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January 21, 2018



TM! On top of the thread world!


Just to see what the libs are saying...

Yes, please, release the memo.


Grateful Fred

I was able to read Clarices Pieces at AT without it freezing up the Kindle. Thx.


They've been flacking gornisch so long they can't tell the difference nor care.

Great pieces clarice.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ha! My daughter is on the phone explaining to a friend how members of Congress are able to do insider trading and not get in trouble, while making millions of dollars.


Here's a piece doubting the bombshell nature of the memo, citing 4 ways it can be released and implying that the fact that it hasn't been lends credence to charges that R's are exaggerating its contents.

I'll admit I'm sympathetic to this argument.



No the fact that it has not been released indicates there is something of significance why they had to force Ellis and Cohen ratnick out.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Per MM last thread;
Mom posts heartwarming video of daughter singing with her Down Syndrome brother and a-hole prog does what a-holes do;

Music therapy works. That’s why you’re all hypocrites for defunding the arts in schools. #resist

How are we to coexist in a civil, self governing society with perpetual adolescent a-holes whose only desire is to recreate an already ugly world in their still uglier image?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

FOX 9 Sports
‏Verified account @Fox9Sports
1h1 hour ago

Good morning from Philly where crews from the city are greasing the light poles with Crisco to prevent #Eagles fans from climbing after the #NFCChampionshipGame tonight. #Vikings pregame coverage starts at 3 on FOX9. They call themselves the #CriscoCops


(Picture at link.)


Turkish Tanks Cross Into Syria As Ground Offensive Against US-Backed Militia Begins

Jim Eagle

That Think Progress article is pure self-fulfilling prophecy without the memories of Susan Rice admitting she made unmasking requests of Trump's campaign.


Seeds of disinformation are taking roots. The Dems are experts at pre-empting bad news by getting out in front of it and making sure their allies in the press and think tanks (oxymoron)start a campaign of pooh-poohing it before it becomes public knowledge. By the time of the release it will be crickets all the way down.


Don Surber gets the chilling tweet from Twitter mgmt,


" implying that the fact that it hasn't been lends credence to charges that R's are exaggerating its contents."

What? Unlike the 100's of investigation related leaks by the Left that have been shown to be either an exaggeration, out of context or a complete fabrication?

Seems like quick release of information to date is what has been shown to be a consistent fraud.


Good luck Jags and Vikings!
Release the memo and let it all play out.
Shutdown: theater kabuki and s chance for Dems to shoot themselves in the foot.
President Trump must be clear- no pay for those employees that didn’t work.
Let the broke D Party make these people solvent after voting to furlough them.


Here's a piece doubting the bombshell nature of the memo, citing 4 ways it can be released and implying that the fact that it hasn't been lends credence to charges that R's are exaggerating its contents.

I'll admit I'm sympathetic to this argument.


Posted by: Extraneus | January 21, 2018 at 09:50 AM

Extraneous, Conservative TreeHouse has already explained rather convincingly why that is nonsense. But you don't need any of that, IMHO. My prior faith and patience post is hard to refute (if not, please do so).

1. Here is an example of why @ggreenwald , and those who support him, are dangerous. I shall dissect this article claims and explain: https://t.co/SDds0gfmdt

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) January 20, 2018

So . . . come on, Extraneous. Give up the ghost. I give credit to the Obama and Clinton cartel; they layered traps in everywhere. They have PR hacks and Democrats with Bylines; even favored anarchists -- rabble rousers everywhere demanding quick action, knowing they play on our historic lack of patience.

But whether *you* can be patient or not, their goose is cooked and you'll just have to wait to see the table set and the meal devoured.

And then, multiple scandalized people go to prison for years and years.


Polls cited at PowerLine claim most people blame Repubs, and simultaneously think that DACA is way less important than having govt up and running.

One hopes for a lengthy shutdown with daily votes that allow Dems to prove that they are responsible. Let it sink in.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's the video Iggy is talking about. It's really sweet and worth watching. (Ignore the comments - I do.)


Beasts of England

I can't remember the fourth team today - Jaguars, Patriots, Vikings...


