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February 18, 2018



No worries, Clarice, though I was already trying to figure out why I would have made such a mistake (and you're right it should have been plural anyway). I think I had in mind the announcement being theater.

Jim Eagle

Regarding school size, Chaminade in Mineola has about 1,700 students, all boys and their senior graduating class is around 400. 100% college, prep school or academy acceptance rate.

Not all big schools are alike.

Just as tough to get into Chaminade as it is to get into a top 50 university. Frederick didn't want to have to wake up at 0515 to catch the 0622 train every day and then get home at 8 or 9 pm if he had football and then Lacrosse. But his friend who opted to go there stays up to 2am doing the intensive homework and projects.

Another Bob

Boy do I love this place. Only place I could get any newspaper publisher to engage me. Thanks SBW, I'll have a more subastntive reply in a bit.



Shouldn't you be down here by now?


Guess who's lunching with our fair Jane tomorrow?


Another Bob, you are very engaging.


Hubs just nixed my comment re waiting for the principal to issue a "This is not a drill" announcement before emptying a school at the sound of a fire alarm. Teachers, but not kids, are told ahead of time about planned drills, which occurred the morning of the afternoon attack at the FL school. If a mischief-maker, but not a murderous nutjob, had pulled the fire alarm, the admin would have found him via cameras and expelled him on the spot (in GA). He also says pulling such a stunt is a federal offense with added ramifications.

Captain Hate

Shouldn't Reverend Comey be feeling a little queasy about that IG Report? Maybe they'll cuff him while the diminutive Greek munchkin is interviewing him.

Frau Steingehirn

Miss M asked: "1. Whoever thought we would have a guy in the Oval Office who said "laughing their asses off?" And typed out for all to read in public!

Historian George Herring argues that (John) Adams was the most independent-minded of the founders. Though he aligned with the Federalists, he was somewhat a party unto himself, disagreeing with the Federalists as much as he did the Democratic-Republicans. He was often described as "prickly", but his tenacity was fed by good decisions made in the face of universal opposition. Adams was often combative, which diminished presidential decorum, as Adams himself admitted in his old age: "[As president] I refused to suffer in silence. I sighed, sobbed, and groaned, and sometimes screeched and screamed. And I must confess to my shame and sorrow that I sometimes swore."(wiki)
Miss Marple the Deplorable


1700 in 4 grades is an average size.

The school in Florida has 3000.

Carmel High School, which I pointed out the other day as receiving threats, has 5000.

I went through an overcrowded school in my high school days. The township delayed building a second high school because we had a huge basketball fieldhouse which seated 6000 and a football stadium which had permanent bleacher seating on concrete with dressing rooms underneath. (This is an actual fact. My mother and grandparents were teachers in the township an my dad was head of maintenance, so I got all of the scoop on what went on.)

When it got too crowded, they moved the freshmen back into the junior high (we had 2 junior highs). They did not construct a second high school until 2 years after I graduated, and the only way they could get people to go along with it was to work out the athletic schedulinig so that both teams could use the football stadium and the fieldhouse.

I had 15 minutes for lunch in our overcrowded cafeteria. Hallways were impassable. Except for my advanced English class, all of my classes had around 40 kids int them, which is why I had to take a catch-up class in algebra and trig when I got to college.

That type of environment is really bad for people who have fragile emotional health, particularly since public schools have to take all students, including those who pick on kids. How much supervision do you think a teacher can do in a hallway crowded like that?


Iirc Bess Truman was asked to please stop Harry from using the word "manure". Her reply was something like, "You have no idea how long it took me to get him to use that word."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Visual chart of the number of times officials failed the students at Parkland:



No wonder the Broward County Sheriff sounds panicked. After looking at that chart, he should have a realistic fear of being killed imo.

Frau Steingehirn

Fake News landed in our driveway yesterday. By mistake, the evil LATimes [spit!] was delivered instead of the AP generated and useless McClatchy newsette. The triple (!!!) headline screamed Mueller, Russians, Interference and ended with

"Investigation concludes 13 people, 3 companies worked to help Trump campaign."

After reading, I cannot conclude that the twin dastards of deception--David S. Cloud and Joseph Tanfani--in writing their frontpage article were merely incomplete and incompetent.


Why didn't anyone have him arrested for the assault?

Bob Norman of ABC 10 in Florida reports:

School considered shooting suspect potential ‘threat’ year before massacre

Administrators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School recommended back in January 2017 that the school board conduct a “threat assessment” on Nikolas Cruz to determine if he was a danger to the school and its students, according to documents exclusively obtained by Local 10 News.

