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February 23, 2018



Did you know that Line Dancing was started by women waiting to use the bathroom?




Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Hot damn. Just turned the A/C on.


I ordered some new ammo today and specified the fastest bullet thingies possible. Those slow ones sucked


F Hudson

Simply make an exception for those who have served in the military


Davod keeps getting autocorrected to David. Could you change your handle please?? ;)

Good suggestion, Another boob.

Account Deleted

That's some witness, boatbuilder!
Now, here is my imitation of "Boring Dinner Guest" on the word "Chinos" (Chee-nose) ;)

If Maw was particularly fond of a Chinese man or woman in our neighborhood, she'd refer to them as "la Chinita" or "el Chinito."

There's a whole different etymology to Small c "chino" in California history--- it is somewhat derogatory according to old Spaniard Spanish from the days of the California Spanish land grants.

Santa Ana CA was originally Santa Ana de Chino...where chino referred to a person of mixed race, half-breeds, etc. Back then, landed gentry was big on identifying their real estate accordingly.

Now...drum roll please...all these "chinos" ....so let's get to the bottom of how "chinos" got their name---->

Twill military uniforms for tropical weather. Pioneered by Brits and French. Manufactured in China.

During the Spanish American War, American troops wearing the Chinese-made twill pants were said to be wearing "pantalones chinos (Chinese pants)."

The name was shortened in America to "chinos."

This is far from the definitive twist on things.

I was bamboozled when my Paw bought me my first pair of "chinos." "Paw--- pretty sure you can't buy me some Chinese guys."

Language can be cruel to a kid. ;)


Kev!!!!! They call it the same thing that gets you to Carnegie Hall.



Sore fingers. My fingers are immune.


F Hudson, the Constitution isn't the thing on a roll next to your throne.

Account Deleted

Paw made an interesting remark about why these #MeTooers are being turned into prostitutes--willingly.

The tell-alls about having illict affairs with famous people set up the "party girl" to become a
paid who-er once she takes money for the book deal or the "big story.

All this who-ering. So when does the Left media figure out that banging strays before you're President is not an impeachable offense?



I am sorry we could not get together.
It was a very tight organized schedule and we didn’t have our own car.
My brother lives near Orlando.The weather was fabulous every day.
JIB: It is hard to return up north but as a friend stated:
Florida is fun and a vacation, up north is real life.I suggested armed guards at schools and a metal detector plus no outside access during the school day Guards at the ready at the beginning and the end of school day.
This was recommended after Sandy Hook.
Also arming qualified teachers

jim nj


Make sure to see the logo on the bucket.


Just turned the heat up.


CNN sources say:

When Coral Springs police officers arrived at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 in the midst of the school shooting crisis, many officers were surprised to find not only that Broward County Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson, the armed school resource officer, had not entered the building, but that three other Broward County Sheriff's deputies were also outside the school and had not entered, Coral Springs sources tell CNN. The deputies had their pistols drawn and were behind their vehicles, the sources said, and not one of them had gone into the school.


If true, they may need 18 more police officers to guard the other deputies.



About the typical AR-15 assault rifle ammunition, typically .223 of an inch in diameter.

That means it is .001 bigger than your standard .22 rimfire ammunition.

As far as weight, the popular size .223 ammo weighs 55 grains while the standard .22 rimfire is 40 grains -- a difference of about a small paper clip.

The .223 will get to the target faster, but the .22 rimfire is still traveling at more than 1000 feet per second.

In other words, an “assault rifle” is no more dangerous than any other firearm has been for a hundred years. Anyone who says it is is too ignorant about weapons to argue about their use.

It is the hands that hold the weapon that are the danger.




If I ran the NRA's press office I would issue a statement denouncing the Sheriff and the 4 deputies, assuming what CNN says is true, and make it clear that they are banned for life from getting a membership to the NRA.

That is my kind of multi-dimensional chess.

Maybe follow it up with an offer for a provisional membership if they complete several NRA sanctioned training courses.

F Hudson

That's exactly what it is. When constitutional rights conflict the throne must decide the best way to preserve as much of the conflicting constitutional rights as possible.

mad jack

jane you have clearly never ordered food at my local Chinese food haunt. whispers or high pitched screaming. no inbetween. small sample size but i don't think they are into curling so...:-)


CH - did you read the Gates indictment (that he has plead guilty to)?


