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January 09, 2018


Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Absolutely incredible press conference.

Kevlar Kid

which was that, Jane? just tuning in


I'm not sure disbarment does it and maybe Clarice's Pikes and Lamposts were the right idea all along.

Not to mention brick walls and blindfolds:)


DOW "flirting" with 25,430!!!

Currently up 135!

Good Morning, and say "Hey" to my dog walk buddies.

Clarice Feldman

At last we are together again, daddy--loved last night's moose talk.


Rush in Hour 3 opens with the Strzok-Page leaks to the MSM per the John Solomon story in The Hill. Nothing earth shattering from Rush but decent coverage and good commentary to the EIB audience, particularly stressing the importance of finding out that it was the FBI all along doing the illegal leaking to the Press.

I loved this bit from John Solomon on Hannity last night so here it is again:

Solomon: I read through hundreds of these messages over the weekend. I walked away from them knowing one thing---I remember the moment in his Testimony when James Comey said "FBI Agents don't give a rip about politics, and they don't leak." After you read these messages you walk away thinking these 2 FBI Agents cared a lot about Politics, and they were monitoring the Media almost like they were a Press Office.


daddy, I suspect you are doing Google searches to find the "entertainment" pictures you post.

So I have to ask, what kind of advertisements does Google "push" to you:)


Second question.

How bad was the puncture wound?

Clarice Feldman

apparently Jane's reference to to the 40 minute presser of Trump (immigration) on Fox Business. which is getting rave reviews on FB


Morning, Clarice!

Haven't started catch-up yet, but nice to see Jane survived. Guess I'll save all my jokes about her croaking on the operating table for some other time:)

Clarice Feldman

Tom Lipscomb
1 hr ·
Damnedest thing you ever saw, imagine, Trump is sitting between the vile Durbin and the revolting Hoyer
And he is cutting no one off
(Michael Wolff, eat your heart out)

Clarice Feldman

DJT says he'll sign whatever Congress passes on immigration--heh--

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Trump just invited the press into a meeting with dems and republicans on DACA. IT WENT ON FOR about 45 minutes. Trumps negotiating skills were on full view. Anyone who thinks Trump is not stable only needs to watch that. It was fun and interesting and fabulous. You really should watch it to see how it's done if you don't know.



On the Laptop I have the ads blocked. On the iPad I get a lot of animal ads from the SPCA sorts, and also a lot of ads to call such and such a Financial advisor stuff---As for the Russian gals or Chinese gals, they are very useful in helping me remember which side of the world I am on.

Rush says that he thinks this meeting with the TV cameras in the DACA meeting was to show the public that Trump is positive and intelligent and cooperative, and nothing whatever like the madman Wolff's book paints him as. Catch-up begins.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Harder than I thought Daddy and they left something in there so I have to walk around with a Bravo. Except I decided to go back to bed.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

If that was the goal, he succeeded in spades.

Manuel Transmission

FBI: I called my bud whose dad was the HNIC, sorry SAIC for L.A. back in the late 50s - early 60s and his BIL who was recently SAIC in Chicago. My bud was also an agent out of school in the mid 60s before going out and making a lot of money. Anyway, I knew from previous conversations that he was spitting mad about the mess things are in at the Bureau.

Punchline: the working stiffs are mad as hell, but with that big of an organization, it is almost futile to raise a fuss. Bitching around the water cooler doesn't get you anywhere. Until recently, the IG was castrated and no sensible agent would have trusted a complaint going that way.

James D. The problem is that they're not enforced, because the people whose job it is to enforce them are the colleagues and coworkers and political allies of the people upon whom they need to be enforced.

I think that is pretty close to the mark.

bori: Becoming a whistleblower had its own problems as the Obama administration went after any whistleblowers. Risking loss of job or prison for disclosing information was a real consideration. So they are left with doing their jobs, filing their reports and hoping that they will not get buried somewhere.

I agree.

One last thing: Jim Kallstrom may be mad as hell now, but I have always been suspicious of his tenure what with the TWA800 fustercluck. Maybe he had a gun to his head by the Clintonistas and that led him to leave under a cloud by his own betrayal.

Jim Eagle

Congress as contestants on The Apprentice. Moar popcorn, henry:)


one youtube of the DACA negotiation thing:



Has anyone seen a good take on why Feinstein released that transcript right when Nunes is receiving all the evidence from DoJ/FBI?


Aside from her generic evil nature?


