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January 25, 2018



Posted by: Extraneus | January 25, 2018 at 12:35 PM

I haven't. I also haven't heard what the IG's response is to the congressional investigation. He said he found them all ... oops.


Campbell Soup is in Paris, Texas. About 30 miles north of me. It is one of the biggest employers in that area.

Nunes is Lunes




Rush just reported that the DOJ IG has recovered all of the missing Strzok-Page text messages for the time period Dec-May!



6 minutes ago a Fox News producer in Washington tweeted that the IG has located the texts. @JakeBGibson if anyone wants to watch his tweets.


Can't find a link but it is the ticker headline on Cavuto's Show:

Inspector General has recovered Texts Between Strzok and Page.


Ditto, Kim.


Per Fox:

"Text messages from a critical five-month period between Trump-bashing FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who both served on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team, have been located, Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz has told Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis."

Captain Hate

So KK is finally meeting kim, JOM's Tom Bombadil who is her own unique category. She laughs at my jokes which is mostly what I care about.

matt - deplore me if you must

The stonewalling and threats and Keystone Kops nature of the DoJ/FBI response is damning in and of itself. If there's nothing to hide, why the resistance?

I'm going to bet that McCarthy, Strozk, Page et al have known all along that they trampled all over Trump's 4th Amendment rights and if they got caught they would be screwed.

There's nothing like the fear in the pit of their stomachs and looking over their shoulders that makes me happier.

The rule of law applies to everyone.


RG has popped in occasionally, but was still dealing with the loss of his mother.

Captain Hate

Seen in airports everywhere:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have been concerned about global cooling for a long time, since I was an undergrad in the 70's. The prevailing opinion at that time was that we were in an inter-glacial period and a new ice age was coming.

When I quit work I lost track of professional papers and such. I had a daughter who needed a couple of surgeries before she was two, and then was busy with raising her and pre-school, etc.

Imagine my confusion when I was at the pool on a hot day and one of the mothers started going on and on about global warming. I thought she had misread something. Nope.

Everything had gone 180 since the 70's, with no apparent reason that I could ascertain, except for Michael Mann and his group.

I have thought about this a bit, and my considered opinion is that the climate fearmongers realized there was no money to be made in warning about cooling, because energy-rpoducing assets were already owned by oil companies, coal mining companies, etc.

So, they decided to fudge the figures so that they could profit from windmills and solar panels and the like. In the process, they bankrupted companies like Peabody Coal, closed a lot of mines, and generally wreaked havoc on US energy production, which, if allowed to continue, would have been fatal to us when another ice age arrived, which it will.

For this reason alone we should be grateful President Trump was elected.


Sandwiches causing global warming!


Kevlar Kid

Re mental autonomy (very interesting subject)-->

the low quality industrial diet eaten as combinations of various processed/packaged/served from a window "food products" affects behavior.

It does so in many ways. However, my recent experiences (since 2014 heart attack) is that mental autonomy is a casualty of the typical industrial diet.

small scale private studies used to further private practice medicine using "live foods" have found that in 3 weeks time a teen, adult, and senior aged individual can overturn mental "tyrannies" by eating live foods and exiting the contemporary industrial diet.

the mentoring activities which I coordinate begins with a required 3 phase introduction over 3 weeks:

1. eliminate all sources of any kind of sugar or high glycemic foods from their diet;

2. eliminate all wheat-based flours (eliminates glyphosate ingestion);

3. consume 8 pints of water with a small amount of a recommended salt-----

all 3 for 21 days; no exceptions. Food journal required. Simple foods. Not expensive. Easy to prepare. 63 meals in all.

mentoring activities begin after the 63rd meal.

failure to reach 63/63 means "start over." 50% quit, which means 50% will not be wasting my time.

The 50% who survive and make it first time through are feeling so good that they continue to reconstitute their diets while reconstituting their mental models about life (how they perceive experiences and how little they self-observe).

Think of it as cleaning a grimy mirror.

Takes a while, but what becomes accessible to them is a more accurate view of themselves.

This cleaned mirror triggers *zeal* to learn more. Not every lesson has to have the severity of breaking rocks in the desert.

My theory re why it triggers zeal is because the process is simple; not easy, but it's simple. And that makes it intriguing; something any girl or boy, man or woman, can do and relate to.

