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December 21, 2017



I doubt I'm really first.


Our Christmas trees were usually covered in snow and ice,so had to be kept outside to drip dry before being brought inside. I have never heard of hosing down a Christmas tree.
I learn something new on JOM every day!

Clarice Feldman

TM is like a concerned parent looking after our health, isn't he?


Ha! Not going to let this get stuck on an old thread:

MM, Number 8 on that Wictor threadreader roll-up is a fascinating video. It’s on YouTube. Five minutes well-spent.

I’ll pass the link around as much as I can. I consider that it has serious news value, helping people understand this ain’t no picnic.

It reminds me how much the last three generations have been coddled into complacency.

Robin, eff 'em all

If I hosed my Christmas tree, we could never bring it inside.

Is $28 Duda? Doesn’t he realize that he’s part of the 80% paying less taxes under the nw plan? WINNING

Clarice Feldman

Pretend you're a master marketer like the president. You see the Dems and the media yapping about how this tax cut is for the rich and will hurt the middle class and you know it won't. You see polls based on little or no public information about the new law showing people oppose it--hamburger helpeer polls by the Dems/media to scotch what they know will be a political game changer. What do you do? You speak to the ceos of corporations who want the tax cuts and explain that in the interim between the passage of the law and the time the new cuts go into effect we need you to make a meaningful gesture to cut the legs out of this propaganda. And they do--and it will surely snowball. Marketing 101 by a genius.Next month, when they see the impact of the cuts on their withholding
the message will be even clearer.

Robin, eff 'em all

Living in high tax NY, we’ll be paying approximately $300 less so that puts us around $28/month too. However, our 401ks are blowing up, so that makes for a double win. WINNING.

It’s very quiet on the liberal front this morning. Do you suppose everyone has done the tax calculator and realized they will be paying less?


Dublin Dave, do you claim the truck stop income or is that an all-cash business?

Robin, eff 'em all

I have a question for the photographers out there. My daughter is very keen on photography (budding artist, great drawing skills). We would like to find her a used DSLR camera with lenses. Any thoughts on good ones to start with and good places to look?

Thanks in advance!

Robin, eff 'em all

Clarice, great catch on the master marketer! Isn’t that amazing that those companies were all ready to make those announcements? I suspect Trump has gamed this out until the 2018 elections.


And for the record, I've never worn spandex! I did wear a really cool leopard-print skinny tie, though, and also a red one. Don't think I have any pics but if I dig one up maybe I'll post it, since no one would recognize me at this point.

We had a douche singer once whose girlfriend made him a shiny white satin suit. Bell bottoms and a vest, which he wore without a shirt and with white platform shoes. Kind of a David Lee Roth wannabe type. He didn't last too long.


Thoughts re that Lee Smith Tablet article:



Robin, this may sound strange, but for an artist you could consider starting with Photoshop and the DxO ONE 20.2MP Digital Connected Camera for iPhone and iPad with Wi-Fi that attaches to an iPhone/iPad.

BTW, how far away are you from Rome, NY?


Re. Hamas relinquishing control of Gaza. Does this mean they have agreed to stop fighting and, if so, does the word Hudna appear anywhere in the agreeement.

Another Bob

Robin, anything Nikon or Canon will work just fine.

Depending of her level of interest and the depth of the pocketbook you can go consumer-grade (e.g. Nikon D3nnn or D5nnn) or “pro-Sumer” (e.g. Nikon D7100).

If there are camera stores near you check them out. I think Amazon sells used (I’ve sold cameras to Amazon).

I think porchlight is a photographer? Maybe she’ll have better ideas,


My wife says Guam is also popular.
Not a super high priority to resolve but worth the attention if we someday get a pro-American Congress

I agree with Clarice's 9:23 speculation and it shows some courage by the CEOs involved. Lefties will smell a rat and throw a tantrum, no?

Robin, eff 'em all

SBW, that’s an interesting idea, but a lot more money than we wanted to spend. She’s 11 and this could be a passing thing, so want to encourage with good equipment but not a huge investment. Both my husband and I use Photoshop for work, so she has access and has already started playing with Illustrator.