4. Lisa Page stating: ..."Makes me feel WAY less bad about throwing him under the bus to the forthcoming CF article."... Indicates that DOJ/FBI lawyer Lisa Page was one of the sources for the Washington Post article.

I see from reviewing Lisa Page's texts to her boyfriend Strzok something revelatory that I did not notice last night but which confirms to me how obviously evil and demented she is: She resorts to typing in ALL CAPS for emphasis!!!

I had previously suspected that typing in ALL CAPS for emphasis was a hallmark of the criminally insane and she pretty much confirms me in that opinion. Anyone here disagree?


Ok, in answer to my question, it appears that Grassley is concerned that the release allows future witnesses to align their testimony to Simpson's, thus undermining the investigation.

Lots of tweets from Sean Davis here, too.


David, Internet Deplorable

From the end of the other thread, an article on the consent decree:


Jim Eagle

I like the fact that The Master Negoitiator sat there with folded arms. Stoic, not taking sides. No out of synch arm or hand movements. No emphasis but with words.

Waiting for Dr. Lee's diagnosis.


remember frankie pantangeli in the godfather, it was that kind of a hearing,

Jim Eagle

I had previously suspected that typing in ALL CAPS for emphasis was a hallmark of the criminally insane


You're calling GUS "criminally insane"?


Steny looked like his dog died every time Trump agreed with him, but added conditions.

I thought the "add earmarks back in" coming from Trump made it so the uniparty has to fight that now instead of the push we heard about earlier.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--and they left something in there--

I hope it was intentional.


An example of this in Russia today …

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A Russian historian whose exposure of Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s crimes angered state officials is due to begin enforced psychiatric testing this week amid fears he will be falsely declared insane, his lawyer said on Tuesday.




"I like the fact that The Master Negoitiator sat there with folded arms. Stoic, not taking sides. No out of synch arm or hand movements. No emphasis but with words.

Waiting for Dr. Lee's diagnosis."

Speaking of out of sync----has the good doctor taken a look at some of the crazier facial expressions that H. Clinton has put forth over the course of the election. My guess would be no!!
Why do you think that is????? Hmmmmm.


From Ext's 03:03:

It's totally confounding that Senator Feinstein would unilaterally release a transcript of a witness interview in the middle of an ongoing investigation---a witness that Feinstein herself subpoenaed last year for lack of cooperation. Her decision was made without consulting Chairman Grassley even though he said he'd consult with her before releasing interview transcripts. But more importantly, Feinstein's unilateral decision was made as the committee is still trying to secure testimony from other witnesses, including Jared Kushner. Her action undermines the integrity of the committee's oversight work and jeopardizes it's ability to secure candid voluntary testimony relating to the independent recollections of future witnesses.




Captain Hate

Levin invited 1-2-3 Look at Dr. Lee on his show but the shrink chose not to battle Ol' Yeller.

Jim Eagle


I think daddy is sort of inviting your insane criminality up to Anchorage to keel his moose so he can walk without impaling himself.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Does Grassley have the power to kick that old bag off the committee? If he does, he should.

Clarice Feldman

I type in all caps when my cap lock is stuck and I don't notice it in time. Sue me.


Hope you're feeling better Jane.

I don't blame the honest and hardworking rank and file FBI agents. I think for the most part, these people are good and honest and have carefully chosen a career that demands a solid education. You're ten years into a pension with a stiff mortgage, three kids and two car payments. Where are you going to go with your CJ degree now that you're too old to start over? I blame the political appointees at the top...Robyn Gritz, case in point.



Jack, I'll club him with LARRY CARLTON'S ES-335. It'll look like a MOOSE did it.

note to self: insure ES-335


Perhaps Grassley could recommend Sessions indict her for obstruction of justice.


Clarice, I think you meant. SUE ME.


Cornyn all in with DiFi on the release. Must be hiding his own swampy guilt.


simply stupid

I think Feinstein released the stuff to protect Steele from the DOJ referral by Grassley and Graham. Steele wiill know what Simpson testified to.


BREAKING: Former Idaho Lawmaker Commits Suicide After Sex Abuse Claims

Hixon is the second lawmaker under investigation for sex abuse to commit suicide recently.

Kentucky State Representative Dan Johnson, who was under investigation for alleged sexual molestation, committed suicide on December 13th.

Johnson posted what appears to be his suicide note on Facebook, in which he still maintained his innocence. He had previously called the allegations “part of a smear campaign against Republicans.”


