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December 09, 2017


Frau Steinhehirn

Gail who?


As Chris Matthews lectured us yesterday TM, "The worst you can say about Democrats is that they´re too pure."


old thread


from the old thread:

Here is something to warm the cockles of JamesD, TM and -peter:

Yankees appear to be ready to sign Giancarlo Stanton reigning NL MVP from the Marlins.

Yowza. Wonder if Boone knows how to handle a star and slugger like that? Soon to find out starting in April.

end quote

The Yankee fans have already dubbed the prospective duo as "Judge and Executioner"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Franken was a good politician..--

On what planet?
He had to steal his first election, his antics as a Senator were as bufoonish and unentertaining as his comedy and he never accomplished a single thing of significance as a Senator.
He is one of that nameless rabble of inexplicable semi-celebrities who have populated DC and Hollywood for decades and who either disappear down a forgotten rathole or who become a symbol for inexplicable semi-celebrties who rightfully disappear down forgotten ratholes.


On planet LIBTARD.

James D.

I'm tentatively happy about the deal (assuming it actually goes through). But there are some red flags - Stanton has an injury history. And his contract runs through to age 37, just like A-Rod's did. And I'm not thrilled about losing Starlin Castro (rumored to be part of the trade).

But on the other hand, what a terrifying lineup when everyone is healthy!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

ChuckGrassley‏Verified account @ChuckGrassley
8m8 minutes ago

Turned to History Channel "The Curse of Oak Island ". Again no history Change name of channel to"ETC"

Man Tran


We've been hanging out on the Front Range for over four decades without actually living there. Jr (USNA '89) is building a new place up in Castle Rock. A HS bud (USAFA '67) lives out in Black Forest. With all our railroad work, we are in Pueblo several times a year and they now have their annual reviews at Cheyenne Mountain Resort the end of March. Would love to meet up on one of those jaunts. We usually park at KCOS even on the Pueblo runs just because there is always a run up and down I-25 for some meet up.


Trump came close in MN iirc. Franken, Keillor, and Ellison as favorite sons torpedoed the carefully crafted Lake Woebegoneian image decades of our tax dollars paid for.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller‏Verified account @markknoller
10m10 minutes ago

Pres Trump greeted on arrival in Mississippi by Gov Phil Bryant. Also Charles Evers, brother of the slain civil rights activist Medgar Evers.

mike in houston

from last thread

Go Navy. My uncle was an Annapolis grad and one of Rickover's boys. Still have the envelope that was postmarked when the Nautilus was at the north pole. My uncle was on the mission to monitor the reactors. He went on to work at the Shippingport nuclear project and became head of GD ship building in Quincy, Mass. I still have the program for the launch of the Long Beach. The first nuclear powered surface ship

mike in houston

Go Navy. My uncle was an Annapolis grad and one of Rickover's boys. Still have the envelope that was postmarked when the Nautilus was at the north pole. My uncle was on the mission to monitor the reactors. He went on to work at the Shippingport nuclear project and became head of GD ship building in Quincy, Mass. I still have the program for the launch of the Long Beach. The first nuclear powered surface ship

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am waiting for the President's speech at the opening of the Civil Rights Museum. The boycott by people like Lewis and others (including Medgar Evers' widow) is offset by the atendance ofCharles Evers.

KLekand Vitters on Fox is making a big deal of how this demonstrates the division in the country. I just told him on Twitter that the very same people who are boycotting because of the President's attendance woulld have accused him of racism if he had NOT attended.


He was a cigar store Indian for robertscare the sequels and the rhodes road show.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

And guess what! Medgar Evers widow WAS there!

Now who fed Leland Vitter that false information?


Man Tran
Sounds good while I live in COS I work in Pueblo

Castle Rock has been and continues to grow very fast

Black Forest is just beautiful but tends to get a lot of snow

Would be glad to meet sometime, I'm on in house call every third night though so some flexibility would be needed

Texas Liberty Gal

mm - His speech was very good I thought. Sweet & short. Its despicable that so many Dems boycotted the event. What small people they are.

matt - deplore me if you must

Go Army! Beat Navy!