"Operation Olive Branch" for an armed invasion against American backed forces? No wonder BOzo and Erdogan were besties. They literally couldn't keep their hands off each other.


"Ignore the comments" - What kind of monsters would post negative comments about that unbelievably sweet video? Hateful Dems enraged that the smiling boy wasn't aborted?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Re Jim's 9:57; I may have to change my avatar. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

There was only one creepy comment that I saw Deb, but it bugged me, so I posted it upthread.


Video comment: "Music therapy works. That’s why you’re all hypocrites for defunding the arts in schools. #resist"

I take that as an affirmation of the video but a slap at Rs supposedly cutting funds to music/arts in schools. Throw out the "you're all hypocrites for" and I'd agree that arts in school can be life-savers for many kids and should be valued more, not less.


I have no choice but to be patient, RG, but Sundance hasn't convincingly explained much to me yet. I appreciate his factual info - definitions of FISA statute sections, backgrounds of key players and such - but his stuff is usually too peppered with suppositions and wishful thinking for my taste.

Republicans can't even stay on the same page over fundamental philosophy, yet they've all somehow agreed to be quiet about the biggest scandal in history, with giant rats already caught in the trap? It defies logic, but I'm still hoping you're right!

Captain Hate

There's no evidence the guitar player learned how to play because of any arts funding in public schools. I'm not against having music taught there but chances are they do the usual substandard job as they do in everything else.

Jim Eagle

For all you football boycotters looking for an engaging alternative, the Six Nations Test Rugby begins February 3rd on NBCSN (requires cable or the App and either Fire, Roku or Apple TV). Two matches on Saturday
Wales v. Scotland from Cardiff is the early game, then France v. Ireland from Paris. Then on Superbowl Sunday you get England v. Italy live from Rome.

Both Saturday games will the more competitive especially France-Ireland. These games are only Round One. Whoever wins the best of 5 takes home the trophy. Its been a long time coming to major US TV. Don't miss the action: Real men, no kneeling, continuous action for 40 minutes each half.

Man Tran

Lovely out here. Blew 50 kts+ all night. The extension cord to the mainland got pulled sometime during the night. Got the genny going at first light, so we can have our lattes. Now for some Pieces. (Innerwebs via cell only.)


Terrifying video shows pilot handle a sideways landing as 70-mph winds rock plane


Have y'all seen this tease from CBS for the game? Phenomenal shiznit, man:

The NFL’s David vs. the NFL’s Goliath, for the right to play in the Super Bowl.

Our tease for @Jaguars-@Patriots featuring @JohnMalkovich will get you AMPED for the AFC Championship Game on CBS. pic.twitter.com/DYClwgcTAW

— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) January 21, 2018

Click that Twitter link, my friends. You Patriots fans do remember David and Goliath, right?

Y'all be some doomed mickey-fickeys, man, doomed !!!


"For all you football boycotters"

Enjoy the game(s), watchers, but I'll gladly abstain. :) :)

Captain Hate

I couldn't care less about today's games and it's all because of Goodell being a terrible commissioner and the owners being too stubbornly dense to replace him.


I've not watched a single down so far this season. Can't see that changing today.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If my choice is the Feds unconstitutionally interfering in local school programs or no kids being taught music in school, I'll take the latter.
Of course states and localities can teach music all they want as can parents without violating the supreme law of the land.
Maybe we could try that route.


Although I hate the Patriots and hope they lose in humiliating fashion, I have no desire to watch the games today, either. I've never made a conscious decision about it, but I guess the kneelers just turned me off more than I realized.


Mulvaney Calls Bullsh*t: Schumer Only Offered to ‘Authorize’ Wall Funding, Not Actually Spend Money

“The president is absolutely interested and wants to get DACA fixed but what with you’ve just read really bears a close read which is what the Senate minority leader said was to authorize $20 billion. I know it’s getting real deep down in the weeds. You can authorize left and right but it’s appropriating the money that makes the difference. He wants to authorize the wall to be built but doesn’t want to spend the money to get it built. There was money authorized in 2006 that Mr. Schumer voted for for a wall that still hasn’t been built because that money hasn’t been spent.

