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February 18, 2018



Bingo Clarice. You should become a lawyer!!!!



Smooches back. You must fight this kind of thing, and have a detailed record to beat them back.


There is no reason to capitulate to THE SWAMP, if you are not guilty of ANYTHING.
Clarice, I love your PIECES every week, but then again, I know you, and your posts here, reflect your intellect and your wisdom. This blog is really great.



Essentially we did that with our last correspondence, but not with quite those words. We've not heard from them thereafter.

I don't think they realize how debilitating all of this is to a tiny concern, not that they care. I don't have a "department" to do this sort of thing. Much of it I had to do myself.

And their only concern seemed to be meeting their numbers. When it looked like it would get expensive for them, they stopped.


DrJ, if I may interject. The GOVERNMENT does not know, nor does it care, what harm and angst this causes you.

Jerry Spence wrote a book on it.


You could reach out and touch it!! My then husband didn't even know what it was! What a loser!

Miss Marple,

Last week in Caltech I met the daughters good friend who drove me back to the LAX Airport by way of stopping at Little Tokyo for lunch and then the visit to the Science Center to see the Space Shuttle. Was told the friend was a numismatics freak of ancient coins so we started chatting about ancient coins and I asked her what was her favorite and she cited 3, a Philip of Macedon something or other (Alexander's Dad), then something else( Maybe the Tiberious penny), and finally said her favorite was the Eid Mar Denarius of Brutus.

That prompted me to have her repeat it slowly since she obviously knows Latin and I don't, and I found she was excited to know that I knew we were talking about the Ides of march of 44 BC and the assassination of Caesar. Everybody in our parents generation would have known that date as well as July 4th, 1776, but not any more according to the buddy. My old college friend, the Purdue Classics Prof, had written his Masters I think on Caesar's use of a mobile press, printing coins in order to promote his political aims and I mentioned how I had driven him up to New York City on some College break in the late 70's and we had visited some very secure New York Numismatic Society building and we were lead in and he was able to view all these amazing ancient coins of Caesar. Anyhow, that excited the friend, and we were off and jabbering like monkey's!

Here's the Eid Mar Denarius of Brutus:

Caption: On March 15, 44 BCE, Marcus Junius Brutus and his fellow conspirators stabbed Caesar to death. On the famous "Eid Mar" (Ides, or 15th, of March) coin, he painted himself as a supporter of freedom. The "Liberty Cap" symbol (which was adopted in much U.S. coinage) was an obvious reference to freeing the Roman people from slavery under Caesar.

Apparently after the murder and while Brutus is on the lamb he is playing the same trick dead Caesar played, by printing coins in order to sway public opinion towards support for himself as the murderer of those who would presume to set themselves up as Kings over the people. Obviously it didn't work out as anticipated for Brutus:)

Anyhow, I mentioned that at the Numismatic Society I was interested, because of my then college studies in Comparative Religions, in seeing if I could find any coinage from the remnants of the Greek ruled Kingdom's set up by Alexander's successors in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northwest India, showing some Greek visage on the obverse and Buddha on the Reverse. (I have always been interested in the connections between ancient India and the Greeks and Romans)

Not having much luck googling but near as I can find today is this Kushan King from about 130 AD with Western lettering:

and then this early Bactrian one has Buddha in the lotus position on the back side:
Overall fun chat, and neat to meet young people interested in so many things.


Well, in that case, consider it over and continuing working, and I promise you a nice dinner on your next visit. I can imagine how stressful this has been.



twitter vp destroys the meme that the ads were intended to effect the election.





I do consider it over. In fact, I took MrsJ our for dinner the night we sent in the final email. I figured there was no way they would put together the file needed to convince Boss that pursuing the case was merited.

I'll take you up on your offer the next time I'm in DC! Thanks! I just haven't been getting out much for a while now...