A copy of Cruz’s discipline summary shows that Cruz was involved in an assault at the school on Jan. 19, 2017, less than three weeks before he was transferred out of the school. It was on that date that the school put in a referral for the threat assessment on Cruz, who now faces 17 counts of premeditated murder for firing an AR-15 rifle at the high school on Valentine’s Day.

It’s not known at this time what the result of the assessment was, or even if the school board conducted it, as board spokeswoman Tracy Clarke said she couldn’t answer those questions, citing student privacy.


Another Bob:
Are you from a state that has any long standing basketball icons?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

My great friends from NASCAR are having their big race today, The Daytona 500. Brian France and the France family are special people. Enjoy the race!


No wonder the Broward County Sheriff sounds panicked

He's full of crap, asking for more laws so he can arrest for online threats etc.

It's already a felony to make school shooting threats in Florida


Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏ @unseen1_unseen
8m8 minutes ago

Per AG Sessions there are 27 open investigations of classified document leaks. That's bigly news.


As always, catching up:

Thanks, JimNorCal for the Insty update--"rarified discussion"--ha!

Loved the cover to "Low Spark," one of my favorites; saw White Snake in my first rock concert ever at age 15.

Hawking is awfully good at math, but God is better.

I learned about "marches" (borders) when I was learning about Carroll's early decision to give the Queen of Heart the further title of Marchioness of Mock Turtles (cut in the published version). Marches are regions of a kingdom that border an enemy or at least neutral state--that's why a marquis outranks a count (otherwise equal in status) because it's more of a risk to be in charge of a border property. Since the Mock Turtle is himself a borderline creature (half-turtle, half-cow), there ought to be a Marchioness of Mock Turtles, but I think Carroll cut the joke because it was too complicated.

Last, my mom went to school with Bill France, Jr. (Seabreeze High School, Daytona) and knew him pretty well. The scion seems to have married a very pretty woman (the Frances are not particularly good looking, but nice, she says).


"Per AG Sessions there are 27 open investigations of classified document leaks. That's bigly news."

Until people are perp walked, it is ZERO


Hearts, not Heart, of course.

Jim Eagle

We were going to go to the 500 but had visitors. Plus grabbing a drink with friends at the 19th hole around 5. Looks like a good crowd.

My under-dog long shot is Bubba Wallace, only black guy (well half and half), driving in NASCAR.


I'm still pretty sick--gosh, I really can't afford to lose about a week of work in the middle of the semester! I have papers and quizzes to grade and Eliot's "The Lifted Veil" and Dickens' Bleak House to re-read, five short encyclopedia articles to write, a paper on fairy paintings to finish, and all I can work myself up to do is to catch up on the news and you all.

Jim Eagle


The Allman Brothers also graduated from Seabreeze.

Jim Eagle


Knowing the JOM crowd, you could probably farm out some of you work to the crew here:)


I know the answer Clarice. Apparently no one else gives a shit!

Jim Eagle

I'll guess, Jane, it's Elliott?


I knew the answer, too, Jane, but did not want to clutter the thread more than I normally do.


I care about the answer.
I arrive tomorrow around 1:00pm.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That 12:42 abortion thing posted by JNC is brilliant and funny but in a heartbreaking way.


Cats eat: Tell me about Elliot’s “The Lifted Veil.

Another Bob

SBW, had to do a little research...

Pondered your point of local ownership generally making for a bettter paper. It makes sense that this should be true. Your reference to "rip and read" made me chuckle. I went to school with a girl who ended up (in the 1980s) being a producer/writer/reader at the local (family owned) all-news radio station where I grew up. The mere fact that she wore three hats tells you that it probably couldn't get much beyond rip-and-read.

The papers I referred to are owned by:
- "Corporate": McClatchy and Gatehouse
- "Non-corporate": The Blocks (who I suspect you're acquainted with?) and a small company that owns 10 or so papers in small cities/towns of the upper midwest

And indeed, as I think your thesis holds, the overall "Gestalt" of the corporate papers is nearly indisginguishable from that of WaPo/NYT/LAT etc. But the odd thing is the smaller owners don't seem to be better. The news pages of the Block paper seems fairly "corporate", but the columnists and features have a decided SJW bent. The small-city paper is all-SJW-all-the-time even with its news coverage. (I attribute this to the small-market payscales skewing the staff younger.)

