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January 01, 2018



Let the games begin


Fell free to embrace -10. I'll stay by the fire. ;)


"don't let my blinding good looks intimidate you in any way":-)

Talk about facts not in evidence...;-l

Happy New Year!


Is this the frozen nose hair thread?

(For you, anonamom!)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


mad jack

that was like a roger rabbit toon call for you bb:-)


How about the frozen ear hair thread? 😬

Clear and cold in Sun Valley and hardly any snow. Happy new year to all!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Apparently Don surber's blog post is now on the prohibited list along with Sharyl Atkisson.

Here's his latest, entitled "Neer Trumpers are killing journalism."



So what do you lead with?

Mostly, my chin.



"Stephens sticks to his guns because why bother with retrospection and self-analysis when you are losing at every turn? His mission in life is to lose the argument. He's a Washington General at a Harlem Globetrotter newspaper."


matt- deplore me if you must

The greetings of the day to you all!


I am ashamed to say that I once wrote on this very blog that Stephens knows what he's talking about. (I forget what it was about), Stephens was at one time the middle east correspondent at the WSJ and would write a weekly opinion piece, generally addressing matters concerning Israel and, well the Middle East. He was quite sensible and level-headed.

I don't know what happens to these people.


I know you guys are making fun of me SBW (in an okay way) and I probably deserve it, but it's a very interesting question. I bet you lead with something different on-line than in person. I bet whatever it is changes given the circumstances. I bet sometimes it holds you back and sometimes it propels you forward. To me it has been fascinating to think about, but then again, I'm weird.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Years to my fellow JOMers and our distinguished bloghost. Slept in until noon, which is the latest I have slept in several years. Had a couple over last night but we had to stifle the yawns past 1 am and didn't even finish the champagne.
Unfortunately, the holiday pounds have been place on and I need to do some exercise. Had a lovely walk with my son yesterday in Alley Pond Park, one of New York City Parks Department's treasures. Despite being intersected by the Cross Island Parkway, the Long Island Expressway, and the Grand Central Parkway, there are areas deep in the woods that truly feel like wilderness. May go back there this afternoon.
Happy and loved the discussion regarding engineers. I have always enjoyed the books of Henry Petroski, Duke U. engineering professor who waxes literate regarding many of the engineering challenges, including disaster analysis, in history.


Well one cant really avoid our appearance,jane I didn't have known about jm's gender until she pointed it out.


By the snow squeak,

Something the southern JOMers aren't likely familiar with:)

Posted by: Buckeye | January 01, 2018 at 09:25 AM

I am well acquainted with snow squeak, frozen top snow that if you are light enough, you can walk on, as well as one's nostrils sticking to each other on inhalation.

Some of us just were blessed to be able to not experience any of that for decades, though this morning was almost nostril sticking cold here on the Piedmont.

I actually lived here on the coldest day ever recorded, in 1985.
It was ZERO!


Clemson v. Georgia would be awesome, particularly since the championship is being played here in ATL.


Can't fool me anonamom. I know you are from the "state up north".

You guys know more about snow than God:)


Second only to those from Montreal.

Jim Eagle

Optimum ducunt ut cum conatus:)

Janet 🚬

I don't really get the question.

So what do you lead with?

I often use "This is something..."

Is that what you mean? I'm not sure I get it.


I don't know any latin, Jack--but this is a family blog!!!


Iran Anti-Government Protests Day 5 Live (great vids)



I don't think RG ever "leads with" his racial profile and indeed before he began using his pic as an avatar and providing more detailed background I always assumed he was just another benighted redneck Gator fan (although somehow blessed with greater intellectual capacity than his educational handicap would suggest).


Actually, Jane, the question prompted not an answer or introspection but, rather, the realization that seldom do those I encounter inject identity or identity politics into conversation.

When it does come up, it tends to be from those engaged in theatrics.


I looked it up. I still don't know any latin...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Charles Ortel has some interesting questions about Malcolm Turnbull and the Clinton Foundation.


Heard during church yesterday that this little old lady who used to be on my usher team passed.