Clarice, it's the narrative. No matter what the truth is, the RUSSIANS were HELPING TRUMP. There is ZERO evidence of that.
What was RODHAMS intent??? To affect the outcome of the ELECTION, by SLIMING and SMEARING TRUMP, with the AID of RUSSIANS. And BRUCE OHR'S wife, with the HAM RADIO.

simply stupid

Just surprised that we are hearing all about Cruz and the failure of the FBI and local LE yet there has been near complete radio silence on Paddock and the Las Vegas shootings. In certain ways besides gun control the reporting helped Trump since the meme in previous weeks were how could Trump disparage the reputation of the FBI and its employees and along comes the shooting and the FBI come across as Inspector Closeau.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


How great to meet someone who shared your interest, and a young one, at that! Gives us all hope!

You are darn right about know the date of the Ides of March. That was drummed into my head by my junior lit teacher in high school, who insisted we know it. (We were reading Shakespeare's play at the time.}

We also had to memorize "Friends, Romans, countrymen, Lend me your ears..."

I can still recite most of that, although there are gaps. LOL!

That is another thing that isn't much done anymore - requiring kids to memorize important speeches and poems and such. That was part of my curriculum in both history and English from 7th grade onwards. I had to emmeorize the Gettysburg Address, the Preamble to the Constitution, Shakespeare, poems by Shelley, Longfellow, Frost, etc.

It was good training for when I had to memorize the geologic time scale in college!


Lovely Miss M, I recited that Bill Shakespeare meme for my first H.S. gold medal in debate.
Lend me your rear. Heh heh.


Ha. On catch-up just got to that interesting Am Thinker link about the Spanish clobbering the English Invasion force in Cartagena Columbia in 1741. Here is the medal struck before the Battle by the hubristic British Admiral Vernon, pretty much making a perfect example of what Caesar and Brutus were trying to do with their coinage 2,000 years earlier:

Caption: English medal commemorating the "taking" of Cartagena de Indias by admiral Edward Vernon during the War of Jenkins' Ear. The medal depicts the Spanish admiral Blas de Lezo (Don Blass) with his two legs, on his knees giving his sword to admiral Vernon. After the crushing defeat suffered by the English fleet in the battle of Cartagena, the medals were retired, but some were saved. The medal says "The pride of Spain humbled by Ad. Vernon". Naval Museum of Madrid.

In Navy days 40 years back had a layover in Cartagena and we visited the ancient Spanish Fort on the coastline and that was a fascinating tour of tough, rugged architecture.


Dr.J - So sorry to hear of your recent harassment. I'm sure it was not only a loss of time and energy but also emotionally draining.

Ed - Such a sad tale of your sweet doggie! I have fostered several Walker hounds over the years and they are special! And then to suffer the loss of your mom right on top of that - so very sorry.

catsmeat - I sympathize as I'm grading 45 research papers and preparing to begin Hamlet in 2 weeks. At least, thankfully, I'm not sick. I need to close my laptop and get out my red pen but I keep reading! Hope you feel better soon ~


DrJ, great to hear from you, sorry for all you trials and tribulations. I think I mentioned a couple months back that the word from the street was that businesses were seeing night and day differences in the hassles of regulators since Obama left office and Trump came in. Unfortunately it seems like that improvement is limited in scope, and doesn't depend on the hornets nest of places like HHS.

I've also had some hassles with grants and compliance, but nothing so serious. Some funding that I was supposed to receive last July I only just now got, due to bureaucratic hassles. But I did get it and wasn't living "hand to mouth."


From Clarice's link:

Alexander, Collins, Gardner, Graham, Flake, Isakson, Murkowski, and Rounds

These are the R senators who sponsored amnesty for people who aren't here yet, essentially voting for a massive temporary surge in illegal immigration.

Under the proposal, the agency would focus its powers on immigrants with felonies or multiple misdemeanors, who were national security threats and who had arrived in the country after a certain date.

Scribbled in the margins was a date: June 30, 2018 [Note: an end of January date in the typed text was crossed out].



I am as uncomfortable predicting that Friday's indictments mean Mueller is done with Trump as I am predicting the IG's report will be Deep State's Waterloo.

We ought to have a JOM pool as to what day Mueller will announce his SC Investigation is officially over. My guess:

January 22nd, 2019.