It's seemed to me that it's less a matter of bottom line, and more a matter of the post-Watergate phenomenon of reporters wishing to "change the world" and "speak for the voiceless" rather than be simple scribes. That something you try to control for among your editors and reporters?

Is AP still a co-op?

When does your book come out? Available on Amazon?

Jim Eagle

Rolling off pit row.

Hard to believe, they aren't socked in because we are on the beach. Less than 50 feet visibility here on the beach. Burned off in Daytona. Peyton Manning is driving the pace car.

Green flag in a minute or two.

Jim Eagle


Any relation to Matt D? He's driving in the 500 today:)


Bob Norman, comes from the local alternative (lefty) paper, back in 2003, for instance he bought El shukrijumahs parents sob story. Regardless hes a pretty diligent reporter.

jimmyk on iPhone

sbw, what's the explanation for the phenomenon you describe? One hears a similar story in lots of industries. I believe markets generally work, so is it that people just don't care about or won't pay for quality?


local ownership generally making for a better paper.
Can be better, but not necessarily.

the odd thing is the smaller owners don't seem to be better.
Block’s newspapers are still fairly large. My bet is that they often draw reporters and editors from j-schools. I look at the Table of Contents of the Columbia Journalism Review (Close, but not associated with the University) and throw it out unread.

It's seemed to me that it's less a matter of bottom line, and more a matter of the post-Watergate phenomenon of reporters wishing to "change the world" and "speak for the voiceless" rather than be simple scribes. That something you try to control for among your editors and reporters?
Section 2 of the book looks at the underlying rust in schools. I also recall Finley Peter Dunne’s 1902 trashing of advocacy journalism.

Is AP still a co-op?
Yes but most of the shares are owned by large corporations. Even the one board seat reserved for newspapers under 50,000 regularly goes to a corporation that can claim one newspaper with circ<50K.

When does your book come out? Available on Amazon?
Give me a week. As soon as I get it there. Will be on Amazon. Published at Lulu.


Hi, Maryrose--it's a short story, 1857, in both a kind of Gothic/SF mode with a first-person male narrator who from early adulthood has had vivid premonitions of things (and who later can mind-read). It begins "September 20th, 1850"--that's the date he's known he'll die of a heart attack. He also marries a beautiful but wicked woman who plans to kill him (but of course since he mind-reads, he knows this). All this sounds intriguing, but Eliot cannot for the life of her make this story have any suspense or even gumption. It's really a bad work by a great, great author. But I didn't have time for them to read Middlemarch, so this will have to do. It's available online of course.

Jack, you can do the fairy painting paper; title is "The Compelled Eye: Vistas Within and Nineteenth-Century British Fairy Paintings." Make sure it doesn't go for more than fifteen minutes! I can send you the powerpoint which goes with it, but only when I get back to the office.

Nobody, nobody, should undertake the encyclopedia articles, which are for bad Austen-era novels (A Marvelous Pleasant Love Story; The Carriage; The Wife; Nice Distinctions; and Rosanne, or a Father's Labours Lost). All really wretched works. I read them so no one else has to.


jimmyk:I believe markets generally work, so is it that people just don't care about or won't pay for quality?

Part of Section 1 deals with this:

Consumers are not lazy, but they are busy. Recent generations were schooled to put trust in experts. They defer to experts in government, politics, education, science and elsewhere. “Expert” has become perverted to mean someone with credentials and/or experience.

Actually, expertise is something more specific and practical: An expert is someone who explains things so clearly that even we can understand.

The only way to see the difference between real experts and those who unjustifiably claim expertise is to hold them accountable to explain themselves.

Most people don’t do that. They hire a second set of experts called journalists to check their first set of experts. Too often, specialists selected to guard the guardians seemed not to understand what they were hired to do.

Having passed responsibility on to others, consumers get on with its busy lives, comfortable in the notion that all is well, even though it wasn’t, isn’t, and won’t be.


Oh, and Jack, I bet my mom doesn't even know who the Allmann Brothers were (born as she was in 1935)--but she knows her own crowd (those still alive) cold. There's a "Harry" something still living there who keeps her updated.

Ralph L

IIRC, Punaho has over 3,000.
Need I say more?


Per AG Sessions there are 27 open investigations of classified document leaks. That's bigly news.

It's not, really.

For the last seven months my company has been under OIG investigation for potentially defrauding the government. I haven't, but that doesn't matter.

