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January 29, 2018





Are they entertaining each other, or is it all an act? Fake people with surgically provided fake looks try to out fake themselves.

Comanche Voter

Geez if I had just known that Hillary was going to be on the show reading from Michael Liar Wolff's "Fire and Fury", I would pulled out my Remington shot gun and blown a whole load of buckshot through my TV screen.

I didn't know, and I didn't watch, so my TV survived the night.


From the last thread, from Dave (in MA) I think:

Didn't save the link, but someone on the Twitter was reporting that McCabe threw a hissy fit when his resignation was requested.

If anyone finds this I'd love to see it!


If I understood what I just saw, Nunes asked Wray to point out the errors in the memo.


I’m guessing he wasn’t able to and let McCabe go afterwards.

Captain Hate

Even my wife thinks there are too many awards shows; that means they've hit peak retard.


The opening was something too outlandish for cb 4, the hip-hop version of spinal tap

Frau Steingehirn

From VDH, it is a conspiracy and not a conspiracy theory:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry, according to the Jerusalem Post, assured a prominent Palestinian government leader, “that he should stay strong in his spirit and play for time, that he will not break and will not yield to President Trump’s demands.” Kerry reportedly further assured the Palestinian representative that the president may not be in White House for much longer and would likely not complete his first term. In sum, the former American secretary of state all but advised a foreign government that his own president is illegitimate and thus to be ignored or resisted in the remaining time before he is removed.





So I googled, "McCabe throws a fit when told to resign" and here are the top "Google hits"

* Here's the Obstruction Case Against Trump

* Trump Denies Wray Threatened to Resign

* Morning Joe Slams Fox News War on FBI

So sadly, the "Trump is the devil" algorithm will not produce anything about McCabe throwing a fit!

Frau Steingehirn

Comanche Voter - my husband notes that Hillary! is not going to read the SOTU speech.

Best election ever!


The FUKWAD that PAID FOR THE FAKE DOSSIER, is reading from a book filled with LIKE BULLSHIT.

How nice.


Schiff speaking to press after the House Intelligence Committee meeting. Moved to have DOJ andFBI brief Congress before release.
Memo by majority to be released; minority memo release voted down.


Schiff now: waaa!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Schiff is posing as someone with ethics. I don't think so.


Schiff is blaming Trump for "contaminating" the House Intelligence Committee.

Kevlar Kid

Frau: That post about theory vs. conspiracy is a parallel point to what I was explaining to Thomas Collins re "Resistance" vs. "coup d etat."

These are politically violent people who want to criminalize and imprison or kill their opposition.


Watching Schiff cry on national TV is awesome.

Good times!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

How about we hear from Nunes, Fox?


He is saying something entirely different than what Catherine Herridge reported earlier.

Kevlar Kid

Ever since Marlo Brandon pimped the American Indian Movement at the Oscars I've stopped watching the award shows. My resolve quadrupled when the Weinstein "scandal" broke.....bunch of money laundering SOBeez.


Byron York on with Charles Payne;

Byron sites some innocent reasons McCabe may have left, and some non-innocent reasons he may have left.

---Innocent: Standard pension timing, retirement.

---Not-innocent: Dirt coming out from Text messages being uncovered, or dirt soon to come out from the Memo.

Thought this exchange to close the segment very interesting :

Charles Payne: The speculation is that there was a continued surveillance of members of President Trump's Team, perhaps CarterPage, done at the request of Rod Rosenstein. That is sort of what emerged today. What are your thoughts on that?

Byron York: Well I think this needs some explaining. What happens is when the Government seeks a warrant to wiretap an American, if it is granted, it is granted for a finite period of time like 90 days. So the thinking here is that perhaps the Obama Admin, the Obama DOJ, originally got a Warrant on Carter Page, and then when that time period expired and they sought to renew that, well the period had overlapped between the end of the Obama Administration and the beginning of the Trump Administration, so that possibly new Trump officials like Rod Rosenstein, then asked for a renewal of that surveillance, so if that were the case, then you would have both the Obama and the Trump Justice Department's using this Dossier as part of the reason they sought the Warrant.

Damn convenient timing for the Anti-Trump contingent. This whole thing sounds dirty as hell to me. I want Rosenstein waterboarded.