Criminally evading taxes on $75million qualifies as bad in my book.


This is to much of a coincidence. These guys were trained to do this!!!!! No wonder this sherrif cannot stay off the TV.

The sheriff needs to be shamed, vilified and heckled out of office.

Account Deleted

When is the next election for Blowhard County Sheriff?

That pantload is toast.


Barney, Gomer, and Goober. Which one had the bullet.



For your listening pleasure:

Four Men and a Dog "Struggle On"



What do you mean by "conflicting" Constitutional rigths. Is this a "throne thing" that I won't understand.

I'm sure you can clear this right up.

Account Deleted

The collection of loose holes at HuffPo take the cake in the wake of POTUS' response to the Parkland slaughter (it puts Columbine at #5 in the American slaughter record books for schools).

I loathe these rats:




Here is some recent Irish/Celtic music by Phoebe Hunt who is an up and coming Country singer.

Wish the video wasn't lip synced, but otherwise very good.


Account Deleted

How much listening did the crew at CNN do with that JROTC hero they'd first ask to write a speech re his experiences; but, then they gave him a scripted question instead.



All the information was there

Sean Davis
Sean Davis
One of the tips to the FBI about the Florida school shooter was that "he's so into ISIS." The caller was worried he would "take off and just start shooting places up." (link: http://static01.nyt.com/newsgraphics/2018/02/23/fbi-transcripts/assets/fbi-transcript.pdf) static01.nyt.com/newsgraphics/2…

mad jack

speaking of stereotypes. this hibernian is heading out to enjoy a libation...or three. enjoy the evening folks.

Account Deleted

How i feel following the shitake tsunami re Parkland SlaughterPen:


If I ran the NRA's press office I would issue a statement denouncing the Sheriff and the 4 deputies

I cannot spare this man. He fights.

Jack is Back! (At Ruby Tuesday’s)

Hard to catch up when you’ve been driving for 9 hours but the Beagles are in the kennel and Frederick and I are at Ruby Tuesday’s in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Just had a nice Grey Goose martini and now waiting for my rib eye.

Interesting in listening to Rush today about the CNNgungrabpalooza last night that he never mentioned Tappers former association with Handgun Control, Inc. Hard to believe he wasn’t aware of it. Hell, even Frederick was and was screaming at the car radio “Rush, Tapper is conflicted.”

More after dinner.


Jack is Back! (At Ruby Tuesday’s)

Hard to catch up when you’ve been driving for 9 hours but the Beagles are in the kennel and Frederick and I are at Ruby Tuesday’s in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Just had a nice Grey Goose martini and now waiting for my rib eye.

Interesting in listening to Rush today about the CNNgungrabpalooza last night that he never mentioned Tappers former association with Handgun Control, Inc. Hard to believe he wasn’t aware of it. Hell, even Frederick was and was screaming at the car radio “Rush, Tapper is conflicted.”

More after dinner.



Gus, it is not clear F H knows to lift the lid or what the handle does while he spews "wisdom" from the throne.


Posting this thread again from Sundance on the real scandal in Broward.


It really is a must-read. Well-documented. Just watch your blood pressure.

Captain Hate

So he admitted to being a tax cheat. So was Tim Geithner but without a special counsel stuck with coming up with something to justify a giant snipe hunt.

Account Deleted

GUS--- Like everthang else, eh? Maw used to signal practice time was upon me during summers as kid.

She had an AM radio which she'd tune to KFRC 610 or KEWB 910. They'd play "Classical Gas" every ten minutes. She'd blast it when it was time.

I had callouses of steel and was the only one among my friends who kept his wrist down while playing chords. Had a great teacher.

Have a good weekend!

Kev out.


From the Sundance Twitter thread:

20. From 2012 though 2018 it only got worse. In Broward and Miami-Dade it is almost impossible for a student to get arrested. The staff within the upper levels of LEO keep track of arrests and when a certain number is reached all else is excused.

21. Well it didn't take long for criminal gangs in Broward and Miami-Dade to realize the benefit of using students for their criminal activities. After all, the kids would be let go... so organized crime became easier to get away with if they enlisted high-school kids.

