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February 03, 2018





I fail to see how the memo that exposes the very corrupt practices of the prior executive and his minions can be classified as oversold.


Wasn't Page off the campaign before the warrant was approved?

Didn't the Obama cartel snoop without warrants prior to getting the Page one (they were shut down temporarily by Rogers)?

The presentation method used in the memo hides as much as the memo reveals. So much word salad, no simple map (a calendar would help) to place the evidence. Reminds me of the civil case I was on a jury for, lots of blather from lawyers on both sides when a simple mapping of exhibits to a calendar made it clear. Another thing I don't like about lawyers in general.


porque, why does he deserve to be investigated, as opposed to john podesta, who was actually lobbying for uranium one, or Edelman and dr. evil's vin weber


jeez this is annoying. Simple question - why did the feds have any interest in Page? The "deserved to be investigated" falls apart fast at that point.


And the best Schumer could claim was that the memo was "partisan and misleading" but pointed to no such indications in the text.

Captain Hate

Yes, I don't think that, for a welcome change, it was oversold, especially with so many other balls in the air. Hopefully a few of them pop the plugs out of Cuck Schoooomer's dessicated scalp.

sammy small

Even if Mueller drops this investigation, you will most likely see many more attempts from the Dems to gen up corruption stories, plant evidence, and call for SC's to investigate. I wonder how many times the GOP will accede to that approach before they catch on. I don't see the full court press going away until DJT is out of office.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, Gentlejim, I guess it depends on whether you think corrupt practices in the DOJ and FBI are important or no big deal.

I happen to think it's a very big deal, myself.

I wonder what the democrats THOUGHT was in that memo that had them in a panic. The way they carried on, you would have thought it had photos of Obama handing sacks of cash to mob bosses or something. Oh, wait, he only deals in PALLETS of cash.

Something had them spooked. Now they look rather foolish, don't they?

I will be interested to see what Grassley's memo contains. CTH seems to think this is a coordinated strategy.


it's a summary an abstract, not to be an all inclusive survey, the ones who have had a clue here are molly hemingway, sarah carter Catherine herridge, kim strassel, and a handful of others,

Captain Hate

Beasts keeps tempting the fates by jumping on board the crazy train.


And Gregg jarrett, and the degenovas, on backup,

Miss Marple the Deplorable

If you ask me, there is something people are afraid will be discovered:

Gregg Jarrett
‏Verified account @GreggJarrett
1h1 hour ago

A 2nd source has now confirmed to me that, in a meeting on January 10, Deputy A-G Rosenstein used the power of his office to threaten to subpoena the calls & texts of the Intel Committee to get it to stop it’s investigation of DOJ and FBI. Likely an Abuse of Power & Obstruction.

Jarrett, whom I have always thought of as an entertainment lawyer, has really been good in covering this stuff, and seems to be doing some investigating himself.

Captain Hate

I don't think GentleJim was arguing against it being a big deal.


“(Carter Page) who by all appearances deserved to be investigated,”?

So what was Page convicted of after all of this illegal surveillence? How long of a jail sentence did he receive? I assume at a minimum he was charged with sonething. Right?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I didn't either, Captain Hate. On re-reading my post, I guess I left that impression. Sorry, Gentlejim. That wasn't what I meant at all!


Correct, Captain.


I didn’t read you that way, MM. No apology needed.

Your comment about your trip to Lowe’s with your daughter made me laugh.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have another question. If the FBI actually thought Carter Page was some sort of Russian spy, wasn't it the obligation of the FBI to WARN Trump about the guy, rather than simply watching him?

If someone in the White House is up to something like spying, is the FBI just going to monitor that person while he compromises security?

Miss Marple the Deplorable



There seems to be no ethics in this investigation. As I listen to the people going 'duh', as well as watching or reading commentary that what the FBI and Justice Department did wasn't actually all that big of a deal, the definition of the two kinds of lies we once were taught as children popped into my head:

"Deception is a universal communication behavior across and within species. In humans, the purpose of verbal deception, or lying, is to intentionally mislead, and this behavior can be intuitively broken down into two unique categories based on the method used to mask the truth: omission and commission."