Comanche Voter

I don't know, nor really much care what's in "the memo". OTOH, the idea of its release has my loathesome Congresscritter Adam Schiff upset. So there is that. And upsetting that lying little twerp is always a good thing.

Kevlar Kid

""Music therapy works. That’s why you’re all hypocrites for defunding the arts in schools. #resist"

1. Compare statewide longitudinal data on the cuts to arts (and physical education programs-- flippin recess time too) since the 90s with the *INCREASE* in district-wide administrative "costs" (in California these are part of the unfunded liabilities more-ass.

"Where have all the crayons gone? Long time passing. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn." Joan Baez, radical conservative cousin in Berkeley

2. One of my sons learned to read music and dabbled in jazz trumpet and concert trumpet. Three years fully underfunded program supported by FUCKING PARENTS! Public school. Despite year after year parcel taxes end runnning prop 19 for the "Cheeldren."

3. To hell with the #resist Tories. Washington warned of the revolution in this country that must remain vigilant and ongoing "lest we go down the path of the Nation we've just defeated." Or something like that. Just finished binge watching "TURN, Washington's Spies." I am ready to increase my participation in this fight against the cancer of progressivism. Hand-to-hand. Three physical encounters last year. Resist this, Conchita.


I'm curious how much, if any, federal interference was exerted on public schools 60 years ago. RSE, where are you?

I took music lessons in elementary school (couldn't wiggle out, music teacher and my mom played violin together in the Symphony) and it was excellent. This was in a small city of 50,000 in NW Ahia.

Also excellent in the local system I live in now, but that is probably more a function of demographics, not whether feds are messing or not messing.

Beasts of England

It's already 50° here on its way to 65° - I'll be doing something out of doors this afternoon. Although I may catch the late game. Featuring the Eagles. ;)


Aside from the obnoxiousness of that comment about some unidentified "you" who are "hypocrites for defunding the arts in schools," the fact is that defunding of arts has generally been the decision of school boards and administrators, not evil Fox News watchers. It's been done despite enormous increases in school spending budgets, increases that are generally approved by the same evil Fox News watchers that this commenter is sniffling about.


We could probably do a great job "funding" the arts if we weren't spending money on adding 3rd bathrooms at the schools.

That kind of virtue signalling costs real dough.

Jim Eagle

How is it the business of the Federal government to fund the arts? Or, state and city governments for that also. Just like PBS/NPR, why? Plenty of corporate and foundational support as well as the ubiquious monthly telethons.


That's always the threat when the upstart citizens vote not to increase the school budget.

"Oh well, we'll just have to cancel music now. And sports, and bus transportation."


going outside to roast some coffee beans. I hope that the football ratings are way down and that only one person watches the Jaguars game, and the media find him and interview him.....our very own


CNN Reporter: Russia Is ‘All We Talk About At CNN,’ But Voters ‘Don’t Care’

“I’m so interested to see how the Russia investigation affects things, because so far, out in these districts when you talk to people about Russia, and that’s all we talk about at CNN basically, they say they don’t care,” Maeve Reston, a national politics reporter at CNN, said on “Inside Politics.”

“It doesn’t have any effect on their lives.”


Reston also said on Sunday that in her interviews with voters, she has seen growing confidence in the economy during President Trump’s first year in office.

“You are starting to see that uneasiness about the economy sort of dissipate,” she said.

“Remember, even in 2016 when we went out to these swing states and talked to voters, there was still this fear that things were suddenly going to turn down again.”

“You don’t feel that as much anymore.”

Clarice Feldman

Maybe CNN could run a story or two on the missing Malaysian airliner.


"I can't remember the fourth team today" etc. The fourth team is the Frankford Yellowjackets. You could look it up.

Kevlar Kid

1. I think the NFL is an institution worth saving. It needs a massive craniotomy and some owners like Dean Spanos of the loathsome Chargers organization need to be pastured.

2. As a former baller I counsel many a high school player of the sport of mayhem. First and foremost is teaching them how to tackle properly because so many coaches never learned. The concussion problem is a coaching problem.

Not one concussion all the way through college ball for 181 of my guys. Not a one. And they are some of the hardest hitting players anywhere.

