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February 18, 2018



Michael Walsh
1 hr ·
Retweeted The Gormogons (@Gormogons):
GP The notion that we should listen to children, much less to recently traumatized children, about restricting the constitutional rights of millions of law-abiding Americans is the dumbest thing media's shilled this week.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

Hmmm. A gal I follow on Twitter says one of the on-camera kids on CNN is the son of an FBI agent.

Don't doubt it.

From 2012, when Obama went & campaigned at our high school, news reporters were offering up their own kids to be interviewed -

"The pooler, Rick Dunham of Hearst Newspapers, offers up his own relatives to his colleagues.

"Personal note," Dunham writes in his report, "Among Washington-Lee's senior class are my 18-year-old nephew, Jordan Ricker, and my 17-year-old niece, Delia Ricker. Jordan and Delia are among the college-bound students trying to figure out how to pay for higher education and how large a student loan load to take on. Feel free to email me if you want to contact info for Jordan or Delia."

Indeed, Dunham even implies that another colleague's relative might be game for a reporter keen on getting color for his story. "Another note-worthy senior: Raleigh Mills, daughter of NY Times WH photographer Doug Mills," writes Dunham."....


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks, Janet! Whenever I think I am being too paranoid and suspicious, the media demonstrates that I am not.

The Federalist has a good article today:



Avigdor Loeb
Just now ·
Retweeted Yitz, America's Sweetheart Jew (@MeerkatYitz):
There are a number of ways that intelligent adults make decisions. None of them are "because a 12 year old said we should do it". Not curfew, not a family budget, not a school schedule, and not an abridgment of rights.


Can we be too paranoid about the media? I don't think so!

I suspect those stories of the FBI leading students out of the school are not correct. I think they (the students) are lumping all LE into the FBI. (And is suspect all other LE isn't too happy to be so identified!)

Jim Eagle

Since no one spoke up about Cruz's delusions and mental incapacitation, I will speak up about DuDa's delusions and mental incapacitation.

Wonder if and how the FBI will respond to this nutcase? Can he qualify mentally, no criminal record (doubftul, he's Irish) and legally to purchase an AR-15?

Does he live near a school? Which one? Can we at least warn them of his presence and locale?


i didn't see any good points in Williamson's call for FBI Dir. Wray's firing. Blame should be directed at Mueller-Comey changes to tips-reporting during their tenures, as Wray's only had the job ~6 mos. and forced to focus on the bogus Russia election shenans pushers instead of crime prevention.

Captain Hate

That Federalist article is very good particularly how it calls out CNN for its ghoulish Town Halls featuring surviving children in a blatant emotional manipulation to rescue their in the toilet ratings without any consideration of how mentally healthy it is for the young people.

Beasts of England

I made a fines herbes omelet with my fancy fresh brown eggs and it was impressive. A noticeably lighter texture than store eggs.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

Sometimes it's what you don't see that is important. When is the last time you saw the media defending our flag, our founding, capitalism, our culture, a non islamic religion, our military or speaking up for any of our freedoms. They have only defended their freedom, free press.

Exactly. Notice too that the screams for tolerance are always about normals having to accept & enthusiastically embrace leftist victim groups & far left ideas.
Where's the cry for tolerance of conservative Americans & our beliefs.


Parkland, site of the deadly school shootings, was named safest city in FL lat year. The 3000 student MSD Highs is very highly rated at greatschools.org. The courses offered are listed at the link and are gobsmacking in variety and depth. Obviously, that community is middle class+ with lots of professionals, such as FBI agents, who chose to live there in part for the schools.

Beasts of England

With the ongoing efforts of Facebook and Twitter to engage in censorship, I'm wondering why the right doesn't push for these ubiquitous and arguably essential platforms to be declared public accommodations. Use lawfare against these wannabe tyrants.


How precious.

Jennifer Lawrence will take year off from acting to work with political group to ‘fix our democracy’

What does Represent.Us say about itself?

The group’s website says, “We bring together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to pass powerful anti-corruption laws that stop political bribery, end secret money, and fix our broken elections.”

What has Lawrence said previously in regard to the sociopolitical realm?


In an early 2016 interview, she backed Planned Parenthood and said had it not been for the existence of the organization, “I wouldn’t have been able to get condoms and birth control and all these things I needed as a normal teenager who was growing up in a Jesus house.”


new thread


Wolf Blitzer is too offensive to be seen in public.


How did Deb post in the future?


BOE - I imagine your eggs were also a darker color. Free range hens, able to feast on bugs and fresh grass have lovely, dark yellow yolks in their eggs. Chickens kept in cages and fed grain have pale yellow yolks. There is such a difference - one of the things I splurge on weekly is a $5.50 carton of fresh, local eggs.

We have "breakfast" for dinner once a week or so and it's a favorite here. (Also a fairly cheap meal!)


Here's the Wolf Blitzer cartoon - now on Branco's FB page but removed from his website.


Jennifer Lawrence's "on-set nudity" made people uncomfortable.


Speaking of censorship, the supposedly offensive Wolf Blitzer political cartoon has been jettisoned by cartoonist AF Branco. It was there an hour ago and now its gone.


How did Deb post in the future?

I don't know, henry, but I promise to use my new power wisely.


Narciso posted this last night, I reposting it for the day crew. He was right and this is a very interesting piece of reporting by a NYT reporter. Why is what we get such carp domestically when there are people capable in the field? Rhetorical.

Remember how I said from the outset this reminded me of mogadishu and not Benghazi:


Posted by: narciso | February 18, 2018 at 11:04 PM



We used to keep chickens in our back yard. My friend wouldn't eat the eggs because the yokes were bright yellow, almost orange.

Beasts of England

Hey Momto2!! The yolks weren't as dark as I was guessing, but darker than store-bought eggs. Breakfast for dinner has always been one of my favorite meals! I love traditional breakfast food, but if I ate as much of it as I'd like to in the a.m., I'd have to return to bed for a nap... :)

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