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January 08, 2018



has anyone EVER read of the Clintons doing anything kind for an average person or even a celebrity?

Not that I recall Miss M.

You remember that just after the Election there was a story about how some homeless Black woman with slight mental problems had wandered into a Trump Hotel near Central Park and somehow she had got up to some vacant room and crashed and that when Trump heard about it he decided to let her stay there free for forever and they feed her lunch once a day or something like that. It only was reported once and it amazed me and got lost in the shuffle, but that really struck. I cannot imagine the Clintons ever doing anything remotely equivalent.

Captain Hate

The only booing last night was by the MFM. What I watched on YouTube had lots of applause and cheering for DJT. Suck it, Goodell.

Captain Hate

has anyone EVER read of the Clintons doing anything kind for an average person or even a celebrity?

I've heard that Slick has offered to give at risk underaged girls very short term Secret Service protection, if that counts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This man is obviously insane and should be institutionalized.

Captain Hate

Client 9 must have multiple STDs from whoring around to make him act that insane. Maybe that idiot Kathleen Parker knows how control that beast. Maybe the Russian mob will take him out if he roughs up one of their primo working girls. Nobody will miss that piece of trash.

James D.

I am thinking that MOST of the FBI is corrupt

Absolutely agree. Top to bottom.


I am thinking that MOST of the FBI civil service is corrupt

I doubt the Clintons / progressives restricted themselves to stuffing the FBI. e.g. Lerner et. al. at IRS, or the EPA revolving door with the greens.

Clarice Feldman

Sorry I missed daddy--always love his adventures here and abroad.


has anyone EVER read of the Clintons doing anything kind for an average person or even a celebrity?

Oh yes - I read that they donated some of their used underwear to the homeless!


Rhys Blakely @rhysblakely

Steve Hilton: "My old boss, former British prime minister David Cameron, thought Obama was one of the most narcissistic, self-absorbed people he'd ever dealt with."


I vaguely remember back after 9/11 a review of security and the theory was that 9/11 was made easier because the agencies like the FBI didn't talk to the CIA, etc.

That would be Jared Kushner's advisor:

In 1995, she[Jamie Gorlick] went on to pen the infamous "wall" memo that prevented the FBI and CIA from sharing information in the run-up to September 11. At the time, a dismayed FBI investigator wrote a memo to headquarters which included the sentence, “Someday someone will die -- and wall or not -- the public will not understand why we were not more effective."

Part of why I don't blame Bannon for being nervous about the Teen Titans political adventures.



A link to the Obama narcissist story:


Captain Hate

Feel GOOD Story of the Day:

One of the Hamas terrorist organizations most senior members is in critical condition Tuesday, after he apparently shot himself in the head in an accidental shooting.

Fawzy Barhoum, spokesman for the Gaza-based Islamist terror group, said Tuesday afternoon that Imad al-Alami, one of the movements most senior officials, was critically wounded when his personal firearm accidentally discharged.
Posted by: Nevergiveup

Is there nothing the Jews can't do!
Posted by: Jean at January 09, 2018 08:27 AM (yM/Yl)

Old Lurker

Daddy "What is it with the FBI? What is going on with their Agents in the field?"

I think the good FBI agents are still away on that Around the World Cruise they arranged for all the honorable Intel Officials who were going to rise up against the crimes of the last eight years. I think the honorable senior civil servants are on that ship too.

While it would be rude to conclude there are no honorable members of those clubs, it is obvious that they lack the balls to perform the oaths they took.


MM, James D., and others, that (the entire FBI is corrupt) is crazy talk that does not help us. And I'm talking crazy with a capital C.

Their leadership? Yes. That entirely politicized unit protected by a crazy legal opinion from Sally Yates? Yes. The whole Bureau? Hell no.

The Cliven Bundy case points to a nexus, however, that we need to examine: prosecutors with a win-at-all-costs mentality (Patrick Fitzgerald?) need to be examined MUCH MORE CLOSELY. I'm talking nationwide, federal and state. It is a very serious problem that has been overlooked bigtime.

