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January 31, 2018



So in this case, hiring a train to take half of working congress people on a trip requires fewer cars than required if each critter can bring his spouse and up to eight kids...

Good point and I didn't think about that. Until someone mentioned today that the train was probably on the small side, I just assumed in civilian-ish manner that all trains were of equal size and everyone somehow was able to fit on this one.

I will say this - if the retreat isn't taxpayer-funded, as Sue suggested it might not be, then I don't care about expense. Generally speaking I think it's good for the Republican party to get away from DC, strategize, boost morale, share stories, etc. Especially with the primary wars and elections coming up. It's something I would want my team to be able to do in a comparable situation. And it's something that's totally impossible to do in the middle of DC with all eyeballs on them and the usual pressures.

Apparently Mattis spent some time with the gang this morning, generating his usual memorable quotes: https://twitchy.com/gregp-3534/2018/02/01/secdef-jim-mattis-serves-up-3-kick-ass-quotes-at-gop-retreat/


Thune of the let's all get along Senate. Sorry, mate. You had your chance. Are you still waiting for your replies from FBI/DOJ/Intel? Did you even ask?

Drooling Ginger

"The Senate homeland security committee sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Tuesday night which could potentially expand the reach of the current investigation into FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

The letter is signed by Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and seeks communications from non-governmental phones.

"According to text messages produced to the Committee, Ms. Page and Mr. Strzok make references to communicating with other FBI employees via text message, phone call, email, and voice mail. Additional text messages suggest that FBI officials used non-official email accounts and messaging programs to communicate about official business," the letter says.

The letter goes on to request the communications of 16 additional current and former FBI officials, including former FBI Director James Comey; ex-Comey chief of staff James Rybicki; outgoing deputy director Andrew McCabe; former FBI general counsel James Baker and many other top officials. "


Captain Hate

anyone think of a time when there was more panic over the exposure of gov't corruption?

No, this is the biggest ever.


Democratic congresswoman caught on camera playing CANDY CRUSH while Trump delivered State of the Union

Michigan Rep. Brenda Lawrence tapped her way through the game on her iPhone while Donald Trump was speaking about revamping America's international trade posture.

That's her on the left.

Old Lurker

You are certainly wrong about that, TK. Even if Trump could get them all off his personal back in return for allowing the Swamp sins to remain secret, he would get no peace from that.

As the Founder said, He who would trade liberty for safety will end up with neither. Or something like that.


Ext, her colleagues in that photo were also playing on their phones per this photo in the Daily Caller:



Oh, TK, your 1:19 is probably so true.


Janet 🚬

like Lerner... the want their crimes sealed.

Lois Lerner Wants Her Lawsuit Testimony Permanently Sealed


Old Lurker

Porch "Generally speaking I think it's good for the Republican party to get away from DC, strategize, boost morale, share stories, etc."

It is the middle of a work week and the government is only days away from its next shutdown crisis, not to mention perhaps other work that needs to be done.


We are the Federales



OL, I'm sure this must have been planned well before anyone knew about the shutdown nonsense. Canceling it would waste even more money, correct?


I'll bet those three bitches playing candycrush wanted people to see what they were doing -- their way of 'thumbing their noses' at our president.

Captain Hate

Ok, who agrees with me that the Congress critters should be shoveling the snow off my sidewalk instead of living large at the Greenbriar? OL. Anybody else?


It's soooo funny how the righties cry their little eyes out everyday because the mean ole fbi isn't very nice and isn't very independent......and yet they have no problem with the President issuing loyalty tests.

History is watching you and judging you and recording every single thing you do.

Your grandchildren will ask their Moms"why did gran daddy betray America?"

"Why did Grandma conspire to help the Russians?"


Now they want all names redacted!


Come and get me coppa


"What is the source of the redact-o-gram?"

It's not among today's FBI press releases. The lack of transparency is eroding public trust.


Probably, joan. Someone took that photo, after all, and that someone must have been in the Dem section.

ISTM that it must have been strategically leaked to the Dems that the SOTU would be classic combative rally Trump, and they came up with this plan to ignore/mock him. Unfortunately that didn't work out very well for them.

Captain Hate

Ok, if TM isn't going to moderate this place, even though some of the more feeble minded like that trash, I'm outta here.

James D.