We live minutes outside of Ithaca and about 2-2.5 hours from Rome. Is it as beautifully sunny there as it is here? Stunning light for the shortest day of the year!


MSNBC Anchor Tries To Criticize Companies For Giving Post-Tax Reform Christmas Bonuses

An MSNBC anchor is extremely mad that her staff is getting a tax break and bonuses after Congress passed comprehensive tax reform.

Here's her tweet:

Corporate PR offices are hard at work, having demanded this exorbitant tax cut from Republicans. Watch for lots of Christmas bonuses and charitable donations (which of course they're doing before the bill guts the charitable deduction) and missives to reporters about the above.

— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) December 21, 2017

To which TheDC author Benny Johnson comments:

Interestingly, it’s members of Reid’s staff who stand to benefit the most. Her parent company, Comcast/NBCUniversal, announced that hundreds of thousands of employees would be getting $1,000 bonuses, and that they would be investing $50 billion in the company over the next five years.


Many asked the same question: Why would the MSNBC anchor rail against raises for her own staff?

Captain Hate

Clarice gets it right on DJT understanding marketing very well, which oddly eludes the GOPe types.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


ChiTown lurker says to try Central Camera in Chicago. He says they have a superb used list.


It looks like they sell select items on line through eBay. They have a phone number so you could call and inquire.

Captain Hate

Mrs. H swears by Canon.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

House Democrats want a SHUTDOWN for the holidays in order to distract from the very popular, just passed, Tax Cuts. House Republicans, don’t let this happen. Pass the C.R. TODAY and keep our Government OPEN!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Lefties at all times in all places smell rats and throw tantrums.
Occasionally they stop just long enough to make up a reason.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I guess the UN Security Council is going to have another emergency meeting. Now there is a pending resolution by TURKEY (NATO member, by thee way) to tell other countries not to put their embassies in Jerusalem.


that Lee Smith Tablet article

Did anyone else who read that have a sense that, the fake dossier aside, the writer seemed to take very seriously the notion that Russia was trying to interfere in the election, and was behind the wikileaks dump; and was at least agnostic about Trump being in cahoots (given his hiring of Manafort)?

I'd thought that at least about the wikileaks, it was more likely an inside DNC job.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Thought sure this thread was going to be about F-18 pilots and flying saucers, not moldy Christmas trees.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think it more likely that Russia was trying to interfere on behalf of Hillary, because they already had lots of leverage on her through her work as SOS and the Clinton Foundation.

Manafort had worked for Ukraine, which wouldn't have exactly made him popular with Russia, if I understand his efforts correctly.

James D.

Robin, if you go with Canon, this is a great and relatively inexpensive lens:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Seems little doubt Russia was happy to interfere in the election sufficiently to give progs reason to disrupt our country.

The article seemed to take pains to be even-handed which would be an admirable trend were it to ever occur again.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Eric Trump linked this on Twitter. Poland thanks us or helping them regain their freedom 28 years ago, and wishes us Happy Holidays (there are Jewish and Muslim speakers so that is why).


Clarice @ 9:23...exactly! The daughter said that the Dems have set a very low bar with their ranting and raving,because after Armageddon,where is there to go?

Man Tran

I have about almost 5 decades of Canon gear that fills an office file storage box. Trying to figure out a way to get it to someone who could use at least some of it successfully. Even with my current fairly current rig, it mostly sets at the ready while I take about 99 pct of my pix with my phone. I think the old standbys of Nikon and Canon may slowly fade away.


Re. Democrats and Armageddon. After Armageddon come the resurrection. Obama was going to slow the rising waters (and didn't), but Trump is going to bring about the resurrection of the USA.


Eric in Boise

Man Tran, you can probably get at least a few hundred for your Canon stuff on the old standby, eBay. I just got a couple hundred for my dad's Minolta gear that he purchased in the 70s and 80s. Minolta made decent stuff and catches a fair number of bids, but Canon and Nikon vintage items seem to be holding up even better price wise. It probably won't be close to original price but at least someone will get some use out of it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Well, well, well.


Btw, I'm pretty sure that ClintEastwoodLA twitter account was an impostor. No checkmark, for one thing.