In this incredibly narcissistic age we live in, far too many prosecutors seem to have forgotten they owe a duty first to us, the citizens of this nation. And that duty is colored by an ethos that says it is better a guilty man go free than an innocent man lose his freedom.

When we hear that the federal government has a 95% or higher conviction rate on their cases, you know damn well we have a real problem.

You combine a win-at-all-costs prosecutorial mentality within the Department of Justice (and State Attorneys nationwide) with a weaponized FBI (or state and local law enforcement) and you get what we got in that Cliven Bundy case -- an outrageous abuse of the tremendous power of government.

It is counterintuitive, politically, but this is a target rich area for Republicans . . . if handled properly. What clearer proof would Americans need that the government is *not* your friend, especially when it exercises plenary power?

Play the game right, and we win on this issue. That is part of what I think the Trump Administration has patiently processed.

They are taking down this beast, and doing so smartly. Methodically. The denizens of the Ledge will have to thank them later.

Old Lurker

Related to jumping to conclusions about White Hats and Black Hats, why in the world should Trump meet face to face with a hit squad populated with people who hate him? Mueller should submit written questions and Trump should answer them in writing.


What an incredible game last night. Both teams were champions, and it is somewhat fitting that Georgia wears the SEC crown and Bama the national crown. BoE, you lucky mickey-fickey. I still say this run is what Florida should have had and would have had if Cam Newton didn't have that episode with another students laptop.

Arrrgggghhhhh !!!

If you know your SEC history, or are familiar with the lore surrounding the great Herschel Walker, you'll laugh at this comment rocketing around Gator message boards this morning and (I suspect) other similar fan sites: Alabama stepped on their face with a hob-nail boot!

Ha !!!

There is no love lost between Florida and Georgia fans. None, in general. There is real, genuine hate. But not from me, and I feel for the Bulldogs this morning. That is two titles Bama has essentially stolen from them during this 9-year run. Two times the Tide has been outplayed and still won.

That has to hurt, hurt, hurt.

Old Lurker

RG "MM, James D., and others, that (the entire FBI is corrupt) is crazy talk that does not help us."

Absolutely disagree RG. It is wrong wrong wrong for otherwise good members of a group to lie silent as their leaders trash the reputation of their group by pursuing evil objectives. If they know their leaders are corrupt and doing things which devalue their organizations yet they keep their noses to their desks and cash their paychecks, then they have no right to be assumed different. By calling out in public the destructive nature of their silence, it is helpful in that it ought to encourage some of them to speak out to right their ship.

Having good people stay silent destroys them all.

James D.

RG, I disagree.

There are many different kinds of corruption. There's the venal political crooked kind, which obviously the FBI's leadership is riddled with.

There's also the corruption of thinking that you ARE the job, that your judgment is better than that of the people above you, which we see throughout the whole government.

Then there's the corruption of protecting your job (and your ability to pay your mortgage and feed your kids) above the good of the people you serve (and who pay your salary). We obviously see that throughout the FBI.

Finally, there's the corruption of a double standard of rules and laws and the application of same. Again, we see that through the FBI and the whole federal government.

All the "good and honorable" FBI employees who keep their heads down and don't protest when they see rank illegality and corruption from their superiors are equally guilty. And here's why: because they would not apply the same consideration to you or I that you are applying to them.

If we worked for an organization under investigation, where our bosses were targets, We would not be treated kindly. There would be no understanding that we were just trying to keep our jobs and stay out of trouble. We would be nailed to the wall as part of their efforts to get our bosses. And they wouldn't lose a moment of sleep about wrecking our lives.

So pardon me if I don't have one iota of sympathy for people who swore oaths and now ignore them because it's hard to do what's right.

Beasts of England

I've got a pre-game martini, Pahlmeyer with dinner, rare Tawny Port with dessert, in-game martinis, post-game Fireball kinda hangover - and I [redacted] love it, baby!! Woot! 😍

Old Lurker

"Their leadership? Yes. That entirely politicized unit protected by a crazy legal opinion from Sally Yates? Yes. The whole Bureau? Hell no."