It's not easy. What does that mean? Mostly this--

They have to deal with an anger compulsion over being "lied to" and "not being told about the food and water supply." This begins during the 3rd week as they increase their studies on nutrition and the "food as medicine" paradigm.

I am sure to tell them that when we deny ourselves the quick rewards of sugar and starch, alcohol, and marijuana, we feel deprived and deserving of others' sympathy (this is self-pity in drag).

As our self-pity kicks in, the gateway compulsion for a myriad of addictions begins to ramp up, begins to call for a serious return to "my freedom (instant gratification via "the treat", the snack, and the goodies off the shelf.)"

As diet builds a zealous fire ever higher, the anger becomes treatable because that fire isn't being fed, literally, to the degree it had been for their entire lives.

The industrial diet feeds anger, irrationality, and contentiousness.

That anger leaves young people vulnerable to frustration that feeds their compulsion to follow a set of rules intended for somebody else (misguided/miseducated parents and relatives, crappy teachers, coaches, and bosses, et al).

The older "youngsters" i work with (21-30) are also dealing with having $5000 in debt or more including retail credit cards, gas cards, and student loans. Talk about mind control. They got there by following "somebody else's rules" about money.

The problem of deficiency in mental autonomy is huge on college campuses.

The compulsion of college faculties to build "rank and file cadres" of students and "followers" is 10 times worse than it was during my time in hire ed in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

But many of these "faculty" are mature manifestations of the industrial diet and decades of following rules crafted by somebody else and swallowed whole over time.

Sure, millenials eat a lot of kale. But by and large the refined sugar consumption is on steroids due to excessive alcohol consumption, anti-depressants, birth control pharmaceuticals, and over the counter substances.

Sugar is the narcotic of choice because it is supposedly harmless. And not everybody is drinking sugar free Coke on campus.

Government--- same general story. The food-behavior connection is dismissed by and large in casual conversation.

In formal settings, the cry is for "hard data."

Of course, the problem of sheeply Americanos has to have complexities beyond the understanding of us commoners. (sarc)

I know what I've seen and experienced for myself.

And I'm finding more and more satisfaction in mentoring young people by having revised my approach from the standard "preaching practices" model of today's cottage industry of coaching/mentoring in America.

Instead of preaching practices I ask the menteez to participate in a simple experiment on themselves, assuring them that the pharma they are on and the amount of sugar they consume is more likely to kill them than a 3 week hiatus from the government-approved industrial diet.

I am in continuous self-disclosure mode (AA taught me that if one is honest in this form of sharing, it helps to build authentic trust between two human beings).

I have a lot of work to do on myself.

My own limiting beliefs are like small robots nested in my server to influence, even control behavior.

But it is the recallibration of my filters around fundamental inputs (food, water, air, minerals etc) which have had the biggest impact in disrupting the robotic efficiency that nearly ended my life.

Those changes in food habits have fired up a bulldozer with a blade the size of China to push out "old ideas" that are potentially lethal.

Thanks for bringing up this important subject, Ig.



Wish I'd added: :)

Man Tran

Well I pinged my Friday lunch bunch about Miller and two immediately responded. One pal's dad lives on Orcas and knew him well. Another responded with this:

Warren was an amazing guy to talk with. He would engage in conversation in a "normal" voice, but if the topic shifted to his favorite subject - skiing - he would revert to his "movie" voice.

His home is on Orcas, on the southeast side of Pole Pass. Warren was always complaining about people going too fast in the pass and particularly on his side of it. He even placed speed limit buoys in the channel in front of his place - at no small cost to him. Boaters were always running over them and setting them adrift.

Laurie was a supporter of CSA - never gave money, but was willing to sponsor a picnic at their home - which was lovely. Wonderful people, great guy!

CSA is our property rights group the Mrs MT is treasurer of.


"Didn't Reagan's Secterary of State meet with State department people and have them point to their country on the globe?"

Rich: I believe he asked who they represented - Then when they pointed to the country they were going to he said no. You represent the USA.


Did the OIG say where he found the missing texts?


Notice the lower-case k...........................


he said no. You represent the USA.

Great anecdote, hadn't heard it before, or had forgotten it.

Kevlar Kid


Do you have a perspective on why DJT became a reality TV star?