Well Feinstein's action shows to all the world what an unprincipled partisan she is in trying to protect the Anti-Trump criminal Cabal, and it also frees Grassley to act in the same manner she has acted in future.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Folded arms is usually a signal that you will not move in your position. I noticed that as well but it was at the end when he was pushing the press out.

Ralph L

I'm not too sure about the bold people.

Ralph L

And then there are the typoists.


Judge Napolitano on with Shep telling Shep that Trump should not sit down with Mueller. Shep appears to not be happy about Nap's argument.

Judge Nap says he thinks Trump will screw up and decide to sit down and answer questions for Mueller because Judge Nap thinks that Trump knows Trump did nothing wrong and thinks Trump believes he can talk his way out of problems with Mueller, but Judge Nap strongly advises him not to do that since Mueller has 2 Grand Juries, one in Manhattan and one in DC, and he can pick whichever Grand Jury he wants to indict ham sandwich Trump for misstatements.

Janet 🚬

This is good - 40 years of Democrats defaming the IQ of Republican presidents


Jim Eagle


I only watche the Utube version and he had them folded when he let Steny and Durbin speak. BTW, Martha McSally made the most consequential point: Make this happen so we can fund our military who are at risk without the appropriations that are hostage to this damn DACA BS.

Anyone who can drive a Warthog is not someone to disagree with:)

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

I listened, but didn't watch it all so I'm sure you are right. I really thought it was great.

Jim Eagle


I love Arurtz Sheva. Use to get it delivered to me in London. Also, Haaretz for the other view:) You need to know the opinions and the players to do work there. If they think you are a stupid, unworldly guy or lady, you'll never get work of to knock on any door.


Astronaut GROWS 3.5 inches after just 3 weeks in space...

I wonder if everything grows up there? Do you guys think the JOHNSON Space Center might know?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In this case I agree completely with Napalitano.
What does Trump have to gain from talking to Mueller?
Had all of them kept their damn mouths shut this thing would have already been wrapped up and done long ago.
The only two scalps are two guys who talked to the FBI about perfectly legal things.
Not 4D chess.


I had previously suspected that typing in ALL CAPS for emphasis was a hallmark of the criminally insane and she pretty much confirms me in that opinion.

Some might GUSh that it's just a show of GUSto.


Waiting for Dr. Lee's diagnosis.

Bandy Lee approves of the straitjacket approach, and thinks the folded arms are a good step in that direction.

Old Lurker

I agree Iggy. Trump has nothing to lose with his supporters for not being interviewed, and he has the world to lose with a bunch of slippery gunslingers who are motivated to slay him and who have been, shall we say, shoddy in the past about legal formalities.

The only outcome that would be a win for Trump is if Mueller leaves the interview, goes to the camera and reports there is nothing whatsoever of concern with Trump. Odds of that: Negative gazzilion %. So Probability Theory calculates the Expected Value of the Outcome at Negative Gazillion.

No brainer.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jeremy W. Peters‏Verified account @jwpetersNYT



...Trump believes he can talk his way out of problems with Mueller, but Judge Nap strongly advises him not to do that...

I'm pretty sure that laymen who feel they have nothing to hide always want to talk to prosecutors, and their lawyers always advise against it.


Elliot Spitzer speaking in ALL CAPS:

“I don’t know who the F--K you think you are! I’ll F-----G have you killed!”

"I’ll get a F-----G knife and stab you right in your F-----G C--K!”

“You know what’s going to happen to you? You’re going to be F-----G dead.” You’re going to die a slow painful death and your family is going to look at you and laugh because you’re a F-----G B---H.”

Miss Marple the Deplorable

It's official:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I figure if Trump plays Let's Make a Deal with Monty Mueller there's a 100% probability there's a goat, a strozk and an ohr behind all three doors.


Such is the refinement of a Horace Mann and Columbia man

Janet 🚬

Coming Out As A Republican To My Democrat Family Went Worse Than Coming Out Gay

I reached my threshold where no amount of hypothetical Republican bigotry or greed could approach the magnitude of hypocrisy, corruption, or criminality I saw rotting Democrats.



Martha MacCallum
Verified account

BREAKING: Bannon out at @BreitbartNews


I knew daddy would show moose porn next. I swear

Jim Eagle

For God's sake, he is the POTUS and has no obligation whatsoever to speak to anyone he doesnl't want to speak to and that includes this asshole marine Mueller. And yes, he is putting a big fat black eye on the integrity and honor of my jarhead friends.