I was just following orders to light the burners on those ovens at Dachau?

Beasts of England

And I'm on my second Screwdriver of the morning. And I also [redacted] love them... 😎


"Having good people stay silent destroys them all."

Remember what happened to the FBI agent who revealed the FBI corruption with the Ted Stevens trial?

No longer in the FBI. The corrupt supervisor remained employed after the other agent was given the chop.

Captain Hate

When we hear that the federal government has a 95% or higher conviction rate on their cases, you know damn well we have a real problem.

Yes there is a real problem and it's called having an unlimited checkbook to bludgeon anyone unfortunate enough to get in the Feds crosshairs into submission. Put uncontrollable egomaniacs like Client 9, Fat RINO Bastard and, yes, even Saint Rudy (what he did to Milken was unforgivable and fucked up the bond market and small company financing for years) in positions of responsibility and there's an even worse problem.


Thanks A-mom.

I',m back from my procedure. Boy I like good anesthesia. Wearing a Bravo for 48 hours with a very sore throat.

Back to bed for awhile.

Old Lurker

So you mean a FISA Court which approves 99% of snooping requests might not be doing the job citizens were promised?


Certainly hoover can be faulted for not being diligent enough about civil rights, however he is also dinged for not going after the mob, but anslinger (who headed the dea predecessor, fbn,
That arpiao and navarro were apart of) is not regarded as a heromeither. Because dealing with those criminal enterprises, gets dirt stuck on you.

Likewise the wall's influences can be overstated, as I read somewhere else there were data bases that carried the names Al midhar and al hamzi, but there were certainly analysts like Marino bowman who did not forward info up the chain to be in lauded in pdb and they were subsequently promoted. Of course there is the sticky matter that persons like al hamzi had been in Bosnia and chechnya under the auspices of prince salmans fathers foundation, the saudi high commission on Bosnia, so there was an informal handsoff when it came to scrutiny.


Re the FISA court; yes, that is precisely what I mean.

* * *

Re the entire FBI:

You make the good point about Dachau, OL, as far as it goes. But I have a love for Germans, and the way they've been singled out over the evil of their National Socialists has been something to behold.

So, yes, it is wrong. Yes, James D.

But you know what the hell it also is? Human, in the extreme. And it is humanly present in every population down from time immemorial.

We can sit around and criticize the employees within the FBI and say the whole thing is corrupt. But, in fact, the whole thing is quite human. And there are far too many people comfortable in hindsight saying what the hell they would have done if they lived in Nazi Germany (or, in this case, worked in the FBI).

I have my doubts.

Hubris and Hamartia, and all that good stuff. In other words, There but for the grace of God, go I.

This Clinton, Inc. beast is no ordinary beast. It is worthy of the great dramas passed down through the centuries as warnings about our all-too-human frailties. Give them their credit, man. They had the very best of intentions, dontchaknow?

Old Lurker

Completely true that it is human, RG.

But it is also true that sub-societies survived for a long time with Honor Codes like "I will neither cheat nor steal nor tolerate those who do."

It was the pressure to eliminate that last part which started us down the road we are traveling.

Old Lurker

Left out "lie". Sorry it has been years since I used to have to write that the backs of my exam books.

James D.

RG, it IS human, absolutely. It's human nature at its most basic. And it's inevitable.

And that is why it needs to be called out at every opportunity, and fought against constantly.

It's a hell of a lot to ask some mid-level FBI employee to risk his career and his reputation to refuse to participate in illegal orders, or to speak out publicly when he sees rank corruption above him. But that is part of the cost that comes with the power he's given. You can't have one without the other.

At least, not if you like the Republic bequeathed to us by the Founders.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Go back and read what I wrote about the FBI. It would be pretty easy, after 8 years of the Clintons, to ensure that experienced agents took early retirement (like Kallstrom did) or got moved to places where they didn't want to live (like Sioux Falls or Abilene) and thus quit.