The entire investigation has been to make accusations first, and look for proof later. One by one I have showed that they were nonsense. OIG's attitude very much has followed Groucho: "These are my accusations and if they are not true, I have others."

That didn't stop OIG from threatening "nice business you got there -- shame if anything happened to it" by offering to make the whole thing go away (namely, recommend that the investigation be closed) if I paid them about 15% of annual revenues. I said simply "and the horse you rode in on."

So the investigation still is open, and will remain open, though I very much doubt it will proceed to prosecution. It is the same with the SEC, according to my attorney. The government closes nothing. So having an investigation open does not really matter much.

OIG has been incredibly slimy through the entire thing. My advice is that should you find yourself under inspection, do not cooperate and tell them to prove it. I'd rather deal with the Mafia.

I cannot tell you how distracting this has been. It is time and money I'll never get back.

For something a bit more lighthearted, here are the Chopin Waltzes by Rubinstein:


Just let them run, though all of them in one sitting may be a bit much.

Jim Eagle


LOL. Of course my rendition of a 19th century "fairy painting" might not meet the high editorial standards of your course, but will include cricket, the start of football and my great-great grandfather's friendship with Dickens.

Will start on it as soon as I have a Grey Goose martini, just to give some gravitas.



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Great to hear from you Doc, though I wish it was a lighter subject.
Have been meaning to email you, but like a chump haven't.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Oh, DrJ, I am so sorry that has happened to you! I wondered where you had been.


Yikes Dr. J, they really didn't want that new patent out there (he said conspiratorially) where did the accusation come from, if you can say.


So sorry, Dr J. I was afraid that was why you weren't posting.



Chuck Ross
Chuck Ross
CBS Host To Podesta: How Did Russians Know To Focus On Purple States, But Hillary Didn’t? [VIDEO]



Hey, Dr. J--if you've done any lurking you know people have been asking about you! Welcome back--


I think our local fishwrao is gatehouse, its mercifully short but it still stinks.

matt - deplore me if you must

Back when I was a boy I wanted to go to law school and be a seeker of justice. Four years of sharing L/A classes with the students at John Jay College who crossed the street to my campus disabused me of the notion. It's not about justice. It's adversarial. A winner and loser in a world that is very gray sometimes.

It used to be that the arm of government was slow to move because the full power and resources of the state are almost impossible to fight. These days it is a bludgeon used by politicians, especially of the Left, to club their enemies or to distort the law into pretzels.

Jim Eagle


Daytona News-Journal is prog all the way. They used to have a columnist named Pierre Tristam, who now runs Flagler Live, was the biggest prog/leftist/SJW on steriods there ever was. Still is.

Here is his most recent flavor of the outrage:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for that "What Would Kasich DO?" article! Hilarious!


I'm glad I'm not Christopher Steelehttp://dailycaller.com/2018/02/17/federal-judge-fusion-gps-lawsuit/?utm_source=site-share


Dr J!!! We've been worried...

Medicare does EXACTLY the same thing! Opens these investigations, fricking MOVES TO YOUR CITY, never leaves---

God bless POTUS---shut down this BULL SHIT oppression by the DEEP STATE!

My kid is w SEC--OL has my email, as does Jane---


Glad you liked it,MM


Oops! I see I misread your post Dr J.
Whose OIG? HHS?

Jim Eagle


SEC the enforcer or SEC the conference. We did the firsrt digital EDGAR for the SEC.


Paul Ryan: Wife and I haven't discussed re-election, leadership plans yet

"Look, my wife and I have that conversation in the spring of every election year. We haven't had that yet. We'll figure it out then," the Wisconsin Republican told Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" in an interview that aired Sunday, before saying he was confident the GOP would maintain control of the House.

Well, if I have to post a comment that actually pertinent to TM's postScott Adams‏Verified account
Follow Follow @ScottAdamsSays
Scott Adams Retweeted The Hill
Anti-Trumpers are claiming in unison that the President’s past “hoax” comments were about the Russian troll farm’s existence, not collusion. Ballsy and unethical persuasion, but will work on their base.Scott Adams added,

Jim Eagle

Did anyone know there is a Facebook Watch and they have a Tom v. Time biopic on Brady?

The things you learn watching redneck racing.


Thanks for the welcome back! Forgive me if I don't reply to all of you individually.

Yes, it was the HHS OIG. Around here the investigation became known as "prove to us that you aren't a goat f*cker." The case had about as much merit and logic.

The irony is that I'm almost obsessive with keeping my books and all supporting materials clean.

