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January 28, 2018


Jim Eagle


What kind of contractor? I am an ex-buffer crew member.

Kevlar Kid

flu prophylaxis talk is so hot. ;)

An old Maw Kid strategy for avoiding any kind of virus: coat the inside of each nose hole with vaseline (a light film).

What that does is snag viral contaminants lodged in airborne fibers, dried mucus (human skin dander), and putrefied body scum that saturates bedding.

Wash the nose out twice a day. We never got colds as kids. During my recovery from spinal surgery a lot of my ritualistic health practices were inconsistent at best and wholly ignored for days at a time. This flu nearly took me out.

My doctor suggested changing sheets every three days until summer. We went out and bought 5 sets so we weren't in a perpetual state of laundering. The actual bedding we were instructed to wash once per week (comforters and minor blankets). The body is in a constant state of discharge through the pores and from the incessant coughing this flu brings; so, bedding is a suspect.

If you have a housecleaner be sure that they are disinfecting the bathroom, not just using sprays and sponges. Good old fashioned bleach and dish soap in a bucket to swab floors, clean commodes, sinks and counter tops will kill viral residuals.

Don't forget to have your shower/bath scoured. Use the soap/bleach concoction to rinse surfaces after they've been scrubbed down with Ajax type cleanser and a stiff nylon brush. Viruses love traveling into cracked skin on the feet. We carry dormant staph, strep and Gawd-knows-what bacteria in our bodies too. So scouring the tub surface is a twofer when it comes to prevention.

Final basic pointer: after going numero 2, before flushing *CLOSE THE LID*. I think you can find a YouTube video that shows how the open flusher is unleashing a volcano like explosion of bacteria from the bowels into the bathroom atmosphere. It contaminates toothbrushes, washcloths, towels, and all surfaces. One touch contamination.

Maybe this is TMI, but we are in a war of disease strains from all the lovely "cultures" who infest the USA today. I know. How racist. But this nonsensical absence of a disease/epidemic prevention policy for the sake of a homosexual minority and their sexually transmitted diseases (yes I know straight people get AIDS too), has hollowed out any common sense at our Center for Disease Control.

Good luck everybody. We had our doc write a Tamiflu prescription on Friday for us. Mrs Kid has yet to fall to this flu so it was easy to get it for preventive use. I'm snorting it in desperate fear of being reinfected at the grocery store.

No gracias.

This is a MAGA issue, people.



Peddling, RalphL? I suppose you mean giving away for free?

The Alice Books and the Contested Ground of the Natural World (Routledge, 2017). By me.

Mom2Mom, to that end, I'll need your email or you can send it to lwhite4 at unl dot edu.

Jim Eagle


My condolences. I thought the Terps had it in them to throttle the Spartans but not enough in the tank. They're better than their record. Same with X who I still think is a dark horse in the madness when it starts.

I know its not over but metaphysically it is:)

Kevlar Kid

"How about the concept of men not having sex with ugly women ("women of the wrong body types") as "reverse rape" and just as horrific as rape."

This is from one academic wing in American Hire Education. Another wing is doing "basic research" on the legitimacy of adults fucking children "as long as it is consensual and no one gets hurt."

The mental gymnastics being practiced to criminalize the innocent and sanctify the most perverse elements of our society are one of the more abhorrent features of our affluent society which was built on the blood and treasure expended by this Great Nation in the 20th century.

Weak people make for hard times...and we have one man in DC who gets that. (A bit of an overstatement, yes, I know.) Maybe I should say there is a President who is standing up to the perversity virus.

Diversity is perversity. That was one of my favorite bumperstickers back in the 90s as commentators like Dr. Savage began to tag liberalism as a mental disorder.

Peace be with us all today.


Jim Eagle

I have a complete box of 24 Zicams unopened in the pharma cabinet/drawer. What is their 1/2 life? I think I got them back in 2010 or 2011.

Saw my friend the Ortho in Citarella today and he says the flu shot is a lot better than advertised and advises to get it because the alternative, with the odds, is not good.


When the word DREAMer is used, that is just playing along with Democrat propaganda.

Exactly. Another word is needed to replace it. 35-year-old illegals supposedly brought here as minors doesn't roll off the tongue easily enough to work.


According to the new definition, I have essentially raped more women than Wilt Chamberlain supposedly had sex with.