Mrs. Buckeye found her obituary and we discover that she founded the premier recording studio in Columbus and went on to specialize in booking musical acts, mostly rock and heavy metal bands.

Talk about never judging a book by it's cover!

I would have pegged her for a librarian:)


"Is that what you mean?"


When you walk into a room full of people you don't know, what do you try and project? Or what do you think you are projecting, even if you don't want to.

Narc was right about "looks" to a large degree in person. Do I feel insecure when I walk into a room of strangers, yeah if I think I look bad. What would I prefer to project? Same when you go on line. Online no one can see what you look like, so that's an entirely different thing. Do you want to sound interested, or smart, or not loud? I just found thinking about it interesting.

SBW my question had absolutely nothing to do with identity politics. Being black is really no different than being fat, or having only 1 leg. It's something people notice. My question to RG was whether he notices.

My next door neighbor has a fake leg. When he walks into a room where no one knows him people notice. Does he remember or not?

I always ask that shit. Because it is interesting to me. I apologize if I offended you.

Captain Hate

Before I let my WSJ subscription lapse, Bret Stephens had an article "The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage". There wasn't a single conservative point made.

I'm calling out all pseudo conservatives this year.


Sure feels strange rooting for Michigan:)

Captain Hate

Al-Reuters removes all doubt:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is such a neat story!


What do I lead with?
As a person who is interested in others,
I start by asking questions of the person I have just met.
My dad always said people like to talk about themselves.
I actually reveal very little about myself.
Fairness and truth are what I search for in information and opinion.
Clarice’s articles provide both for me.
Biggest turn- off:
Personal insults when someone is losing an argument.


I apologize if I offended you.

Not a chance of offense, Jane. I learn so much in many different ways from our conversations.


I know how you feel.
However South Carolina has the best name.


Good afternoon! The daughter and son-in-law spent time with his parents in Naples this week and returned here yesterday. We're going out to a restaurant on the beach at 4 o'clock. I made reservations on the patio. We have to wear sweaters and fleece jackets because it is so chilly. Please don't hate me. :) I've spent 60+ years in squeaky snow,icy snow, slushy snow,light fluffy snow and heavy,wet snowball making snow. I actually miss the wood stove today.


With any group of strangers I lead with, "where is the non-gay beer?"


We don’t hate you.
You have earned the right to be warm.
However I am sitting inside with 3 layers on by the heater as I blog today.
But as a life long Ohioan I know what I am on for come winter.I still love the change of seasons,
Also I know that Henry and Gus have it worse than me.
How are you people in Atlanta holding out?
I know panic sets in with inches of snow.


Any combination of Ga and Clemson/Alabama will be the most expensive ticket For college football ever. The whole damned state just might explode.


Thanks buckeye. I know your pain.

A study protocol at THE OSU of a therapy called CAR-T saved my husband's partner (and my friend, a mother of three) after she relapsed after the bone marrow transplant she had after she relapsed from her chemo. It was the only option she had in the whole wide world.
They enrolled her, and she's here to tell the tale.

I mean, we didn't even know they had a medical school!!! We had kids in our class from Ohio, and figured the ten or so Ohioans that could graduate med school went out of state. ;-)

And then here they were on the cutting edge of what is going to be a true game changer in cancer treatment. Saving Robyn's life in the process.

So we certainly can't hate on The OSU from the depth of our being any more, in light of all that.

Having to give up that kind of hate is no small thing.
(Though I realize I've transferred a lot of it to Leftists)


I love winter, skiing, snowmobiles and ice shanty's. #NeverFlorida


I save all my animosity for the Left.
The NeverTrumpers I see as lost souls like the prodigal son.
They will come back eventually.
Happy New Year JOMers!


I am also a Never Florida person.
My brother loves it in Ocala but my sensitive skin can’t survive it.


That could be so exciting for you all.
Smokey and the Bandit 2 is playing on tv as we speak.



I'm freezing too. Sweatshirt over a long sleeve shirt, long pants and SOCKS! Imagine socks. And Thursday night it's going down to 32.