Scary Details Emerge of Physical Confrontation Involving Gen. Kelly & the 'Nuclear Football' During Trump China Visit

Axios reports:

When the U.S. military aide carrying the nuclear football entered the Great Hall, Chinese security officials blocked his entry. (The official who carries the nuclear football is supposed to close to the president at all times, along with a doctor.)
A U.S. official hurried into the adjoining room and told Kelly what was happening. Kelly rushed over and told the U.S. officials to keep walking — “We’re moving in,” he said — and the Americans all started moving.
Then there was a commotion. A Chinese security official grabbed Kelly, and Kelly shoved the man’s hand off of his body. Then a U.S. Secret Service agent grabbed the Chinese security official and tackled him to the ground.
According to the report, at no time did the Chinese security official make contact with the nuclear football. Aside from the skirmish, Trump’s trip to China went off without a hitch.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Paul Ryan was at Mar-a-Lago today. Not much information in the readout, so who knows what's going on.




January 22nd, 2019.

Mueller had a perfect opportunity Friday. He could have had Rosey announce the indictments as well as the SC's end.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


How do I reach you?--

I have reluctantly concluded she can't be. :)


Fascinating daddy, yes Caesar suspected that there was a conspiracy, but he knew to lay blame where it belonged, the eulogy makes it clear.


Ext, they are still searching for something that does not exist.
MIND YOU, this was all started by RODHAM'S claim, and OBAMA'S demand.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sean Parnell liked
Richard Grenell
‏Verified account @RichardGrenell
9m9 minutes ago

Richard Grenell Retweeted Richard Grenell

The pre-produced packages airing before the competitions even begin is ruining the natural drama unfolding. @NBCOlympics

Richard Grenell‏Verified account @RichardGrenell

There are so many amazing stories from Olympic medal winners not being told. It’s a shame the media picked who to push before the games started.

Grenell is absolutely correct. Back when Jim McKay and ABC were covering the Games, they had a bazillion reporters covering the venues and talking to athletes and trainers. The human interest stories were the results of these reporters learning things about the athletes in real time, not pre-packaged and certainly no politics!


Isn't Richard Grenell gay?? This all about who is gay, who is a NEVER TRUMPER, and how many CONDOMS it takes to screw in a light bulb.
Have any TRANNIES won medals yet??? Everyone wants to know.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I didn't know they started training seeing-eye dogs as puppies! (This is really a cute video.)



I wonder if Gowdy knows something we don't, to be so supportive of Mueller.

Sad to say but I think Gowdy knows that the Left and Mueller knows something about Gowdy that Gowdy is dead set on preventing coming out. Trey lost me at replying dishinestlyto Maria Bartiromo something like he had never heard of the Awan Brothers.

Hope I'm wrong, but once there was another great hero from the Greenville/Spartanburg area that let America down---Shoeless Joe Jackson of Black Sox World Series Infamy

Say it ain't so Joe Trey, say it ain't so.


Speaking of trannies...do any of you ladies know what Lush bath products are?

My daughter and I walked into the new Lush store at Lenox in Atlanta to be met with signs everywhere about supporting "Trans" people. "Trans rights are human rights!!"

It is apparently their new thing:


I just calmly walked out...

Beasts of England

Just got back from visiting the family farm of one of my guitar buddies - way out in the country. I didn't ask how may acres, but it was vast - several hundred, maybe even a thousand acres. Cows, wheat, free-range chickens, corn and horses.

He raises barred Plymouth Rock chickens as a hobby, and they are magnificent - especially the cock of he walk. He gave me a dozen of their eggs - smallish and light grey/brown. He says they're perfect for pickling.

We rode down to his 'neighbor's' place to get some large brown eggs. As we were headed into the barn I smelled an awful smell - not the one I usually associate with barns - and about that time I heard a seriously loud grunt. Three huge pigs, about 400lbs. each. Yikes!!

The neighbor told me that if I ever needed eggs again and no one was around, I could just come into the barn and grab some out of the back fridge. And leave two dollars per dozen. (I guess don't pet the pigs was implied...) He said they were so fresh that they wouldn't peel after boiling, but are best used in baking. Huh.