From Nov, 2016:

‘Clint Eastwood’ Twitter account suspended after praising Trump

But it turns out that “the man with no name” is also the man with no Twitter — and it was never he who wrote the message.


“Everyone knows this isn’t really his account. I would know.”


Yrs he takes pains, Russia is an adversary i think summers road gang headed by schreiber made it that way. Putin in an opricknik (policeman)
Who made himself. Vor chief boss on the way to becoming warlord (czar) this is the way many such kingdoms came to be, reading manchesters primer on the middle ages and renaissance.


Morgan, I thought his daughter was Alison, we look down on principalities like the kingdom but in principle were they different than the way regimes in western and eastern Europe came to be, where authority is not derived from consent, the way hobbes understood it is done by force.

$28 a month?Stick it!

"We would like to find her a used DSLR camera with lenses. Any thoughts on good ones to start with and good places to look"

Nikon D3300 allows a beginner to take amazing pictures on automatic and then grow into the more advanced settings,aperture,white balance etc as you learn more.

Get a refurbished one from Amazon with a Lens included and a few other goodies. It's all in the lens....start simple them move onto a Nikor 35mm f/1.8g for portraits and up close subjects.Then when she's really caught the bug get her a tokina AT-X...a bit more pricey but the quality of the landscape photography will blow you away. It's a pricey but worth it.

$28 a month?In three years you should be able to afford that whole package.

$28 a month?Stick it!

"Dublin Dave, do you claim the truck stop income or is that an all-cash business"

Sorry,I can't talk. I have a penis in my mouth.


It would be interesting to imagine what Whitaker chambers would think of putin, he scandalized many when his 'ghosts on the roof' piece in time, had the romanovs cheering Stalin as czar.
I. 1945 you didn't bring up the dead past and specially associate it with uncle Jo.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Even his daughter is an impostor.


ext, sorry for posting the fake Clint twitter.
Has Clint ever spoken out in favor or against PDJT?


Yanukovich was a survivor among the apparatcnik there was no one authentic to rise from the rubble like urban or Walesa or havel and history suggests ketch want entirely that spotless, but as with trump, you need a blunt instrument to break through the wall, the uprisings in 56 and 70 had been put down brutally. Among the solidarnosc there were many thinkers but few doers

Clarice Feldman

Now that priority one and two--defense and economy are in hand, I expect the next year will be the undoing of the Deep State. Do not doubt me on this--the writing is on the wall, the traps have been set and the gang's all here.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think there is something going on under the radar for the inner cities as well. Darrell Scott said something about urban revitalization the other day and posted a picture of him with the President in the Oval Office.


Two ways to look at the world; one can see 28 dollars as only 5 trips to Starbucks, or a as a month of lunches.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2h2 hours ago

Home Sales hit BEST numbers in 10 years! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

Captain Hate

Zoolander goes full retard:

Canadian PM Trudeau: Returning ISIS Jihadists Could Be An Extraordinarily Powerful Voice In Canada


It would appear so, lets consider Allen dulles, one of the more talented of the deep states.

Beasts of England

This is the happiest day of the year for me for two reasons: it's Winter Soltice and I'm having my daughters and ex over for our Christmas (Prime Rib) dinner, featuring a lovely bottle of Shafer that the older Beastette brought me back from Napa, and a fine Stags' Leap that I happen to have on hand for some strange reason. 🤓

It don't get no better'n dat...

James D.

CH, has Zoolander done or said anything that isn't "full retard" since taking office?


afa press release

A victory today for the First Amendment
Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Many of you remember when Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was fired because of his religious views on marriage and homosexuality. In late 2014, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed handed a pink slip to Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran purely on the grounds of Cochran’s faith.

Reed’s complaint against Cochran is that he authored a book that upholds the biblical view of sexuality for his men’s Bible study. That book contradicts the homosexual agenda. After first giving Cochran a month-long suspension without pay in November, Reed announced he would be fired. Before losing his job, however, Cochran was required to complete sensitivity training and was prohibited from distributing copies of his book Who Told You That You Were Naked? on city property.