Jim Eagle

So, Cooper Manning, the anointed one and probably deserved it, is now doing interviews on Fox Sports for their basket ball coverage and he is not bad. Funny, knowledgeable and worth watching.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

After all of that grocery stuff and getting up early this morning I laid down for a nap. No sooner did I doze off than the dogs started carrying on.

The three (THREE) pit bulls with the fence jumper were in their back yard. Unwisely, I let our dogs out (still being sleepy) and Jack, the littles of our dogs, fiercely went up to the fence and ran back and forth barking like crazy. Daughter finally got him and I managed to get Maggie inside.

Just in time because the jumper came over the fence. Not a bit cowed even when Jenny went out and yelled at him and waved her arms.

He sat in our yard for a while and then jumped another fence and took off through the neighborhood.

They were running through our front yard this morning very early, much like the Bumpas's dogs from A Christmas Story.

My daughter asked me if I had talked to the owners.

NO. In my experience, someone who keeps 3 pit bulls in a small house is probably someone I do not care to have social interaction with. LOL!


Think of the millions of reverse raped women out there. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

Man Tran


Check your spam folder. I sent you a note yesterday.


I'd talk to them, MM, and if they can't or won't keep the dog confined, I'd call the cops. I had a similar issue and it was worked out without my having to kill the dog.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You aren't an almost 70-year-old woman. I am pretty independent, but I also know that I don't want to call attention to the fact that 2 women live here by themselves here. I was just informed that the people who live next door to them were broken into and their dog SHOT. (I didn't remember this because apparently it happened during my amnesia episode.) The dog recovered, but this is not something to ignore.

I don't live in the comfy suburbs any more. You have to be prudent around here.

Ralph L

I asked my sister for a blunt-ended silicone cooking spoon, which I couldn't find in stores, to replace my ancient vinyl one.
Best Christmas present in decades: The Supoon, through the Althouse portal.
Far superior to spoonulas and my old one. Stiff enough to scrape up stuck food, large enough bowl for serving.


How about that Roger Federer fella, huh?


Good Morning!

Narciso, thanks for that Babbage link from yesterday. Very interesting, and I certainly did not know he was the Lucasian Chair in Physics at Trinity College, Cambridge, the same position Ike Newton had and Steven Hawking holds now. Darn impressive. As for Whewell, I thought this bit interesting:

In his own time his influence was acknowledged by the major scientists of the day, such as John Herschel, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell and Michael Faraday, who frequently turned to Whewell for philosophical and scientific advice, and, interestingly, for terminological assistance. Whewell invented the terms “anode,” “cathode,” and “ion” for Faraday. In response to a challenge by the poet S.T. Coleridge in 1833, Whewell invented the English word “scientist;” before this time the only terms in use were “natural philosopher” and “man of science”.

Amazing all the interconnections.

And since John Herschel is mentioned as Babbage's best friend, Darwin on his last leg of the Beagle Voyage, on the layover at CapeTown South Africa, gets to spend some time with the revered Herschel, who at the time is very well respected and is running the Observatory in South Africa. Young Darwin who is pretty much a nobody is enormously thankful for Hershel's indulgence of him during the visit, but what with all their connections via the Natural History Profs at Cambridge the skids were greased since pretty much everybody knew everybody.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Know anybody with a bigger, meaner pit bull you could borrow?
Would make for a nasty surprise next time he hopped the fence.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, I am beginning to lose some confidence in this organization.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏ @almostjingo
5h5 hours ago

#SundayMorning mugshots from when you stabbed your music producer in the stomach #JayZ

Pic at link:

JayZ is about to discover that Trump supporters fight back. By the way, why did that creep get to pontificate about the President, anyway?


From my book re Herschel:

Herschel was honored at a banquet on June 15, 1838, attended by the then-grandees of the sciences, the clerical elite including the Archbishop of Canterbury, and aristocratic figures such as the Duke of Sussex (Prince Augustus Frederick, sixth son of George III and the President of the Royal
Society). The Duke toasted Herschel for
"adopting and discovering means by which we have been enabled to examine into the deepest recesses of the universe; and thereby I hope I may be permitted to say, obtaining additional means of coming nearer to the footstool of the Architect of the Universe (hear, hear). In making these remarks, I am not presumptuous; but allow me to say, that attached as I am to science,—attached as I am to religion, I am satisfied that the real philosopher is the most religious man; and it is in looking to the operations of nature that the finger of the Almighty leads us to the lesson."
The cheers recorded faithfully by the correspondent from the Athenaeum demonstrate the power of the period’s determinedly theistic foundation of natural philosophy. Let the record show, however, that the Duke received an even heartier ovation for his toast to “The Wooden Walls of England” (that is, the British Navy).