Kevlar Kid

Bubarooni---> I missed it what. What was that pantload crying about anyway? The memo vote? Or that his gravy train is pinched for sure now and he's going to be voted out of office?


Move to have DOJ and FBI brief Congess was voted down.


Schiff says McCabe has been deeply and unfairly maligned. As expected.

Kevlar Kid

Is Rosenstein a Trump hire or an Obama hire?

Pieces of shit. "That's kind of what happened...." KMA/


Schiff is a slimey snake. Who leaked the Donny Trump Jr. --wikileaks #FakeNews.


I'm enjoying this.


The hissy fit thing is from Sara Carter.

If what Frau posted about Kerry doesn't convince people that these bastages need to be indicted, prosecuted and jailed in order to save the country, I don't know what will.

Frau Putsch

Posted by:

Yes! and the more times the difference between theory and actual conspiracy (coup d'etat), the more the public will see what is happening.


Kevlar Kid

What an incestuous bunch of boobs. Clinton lovers all. So much greatness stillborn. Now shovel their carcasses out into the gutter from whence they came. Especially tripe like Schiff.

Frau Putsch

My 6:31 is in response to K Kid's 6:22.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Thanks kim.
The thing is Willis and Lief are a lot more rigorous and do catch Javier out in some lazy stuff.
Now that doesn't mean he's wrong over all but it does make me give his stuff more of the "side eye" as MM might put it.

OTOH, Kummer's faith in CO2 causing problems down the road when he acknowledges it has had a net benefit so far seems considerably less supported by the science than Javier s stuff.

I'd put the odds of entering another glaciation in the next 1500 years a lot higher than anything the catastrophist goofs say is going to happen in the next 100.


Don Jr: "Schiff sounds like he's panicking..."

Man. He's sure been going on about nothing for awhile now. He's sweating something!

Kevlar Kid

The Lyin Swine Media is going to make McCabe look like a persecuted candidate for sainthood. And there will be no mention of his political corruption with gangster/bagman Terry McCauliffe.

I haven't seen McCauliffe's or deBlasio's name in the news as of late.

Time to lay low eh? How's Mrs. McCabe FEC audit coming along? Any comingling of funds? Hmmmm....no fooling. We need to sic a Louis Litt pitbull corporate attorney on their asses.

Janet 🚬

Donald Trump Jr.
‏Verified account @DonaldJTrumpJr
3m3 minutes ago

Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted Lee Zeldin

Schiff sounds like he’s panicking. One memo that has been available to all congress to read for a week will be made public but he wants to release his without showing anyone. Same old nonsense from him. I think I’ll win my bet that he leaks his. That seems to be his thing.

Beasts of England

'... my husband notes that Hillary! is not going to read the SOTU speech.'

Brilliant!! :)


Is Rosenstein a Trump hire or an Obama hire?

Rosenstein was already there, but Trump appointed him to his present position, which was ratified by the Senate.

Kevlar Kid

Kerry Candleface and The Bath House Rat need to be hung from their pencil necks until dead.

A firing squad would be too good for them, unless of course it was by .12 gauge to the face from 5 feet away.

Simmering here in Berkeley. I want their blood.

Another Bob

As per usual, the dims only defense is a more strident offense.

Schiff has seen everything Nunes has, right?

Kevlar Kid

Thanks for that Frau!

Kev Pitbulldogge


Lindsay Graham: "No, I don't want it released yet, I don't. I want somebody who's without a political bias to come in and look at the allegations that I've seen.

And just who the hell in this entire matter, or in this entire country, is without a political bias?

Kevlar Kid

So the memo is nothing but allegations, according to Miss Lindsay Ritz?

And he insinuates there is somebody in DC with a political bias. JAGoff.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I forgot to tell you guys that the dryer is repaired. It was a broken element. Took 20 minutes from start to finish. Cost wasn't cheap but about equal to buying another used dryer, so I decided to just go with the one we had and pay for the repair.

I didn't want to have to mess with looking for another one, arranging for delivery and disposal of old one, etc.

I had an element go in a dryer I had in the old house It lasted another 10 years after replacement.