3. League efforts to spawn flag football leagues are important for youth to learn the discipline of the game. Too many learn a stereotype of the sport. Young craniums shouldn't be subjected to helmet wearing turbulence. Period.

4. Roger Goodell is a criminal. But he is also a cork in the asshole of progress. The game has evolved in so many ways, from leather soled knee-eating cleats to rules of engagement for pass defenders. It can evolve, rightly or wrongly, like anything else. Why should the Left control the agenda with our help?

5. There has been coverage and discussion this week from AT and some here on JOM about the demasculinizing pincers of the PROGs. Fuck em. Football is a challenge to a special minority of young males (and regrettably girls now) to learn how to fight and win battles over self, learn teamsmanship, and rules for fair competition. It teaches the value between winning and losing and how both are instructive polarities about the realities of carrying a pair of functioning nads throughout life into our dotage.

Not sayin that the non-players can't get to there without football. But this isn't about absolutes. This is about options. My charges are guys that need to get the physicality in their bodies under control. Many have gone into quality martial arts programs at my behest (2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do/Tae Kwon Do) to incorporate a deeper spiritual path into their legends. But football opened the door for *THEM*.

Why this outpouring?

I have chosen a side once again. This final round of near-terminal illness afforded me a lengthy time to re-evaluate my priorities in:

a. Family code
b. Wealth creation
c. Civic responsibilities
d. Cultural engagement and contributions
e. My person science education (includes mathematics and astronomy)
f. The Law
g. Life as dictated by my physiology--- guiding principles for conduct and thought
h. Leisure pursuits
i. Training youth who cross my path and seek counsel.
j. Writing

Yes it is an orderly list but the order isn't an order of priority.

Oh, and it was an epiphany when the Raiders hired John "Chucky" Gruden to lead the team so it survives Las Vegas.

We all got to work it out--- not just be reacting all the time (not that all you boycotters are doing so.) But i felt i overreacted when the Steeler tackle Villanueva got crapped on over the kneeling protest.

When I observed Marshawn Lynch stick his dick in America's face down in Mexico, I began my boycott of him and his entrepreneurial ventures. I withdrew capital with a friendly smile.

There are more brothers who are on them sidelines *BECAUSE* of the cops in their neighborhoods growing up, the service rendered to their families, than this cheap sentimentality of "growing up hard" and "Fuck the Police" garbage.

That's where I come out on it.

PS: I am not a veteran. That is a reality I have not known in this first round of American lifetimes for me.

But I have taken slights, offensiveness, abandonment, criminal mistreatment by administrative systems, misrepresentation in the media and in the courts *BASED ON WHO I AM, HOW I HAVE SERVED, AND WHO I WANT TO BECOME IN THE TIME I HAVE LEFT.

I know what it is like to sacrifice *EVERYTHING* for my beliefs and my unpopular actions. I know what it means, based on my actions and reflections upon those actions, to do what is right at risk of losing everything--- even blood.

So I know one thing at least about why a vet would say screw the NFL and the horse it has ridden into the ground. I get it.

This is every person's individual choice and I have made mine.

I do not expect to be criticized for making it, the same way my vet buddies who are avid ex-ballers and season ticket holders do not expect to be criticized for making their choice. This is still a freer country than most.


George Washington Kev


Facebook meme noted at BJG

"While I was at work yesterday a man broke into my house and was ransacking it when the police, alerted by my alarm, arrived. Unfortunately, the intruder brought his 10 year old daughter with him, and the police say that she now gets to live in my house forever…and I must feed & educate her, and pay for her medical care. AND, the police said that once her father gets out of jail, HE gets to come live in my house as well!”

Kevlar Kid

My catlick grade school had choir for musical training. Singing songs in Latin... I miss those days.

To teach me how to read musical charts, my folks sprang for guitar lessons starting in the 5th grade. My cousin got an electric guitar and one summer during my visit gave me his old acoustic Silvertone. It was a wristbreaking ordeal to play but I learned on it before I got one of the first Yamaha's imported into the US a year later.