In early 2015, the Alliance Defending Freedom sued the city of Atlanta on behalf of Mr. Cochran, and the case has made its way through the court system for the last two years. Today, we are excited and relieved to inform you that Chief Cochran received a victory in court. According to the law firm representing Chief Cochran, “A federal district court ruled Wednesday that city of Atlanta rules which led to the termination of Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran are unconstitutional. The court found that the city’s policies restricting non-work speech, like a book for Christian men that Cochran wrote, are too broad and allow city officials to unconstitutionally discriminate against views with which they disagree.”

Clarice Feldman


Miss Marple, it's not even so far under the radar..If the deep state is not wiped out it will rise again and even more viciously--even Congressional dunces have to realize that.

art in newport

.. next year will be the undoing of the Deep State ..

I think you're right. As you say, the plan was to first take care of the economy and strengthen defense and foreign policy.

The Swamp wasn't going anywhere.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just heard Nikki Haley speak to the General Assembly and she held out the threat of withholding some of the massive funding we give to them, as well as foreign aid.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Barak Ravid‏Verified account @BarakRavid

BREAKING: Canada, Australia and Georgia are going to abstain in the UNGA vote against Trump's Jerusalem announcement, Western and Israeli diplomats tell me

Beasts of England

And thanks again to TK for finding my Green Goddess recipe in the JOM archives. :)

Late Night Comedy Writer

"Sorry,I can't talk. I have a penis in my mouth."

You should have replied: 'I only work for tips.'


WashT: "At the request of Fusion GPS, the investigative firm hired by Democrats to handle and pay Mr. Steele, the former spy said he briefed The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo News, The New Yorker and CNN in person. He later briefed Mother Jones magazine via Skype."

Daily Caller-Nov. 16, citing new book on the Steele dossier written by an anti-Trumper:

"In the book, Harding describes how reporters at competing outlets rallied together as part of an effort to expose Trump’s alleged Russia ties.

“There was healthy competition still, but reporters on different titles began working together on some stories. There were formal press consortiums and ad hoc conversations between onetime rivals,” Harding writes.

“I talked to The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Financial Times in London, Reuters, Mother Jones, The Daily Beast, CNN, and others. Such conversations took place in New York, Washington, London, Munich, and Sarajevo. Some happened in glossy conference rooms, others in the corners of pubs over warm ale.”

Other choice tidbits in that Nov. article that make more sense now than then.


For all his ability, his perspective was narrowed by his social circle the clients at Sullivan and cromwell in Switzerland they expanded some, but its charitable to say that certain groups were excluded. And when it came to shaping policy, it showed.

Clarice Feldman

who's he, narciso?


Yes its the journalist, or the grapevine as it was known in Malaysia, akhmetshin was at that conferences because he had worked with iri in tashkent and baku before, Mccain thought he was an independent operator much like klimnick twenty years ago.


Allen dulles you came across the underbelly of his work in eastern Europe. The folks admitted under the lodge act.


Good gravy, that isn't merely zoolander stupid that rises of fall to the level of hans (Owen Wilson) stupid.


Nikki Haley vs. the UN's Jackals


Spengler - DT's national security strategy is a game changer.

Man Tran


Thanks for that suggestion. I have a visceral aversion about eBay due to being scammed on my one and only contact with them back in the beginning. I need to find a local person like MM who would handle the activity for a chunk of the action.


Like nsc 68, which was based on Kenyans long telegram, which was based on similar insights to chambers re the nature of the regime.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

ςサi⃘lིlི‏ @chiIIum
2m2 minutes ago

Disgraced DOJ Official Bruce Ohr is being interviewed by the Senate Intelligence Committee right now.


Kennan, forrestal was a remarkable fellow, if he had been a progressive he would get better press, instead of the pop psycholovy of hoopes rogow and Brinkley, he not only set up the structure of the Pentagon but the cias action arm and the first surveillance net. He had too many fingers on too many pots which drew the attention of drew pearson.


NSC 68: should be displayed at the Archives next to the founding dox.


Yes Douglas brinkley who is like Tom hanks to plimptons David brinkley in pioneers

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Josh Caplan‏ @joshdcaplan
6m6 minutes ago

FREE BEACON: GOP Congressmen Ron DeSantis and Jim Jordan instruct DOJ to turn over all documents related to the Obama administration's effort to protect Hezbollah drug traffickers


Canada, Australia and Georgia are going to abstain in the UNGA vote against Trump's Jerusalem announcement

How brave.


instruct DOJ to turn over all documents related to the Obama administration's effort to protect Hezbollah drug traffickers

Does this mean the DOJ is actually (gasp!) investigating? Or just covering it up?