Jim Eagle


Welcome back. But not as a bad as having 4 auditors of the DCAA sitting in your home office permanently to audit ever damn expense and income you credit or debit from the Feds. They even set the rates you are allowed to charge.

I often wondered why we would even want to do business with the Feds until I saw their $4 Trillion dollar budgets:)




Clarice, My older brother delivered the MILWAUKEE SENTINEL, morning paper between Center st and Burleigh in Milwaukee. CONSERVATIVE relatively at the time. I delivered the Milwaukee Journal on Center St and Pasadena Blvd. (87th st). Liberal paper.
I turned out Conservative,
Older brother, turned out WAY LIBERAL.

Go figure.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is the scary local weatherguy's tweet about rainfall for the coming week..850% of normal!! (Note the scary red areas on the map.)


I thought we would be in Johnstown Flood levels of rain or something.

SO I clicked on the link.

2.7" through Thursday.

Now, that means we will have a wet week, but "850% of normal" is just ridiculous scaremongering to drive people to the web site!



But not as a bad as having 4 auditors of the DCAA sitting in your home office permanently ...

Uh huh. As far as I know, Bechtel still is in business. This OIG excursion probably has put me out of business. It will take a year yet, but that is the likely ripple of what dealing with them did.


Miss M. It's the mindset. Weather equals DANGER. Danger equals ratings, ratings equals money.
Universities are good at educating people, if the SUBJECT MATTER is OBJECTIVE.
Subjectivity is all MARXIST. They overlap now.

Jim Eagle


My apologies. I thought you had survived the nose under the tent. Wish you well in this and have a hard time understanding what their issue was except to keep their employment.

Another Bob

DrJ, do you know the trigger? Disgruntled employee or some Such?


I found her, but under tragic circumstances. She'd struggled to within a very short distance of my house where she collapsed...probably the first day she went missing. Buzzards led me to her, one circling caught my attention and I glanced up into the ancient cedar where he landed. There were 6-8 other buzzards already perched there. At the base of that tree I found Starr. Cause of death is still a mystery, but I suspect poison. A hard week. Next day my bil emailed me that mom had died following a fall in the night at her assisted living place. She passed just 5 mo shy of her 100th b.d.

Maryrose...thanks for the nice words. Can you believe my audiologist tells me my passion for quiet is unhealthy? Nay-the-less, I still love her.


Good Morning!

Miss Marple,

Loved the link to the translated Sumerian/Babylonian texts. Those were great, and I have my fingers crossed that one day we'll be able to read all those uncovered books in the Library's at Herculaneum and Pompei that were carbonized by the heat from the Vesuvius.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry, Doc.

Captain Hate

Ouch. Sorry to read about your travails, DrJ; no wonder you've been so scarce. Not sure what figment of their imagination has brought on this Kafkaesque nightmare but I surely hope it gets resolved in your favor pronto.


Cougars in Brookfield? The four footed critters. Plenty of deer, so it won't go hungry.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


You are welcome! I always keep my eye out for articles like that with you in mind.

Like you, I have had a long-held fascination with archaeology, ruins, etc. I think it's because I read "Gods, Graves and Scholars" at a young age.

My very favorite thing I ever saw was the Rosetta Stone just sitting out on an iron rack in the British Museum in 1969. You could reach out and touch it!! My then husband didn't even know what it was! What a loser!


I've no idea what triggered the investigation initially. It came from within NIH, though, and they do have multiple -- and largely unknown to me -- checks and balances on their financial systems.

That's fine, of course, but this time the flag was just silly. I won't go into further details.

JiB, my company lives hand-to-mouth. Losing six months of my time practically is a death sentence. I'll fight like h*ll of course, but it really was/is a severe blow.

James D.

JiB, no relation to any race car drivers, as far as I know. That'd be on my father's side, though, and I don't know near as much about that once you get past my grandfather.



Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏ @unseen1_unseen
52m52 minutes ago

BIGLY news never reported:
OBAMA's former ICE Chief Counsel Pleads Guilty to Using the Identities of Numerous Aliens for Wire Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft Scheme https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-ice-chief-counsel-pleads-guilty-using-identities-numerous-aliens-wire-fraud-and


Henry you sly dog. You work in Brookfield, and I used to. Trust me friend, there are COUGARS in Brookfield AND Elm Grove.


Captain Hate

Mueller should be tarred and feathered for the halfassed job he's done on everything. No wonder the FBI became hot garbage under leadership of a bum like that.