22. As criminals became more adept at the timing within the offices of the officials, they timed their biggest crimes to happen after the monthly maximum arrest quota was made.

23. The most serious of armed robberies etc. were timed for later in the month or quarter. The really serious crimes were timed in the latter phases of the data collection periods. This way the student criminals were almost guaranteed to get away with it.

24. Now. You can see how that entire process gets worse over time. Present corruption (the need to hide the policy) expands in direct relationship to the corruption before it. This is where the School Police come into play.

25. Understanding the risk behind the scheme, it became increasingly important to put the best corrupt cops in the schools. *BEST* as in *SMARTEST*. Those SRO's became the ones who were best at hiding the unlawful conduct.

26. Again, over time, the most corrupt police officers within the system became the police inside the schools. These officers were those who are best skilled at identifying the political objectives and instructions.

27. Those "School Cops" also have special privileges. It's a great gig. They get free "on campus" housing close to the schools they are assigned to etc. They're crooked as hell and the criminal kids how just how to play them. It's a game. Also an open secret.

Captain Hate

More Honest Jake Tapper:



Pretty clear what the problem is Porch.

The Superintendent and Sheriff deserve some of that prison time they managed to shield the thugs from.


Jumping ahead here from catch up...

The chat about chinos brought to mind a question I asked an AI instructor from MA once in a former life. He had to my mid-western ear a heavy Boston accent.

He'd been razzing a couple of fellows from Kalispell, MT, calling it Cow Bells. I stopped by the podium after class and asked him some silly question, like, "What about khakis?"

A puzzled look was returned. "What do you mean, khakis...like the pants?"

"Noooo," I said. "Like what you use to staaat ya caaah!" Puzzled look doubled. Then he realized he'd been had.

Somehow I passed the course.


Maryrose! I've been looking forward to seeing you for 6 months! You are a bad girl!

Did you like Punta Gorda? Can I get you to come back next year?

Account Deleted

Not so extreme if one considers the Stone Wall of Perpaganda surrounding practically every institutional sector in 'Merka.

Account Deleted

And here's some ipyecac from Los Chinos across the Pacific:

Snippet from the aggregator first: "In an op-ed of pathological chutzpah today (2/23), a Chicom propaganda organ, China Military, claimed: China Can Offer Lessons to US in Protecting Human Rights.

Here you have the most mass-murdering regime in human history, with the Guinness record-holder of mass-murder, Mao (45 million unarmed Chinese in 4 years alone) on every denomination of Chinese currency, lecturing us on human rights.

And note, every one of the Chicom gun-control arguments is taken straight from the choir book of Fake News gun-control Lefties.




Ot, there's a new novel by some one named glover, last man in europe' about orwells process that went into writing 1984, he takes newspeak from a linguist at the time empson. Doublespeak from auto Bio of trotsky, the three superstates from burnhams 'the machiavellians' and draws the dark forever war opening from his feeling after dunkirk


So sorry!
Yes I loved Punta Gorda.
We also went to Sarasota yesterday which was lovely.
Bradenton I believe was also a Town we visited.
So relaxing and enjoyable.
Perfect weather!


More info on the guy mentioned at the end of CH's 6:10:



What do you think about Gates?
Any prison time or just fines?

Account Deleted

Film buffs.... a bit of Americano film trivia and genuine family history from a Great American--- Dr. Jack Wheeler.... sorry if you hate the Bee Gees....but it's a good read (short):

"We end with story time – a personal one. In 1929 my father was 16 years old. My grandfather Lucien handled private security for Jack Warner and Warner Bros. studios. It was the height of Prohibition, and wealthy Mexican businessmen had built a glorious booze-fueled resort across the border called Agua Caliente.

All the Hollywood elite were at the opening, including of course Jack Warner. Lucien was with him – and my Dad. One of the Mexican investors wanted to introduce his daughter, who was my father’s age, to Mr. Warner. Her name was Margarita Cansino, and when my father saw her, he knew why.

She had the beauty of a goddess. My father was completely entranced as they went for a long walk by themselves in the moonlight on the resort’s golf course. They got along for – I’ll have to find the picture I have of my Dad when he was really young – he was as handsome as Rudolph Valentino.