It seems to me that he's framing all of his skirmishes with the media, the Deep State apparatchiks, et al as if it is reality TV.

He's mocked as being thin-skinned. But I disagree. There seems to be few scenarios this first year that he didn't frame (ultimately) to his advantage.

I learned from one of the story editors at "Big Brother" that the key to good reality tv is the capacity of a production staff to frame a good story.

Is this something DJT learned to do as a reality tv "star"?


PS: Most reality TV is crap.

But for it to succeed as a product, it has to keep a good storyline going, in order to make people give a hang.

Pro-Trump or anti-Trump, the level of engagement in American politics is off the hook.

Will that influence the adversarial side of the electorate over time in his favor?

Is that too much to hope for?

There is a movement on the Left to get rid of Schumer. Getting the opposition to wield the hatchet for you---- the height of influence with zero exposure.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Back after while. My dryer isn't heating and I have to find a reputable repair place.

It's either a fuse (hopefully) or the element (more $$$).

It's always something.

Kevlar Kid

"It's always something."

MM: that reminds me. I think i was gone for most of your crowdsource campaign and didn't read about the final results.

how did that end up? Anyone?



What's the over/under on the number of new texts from the 6-month period?

Janet 🚬

Captain's Ace link @ 1:02 is something.
Good Lord.

being a cuckold is good.

added to....
living in a tiny house is good.
no car?...that's good.
kill babies?...excellent.
can't distinguish men from women?...you're a winner.

Leftists really are insane.

Tom R

Mueller could make it as simply as asking if he met someone of such and such date and it was another date.


Mueller is looking for a process crime Tom, not a substance crime.

Ex: Question: How many times have you been to Congress?

Answer: 4

Mueller: We are indicting president Trump for perjury. He's only been to Congress 3 times.

IMO if Mueller tries to indict Trump for a process crime using something similar to your examples then any blood that is shed from all the violence that erupts due to the injustice would be on Mueller's hands.

Such an act by Mueller would be all the proof that American patriots (of any political persuasion) need to confirm Trump has been correct all along about the Deep State, the Swamp and the DC Establishment. People will realize Trump has been telling the truth all along and that it's his political enemies who have been lying to the American public. It will be proven that Trump's political enemies are also enemies of the American people.

Janet 🚬

Dan Savage is in the Ace post.
Here's an old comment on Dan Savage -

How can it be okay for a company to support Dan Savage?
When Dan Savage says this stuff he isn't called racist or misogynistic or a Christianaphobe. Why not?

*Gay Activist Dan Savage to Ben Carson: 'Suck My D**k'
*Anti-Bullying Activist Dan Savage Curses at Christian High School Students, Calls Them 'Pansy-A--ed'
*Anti-Bullying Bully Dan Savage Invites Herman Cain to Suck his D**k
*Media Love Anti-bullying Bully Who Wishes Republicans Were 'All F**king Dead'
*HBO 'Real Time' Guests Discuss Having Violent Hate Sex With Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum

Man Tran

Re Hobie, we got sucked into racing dinghies in the early '70s in Cowlumbus. Learned to sail in 505s which is kinda like learning to drive in an F-1. Jumped on Hoyle's Windsurfers as a goof off distraction and eventually raced them too. The Hobies were around, but compared to a 5-0, they were totally boring.

BTW, Jaaahn Longface is a total pussy at WS.


Appliance Repair-BBB-Indianapolis ...I've found businesses who belong to BBB, which show complaints filed + outcomes, to be a reliable guide, MM.


MSNBC’s Review of Trump Debut in Davos: ‘Uninformed,’ ‘Strange,’ ‘Nonsensical’

After the President finished a meeting with Netanyahu, Ruhle immediately trashed: “For those who understand Israeli, Palestinian relations, couldn't you argue he was pretty uninformed?” Ruhle’s anger came from Trump restating his comments with regard to a United Nations vote. On Friday, he noted: “We give billions of dollars away every year to countries and in many cases, those countries don't even support us.”

The journalist sneered, “That was just a nonsensical conversation that the President was having with the prime minister Netanyahu.” Later in the morning, Velshi returned to the MSNBC airwaves to repeat his derision: “Again, it was a very strange, uninformed conversation.”