Interviewing students about SOTU speech (but wait...it hasn't happened yet?) No problem:



"Without political bias"? Lindsey wants his DREAMERS to vet the memo? Most don't speak English (or even read).


As opposed to the dossier, eh goose,

Another Bob

Miz Lindsay is surely pissed over being cut out of the DACA deal, no?

Kevlar Kid

More fruit from the Recusal Tree planted by Beaurearguard Sessions:

"well the period had overlapped between the end of the Obama Administration and the beginning of the Trump Administration, so that possibly new Trump officials like Rod Rosenstein, then asked for a renewal of that surveillance, so if that were the case, then you would have both the Obama and the Trump Justice Department's using this Dossier as part of the reason they sought the Warrant.

Would that turd have been lobbed into the punch bowl if Sessions wasn't depriving his brain of oxygen counting paperclips in a storage closet?


Leif, from the constancy of the sun's output, also doubts it, and has been looking for just such an effect for 40 years. I believe he started commenting publicly in order to source more clues for his quest. He started about 10 years ago, commenting @ StevieMac's and hasn't found any inspiration yet, though getting plenty of ideas.

Hi Kim

I had a little bit to do with this. About 10 years ago I was doing battle with Tamino and his insane posse of warmists at Open Mind blog (oxymoron) I quoted some research from Leif during the battle. Leif got wind of it and stepped in to correct some of my representations of his research. I then emailed him and told him about Climate Audit and that he should contact Stevie Mac, an honest guy with no agenda. For awhile Leif was actually a guest blogger at CA, still comments there occasionally and it's fun to watch him dissect erroneous conclusions.

Kevlar Kid

Conference call marathon starting in 11 minutes. Going to 11pm PST. See you all tomorrow. Go POTUS! Rock the SOTU! God Bless POTUS and FLOTUS! Gifts from God.


Still no skulls. Over twelve full months and still no skulls. I want some skulls, dammit!


Just my personal opinion, but I am sick to death of hearing polls cited on Bret Baire's Show. He appears as beholden to the damn things as Shep Smith is, just Brett doesn't wear the eye shadow and glitter.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

For those who think President Trump won't do anything:

For tablet users:



Congressman Ron DeSantis to appear on Lou's Show in a minute.


ok--NOW I BELIEVE, McCabe's ouster ( FIRING ) is clearly in regards to his working with Hillary Clinton, via Terry McAuliffe $$$, to sh--hole the investigation into Hillary & her gang's many, many, criminal activities.

McCabe covered up the evidence, deterred the investigation, for $$ and career enhancement. Lied to FISA, and probably Comey--although child-acting egotist Comey--has historically operated through the prism of "How can I subvert anything, anywhere to make me omnipotent-powerful-respected person in the world?"

All the other fed employees from Lisa Page to DoJ Ohr, Priestap--maybe, even Rosey--most assuredly Lynch, Holder, McCain, Yates..went along.

The low-ballers like Strzok, Page, Rybicki and their press-collaborators just wanted the advancement/self-notoriety of most court jesters throughout history.

But Lynch--Holder--Ohr--Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Powers, Jarrett, Rhodes, their seditious bag men in Intelligence, Congress.. co-operating to overthrow our 45th elected President Trump--with made up evidence, abuse of law, illegal methods of spying on Americans, paying foreign agents(even threatening-USA enemy agents) to lie, perjure, cheat, blackmail, propagandize against Trump.

It's all on Obama's legacy, now. Clinton's are just greedy, envious parasite supplicant tools to use. Obama, a thinly veiled ZERO human being, was and is easily led by sycophants like Holder, Soros and Ayers. Obama just reads words his owner's give him to read.
He then inserts "I", "me", "my", etc 100+ times and continues on to have his feet rubbed by Reggie, while he munches arugula.

Hillary will go and say anything for a case of chardonnay or a fifth of vodka and a blackberry with Huma nudes on it. They all spent about $5+ billion to "get" Trump and, thank God--they failed.

Plouffe was right--that kind of person shall/should Never rise, again !! It was just Obama & Clinton his ID knew he was describing.

So, I hope McCabe sings like the loudest canary in the coalmine--that dark coalmine where Yates, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Ohr, Podesta, and all their lying LENI's and Baghdad Bob's of the press--are still going deeper and downward into the dirt, instead of seeking the sunlight !
Oh, that's right--they evaporate in the clear light of We, the people !! Send out Nicole Wallace first--to see how quick that condescending sniping liar goes 'poof..