Meanwhile you keep screening recruits for compliant types. When 9/11 happened, right after Bush came on the scene, the FBI pretty much got a carte blnche to look for terrorists, and W wasn't going to criticize them.

Then, once Obama came on board, the politicization of the rank and file proceeded without any concerns for someone stopping them. Who was going to hold them to some sort of impartiality standard - Loretta Lynch?

Institutions have a character and personality formed by the hiring and firing practices of those in charge. I have worked for companies that were known as having a heavy drinking culture, and places which had a bean-counting mentality. The FBI functions just like any other organization.

I am convinced anyone who questioned all of these shenanigans was shipped out to remote agency outposts or encouraged to find another line of work, as tthey were viewed as troublemakers.


This vision of bureau as demonic is most recently in the work of Greg iles whose natchez tretalogy has them covering up not only penny ante civil rights slayings but the big enchilada: albeit from the Dixie mafia angle.

Which is curious all through the early 90s, Edward humes in particular noted this element but once they started connecting the dots to razorback birgias wheelhouse, it became apocryphal and rex armistead became unreliable.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

For an example of another organization which created its own culture, I offer this:


This has the full complaint with details. Note particularly their screening processes for hiring.


I think the rot set in earlier, re the first wtc plot, the bureau had an informant in the sheiks outfit, who was left incommunicado in the l0key months leading up to the attack, and the handler was subsequently disgraced, (the follow on plot wee what appeared in the siege, with alterations)

Take whitey bulger he was allowed to run rampant because he had helped take down the patriarcas which redounded to the benefit of a young up and coming prosecutor named sheldon whitehouse, among others (whatever happened to him) other law enforcement who looked the other way like weld and delahunt also were promoted up the chain (im reminded the departed named one of costellos lieutenants after him)

Clarice Feldman

I'm with RG on prosecutorial misconduct. Maybe we need rules precluding them from running for political office for 5 years after they leave govt service--if simply whittling away at prosecutorial immunity isn't feasible. How many state DA's seek out high visibility cases in order to pave the way for a political run? Maybe we need to make the punishment for misconduct harsher. I don't have the answer but the Libby, Stevens, Bundy , Conrad Black, Enon fiascos should be a clear warning--not to speak of the still unpunished wis brown shirts gig.

Captain Hate

We also need to get out of this mindset that if the Feds are after someone they must have done something wrong. We all justifiably were outraged when Slick and the Beast made up some scam story to oust the White House travel people, who hadn't done a damn thing wrong, to put their cronies in place. Welp, we should subject "our side" to the same level of scrutiny.


Janet Reno is among the worst, the fuster witchhunt which was creepier than the amiraults, the favoritism in the 'hot suits' case*, those are just two examples, of course she learned from dardis who was glorified in pakulas account of Watergate, of course your own experience with Cox's wolfhound in San Diego.

Captain Hate

The world became a better place when Reno was dispatched to Hell where she's perpetually enduring the flames of Waco. For starters.


This was on Brit Hume's feed:


Love it!


Fitz was rewarded for putting Conrad black out of business and handing it over to the Barclays with a partnership at skadden which is deep into the skim from Russia, but they haven't received a battering ram as invitation. Of course Armitage couldn't have become erdogans man in dc, with a conviction could he?

Clarice Feldman



I have major Sadz.


The asterisk, involved one of her top aides who also bought the purloined suits, who was of course not charged and followed her to dc where he headed main justices intelligence unit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

And now, an interesting commercial from a furniture store in the South. DO watch it; it will cheer you up:



What happened to the dawgs in the last quarter, did they forger there was a game on?


RE: prosecutorial misconduct ...

My speculation: Organized crime has guns, money, lawyers and they fight dirty. Same for terrorism.

Lawmen who take them on learn how to fight dirty.

It might be human, it might even be necessary, but it's a problem and when they fight dirty against civilians it needs to be exposed and punished.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

All government is inherently corrupt to some extent. The only question is how much.
And because all government is monopolistic and compels compliance its corruption is vastly more to be feared and guarded against than any other.