In N Out Burgers just announced that they will open 5 restaurants in Colorado, in three years or so.

I would suggest Utah for more federal agencies. Let the LDS rein the swamp critters in. Besides, because of the missionary work, Utah has a much more polyglot population than the rest of the country. Let the drooping, limpid employees of State get a taste of good Mormon wholesomeness.


Mormon wholesomeness? Like Egg McMuffin or Mittens? Or the eponymous Flake? That kind of wholesomeness? 😎

Tom Maguire

1. Ok, Judge, Sanchez and Stanton give the Yanks an epic righty line up. And since their goal is to get under the cap for just one year, finding a way to dump Ellsbury might still do the trick.

2. Back on bitcoin, props to Jim in NJ for noting that the new futures contracts give the skeptics a chance to go short. The CBOE starts trading here on Sunday night (Asia morning, if I understand the timing) but bitcoin is down 15% today.

Bonus wrinkle: bitclin had been rising all summer and made it to $7,400 by November, then backtracked to $5,900 by 11/11 (Veteran's Day!). After that, rocket launch!

Now, it may NOT be a coincidence that the big Saudi round-up of top 'corrupt' Saudis started in early November.

A key selling point of bitcoin is anonymity. How many London apartments can a Russian oligarch of Saudi prince buy, anyway? I think it is easy for we Americans to underestimate the appeal of easily concealed, easily transferred wealth. Diamonds and gold fill that role but are physical, traceable, etc. Why not cryptocurrencies?


People dissing the second senator from New York?

Why? Gillibrand exudes all the authenticity of Elizabeth Warren.

James D.

TM, “finding a way to get rid of Ellsbury” ?

Talk about wishful thinking. Nobody’s taking him and his hideous contract, as nice as that would be.

James D.

Why? Gillibrand exudes all the authenticity of Elizabeth Warren.

She might be even more phony than Fauxohontas, if that’s possible.


Well prince badger went overboard with the bidding gizmo. Point taken

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Has this been noted here?

11 Hey, remember the planned parenthood sting operation and the claim that the videos were doctored? Guess who made the initial claim they were edited in order to discredit them? Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. Small world.
Posted by: Vashta Nerada at December 09, 2017 11:23 AM (lETtf)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

I don't remember seeing that!


Oh yes they were:


Captain Hate on the iPhone

Here's more

It's a little tighter than that. Planned Parenthood hired Fusion GPS to review the videos to determine their authenticity. Fusion in turn claims they hired a video expert to do the actual work. And then with remarkable speed, the story that they were faked was spread throughout the media. Unexpectedly.

Why would you hire Fusion GPS to review videos if the had no expertise to actually do a forensic review? Pretty obvious why.

I hope we get to see Fusion's bank records so we can see all of their customers and all of their clients. I'm sure it will clear up a lot of things.
Posted by: JackStraw at December 09, 2017 11:34 AM (/tuJf)

Tom Maguire
TM, “finding a way to get rid of Ellsbury” ?

My dashed hope was that the Marlins would take Ellsbury back, figuring $68 million is way less than $300 million. Since the Yanks only need to be under the cap in one year and the Marlins want to save money for many years, there was a chance. But obviously, Ellsbury has little left.

Man Tran

while I live in COS I work in Pueblo

I think half the gang working out at the Test Center make that commute everyday. That's another 44 miles a day to shorten your oil change interval. :)

Another Bob

Miami is paying the Yankees $30M to take Stanton, so no luxury tax for the Yankees - again.

MLB is pretty screwed up, isn't it.


Simpson cut his teeth on this set of stories, presumably this is where akhmetshin became a source:

Harding uses this angle as a way to legitimize the steel's little mega witchunt.


Sorry last me try that again:

Much like jay Solomon used azima to spy on the sepahs favorite clients

Captain Hate

The Restraining Order is trying to insinuate himself into the Alabama special election. How bad is it that this hoarse voiced goof is considered a major player in his trash party?

