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December 15, 2017



May it prosper, though I think I will be paying more.


I think I will too Catsmeat.

But the possibility of a significant economic uptick is long overdue. I want my children to experience what we did in the 80s.


Yes, that's my reasoning too--I want my country prospering and on the top of the heap!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

It won't make any difference to me, but it will be a huge help to my kids, who make each around $30, 000.

I want this to pass so that my daughter sees her paycheck enlarged.

It will be easier for her to see that the President isn't out to hurt the middle class, which is what she has been told.


WaPo: Defenders of Strzok and Page inside the FBI said that because there was no direct supervisory role between Page and Strzok in the workplace, there wasn’t anything professionally wrong about having an affair, but they added that they understood why Mueller would not want anyone engaged in such conduct on his team. For one thing, if a foreign intelligence agency learned of such an affair, they could try to use it as a means of blackmail, although there’s no evidence anyone outside the FBI was aware of the relationship.

I wonder if anyone ever asked her husband or his wife about that?

Captain Hate

Palis doing what they do best:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Franklin Graham‏Verified account @Franklin_Graham
2m2 minutes ago

Why do we need a Department of Education? Why not close it down? Look at the garbage being taught in many of our universities. They can afford this wicked foolishness as curriculum because they receive millions of dollars in federal funding. What a waste! https://www.facebook.com/FranklinGraham/posts/1755300424526131


God bless Franklin Graham. He is sure speaking the truth!


There cell phones would be secure from interception by the bad guys.

Captain Hate

Defenders of Strzok and Page inside the FBI

Termination with cause for being too dumb to understand a security risk.

Texas Liberty Gal

Speaking of Franklin Graham does anyone here watch The Crown? One episode features Graham who was invited to Buckingham Palace for an audience with Queen Elizabeth. He seemed to have a profound effect on her.


Some elements are based on the truth, like Edward v1's Nazi affinities but some are nit:



"there wasn’t anything professionally wrong about having an affair, "

So the FBI has no policy against high-level married agents bonking each other?
seems unlikely

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am calling it a night.



I'm sure there's a sentence or two about it:


Janet 🚬

from the last thread - "CNN’s Jake Tapper: Trump Supporters Using ‘Incredibly Extremist Rhetoric’ On FBI"

Good Lord....SO?!
What about the 'incredibly extremist rhetoric' constantly spewed at President Trump & his administration?
And the old media crew are never concerned when THEY spew 'incredibly extremist rhetoric' about Americans.

The old MFM constantly label us racists & haters & homophobes. Where is the angst about that?


Since I mentioned the corruption of the FBI Team in the Ted Steven's case earlier, let me post this link to a 2012 Alaska Dispatch article explaining in detail what the top corrupt FBI Agent, Mary Beth Kepner, did: Why is lead FBI agent in botched Ted Stevens case still employed?

Since I believe it is fair to say that FBI Agent Mary Beth Kepner's criminality is the reason we have ObamaCare, here's a long bit from this article, and you'll also notice Judge Emmitt Sullivan makes his appearance. I'll bold to make it easy for a quick scroll through of the crucial points:

What Kepner did

FBI protocol dictates that when an agent interviews a witness, an official account of the interview -- called a 302 -- must be composed within five days, based on notes taken during the interview.

Mary Beth Kepner, as lead agent, was responsible for ensuring that those interviews were documented and that what was written stuck to the interview as much as possible. If an interview contained material that would help in the defense of a subject, that material would also have to be turned over to defendant's lawyers.

The Justice Department report cites numerous examples of Kepner not documenting her interviews -- in some cases because the interview wasn't favorable to the prosecution. Or, in her words, she didn't document some interviews because "we got no positive information" out of the witness.

Other 302s, the report found, differed substantively from notes taken by others who were present in the interviews. In some cases, she omitted statements. In other cases, she made additions to statements that would bolster the prosecution's case.

After the government repeatedly failed to turn over exculpatory information, Judge Sullivan ordered the Feds to turn over all of the FBI's 302s to the defense.