I'm drawing up a few responses but I had to comment now before they screw it up -- Go Carolina !!!

The Wolverines appear to be gagging. And after the last couple of football beatings Michigan has delivered to my Gators, I'm feeling pretty good about this right now.


(Though I realize I've transferred a lot of it to Leftists)

I approve 100% anonamom.

I have been wondering about your friend, so glad to hear the therapy has had success in her case.


To those northerners in florida discussing the unexpected cold, an unusual but breathtaking sight is when a cold front pushes through so that the air temp becomes so much colder than the ocean temp. then you get this steam effect coming up from the water.

Fascinating effect to watch.

Black eyed peas are going with enough chopped up onions among other veggies to be a year's worth of vitamin c.

Happy New Years.

Go Dawgs!!! Went to the sugar bowl when they lost national championship to penn state when I was in law school there. Law school classmate's grandmother loaned us her house in the garden district and maid to look after us while we partied there for new years.

Been a long drought of championships since then.


Wow, the Michigan replacement QB with a killer mistake.


Since no one asked, I am rooting for an Oklahoma-Clemson showdown next week.

Posted by: Tom Maguire| on January 01, 2018 at ~ 1:05 p.m.

Hater !!! And I see Auburn has taken the lead. #SECSECSEC


GB fired Dom Capers. Maybe they'll have some D next year.


The Big 10 is 7-0 in bowls after being shut out of the CFP, but Michigan is threatening to blow it.


Might have been late to school that day:)

Posted by: Buckeye | January 01, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Incredible story. But . . . -20 degrees? And you're riding a bike ??? Did you take the special bus, the short bus, to school ??? Tell the truth, now. Pay or no pay, I don't know anyone who rides a bike with temps in the 30s !!!



The cold wasn't usually an issue, but snow can really make the ride a slog:)


So what happens to David Brock, Susie Tompkins Buell and Lisa Bloom now that we know what they did to try to rig the election?

Aren't these serious crimes?



They use those words "fund" and "compensate." How about "bribe"?


Those don't sound like Russian names to me, Ext. What's the big deal?


Well, that looks to be a Carolina W. Congrats to the Gamecocks.


Good grief; kid missed the FG. Michigan has life.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--When you walk into a room full of people you don't know, what do you try and project? Or what do you think you are projecting, even if you don't want to.--

I'm still not sure what you mean, Jane.
I don't try to project anything except my hand if someone wants to shake it. And I never wonder about what I might be projecting unless I realize I forgot my deodorant or mouthwash.
I yam what I yam.

-- Being black is really no different than being fat, or having only 1 leg.--

I question that.
But if I ever meet a fat, one-legged black person I will definitely ask him if he can tell the difference. :)


Ballgame, Carolina.


Trump to Pakistan:

"Hey you!"


"You know who you're fuckin' with?!?!"

Happy New Year JOMers!

Posted by: Buckeye | January 01, 2018 at 08:41

I love this.

I read TK's hashtag as #HoldOnToYourTits. Haha. Shows you where my mind is, as usual.

I've been watching that evaporative effect on Lake Michigan all day. More lake effect snow!!! Pffft...


Textbook case of how the MSM misrepresents:

N.Y. "Slimes" headline: "Iranian authorities have clamped down on Tehran after demonstrators across the country ignored calls for calm"

(From Michael McFaul)
Let me rewrite this headline: "Iran's brutal dictatorship yet again killed & arrested brave Iranian citizens demanding greater freedoms."


RG, living in Florida handicaps your perspective I suspect.

I see the OSU cycling team out nearly everyday.

If there is snow or ice on the street, probably not, but otherwise they are out.


Nebraska becomes the first state to allow pro-abortion/choice license plates.




“Pak as anti-terror ally has given free to US: land & air communication, military bases & intel cooperation that decimated Al-Qaeda over last 16yrs, but they have given us nothing but invective & mistrust,” the Pakistan Ministry of Defence said in statement posted to Twitter. “They overlook cross-border safe havens of terrorists who murder Pakistanis.”

My prediction that Harbaugh would choke comes true.