Janet 🚬

This was from back in July -

"Making Journalism a Felony
For that act of journalism, he and his partner Sandra Merritt have been charged with almost two dozen felonies. (The same absurd charges were also filed by corrupt prosecutors in Houston, but quickly dismissed.) Daleiden recounted how “storm troopers” invaded his home and seized all his computers and research data. I was relieved to hear that he’d backed them up off premises."...

This is interesting too - "In one of the highlights of my hour with Daleiden, I learned which source Planned Parenthood used when it tried to discredit the videos as “fakes.” It was Fusion GPS,..."



And three years earlier:



Will the Andrew Jackson show be on over the air Fox or cable Fox? If it's not cable I'll want to see it.

Talk of Colorado and Castle Rock reminded me of my Colorado vacation in 2016 when I toured Bishop Castle, rode in the locomotive cab up Royal Gorge, rode the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, and the San Luis & Rio Grande over La Veta Pass. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate

Colorado? This was Mrs. H's favorite vacation setting:


Tom Maguire
Miami is paying the Yankees $30M to take Stanton, so no luxury tax for the Yankees - again.

MLB is pretty screwed up, isn't it.

I'll file that under "Things I don't want to have to understand" - in my primitive caveman mind that $30 mill would be spread over the life of the contract, so the cap help this year would be small.

Then again, Stanton has a 2020 opt-out (whether he'll exercise is 50/50, or is that hindsight?) so maybe the $30 mil is written off over three seasons. Groan - I don't want to know. I just think the Yanks should invite Little Rocket Man to the Stadium next season to show him what a real launching site looks like.


Back atcha CH--nine great weeks. I get a belt buckle after my tenth.



Franken was a good politician

I think what they're referring to is that he tripped up Sessions during his confirmation hearing.


I love Colorado.
Favorite vacation spot.
Prayers for your family, especially your mom.
Prayed for the JOM family yesterday on the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary.
Momto2 and KK:
Need an update on your health.
Saw the President Trump rally.
He will easily win re-election.
The Dems are truly pathetic, as is the media that promotes them.
Poetic justice for Franken.
So he was surprised fellow Dems turned on him?
He is more clueless than I thought.


Deep State IRS Criminals Leak James O’Keefe’s Donor List to Liberal News Outlets

Guess I should prepare for an IRS audit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I believe Jackson Hole is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. I spent 5 days there camping at the end of my Glacial Geology course. Hiked up to stand on Teton Glacier, drove all around the valley looking for different features (and saw a moose standing in a stream - very close to us). I liked the town, too. (After 5 days the beer was a welcome treat.)


I remember it differently.
Franken acted like an -asshat and had to be reprimanded by Cronyn and Cruz.
Good riddance.
Oh yeah, he is still there.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a formatted Twitter thread from Sundance at the last refuge, explaining the significance of a lot of the Fake News we have been seeing.

I would like to say it's a genius strategy, because they are catching leakers and destroying the credibility of much of the media at the same time.

I wonder who got caught in that episode this morning, when Leland Vitter said that Medger Evers' widow would not be attending the opening due to President Trump, when there she was, front and center, recognized and thanked for all of her good work by the President.


Anonamom, the kids most memorable vacation was 20 years ago when they were about 7 and 9 at such a ranch in Jackson Hole. Lots of riding in the mountains.

Hadn’t ridden as much since I was 12-14 caring for the horses at summer camp in the Adirondacks.

I recommend it to everyone for a mental gear change.


As martha mccallum revealed, sessions had no reason. To disclose his communications with kislyak, and consequently no reason to recluse.

Harding omits the shindig in Cleveland and the visa for veselnitskaya were administration maneuvers

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Honorable Roy Moore‏ @RoyMooreSenate

I am officially announcing this afternoon I filed lawsuits against each of my false accusers for libel and or slander. And I will not settle, see you in court. #RoyMoore #Alabama #Senate #Election #RoyMooreSenate #MAGA #FakeNews
This is very interesting.