Earlier, Ruhle looked at the video of Trump in Davos and excoriated, “When I look at President Trump right there... he's flanked almost entirely... by white guys.


matt - deplore me if you must

Old meme: Meat is Murder

New Meme: Ham & Cheese is Genocide

A few years ago I was approached by a friend of a friend, who wanted me to invest in an operation shipping Brazilian sugar cane leftovers from the fields to Europe to burn as biomass. I laughed.

Germany is using more coal than ever. They all want Jetsons autonomous cars, but we don't have the juice or the grid to handle it. It really is absurd.

I am glad Trump is punching the Chinese in the nose on solar panels. We were doing millions/year @ 2009/2010 in supplying US based panel manufacturers.

In the meantime, where we would build a 100K - 200K sq ft factory, the Chinese were building multi-million square foot factories to make panels. All the the land and utilities were gratis from local governments. Lots of central government incentives and hey, don't worry about profits.

Several of these factories had tens of thousands of employees. I visited most of them and saw it coming. When the US panel manufacturers collapsed we ended up doing a lot of business in places like Malaysia and the Philippines and Poland, where there was low cost labor. Even they couldn't compete.

And so there was a massive glut caused by Chinese overcapacity to an order of magnitude. Same thing happened in electronics manufacturing with Foxconn as the best example.

Germany has the highest per capita installed base of solar and wind in the world and yet is now burning brown coal at an accelerated rate. It's laughable. The hypocrisy is blinding. This is, I think, one reason people don't have faith in government any more.

They have wrapped it up in such a steaming pile of horse manure (of which we have a lot here in the canyon) that even LIV's are beginning to realize the game is rigged.

They all want to bring in more immigrants so they can vote SPD or Socialist or Democrat.


Comey and Mueller are guilty of bringing the DOJ into disrepute.

Tom R

This is one reason why I think Trump actually wants to testify under oath. He knows he and his team didn't collude with the Russians so they willingly cooperated with Mueller to prove it.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

IIRC, neither Leif nor Willis consider Javier too reliable, kim.


Nunes’ anti-FBI memo names McCabe, Rosenstein & Comey

As a member of the three, I would:

1) Have McCabe contrive Russian collusion with Trump.
2) Have Comey “investigate” Trump for said collusion.
3) Have Rosenstein write a memo recommending Trump fire Comey.
4) Have Rosenstein hire Mueller as a special prosecutor to investigate collusion but pirouette to entrap Trump with obstruction for firing Comey.
5) Impeach Trump for the non-crime.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


A very generous aount was donated, but I don't have the exact amount. It got transferred to my daughter's account since she still has a Paypal account. I will have to ask her.

It is still sitting in the bank, except for some money I used to finally get our furnace completely repaired, which I hope no one will mind that I used the money for that.

I have not shopped for a car yet since I am waiting until I see the neurologist on February 8. Until then, I am not to drive.
Also, I just TESTERDAY got my check from State Farm. It was more generous than I anticipated which means that when I go looking for an SUV I may have to pay more than I thought I would.

Right now, the money is sitting and waiting for me to be able to look for a car.

I sincerely do thank everyone here for their help. I think I said so before, but in case I did not, please know that it was a bright light in what has been a very dark year for me. You are very good friends.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Deb -

Thanks! I had found a company but double checked with your rating system. Good to go but unfortunately, they can't get here until Monday.

Looks like we will be going to the laundromat on Saturday so that I don't spend 3 days doing laundry when the silly thing is finally fixed!


According to Kim.com, Bannon recently hired one of his US lawyers. Is Bannon in legal jeopardy or just covering his ass?



Not sure what this means, but I liked it anyway:

⚖️‏ @almostjingo

Every @Comey tweet sounds like Beaver Cleaver on acid.


To me he sounds like he should be employed by Hallmark to write greeting cards with Deep Thoughts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald Trump Jr.
‏Verified account @DonaldJTrumpJr
3m3 minutes ago

Really fun watching main stream media defend law enforcement for the first time ever... even if it is just the 5 elitist bureaucrats guys at the top. Try supporting the boots not the suits for a change. That’s where the real risks are taken and sacrifices are made.

President Trump has some good kids.

And you can bet cash money Don Jr. knows what's going on, too.