Fire the SOB now and challenge those righteous traitors called Democrats to "bite my ass". This charade has gone on too long.

Trump has the patience of an oyster.


THIS from fukwad Glenn Simpson's attorey....
""“He wants to be very careful to protect his sources,” attorney Josh Levy said during the Aug. 22 Senate Judiciary Committee interview of his client. “Somebody's already been killed as a result of the publication of this dossier and no harm should come to anybody related to this HONEST work.”


Clarice Feldman

Trump could do this because as all smart people know the Dems would be commiting suicide if they shut down the govt to help illegal aliens.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Bannon being out at Breitbart supports Captain Hate's and my position that he was the leaker, oin an effort to shape policy through the media, got caught, fired, and attempted revenge in a ham-handed way.

I do not think that this was some sort of plan in cahoots with Trump and Wolff.


What part of Russian fight club did they miss?

Jim Eagle


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Jim Eagle

Okay, one more time

Old Lurker

Looks like it, MM (4:33).


So, Diane Feinstein..obstructed justice , collaborated with slime like Fusion GPS.. against her oath..rules of the committee, the LAW...to help, who? The bad guys, that's who!!

Contempt her ass to Russia!!


did I do that?


The moose did that.

Jim Eagle

Back with Bosch while I Salmon Asian. Avoiding the club tonight. Waiting for Friday and the croquet club. Nobody drinks like them.

Jim Eagle

...what happened to bake?....


Time for the rule of law to make a come back.

Let the COMMIES shut down govt. BRING IT.


I seriously doubt that Feinstein's antics are going to change anything. Nunes has all the evidence he's asked for, and gets the IG stuff by the 15th. The Senate investigation wasn't going anywhere because Grassley doesn't have subpoena power like Nunes does. Senate has to have agreement between chair and ranking member to issue subpoenas, and obviously Feinstein would have stonewalled any attempt to take down Democrats. Nunes doesn't need Schiff and can issue subpoenas by majority vote. Grassley's doing great for what he can, but Nunes can get results.


Love the Bosch books. I have one in my read pile right now. I can't wait for the new season. I'm also looking forward to the "Jack Ryan" series.


Scalise to undergo surgery again for shooting injuries


I'm rereading the Sharpe series (Cornwell). Sometimes you gotta affix bayonets and storm the gap.


Jim Jordan on FOX Business talking the Strzok-Page leak E-Mails. Host David reads some new revelations and asks Jim Jordan for comments:

FOX Host David Feinstein releasing Simpson's testimony. What jumped out was Glen Simpson telling the committee that "an internal Trump campaign source" or "a human source from inside the Trump organization" reported his or her concerns to the FBI. Now to me what that says was that the FBI was actually spying on the Trump organization and working in cahoots with FUSION/GPS.

Rep Jim Jordan (R) Why would they tell Cristopher Steele that the FBI had another source, and then Steele tells Simpson and Simpson testifies "Oh, they had another source." That strikes me as extremely unusual and I would agree with you David and with your conclusion. It sort of points to this idea that the FBI was systematically and strategically leaking information to undermine the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidency after he was elected, 'cause you know they did some of this during the transition between Election Day and Inauguration Day.

David: I want to remind our viewers that the Democratic Party paid for in large part the Dossier...million of dollars from the Hillary Campaign...to FUSION to pay for this report...it is almost as if the FBI was pushing this report as if it was a report from the FBI, so in a sense the FBI was working with the Democrat National Committee to push the Trump Dossier, and this is more evidence in fact that the FBI may have even had a source inside the Trump Organization, I mean this is spying on a Political Party on behalf of another Political party.

Jim Jordan; Why would the FBI relay information to Christopher Steele that they had a second source? And if they gave him that information to Chris Steele, the same guy as you point out who is getting paid by FUSION, who was paid by the Law Firm, who was paid by the Clinton Campaign, and he is the author of the Dossier. That is a fundamental problem...That is not supposed to be how it works in this country.

David: Peter Strzok's texts with his girlfriend...another one has come out (the WSJ article)...it sure looks like they were leaking Anti-Trump stuff

Jordan: Yeah. Remember there was the other message about "the Insurance Policy."...So part of their Insurance policy is not just the Dossier, it's what we just said, systematically, strategically leaking information, planting stories, almost a self fulfilling idea that we are going put stories out there to validate and legitimize certain points that we want to get out to the Public, that will undermine the Trump Campaign. That sure looks like what they did...Thats why we need a second Special Counsel which we have called on for months now.