Captain Hate

a-mom, I love the Tetons. I'll check that place out. In fact the whole state of Wyoming is outstanding. Southeast - Medicine Bow National Forest and the Snowy Range. Southwest- Wind River Canyon. Northwest - Tetons and Yellowstone. North Central - Big Horn Mountains. Northeast - Devils Tower.

mad jack

did the stanton trade actually happen? i can't seem to find a straight news story detailing the particulars.


Go Army!


the whole state of Wyoming is outstanding

Spend a night or two in Rock Springs or Green River and get back with me. 😬

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

If you are seeing leftist sites, you are seeing LIES.


Miss Marple the Deplorable



We went to Yellowstone in September, stayed in Jackson, then drove to Sun Valley and finally Boise. Beautiful part of the country.


Be still my heart.

Associate AG Brand: I’d Take Oversight of Mueller Probe if Rosenstein Recused Himself


Is this accurate enough:


You came through Boise and failed to look me up, Ex? I'm crushed...😎

mad jack

thanks, narc. the sox have four lefty starters. yanks have right-side sluggers. should be interesting. i dont think the sox/yank games will be pitching duels.


Yeah, I have an old friend who lives there whom I hadn't seen in many moons. Didn't have time to do anything but hang with him and his horses. Bailed some hay, though.


Love Yellowstone and the beautiful Medicine Bow National Forest.


Posted on Facebook:

Allred - “Yearbook”

ABC - “Candidate Trump”

Reuters - “Deutsche Bank”

CNN - “Wikileaks Email”

All in one week!


I agree, maryrose! We have such a beautiful country, don't we? So blessed!


Sure is quiet around here. Everyone baking cookies?


"Deep State IRS Criminals Leak James O’Keefe’s Donor List to Liberal News Outlets"

Read Ext's article and the donate problem comes about from writing checks to the Tea Party..something I never did. But I donated just plain cash to our local group. And I knew the people so the dollars given were handled well.
I'm trying to operate on a cash only basis here in our community but making donations to worthy causes and candidates is not easy to do. I do use Paypal but most political candidates don't use it.
I really like the idea of bitcoin because so far the government can't track those transactions..yet.


"I really like the idea of bitcoin because so far the government can't track those transactions..yet."

Maybe we will find out that Bitcoin transactions are tracked. When it is convenient.


The whole point of block chain is it contains the audit trail within. Easiest thing to track there is. Hence, it's desirability in a supply chain. You could be "certain" you have no conflict minerals or whatever.

Comanche Voter

The Dems were hoping that Franken would grow into a plausible Presidential candidate? To hark back to Berkeley in the 60's--how many tabs of acid had those (extremely Dim) Dems dropped?


Davod and Henry, I'm counting on the gov to borrow MarkO's apt phrase "is just not that smart" in the present time :-)


Here's the question the libs are so proud of, and what makes Franken such a "good politician" in their bloodshot eyes.



How about Relocatng them to Eniwetok or Diego Garcia or McMurdo Station?


Go NAVY!!!

Captain Hate

the beautiful Medicine Bow National Forest.

When were you there, maryrose? Mrs. H used to live in Casper and told me about the state so we went there on vacation in 1976. We drove all around the state starting in the southeast corner at Medicine Bow. It was in late August and I think we were the only people in the campground; nobody was even around to collect a camping fee. It was my first experience being in thin air so it was a good place to get conditioned in.


Republicans who won't be coming back to Congress after 2018 midterm elections

Captain Hate

Comanche Voter, that dunce was overmatched in the Senate, even around mensas like McRINO, Durbin and Schooooomer.


Can't wait to see the final tally of how much $ the Dems are wasting in Alabama!



Whiteout conditions!
You are one heroic guy today.
Hope Frederick is enjoying the game.
He is so much taller now.

Clarice Feldman


7 cnn goofs this year

WaPo's Weigel apologizes for phony tweet pichttp://thehill.com/media/364124-washington-post-reporter-apologizes-for-tweet-on-crowd-size-at-trump-rally


Hinderaker wonders why CNN won't reveal the sources who got them burned this week. He doesn't venture into the planted leak theory.