Because Kepner didn't document all of her interviews, she made them up following the judge's order, "backdating two of the 302s by more than two years, making it appear that they had been prepared the day after the interview when the events would have been fresh in her memory," the Justice Department report said.

In early interviews with the Justice Department, Kepner denied under oath that she had done this. But she later said she remembered doing so: "You know, unfortunately, you know, I was disorganized with this, you know, I was overwhelmed and, you know, I lost materials that had, you know, I lost notes, I lost 302s."

Kepner said she "was totally disorganized at that point in time. I had things everywhere. I had piles everywhere. You know, I'm embarrassed to tell you, but I had things -- they were in disarray."

In all, at least eight interviews she conducted with Bill Allen -- the key witness in the Stevens case and other Alaska corruption cases, including those against former state Reps. Pete Kott and Vic Kohring -- were never documented.

There could have been more interviews that she didn't record. Some of the ones that were discovered were only found because other agents or prosecutors in the room took notes. One interview with Allen was discovered after a technician found Kepner's notebook on a shelf in the FBI's supply room in Anchorage. Even though the judge ordered all of the 302s to be turned over to Stevens' lawyers, the Justice Department report still uncovered interviews that never made it to the senator's legal team.

Upon returning to Anchorage after the trail, one of Kepner's bosses, Dave Heller, spoke to her and another agent who had also backdated interviews about their failure to comply with FBI requirements.

According to the Justice Department report, Heller treated this as a "performance issue," and instructed another supervisor to put notes documenting the offense in their personnel files.

However, when DOJ looked through Kepner's and the other agent's files, the notes weren't there.

And so as of today, Kepner continues to work for the FBI.

Apologies for so much bolding, but sounds familiar, no? And well explains my distrust of the FBI.


Watching Sarah Sanders on Ingraham's show.

She really has a delightful sense of humor.

Buford Gooch

I would like seeing a bill to lower taxes, whether it helped me or not. However, based on tax calculators available online, I will save several thousand dollars when they pass this one.


Sarah Sanders is mature. She was raised by a God fearing set of parents, and she is bright as sunshine. Kick em in the balls Sarah. Ask Tapper where his are, then kick them too.


I heard the UNDERTAKER speaking this evening. He's fighting tooth and nail to BLOCK this bill. He also said the tinkering with the bill made it worse.
He then went to the PRISON to visit his boy WEINER.


Just watched that, Buckeye. Sarah is wonderful and we are so lucky to have her.


Then that stupid asshole, Bob Short, traded him with Aurelio Rodriguez to the Tigers, shoring up the left side of their infield for over a decade, for that fat drunk tub of shit, Denny McClain.

Cap'n, I always have to rub in the fact that they also sent Joe Coleman to Detroit in that trade, who only went on to be a multiple 20-game winner over the next few seasons.

Clarice Feldman

Adios. I have no idea what to write tomorrow. XO


Aurelio Rodriguez had a third baseman's build. He could pick it at the hot corner. I loved the old American League East, and I got to see many games at old Tiger Stadium. Got hit by a car and killed in Detroit.


Its tough call, you've done ishtar (us foreign policy dysfunction, the stone fleet, homers auto dealership. What new angle is there. The travismockasham of the dossier has already been done, it appears that crowdstrike the robbery monitors in that commercial watched silently a the hack proceeded.


Narciso, I think by the extreme hubris Rodham has exhibited since "like with a cloth"...I believe there has been REAL COLLUSION, I believe some actors at the FBI had been running interference for Rodham, and it was compliant/coordinated to some degree. Loretta Lynch is also involved in this.....HEH HEH...."MATTER". There is NO DOUBT of that.



