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December 03, 2017


Tom R

AL ended their season beating lowly, little Mercer U 56-0. AL loses points with me for scheduling such a mismatch. At least GA/OK/Clemson had to beat worthy opponents for their spots.

Georgia played Appalachian State and Sanford this year. Clemson played Kent State and The Citadel. Oklahoma played UTEP and Tulane.

The point is every major team schedules a couple of cupcake games every year. Both Clemson’s and Oklahoma’s losses were to teams (Syracuse and Iowa State) significantly inferior to Auburn. Both Bama and Georgia lost to Auburn at their stadium. As Rex Ryan correctly pointed out, anybody who watches the game film knows Bama was better than Ohio State. The committee did their job of picking the four best teams.

Captain Hate

The Order appointing Mueller concerns election interference, not post-election political decisions of the winning candidate.

When Ken Starr shifted from Whitewater, where there were subsequent convictions of non Clintons for financial misdeeds, to Monica he got permission from Lurch Reno to change the investigation.


Hall monitor rosenstein agreed to the expansion, apparently.

David, Internet Deplorable


Thank you! Thank you! I have never listened to a single word that worthless shill Andy McCarthy says since his tongue-bath of Libby prosecutor Fitzgerald, assuring us that Fitz was a stand-up guy instead of the unprincipled partisan hack he turned out to be.


Beasts of England

I pointed that out yesterday, Tom R, using those exact teams as examples. :)

Dave (in MA)

Has Joy Behag and the rest of the coven walked back their on-air flynngasm? I think their show started about 15 minutes ago.

Captain Hate

Oh, thanks for that update, narc; that does make it ok.


As Rex Ryan correctly pointed out, anybody who watches the game film knows Bama was better than Ohio State. The committee did their job of picking the four best teams.

No argument with the conclusion Tom R., but just exactly how many Ohio State or Alabama game films did you watch?:)


Really want to venture into that of parademons

Ot I know it's not an exact parallel, but there is no one on any outlet of note who remembers grace kelley, re ms markles life choices.


I'm assuming captain, no one explains any thing, tosenstein is the piano player in the saloon.



A young man with his pants hanging half off his ass, two gold front teeth, and a half inch thick gold chain around his neck, walked into the local welfare office to pick up his check.

He marched up to the counter and said, "Hi. You know, I just hate drawing welfare. I'd really rather have a job. I don't like taking advantage of the system, getting something for nothing.“

The social worker behind the counter said "Your timing is excellent. We just got a job opening from a very wealthy man who wants a chauffeur and bodyguard for his beautiful daughter. You will have to drive her around in his 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG S 65, and he will supply your clothes.“

"Because of the long hours, meals will be provided. You'll also be expected to escort the daughter on her overseas travels. This is rather awkward to say but you will also have, as part of your job, the assignment to satisfy her sexual urges as the daughter is in her mid-20's and has a rather strong sex drive."

The guy, just plain wide-eyed, said, "You're bullshittin' me, right?!?!"

The social worker said, "Yeah, well... you started it!"


Former Rep. Corrine Brown sentenced to 5 years:


Clarice Feldman

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David Burge‏
3h3 hours ago
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Maduro: will you take a check?
Banks: no
M: how about a Platinum MaduroCard
B: no
M: how about this $50 trillion dollar Bolivar bill
B: no
M: ummm, how about this cryptocurrency? yeah that's the ticket
B: sir, that's a Monopoly bill taped to a cell phone
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There isn't a 401K plan around that would limit an participant's investment options to nothing but company stock. Period. Stock Purchase Plans, yes, by definition. 401K plans, no. Also, no ERISA plan will allow short-selling or buying call options or selling put options. Buying puts against individual stock positions is allowed.

matt - deplore me if you must

So the FBI has been under investigation for almost a year according to reports and the Mueller team is riddled with bias.

In addition, they are way beyond Russian collusion now.

The Obama admin apparently used subterfuge to kick the whole thing off on the Logan Act. This case has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese.

Dershowitz is calling it what it is; a slow motion coup attempt.

Tillerson is still in office and apparently will remain so, exposing another liberal media lie. The CFPB bitch wants to litigate her case regardless of the facts, and the LA Film Critics have given another award to a film about butthole surfing.

Keep it up Left. It won't be long before the rest of the country turns on you and beats you down.



I am old enough to remember when the legislation that created 401K was enacted.

I think the rules have changed over time, but of course I could be mis-remembering, since I am not taking Magnesium yet.

Are there any significant changes that have occurred over time?