Identifying CNN’s sources would make it blindingly obvious to all that CNN was merely carrying water for the Democratic Party. CNN intends to continue doing exactly the same thing in the future–reporting uncorroborated “news stories” it is fed by Democrats on Capitol Hill–so by keeping its sources secret, the network is protecting itself, not the sources.

Several tough DT Jr tweets at the link. I like that dude.


We were there in the summer of 2011.
My son loved it.
Army/ Navy game is now 14 to 13 Army.


"Can't wait to see the final tally of how much $ the Dems [RINOs] are wasting in Alabama!"


As a Sox fan, I was bummed when the Yankees lured Elsbury away but never really understood why they did it when they had Brett Gardner, who was at the time essentially the same player (Elsbury had a big year but even so was not a huge upgrade). I have shamefully (OK not really) rooted for him to fail ever since and take no joy (OK not really) in the fact that the Yankees are stuck with his huge and endless contract and got nothing out of it.


I went on a Girls only trip after I graduated from college in 1972 and we went to a rodeo in Cody, Wyoming.
What fun!

Captain Hate

That story about the ex Fox News reader upset that a friendly kiss by Trump in the distant past was on the lips instead of the cheek, reported as REALLY REALLY BIG NEWS by the Memeorandum imbeciles, shows how petty and meaningless this whole scandal thing has become. Likewise Tammy Bruce talking about how attention mongering MeAgain has added new details on what Ailes made her do, with my favorite radio doll baby not believing a damn thing if she's going to concoct new trash now that Ailes can't refute any of it.

Account Deleted

maryrose---> thanks for inquiring about my health.

on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being "peak health", i am at an ascendant 6.5.

the surgical aftermath is pain hovering at 5.0 out of 10. I come off oxy for 48 hours every Friday to get a bead on how much things still hurt or not. Been at a 5.0 for 2 straight months now.

Good news it only takes 30 mg morning and night of oxy to make life bearable. Without it the pain is still intense enough to make me grit my teeth.

The next two months I'm anticipating more pain reduction due to exponential healing, which was the opinion of my surgeon at our meet up last month. He said "Six months--- no more, no less. Difficult pain for at least 5 months, no more no less." He's pleased with my unlimited range of motion in shoulders and arms. And that I have full range movement in my core area (bending, lifting, stretching, squatting etc).

Bottom line: Surgeon said at the end of our meeting: "I am seriously surprised to see you walking and moving around without restriction other than the pain from surgery. We didn't think you had a chance of being able to move from the neck down. A scalpel moving along the spinal cord.... I was fearful we'd leave you paralyzed in order to eradicate the abcess. It was everywhere."

I'm entering the 19th month of remission/reversal of the Type II diabetic degenerative complex. I began eating some cooked foods following surgery. Am about 70% raw vs. the 95% raw at the time of surgery.

Jan 1 I go back to 100% raw. I miss it. The old food isn't as entertaining as it used to be knowing what it's doing to my red blood cells and how it acidifies the blood and accelerates the aging process. "Senior moments" are bullshite. There is no such thing. We eat ourselves to that point. I'm glad to have a solution for myself going forward. I turned 62 on November 12.

Heart issues have been reduced to the slight murmur I've had since I was born. My stents (4) are entering their 3rd year of troublefree implementation. Trick: keep the blood thin with chelating enzymes and 5000 mg of ascorbic acid each night at bedtime.

Blood pressure is 100-140 depending on who's driving. ;)

Renal issues were escalating as of 19 months ago. Recent blood panel shows no such concern anymore.

Liver panel shows the same. For a former alkie/diabetic, this is a medical miracle.

Recent video of the heart shows no fatty tissue on the outside. Chelation. Chelation. Chelation.

Morning fasting blood sugar level this morning: 78. Last month I was in ketosis 18 out of 30 days. Third best month yet.

Focal point next in the recovery experience is increasing muscle mass in the legs and shoulders.

Surgeon said my recovery from the spinal op would have been ten times faster if they didn't have to cut through so much "back muscle". "What did you do to get so big in the back?" Rugby. Defensive line in football. Powerlifting and bodybuilding champ in high school.