Clarice, just scroll thru my posts for the week, some ridiculous pap might inspire you. XO.

jim nj




Ed Henry on FOX just said this, justifying why it appears Congressman Schiff was doing the leaking to CNN during the Trump Jr 7 hour testimony last week:

Ed Henry: ...Lets dive deep into what happened when Donald Trump Jr arrived to testify on December 6, behind closed doors for over 7 hours.While he was still behind closed doors, mid testimony, CNN was already posting stories suggesting Donald Trump Jr was testifying to something nefarious. CNN reporting that "according to multiple sources familiar with the testimony" that was still going on, "Donald Trump Jr told Investigators... (blah, blah, blah Too long to transcribe) Well the new information I am told tonight by Republicans close to the Committee, was that Donald Trump Jr and his Attorney were asked to surrender their tlephones before they went behind closed doors to give testimony. But then during the hours of testimony they noticed that Adam Schiff was leaving the room at various times, and then these stories started popping up on CNN and elsewhere, about the Testimony, leading them to believe the leaks were coming right from the top, but since Trump Jr and his Team didn't have their phones with them, they didn't find out these stories popping up on CNN and elsewhere until several hours after the Testimony started. Thats why they are demanding that the DOJ investigate whether it was Adam Schiff doing the leaking...That's why they think Schiff came out today trying to shift the blame and saying the Repubs are trying to shut down the Investigation...

Ass covering 101.


“"CNN’s Jake Tapper: Trump Supporters Using ‘Incredibly Extremist Rhetoric’ On FBI"”

CNN’s Fake Yapper

Captain Hate

Adam Schiff's balls need major kicking.

Yes, jimmyk, I always forget to include Joe Coleman in that larceny of a trade. Bob Short should have been recruited by the GOP.


Again, facts not in evidence, captain sureshot schumer and Co, are certainly in the larval stAge.


Daddy, Ed Henry seems like a nice boy. But his bullshit is still steaming.
Don Jr and his Attorney left the "interrogation" the whole WHITE HOUSE was aware of leaks that had occurred in REAL TIME. Having noticed SCHITT coming and going, it wasn't real hard to put 2 and 2 together. Ed Henry seems like such a nice Boy.

Clarice Feldman

Well there's this a conclusion explained in the thread: heLastRefuge‏
19h19 hours ago
31. Either Priestap is going to be the attempted fall-guy for the entire scheme.


Bill Priestap saw the bus coming and is assisting the scheme investigators:

Frau Wer luegt, der stieht u. zuendet fremde Haeuser an

Adam Schiff-Happens needs major humiliation.

AFAIK German has no word for "needs kicking in the groin." It needs to be invented for Schiff.

Frau Wer luegt, der stieht u. zuendet fremde Haeuser an

Time to eavesdrop in your favorite DC boite, Clarice?

There must be a lot of juicy conversations going on right now.


Let's call It SCHIFFING. Shitting is already taken.


Going FULL COMMIE Clown, is SCHIFF gang initiation.
He's showing the LIBTARD PARTY that he is THE FULL COMMIE and wants to rise in the ranks.

Clarice Feldman

frau, I think that's going to be the ticket.


Clarice, could I recommend the question "These are our best and brightest?"

Forget the politicians, they are bad enough.

The people in charge of the law don't follow it.

People in charge of security aren't secure, hell they leak like sieves.

The watch dogs behave worse than the wolves.

the incestuous nepotism of relationships throughout politics and government is some how considered right and good.

The brazenness or incompetence with which they commit or try to hide their perfidy.

And to top it all off the sheer pettiness on display in those FBI E-mails.

These folks would get kicked out of a trailer park. So what make them fit to run out lives

Clarice Feldman

rule by rottens,abadman



What makes them fit to run our lives?


Its really striking how few references there are to prietap.


Abadman, and they have a complicit media who themselves are swamp dwellers.

Captain Haiku

The FBI seems
Somewhat misnamed these days it
Should be FIB

Captain Hate

Frau, getting kicked in the balls might really make a certain someone QUEASY.

And on that note, Nytol.


"CNN’s Jake Tapper: Trump Supporters Using ‘Incredibly Extremist Rhetoric’

Election Hacking Gate
Russian Hooker Gate
Trump Collusion Gate
Sessions Recusal Gate
Carter Page Gate
Paul Manafort Gate
Lying to the FBI Gate
Cofeve Gate
Melania's High Heels Gate
Sarah's Pecan Pie Gate
Omarosa Gate
Way Too Much Golf Gate

Are we seriously down now to where all they have left is: Shrill Language Gate?