I remember strong arm twisting to buy company stock when I first started participating.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie appeared on the Today Show this morning. This is a surprisingly friendly interview with Savannah Guthrie (who I didn't know has started wearing those smart fgirl glasses)about their book. This is just a clip of the interview:



ERISA was passed in 1974 so I don't doubt some of the early 401K plans were quite rudimentary, Buckeye. And offering company stock would have been a no-brainer. Suffice it to say, the 401K industry is now quite robust and the oversight is greater by several orders of magnitude. Most plans still do offer company stock as an investment choice and it's sadly too common to see participants loading up on that option with tacit approval by management, dontchaknow.

Ralph L

I am still supporting JBS without trying to be all Tiger Beat about it... :)
Posted by: Beasts of England

That's Roy Moore's department.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Texas Liberty Gal

Finally made it to the end of this thread. Now I wonder if Hannity's tick tock might actually have substance attached to it.

Beasts of England

You may have won the entire Internet with that one, Ralph L!!

Old Lurker

My take on catchup:

1. Jimmy wins the day expressing my own view that he and I are just sick of the whole thing...especially because it is so obvious there is just NOTHING there.

2. Funny that I get to tell James to relax!

3. The lemonade that Trump is making, I think, is to set the stage for 2018 (and then 2020) to nationalize the midterms more than anytime since 1994. "You like the Dow at 2X,000? You like the GDP growing at 3.X%? You like unemployment at 3.x%? You like that tax cut you got? You like the respect we are getting from other countries for the first time in decades? You like the fact that we have ceased bowing down to global government? You like the fact that we are finally trying to dig the military out of the junk pile Obama & Clinton put it in? You like the fact that my team is closer to a solution in the ME than ever since 1948? You dream of having three more Gorsuches on the Court?

"Well, if you like those things, or any of those things, and if you'd like to see more of it next six years, why would you vote for anybody unwilling to pledge to stop impeachment talk cold so we can focus on more good things, or why would you bother sending me any more deep-staters like Flake or McCain or Corker or Ryan or McConnell? Before you vote for anybody, demand that they tell you where they stand on all these things. Vote MAGA my friends or see it all go away like it was only a dream..."

Clarice Feldman


Flynn's crime were exposing Brennan's idiocy,and Brennan used the Deep State to shut him out.

Tom R

Who is the Chi Town lurker people keep citing? I’ve lurked on and off on this blog since Plamegate but don’t remember who everyone is referring to?


The Byron York article Miss Marple linked to at 12.03 absolutely nails it.

linking again here to save you the keystrokes: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/byron-york-in-trump-russia-probe-was-it-all-about-the-logan-act/article/2642434


I think that's mostly true, wictor complains him to general Billy Mitchell who was courtmartialed precisely because he was prescient about air power.


WI now has drug testing for EBT cards.

.@GovWalker sends rule change to legislature to require drug screening for FSET participants.


Tom, the poster formerly known as melinda romanov.

Tom Bowler

LOL Buckeye!

Had a short workout at the gym this morning where MSNBC was on. It was all about how Trump's tweet provides evidence of obstruction as grounds for impeachment but not prosecution. I still don't see what was obstructed and how, but leaving that aside I suspect MSNBC and other lefty outlets will trying like hell to keep this story on the air 24/7 until November 2018, hoping it will get Democrats elected.

I doubt that it's going to work out for them.

1. The economy will be going gangbusters and voter approval of Trump will be up.

2. The OIG report is going to be a bombshell going off that sets off a series of prosecutions. Reports on the various cases will dominate the news in spite of all efforts by MFM to ignore and suppress.

3. Throughout the year Trump will be strategically tweeting, periodically taking over the news cycle and disrupting MFM's smear campaign.

4. Tax reform passage is going to cast Republicans in the image of being capable of governing. (We'll see how misguided that idea might turn out to be.)

5. As the year goes by more Republicans are going to get the hang of fighting back. Orin Hatch is catching on, as he showed when he shot back at Sherrod Brown on Brown's tired "giveaways to the rich" tax reform argument. Mike Pompeo really shot down Leon Panetta in that Reagan Defense forum.

6. At this moment I think November 2018 is going to be a Democrat bloodbath. I could change my mind as we get closer, but in my view Democrats won't win by obstructing Trump. Also, I think the Republicans might get a small boost from improved eligible voter identification and election integrity.

Usually when I make a prediction like this it's the kiss of death for whoever I predict will win. But there it is. That's my story and I'm sticking to it -- for at least a week.


Nice work, Gov. Walker.


As stated before, the Logan Act has never been enforced. Not ever.

And here the left sought to use it against a member of the incoming duly elected new administration expressing the views of that new administration.

And the views expressed? 'Dear Security Counsel member: please delay a vote on an anti-Israel resolution until we assume control in a couple of weeks. And Dear Russia: please don't go to war over the lame duck admin's new sanctions.

The lame-duck Obama administration acted like seditious vandals in pushing both of these policy actions, and the incoming administration tried to mitigate the damage.