Precious little; I'd bet that the correlation coefficient for people having well behaved dogs and children is above .9. In both cases it's primarily a matter of how much quality time does the adult put into it.

That's true.

They run dog training classes at our local Petco store, and the last time I was there, the instructor was showing owners how to use the clicker to aid in training. I can't help but think that would be effective in training GOP Congresscritters, too.

Crate training might be called for in some cases as well.

James D.

The lack of transparency is eroding public trust.

You can't erode something that isn't there to begin with.


The end negotiation, OL, will be "you need to take a hit for all the rooskie BS you put me through and from here on out you will kiss my ring."

Whoever the Feds toss up as the bad guy will be someone about ten rungs less powerful than the real bad guy.

Nobody will care because their new job will be paying for their new toys while they bbq steak every weekend.


I'd rather smack the congresscritters on the nose with the NYT's.


HA HA HA...the memos not getting released.

Told ya.


The hype to see the memo is bigger than the hype to see the Superbowl! Thank you Deep State/Dems/Media for focusing non-stop on the memo over the last few days! And special thanks to the FBI/DOJ for changing their rationale each day on why the memo should not be released!!!

American Hero = Rep. Nunes!!!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Larry Schweikart
‏ @LarrySchweikart
2m2 minutes ago

Atlanta Fed forecasting first quarter GDP growth of . . . 5.4%!!

This is shocking and will be another nail in Ds' coffins.
Holy cow! I told my daughter we were heading into a boom economy, but she didn't understand what I meant, because all of her working like it's sort of muddled along.

Tom Bowler

Joan, I see you in your inverted pose! Very impressive!

I hope you recover from your flu very soon. I had it recently as well. On the sofa for three or four days coughing hard enough to strain something in my rib cage. It made the coughing pretty painful.

But that was a few weeks ago and I'm good now, and I hope you will be too.


Atlanta Fed project 5.4% growth for the first quarter of 2018.


Suck it duda


Ha, MM, I typed too slow.


HA HA HA...the keystone cop righties can't even release their own memo......ah man this is soooooo fucking awesome.

They hype on this memo is so big it better deliver historical widespread corruption in the FBI complete with arrests.......or Devon napkin is going to be out of a job.


That "all names redacted" post sure seems like a scripted piece designed to demand the release of all names, y'all.

I can't be the only one seeing this.


"American Hero = Rep. Nunes"

Wrong country.

Jim Eagle

Aren't the Dems on a similar junket as the Repubs but in a more fitting place for them: Philadelphia? Can't seem to find any verification. Anyone know?

Dem Party of Corruption

Rep. Jeff Duncan

Having read “The Memo,” the FBI is right to have “grave concerns” - as it will shake the organization down to its core - showing Americans just how the agency was weaponized by the Obama officials/DNC/HRC to target political adversaries. #ReleaseTheMemo

10:32 AM - 1 Feb 2018



DT's off to WV to address the R conferees, but drop off in his tweets the last couple of days isn't reassuring imo. I feel a sense of emergency, as if something negative and out of control in happening behind the scenes. It, whatever "it" is, coming on the heels of his SOTU triumph amplifies my sense of alarm. Hope it's just me.


"Atlanta Fed project 5.4% growth for the first quarter of 2018."

Looking for a reason to double the interest rates.

More than one way to screw with a Republican President.


True, Davod. Was expecting that anyway.



Miss Marple the Deplorable


Yes, but you provided a link, while all I had was a tweet.

I expect the market will go up again.


JiB, been there, done that. Both of them.
The Grand on Mackinaw and the one in New Hampshire too.
Special places. All have their charms on a sunny summer day, but not so much this time of year for me. Sure, there's stuff a person can do there, but as far as natural beauty goes, if you aren't a fan of rocks and trees...
maybe ever seeing the Rockies and the Teton and the Sierras was a mistake...

It's wet and gray and cold in WV today, and there's no fresh snow, so it's muddy. Winterplace is an hour away.

I hope they are having fun bowling and playing board games in the parlor, and getting massages and swimming in the pool, and enjoying that historic hotel. I know my family will forever remember the (gray and muddy) December 21-24 we spent at The Homestead, where they upgraded us to a five room suite with a sleeping porch and brought up a Christmas tree! Maybe because there were only five other occupied rooms...