The government used both categories going after Carter Page in order to get this warrant so they could spy and trap and defeat Donald Trump. And, isn't it funny that this supposedly 'vulgar' man that the elites despise, is the one who says 'people should be ashamed.' There is no shame in Washington, DC.

Old Lurker

Can you imagine a way to piss off an oversight committee of another branch of government than:

"Deputy A-G Rosenstein used the power of his office to threaten to subpoena the calls & texts of the Intel Committee to get it to stop it’s investigation of DOJ and FBI."

Seems to me that that was a bush league blunder of the first order.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here's a smart guy from Brookings:

Benjamin Wittes‏Verified account @benjaminwittes

Almost unfathomably, both Trump’s and the congressional Republicans’ position in polls seems to be improving.

Here's one of the last true reporters in DC:

David Martosko
‏Verified account @dmartosko
4m4 minutes ago

Why is this almost unfathomable? The SOTU speech was strong and the tax cuts are about to kick in. This is a great demonstration of how so many in Washington are out of touch.

Frau Sau Kerle!

Wittes is not as observant as he thinks he is; he doesn't notice he has a brown nose.


just the kind of sophist, jack goldsmith's seems to hire, I wouldn't compare him to mike ross, of specter litt et al, because ross actually know the law, except being a fraud,

matt - deplore me if you must

The crime here is the coverup. The FBI and DoJ stonewalled for a year on releasing any of the requested information.

They then used every partisan tool in the toolbox to threaten and cajole Nunes and the Committee from releasing what turns out to be a smoking gun memo on the FBI's unlawful tactics used to go on fishing expeditions.

This is antithetical to the rule of law. These are tactics out of the STASI playbook.

This exposes the politicization of federal agencies that were thought to be beyond party politics.

That is the real issue here.


The Nunes memo was an opening salvo to be followed by a string of other revelations imo. Paul Ryan, previously so serious and risk-averse, seems to have been taken over by aliens who replaced him with a smiling, confident, relaxed, seemingly very pleased with what's transpiring double.

Janet 🚬

So what was Page convicted of after all of this illegal surveillence? How long of a jail sentence did he receive? I assume at a minimum he was charged with sonething. Right?

rusty - https://www.steynonline.com/8431/un-candid-in-camera

" Carter Page, the peripheral Trump campaign volunteer who was the target of the surveillance, was not represented in court. In fact, he did not even know he was on "trial". A year and a half after he attracted the attentions of Deputy Director McCabe and his chums, Mr Page has not been charged with a single crime, never mind (to be old-fashioned about these things) convicted of one."...

Eye Popping

Well the phony memo was exposed, on to Popadopadufus, the hard drinking unpaid intern as rock solid evidence....

“Adam Schiff
Quite the opposite, Mr. President. The most important fact disclosed in this otherwise shoddy memo was that FBI investigation began July 2016 with your advisor, Papadopoulos, who was secretly discussing stolen Clinton emails with the Russians.
Donald J. Trump
This memo totally vindicates “Trump” in probe. But the Russian Witch Hunt goes on and on. Their was no Collusion and there was no Obstruction (the word now used because, after one year of looking endlessly and finding NOTHING, collusion is dead). This is an American disgrace!
10:09 AM · Feb 3, 2018



Rosenstein signed a FISA extension. Rosenstein threatened the House Intel Committee.

May he is a white hat, just an exceptionally dumb one.


CNN accidentally lets the truth slip out.
CNN admits immigration crackdown leads to higher wages

I am sure that Mark Zandi wishes he could get a do-over in that interview he gave to CNN.

Zandi is the left-of-Lenin chief economist with Moody's Analytics. He wanted to undercut the news that wages rose in Year One of the Trump higher than they did in any of those eight agonizing years of Awful Obama.

Old Lurker

Matt "The crime here is the coverup."

The coverup is surely a crime, but to me it pales compared to the crimes of using the immense powers and tools of the Federal Government to acquire then retain power in the most unconstitutional and illegal manner imaginable. Hard to imagine much worse than using the state against political opponents the way they did.

Old Lurker

Henry "just an exceptionally dumb one."

But Henry, his boss just yesterday said he was exactly the type of executive the want in the DoJ...

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Oh look. Here's Andy's boss making excuses for the FBI:


Account Deleted

HA! Was writing the following screed in reply to OL's "4D chess" post when the new thread appeared but dint waste time posting it over there. Finally. LOL

Here goes.