Ralph L

Catsmeat, do we have to read the Alice books first? Will there be a quiz afterwards?

JiB, tiny Beltway bandit, wasting your tax money on color vugraphs and "studies." Our initial customer was in the basement of the Pentagon, if that means anything to you. Our first big project was requested by Rep. Cheney in '86 and was successful, sort of. I did write and use some ad hoc but neat IMHO mapping software.


KK--did your doctor tell you to actually TAKE that Tamiflu? You are most infectious the two days before you are symptomatic, and days one and two of your illness, so Mrs. KK isn't likely to get it from you now, and you don't have a viral load this far out either.

Tamiflu doesn't work as a general preventative. It doesn't boost your immune system.

It only works if you have the virus in you replicating, by binding to the neuraminidase on the surface of the virus particles and hence inhibits the new viral particles' chemical ability to escape from the infected cell. Hence the influenza virus is restricted to a smaller number of cells and the body's immune system has a better chance of killing the virus.

If you are not exposed--as in the person you sleep with has the flu--don't waste it. There's a shortage, and you won't be getting any more.

Like every other drug, it has side effects.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It is a peculiar conceit of man that the more he learns of how fearfully and wonderfully made he and the whole of creation are, the more arrogant and distant from the Creator he becomes.

Jim Eagle

No one kneeling at the NHL all-star game. Of course its in Tampa where Central Command is located. Not one damn Cannuck is kneeling for O'Canada and there are several skaters of color. I wonder why?

Hockey. Where real men play, unlike the NFL, where it takes 23 hours to play a 22 minute game.

Jim Eagle

23 hours s/b 3 hours but sometimes it feel like 23:)


Ralph L, no and no, but I will be glad to make you a quiz if you want one. You can also determine how hard it is in advance. I am good at making quizzes (the residual cruelty in all men arises).


Prayed for Will and his family this morning at Mass.So sad.
Will brought so much love and happiness to his family during his life.
What an example of courage he has been.
When warmer weather comes, your dogs will want to be in your backyard.Instead of police contact the services of your community.
City Hall should be notified to protect all your neighbors.In Lakewood , Ohio there is a lawsuit attempting to ban pit bulls.
In some cases they have attacked people and they have been mauled or killed.


OT though it may be a "sick" subject, has anyone heard of any DOJ response to Manafort's lawsuit? What is the allowed time window?

Captain Hate

had Crazy Dennis Bern vindicated in his refusal to sell Cleveland Light to Alan Buchmann's favorite client? Does Cleveland still have a publicly owned electric utility? I always wondered how that would turn out. If I remember correctly, George Forbes favored the sale to CEI.

Probably not. Yes, Puny Muny still exists but it hasn't generated a kilowatt since the 70s and, even when it did was the most polluting pile of shit you can imagine since the EPA had no jurisdiction over a municipal entity. It ultimately didn't matter that much since the paltry number of customers they had wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference in spreading the fixed costs. Every now and then the political hacks who run Cleveland Public Power show their ineptitude by putting in the wrong transformer in their substations and fry a bunch of appliances. The glut of available power to purchase has dried up so their rates aren't significantly different than Alan's former distillery financier. Plus their negotiators with suppliers aren't exactly DJT in driving hard bargains.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Now, I understand that this kid is the grand-nephew of President Kennedy, which they mention. NOWHERE does it mention his father (Joseph Kennedy II) or his grandfather, Robert F. Kennedy.


JiB, I'll take 20 of those Zicams off your hands, if you check and they are the ones with zinc in them.

KK--PS--you are immune to getting this flu strain now.

Captain Hate

Jack, I guess I was better off not knowing the game was on. They've had some serious injuries so after a promising start hopes have ratcheted down by quite a bit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kurt Schlichter
‏Verified account @KurtSchlichter
41m41 minutes ago

So basically the only crime Mueller can come up with about this bullshit investigation is that Trump considers this bullshit investigation a bullshit investigation?

Jim Eagle


Did the Army Ops Center in the maze. Then TRW and we did something there I can''t talk about. But my TRW associate was Pat Choate. You can google him but he was Perot's running mate in 1996.

We met again by serendipity when we took our second cruise with Frederick on a Seaborn Cruise to Barbados and back. Pat is just a big nerd but he has some terrific ideas like you see being implemented right now by Hitler/Stalin/Mussolini/.


