the answer, but the Intelligence Committee is the appropriate committee…” Rosenstein began.


Corker will probably do everything he can to help a Democrat win his seat next year. What a guy.


Abortion lobbyist Tina Smith of Planned Parenthood appointed to replace Al Franken in the US Senate

Smith, after working for General Mills, launched her own public relations firm and served as VP for Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota. VP of Public Affairs really means "top lobbyist." She was a registered lobbyist on the state level, state lobbying reports show.

In that time, according to news reports, she lobbied against informed consent laws for mothers and one-day waiting periods for abortions.


Jane, my guess is the insurance policy is the Dossier.

Old Lurker

Porch "Or does he only come in for tiebreakers?"

Only to break ties. They have to get tied without him.


Or possibly the FISA warrant using the dossier as evidence.


Definition of the Democrat party:
adjective: wicked; comparative adjective: wickeder; superlative adjective: wickedest

evil or morally wrong.
"a wicked and unscrupulous politician"
synonyms: evil, sinful, immoral, wrong, morally wrong, wrongful, bad, iniquitous, corrupt, base, mean, vile; More
villainous, nefarious, erring, foul, monstrous, shocking, outrageous, atrocious, abominable, depraved, reprehensible, hateful, detestable, despicable, odious, contemptible, horrible, heinous, egregious, execrable, fiendish, vicious, murderous, black-hearted, barbarous;
criminal, illicit, unlawful, illegal, lawless, felonious, dishonest, unscrupulous;
"wicked deeds"
antonyms: virtuous
intended to or capable of harming someone or something.

Old Lurker

Rocco, I think the Insurance Policy was the entire Russian Collusion investigation. The Dossier was only the step required to launch it publicly and then probably to get the FISA warrant so they could tap all the phones and read all the emails and from there unmask the players and leak the information. From that beginning the snowball rolls downhill on its own.


leading to the impeachment. all part of their evil coup attempt. They got Nixon that way.

Old Lurker

Hope springs eternal if you area GOPe dope: (Fox) "Democrat Doug Jones’ victory in the Alabama Senate race dashed Republicans’ hard-fought efforts to keep the open seat and retain their narrow, two-seat majority. But GOP leaders already are angling to convince Jones to back their legislative agenda, hoping he'll be willing to buck his own party to retain support from the state's largely conservative voters."

Please call Lucy.


angling to convince Jones to back their legislative agenda.

Not Trump's agenda. GOPe's.



That's interesting. I'll have to see if I can figure out the timing. If we can ever unwrap this corruption it will be the stuff that Mitch Rapp dreams of.

I only saw some of the hearing. Was Rosenstein asked that question.


Omarosa Manigault Newman fired, ‘physically dragged’ from the White House


Dem Rep Says ‘Everybody Respects’ Mueller, Gohmert Interjects With ‘I Don’t’

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