Pelosi Defends ‘Crumbs’ Comment About Workers’ Bonuses

"There's a cartoon that I just love," Pelosi said, adding on to comments from another panel member. "There's a little mousetrap who's got a little piece of cheese on there, and there's a mouse about to take it and that's called the middle class … And around it are fat cats," which represent big businesses.

Mitch McConnell: ‘2017 Was the Best Year for Conservatives in the 30 Years that I’ve Been Here’

I'll bet anybody a million dollars that wasn't Mitch's outlook on 1 Jan 2017.

Captain Hate

Trump Jr trolling Schiff! Can the Golden Scalpweasel delegate effectively or what?


I can't wait to see that memo!

"Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, apparently disregarding Justice Department warnings that their actions would be 'extraordinarily reckless'... "
"... voted Monday evening to release a contentious secret memorandum said to accuse the department and the F.B.I. of misusing their authority to obtain a secret surveillance order on a former Trump campaign associate. The vote threw fuel an already fiery partisan conflict over the investigations into Russia’s brazen meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Republicans invoked a power never before used by the secretive committee to effectively declassify the memo that they had compiled. Democrats called the three-and-a half-page document a dangerous effort to build a narrative to undercut the department’s ongoing Russia investigation, using cherry-picked facts assembled with little or no context."


Captain Hate

SoCal Golf Guy
You aren't a porn star anymore. You are a woman who supports a man that assaults women. No one under the age of 25 has any reason to know you.

Jenna Jameson@jennajameson
I don't support Bill Clinton

Beasts of England


{ { { golf clap } } }

mike in houston

Best comment at Althouse

What's to become of us, when a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives is no longer intimidated by The New York Times? We're in uncharted waters.


DeSantis says this to Lou:

DeSantis: ...It's a great day, the Intelligence Committee did the right thing by voting to make this public, consistent with House Rules. And what's going to happen when the Public gets the Memo, the Memo will answer a lot of these vexing questions that we've been asking for months, about the genesis of the Dossier, about whether the Dossier was used to obtain surveillance, and other questions, but it's also going to raise new questions that's going to require more Congressional Investigations, and perhaps the appointment of a Special Counsel, so this is an important event. I think that there will be more accountability within the bowels of the bureaucracy as a result of this but this is not the end game, this is just one more step in the direction of accountability.

Lou: Well among others, one of your colleagues, Trey Gowdy, basically saying that he didn't want to see this Memorandum released...I am stunned when folks who are talented and capable...have said that they think the priority here should be caution, rather than the Public's right to know. I think that there is a measure here of delusion about how serious this crisis of credibility is...

DeDantis: The reason why this is in the House Rules, so that you can make Classified Information Public, is precisely for instances like this where you need accountability...the rules are written this way for precisely this reason.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am right there with Beasts. Applause, applause!

Beasts of England

You know what Al Czervik would say right now?

'Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid!'


The SHIT is about to hit the fan. God help motherfuckers like Schiff. It's game on, time to put on the big boy pants GOPe. It's US or THEM time.

Jim Eagle

Andy (in his office) gets a phone call:

Andy? Hi, this is Chris, just down the hall. Can I come by and talk to you?

Andy: "Sure Chris, I am free, Lisa and Peter just left updating me on the new HR sexual harrassment reporting procedures we just implemented. Had to, in a way.

Chris: "I have another matter to discuss with you. See you in a few secs"

[Andy's office door opens, Chris wray enters with his FBI issued sidearm very visible under his open jacket]

Andy: "Chris, what's up? Are you getting used to the 7th floor view of Pennsylvania Avenue? I was just down to the basketballcourts for a little pick up game"

Chris: "Good. So, you are not fit to undestand why I am here. You're fired, Andy. Pack up and I'll have my detail here in 15 minutes to escort you out. You screwed the pooch big time. Did you really think and asshole like McAuliffe wouldn't attract enough coverage? Then you had the stupidity to lead those crappers like Strozk and Page around to fuck up a presidential campaign? I read the fucking memo, Andy. Go, enjoy life. i'll let your pension slide. Hope you don't have to spend it all on legal fees.,

Actually, Andy, I hope you have to. Have a nice day. We are.