Herschel was honored at a banquet on June 15, 1838, ...

...The cheers recorded faithfully by the correspondent from the Athenaeum demonstrate the power of the period’s determinedly theistic foundation of natural philosophy.

Sorry, Can't help myself:)

Charles Darwin used the Athenaeum as his address in letters from the year 1838. In one, dated August 9, to Charles Lyell [quoted by Wedgwood, p. 261] he said:

"I go and dine at the Athenaeum like a gentleman, or rather like a lord, for I am sure that the first evening I sat in that great drawing-room on the sofa by myself, I felt just like a duke. I am full of admiration for the Athenaeum, one meets so many people there that one likes to see...Your helping me into the Athenaeum has not been thrown away, and I enjoy it the more because I fully expected to detest it."

Library run!



Will those small face masks the Japanese wear prevent the user from inhaling whatever it is that causes Flu, or is the Flu germ small enough to penetrate the pores of the mask?

Beasts of England

"How about the concept of men not having sex with ugly women ("women of the wrong body types") as "reverse rape" and just as horrific as rape."


Kevlar Kid

MM: Might be some cost involved but very effective with roaming pits--- electric fencing across the top of the conventional fence. One jump into a reinforced electric fence and it'll be all she wrote.

Pits are a weird breed. When they are aggressive in play they can injure easily. Our good friend had her 3-legged dog get shoulder-snapped by a playful pit at a dog park. The pit was playing with a four-legged dog and the 3 legged dog started barking incessantly which is all she can do cuz she can't play.

Barking incites an aggressively playful pit. Sooner or later the pit will attack your animal. It's just the nature of many pits, especially adopted pits. Learning the history of the dog is key here. Don't be afraid of your neighbors. It could mean your dog's life.

As far as reporting that pit, it's a good idea. But not a good idea to report the dog before you've had a conversation with the owners.

What I advise people to do when they have neighborly disputes is not to go alone to anybody's house no matter who they might be.

And in this day and age of powerful cell phones, record the conversation (on the sly) so you can remember accurately what was said.

Most recording cell phones can do so quite well from within a coat pocket. Discretion is mandatory.

The recording isn't useful in court but it will be useful to you in what I call the "ongoing battle against forgetting." You can transcribe the tape and use them as "notes" if it comes to any kind of legal standoff.

I do this whenever we get into fender benders because people forget and make shit up.

My notes have given insurance adjusters lots of good ammo because it is a better record of events.

Plus, I use them if I decide to file a complaint or police report of any kind.

The notes help the authorities question more effectively because their questions can help reveal a lie or half-truth told due to lack of memory.

The other side will say uncle faster if they know you captured their exact words. Authorities are likely to believe you if you use the same exact words in quoting the adversary, over and over and over.

Who should you take with you to speak with the pit's owner? Someone who doesn't live nearby.

You can refer to them as friends and neighbors.

Take two females or one able-bodied male who happens to have a firm handshake.

Ask them to do you a deep personal favor for the sake of your dog's safety.

You shouldn't enter their home for any reason. A doorstep conversation will help the pit owner feel more secure and keep you free from any trashy allegations of theft or general misconduct.

Instruct your accompaniers not to speak, to keep a pleasant look on their faces, and to be overly polite and grateful for the time. Even if the accompaniers should have questions, they should keep those to themselves, especially if they are asking for clarification of something said. That is challenging behavior and people forget themselves when they ask certain questions.

For example, you don't want to have an accompanier preface their question with "What did you mean by ? What did you mean by that?"

That can ignite an irrational response. You speak for yourself. Instruct your accompaniers on this point and explain why the intention won't matter if a full-on dispute arises as a result of a question being misperceived.

Your accompaniers are there in case it gets weird, which is less likely to happen if you are not alone.

But they must be instructed fully on how to support you without being a threat.

You'll inspire and prevail in this issue by taking the power out of the unknowns you currently face.

Be shrewd, diabolical, and intent on your purpose. Shrewd and diabolical do not mean unethical---> it means that you keep your wits and win this battle before it's even fought.

One last point: you are a very intelligent and proud (not prideful--- proud with regard to your evident self-respect) woman. If you are going to be dealing with another female be sure to take stock of how she responds to you with regard to 1) your age; 2) your obvious intellect; and, 3) you have friends.