(To be honest, I just don't have that "oh boy, I am in a fancy hotel with people waiting on me" gene, being descended from peasants. Don't get me wrong--I love and appreciate beautiful decor, gorgeous flowers, attentive service, but it's not something that I get excited by.)

James D.

I'd rather smack the congresscritters on the nose with the NYT's.

If you fold the paper around a brick or a lead pipe before smacking them, I'm totally with you.

Thomas Collins

I'm more worried about redacting portions of the narrative than names. Redacting names will just add to the interest in the memo. People will be putting together what is known from public reports to figure out the name. #letthemsweataboutwhentheywillberevealed


I love hotels, anonamom, not least because they are uncluttered unlike my house. But I don't need them to be fancy. The historic, slightly shabby places are my favorites. To the extent that when they get renovated and fancified, I consider it a disappointment.




Even Little Benjy Shapiro can be funny sometimes.

Captain Hate

For Janet's zombie file:

This bozo WOlff doesn't evn know then he's affirming Trump's alpha-dog status by this conspiracy theory.


1. A man's social standing is determined by the hotness of his sexual partner/s.

2. Trump already has the hottest First Lady ever, so at a deep psychological level, Americans knew he is the Leader of our Pack.

3. Wolff, trying incompetently to slander Trump, scans around for someone in government likely to be the "other woman."

4. He chooses Nikki Haley for this role, unaware of his own unconscious bias, thinking deep in his subconscious that only the best-looking women are worthy of Trump; so he scanned the federal government for whoever was the most physically attractive appointee. Haley was it.

5. Trump's alpha position is therefore confirmed further: not only does he have the hottest first lady, but also the hottest mistress.

Seriously, Wolff did this, and didn't even realize what he was doing.

Trump has their psyches all conquered.
Posted by: zombie at February 01, 2018 01:52 PM (42M22)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I understand your apprehension, but I think it was simply a strategy to keep the media talking about the SOTU and not distract with criticizing his tweets.

I just watched his speech at the GOP Retreat and he looked very confident and it seems that Ryan and McConnell are now fans, which is a long way from where we were prior to the election. He got a very warm reception.


Great point, TC. I feel better already.



Old Lurker

Davod "Looking for a reason to double the interest rates. More than one way to screw with a Republican President."

Strongly disagree with that. Using the Fed to force money to be free for so long has had terrible ramifications on all aspects of our free economic system, has encouraged bubbles and bad investments, has encouraged stupid unfunded spending by governments at all levels, has diverted money away from sound investments and into others, and last but not least has deprived million and millions of savers to be robbed of fair (as determined by the markets) returns on their lifetime savings.

Making money worthless will be understood to have been a disaster by future economists and historians.


I want to know what levels of Candy Crush those democrats are on.


Grayson now a fact checker?

Big news! Former Florida U.S. Reps. @DavidJollyFL and @AlanGrayson have agreed to serve as reader advocates for PolitiFact. They'll be critiquing our work and publishing on PolitiFact.com.




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Miss Marple the Deplorable

I don't have a way to get Rush when not in a car (he switched to s station with a weak signal and I haven't found a live link) but this is what a poster says on Twitter:

Rush now admits that not only is Trump playing chess but he has his enemies in checkmate. Welcome to the club Rush, better late than never I guess

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am with Captain Hate.

I have had enough of vulgarity and while it reinforces my hatred of democrats, I am disappointed that there is no effort to moderate this site.

I think I will go do laundry for a while.


Just look at what ultracheap money has done to higher education alone, OL.

But I agree with Davod that raising interest rates to mess with Trump is a distinct possibility if not probability.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Kimberley Strassel
‏Verified account @KimStrassel
46m46 minutes ago

Wray and Rosenstein had their chance to argue why memo should not be released. They were overruled, even after other intelligence officials saw it. That they are now campaigning against WH in the media and with statements is pretty outrageous, to say the least. #FullofSchiff



“I don’t think the director has to resign. He should be prepared to publicly discredit this cherry-picked, fake memo and expose Nunes,” added former FBI counterterrorism special agent Ali Soufan. Soufan cited the bad blood between Director Louis Freeh and President Bill Clinton in the 1990s as a sign that the FBI can continue investigating a president despite their relationship collapsing.