Clarice Feldman

A must read on Comey:http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2018/01/keeping-up-with-comey.php

James D.

IMO if Mueller tries to indict Trump for a process crime using something similar to your examples then any blood that is shed from all the violence that erupts due to the injustice would be on Mueller's hands.

Do you think that Mueller - or anyone else part of this coup attempt - cares one bit about that?


I'm getting an ad for pick-pocket proof adventure pants at the Washington Times link.

Jim Eagle


No spring ball. Lacrosse takes over.

They don't time the kids or measure standing jumps. But I do know that at his current height of 5'11, he is within 6 inches of touching a basketball rim at 10'. He plays both ways but mostly wide-out. Next year, the way he is developing in the weight room, he may be a tight end.

Last year shin splints slowed him down. Was growing quickly, which is the big contributor. He starts weights, speed and agility 4 x week beginning in mid July all the way through mid-August when 2 a days begin officially.

He may sit out Lacrosse this year to focus on his academics.

Thanks for asking!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Facebook is down.

(Not that I care, but this seems pretty major.)


Wasserman Schultz shrugs off $1,000 bonuses tied to tax reform, says won't go 'very far'

"Frankly, if you look at the bonuses, which I haven't heard of a corporate bonus more than $1,000 so far—which by the way is taxed, so it's not $1,000," Schultz said. "And then you spread $1,000 over the course of a year—to think of about how much that is—of course they get it all at once. But I'm not sure that $1,000—which is taxed, taxable—goes very far for almost anyone."
Thomas Collins

If President Trump knew what he was doing in the DC federal criminal investigative swamp, he would have fired Comey right away and never would have spoken to Comey. Although he is learning, as much as he is savvy dealing with governmental and private sector officials in getting deals done, selling the Trump name, being the star of a successful TV show, achieving much success on the domestic and foreign policy fronts in his first year as POTUS, and sending his detractors crazy, he was apparently naïve with respect to the dangers of this swamp.


she lives in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in south florida, this is why writing fiction is a challenge:


Thomas Collins

James D, ultimately Mueller will care about protecting the DC establishment. Look for some grand deal in which several officials decide to "spend more time with their families", no one is indicted for the FBI-DOJ-Obama White House-Clinton Campaign-DNC Collusion, and Mueller closes down his investigation without obstruction of justice or money laundering indictments of Trump or his close associates or family members. Mike Flynn is collateral damage and needs to hope for a pardon.

Clarice Feldman

TC, pls notice Flynn has not yet been sentenced and can still move to withdraw his plea, which he may well once the Nunes memo and IG report are released.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Try to imagine if he had fired Comey on Day One. What a mess that would have been!

I don't think he was naive as much as I think he was testing the waters. Plus do remember he had Priebus as his Chief of Staff which wasn't much help, plus Bannon was apparently leaking as well.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Larry Schweikart
‏ @LarrySchweikart
25m25 minutes ago

Interesting that Sen. Ron Johnson, who had nothing but negative comments about Trump early last year, is now leading the Trump charge on the FISA stuff. One by one Trump is bringing over the elected neverTrumpers.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
14m14 minutes ago

Among the intl companies invited to dinner with @POTUS include
-Nestle (Pres asks about their chocolate)
-Anheuser-Busch (maker of Budweiser, "We know it well," says Pres.)
-Bayer AG (aspirin maker: "I only take Bayer," says Trump.)

Ralph L

Somehow, google managed to hijack my default searcher from duckduck.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Video at link discussing reaction to Trump at Davos.

"The waters are almost parting as he's walking through"


Nokia is still around?

Ralph L

I still look at my dad's WS (not letting him renew). Kristol notes policy differences and agreements, then calls Trump unacceptable with no specifics. what a shit.

Current issue has long article assuming Wolff's book is correct about WH, then at end notes a few fabrications.

matt - deplore me if you must

Hobie Alter, along with Bruce Brown, Greg Noll, Dale Velzey and a lot of others were some of the elders in our circle when I was young. Dana Point, San Clemente and Churches at Pendelton were some of our spots.

Steve McQueen would come down from LA to ride dirt bikes with Bruce. We kids (teens and 20's at that point) never got to tag along. But we rode the hills and surfed Salt Creek which was our private reserve for several years. It made my brothers the most popular kids at school since we had easy beach access. I was off at college or in Europe most of that time but it was great to go home.