Paying a price today for that V-shaped physique which at one point in life was worth paying any price to attain--- strength and style.

So all in all, physical health is on the rise. But it is the spiritual and emotional recovery from the invasiveness of bone crushing pain, the mri's, and the 12 hour surgery, the morphine and all the other dopioids my body filtered in order to bear what they had to do to save my life--- I am most pleased with how quickly I've been able to bounce back.

After the congestive heart failure, the emotional and spiritual recovery were very very slow. But then again I was an insulin dependent Type II diabetic. Reversing the diabetes and restoring my brain to its proper size (I stopped starving it with blood that was like candy apple syrup) has certainly been the rebalancing factor in this latest health challenge.

The doctors and the surgeon have still not figured out how I came down with the infection to the T4 vertebrae. And they have no idea re how a case of vertebral osteomyelitis would show up out of the blue and advance to the stage it was in at the time of surgery, where i was experiencing pain just for 5 days.

I'm cool with the mystery. I'm being watched over. And it just wasn't my turn.



Captain Hate

I think George Michaels Sports Machine used to cover the Cody rodeo every year. My Sunday night ritual used to be the Sports Machine @ 11:30 and then Night Music until 1. I was a lot younger then...


YOU'RE FUCKIN' SHITTIN' ME!! Trump kissed some ex-nobody on the lips. Get Mueller on the phone.


Back when some numbskull in the Dem hierarchy decided that they would try to reach out to millennials by cursing like sailors in public speeches Gillebrand was just fine with that and threw out some lame, staged f-bombs as a test run. It made my teeth hurt. (Tom Perez led the way). Phony as a two-dollar...or three dollar bill or some sort of electronic currency or maybe just a complete fraud.


Father in law was in the Navy during WW 2 so Go Navy.
Looked like a late hit on the quarterback.


Great game.
Wyoming is Fantastic.
Spent 2 nights in Rock Springs.
Wish I had met up with Lyle in ID.
I would LOVE to live in CODY. Beautiful, not crime, gateway to Yellowstone. CONSERVATIVE.

Account Deleted

Back in 1978, late summer, my first wife and I with out first-born, daughter Jessie, were traveling by car from Califas to southern Indiana.

We were making a life changing move. But we almost changed course radically one afternoon as we passed through Big Horn Wyoming.

Picnicking next to a tiny filling station in their patio area, we were approached by a resident who was named oddly enough "Jim Carter."

He sat with us interested in our trip. Toward the end of the conversation he offered me a job and my family a place to live. He owned the saw mill there. The house was visible from where we were sitting, up there in the foothills against the Big Horn Mountains.

Jim left to go about his business. We sat there in paradise wondering what to do. We almost stayed. But we'd made promises to family about running some of their chain stores (Hallmark) in Illinois and Indiana. And I was already enrolled in agriculture school with a solid job system to go along with it.

We almost stayed. Big Horn Wyoming---> God's country within God's country.

My Pa was born in Powell WY in 1932. 16 years after the family fled post-revolutionary Chihuahua Mexico.

We almost stayed.

Captain Hate

Btw the Horde is confident that their favorite news reader, Big-boobed Liz Claman, would never make spurious accusations despite her funbags being their most appreciated accoutrement.

Account Deleted

MeAgain sold her soul a long time ago. I find nothing about her attractive or nearly anywhere close to even a remote standard of beauty.

Vanity doesn't serve anybody well. Pride in one's appearance? Certainly it does. But the fine line between vanity and pride in one's appearance, once it's crossed the fool seldom finds their way back to reasonable territory.

How soon before MeAgain goes down the road of the surgeon's scalpel that makes her look *noticeably* different like say it made Nicole Kidman look *noticeably* different.

Vanity is a bitch.

Account Deleted

Gillebrand has the cranial cavity of a cutworm. Google that image. They're flatheaded enemies of corn farmers everywhere.


Not a chance, there is no way he makes this field goal.


Thank you for the update!
Field goal is now do or die.
You are a walking miracle.


How are you doing?

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