Thomas Collins

Jealous of the ongoing glory of the Giants and Red Sox, with three World Series wins apiece in the 21st century?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Scott Adams calls this a "presidential approval poll."


Apologies if this has been linked already.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm almost as sick of Alabama as I am the Patriots.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is what happens when you impose too many regulations and taxes.

Thanks, Oregon! Indiana welcomes Blue Marble Cocktails!


In the middle ages they called trial by ordeal:



Thanks for linking the Damore/Google complaint, MM. Lots of eye-opening details, even for someone as jaded and familiar with corporate PC rot as I am.


Hey...this thread is supposed to be about Yankee hate!


Spitzers violation of the Mann act, compared to the criminal malpractice when he went after hang greenberg pales in comparison.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

David Brooks swerves uncomfortably close to the direction of the truth a couple of times but in the end reprises the ending of Thelma, Louise and David...again.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am off to the grocery store with my sister. Back later!


Ray shielded so category doesn't seep in, like Andromeda through the gaskets:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Best headline of the day at Powerline; Mark Kirkorian on those El Savadoran earthquake refugees;
It's a long, long way to temporary...


Error, doesn't seep in. I comforted myself with the bond marathon, as many others found other sources of entertainment.


a working link for narc's 10:43:

I like this:

Preening over his own lofty intellectual standards, Brooks makes a lowly grammatical mistake and no one doing the "normal" journalism at the NYT noticed: "the monotonous daily hysteria of we anti-Trumpers" should be "the monotonous daily hysteria of us anti-Trumpers."


Agree w OL and James D, while completely understanding what RG is saying about humans, thus his reluctance to condemn the entire agency.

Yes, those Germans who looked the other way, or "just lit the oven" were basically being human--looking for the survival of their loved ones, at a simplistic level, putting food on their tables, but they were at the same time essential to allow the evil that happened to occur.

So they are guilty. Of lesser crimes, but guilty.

My kids wrote out a version of that Honor Code OL mentions above on every exam they took through high school and college, and I hope it is seared on their souls.



Instapundit.com Retweeted
chrisgeidner's avatar
Chris Geidner @chrisgeidner

A federal judge on Monday ended the longstanding consent decree against the RNC for "ballot security" activities.


CNN Promotes Jim Acosta to Chief White House Correspondent


Also, Arpaio running for Senate from AZ.

Jeff B. @EsotericCD

This is actually probably good news for the GOP. Arpaio, if he makes any impact at all, is most likely to siphon hard-right votes from Kelli Ward, allowing McSally to shoot the gap in a primary.

simply stupid

Old Lurker,James D and anonmom why are you ragging on RG when all of your alma maters have been complicit in the corruption of our youth. Why are complaining about civil servants who are at the lower ranks while the Yales and Harvards have gone the full commiecrats of SJWs and are the biggest hypocrites regarding the income inequality. Why have the upper middle class who have attended these institutions in the past remained silent.


Its a touch monkey scat competition, you may have heard of Orlando Bosch and posada carries and a certain downing of an airliner in 1976, of course much of that account came from Taylor branch who would later serve as Clinton's procopius. The part you didn't know is the bureau relied on an unstable asset Richard 'the monkey' Morales to make that case stick, and self same asset would freelance to all sorts of activities, before his untimely death in 1982, he confessed to that act in an unrelated case.


This older comment was apparently eaten by Typepad because of (I suppose) a tweet from Sundance embedded within. Anyway, here goes another shot. And thank you, simply stupid, for that timely contribution.

* * *

OL / James D. / et al., you know I am with you. I'm just sayin' . . . .

MM, you are seriously overestimating the ability of bureaucrats to systematically place people in such a fashion and, more importantly, seriously underestimating their ability to achieve essentially the same results with a few enforced selections in choice positions. That's my personal opinion.

Look at what they were able to accomplish by strategically compartmentalizing the CounterIntelligence Division and even more strategically pairing that unit with the NSA's National Security Division. That was brilliant, and it almost worked.