Thankfully there wasn't a pig-knicking today. I've witnessed one before, but I still feel bad for the little fellers... :)


How much hustle did Liz Holmes get for her obvious fraud which affected 100s if thousands, over how many years.


Momto2, I left the PAPER VALLEY HOTEL on Wednesday, after a ECON conference. 3 WYMYN were standing outside the main entrance with SANDWICH BOARD SIGNS, reading....... I HEART PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

What do you think their motivation or message was??

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tweet from today's Daytona 500 winner on November 9, 2016:

Austin Dillon‏Verified account @austindillon3

Woke up this am proud to be an American. Congratulations to @realDonaldTrump and his family. #POTUSTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸#MAGA


It's the opposite of the Trump Curse! LOL!


Oh, geeze, don't say that, daddy. My wife's family was big there at the time, and she sometimes reads here.

Her granddad was a big shot at the mill in Greenville. Actually he was the head boss. I've been there, and where Shoeless Joe played.

Dozens of company bungalows, where the employees lived under the guiding eyes of the company. Two churches are still going strong.

Baptist & Methodist.


Ah yes seven killings, what a turgid mess, the CIA man is supposed to be Phil agee, he revealed in his pre Snowdon cheatsheet that we were providing support to local businessmen opposed to manley, who was supported by Castro. Of course as in France and other places, the mobs get involved the posses, which do they do best, kill and extort. One of the other characters a paisan who resembles Orlando Bosch, would sue for slander at the characterization. It centers on the fixation that if it want fir the west Kingston would be a peaceful hamlet.


PLEASE, do yourselves a favor, and READ this UTTER HORSE SHIT. Written from the perspective of a PAJAMA BOY LIBTARD, who LOVES HIMSELF some BLACK FOLKS.
It's painfully disgusting. It's what PUBLIC SCHOOLS have taught.



Gus: Isn't Richard Grenell gay

Don’t know. Don’t care.


SBW. he is. I don't care for the most part, but it destroys the LIB narrative.
Btw. I thought he was gay, but looked it up to be sure. He is. And he's a good man.


Gus, Wallace is making history for not being the first to drive in NASCAR or Daytona?


So was Carl spitz channel, key fund raiser for the contrast, Marvin liebman head of the key support group for Taiwan, Dr. Tom dooley who spearheaded the relocation of emigres to south Vietnam, like they said about grant he fights, we can't spare him.


I noted in one of these discount stores a children's Bo of Mao tse tung, it dotes on his childhood the poverty of the Chinese prasants, which drove him to adopt Marxism but of course.
The evil of Chang kai shek who had the nerve of not trusting communism, where would he have gotten such a crazy notion. It passes over the fact that Mao didn't really confront the Japanese, left the kuomintang to do it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Mark Levin interviewed Donald Trump in 2013. Very interesting interview and he demonstrates a very savvy understanding of GOP politics.

Plus he thinks Karl Rove is incompetent! LOL!


I don't care what color the driver of a NASCAR is.




This recent bio puts the kibosh on many of marlons faulty premises:


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.

Continuing the Ross terrill type hagiography, the plight of the peasants demanded that he topple Chiang confiscate all the land, of course
Evil counterrevolutionaries resisted.


Some regrettably died, but it had to be the done, you wonder how Anita dunn and that other punk learn to adore Mao.


Peter tosh was the stoner that Obama derives his arms control philosophy from, according to that riduculous piece in the sundial.

Beasts of England

Welp, Peter Tosh did have an M-16 guitar... :)


The long time leader of the pro business forces Edward seaga, started out as a producer for Jimmy cliff, that segued into politics.


What ya gonna do when they come for you???


A post script to the war of Jenkins ear:


One writer even speculated what would have happened if the Brits, had held havana, consequences for the American revolytionsas well as the french.

Beasts of England

Is that a Peter Tosh song, GUS?


Journalism worked better when our grandparents were children because most newspapers were locally owned and edited by an independent and curmudgeonly lot. They held multiple wire services accountable for content.
Managers of the Associated Press—a member-owned cooperative wire service—told publishers back then, “You own us.”.