Classical charts, jazz charts, flamenco charts and even writing a few of my own---- the depth appreciation for what guys like GUS can do with an axe knows no bounds in me. I'm reviving it as my official hobby, to bring me some form of single-minded pleasure in an increasingly upside down Nation.

Kev de Castile

daddy on iPad

Didnt expect this: EU BOMBSHELL: Macron admits France would vote to LEAVE EU if country held referendum

And on a day when Frau Merkel is on the verge of going 'tits up.'

Janet 🚬

from FB friend.

Parody account -

Donald J. Trump‏ @reaIDonaldTrunp

Thicc Latinas will NOT be deported!



Janet 🚬

also - " Automatic citizenship if you've been on the cover of Lowrider magazine or in a Pitbull music video... "

Janet 🚬

CNN: Gov’t Shutdown Risks an Undetected Asteroid Strike


Kevlar Kid

Bezos steps in dookie:

The Whole Foods empty shelves debacle is comical here in Berkeley and Oakland (I think there are 4 stores total--- oversaturate much--- plus new "Sprouts" stores popping up like gas stations used to).

When he bought the overstaffed monstrosity i think they cut labor costs somewhat by stopping the rampant hiring they are known for. Woopz.

How do you like me now??

Here's the ungovernable AT link:



And here's the BOAT's hype vid for ya RG!



hilarious elission by Macron, daddy. apparently the Brits shouldn't have been permitted to say "no" to the Eurocracy, only to place soon-to-be-disregarded (and non-"hateful") comments in the EU's imaginary suggestion box.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hi, we had to run some errands this morning. Yesterday when we were at Kroger they were out of the Kroger brand of instant coffee and we didn't want to pay for the more expensive Folgers. So we went to Aldi's today, which was ALSO out of the Aldi's brand and only had the more expensive Nescafe, which was the same price as the Folger's at Kroger.

Very odd. My daughter thinks that a lot of people have suddenly wised up to how expensive those Keurig coffeemakers and K-cups are and have gone back to instant. (This is a huge bee in her bonnet. She hates Keurigs and considers them both wasteful and environmentally unsound. ) It was an odd coincidence, so maybe she is right.


Good afternoon! Hubby was told by a buddy on the morning dog walk that Tom Brady has 25 stitches in his hand. The injury is a severe gash in the web of his hand involving the thumb. I reminded hubby to consider the source,his buddy is from Pittsburgh and a huge Steelers fan. Ha.


Kev, your own inventory is the easy part. Finding suppliers that can respond fast enough is key to not holding inventory. (Supply chain software is my main business. Great software does not fix people. Whole Foods had OK software). ;)

Kevlar Kid

Mick Mulvaney on Fox News Sunday. FYI

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's a thread on Trump and the funding for the Wall since the election.


RG, if you don't follow this guy, you should!



You bring up a good point about disinformation. Let's imagine that all the information that is now coming out was released just after Trump's inauguration. A time when resistance was greatest and Trump had not consolidated his administration.

Everything would have been dismissed out of hand as a ploy by Trump to deflect from his seeming unpopularity. It would seem like a partisan attack on the previous Administration which whether deservedly or not was seen in good light.

However, at this time after the MSN has been thoroughly discredited, with his own people in place, the information will be more effective and devastating. Public opinion has turned and many more will accept the evidence once it is presented.

I almost forgot, there is one more and very important aspect of waiting until now to begin releasing the information. It comes as the Dems are trying mount challengers for the mid-terms. I am of those who believe that all of this done with advance planning, on purpose. I do believe that the circumstances have presented themselves and that Trump and company, recognize it and put themselves in a position to take advantage.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Oh, look! Others noticed that Tweet this morning. (By the way, there have been no additional Tweets to distract from that one, and it is the FIRST thing you see if you go to the President's Twitter feed.

Very stable genius with Twitter!

Kevlar Kid

Mick Mulvaney started off shoving a pipe up the Rat's cornhole by answering this Piss Wallace question (man he is lookin old): "What will we see on this shutdown."

MMulvaney: "Well, let's start with what you won't see like during the Obama shutdown. We aren't weaponizing the shutdown....."

Wallace is trying to nail Mulvaney and is clearly outmatched.