* * *

And about that Sundance tweet referenced earlier, specualting about what "CF" refers to. Yes, the CF certainly does appear to clearly reference the Clinton Foundation. Some of you more lawyerly types, however, may need to wait for an absolute admission before speculating further.

Not for me. And I doubt not for the majority of reasonable folks trying to figure out just what the hell has happened, and is happening.

So . . . doesn't this help explain how Mueller may have been brought in by Trump expressly to help flip Comey and convince him to mitigate his crimes in the larger effort to take down the out-of-control beasts that had SCREWED WITH HIM, TOO?

And if they would screw with Comey so brazenly, who the hell is Mueller to them ???

I mean, my prior speculation about Mueller and Comey -- that is much less far-fetched now, isn't it? Hmmmmmm ???

These people in the free-from-scrutiny CounterIntelligence Division of the FBI were crazed political opportunists ensconced within a division of the FBI that Clinton, Inc. had effectively taken over. Right?

They were comfortable enough to openly speculate about throwing their boss -- THE FREAKING FBI DIRECTOR -- under the bus. Think about that. The odds Comey and Mueller are participating in this brilliant takedown operation by the Trump Administration is seriously back in play.


Also the chemical test of the fuselage, that exonerated them was left out of the story.


Must have taken me 90 damn minutes to post that shiznit.


It's a start.

Paul Bedard @SecretsBedard

Success: EPA set to cut nearly 50% of staff in Trump's first term



>>>Must have taken me 90 damn minutes to post that shiznit.

Posted by: RattlerGator | January 09, 2018 at 11:18 AM<<<

typhuspad has some strange ways.


saw that Beasts was still celebrating another National Championship.

Nick Satan will eventually have to pay for all that ...


So . . . doesn't this help explain how Mueller may have been brought in by Trump expressly to help flip Comey and convince him to mitigate his crimes in the larger effort to take down the out-of-control beasts that had SCREWED WITH HIM, TOO?

Honor among thieves? That is your basis now? Look at Comey's tweets. His head is so far up his posterior he can't even help himself, let alone Mueller or Trump.

Clarice Feldman

RG--As I read that email--CF did refer to the CF--but Strzok seemed to be targeting his boss,McCabe. Perhaps you can explain your theory in a way I can better understand.


Now this fellow who ran against Reno and subsequently went mad has a character like Morales, who is giving him his self serving gloss.


Clarice Feldman

Here's another take, RG


simply stupid, what alma mater are you talking about?
Or do you mean every college except Hillsdale?

You think I don't regularly contact mine to let them know why no further financial support is forthcoming, based on the whatever the most recent politicalized policy they've instituted is, but instead those funds go to FIRE?

I'm not a trustee, and don't meet the residency requirements to be one or even vote for one, so that's my most effective way of speaking--which I do.


simply stupid

To RG point and what Trump is going about it look at the CFPB and Leandra English who got embedded as deputy director even with the hiring freeze plus most of CFPB were obamabots when you are 50 50 nation and indoctrinated with kumbaya go along to get along you just fight for survival while your side is out of power.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Bizarre. Does "typhuspad" now have disallowed "hate" words?
Yesterday and today I tried to post several comments referring to trump as the blank of blank and the bunch of blanks he was leading out of town, only with capitalization, hyphens and slightly different terminology and and each time it was rejected.
How bout this one?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A little test; pied piper of Washington.


Try "[redacted]," iggy. Maybe Typhuspad thinks it's Lent.


Just a few thoughts about the FBI.

How many times has it been asked why the same group of people are involved in the anything related to the Clinton?

What the nexus between all these cases like the Clinton investigation and the Bundys?

The answer is simple when we think about it. They were political cases where the outcome had a desired outcome by the top leadership.

The Bundys case did not start out as a political and was handled differently at the beginning but then the Administration which was pushing the White terrorism meme got involved and everything about the case changed with the BLM getting sidelined for the FBI and other agencies.