On the SBW Newspaper ideas, I recall a Doris Day/Clark Gable Movie (Teahcer's Pet---1958) where she's a Journalism prof looking like a million bucks as usual, and Gable is a crusty up from the streets gumshoe Editor, who sits in on Doris Day's class so cub reporter Nick Adam's doesn't have to.
Anyhow, he becomes the star student and a drunk Doris winds up singing "I'm the Girl who invented Rock and Roll" I think to Gig Young, but the big revelatory scene is where Gable gets her to reexamine the reason Doris's dad got all his Pulitzers at his Newspaper in fly over country and it was writing about small town stuff and the price of potatoes in Farmer Joe's fields, all of which makes her lose her image of her Dad as a great Newsman, while Gable alternately learns that there's a real value to learning Journalism in a Journalism School instead of the rugged old way of pounding the pavement as a gumshoe.

I still love the movie, but I think it's teaching the opposite take on most of what's been put forth today, but since it was 1958 probably most of the Press and the J' Schools weren't ridden with Commie professors committed to teaching SJW pablum to skull's full o' mush like they are today, and there was probably genuine and rightful pride in both Profession's: J-School teachers, and beat reporters raised in the school of hard knocks.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

related to nothing...

Here's a great old quote from an old Diplomad post -

"I remember in this regard an incident during a cocktail party at a diplomatic residence in Central America. A Latin American Ambassador, who would not have passed a DUI checkpoint sobriety test, loudly and throughout the evening harangued and berated the Spanish Ambassador demanding to know, "When are you going to return the gold you stole from the Americas?" The Spaniard, exasperated, finally lost his professional diplomatic cool and replied, "¡Cuando ustedes nos devuelvan los espejitos! " ("When you return the little mirrors!") A pretty neat and witty put down, and a potent reminder of the danger of taking shiny things in exchange for your birthright: once it's gone, it's most likely gone forever."




That does seem counterintuitive, gable would have fit better the prof and Doris the student.

Anyways that Elizabethan spy series touches on an interesting angle that folletts latest tome might have missed. The case of John Gerrard a dissident Catholic activist that queen Elizabeth spared in the course of Mary's plot against her.
About a decade later he features in guy fakes gunpowder plot.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


HA! Twitchy thinks it's because Johnny Weir wasn't happy.

Now I am sorry we won't get an on-air cat fight between the two!


gable would have fit better the prof and Doris the student

Could be that they have it *ss backwards.


Oh gosh, the popcorn futures would have been huge.

The siege of havana, on two different occasions was possibly why there were Cuban criollos l who for the 13 colonies in the revolution, also Venezuelan nationals like enrique Miranda.


Might there be lesson for the present day:




Here is another piece of music for your auditory rehap.


I picked it because of the visual reinforcement of what your hearing.

Pay close attention to the strings on the harp, it is special.

The harpist is a friend of MT and the Mrs.


To further extend the analogy, king James 1st overruled his advisor Robert Cecil, the leading deepstater of that era, in hopes of a rapprochme nt with certain sectarian activists (dies that have familiar echoes)


Can we just strand them, back there:



Sorry to hear of your travails DrJ. You've been missed.

matt - deplore me if you must

I met Seaga many years ago when I was working with the Jamaican Olympic Association, narc. ABC had sports reporters. NBC has personalities. It used to be that sports reporters were some of the most literate and expressive reporters working.

I am seeing a trend that disgusts me. It seems that our statist opponents now have walking papers to declare conservatives enemies of the state for daring to bring up mental illness when discussing shooting incidents.

The Florida shooter is a textbook example of psychosis. 37 visits by the PD and not once did they suggest or demand a psych exam. That is a huge fail. If the kid was voted "most likely to massacre" then I think maybe, just maybe someone should have hauled him in to discuss his homicidal ideation. Someone called the FBI as well.

All the signs were there and they were completely missed. The problem is with the system.

And the Marxists bring it back to taking people's guns away.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Time for me to head to bed.



Seriously France's Robles she got the entire Sanford story wrong at the herald the times hired her anyways, she tries to put the biggest pillow on the story, but ultimately cannot.