Jordan finished by repeating that the 2 Fundamental questions was Did the FBI pay Steele for the Dossier, and was the Dosier used to get the FISA warrants, neither of which Wray, or Rosenstein, or Sessions will answer.


Nunes has the FISA warrants. Jordan is on the Judiciary Committee so he may not know what Nunes does.


Cool LIZ plays tape of former FBI guy Jim Kallstrom, that I had not yet seen.

Kallstrom: It's clear now that there was a conspiracy involving, I hate to say it, people in the FBI. Comey and his sycophants around him that have clearly talked about how their purpose in life was to stop Trump from getting Elected and if he got Elected to institute the Insurance Policy. And that Insurance Policy in my view, and I think the view of anyone reasonable who looks at it, was basically to have this fraud Investigation against Donald Trump.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This has nothing to do with anything we are discussing. Consider it an entertainment interruption.

Video of alligators in a frozen pond in North Carolina. They allow themselves to be frozen in place with their snouts sticking out of the water. Fascinating stuff for those of us who don't live in alligator country.



Judge Napolitano's take on the same topic:

Liz: What's the implication in all this? What's going on?

Nap: The implication is the Public realization that Government Employees are the best leakers in the business, and the Justice Department, whether it's being done for political purposes, or to prejudice an audience, an array from whom Jurors will be taken against a defendant in a Criminal Prosecution, will leak to its heart's delight, whether it's Lawful or unLawful, whether it's Ethical or Un-Ethical, so though I am dismayed by this, I am not surprised and in some respect it is gratifying, because the Public needs to know about it. This is not a Left versus Right, this is not a Trump versus Hillary although in this case it apparently was, this is a culture in Government which defies the Rules that were written to regulate the Government.

Jim Eagle

Napolitiano has no, zilch, nada credibitlity with me. He has been wrong more times than right on anything and frankly knows less of the constitution than the average American.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Bret Baier Retweeted
Robert Costa
‏Verified account @costareports
55m55 minutes ago

Per people close to Bannon, he is wistful but has referenced Thomas Cromwell in recent days, noting that Cromwell guided a King but it never lasts... and Cromwell was eventually sent to the Tower.


If that truly comes from Bannon, he is positioning himself as a martyr, and the next step will be to position himself as a critic or perhaps even an opponent.



Video of alligators in a frozen pond in North Carolina. They allow themselves to be frozen in place with their snouts sticking out of the water.

CooL, Miss M.

What that behavior tells me is that they are at the top of the food chain and are not worried about predators, since they are the biggest predators around. What would be surprising would be to see if prey species do something similar and my bet is that they do not.


Interesting casting of eleanor wish and Julia brasher from the books.


I agree with you wrt Napolitano.
I have faith in Nunes.
He will succeed where others have been stonewalled.
Short term extension on budget to fund government Expiring around the same time as the deadline for the DACA fix.


Don't talk to the police.

This is a great 30 minute video - Regent Law Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why they should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials. The talk also includes a response by a Norfolk, VA police detective.

I am sorry but I cannot remember where I got the link from.


Jim Eagle


And Maddy. But it's modern day Harry not one who crawled through tunnels in 'Nam.

I never thought of Irvine that way but Jerry Edgar is perfect.

Frau Leherin a.D.

What's the fine for bringing up my thoughts from two threads ago? I didn't know the caravan had rapidly moved on...

Thanks Clarice for all the updates. The fab DiGenova radio interview was something I listened to yesterday. As always, Joe is worth listening to. I would trust him with the entire country.

maryrose, I was a teacher--K-12 including high school German--and have been known to blow my Acme Thunderer more than a few times at recess. It's beyond my ability to take a JOMer to task. It's like DJT. Often he embarrasses me (Bigly); sometimes I wish he would get his hair cut, etc.; but in the end I look at what he is doing and contributing. He is outstanding. Bigly.

We have some strong folks here and some have bigger buttons to push. Snark doesn't bother me as much as contined bickering, but "that's the way I roll."

Posted by: Frau Leherin a.D. | January 09, 2018 at 03:47 PM

Janet, the number of government employees who feel they can deny the public information about their activities is maddening. What must we as citizens do to show they do not have that entitlement? I am truly at a loss. Elections have not changed it. How are these career employees removed?

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