Nebraska becomes the first state to allow pro-abortion/choice license plates.

They will only fit a Subaru or Prius.


Annnnnnnnd, Auburn just blew their game.

Very impressed by the Florida Boyz from UCF.


"Thirty U.S. states, including the District of Columbia, give drivers the option to sport “Choose Life” plates on their vehicles. No states aside from Nebraska and Virginia, however, offer pro-abortion license plates."


Um you hid UBL for 10 years, you essentially created the taliban as a tool of state policy.



What the fuck has this country become??

Captain Hate

Pretty bad couple of days for the Harbaugh brothers.


Rattlegator, Can I ask you a really inappropriate question? (People who know me in person know I am the queen of inappropriate questions)

Here goes, and don't answer if you don't want.

Was there ever a time in your life that you lead with the fact that you are black? Or did you always lead with the fact that you are Rattlegator?

Posted by: Jane | January 01, 2018 at 11:33 AM

You know, Jane, I started answering your question and suddenly thought -- maybe I'm not following you but . . . what's inappropriate about this question?

So, I read on and checked out a few other responses. I'm glad I did. Short answer: yes, Jane, I *do* notice color / dress / speech / mannerism, etc. I'm *very* oral and visual, if that makes sense to you.

In other words, I'm Southern.

That said, my announcement might be situational. Remember, as a serious Democrat until the aftermath of 9/11, my political and social acculturation differs from many on this board. The large majority of my family and friends are black Democrats. It isn't rare that I feel the need (out of common courtesy) to announce myself as a Republican.

As for my particular expression of Southern-ness, or American-ness, I don't have a problem or issue with occasional focus on identity, or multiculturalism, or Afrocentrism, etc. It's the bastardization where such is made to be a primary focus that I mut draw a bright line.

In fact, in my original submission to American Greatness, I wrote a disjointed essay titled (in part) American- American. I suspect I'm going to revisit the idea with them and clean up / clarify what I'm trying to say. It's a layered discussion, however, and may not be reducible to 1000 words or so.

And Jane, for the record (in case you didn't pick up on this already), I liked your question. I ask many questions myself.


Say what now:

Buford Gooch

Great response, RG. You are an impressive man.

Captain Hate

My son-in-law strongly agrees with the DJT tweets on Pakistan.


Ooops, I missed that Virginia was the trailblazer.


John Walker Lindh - Early release? Yikes!


I mentioned Comey's latest silly tweet earlier.

Here’s hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership, focused on the truth and lasting values. Happy New Year, everybody.

— James Comey (@Comey) December 31, 2017

His twitter background is the gag-worthy title to his upcoming book, which was surely bankrolled by the same types who bribed the women accusing Trump of sexual harassment.

Anyway, here's Instapudit's response:

Well, you were fired in 2017, so that's a start. https://t.co/ZDfpdDmIr0

— Instapundit.com (@instapundit) January 1, 2018

Does Comey use his COLUMBIA PROFESSOR friend to pubish his tweets?? I mean Comey is so ETHICAL and such.


Are we ever going to add those memos, or are they going to insist like Harvey the invisible rabbit.



Thanks. I've been thinking about this since I asked the question.
I've got a lot more to say but my puppy needs to go to the poopy park.

Janet 🚬

Can any multi-million dollar business get states to issue license plates?
Can I get a LensCrafters license plate?
or a Foot & Ankle Clinic license plate?

Planned Parenthood is a legal, multi-million dollar chain business.
They charge money for their services.
They also are given taxpayer money.
They also have celebrity fundraisers.
They also harvest & sell parts of the babies they kill to make money.

What other business is given such a hands-off, exalted status as the abortion industry?
It is the one business that Dems fight off every health & safety regulation....& they sell that as "pro-women".

It really is something how that money making industry is treated.

Janet 🚬

Ooops, I missed that Virginia was the trailblazer.

When McAuliffe became Governor he rolled back health & safety regs. for abortion businesses. It was a MAN that dressed as a WOMAN that made the changes.