Frau Wer luegt, der stieht u. zuendet fremde Haeuser an

CH - really Queasy! He sure deserves it.


If Trump supporters' rhetoric about the FBI is "incredibly extremist," what does that make Trump haters' rhetoric about Trump? Words fail.


rule by rottens,abadman

I think I like best the one where the Nation's 2nd Highest Counter-Intelligent Agent can be banging the help and their FBI colleagues tell us "there wasn’t anything professionally wrong about having an affair. "


extra scoop of ICE CREAM GATE.


Come to think of it, if this is the Federal yardstick:

Defenders of Strzok and Page inside the FBI said that because there was no direct supervisory role between Page and Strzok in the workplace, there wasn’t anything professionally wrong about having an affair

then why did we give a carp about Bill and Monica?

Bill's innocent as the day is long, since "No direct supervisory role" gives a heck of a lot more leeway than "it depends on the definition of what "is" is.


extra scoop of ICE CREAM GATE.

I must be losing my mind to have forgot that one GUS:)


I thought since Sarah Huck was a baker it had too be a baker's dozen of Diet Cokes, so 13, not 12. Trump usually hides the 13th just behind the Bust Of ML King Gate.


Here's Clarice's 11:25 link:

TheLastRefuge: 1. Get to know this name: Bill Priestap

jim nj


FCC Chairman's funny video blocked by Google after spurious claims that infringed on the “The Harlem Shake”


you forgot to put the MARRIED Nation's 2nd Highest Counter-Intelligent Agent can be banging the help...

It's god to know professionalism doesn't include ethics or morality at the FBI


sorry again
Married... agent can be banging the married help


Yes Daddy, and what about....WIFE NOT LIVING IN D.C. GATE.

Daddy, I have a CRAZY good memory. Once I have logically determined some MF'ER is nuts. I go to hammering. FACTS don't change.


Abadman, it's ALYNSKI.
Only YOU are required to be MORAL, so long as you have ANY opinion on MORALITY.

We'll call it the REVEREND JESSE JACKSOFF rule of BASTARD children.


Yes.I'm sure GOOGLE would censor...this.

Odimblefok singing Al Green


My opinion on morality is that it is certainly fine for other people...



When I was a young single boy stationed in the PI I was a fan of lessality, not more.


Abad, we used to know RIGHT from WRONG.

How is it STRZOK and his "Mistress" both working for the FBI, both slamming DJT and supporting, indemnifying and insuring RODHAM is DEFENDED???

Their personal actions are WRONG and IMMORAL.
chirp chirp chirp chirph

CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP. We are seeing things, like COMEY leaking his "memo" GOVERNMENT PROPERTY...to a COLUMBIA LIBTARD PROFESSOR, for the purpose of PUBLICATION and setting up this FRAME-UP.
chirp CHIRP chirp.
Not a fucking MFM outlet seems to see what COMEY DID as IMMORAL, BIASED or in anyway WRONG. Yet he is a paragon of VIRTUE???????

My Father in comparison would be a SAINT.


Daddy, I was a 2 sport college athlete, who was lead singer and lead guitarist in a Pop Rock band.
I had my fun, and I'm sure that I broke a few young ladies hearts. I never set aside all of my MORALS to get laid. Me and the boys go to the CABIN and laugh, reminisce and sometimes do self confession about our hi-jinx. As I look back, sometimes I'm inwardly proud of myself. I said no, or stopped many many times.
I hope BEASTS doesn't disown me!!!!
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, we standing in JUDGEMENT vs the PRESIDENT on their TEXTS.
Both of them were BIASED and UNPROFESSIONAL.
And that does not include BOTH of them BETRAYING their own SPOUSE.


I wish it was just right and wrong.

Strzok said:

"Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support…"

that's not wrong, its a sickness of the soul.