If course they have summoned a childrens crusade to cover for their feckless incompetence.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Seaga was a gun grabber of extraordinary proportions.


Took my wife to the local range this morning for a pancake breakfast and her first shoot.

Gave her the safety overview, the first skills - grip, sight, squeeze -- and an opportunity to try small to big bore.

Second shot was a bullseye. Good for her.

She wanted to go, and I wanted her to be familiar if she ever needed to know. She was glad she went.

The scrambled eggs and pancakes were excellent.


Saya Brennan was the instigator and Steele's sources were certainly Russian intel.

Captain Hate

The Florida shooter is a textbook example of psychosis. 37 visits by the PD and not once did they suggest or demand a psych exam. That is a huge fail. If the kid was voted "most likely to massacre" then I think maybe, just maybe someone should have hauled him in to discuss his homicidal ideation. Someone called the FBI as well.

It was horrible reading the reactions of the kids who knew this lunatic and knew he was the most likely to come in guns a blazing to trash everybody.

There was a murder of a young girl, Lisa Pruitt, in Shaker Heights not far from Chez Hate in the 90s. The main suspect was a sketchy kid who was the son of some muck a muck in TC's former law firm; i.e. he had lots of juice. He knew right away that the local cops had nothing really to pin it on his kid so he said "charge him or look at someone else" and they had nothing.

My oldest daughter hung out with people who knew him and they unanimously said "he definitely did it; his mind isn't normal". I told both my girls that although they know not to do something like that, if, in a fit of irrational passion, they did something like that, I'd turn them.

I can't imagine what the family dynamics are like for parents who know they've raised a killer. They must not have a functioning soul. The guilt would destroy me.


That’s awesome, sbw. I’m overdue to take my kids shooting, but they don’t like shooting inside and the weather has been uncooperative. They prefer, like I do, the “plink” of shooting steel. Instant feedback.


CH, the world is full of times when people are obliged to push a rope.

Texas Liberty Gal

I've only been able to check in intermittently. I did read Clarice's Pieces on the way to church - it was excellent as usual. A question - did the Dems ever deliver another version of their memo as Trump requested?



Captain Hate

sbw, it's definitely an ultimate fork in the road.

A question - did the Dems ever deliver another version of their memo as Trump requested?

I don't think so; Schiff mostly whined about the FBI and DOJ being too demanding on what they don't want released.


gentlejim, we had a steel trap in the basement as kids where first pellets and then .22s would spiral to slow down until they landed in a coffee can.

I must have been 8 or 9 when Dad had my older brother and I shooting rifles in the basement. .22 short and CB caps.

Kids taught well learn respect for weapons and master lifelong habits.

Diane Feinstein pushing a 21-year-old ownership for firearms is pushing the childification of people who could be responsible at a much younger age.

Of course, Democrats would childify every voter they could.


So the local version of Michael skakel, yikes,
Anyways marlons James's version is the urban legend, of why Jamaica can't get its act together.

I think they uncovered a rock when they mentioned that Waldman character even though hes an American, he has just the right credentials on this side as former razorback borgia official and in Russia are the right hand of lavrov and fixer for deripasha, or more likely the Dem link to same.


Mccabe ordered the 302 of Flynn's interview worthless which means so is the only evidence against Flynn and Mueller was obligated to turn the 302 over to Flynn before he pled guilty--so if tue, Sullivan will skin the special prosecutor alive.


if true, Sullivan will skin the special prosecutor alive.

Damn do I hope so, Clarice!


Here's Cernoviche's thread Clarice linked above. This one opens better for me and has the thread:

Mike Cernovich Huge Scoop

Huge scoop. Like my other big stories (Susan Rice, security clearances, Conyers) will take media a long time to confirm.

You know how Peter Strzok's system didn't back up.

You know why?

McCabe altered his 302 of the Flynn interview, and deleted all history of revisions.

Captain Hate

So the local version of Michael skakel, yikes,

Very much so, yes. There used to be a small plaque in the park where I walk my dogs about halfway between my house and where her house was, by the Girl Scouts, before they lost their minds, in honor of her. Even though I have no personal stake in that case, because of its proximity and insight into the dynamics in play it will always bother me. Her parents, very quietly and with great dignity, left the area not long afterward. I don't think I'd have been capable of quietly going away.