"but you don't have 46 Republicans? you need 51 and you dont have your own house in order.

And yet if you don't have 9 Democrats for 60 what difference does it make, Chris."

Wallace is a putz.

"President Obama wanted that shutdown. This President has worked really really hard to avoid the shutdown."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Chad Pergram
‏Verified account @ChadPergram
2m2 minutes ago

McConnell accuses Schumer of “taking hostages” as part of the gov’t shutdown


AP doing it's best to cover news with a pillow


10th para:
"One of the messages [BETWEEN STROHK AND PAGE] references a change in language to Comey’s statement closing out the email case involving Clinton, Trump’s Democratic opponent in the 2016 presidential election. While an earlier draft of the statement said Clinton and President Barack Obama had an email exchange while Clinton was “on the territory” of a hostile adversary, the reference to Obama was at first changed to “senior government official” and then omitted entirely in the final version."

Not earth shattering, maybe, but certainly instructive.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is an interesting thread about how the media pushes us towards group think.

Highly recommend reading this!



btw, the FBI also told Congress that it has inadvertently lost 5 months-worth of Strohk's texts.

matt - deplore me if you must

Belichek is the master of disinformation. We will see what is up his sleeve at kickoff.

I remember an playoff game in 2002 when he pulled a Brady out of his hat.

So, does Angela stay or go? Much rides on this.


A text from Page also makes clear that when Lynch said she would wait to see what the FBI recommended she already knew they would recommend no charges for Clinton.
- On the day before Clinton was even "interviewed" by the FBI

Kevlar Kid

Fox Sunday was unwatchable. Piss Wallace is such a Never Trumper weenie. I am surprised he didn't make the crease in the Rat's Pantleg.


>>>CNN: Gov’t Shutdown Risks an Undetected Asteroid Strike


Posted by: Janet 🚬 | January 21, 2018 at 12:42 PM<<<

SMOD!!! Losing out on 2016 finally making a showing!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Chad Pergram
‏Verified account @ChadPergram
37s37 seconds ago

Offstage, group of bipartisan senators trying to cook up a compromise they can present to both sides. Group ranges from 15-18 mbrs


Lynch, Holder, Clapper, and Brennan are the first group that needs the brick wall and blindfold treatment.


What a joy to wake up to a new Clarice's Pieces.
You're the best Clarice. I thank you!

Hope everyone is doing great these days.

Thanks for the informative links, laughter & chuckles. God Bless you all & your families, God Bless our Troops, God bless President Trump, John Malkovich, and may God Bless America.

May God also help the women who would think allowing a 2 yr old child to hold a "Fook Trump" (sic) sign & think that's okay. I can only imagine what might result once that child turns 16! May God help these people develop smarter choices. It's a good thing I don't have a twitter account.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The Protest Song no one was waiting for..

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for your good wishes and God bless you, too!

Twitter is where I get my links and information. I use it as a news service. It's not perfect, but it's quicker than wading through scores of web sites. Plus, I like to see what the President has to say.

When I see stuff like the photo you discussed, I just scroll on by without comment. If you comment, you get hit by swarms of lefties, and I don't care to have a discussion with any of them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Secretary Ryan Zinke
‏Verified account @SecretaryZinke
7m7 minutes ago

Thanks to Jeff from our Parks concessionaire/vendor Guest Services Inc. for donating porta-johns and keeping visitor services open during the #schumershutdown

Secretary Zinke is really getting into this!

Donations and volunteer work! Yay!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Genius business idea! The Winebulance!

For tablet users:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Secretary Ryan Zinke
‏Verified account @SecretaryZinke
1h1 hour ago

Today we are at the Lincoln, WW2 and Washington giving out maps greeting visitors

Janet 🚬

"Never before in American history has a major political party put the interests of lawbreaking foreign nationals ahead of the interests of law abiding Americans. Yet that is exactly what the Democrats have done in holding the government hostage to extract special favors for illegal immigrants.

This is a remarkable achievement — and it’s the only achievement the Democrats can claim since blowing their “sure thing” election in 2016.

We already knew the Washington Democrats hated Trump.

Now we know they oppose not just the president, but American government, the American people and even the very concept of American citizenship as well.