Another Bob,

I think porchlight is a photographer? Maybe she’ll have better ideas

Porch is the resident librarian but I'm kind of the resident photographer altho I think JimNJ is a photographer also and I'm glad to know that! Would love to compare notes with him certainly :-)

On the new Tax Bill, my better half is a retired wheat farmer here in this part of the country. We still own our ground but tenants now farm it for us. But have to say that immediate expensing of capital investments in businesses will have a major impact on the ag community! A needed shot in the arm for these businesses who deal with the vagaries of the prices their commodities endure.


More on budget rules that are rigidly adhered to or ignored, whichever results in bigger government, from Sharyl:


Buck says there's another little-known budget abuse. Most people don't know it but most spending laws are supposed to last just five years. After five years, Congress is supposed to do oversight and pass them again, if warranted. But that's not what they do.

Rep. Buck: We are spending one-third of our budget on unauthorized programs. We don't do the oversight because it would be a tough vote.


US preparing ‘bloody nose’ attack on North Korea

The US is preparing plans to deliver a “bloody nose” attack against North Korea to knock out its nuclear weapons program.

The White House has “dramatically” ramped up its military plans amid fears that diplomacy won’t thwart North Korean despot Kim Jong Un from making good on his threats, sources told the UK’s Telegraph.

One option is destroying a launch site before the rogue regime uses it for a new missile test, while another is targeting weapons stockpiles, according to the news outlet.

Is this a calculated leak? If not, somebody should be made an example of.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Read the replies to this post by Imperator Rex. by Bob Forbes2.

Evan McMullin is involved.



Great advice on camera suggestions for Robin from the crew here..

Man Tran, this Outfit is reputable for getting rid of neglected/no longer used camera gear.

Man Tran

Thanks glas,

The Chitown Lurker offered a good source, too. Need to get it done!


Interesting, MM. So some are thinking that Hillary's and McCain's boots might be hiding GPS ankle bracelets?



EU Launches Disciplinary Proceedings Against Poland

It's a longish piece but interesting.

“If a unanimous decision is reached [by the EU member states], [Poland] will face punitive sanctions,” reported Business Insider‘s German edition. “The German government has aligned itself with the decision the European Commission.”

“We are doing this for Poland, for Polish citizens,” EU Vice-President Frans Timmermans said while announcing European Commission’s decision to trigger the Article 7 of the EU Treaties, a series of multilateral pacts ratified between 1951 and 2007. “Judicial reforms in Poland mean that the country’s judiciary is now under the political control of the ruling majority. In the absence of judicial independence, serious questions are raised about the effective application of EU law,” Timmermans added.

Poland is showing no signs of backing down.

Just hours after Brussels triggered Article 7, Polish President Andrzej Duda symbolically defied the EU by signing two judicial reforms bills passed earlier by the country’s parliament.

It won't be a unanimous vote, though.

Hungary came out in support of Poland. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared his government’s intention to veto any sanctions tabled against the country at the European Commission.

“The decision seriously damages Poland’s sovereignty,” Hungary’s Deputy Prime minister Semjén said. “It is unacceptable that Brussels is putting pressure on sovereign member states and arbitrarily punishing democratically elected governments.”

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It started as a jokem but Hillary has had hers on for over 2 months for a broken toe, and McCaiin's was found switching from one leg to the other.

Two months is awfully long for a broken toe, unless she has some condition which is keeping it from healing.

McCain's switchig may just indicate alternating circulatory problems or that he was using the thing for sympathy.

People ARE paying attention, though. By the way, has Hillary left the country in the last 6 months? I don't think so.


The Guardian: Trump’s Election Awakened Big Tech to the ‘Horror’ of Its Own Inventions

The election of Donald Trump was “a big slap in the face” for people at Facebook, said Antonio Garcia-Martinez, a former Facebook product manager. To most Facebook employees, Garcia-Martinez said, “Trump is the incarnation of Satan. The fact that they helped Satan get elected does dog a lot of people.”

