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February 08, 2018



Yes that is sexual harassment and the touching part is off limits, drunk or not.


OL, No, you are not wrong -- we don't know anything actually except four or five FBI employees have switched positions, announced they will be retiring, or are stepping aside.

And, every day I read about Trump's latest disaster in the news. I get discouraged, outraged, astounded at how long this has gone on -- to be honest, it has only been this site, plus a few more, that have given me optimism about the outcome. I guess it's more hope than optimism.

But, doesn't there have to be 'something' going on, like with the release of the texts, the IG's investigation, etc., that shows there is 'fight' on our side? I sure hope so. Ha! There's that word again.


I don't see it. They weren't her subordinates and they didn't accuse her of retaliating against them.

Is it merely that she was "powerful" that made them victims?

Old Lurker

MM is just being difficult: "However, federal indictments do not cover parking tickets, as I am sure you know."


Actually MM, how do you know ANY of those sealed indictments "have anything to do with DC"?


She inflicted herself on them.I am sure this happens a lot and is under- reported.


Garcia???? Seems to be a DREAMER.

Old Lurker

Joan, yes, for sure something good this way comes. It just might not be to the point yet of flipping somebody already to avoid a crime already or about to be charged. (Just trying to control my own hopes and expectations.)


Why should every clumsy come-on be reported? Reported to whom? The police?

Jim Eagle

If you look at her speaking to the #MeToo rally (TruePundit link), you will understand the groping and drinking. Only way she is going to meet any man.

jimmyk on iPhone

What Obama did with DACA, which I believe he tried to justify as prosecutorial discretion, could and should have been an impeachable offense, as it amounted to a breach of the oath of office. I have no doubt if Trump did something comparable the Ds would list it in articles of impeachment.


new thread, y'all

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Of course I don't know if any of those indictments are DC related.

On the other hand, there are far more of them than normal.

There is just too much stuff we don't know, so really, everything is speculation until we see someone led away in handcuffs.

Old Lurker

Tru dat, MM, tru dat.

Would not surprise me at all if the Sword of Damocles is about to descend on the opiate pipeline.

Old Lurker

Deb, MM and I are posting over here after the New Thread Warning just because we can.


I hope Page doesn't have a cat.

Old Lurker

I hope Page has a prized race horse.


How do I know that anyone posting “New thread” isn’t posting #FakeNews?

Jim Eagle

Talk about fickled. Today's Dow started positive went deeply negative and came back to positive and is now negative again.

And Cavuto asked a great question: Where is the money going? Not in commodities like gold or cotton or copper. Not in bond market. Not in emerging markets.


Because they are spelled differently?

Another Bob


Texas Liberty Gal

Way to go RG - you've hit the big time when Rush mentions you anf your article.

Texas Liberty Gal

Repubs release video explaining their FISA Memo


Clarice Feldman

I know I've explained this before, but here goes--because of its peculiar status, felonies in DC are prosecuted by the US Attys and indictments would be federal indictments. I wouldn't consider any indictments here as being necessarily connected to the FBI/DOJ investigations,

Clarice Feldman

Good for RG!

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