December 2, 2014 at 1:18pm ·

Here's some irony for ya...a man dressed up as a woman is gonna dismantle health & safety regulations for the abortion industry in Virginia!


Captain Hate

Don't worry, Janet; even though DJT is arguably pro abortion, I think that whore Cecile Richards is getting Macy's Christmas tree shoved up her mish this year.

Miss Marple


Very good point!

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Amen, Janet @04:27!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think PP should be allowed a neon scrolling ticker tape at the bottom of license plates.
They could list baby body parts from their chop shops and current prices.
Or maybe PlannedPaternthoodbay where they auction baby eyeballs and brains.

I wish everyone I don't like was Hitler. Some of them would make even Der Fuhrer blanch.


"Those don't sound like Russian names to me, Ext. What's the big deal?"

Sleepers coming out to defend Mother Russia?

Captain Hate

Looks like it's live ammo time in Iran. Best wishes for the protesters. And another opportunity for the UN to be completely worthless. Please kick them out, DJT.


"Thirty U.S. states, including the District of Columbia, give drivers the option to sport “Choose Life” plates on their vehicles. No states aside from Nebraska and Virginia, however, offer pro-abortion license plates."

Which I guess would say "Choose Death"?

Why are states condoning this sort of politicking on their license plates?

Though at least "Choose life" has an authoritative source:

See, I have set before you today life and good, death, and evil. Therefore choose life, that you may live, you and your seed." (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Meaning that it's not purely a statement about abortion.


Ok, so I've been critical of Sundance for claims of facts not in evidence. Today he has a post on Rep. Ron DeSantis's interview on Fox this morning:


Florida Representative and Judicary Committee member Ron DeSantis appears on Sunday Morning Futures and deconstructs the leaked intelligence community propaganda pushed by the New York Times.

Essentially DeSantis states the claims surrounding the origin of the 2016 Russian Probe, made by the leaked intelligence sources, does not align with the sworn congressional testimony given by the FBI and DOJ to the judiciary committee.

However, this is not "essentialy" what DeSantis said.

@02:00: “There was just an article in The New York Times yesterday where they’re leaking about this Papadopoulos, which actually conflicts with previous stories, and is not anything anyone can say under oath on-the-record to us. You look at that and say, “Ok you’re not willing to answer Congress’s questions under oath but you’ll leak things to the media?”…

Sundance seems to imply that "sworn congressional testimony" points to the dossier as the basis for the FISA warrant, and that this new Popodopoulos diversion is in conflict with that. DeSantis states that the witnesses refused to answer the relevant questions, and refers to "previous stories," not congressional testimony.

To me, that means that no congressional witnesses have answered the questions regarding the bases for the FISA warrants. Therefore, nothing can conflict with that testimony.

The Popodopoulos stuff conflicts with "stories," all of which are "essentially" speculation since we haven't seen the FISA warrant applications, and no one has testified as to their bases.


Comey might be going to prison, where he sent 14 members of the Gambino family.

Miss Marple


Note the new scary weather term.

Also, I have figured out how to do links on my iPad!


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I would love to be proven wrong but if a single one of the FBI/DOJ crooks or any of the politicians they were serving get indicted, let alone spend a day in chokey I will be flummoxed, flabbergasted and astounded.



Have you ever used it to your advantage?

A few years ago my business partner and I were working on a case with a pathetically liberal lawyer who was not fond of me at all. And that is not a plus when you eventually want to settle a claim. So he was doing a deposition and I went instead of Amy. When he asked about it, I told him Amy's wife was sick. So suddenly he was happy because he was a liberal and if my partner was a lesbian it was all good. Amy laughed for hours when I told her.

I was trying to think if I've ever used being a woman to my advantage, but a woman lawyer is no longer rare.


IBM marketing doesn't push hardware anymore. They might as well push new scary weather terms. Watson, expert hype for your weather.



I went to CTH with an open mind, and the first story I saw was the misrepresentation of Graham.

Now, you point out another.

It's sad that so many accept its posts uncritically -- they take quantity of verbiage/chaff as a stand in for "well researched"

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