At any rate, they never saw each other again. Warner did sign her to a contract, but it couldn’t take effect until she was 18. Then she moved to Hollywood, where Warner changed her name. Here’s a compilation of her movie dancing set to Stayin’ Alive. TTPer Edd Forke tells me she was the only dance partner that ever intimidated the great Fred Astaire.

Yes, she’s Rita Hayworth…"



Gates? As with any swamp critter, toss him in an active volcano from a helicopter. But, he will get a wrist slap. Why? Because the swamp cannot afford real accountability. That especially includes the Muelkers / Comeys / CongressCritters / other civil servants. Toss one in a volcano, the rest know they deserve worse. Ergo, they won't let it happen. "They" includes the swamp critter of record Sessions.

Jack is Back!


That thread from Sundance proves my suspicion that he is from Coral Springs. It was the Coral Springs PD that arrived in force while Sherriff Israel's deputies were hiding behind pillars and cars.

As I have said, the forensics of this shooting drilling deep into the politics, the behaviors and lack of action from every authority will reveal that they not only actively through their PC inactions gave Cruz every opportunity to kill.

If I am a parent I want Cruz punished to the extent of the law but I also want the school, the sheriff and the FBI punished as well. They are all co-conspirators.


So Rodham CONS the entire SWAMP ESTABLISHMENT. She pays $12,000,000.00 for LIES and SLIME, she smashes her phones with hammers, she has her illicit server acid washed clean, LIKE WITH A CLOTH. She parcels out CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS that are hacked. She deletes 30,000. Thats THIRTY THOUSAND E-MAILS that a JUDGE DEMANDED.

NOTHING. Nothing happens, not a fucking thing happens to the ugly hag. NOTHING.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I encourage everyone to watch and listen to President Trump''s CPAC speech today. I will pprobably listen to it again tomorrow.

He is upbeat, jovial, gets digs in at the appropriate people (Clinton, Kerry and Obama) and also mentions that "there are bad people doing very bead things". He also makes it a point to mention sanctuary cities, MS-13m and human trafficking.

He doesn't sound at all concerned about the special counsel. He also sounds like there is stuff that is going to happen.

You can read the transcript at the link I provided if you don't want to spend over an hour listening. Or you can put it on in the background while you do other things.


This is one of the interviews



JiB, the school, sheriff, and FBI will be punished less than the wrist slap Gates receives. All deserve lamp posts.

Account Deleted

I'm experiencing SpecCounsel fatigue and Fake News Fuckery fatigue.

POTUS lifts my spirits.

I still want skulls. Pol Pot level works. See how I feel after that.


Okay. Now they're callin'....2 hours late...PST is a hard time zone to figure out I guess.



Jim Eagle


Everyone's dance card is full and the invitations to the salon is still coming no matter what. It will requrire a Herculean effort to clean these stables out.

Jim Eagle

And like Hercules, he won't get any credit when he does it.


JiB, I've been reading the Sharpe novels. We are past 12D underwater chess and at the point where volley fire followed by fixed swords are the answer. Our leaders are fixated on the chess.


Like riddick in a hall full of necromongers, Kiev?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, look here. Broward county deputy training Muslims on concealed carry and being armed at the mosque, while telling the schools they shouldn't have armed teachers:

Hamze, a Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputy, practicing Muslim, and regional operations director for CAIR, was leading an active shooter training for the Tampa-area Daarus Salaam Mosque. The goal: to help worshipers understand how they can better protect their loved ones and their mosque from Islamophobic shooters.

“When someone walks through that door, they don’t want to debate. They want to kill you,” Hamze explained. This year, 13 CAIR-sponsored active shooter trainings have been held in mosques across Florida, the only state to have done so, a CAIR representative said.

As part of a comprehensive safety plan, he urged mosque leaders to put together a safety and security council, consisting of members who have concealed carry permits who are on the site at all times. Attendees should also consider buying guns for themselves and their homes, he suggested.

Full story here:



On the bright side, I note Scipio was considered a promiscuous provincial rube by the nabobs in Rome. Scipio did stomp Hannibal. (As well as Hannibal's brother). Maybe Trump is more Scipio than Cato. I certainly hope so.


This woman should be in jail.