Frau Steingehirn

Dr. Jot -
Our government at work? Pfui!
Words fail except to say such attacks should not happen.


Clarice, Mueller/Rosenstein's self fulfilling prophecy, is AGHAST and SHOCKED, that RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIANS, were.....HACKING??? No. They came to the conclusion, that 13 ROOOOSKIES, were TROLLS and BOTS. Did they call SOROS for help in this matter??? They included gratuitous BULL SHIT, that 3 TRUMP campaign advisors, had been "CONTACTED" by RUSSIANS, unbeknownst to the "advisors".
This "INVESTIGATION" was ALLOWED to go where ever the facts dictated.
RODHAM PAID FOR RUSSIAN AGITATION. $12,000,000.00. This DOSSIER, was written and designed to INTERFERE with our ELECTIONS.

Correct me where I'm wrong..........

Russians were paid by RODHAM to INTERFERE with our ELECTIONS. Has MUELLER looked into this???
Lastly, whatever these MYSTERIOUS RUSSIANS attempted, the worst we've heard about is FACE BOOK ADS.....ETC.

What have AMERICANS heard about RODHAM BUYING RUSSIAN LIES to SLIME President DJT????????

America has heard INUENDO AND LIES. The truth is RIGHT THERE FOR ALL TO SEE.


CAPN, .....BINGO. Who followed MUELLER???
So the LANKY LOSER, followed his HERO Mueller, and SUCKED exponentially. Mueller's BOY, installed irresponsible LEFTISTS and did not SUPERVISE THEM.
So many times, we've been told...BY THE SWAMP.....that XYZ is ABOVE and BEYOND REPROACH.
Timmy Geithner is the "ONLY MAN" (shorter than ROBERT REICH), who can SAVE US!!!!
When the SWAMP agrees on someone being REALLY REALLY SPECIAL.

They suck.


Dr J--just an idea..why not tell them you need to go back to work.Ask them to tell what dates/transactions they are interested in and you will have them photocopied and delivered to them, and will happily answer any questions they may have in writing. And if that is not sufficient you will write to their boss and explain the situation.

Captain Hate

I think DrJ's situation proves that even in low exposure situations, the Swamp won't go quietly.


So glad you are back.
You have been missed!
Sorry to hear about this fearsome investigation.
Hope it resolves so that you can get on with the wonderful work you do.


I thought Russia has strict gun control laws?

Five dead in Russia church shooting

"We had finished the mass and were beginning to leave the church. A bearded man ran towards the church shouting 'Allahu Akbar' ('God is greatest') and killed four people," Father Pavel told RBK...

...The attacker was "eliminated" by police fire, the regional internal affairs ministry added.

Good verb that word "eliminated."

Captain Hate

Gus, Billy Boy Kristol assured me that Mueller is an honorable man. Why, it's like he and McCarthy are reading off the same script.


Was every person employed by Zippy a crook?


Jib< SEC the enforcer.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I believe it was a job requirement.


Yes Capn, Stephie Hayes', Uncle Billy, is the paragon of virtue. Messr's Kristol and Hayes, actually support the notion, that RODHAM as PRESIDRUNK is/was a better option to to the "unclean" Rodney Dangerfield caricature, that they believe. RESULTS do not matter. RESULTS will not matter. Kristol and Hayes et al, lost ALL of their CACHE, when an OUTSIDER not in any way beholding to their "CONSERVATIVE BRAND"...won. The RUBES like you in Ohio AND me in Wisconsin, just don't GET IT.

For the love of GOD, IMAGINE RODHAM had WON.




That's essentially what I did. It got rather complicated though, since they were asking questions about multiple grants (and much more) over more than three years with a constantly-changing list of questions.

I think it has passed, I think, but the volume of information they sought was stunning. I bet they didn't even review most of it.


Better yet, Dr J, have a lawyer write that letter and say the photocopies will be notarized by him/her.Have the letter document how many hours of your time have already been taken up by this and how fully you have cooperated with every request for information, but the investigation seems to have no conclusion and seems to be pure harassment at this point,


DrJ, they are looking for a CRACK. They have a rudimentary view of your info and books. They are seeking to have one of their pre-arranged questions, answered contrary to what they believe. GOTCHA. It's not real deep. It's a game.
There is no real reason for them to dig any deeper.
IT'S BASICALLY INTIMIDATION. Stay the course brother. You'll be fine.



How do I reach you?

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