Ev Williams, one of the co-founders of Twitter, told the New York Times this spring that Twitter’s role in Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency was “a very bad thing”, adding: “If it’s true that he wouldn’t be president if it weren’t for Twitter, then yeah, I’m sorry.”


Robin, it is sunny here and a welcomed respite from mud, snow, and cold.

You know where we are if you are passing through and need/want to stop.

Captain Hate

Stolen from the Horde:

2017-18, the end of the North Korean regime.

Step 1: Soldier defects, is shot multiple times walking over border, survives.
Step 2: Soldier defects, walks over border unmolested by fellow soldiers.
Step 3: Mass defections.
Step 4: Internal strife.
Step 5: Collapse.
Step 6: Fat Boy hanging from a noose.


Those following the extraordinary events in Saudi Arabia , may find this video snip interesting:


Toes are tough things to heal from. I injured mine almost 10 years ago and it still hurts every day. (And I'm in better shape than Hillary, as are 99% of the rest of the people in the world.)


Facebook says aged-based targeting for employment is an accepted industry practice, disagrees with allegations that the ads are discriminatory

First, our own advertisements. Facebook tailors our employment ads by audience. For example, we may use pictures of women or older people depending on the context. These individual ads are part of broader-based recruitment efforts designed to reach all ages and all backgrounds. We completely reject the allegation that these advertisements are discriminatory.

Second, targeting employment ads by age generally. US law forbids discrimination in employment based on age, race, gender and other legally protected characteristics. That said, simply showing certain job ads to different age groups on services like Facebook or Google may not in itself be discriminatory -- just as it can be OK to run employment ads in magazines and on TV shows targeted at younger or older people. What matters is that marketing is broadly based and inclusive, not simply focused on a particular age group. In addition, certain employers want to attract retirees, or recruit for jobs with specific age restrictions like the military or airline pilots.


Rush in Hour 1 discussed this tweet put out by Dan Pfeiffer saying:

"Dan Pfeiffer‏Verified account

"I hope this is the photo they use on the front page of the Times on the day Trump is indicted"

That was retweeted by Ben Rhodes saying:

Ben Rhodes‏Verified account
Ben Rhodes Retweeted Dan Pfeiffer

And alongside the obits for Ryan, McConnell, and Pence

To which said Steve Scalise (almost murdered by a Dem at the Republican baseball game) tweeted to Rhodes to consider toning down the rhetoric.

Rush's 1st Hour today was brilliant.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Notice it is a mixed audience and some women have their hair uncovered, including the girl they interviewed.

Thanks for that video! I passed it on to Thomas Wictor, who no doubt will see things n it I didn't notice. LOL!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Notice it is a mixed audience and some women have their hair uncovered, including the girl they interviewed.

Thanks for that video! I passed it on to Thomas Wictor, who no doubt will see things n it I didn't notice. LOL!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

My computer is messing up again. I am going to reboot.

Captain Hate

Welp I guess the UN didn't take Trump and Haley seriously. Time to free up some land in Queens for development. I hear Sudan is available for relocation. The lowlifes would fit in well.


Ubet, MM. Those, like you and I, that follow TW now have a different impression of the ME than even, i suspect, our fellow Trumpsters that don't.
Past bad acts by certain Saudi's - attributed lazily to 'Saudi Arabia thinks this..' or 'Saudi Arabia did this ...' has earned them a bad rep. It will take some time for the new house's changes to filter through the public's consciousness.
But as it does, the fact that the last admin went all in on the devil - the mullahs of Iran and its proxies - will, i hope, become increasingly clear.
I'm looking forward to my vacation in Neom ;-)


I know this can't end badly:



Clarice - your 10.42 made my day


love these two tweets by Richard Fernandez regarding the UN/Jerusalem issue:

10m10 minutes ago
The years of promising Jerusalem yet reneging were ones of costless posturing. It's a cash bar now -- for everyone.

3m3 minutes ago
Price discipline will be good for the international community. For too long words meant nothing, achieved nothing -- especially at the UN, Everything was free and everything was worthless.

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