Those three can trigger the female individual's inferiority complex. Same goes for man-to-man scenarios. Those triggers are a) perceived financial superiority or inferiority; b) physical prowess and attractiveness (especially if the person has a wife); and, c) intellectual sounding language use.

Sorry to go on so long. Dogs and humans make for a complex social scenario when it comes to a dispute. Dogs are like children to some people.... defensiveness and hostile protectiveness are just beneath the surface.

I'm sure you know all of these things. Just reviewing. Thanks if you read up to here.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

All of this flu stuff is making me paranoid. I am not leaving the house again until I have to. Daughter brought home extra wine last night and I stocked up on other stuff today. (No Sunday sales yet in Indiana, although the legislature has it on their agenda. The gals at the liquor store aren't happy about it, since it will mean someon has to take the Sunday shift.)

jimmyk on iPad

I read somewhere that cheap surgical masks aren't likely to be much benefit. Maybe there's a higher quality version that would help.


And I still wonder why no-one apparently is thinking of charging Clapper with lying under Oath to Congress before the Statute of Limitations runs out. It seems to me that we are going to have to eventually put some of these corrupt a-holes under massive Legal pressure to talk before this whole thing is over and done with, so I do not understand why the best open and shut case we have against one of these mugs is apparently being allowed to expire.

Kevlar Kid

I was being humorous in my own twisted way. The script came with the "use as directed" speech.

Don't worry. The Tamiflu supply is safe, anonamom.

Jim Eagle

So, daddy, did you know about Darwin's stool (the seat not the turd:) that had roller on the legs so he could zoom around in his office library when he worked in the mornings. He only worked then so he could have time with family in the afternoon.

Then in the afternoon his kids would push it back and forth in the hall playing stool soccer. That's how it got all the scars on it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thank you for your advice. I will consider it and let you know what I am going to do.

Maggie is approaching 10 and not in the best of shape, so she wouldn't be able to defend herself. Unfortunatley, she is territorial (goes with the English shepherd breed) and will bark incessantly even if a squirrel is walking the phone wires or a hawk is in a tree overhead. (Both of these have happened.)

Jack weighs no more than 5 pounds but thinks he is a wolf or something. He will run up and down the fence line barking a lot, and I am sure that gets them agitated.

If those dogs got agitated they could make mincemeat of both Maggie and Jack, for different reasons. So far all they do is run up and down and bark until the one jumped the fence. By then we got our dogs inside.

Kevlar Kid

One more thing, aMom.... a Berkeley woman died from reinfection with this flu, which she at first didn't come down with in November when her hubby caught it. She caught it two weeks after he was over it--- got over it, but started training (tri-athlete) again too soon in order to "power through it", got reinfected, and croaked within 72 hours.

There have been many medical folks on local radio speaking "authoritatively" about this flu and then something happens which falls outside the projected norms.

The vaccine is a good example. The entire staff of doctors where I get conventional treatments discourage people from getting the flu shot because of its ineffectiveness against the strain that is banging us into the ground here.

Go into CVS and I get accosted by staff pressuring me to get "a flu shot" (not the one we need, "a" flu shot).

Our son was home with us when I got taken out with this flu. He lasted two weeks before getting nailed in St Paul MN. The version he came down with doesn't have a lung component to it. Same strain as here? No one seems to know.


Kevlar Kid

When do the statutes of limitation for lying to Congress run out for Clapper?

Is Rosenstain in charge of something at DOJ which precludes prosecution?

Trump should fire everybody but Mule Tool, but especially McCabe and Rosenstain.

Kevlar Kid

MM: Maggie and Jack.... what great names for your Dawgz. We met up with Frank and Comma the other day on a trail walk. The owner was chastising Comma for "being and asshole."

Mrs. Kid and I couldn't stop laughing throughout the day over our new buddies.

May God watch over you and your buddies. They bring so much into our lives. Anya definitely earns her food every day. So much love in her.

You're welcome! Godspeed.



They'd do the same thing if it were the other way around, wouldn't they daddy? We're all friends here, right? What's a little lying about whether the gov't is collecting everyone's emails or not? Just let bygones be bygones.

Kevlar Kid

Man Tran---> message received. It was in my inbox. I was a day behind on gmail. Reply sent. Thanks!


Janet 🚬

NOWHERE does it mention his father (Joseph Kennedy II)

The Chavez cheerleader.

Call 1-800-JOE-4-OIL.

Has he set up an 800 number for starving Venezuelans? 1-800-JOE-4-FOOD?