"It really is sad for me to disagree with some of my favorite JOMers, but it really is stretching credulity to see how Sessions is playing 4D chess, or that Rosenstein is secretly wearing a White Hat."

OL---> i'll do my level best to *NOT* stake my arguments (stated as opinion or sourced statements to make a point) as being directly opposed to another JOMerz argumet. that only leads to a kerfluffle followed by the inevitable hugging it out, etc etc i'm sorries, i wasn't listening, my bad etc etc.

That's kind of pointless in my opinion. Okay, that's out of the way.

re the 4D chess metaphor and Rosenstein (or any of the other FBI shitbirds involved) as White Hat....

This visible drama which we witness each day is a puppet show. Period. It has to be. And because we are the star pupils who know more than the kids in the hallway do, we kind of expect to be clued into "what's really going on". After all, we aren't LIVs and we can "handle the truth." This is one man's opinion.

We don't like being kept in the closet and fed bullshite. Fair enough? So we want to know more and get our questions answered---- but who in the government/media complex is positioned to do so? No one. Even though we have favorites who appear *NOT* to be sleepwalking.

Okay. I say *ALL* of that above to delimit my general pre-disposition in all of this mayhem going on in our American house.

Remember back when ex-spook Stephen Piczar was talking about a counter-coup being launched?

I saw that as a signal that Donald Trump was not in this alone. And his very survival and victories prove that theory. So who is he in this with?

My belief is that there is a group of individuals placed inside government, inside the military command, inside the foreign service, and *ISRAEL* who are fighting for the preservation of the REPUBLIC against the cancerous Deep State.

Trump's first run at the Presidency got him into shape in order to do what he did to win the 2016 election and defeat the Clinton Machine. That victory blew the tread off the Clinton armored juggernaut and spilled a few critters out from the cover of that faux legal arm (Lynch, Comey).

Think about how that reporter was on the tarmac that day that Bubba threatened Lynch to whitewash the server/email investigation, prompting Comey Comey C'mon to lie about Hillary's criminal behavior.

How does that happen that the reporter knew to be there? Was he just some johnny-on-the-spot guy who got lucky?

Methinks not. They were following Bubba. They were tracking movements of the machine players. The "they" are the ultimate White Hat patriots staging the counter-coup. They are the ones with the Lawyers-Guns-N-Money and are in control now of what chit is going to hit the fan now and forever more against the Deep State.

And even though the Deep State media complex is parroting tripe for public consumption, all that does is keep a number of numbskulls numb and hypnotized. But it's clear to many, at least, tht the Emperor-in-waiting has no clothes and that her minions are now toothless----- afterall, the attack dog's pups (FBI's agents--- executive leadership agents) are being isolated and picked off one at a time.

That takes coordination, money, legal resources, and a brain trust to get done. Anyone who thinks that POTUS is working alone on this *OVERCREDITS* DJT. However, what doesn't overcredit POTUS is that he has been in the KNOW for a long time and was perhaps even groomed for this time.

Muslims, Gramscians, and Great Society Bound Democrats aren't the only people who are fighting the Long War. I belong to a group of weirdos out here in Califas who I sense have been infiltrated
by at least one of these Long War fighters.

His profile: wealthy beyond measure, a patriotic sensibility, quiet, observant, and confident. Whenever discussions would turn to institutional decay and corruption by progressive liberalism his only contribution to the discussions has been, especially during the The Rat's 8 years has been the same: "That's about to change. Trust me."

My association with this group of weirdos began after 9-11. These are not militia types. These are people who seek to alter the economic DNA of their family lines. And my theory about the Quiet One is that he is part of the Blueblooded Patriot core of this country that is taking it back by sacking the Deep State.

POTUS is the public face of that core. He is mocked and ridiculed by many in the public domain. That's by design. He wasn't so when he was younger and living his private life as a financier/builder/entrepreneur/mogul.

POTUS is cover for the wheels that are grinding up the Deep State, one actor at a time beginning with the FBI. Department of State is next. Treason and espionage are the crimes against the Republic which these bad actors will be indicted for. Every scandal in the Obama regime's history points to this "transformational" wave of betrayals, from election fraud to Benghazi to the Iran Deal. There may be statutes of limitations on process crimes and certain felonies---- but treason and espionage are different breeds of cats altogether.