MM, WSB livestreams Rush as do many other stations.

Old Lurker

tru dat, Porch, on the first point.

But it won't hurt Trump's MAGA since his stated goal is to rebuild the US economy on a real foundation for the long term benefit of all Americans. Allowing money to seek its natural level, whatever that is, is an absolute requirement for that, just as is restoring bilateral trade deals to an even keel.

Pricing money at market levels in the long run is the only way to compete in a global economy.


MM 105.9 FM live streams Rush.



I think TM puts a ton of effort into moderating this site. Back when he implied that he would dump DD I remember a post of his that seemed somewhat curious about certain regulars wanting to engage with him as well as expressing confusion that others were sock puppeting DD.

I do not think it is fair to trash the moderator.


I scroll on by.

Old Lurker

Think about it, for example. The last time the Federal Government controlled spending and taxing enough to "flirt" with a balanced budget (that was for Daddy) was briefly under Clinton and Newt's Congress. Remember Clinton and Carville's famous lament that they hadn't realized that once elected, they would end up working for the Bond Market?

That was because the Fed did not arrange for money to be free, nor did they Fed offer to fund the Fed borrowings directly.

Look what the loss of market rates discipline has wrought!

Frau Molkerei

Can you top this?
The 1957 Asian flu was the second major influenza pandemic to occur in the 20th century; it followed the influenza pandemic of 1918–19
I was a newly-married university student in Cologne working in an insurance company during vacation. It's the only flu I have ever had. I never took the free shots when I was teaching school. I do now. I'm avoiding crowds except JOM.


Just spotted at FBI site. Just a reminder that some unsigned announcement of "FBI" having "grave concerns" re "the memo" might not track back to Wray or Rosenstein, but to some anti-DT Dem apparatchik in the FBI press room.

Old Lurker

yer dreamin, Deb.


There is no moderation on this blog. It has been attempted and it has failed. Who the fuck are you kidding?


Wayback machine shows that the Mccabe bio has been around since May of 2017:


Nothing new.


While the memo comedy scoops air...

"New Strzok, Page Text Messages Discuss Evasion of Message Archiving"


That they are now campaigning against WH in the media and with statements is pretty outrageous, to say the least.

I agree. When you're part of a large organization, big decisions get made. Good managers will ask for input and make sure everyone's free to state their case, but when the decision is made everyone has to get on board. The alternative is to resign, not to go to the media or put out statements.

Wray and Rosenstein should resign or be fired for insubordination.



Go here:

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

And enter this:


And move the timescale to 2017...


No kidding you Gus. You enjoy chatting with Dubs.


TM does moderate much more now than he used to. Witness the Ben incursions being stopped pretty quickly. For some reason he lets duda through. His blog, his choice.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

OK, I am back and am sorry I got disgusted.

I do wish the names of the posters were at the top rather than the bottom of their posts, but other than that I will SOB.

Press conference with McConnell and Ryan on Fox right now.


I really miss that zapper thingy we had for a short while.


good grief, ali soufan, the one who fooled isikoff and mayer and priest, and shane, and I think bravin, who is a flack for Qatar, and I don't entirely ftr trust his account of why the bureau didn't catch up to almidhar and alhamzi,


He was making his choice when some regulars decided that they liked kicking DD around and others pretended that they could chat with him like the good old days of JOM before it was ruined.

You don't want DD? Ignore him.

Lock Em Up

"New FBI messages reveal agents sought way to evade federal record requirements
By Sharyl Attkisson, opinion contributor — 02/01/18 02:10 PM EST


In a new exchange released by the Senate Homeland Security committee today, FBI officials Lisa Page and Peter Strzok seem to discuss this very issue in private texts.

Page: Have a meeting with turgal about getting iphone in a day or so

Strzok: Oh hot damn. . . We get around our security/monitoring issues?

Page: No, he’s proposing that we just stop following them. Apparently the requirement to capture texts came from [Office of Management and Budget], but we’re the only org (I’m told) who is following that rule. His point is, if no one else is doing it why should we. . . I’m told – thought I have seen – that there is an IG report that says everyone is failing. But one has changed anything, so why not just join in the failure."


Old Lurker

KillFile is still here, Deb. Thank goodness.