Hence the urgency with the supposed gates plea, now how does cernovich know this, remember he was actually right about laufman but did not elaborate.


Here it is as an Thread unwrap:

Unrolled thread from @Cernovich Huge Scoop

If True, is still the key to this whole thing.


Great fun and memories there.

Anything that allows full control by them is oke doke for the Dems.

I don’t think I’d have the self control to leave quietly either.


Remember how I said from the outset this reminded me of mogadishu and not Benghazi:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Has there been a better voice in popular music than Brook Benton?

Texas Liberty Gal

Clarice & CH - Thx! More winning by Trump!!!

Dave (in MA)

Did anybody see the latest Homeland?

Carrie gets herself into a spot of trouble by wading into 4chan and by apparently still having Hide extensions for known file types turned on. Technologically she's a regular Podesta.


The Cernovich claim reminds me of FBI agent Echenrod's missing 302 of his initial interview with Russert when Russert said HE might have told Libby.


Second shot was a bullseye.

Refrigerator material. ;-)


Today's science laugh https://westhunt.wordpress.com/2018/02/15/plague-of-frogs/
What's killing frogs is a fungus spread by scientists studying frogs.


I wonder who Strzok's interviewing partner was? Can we find that out by White House logs? Whoever that partner was I wonder how he/she has been feeling lately? Is anyone in the Media curious?

Sundance mentions this in something linked much earlier today, basically a variant on Sherlock Holmes "The Case of The Dog That Didn't Bark", but in this case I'd call it "The Case of the curious Media that weren't curious."

For over three months there’s been an 800lb gorilla in the corner of the discussion desperately being avoided by an incurious corporate media.

...on December 2nd 2017 the first outline of previously invisible FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page hit the headlines.

...one thing has been brutally missing throughout the three months…. there’s been no media interviews or statements by anyone...




Not a single Washington beat journalist writing a sentence about any of the crew to include any actual statement or inquisitive question of them. Nothing. Pete, Lisa, Bruce, Nellie, Jim, James, Bill, David, Mike, Andy… nothing. All of them collectively create the silence of an 800lb gorilla sitting ‘over there’ while the incurious media look away.

Think carefully about this. There’s not even a comment to say “no comment”.

I think the UK Daily mail ran a story just after the news first hit, providing the only pix yet of Strzik and Page at their residences, but pretty myself the Media has gone NORDO* ever since.

*NORDO. In North American aviation, a NORDO aircraft is an aircraft flying without a radio. ... The term has made its way into standard aviation jargon, used as an adjective or a noun to describe an aircraft without a radio, even among pilots and others who are not air traffic controllers.


Max Boot is trying to out-crazy Jen Rubin, if such a thing is possible, calling the Russian trolling "the worst attack on America since 9/11":



Remember when labour leaders were merely pathetic instead of being insane,


Shirley max can't be serious.


Meanwhile, Althouse, for all her confusion, occasionally gets a glimmer of light:

You Trump haters made it so boring to hate Trump. I don't even like Trump, but you people annoy me.

Above all, I believe Trump won the election, and he deserves support as he attempts to carry out the responsibilities America entrusted to him. We need to help him, not try to screw him up at every turn. I think it's outrageous what has been done to him, and I regard it as an attack on democracy.

I have always found that once the President is elected, we should accept the result and support him when we can and look to the next election if we can't. I think the "resistance" is a rejection of democracy.

A small voice in the wilderness.


Hey, JiB, looks like this summer Wendy and I are landing at Charles DeGaulle, driving to Epernay to see Pol Roger if we can, possibly taking the train to Amsterdam (or driving or flying), and then returning home.

Any advice?

jim nj

"Russia’s armed forces are to limit soldiers’ use of smartphones after social media posts revealed their movements in war zones such as eastern Ukraine and Syria."


Texas Liberty Gal

Evidenty the singer Fergie sang quite a different version of the Star Bangled Banner then did most other performers. It induced quite a few chuckles from the audience and the BB players


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