These bad actors are behind the lines enemy combatants (Valerie Jarrett and her Iran Deal).

Hello military tribunal and hello Gitmo. Why the public pointing at GITMO in the SOTU? Ya, we're not going to close it.

We might even expand it.

No one is getting out but plenty of people are going to be let in.

So don't be surprised if the counter-coup movement (poor Bobby Jindall is such a know-nothing re Trump not being a movement)removes the entire legal fiasco out of "criminal courts" and into the supra-national security realm.

The Deep State has bought off the judiciary. And, remember how people here at JOM have said we need a de-nazification type approach? We need a Nuremberg trial type of proceedings?

Get ready to be amazed is what I tell myself.

So, OL, I don't use the 4D chess metaphor because it doesn't explain the traction and direct hits on the Deep State that we're witnessing.

It doesn't explain the sclerotic Diane Feinstein having her head handed to her by a lowly CA Republican spawned in the rancidly corrupt CA Assembly (where everybody's still owned by the Willie Brown Deep State machine). Nunes is a handpicked player placed at the top of the House Intelligence Committee.

And, Diane Feinstein's replacement, a former Marine Top Gun fighter pilot (who will be elected to the US Senate in the next election) will supplant her senile ass on the Senate Intelligence committee. (How did that file she blamed on a cold end up in the wrong hands? We know how she explained it---- but the rumors out here suggest it was the counter-coup that did a switcheroo of a file that she intended to pass on. This is a well-orchestrated and deeply covert counter coup. No leaks. No amateur hour with McCabe, Wray Wray, and Rosenblatzcocksucker.

Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Hillary, and John Kerry all have their lips in a vice. Brennan and Clapper are in radio silence. Amateurs Holder-Hildo-Kerry are lipping off as if they have nothing to fear. But they have been had.

POTUS will direct our attention to them but he is not lifting a finger. The counter-coup has set the traps and the traps were sprung by the memo.

Why? Because the memo raises questions for investigators to grind on. Because the memo gives the AG room to operate now that all the rope necessary has been dispensed to the Deep States.

They have all hung themselves making the same mistake they did with Hillary: "as long as we have a propagandizing media, that keep Americans dumbed down, we can't lose."

Why are they not up by 50 points in the opinion polls? Why is Trump's popularity ratings not tanking into the low double digits?

(He's getting mixed reviews like any American President---especially when it comes to Turkey and what's going on with the colonization of Iraq by the Iranian shiites.)

The final point: I will take issue with the position which might emerge after a reading of my admittedly ham-fisted understanding of what's going on stating that I am characterizing POTUS as a puppet of counter-coup forces.

That simply isn't true. POTUS was picked as the man for the job and he's proven by being duly elected against RIDICULOUS ODDS, that he was the kind of man the counter-coup needed to give it political cover in order to be effective.

A JEB!, or a Ted Cruz, or god-forbid the other Sweaty Cuban Boat Owner---- they wouldn't be able to cope with the daily heat being applied to the Oval Office.

That's where I come out on what's going on. It is all way beyond my pay grade. But it explains more than all the speculation based-on lawerly tit-for-tat revelations being slow dripped out every news cycle.

Counter-coups are effective at disappearing people. And in a bloodless coup (or semi, eg Scalise) that gets countered like this one, it means disappearance from the Lyin Swine Media's narrative.

Where is Johnny Podesta and his sleazy brother?

Thanks, OL. It was a chance for me to crystalize my limited perspective on how to make sense of the Swiss cheese shadows appearing on the wall of my cave.

This is Kevlar Kid from deep within the bowels of the the Beast in Berkeley Califas.

I am OuT!

daddy on iPad

I fail to see how the memo that exposes the very corrupt practices of the prior executive and his minions can be classified as oversold.

Concur. There may be no 'there' there in Oakland but there's plenty of 'there' there in the Nunes Memo. I don't trust Baseball Crank Dan McLaughlin's calling balls and strikes over at National Review.

Old Lurker

Would Mr. French please explain how the Trump campaign was "so flawed" but for the made up lies hurled against them by the other side and the government?

I don't get it.