Most of them moved up north. Grubby Clark (Clark Foam), who made all of the surfboard blanks, because one of the largest landowners in Oregon. Brown moved up to The Ranch, which is sort of like Ozymandias for a certain type. Noll was up in Washington somewhere. And Velzey became a cowboy of all things.

The best was when the AQMD, our local air pollution nazis, came down and told Clark to put in $500K of air scrubbing equipment for an operation that had never had a problem before. He told them to F Off and shut down, causing a crisis for about a year in getting surfboard blanks.

All of them are gone except Noll now.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The funny thing is, the chumps who always seem to be outfoxing the naive Trump, are the ones who end up holding the bag.
I see little reason to doubt Muller and Comey will end up any differently.

Clarice Feldman


Me neither, Iggy---they've left a large trail of rotting crumbs.


"Such an act by Mueller would be all the proof that American patriots (of any political persuasion) need to confirm Trump has been correct all along about the Deep State, the Swamp and the DC Establishment. "

I sure as hell wouldn't let my client risk it. I know tons of liberals who would cheer til they dropped.

Captain Hate

Will Bill and Mary students be excused from Comey's classes if they're feeling queasy?

Buford Gooch

Ralph L, it probably got changed during an update. They are sneky momsers.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Cow walks on the wild side with Polish bison.

What? There are POLISH bison?

Indeed there are!


I never knew this. You learn something every day on the internet!


When I lived in Marquette, I bought a 16' Hobie and sailed on Lake Superior every weekend in the summer. Used to trailer it over to St. Ignace, launch and sail around Mackinac Island. This is the 1977-78 time frame.

JiB, my dad's brother first retired to Mackinac Island, back when it was kinda affordable:) He and my dad grew up in Michigan.

One winter he called my dad to say the snow was over the roof of the garage, and they were relocating to northern GA.

Mackinac is beautiful in the summer though.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


1. Remember when FiveThirtyEight was a thing?
2. I didn't know ESPN owned it.


isn't this a coals to Newcastle situation:



despite her occasional slights, she's one of the sharpest reporters there:


as it turns out there was a Spanish angle to the attempted thalys train attack,


makes the demonstration in green berets seem tame, by comparison, more like the spectre training:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Live press conference:


Thomas Collins

Flynn may withdraw the plea, clarice, but even if that happens, he has gone through swamp hell. Trump may have been testing the waters at first, MM. I think where we disagree was his savvy in how he tested. In any event, at the present time, I say let the texts and the memos come out, and we'll see where we are.

Captain Hate

Heritage Foundation rates PDT's first year better than Reagan's. (Drudge)
Posted by: Jane D'oh at January 25, 2018 02:09 PM (ptqGC)


Not that I GAS what happens at Davos, but....

Dave (in MA)
He Hate Me is about the same age as Brady.

I miss He Hate Me. Those were fun days.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I know! It's hilarious! I can't get enough of watching what's going on in Davos because of the total capitulation to the Guy Who Knows How To Fix Things!


It's almost like he's a strong and respected world leader, MM.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

That football league (XFL or Ex FL if you think about it) sounds interesting. Faster, geared around what fans want, NO POLITICAL OR SOCIAL ISSUES.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Also, I enjoyed that McMahon had his press conference during Shep Smith's show. Gave me something to listen to since I always turn Shep off.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Wall Street Journal
‏Verified account @WSJ
16m16 minutes ago

The Iranian military has stopped sending speedboats to harass U.S. naval vessels in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. military said, and officials don't know why.
I have a pretty good idea and his initialas are DJT.


Are we being played?

First, Horowitz writes last August that he received the texts from the 12/14/16 to 5/17/17 time period. Considering the incriminating texts he received from the period before that, it seems pretty suspicious that he never actually looked to see that he really didn't receive those texts. If he had, he would have had to inform Congress about that, so either he's a bad guy or he's not a very thorough guy, and doesn't mind letting everyone know that.

Six months later, when it was time to turn the texts over to Congress, we learn that a "technical glitch" made recovery of those texts impossible. Days later, we hear rumors that the DoJ was having success recovering the texts from the time period in question.