Jim Eagle

Can someone tell me the purpose of All-Star games? Both the NFL and NHL all-star/pro bowl games are on and all they do is tell impressionalble young players, "hey I can do that". Ridiculous.

Even the MLB is a little more competitive but not by much. Bring back the College All Stars v. NFL champs game. Last one was in the 60's I think.

Kevlar Kid

Beasts---> Question: Was Jerry Jeff Walker guilty of rape or not rape because of his tune "The Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time" ?

So many new norms to abide by. It used to be so simple; no one judged if they saw ya leaving with a fat girl, especially the fat girl.

I dunno. Me wouldn't have survived this New Age Nonsense.



If they attack your dog, MM, don't try to save it. Just stay in the house.

Personally, I'd be thinking about poisoned steaks by now if I were you. Better to make them confine their dogs than to have such thoughts, though.

Anyone with 3 pit bulls who doesn't or can't confine them is a dangerous person, and it goes without saying that the dogs are inherently dangerous. I don't care how playful they are, or how sweet they may act, there's plenty of data on the subject.

Jim Eagle


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Baby elephant stuck in mudhole rescued by African park rangers. Fascinating to watch the elephants try to help at first.


Was Jerry Jeff Walker guilty of rape or not rape because of his tune

Heh. Apparently he got less guilty of reverse rape as the night wore on.

And stop dissing fat girls. It's not nice.

Jim Eagle


Call the police. Really. They are deadly animals and kill people (and if you have one don't come here to defend them, they a have a genetic issue).

Believe me, there is no good that comes from Pit Bulls, no matter how many people testify about them.

Kevlar Kid

The Pro Bowl has always been as useful as tits-on-a-boar.

Paw and me used to go to the East-West Shrine Game at Candlestick Park (yes I say Candlestick and not "the Stick"; and I say San Francisco not "frisco"; just me).

Those young boys played their tails off in front of pro scouts. No nonsense, full-on play. Some of it career ending due to injuries. But making an NFL team from college was such a longshot in those days.

The quality of play in my opinion was top-shelf over anything else played during the season. Real stakes.

I got to ride a Shriner's scooter once. I lost my red Fez. Waaah.

jimmyk on iPad

The MLB All-Star game has always been pretty good, despite Bud Selig's efforts to ruin it. Must be because baseball is not a contact sport, for the most part, so the possibility of injury doesn't really change the play. Of course the Pete Rose/Ray Fosse incident was unfortunate, but while it served to show what an a**ole Rose is and was, it also showed that players do play to win. I still remember a year or two before that when Harmon Killebrew injured himself stretching for a throw at first base, was out most of the second half.


Trump needs to show restraint in Russia investigation, GOP senators say

Two Republican senators said Sunday that President Trump should keep quiet about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into alleged collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian officials.

The comments by Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Susan Collins of Maine came after it emerged last week that Trump discussed firing Mueller this past June, but was talked out of doing so by White House counsel Don McGahn and other officials.

"Mueller is the best person to look at it," said Graham, who has co-sponsored legislation that would protect Mueller from being dismissed without legal basis. "I'm sure that there will be an investigation around whether or not President Trump did try to fire Mr. Mueller."

Graham insisted that Mueller's job appeared to be in no immediate danger, pointing to the political costs if Trump did remove him.

"It's pretty clear to me that everybody in the White House knows it would be the end of President Trump's presidency if he fired Mr. Mueller," he told ABC's "This Week."

If I were Trump, I'd pay someone to primary this asshole, and in the meantime I'd take any possible opportunity to kick his ass.

Captain Hate

Speaking of Kucinich:


The Children of the Cornhole typically haven't done their homework on this. Dennis doesn't owe the donks a thing after he got redistricted out of a job to protect losers like Marcia Fudge. He will make it very difficult for Cordray.


Sanders Acknowledges Democrats Forced Government Shutdown: ‘It Was the Right Thing to Do’


Sanders on Bonuses Due to Tax Reform: Everybody Should Be Pleased When a Worker Gets a Raise


You have me confused. First you say this:
And stop dissing fat girls. It's not nice.

Posted by: Extraneus | January 28, 2018 at 04:53 PM

Then you say this:
If I were Trump, I'd pay someone to primary this asshole, and in the meantime I'd take any possible opportunity to kick his ass.

Posted by: Extraneus | January 28, 2018 at 04:57 PM

Just how are we supposed to treat fat girl Lindsey Graham?