Account Deleted

Rosenblatzcocksucker signed the FISA warrant extension in the fog of bureaucracy and turned it in.

Sessions was likely not alerted to the resubmission until it was done.

Rosenblatz is the equivalent of the old railway switch operator who under cover of darkness sends the train north to Chicago instead of northwest to St Paul. No one notices until at least an hour later.


Holy cow. Mr Porch just reminded me that I have met and hung out with Glenn Simpson. He wrote an article about Mr Porch's band years ago for the WSJ. He threw a party in his hotel suite after a show and we stayed up until the small hours. Wild. I remembered his name was Glenn but not the surname.

It was a pretty good article.

Old Lurker

"Thanks, OL. It was a chance for me to crystalize my limited perspective on how to make sense of the Swiss cheese shadows appearing on the wall of my cave."

Anytime, Kev. Happy to serve!

Seriously, thanks for taking the time for that reply.

Account Deleted

One thing that's glaringly obvious to me is with every advance made by the counter-coup forces, the Deep State lackeys in the Lying Swine Media make far-reaching specious allegations about everything related.

It's there go-to reply from the good old days of being able to sweep Obama infused scandal under the rug with "nothing to see here, move along."

They have been functioning in the vacuum where they can operate as if they are above the law. But the law is like gravity--- sooner or later it makes bitches of us all.

Unicorns and rainbows don't workie no mo.

Account Deleted

In light-hearted defense of Oakland, Gertrude Stein wasn't around to spend an evening at Yoshi's nightclub in Jack London Square.

Plenny of there there, sweethawt. ;)

Captain Hate

Ok, Porch is a Deep State mole.


So SCHITT is discussing the super secret stuff that the FULL COMMIES were against discussing??


I guess for Never-Trumpers, former Never-Trumpers, and those who side with them against Trump defenders ... nobody should blame anyone who believes Trump has it coming because doing good things does not count when done by the wrong person for the wrong reasons and that's Trump.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I don't trust anyone over at National Review except maybe Victor Davis Hanson, and I think he sees more clearly because he doeosn't live in DC.


I'd like to learn more about the FISC judge recusing himself because I cannot keep up.

Account Deleted

OL---> But of course. The Ledge proprietor deserves those kind of props. I have an ulterior motive mind you: an enduring welcome!

Have a great weekend, my Friend.



Once upon a time, Simpson wrote for the Washington times, so his turn to the dark side was weak,

Captain Hate

Schiff should use the term "eye popping" more.


French needs to explain why he was Egg McMuffin before Egg was.


I meant gradual,

yes as usual the treehouse, which is one of the few sites, that zeroes in on actual names dates and places, noted Contreras withdrawal, then crickets,

Buford Gooch

I'm having trouble with the phrasing about "what the Democrats thought was in that memo'. They knew exactly what was in it. Several of them in the House read it, and all of them could have. Since they knew what was in it, and they fought like crazy to keep it from being released, why are they now saying it's a nothingburger? Were they trying to build it up beyond what it is in order to lessen its impact when it was released?


Heh, Cap'n.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, I think the NeverTrump hatred comes down to this.

For decades those people have enriched themselves by writing about government and politics, as if those of us out here needed "professional guidance" to make the correct decisions. Policy papers, Constitutional strategies, historical precedents, etc. etc. were their ticket to employment.

Along comes a Queens guy who is a builder, hotel and casino owner, thrice-married, loves the glitz and even has done POPULAR TELEVISION1

And he beat the pants off 16 approved Republican candidates, AND he now has a record more conservative than Reagan!

They cannot bring themselves to admit they were wrong, and they cannot bring themselves to support him. So sideline snark and left-handed praise is all Trump is going to get from these morons.

And I will right now bet cash money that if Kasich mounts a primary challenge, they will support Kasich.

Account Deleted

Got back to a regular sleep cycle last night: 1030pm to 7am. I feel human again.

Now I am going to read for a few hours analyzing some legal docs. Once again, I'll face head on my regrets at not going to law school when i had the chance. Block, all caps paragraphs of lingo I need to understand before I venture forth.

Worth the time. But i tend to kick myself for not having made it easier on myself. Oh well, as they say in southern Illinois: SEST LA VYE (instead c'est la vie!). Go figure. There is a town down in there named "Dongola".... a source of endless chuckles from a long gone past.