They call Americans “deplorables” and illegal immigrants “Dreamers.” That tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats’ upside-down world view."



Brady's on the field throwing, no glove.


MissM: "She hates Keurigs"

Keurigs hates Deplorables, as I recall.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Dan Pfeiffer is on virtue-signaling about the shut down and asking questions designed to make the President the villain.

So, a guy I haven't seen on Twitter in months pops up. He was the first to sign up as a member at the Trump golf course and that is what his name means. He is a long-time friend of President Trump's. This is what he had to say to Pfeiffer:

Trump's First Member
‏ @Trumps1stMember
13m13 minutes ago

Why is Obama not being asked about his 'vacation' to Pakistan during college? Why is Obama not being asked about how much he 'loves the Islamic call to prayer'? Why do we all have to pretend Michelle is not fat, manly and ugly? All good questions.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's the story on the "loss" of 5 months of Strzok-Page text messages:


Why isn't this destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice?


Just another one of those "accidents," Miss M. Just coincidental, I'm sure.


>>>Ext, I think Twitter self tooled itself badly with that suck up stunt. They must hate it that DJT uses them to bypass the MFM and there's not a GD thing they can do about it. They really don't like that freedom of speech stuff. I'll repeat it: there are a lot of people in IT who would gladly design software to orderly incarcerate or dispose of people who don't think like them.

Posted by: Captain Hate | January 21, 2018 at 08:44 AM<<<

they've been successful helping China.


Here's another coincidence:



Clearly the Soros/Clinton/Obama machine has no compunction about dispatching whomever they need to cover their tracks.

Jim Eagle

Brady's on the field throwing, no glove.


But he has Rocket Tape around the wrist down to the web. Firms up the interior wrist ligament. Lots of tendons running on the interior of the hand to each finger. Interesting. Lucky he didn't cut the tendon to the thumb or index digit.

Beasts of England

The line at the car wash wouldn't be any longer if they were giving away free beer... 😎

He said that texts are missing for the period between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017.

Boyd attributed the failure to “misconfiguration issues related to rollouts, provisioning, and software upgrades that conflicted with the FBI’s collection capabilities.”

Ah yes. The old glitch excuse.

“The result was that data that should have been automatically collected and retained for long-term storage and retrieval was not collected,” Boyd wrote.


“The loss of records from this period is concerning,” Johnson wrote in a letter sent Saturday to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Tell me again why it was a smart idea to leave crooked people in place at DoJ and FBI, who are still there to this day?


Good Luck Jag fans, we'll know soon JiB


The afterbirthers were adamant that the people at the DOJ and FBI were lawful good all the time without exception. That is why they didn't look into Arpaio's sworn affidavit about the fraudulent nature of Obama's identification documentation.

Something must have changed since then.

Jim Eagle

between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017

Purely coincidental that May 17, 2017 is when Mueller was appointed as SC. Nah, no relation. Pure serendipity and happenstance.


btw, the FBI also told Congress that it has inadvertently lost 5 months-worth of Strohk's texts.

How interesting. I think my memory is correct here but welcome correction:

In the Scooter Libby Case IIRC FBI Agent Eckinrode lost some of the notes of his interviews with Scooter Libby that might have helped exonerate Libby, so losing those notes was to the FBI's advantage.

In the Ted Stevens Case, FBI Agent Kepner in many instances took no notes, then when ordered to produce her interview 302 Notes by the Judge in the case, she illegally made them up off the top of her head more than a year after the actual interviews, then backdated them, and when questioned about it she lied under Oath about having done that. Then when caught, she later admitted she had lied under Oath. Stevens was falsely convicted, and she received no punishment of any consequence other than a letter in her file and retraining. Advantage FBI.

And now mysteriously we are told that 5 month's of FBI Agent Strzok's texts are missing. Anybody want to guess whether that is to the FBI's advantage?

Janet 🚬

Who do we go to if the FBI offices need to be raided?


The line at the car wash wouldn't be any longer if they were giving away free beer... 😎

Got up 0 dark 30 yesterday just to avoid that. Washed it at the wishy washy.

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Good question, Janet.

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