Abad, it's an elitist mindset that I cannot fathom.
Btw. My son WORKS at WAL MART. He is 16 and makes 11 dollars per. He got home about 1/2 hour ago, after driving in his first snow storm. His supervisors have already found his talents. He's close to 4. at MARQUETTE HIGH, the best high school in Wisconsin by most standards. He comes home 3 nights a week with PERSONAL STORIES that make me want to cry sometimes. Tonight he met a man who asked my son, where he went to school etc. Marquette high is 25 miles away in the City. The man asked if my son knew MR X. My son said yes, the lady next in line asked if my boy knew MR K. My boy engaged (at 16) and the lady offered that he HUSBAND played drums for THE BODEANS.............I've know them personally since 1980. My WAL MART SMELLY TRUMP KID, is networking at 16. He is the love of my life.


Apple don't fall far from the tree


Abadman (sounds like a stinky Muslim name). I'm so pleased that you have set roots here.



has this to say:

Conduct Prejudicial to the Government:

An employee shall not engage in criminal, infamous, dishonest, immoral or disgraceful conduct, or other conduct prejudicial to the government. In connection with overseas service, the State Department has defined notoriously disgraceful conduct as conduct which, were it to become widely known, would embarrass, discredit, or subject to opprobrium the perpetrator and the United States.

5 CFR735.203, 3 FAM 4139.14

That above ought to cover adultery.

Then there's this:

Use of Government Property and Time:

Employees may not use government property including computer systems and individual electronic devices for commercial purposes; to send solicitations, lobby, or engage in prohibited political activity; for activities that are illegal, inappropriate or offensive to fellow employees or the public; or to create, download, view, or store, copy or transmit sexually explicit or sexually oriented materials or materials related to illegal gambling, illegal weapons, terrorist activities or other illegal activities; or any other prohibited uses as set forth in Department and component orders or guidance. Employees may not use Government equipment as a substitute for personally-owned equipment.

Personal activities should be conducted on personal equipment, except to the minimal degree that personal use on Government equipment is permitted by Department policy.

That ought to be enough to hammer the shit out of both of them for sending 10,000 E-Mails on Government devices, even if they were only talking about Hillary's Yoga lessons.


Thank you for that Abad. He just came downstairs and chatted with me in my office. PRICELESS.
Now he is taking a shower in the bathroom off of my office. I love this station in life. I love being....Daddy.


Daddy! My family knows who you are, and what you do for a living.
As you KNOW, my beloved youngest Brother is DIPLOMATIC SECURITY at STATE DEPT. As you know, he is a former USAF OFFICER, as you probably know, his Daughter, my God Daughter is a Freshman Cadet at COLORADO SPRINGS. (Abadmans home town).
You and I could commiserate for DAYS, as to morality honor or character.
LIBERALS HOLD YOU and I to that.
General Flynn vs STRZOK or RODHAM. Who is the CRIMINAL??

jim nj

We were discussing Ketamine a while ago, here's another study on it's use in treating suicidal ideation:


Make of it what you will.

jim nj

I just can't resist posting this:


Does Harvey Weinstein have something do with this?


Jim nj. My natural Father committed suicide the year I was born. In fact, this SUNDAY is the anniversary of his death. I am completely at PEACE with whatever occurred, and frankly, I was never TOLD THE TRUTH. The HORRID reality for those left behind, can be a burden, even for peeps in my position, being 10 months old TO THE DAY. No father, mother in COMPLETE and utter confusion and emotional destruction et al. I have always considered myself fortunate, that I really didn't have to be cognizant of the HORROR.
I am certainly better for this attitude. My life was a reflection of what my MOTHER went thru, and how she handled it. SHE DID NOT HANDLE IT WELL.
How could she. Foreigner in a country with NO SUPPORT, 3 KIDS...4 and younger at 24.
For whatever reason, I set a path for myself NEVER to be a victim. And I'm the proudest happiest DADDY on the planet.

jim nj

The methodology seems little weak here. Trying to apply baseball's Sabremetrics to generals.