Keep smiling JOMerz. Total victory is at hand. Appreciated the WWII citation yesterday re the allies winning at el Alamein in 42-- foreshadowing total victory in 45.

Have a great weekend. I'll seize ya later.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is where I got the idea Kasich would mount a primary challenge.

Frau Da muss Mist drauf!

GUS @ 1:24 - proving to all that he is "full of it." Remember, Nunes is a dairy farmer and, paraphrasing JiB, is an expert on BS.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Jim Eagle

Frederick and I are watching Scotland v. Wales 6 Nations Rugby. Wales has been in charge since the opening kickoff. Now 17-0 Cymru over Scotland.

Ireland v. France up next from Stade de France in Paris. Tomorrow its England v. Italy from Rome.

Great alternative to the NFL and its non-stop action.

Not only did the teams stand for their respective national anthems but to a man they also sang it in full voice.

Old Lurker

How many times have I suggested the House ask Newt to be Speaker:


Surveillance Tape Number 847573

Pres Trump: Hey Jeff, are you sure Rod knows what a ‘white hat’ is?

AG Sessions: ZZZZzzzzzzzzz...

Captain Hate

French needs to explain why he was Egg McMuffin before Egg was.

Pre-Egg? The Ovum? Speaking of the Weekly Standard's favorite rocket surgeon, did he decouple himself from the Kristol/Hayes daisy chain long enough to weigh in on whether Devin Nunes should be waterboarded or go straight to dismemberment to get him to own up to being a Russian bot?


Kev, My Grandad was wounded and taken by the GERMANS at El Alemein in 42. Scots Black Watch.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Buford Gooch

French needs to explain why he was Egg McMuffin before Egg was.

Perhaps he was the Chicken that came before the Egg.


Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Hillary, and John Kerry all have their lips in a vice. Brennan and Clapper are in radio silence. Amateurs Holder-Hildo-Kerry are lipping off as if they have nothing to fear. But they have been had.

When they line these characters up along the brick wall, along with Zero and the Ferret, I am going to be magnanimous and offer to provide the blindfolds at no charge.

If it was China during Mao, they would make the families pay for the bullets.

See what a great sport I am:)


Many thanks for the epic comment posted above.

- from your compadre across the Bay (and also behind enemy lines)

Captain Hate

Stedman is really begging for his own Special Prosecutor on Fast and Furious. There's no statute of limitations on murder, right?


"Miss Marple the Deplorable | February 03, 2018 at 01:37 PM"

Flake and Kasich are hardened but hopefully other Repubs will notice how crushingly the Never Trumpers are trounced. Good object lesson


(My 2.04 was aimed at you, Kev)


Lie down with dogs .... (h/t BJG blog)

Pro-open borders, female Swedish politician beheaded in Congo:

jimmyk on iPhone

It's possible Rosenstein is just a "yes man" who goes along to get along, rather than outright evil. It explains how he both wrote the memo to fire Comey and signed off on the FISA extension. Maybe Trump can use that to his advantage. If Rod figures his choice is between resigning and recusing himself, maybe he'd turn things over to Brand.

matt - deplore me if you must


the conspiracy is central to the the high crimes and misdemeanors of our law enforcement. These actions make them no better than the NKVD or STASI. Manufacturing evidence, secret courts and perjury are the way the Marxists roll and are both against the law and antithetical to the human rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

Comey's nothingburger is a very, very big deal. I hope Mueller is sharper than me and honest, because he should be able to see the stonewalling and attempts to suborn the House Committee for what they are. A coverup of the most despicable types of activity in a democracy.

The power of the state is by nature subject to corruption and very few of us have the resources to fight back against the state's unlimited resources.

And when that power is used in this manner we should consider the harshest consequences.


Since pat Fitzgerald seems to be accessory after the fact, please ask why.

Account Deleted

exdem----> YW! i'm due across the bay in a few weeks....what part of the city are you in....do you drink coffee?

GUS----> that bit of family history I remember about El Alamein.... what that must've been like to have a hole in a or completely concussed from artiller/tank rounds knowing the enemy was comin in for the cleanup...he was lucky they didn't shoot him like they did so many of the less fortunate.


daddy on iPad

Paul Ryan, previously so serious and risk-averse, seems to have been taken over by aliens who replaced him with a smiling, confident, relaxed, seemingly very pleased with what's transpiring double.