And for that, the will of the electorate deserves to be junked.


Kev on my second day of MAGNESIUM.

I had an awful dream last night. Andre Agassi was in it.


Beasts of England

That type of unbridled optimism will have you evicted from The Ledge™, OL. :)


OMG! I'm almost a nevertrumper (I did vote for him) but if this coup is pulled off they are going to see what kind of hell they have unleashed.

Way to make me defend Trump you stupid commies.


Flynn isn't even being charged with a violation of the Logan Act. Nobody is. To the degree that anyone was negotiating, they were fully authorized to do so.


So why did Flynn a) talk to the FBI, b) lie to the FBI, and c) lie to Pence?

Something's still strange about that whole thing.


They obviously have no defense.

Chuck Todd Fears Removal of Anti-Trump FBI Agent is ‘Thought Police Territory’


I don't know what's going on but I do know Hillary Clinton is skating and Donald Trump is under fire. Something is wrong with that picture.

Clarice Feldman

Comey testified to Congress on March 2 that the agents did not believe Flynn lied to them, but rather misremembered. What changed that? Nothing I can see.
The Logan Act nonsense is 100 percent b.s.


So why did Flynn a) talk to the FBI, b) lie to the FBI, and c) lie to Pence?

No idea. Maybe he was afraid he'd done something illegal even if he hadn't. Maybe he didn't even deliberately lie, but wasn't sure he'd remembered correctly, and panicked. The fruits of the Libby prosecution.

James D.

Funny that I get to tell James to relax!

Fair enough!

My paranoia and complete distrust/loathing for basically everyone in DC sometimes takes over. What can I say?


You need to get out of the swamp, James D. :)


Are they saying Trump told Flynn to lie to the FBI? Then fired him for lying?


Or is the "obstruction" his firing of Comey?

Old Lurker

Gus: "Kev on my second day of MAGNESIUM.

I had an awful dream last night. Andre Agassi was in it.


Beasts: That type of unbridled optimism will have you evicted from The Ledge™, OL. :)

Funny, I am on day three taking Mag Capsules...


Jim Eagle


Do what I have done sometimes: Leave JOM, watch only sports on TV and read 5-6 books. Then come back. You'll feel less stress, more energy and able to laugh all the insanity we encounter everyday in politics.

When I mean leave, I mean leave. Don't even lurk. No internet except to check scores and communicate with family and friends.

One America News‏Verified account @OANN

THIS JUST IN: @MooreSenate's campaign manager confirmed @POTUS called Moore from Air Force One and said " I like a fighter...go get'em Roy."

9:12 AM - 4 Dec 2017

The only defense is offense. The only way to shut this down is to fight back.

Old Lurker

I would LOVE to have the silver lining in this latest be the reassertion of the Constitutional DUTY of POTUS to run Justice and FBI...destroy that Prog "wall of separation" they pretend exists.


Clarice - 'the Logan Act' mantra from the left may be bs legally but its purpose is 100% political. it's shorthand for an attack on the transition, which has been a battleground frequently in our history.

What chaps my ass most is that if an administration deserves severe criticism for its transition behavior here it's the lame-duck one rather than the incoming one.

per wikipedia, "On the day after the most recent election, November 9, 2016, outgoing president Barack Obama made a statement from the Rose Garden of the White House in which he announced that he had spoken, the previous evening, with (apparent election winner) Donald Trump and formally invited him to the White House for discussions to ensure "that there is a successful transition between our presidencies". Obama said he had instructed his staff to "follow the example" of the George W. Bush administration in 2008, whom he said could "not have been more professional or more gracious in making sure we had a smooth transition".

Obama then went out of his way to provoke a war with Russia and reverse long-standing US policy re Israel - both directly contradictory to the policy of the newly-elected incoming administration.

Once again, the left's howls of "Logan Act" are a projection of their OWN anti-American sedition.


Who is the Chi Town lurker people keep citing? I’ve lurked on and off on this blog since Plamegate but don’t remember who everyone is referring to?

Tom, the poster formerly known as melinda romanov.

So this is a former JOM poster who now only sends messages here through other posters? I've often wondered about this so I'm glad Tom asked the question.


JIB Do what I have done sometimes: Leave JOM, watch only sports on TV and read 5-6 books. Then come back. You'll feel less stress, more energy and able to laugh all the insanity we encounter every day in politics.

I have done the same thing with the same results. If I might add also spend time outside (preferably with dogs!)


Yes, Momto2. Privacy concerns.


I've heard he wears a patch over one eye and walks with a limp!


GWB for all his faults did do his best to ensure a smooth transition, after being spat upon by the Clintons eight years earlier. And the snake Obama did exactly what he could always be expected to do as well: sabotage.