Thomas Collins

Thanks for the update on Cleveland Public Power, CH. And I do hope Dennis proves a menace to Cordray!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Cartoon thread, including some clasics from Punch and the New Yorker.



I still wonder why no-one apparently is thinking of charging Clapper with lying under Oath to Congress

I’d let it pass if I could get him for something bigger.


MM - you are getting lots of suggestions so I'll add mine. We've had several of our rescue foster families install something like these coyote roller bars to keep dogs in or out.

Maybe your grandson or a family friend could do it for you. This probably would cost (according to the video) $150 for materials but much cheaper than the vet bill should (heaven forbid) one of the pit bulls attack one of your pups.



Just how are we supposed to treat fat girl Lindsey Graham?

Good point. I think we should make an exception for her.


Glad to see Beasts enjoyed "Game of Thorns", by Doug Wead. Maybe not so much new to JOM readers but a good summary of the Trump vs Clinton race with lots of detailed history of Bill and Hill's scandals.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


We have chain link, about 40" tall. I don't know how we could do that on that fence. I have thought about a tall privacy fence along the back property line, but I think it would be too expensive.

I am going to call the city Animal Control department and ask them for advice tomorrow, without leaving my name if I can get away with it.


Gowdy Drops Big Hints About FISA Memo: Dossier Funding, FBI Misuse, And Hillary's Relationship To Chris Steele

While lawmakers have been incredibly mum over the specifics of a four-page "FISA memo" containing allegations of FBI and DOJ malfeasance against then-candidate Donald Trump and his team, Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News Sunday where he dropped the most telling breadcrumbs about the contents of the memo to date.
“If you think your viewers want to know whether or not the dossier was used in court proceedings, whether or not it was vetted before it was used, whether or not it’s ever been vetted — if you are interested in who paid for the dossier, if you are interested in Christopher Steele’s relationship with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, then, yes, you will want the memo to come out,” -Trey Gowdy

“Do you want to know that the Democratic National Committee paid for material that was never vetted, that was included in a court proceeding?” Gowdy asked rhetorically.

“Do you want to know whether or not the primary source in these court proceedings had a bias against one candidate? Do you want to know whether or not he said he’d do anything to keep that candidate from becoming president?”

While it's not clear who the "primary source" is, it's possible that Gowdy is referring to Christopher Steele, the former MI6 spy who assembled the dossier - or "Senior Russian Officials" which the "Trump-Russia" dossier heavily relied on for information.


Finished The Great Upheaval, thanks for the recommendations.
Fascinating to see the interwoven destinies and to learn the basic history of the period through the lens of America (successful revolution), France (bloody revolution that went too far) and Russia (liberalization which got truncated and repudiated).
But Jeez, the guy needed an editor! Writing in complete sentences would have been a good start!

Another Bob

Grahamnesty was brought on for the opportunity to return fire on Trump over being cut out of the DACA negotiations.

Haberman's (unsourced, of course) claim that Trump was good by to fire Mueller was (of course) a lie.


You should call animal control at (317) 327-4MAC (4622) or IMPD non-emergency at (317) 327-3811.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

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3h3 hours ago

The Jay z dust up is proof that the polls showing Trump increasing his black support are true. The Dems can't allow their black voters to leave them or they cease to be a national party.

On Twitter I follow some of the black pastors who supported President Trump in the campaign. They have been meeting at the White House off and on for months, and Pastor Darrell Scott has mentioned there is a great plan in the works to help inner city neighborhoods.

I would not be surprised to see that plan debut, or at least be mentioned, during the State of the Union speech.


The rollers work on chain link fences -


I think it is a good idea to talk to Animal Control. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. You shouldn't have to fear for the safety of your pets on your own property!

Jim Eagle

BS. Call the cops. Life is in danger. Those dogs can kill people and have.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This comment by one Ernest T. Bass at PJM was rock throwing good;

E. T. Bass • 18 hours ago

For several weeks I imagined Hillary was hiding in my garage and would stare at me when I walked to my car. Then I realized it wasn't really Hillary at all and all the while I had been looking at my old catcher's mitt.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Calling the cops is not a risk free course.
They can do not much more than warn the neighbors.
And then they leave.
But MissM and the neighbors don't.


I thought Trey Gowdy was great on Fox and Friends.
Congress can expose them but we need a Justice Dept. To charge and prosecute them Which person will that be and how soon can we expect the trials to begin or the deals to start being made?