Posted by: DebinNC

LOL, big time Deb:)

jimmyk on iPhone

Mailman's son has lost his mind:


Had a wonderful visit today with an American icon in journalism, the one and only @DanRather. We stand together in the fight to protect the freedom of the press in our country.


jimmyk on iPhone

I still think Ryan is pleased with himself, not Trump. He thinks the tax reform was his baby. Maybe I've missed it, but has he really gotten on the Trump Train? I see no references to Trump in his Twitter feed, for example.

Account Deleted

Caint quite face what's on my plate for the day just yet. Another half hour til noon....so what the hell.

One thing is clear about Rosenblatz--- he is either a man completely without honor or he has been turned so he has to remain a squishy vile newt and protect his cover.

The opposition is being used against each other.

Cannot imagine the level of mis/distrust among them as people get hung out to dry.

Lil Bucky McCabe is probably drunk most of the time dreaming about the mirage-like quality of his unspendable ill-gotten gains, first the campaign slush-fund-no-pay-backie-McCauliffe cash and then the three-way split on the rest of that loot.

May we continue living in interesting times.


...a fringe figure (Carter Page) who by all appearances deserved to be investigated

That's verbal sleight-of-hand: the standard to investigate someone is reasonable suspicion; the standard to intercept someone's communications is probable cause.


Kudos to Flake and Kasich for not hiding the quislings they are. Question: Why the June 2016 FISA attempt? Imo because it took that long for the horrible prospect that DT was going to be the nominee to permeate BOzo's pea brain. I think Dems expected a Jeb! or Kasich face-off against Ted Cruz ... then came the R primaries showing DT's strength. Cruz didn't win the Bible Belt, Trump did. A total shock that explains the frenzied, clumsy FISA machinations June-Oct.


MJW - and probable cause that he was an actual and active Russian spy

Kev - financial district, and the java’s on me ;-)

jimmyk on iPhone

In case this hasn't already been linked:


Captain Hate

I'll give Ryan the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise, jimmyk, but your caveats are possibly correct. Katshit is grateful for anyone that gives him a forum even if the ratings are deservedly in the toilet.

Account Deleted

KatShit and the Blathering Hemmorhoid deserve each other.

Irrelevant meets up with Irrelevanter.

Rather cut his disinformational molars reporting from the Nam.

Him and Walter Krankenhaus singlehandedly brought popular support for the war to a halt.

I will never forgive them for how that impacted the young men on the front lines that got sacrificed *FOR NOTHING* because the media disagreed with the war.

We may have been lied into the start of the military buildup. And LBJ may have been a complete asswipe.

But once troops are committed, our obligation is to support them to win total victory and GTFO there and come home, not tie their hands and sacrifice them to further the communist narrative.

Fuckin a. I saw what the lie did too 18-19 years olds who came home from first tours (pre-Tet), fired up and re-upping to finish what they started.

Then post-Tet seeing them come home strung out on smack and despondent over how many good and promising life snuffed out by command indecision based on Washington's subverted ability to keep its nose out of the public opinion polls and keeping its mind right until victory could be sustained.

That war was fought by the local heroes of area high school football teams who enlisted, and then those who were later drafted. Our family *KNEW* the boys that went over there.

We never met Dan Rather. But we remembered that lying p.o.s. when he fabricated that bull shitake about GW Bush's military service. He did it once. And he proved that he'd do it again.

Icon my ass.

Account Deleted

If our fortunes in the mid-term elections go south and the Dems regain the majority, I can see Eddie Munster voting to impeach.

He'd do it solely to create a power vacuum in the GOP so he could step into it and seek the 2020 nomination.

Paul Ryan is an untrustworthy, conniving political cutthroat who hides the congeniality of rules and the insular position of Speaker.

Paul Ryan is the face of FE'RAL GOVERNMENT in action. He "obeys but doesn't comply" with the leader of his party.

Will we ever know what the Tax legislation cost us in what was "paid" to him in homage (earmarks, perqs, props, deals etc) to grease the skids?

I don't have time to pour over the legislative bills and trace the riders and bullshite they tacked onto it to get it to a vote.