Kyle Cheney
SUSAN RICE’s lawyer explains why she drafted the email to herself on Jan. 20, 2017:

Obama team was afraid of sharing classified intel with FLYNN. She wrote email on advice of WH counsel.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Headline you don't see every day:

Former Freemason, 51, found drunk and naked inside a huge pipe organ with a toy gun and remote-controlled police car says he got lost while trying to hand out cheeseburgers to the homeless

Jim Eagle


Sounds like the perfect replacement for the Broward County sheriff.


Former Stonecutter:


Jim Eagle

My only comment on this is that many a square root calculation has killed a lot of math students.



This was the fellow who forced depp into the ransom video


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Interesting chart:


Note how the heavily government-subsidized items (college tuition, health care) have steep price increases, while the free market items are showing declining prices.

Food is in the middle, probably because of ag subsidies and food stamps.

Jim Eagle


China can't help the red lines but they do help the blue lines.

What we control we gouge. What we don't we can't.

Jim Eagle

Long drive tomorrow. Different from today. Same miles but along the NE corridor. What took 9 hours today, even on a Saturday can take 12 hours tomorrow.

So, slaap lekker, tot morgen. Stay safe and be nice.



You sure that wasnt Marius, Scorpio was on the Cornelia clan, grandson of counsels


Of the Cornelia, whereas marius had succeeded two commanders in the war against jugurtha, include on the metelli clan.


narciso, I got lost in the who was in what clan stuff. Scipio figured out infantry squares to beat Hannibal in Spain. True ass kicker. Cato the Elder tried to bend him to Rome's knee. Fortunately for Rome, Scipio had other plans.

Scipio Africanus was Marius Cornelius Scipio (I just checked wiki), the third Punic war and Jugurtha was his son... I'd have to check with my brother, an avid Scipio fan (and classics major). Either way, I prefer Scipio over Cato.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I see on Twitter that Joe and Mika are whipping up the mob against FedEx.

I hope Fred tells them to cram it.


No jugurtha was a Prince of another North African kingdom who had retained good relations,with Rome even and would later in imperial times.


New thread.


A Spectator review of A memoir of Communism’s ghastly heyday, to which many a Millennial would like to return. -In Russian Wonderland: An American’s Odyssey in Soviet Russia, By Charles Cole, includes this tit-bit:

"...During a stopover in Moscow, Charles and his fellow guides went to dinner at the Hotel Ukraina. While waiting to be seated, they were approached by four black men who asked if they were Americans. The group decided to have dinner together. These English-speaking black men were from Africa. Charles innocently asked if their country sent a lot of exchange students to Moscow. “Oh, yes,” replied one, “we send all of them here to the Soviet Union.” He explained why: “We used to send quite a few of our students to Princeton, Columbia, and Berkeley, but they all came back Marxists. Now we send them here, and after three or four years in the USSR, they all return dedicated anti-communists...”



Buckeye! Many thanks. That is the exact CD on which I first heard Four Men and a Dog. (My CDs have been scattered by the kids meddling in dad's stuff over the last 20 years.)

That's the good news. Here's the not so good news. Playing it sounded to me like I was caught in middle of a large hen house being marauded by a band of foxes. I have a looong way to go for recovery, but each day brings improvement. It's a process of matching memories of the music from one part of my brain with the synthesized impulses being shot up the auditory nerve from the processor electrodes implanted in the cochlea. It's been explained to me that my auditory cortex has gone to sleep, and must be reawakened by intense and repetitive listening. I've been lazy, also, to the dismay of my audiologist angels.

Listening to familiar music is a huge advantage to that process. I seem to be blessed with a strong memory of tunes I listened to a lot, going back over 50 years now, i.e., my earlier comments about Glenn Miller's orchestra.

I want to cut this off for now, but will assemble a sampling those various genres to pass on to you. Again, many thanks.


Clarice Feldman

NN, Tampa is NOT in Broward county.




No that's Hillsborough county.

Account Deleted

Musta been distracted, narciso, when that comet blew by---- and there they were.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Is anyone looking at the actual system before we spend a ton-o-money in DC making new regs and laws?--

The NICS system is relatively automated. It's most common problems are false positives caused by identical names and the lackadaisical input from various state and other authorities responsible for keeping NICS updated.

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