Animal control is a wise choice.
What are a homeowners rights in this situation?
We have 2 pit bulls next door to us.
They are well contained and we are friendly with our neighbors.

Jim Eagle


Sorry but if that dog has invaded MM's space, they can definetly sanction the Owners. Depends on how far MM wants to take it. If the Cops refuse then get a lawyer and do it as a civil matter. But I would be surprised if the Cops don't make an effort to confront the neighbor and read them the full gospel.

Gentlejim can barge in anytime with his working opinion.

Kevlar Kid

Ext--- LOL "Stop dissing fat girls"

Ya. It can appear to be a diss. Howevah... back in the day I was a life-changer to many a "cherubically inspired physique owner."

They ended up losing a zillion el-beez because someone like me saw value in them despite what they didn't see for themselves or by virtue of their gal pals "support."

It taint all one way, brotha! ;)

Have a good week!


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am not even sure that the owners know that the dogs can jump the fence.

There is no window in the back of the house from my viewpoint, and they are very quick at doing it. This afternoon after we all came inside the dog in our backyard got bored and went back over the fence.

I have seen them (like this morning) running the neighborhood early and yet by mid-morning, they are in their backyard like nothing has happened.

So far, they don't seem aggressive other than jumping the fence. Often they wag their tails while barking at Maggie.

Depending on their breeding and traiing, pit bulls can be nice or nasty. If I didn't have dogs to be concerned about, I woudl probably not get so nervous.

But these are big, athletic dogs with enormous heads and jaws. I just cannot take the chance.

Gentlejim, thanks for the phone numbers. Will call first thing tomorrow.


Another Bob:
You are correct sir.
Right now Graham is non factor in the debate wrt DACA and its solution.


Mom2Mom, to that end, I'll need your email or you can send it to lwhite4 at unl dot edu.

Catsmeat - I sent it but it bounced back. My email is cindy at konos dot org

Thank you *so* much!


cathyf, so sorry to hear about the loss of your family friend.

A few years ago, my youngest asked to move back home to save for a house. He brought his pit bull with him. I was a nervous wreck thinking they were awful pets and often just snap with attacks. Boy was I wrong, with this one anyway. This dog was the kindest most gentle dog I've ever seen. Maybe it depends on the owner.


Cats eat:
Can I purchase your book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble?


MM, more info on Animal Control in Indy. Didn't read the ordinance language in the sidebar. No way local animal control expects you to deal with fence jumpers of any kind, much less pit bulls which are banned in some locales. Try to get video of the leapers in the act or at least in your yard.

Jim Eagle


The cheapest is $88. catsmeat will send it to you free. Just ask her.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Ignatz is right. You really have to remember that we are two women without much money living in a borderline neighborhood. I have no idea who the owners are - for all I know they could be gang members.

Getting a lawyer is a non-starter. There is no money.

I think the thing to do is to call Animal Control tomorrow and ask their advice. Momto2's fence idea is also good. I might be able to get my son and some friends to do that this spring.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a thread about another player in the FBI/DOJ thing, who apparently was the guy who took the dossier to the FISA court. He has since left government.

Worth reading if you are trying to follow this thing.


Police can bark at and/or cite the dog owners. The dogs can also be impounded if they are at large or missing vax records, local license, etc. The impound process will include animal control who should also be able to issue the same citations as an LEO.

The dog owners have to know their dogs are at large. I guarantee the dogs are getting let in the front door after being let out in the back yard. They just don’t care and should get hammered.


MM - you are getting lots of suggestions so I'll add mine.

Bear Spray. It's non-lethal but it'll achieve the desired effect, and that dog will never ever again enter your yard.



Kevlar Kid

In case you missed this over at AT this morning:

CDC: 50,000 Americans could die of influenza this year

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/01/cdc_50000_americans_could_die_of_influenza_this_year.html#ixzz55WXgEEDd
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Janet 🚬

Old FB post -

January 28, 2013 at 11:08pm ·

Here's the 8 Senators working on a new immigration bill - Democrats Chuck Schumer of New York, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Michael Bennet of Colorado; and Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Marco Rubio of Florida and Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Like OL wrote - "Nothing coming from that group can be good. Nothing."


Does anyone else think that the dirty FBI are going to claim the missing texts are privileged because they're personal? A convenient way to hide the most incriminating.

Why is it OK for govt employees to carry on an illegal and illicit affair using their govt issued phones? I would think there would be a department policy against it to prevent blackmail.

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