Why isn't anyone talking or complaining? Do we know this for a fact? They can't go to the media as they will not print a story that is against the Democrats. Becoming a whistleblower had its own problems as the Obama administration went after any whistleblowers. Risking loss of job or prison for disclosing information was a real consideration. So they are left with doing their jobs, filing their reports and hoping that they will not get buried somewhere.

I do believe that there are problems at the FBI and that many people are at least sympathetic to or even on-board with the things that have happened, but to say most or all of the FBI is corrupt is erroneous.


It was from that account that I learned about that bombing in Spain, which Sanford as usual misatrributed to hezbollah, with no clear reason. Spain didn't have peace keepers in Lebanon.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Another; rats


>>>So . . . doesn't this help explain how Mueller may have been brought in by Trump expressly to help flip Comey and convince him to mitigate his crimes in the larger effort to take down the out-of-control beasts that had SCREWED WITH HIM, TOO?<<<

the two of them could just as easily not have known what their underlings thought of them. that all ... some nth dimensional chess move ... is just too fantastical. Also, if Mueller took the appointment wouldn't he be violating the ethics of his profession and risk being disbarred?

The proper forum for weeding out this corruption was the OPR, IG, and Congress exercising their oversight responsibilities. Instead of talking loudly about locking up someone in contempt of congress-actually lock someone up for contempt. Kook judges ... impeach them. Closed door hearing-put the lights on them, make 'em sweat, and broadcast them.

I'd like to see the whole cast of characters answer questions about their high school texts, which journalists they talked to and why, embarrass them with all the dirt in their messages.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This word is not allowed; D-e-m-o.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

...as in D-e-m-o-r-a-t-s.


"...unanimously approved the partial sale of the Canadian mining company, Uranium One, to the Russian nuclear giant Rosatom in October 2010."

Just before The Great Shellacking in Nov. gave Rs control of Congress.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

NPR and USA Today poopoo the ketogenic diet.


According to John Solomon in The Hill article about the texts:

The Hill reviewed nearly three dozen texts in which the two agents discussed articles, tried to track down information about a specific New York Times reporter or opined about leaked information in stories that they fretted were “super specific.”

Republican investigators in both the House and Senate say the text messages suggest FBI personnel may have had media contacts but don’t necessarily prove it.

So someone, presumably "investgators in both the House and Senate," showed The Hill the texts. Based on the date, we should probably assume that those 36 weren't from the original 375, and are part of the new batch. Only about 9,500 to go!


Just a reminder: Mueller and Comey may, not are.

We're all just speculating here, remember?

Plus, another reminder: it doesn't matter, ultimately, if they are or are not officially participating. The Administration has structured this so that either way, they are ultimately working for the exposure goal.

The only question is whether they are finally covering themselves in glory after being guilty as sin, or they are going down with the whole lot.

And rich, from everything I see the proper forum *is* the one that will be utilized. But a PSYOPS operation had to be engaged in order to take down this beast.

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

Janet 🚬

The proper forum for weeding out this corruption was the OPR, IG, and Congress exercising their oversight responsibilities. Instead of talking loudly about locking up someone in contempt of congress-actually lock someone up for contempt. Kook judges ... impeach them. Closed door hearing-put the lights on them, make 'em sweat, and broadcast them.

I'd like to see the whole cast of characters answer questions about their high school texts, which journalists they talked to and why, embarrass them with all the dirt in their messages.

Amen, Rich!!!!




Henry's post about the EPA cutting almost 50% of staff reminded me of an article in our newspaper that I don't remember being referenced here (thought I might have missed it.) It was an AP article that stated lots of people (don't remember them naming them) were trying to get Sessions out at Justice and Scott Pruitt appointed the AG.

Now, I have to smile, this would be a dream come true, but I don't think the Democrats would ever allow it.

simply stupid

Read the comments at Brooks editorial in which he begrudgingly agrees that Trump has accomplished many of his goals even though he does not admire the crease in his pants. I prefer Melania anyway.https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/01/08/opinion/anti-trump-opposition.html?_r=0&referer=

There are two americas and the progressives can not see past their noses that their agenda failed miserably.

Janet 🚬

Thanks, Porchlight.

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