Andy: "No, Godamm it. [sounds of glass crashing, bumps and knocks are heard]. I am important enough to be the Assistant Director No this cannot be jhappening. Where is my gun. God damn it I am goint to kill someone.

Secretary at the door: Mr. McCabe, these gentlemen are here to see you.

FBI Agent 1: "You have 15 minutes to gather your personal effects sir. You cannot take any FBI issued items like your phone, computers or any files. We will watch and make sure".

Andy: "Fuck, fuck, fuck, no, no, no." Can I make a few calls?

FBI agent 2: "Not from here sir, you can cannot use any FBI assets."

Andy: "Can I call my lawyer?"

FBI agent 1: "No sir, but you can when you leave the property. By the way, the last pay phone in DC is just outside the front entrance. Somehow AT&T anticipated a scenario like this.

Andy: [under his breath] "that fucking Brennan and his big ideas. Arrrrrgh.


Oh I so hope this is true! It's from True Pundit so...grain of salt, McCabe threatened to torch the FBI if he didn't get his pension.


jimmyk on iPhone

I had to click that NYT link at 7:09 to confirm, as if there was any doubt, that it was a "news" story and not an opinion piece. Ok it is the NYT, but how could that reporter possibly know that the facts were "cherry-picked"?

Beasts of England

Another great comment from Mike Sylwester at Althouse. If accurate, it only stinks a little...

'Late 2014/Early 2015: In response to State Department requests, Hillary Clinton’s staff reviewed thousands of emails to determine which ones should be turned over as official correspondence. They produced 55,000 pages of emails. ...

March 2, 2015: News breaks publicly that Hillary Clinton used a personal server for emails while serving as Secretary of State.

March 7, 2015: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, one of Clinton’s closest friends and political allies, meets with both Jill and Andrew McCabe to recruit Jill to run for the Virginia Senate against incumbent Sen. Dick Black (R-Loudoun). Dr. McCabe had no previous record in politics, hadn’t been active locally, hadn’t made any donations to Democrats, and in fact reportedly chose to vote in the 2012 Republican primary. She was, quite literally, an unknown in Democratic political circles in her district.

March 9, 2015: A prominent attorney and retired Army Colonel, Tom Mulrine, had been recruited to run for the Democratic nomination for the 13th District Senate seat by local Democrats. Mulrine, who is not married to a senior FBI official, was then convinced to step aside and clear the way for McCabe’s nomination.'

jimmyk on iPhone

Captain, Jr was on fire today. He also went after Tapper, among others.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Humorous depiction of SOTU - too big to post.


DeSantis: ...Devin Nunes has been fighting to bring the truth to light for months and months now. He deserves an enormous amount of credit. Just think back to August. Nobody even knew at that time that the Dossier was paid for by Hillary and the DNC. Look what has happened since then. You have Bruce Ohr demoted several times. You've had Peter Strzok demoted. Lisa Page demoted. Now Andrew McCabe forced out. And as you mentioned, the next person under the spotlight may well be the Deputy Atty General, Rod Rosenstein. The only reason any of that happened is because Congress, and Nunes being one of the main ones, we were asking questions, we were doing oversight. Had we been doing this for the last several years just think of all that we could have accomplished. The last 4 or 5 months has been the first time since I've been here where Congress has really taken it's oversight responsibility seriously. Devin Nunes has done that admirably.


The doffreence is the church committee was convened in large part because of operations against enemies foreign and domestic.


Comment elsewhere on McCabe's resignation:

It's always nice to spend some time with your family before you go to prison.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Chad Pergram‏Verified account @ChadPergram

Trump on “pain capable” abortion bill filibuster in Senate: It is disappointing that this bill was blocked from further consideration. The vote by the Senate rejects scientific fact and puts the United States out of the mainstream in the family of nations
4:04 PM - 29 Jan 2018


Can we condition McCabe's pension on first burning down the FBI?


Well we have DANA/DOUCHEBAG silence, must be on the SOROS conference call. Imagine hitching your wagon to people who LIE for a living.