CNN is reporting that the "WH aides" are worried that Wray might quit. Maybe so, but I don't see why Trump would be worried. If Wray's not helping to clean house, then someone else should be in that job.

Jim Eagle

So, Wray and Rosenstein are going to resign if the memo is released. More reason to release it. And what is with not having a loyalty test? Can someone find a copy of the Constitution for these guys. They serve at the pleasure of POTUS, not the other way around. You want independent agencies or cabinets then change the Constitution. Until then it was never the intent that the DoJ or the FBI be anything but departments of the Executive and the POTUS runs the damn thing.

I don't remember people resigning when Obama started to weaponize both departments.


that is the context for the 2:09 link, for that reason, you can see the nazgul bylines on the sidebar,

Frau Molkerei

Jane - Candy Crush comment LOL
Judy Chu, my loathsome representative, was reported to have refused to stand when Pres. Trump entered. She remained seated reading a newspaper.
Showing her disdain for many constituents and to prove her party loyalty über alles, she refused to attend the inauguration.

But she is the *first* "Chines-American with lady parts" to be elected to the House.



Ryan/McConnell live now from the retreat

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ryan is framing the memo as legitimate investigation and an effort to protect people's civil rights.


How would you know birther boy, you scroll on by.


they don't know any other template than the Saturday night massacre, it's the same bed time story, comey told isikoff and gelman and company,
back in 2007

Now until thiessen wrote courting disaster, and he decoded the ig report then, who revealed that soufan had only told his side, but his partner, greg gaudin, who as a fmr ranger, had been sere qualified didn't have many qualms with the interrogation of zubeydah


I'm more of a vrbo person porch.

I think it's a combo of wanting my coffee immediately upon waking--and hot--and really hating having to wait on elevators!


Watching Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell's presser. Paul doing a good job explaining the memo--which was NOT changed after being voted on, per him, you lying piece of scum, Adam Schiff---and FISA, and oversight...and civil liberties, and a whole bunch of stuff the press never learned in middle school


We need Teeeny Tim Geithner to head up the FBI, he's the only man who can save us.

Old Lurker

Not to sound too much like RG and MM, but allowing the DoJ and FBI honchos to work against Trump so publically on releasing this memo (CNN says Wray might resign if it is released) might be a good thing. When the memo rocks our world with its constitutional depravity, it will be hard to stop a rebuilding in all the executive suites. When Trump nominates hard ass white hats for those empty (by resignations or firings) seats, how will the Senate say no?


I have no idea why anybody ever objected to TM ditching the person he wanted to ditch. I've never read anything of any worth from him, nor from anyone's responses to him either.

Let's do the thing that ALWAYS works with trolls.


Agree, OL. Maybe there's room for Sheriff Clark after all.

Frau Molkerei

" the press never learned in middle school"

They were told they were ready to go out and change the world, anonamom.

...and you are too kind to Adam Schiff. I hope his business drops off.

Old Lurker

Jack, their St. Jack had his own brother St. Robert as his AG and nobody said squat about loyalty tests. St. Barak had Eric Holder as "his wingman".

Another Bob

Memo to be released tomorrow AM.

If WH releases the memo over FBI objections, Wray resigns.

Rosenstein, who approved surveillance after the election, gets fired by Trump.

Sessions resigns after Trump scolds him for recusing.

Would everyone be happy with that outcome?

Posted by: Another Bob | February 01, 2018 at 11:54 AM

I’m totally good with this outcome.

Brand or Pruitt to take over as AG.


herein is the shiff that soufan has been shelling out since 2004,



Manchin fires back after Pence attack: 'This is why Washington sucks'

"I am shocked that after the vice president worked for almost a year in a divisive and partisan way to take healthcare away from almost 200,000 West Virginians, bankrupt our hospitals, and push tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and huge corporations that he would come to West Virginia and continue his partisan attacks," Manchin said in a statement.

"Last week, I worked in a bipartisan way with Senator Collins to end the shutdown, and last night President Trump called for unity and bipartisanship. The vice president’s comments are exactly why Washington sucks. I’m disappointed in his comments but will continue to work to make Washington work so West Virginia and our country work.”


James D.

...and you are too kind to Adam Schiff. I hope his business drops off.

That assumes he's got any business To drop off. I'd say that's debatable at best.


Joe's a little worried about November.

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