But maybe they can come up with a more appropriate model in the future. Then again, no mention of Montgomery, so it can't be that bad.


My Grandad, my Mom's Father, fought with MONTGOMERY at EL ALEMEIN. In fact, Grandad, (Thomas Coyle) was a serjeant and was wounded on opening day.
OCT 23, 1942. Shot thru both ankles, and captured.
I own close to 100 WWII books and I am a student of CHURCHILL.
In short Bernard Law Montgomery had a bigger EGO and LESS TALENT, than PATTON.

God bless you Jim.
Btw. Have you ever seen me post this? Both my DAD, the man who raised me, AND my Father in Law, the man who raised my bride......ARE JIM.



I see that's an NPR story on the interspecies sex. Is NPR pro or con?


That ought to be enough to hammer the shit out of both of them for sending 10,000 E-Mails on Government devices, even if they were only talking about Hillary's Yoga lessons.

daddy @2:09 am

Nail meet hammer.

That's pretty much standard for such jobs. I don't know how the Inspector General acquired all of this information, but the NSA has access to just about everything we communicate. Now the FBI knows what they know and I'm beginning to suspect that the President knows as well.


PRO DADDY. It will be used to explain homosexuality as NATURE and NORMAL.


jim nj


So sorry to hear that. My own personal philosophy was, if this is the worst day of your life, and you're considering suicide, please wait another day and seek help. It'll pass.

When I hit that day I sought help

My sister, who suffers from Manic-Depressive order often has suicidal thoughts. She worries about how devastated I, and her two children, would be. I told her to call me before she does anything.

I had lost her to her addiction. Didn't talk to her for years. Too painful for me. We re-connected and haven't lost contact over the last six years.

I don't know how to address female suicide, not being one. But I do think that concepts that males of, at least my generation, were taught was to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, overcome and move forward. Seeking help was for wussies, losers.

Some of us fell into a well of despair that we couldn't, on our own, climb out of. And we weren't programmed to know that we needed to reach out. It was an internal argument with ourselves that we were doomed to lose without external input.

Judgmentally, and it's none of my business, I wouldn't think of your father as weak, just tortured by his own thoughts beyond what he could sustain on his own.

In any event, I'm glad you're here and functioning well, except for your obsession with COMMIES. :)


Hi Barbara! 10,000. It will take until the 12th of Never for the FBI to go thru all of this FILTH and RELEASE redacted versions.
DONALD TRUMP is the PRESIDENT. The FBI/DOJ is "supposed" to work for him. DEEP STATE/SWAMP

Barbara, to a normal 100 iq Patriotic American, this crap is obvious. THE FBI and DOJ, are weaponized against ANY FOE.
They were so CORRUPT, but it would not matter if RODHAM had won.


jim nj


Agree. Patton was way better than Montgomery.

Everything that I've read about WWII suggests that Patton didn't give a damn about high command - just turn me loose and I'll work magic. Montgomery - no, no, no, you're doing it all wrong. This is the way I would do it.


Thank you so Much Jim Nj.
As for my obsession with COMMIES. I coined the term THE FULL COMMIE 10 years ago. No obsession at all. I just came to a RATIONAL conclusion, that the LEFT was on a collision course, with ITSELF.
That they could no longer PRETEND to be ANY PART of DEMOCRACY/REPUBLIC or rational foes.




I agree. This is such a tangled mess. I'm trying to envision the end game. Who will be the controlling law enforcement authority? If any charges are brought, I expect a legion of frivolous lawsuits from Hawaii to Maryland like we saw after the President issued the Executive Directive on immigration.

BTW, I enjoy reading about your son. He sounds like a wonderful young man.