Beasts of England

Excellent, JiB!! :)


Carol lee, former of politico and the wall street journal, is 'recovering' memories from may, as part of mccabe lamentations.



I'll bring the tinder, henry!

Beasts of England

Holy shit, Sherlock!!

The New York Times: FBI Director Christopher Wray Found "Something Concerning" About McCabe in Pending Inspector General Report on Hillary Email Investigation

via Ace

Jim Eagle

DeSantis is in a real primary battle for the Gop Nomination for Governor. His main opponent is Adam Putnam. the Ag Commissioner, which in Florida is like the real No. 2 position. And he has done a good job there.\

Ron has all the endorsements but if the "real" Florida voters show up [not lately snowbirds] it could be a real contest.


CBS News‏Verified account
Follow Follow @CBSNews
NEW: Internal communication sent to FBI officials by FBI Director Christopher Wray links Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s early departure to results of an upcoming OIG investigation, CBS News confirms; says FBI must perform at the highest standards.

2:29 PM - 29 Jan 2018


This was part of what I was referring to in the last thread:


The secret service, somewhat like the oss had its ups and downs, the latter was subject to
Communist infiltration like Duncan lee among others


Great bit on Lou Dobbs show just happened:

Lou in studio was asking Sarah Huckabee Sanders, standing out in front of the White House, about when and if the White House would approve the Memo's release and and when will we here something about DACA and Sarah was answering about it had to go thru the proper process correctly and Lou interrupted demanding when but in a humorous fashion, but Sarah still had her blast shields up and banging right back sternly, and Lou then saying "I'm joking Sarah, I'm joking", and she breaks into a big smile and laughingly says "I'm not used to the Media having a sense of humor, Lou."

What a great pic of her personality on display right there:)


Because he is Farsi for Herbert matthews


Dave (in MA)

According to the moonbats and neverTrumpers, McCabe's ouster is definitive proof of:

  • something

Captain Hate

What a great pic of her personality on display right there:)

The fact that his other appointments have done so well is what keeps me from going ballistic on MyPillow.


Still no skulls. Over twelve full months and still no skulls. I want some skulls, dammit!

Posted by: lyle | January 29, 2018 at 06:54 PM

Oh, come on now. No skulls? Surely you jest.

Comey -- *scalp*

McCabe -- *scalp*

Priestap -- *scalp*

Strzok -- *scalp*

Baker -- *scalp*

Yates -- *scalp*

Page -- *scalp*

Ohr -- *scalp*


Having just watched Lou's show I think the reports today on Rod Rosenstein extending the Carter Page wiretapping Warrant (as I transcribed from Byron York) has been leaked today by Wray's or by his FBI Teammates or maybe the House Dems. I think it is in the 4 page Memo and now that Wray has seen it and the Left knows that memo will come out, it has been leaked as pre-damage control, not from any of the Repub's who have had that info now for 2 weeks and not leaked it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Lee Zeldin
‏Verified account @RepLeeZeldin
1h1 hour ago

It truly doesn't get any more insane than the @HouseDemocrats & @RepAdamSchiff asking to declassify & release a memo to the public just now that they wouldn't even allow the House Intel majority members to read before voting.

Another Bob

RG, I think he's referring to actual skulls. Skinned, cleaned and allowed to bleach in the sun.


From GUS:

This one goes out to RG..........he's one of my favorites.


Gus !!! Thank you; incredibly good quality audio on that recording.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Saw that daddy. She was awesome.

Was it just me or did she have a hard time keeping smiles off her face during the presser today? She absolutely looked like the cat that ate the canary.

I truly wish someone would do a meme of her with with thought clouds after each idiot question during the pressers. Like Hitler memes but better!


I know, A.B., but we takes what we can gets right now *and* we acknowledge them hard-earned skulls.

Skinned, cleaned and allowed to bleach ??? Soon come.


Isn't "scalp" a racist term used to keep children from getting health insurance, or perhaps it's a "racist" term against "dreamers".

jimmyk on iPhone

Speaking of cherry-picking, one of the networks, I think CBS, reported that Rs voted to release their memo, but wouldn't allow the Dems to release theirs. Small omission: Dems wouldn't let Rs read their memo. Rs did let Dems read theirs.

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