Today we learn that the IG sent the following in a letter to Grassley and Johnson:

The OIG has been investigating this matter and, this week, succeeded in using forensic tools to recover text messages from FBI devices, including text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page that were sent or received between December 14, 2016, and May 17, 2017.


So they didn't recover the database, but texts from devices. Does that mean they were able to recover all of the texts from that time period, or just some of them?

Strzok was removed from the Mueller team after the first series of texts were discovered, yet no one thought to look at the texts from the later time period until now, giving someone plenty of time to wipe the database and sanitize the devices.

Unless we see some seriously incriminating texts from the new batch, I think we have to be suspicious about the completeness of this new-found evidence. As we all know, this bumbling fool act has worked before.

Clarice Feldman

Yes--as I carefully read Horowirz's letter --ALL TEXTS,

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Taken in 2005 and only now released. Deliberately hidden until now.

Jim Eagle


In the winter, you could snowmobile over to Mackinac where some of the hardy, really hardy, permanent residents would keep a few bars open. There is a double lane trail from both St. Ignace and from Mackinaw City on the tip of the thumb to the Island.

Fascinating trip since instead of pulling into a dock, you sled up the boat ramp, turn into the waterfront street and find the bars that are open by all the machines parked there. On weekends, its the Sturgis of snowmobilers:)

Man Tran


A young turk who was kicking ass in 505s back around 1980 or so, decided to move out to Santa Cruz an build exotic 5-0 hulls. (The world class guys were competing there and SF Bay.) Anyway he was eventually shut down by the air nazies as well.

Texas Liberty Gal

Trying to catch up - wanted to post Clarice's 11:03 comment again because it it succinct and to the point and gave me great comfort - 'His statement was a glove in Mueller's face--put up now or shut it down and leave. You have nothing. I will give you nothing to add to that pile of nothing. There's no more for you to do. Exit.' Love it!!!

And MM thanks for the picture links for tablet users-Very much appreciated!!!

Tom R

I sure as hell wouldn't let my client risk it. I know tons of liberals who would cheer til they dropped.


What was your position when Hillary was under investigation by the FBI for her private email server. She was not placed under oath when she was interviewed. Do you think she should have been placed under oath?

matt - deplore me if you must

They do a lot of dinghy racing in Newport Bay. A buddy of mine is a top coach and past champion. Haven't seen many 505's. That's the fancy stuff.


Regarding under oath. About a week ago there was lot made of the fact (?) that you didn't need to be under oath to be indicted for lying to the government.

Jim Eagle

Well, Davod, we all know you can be convicted if you answer questions to an FBI agent, whether under oath or not, based on their notes that they don't even have but write them from memory post facto, months later.

Ted Stevens is dead but I think he would agree in a seance.

Man Tran

The joke in our family with MT Jr doing a lot of junior sailing in Lasers and WSurfers was where could he get a sailing scholarship? Turns out he did! That little sailing school over in Annapolis. :)

Dave (in MA)

Tom R | January 25, 2018 at 04:01 PM
Hillary got a pre-exoneration, so it was simply a ceremonial exercise.

Jim Eagle


If junior is at Navy, what brigade? We'll look for him next year in Philly at The Game:)


Yes--as I carefully read Horowirz's letter --ALL TEXTS,

Anyone have a link? I didn't see one in the Breitbart piece.

Tom R

Hillary got a pre-exoneration, so it was simply a ceremonial exercise.

We now know that to be the case months after the fact. At the time though back in 2016 while the FBI investigation was still ongoing conservatives made a big deal that Hillary was not put under oath. If I am wrong about that someone correct me.

daddy on iPad

I noticed 2 days ago that as I crossed the small bridge over to the island that Notre Dame Cathedral sits on that the Seine River was overflowing its lower banks. The road that i usually ride the bike towards the Cathedral was underwater. Now I see this, and the pics are what I was seeing: Louvre Museum shuts down lower level as River Seine continues to flood

On the walking Tour of the island they show you a mark where the River crested in some flood of about 1938 or so. Off the top of my head I think that High Flood mark is still about 15 to 20 above where the river was 2 days ago, but still it was something to see.


Here it is.



daddy, I wondered about whether the lower level ever flooded.

Seems my suspicions are confirmed.

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