Jim NJ. You are wise. Britain had suffered GREATLY vis a vis WWI. The U.S. was just becoming known, recognized, and understood to be MIGHTY MIGHTY, JUST LETTING IT ALL HANG OUT.
We came into WWI way way late. We came into WWII way way late. Britain wasn't quite ready to recognize that we had gone the FULL MIKE TYSON.
Jim, I am NAMED for my GREAT GRANDAD, who was KILLED OCT 23 1918 in EGYPT, buried in FUCKING DAMASCUS!!!!! He was killed on the same DATE, that my Grandad was wounded. 1918-1942.
GREAT GRANDAD, won the British Medal of Honour.
It is hanging on the wall 1 ft from me.

jim nj


NPR seems to be non-committal on the deer-monkey thing until they learn more, i. e., are the monkeys tea-partiers? If so bad. If all DEMs, shows acceptance of diversity.


JIM, one last thing. My natural Father AND my Mom are both buried at Arlington. I am proud.
My DAD, the man who loved me and raised me, is buried at LEAVENWORTH.
I am HALF SCOTTISH and HALF AMERICAN. My lineage is 100% Irish.


Both of the men who were my Father or MY Dad served in the USAF, as did my youngest bro. My youngest bro's daughter, as I've posted....My GOD DAUGHTER and NIECE, is at the Air Force Academy now.
I am as faithful and Patriotic as can be.

jim nj


Britain was crippled by the loss of a generation in WWI. France too.

They re-fought the American Civil War in WWI, without learning any of the lessons of that prior conflict. What's more amazing is that European powers had observers at the Civil War and their home countries failed to implement needed changes. Many parts of the Civil War were maneuvers that Napoleon would have understood, but the trench warfare was new, and deadly, requiring an acceptance of massive casualties to gain a few hundred yards.


I'm impressed Jim. You have an analytical mind.
We OWNED the INDUSTRIAL revolution.

jim nj


That's true. The Industrial Revolution arose in Great Britain, but we advanced it.

We benefited from capital inflows from the UK and the Continent.

And they sent people here to study our manufacturing process of interchangeable parts. If I remember correctly, particularly of our arms industry, while the Europens mass produced arms, the parts weren't interchangeable, they had to be modified by hand to fit.


This is interesting FBI witholding even more info from Congress:


I agree w commenters--this has got to get more press. Kim Strassel can't carry this load alone.



jim nj

Is this fake news, or is it time to be truly appalled?


A whole family is transgender? What about their pets? This can't be true. Can it?



I made this OBSERVATION today, or Friday evening.

There is clearly COORDINATION vis A vis, this RODHAM protection racket.
None of this could occur, without a coordinated plan to WHITE WASH RODHAM'S criminality.
It's obvious.


clarice, here's your eavesdropping article:


This thinking needs a wider audience, because it made me have a "NOW I TOTALLY get it!" moment.

Why were the same people involved in all these investigations?? Why
out of the 35,000 folks that work for the FBI, Strzok and his gal pal had to be on the Mueller team too, after all he'd been involved with?


5) Just as the Hillary investigation merged with the Trump investigation, so both merged with Fusion GPS, the oppo-research guys working for the Clinton campaign. The conflicts of interest intertwine so thoroughly that they reach up beyond the FBI into the highest reaches of the Department of Justice. At this stage, it would be no surprise to learn that Mueller and Comey had accidentally failed to disclose that they were the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Fusion GPS. Am I exaggerating? By maybe a hair. This week it emerged that the Associate Deputy Attorney-General, Bruce Ohr, “failed to disclose” that his wife Nellie was working for Fusion GPS.

That's why Johnson is asking "what did you know, and when did you know it?" Re: Strzok's appointment. If they knew before he was appointed---

Maybe I'm really late to the game here, but despite having
absolutely no doubt this was process is corrupt, that was a real AHA! for me.


I know Ron Johnson. He is an honest man.
Lifelong business man, employing hundreds.
I've been with him in his office. He is NO phony.

jim nj


Posted by: GUS | December 16, 2017 at 04:42 AM

C'mon, Gus, you know perfectly well who polices the police.

Why, the DOJ, of course. Please sign this consent degree that guarantees you won't act like the police anymore and we'll leave you alone.

jim nj



GUS, what is with you keeping HawaiIan time?

I've meant to ask before...

We were made to sleep when it's dark, friend.


Yes, it's dark here right now ;-)

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