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February 19, 2018


Old Lurker

Davod "While the Obama media campaign was that Obamacare was not a tax. The DOJ lawyers argued before SCOTUS that it was"

Future generations of law students are gonna be laughing their socks off about that one.


Paul Boise at the Daily Caller in "'Black Panther' Review: This Deeply Conservative Movie Makes Captain America Look Like A Neo-Marxist Stooge" includes 10 reasons for his comment.

"Black Panther" stresses the importance of fatherhood.

"Black Panther" highlights the pain of lost heritage.

"Black Panther" emphasizes the need for strong families.

"Black Panther" pays tribute to the power of tradition.

"Black Panther" denigrates the destructiveness of ethnocentrism.

"Black Panther" endorses Plato's concept of the philosopher king.

"Black Panther" favors national sovereignty over one-world governments.

"Black Panther" celebrates masculinity.

"Black Panther" sticks it to Marxist revolutionary psychopaths.

"Black Panther" has a unifying message: "we are one tribe."



new thread

Old Lurker

Henry "For those waiting for Elmer's alarm to go off, remember who pays for all the lawyers of these govt shitheads: same as WI, we do."

And then just today Manafort has complained to the court that Mueller is attempting to "drain his resources" so he has to plead guilty. He says soon he will have to default on his mortgages.



OL: or Dr J. Manafort can eat beans as far as I care.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

from henry's 9:34 - "Van Der Zwaan deleted and failed to produce emails sought by the special counsel and a law firm, prosecutors said."

He should have changed his name to Hillary Clinton or Lois Lerner.


JamesD: Your post about Chief Justice Roberts is perfect. As I read it, I thought JamesD is so intelligent and eloquent and expresses himself cogently and perceptively. Your writing is outstanding.

(The rest of you aren't slouches, either. :) )



I am so sorry to hear about your dad.

Texas Liberty Gal

Dave - Hated hearing that your dad passed on. My sincerest condolences!


Dave, sorry to hear about your Dad.

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