I meant to add that I watch cooking shows and then I cook new dishes rather than watching sports. Otherwise - same prescription!

(Netflix has a new British cooking contest - Big Family Cooking Showdown. It's ok - still, I prefer The Great British Bake-off.)

Tom R

No argument with the conclusion Tom R., but just exactly how many Ohio State or Alabama game films did you watch?:)

I didn’t watch any official game films since the public doesn’t have access to them. I did however watch every Bama game and OSU’s big games (Oklahoma, Penn St, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. Granted I am biased since I’m a Bama grad but I don’t think OSU is a better team than Bama. I think if they played Clemson they would get whipped like they did last year. If both Bama and Clemson play to their potential, it should be another epic game.


Thanks, Porch. That makes sense.

The pettiness of the Clintons (stealing furniture, changing computer keys, etc.) pales in comparison to Obama's attempts to sabotage our country. And it continues and he flits around the globe with his unearned million$ trying to cause trouble.

Republicans seem to always try to be gracious during transitions and Dems show their true colors.


new thread.




James D.

Porch, if it wasn't for my mother, we'd already be somewhere else.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I maintain this FBI thing has legs with the voting public.

My Bernie-loving democrat daughter (who despises Hillary and is a subset of the dem electorate) said that having anti-Trump agents in the investigation was wrong, and if they couldn't find impartial people, they should at least have evenly balanced pro and anti Trump people.

I think she is a good example of how a lot of her voting group will think.

I also have hope that when she gets a very hefty tax refund she will realize what good President Trump is doing.


My paranoia and complete distrust/loathing for basically everyone in DC sometimes takes over. What can I say?

Sounds like a rational response to me JamesD.

You are right next to their megaphones:)


I thought that there exists a video of an Obama administration official saying at the time that they were notified of Flynn's conversations with the Russian ambassador and had approved them.

If so that completely cuts the legs out of any accusation of a Logan Act violation.

I swear what happens is, some pundit conjures up a fantasy of how Trump can be impeached, the fantasy gets repeated over and over by the MSM, a mass hysteria bubble gets created and the next thing you know even people on our side start buying into it. Then something happens to burst the hysteria bubble, and reality sets back in for a little while, until a new idiot comes out with yet another fantasy of how Trump can be impeached and the we start the cycle all over again.


If I have the story correct, Chi Town has a sensitive gummint position, and can't express opinions without fear of reprisal.

Another Bob

My impression was someone outed ChiTown to his/her employer, which created some unwanted waves. Thus leading to posting halt. Eventually leading to info passed by private means to certain posters here.

Clarice Feldman


If this is so, Mueller is a crackpot who will rue this overreach. If it isn't McCarthy who vouched for the probity anf fairness of Mueller, Comey and Fitzgerald is nuts.

Account Deleted

The obstruction charge is likely to be built around POTUS allegedly *asking* COMEY to "let it go" (the investigation of Flynn).

There are allegations that Trump "told Flynn to talk to the Russians" and allegations that it was Jared Kushner who told Flynn to talk to the Russians.

But the only "Talking to the Russians" of any importance or relevance was Flynn doing his job which was discussing sanctions imposed by The Rat as the door was hitting The Rat in his bony ass on the way out.

What Flynn supposedly lied about or copped to lying about---- you got me.

Account Deleted

That sounds flukey, GUS!

ManTran's been hittin the mag for a while now.

I also draw another distinction re dreaming and magnesium: I'm remembering *more* dreams content.

We always dream. Whether we remember or not? A whole different subject.

Hang in there, GUS! The winter is long.


Heck Kev, I was about to call 800-BAD DRUG!!!

Frau Zorn

Clarice - Logan Act: the ONE and only private person I know of who violates the "Act-Nobody-Uses" is Barack Obama who is presently touring the world meeting with foreign leaders. His agenda? It is *not* to support the present administration.

Mr. Frau, who keeps me out of the slammer and sane, points out that the last president while still a private person opened up a never before seen Office of the President-Elect. Was that a legal office? Of course not. By creating his own, theatrical office, did Obama think he had a waiver from Logan Act accusations in dealing directly with the Iranian government that the then-current administration had pronounced "an evil government." So much for the Dems' "only one president at a time" talking point.


Frau, I'm surprised that RODHAM doesn't have an OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT ELECT.


Tom R., you get an "A" for being a standup guy!

See, even an 'Bama grad can excel in class:)

(Actually jerking BoE's chain:))


(Sorry if this is a double post, I had to 'refresh' or jom wouldn't let me post.)

I'm on a commercial break from Lou Dobbs. :)

One thing my husband and I keep asking is 'who is paying for our shadow president to tour the world, criticizing President Trump?'

Do any of you have an idea? :)

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