Slimy cockroach.


Then the dishonorable motherfucker sued CBS when they SHITCANNED him. Perfect mate for KATSHIT.

Account Deleted

should read "who hides behind the congeniality of rules..."


Congress' tax plan came from Rep. Kevin Brady-TX iirc, which would explain Paul Ryan's wholehearted support. I'm sure Trump/his surrogates played a pivotal part and the end result met with DT's approval, but it wasn't a Trump plan foisted on the Rs.

Account Deleted

Dan Blather... cockbag of the 20th Century. That he is trying to rehabilitate his lying carcass out in the cable tv hinterlands is an absurd joke. He's just another bag-eyed Bolshevik.

Account Deleted

exdem---> does Henry have your email? I'll reach out with particulars as the date draws closer.



jimmyk on iPhone

One thing about Bozo's involvement: while it's no excuse, I have a hard time thinking he's smart and energetic enough to have engineered this. I would assume that Rice and the Iranian Hyrax would have been the moving forces, just as Ayers was earlier in his career. But that he would happily go along with it, as he did with leaking his opponent's divorce records back in '04, I have no doubt.

Captain Hate

I'm with Deb in that DJT has been all about Congress doing its job and send him bills to sign. It's the Trump plan primarily in how he told Congress "the nation wants the type of tax cuts I campaigned on" but they made the sausage. And it worked as the Constitution laid out.

Account Deleted

From former FBI executive Swecker (from a Fox News link):

"It pains me – as a former FBI executive who loves and respects the organization – to say that Comey’s short tenure at the FBI has proven to be the worst thing to happen to the agency since Director L. Patrick Gray was fired during the Watergate scandal.

If the facts stated in the memo are true – despite the highly political nature of congressional committees – then there was either incompetent or deliberate manipulation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court to get approval of the surveillance.

Even new agent trainees at the FBI Academy know better than to use paid opposition research and newspaper articles to support use of one of the most sensitive and intrusive surveillance techniques in the investigative toolbox. If they do use such information, the FISA judge should have been apprised of the origins of the research."

I think this is an MM posted link from dis mornin: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/02/02/shocking-memo-reveals-how-comey-disgraced-honorable-fbi.html

Oh, the Schiffbirds on the HOR Intel committee promise to release "their memo" on Monday----> who's playing politics now, Buttercup?

Captain Hate

Cock Curious isn't a detail kind of guy other than cut or intact.


OL’s 1:38 is a must read.

... And a pass it on.

Account Deleted

"What did the Bath House Rat know and when did he know it?"

The question to be asked of ValJar and Chinaman's Ass Rice as they are getting their behinds swatted with a cat-o-nine tails.

For 18 minutes Nixon listened long enough to lose his plausible deniability.

The Bath House Rat was up to his arse in Benghazi, Fast and Furious to establish a pattern that he likely knew about surveillance as well as how the unmasking moves of Power and Rice et al were blackmailing congressional leaders and military commanders.

Spying on the elected representatives of we the people. Hell, when did that start--- and his own party with the Moslem scum Awan Bros. That sounds like a reign of terror to me.

And silence was bought by allowing those congressional shitbirds participate in unregulated insider trading for 8 years.

Extort and pay hush money. Supress the House of Representatives and their responsibility to pass budgets and set appropriations, and let the graft pass through in a river of dirty money to the "folks back home."

The Rat has hell to pay. Period. Rat motherfucker.

Account Deleted

More misinformation by Deep State plants in the legal community? Note the sources (alleged)===

"“If I were a betting man, I’d bet against the president,” said one of the lawyers.

The second attorney, who represents a senior Trump official, speculated that Mueller could try to bring an indictment against Trump even if he expects the move to draw fierce procedural challenges from the president’s lawyers – if only to demonstrate the gravity of his findings.

“It’s entirely possible that Mueller may go that route on the theory that, as an open question, it should be for the courts to decide,” the attorney said. “Even if the indictment is dismissed, it puts maximum pressure on Congress to treat this with the independence and intellectual honesty that it will never, ever get."

The lawyers’ assessments hardly resolve the public debate about whether a federal prosecutor can indict a sitting president — one that several attorneys involved in the Russia probe said they are closely tracking through online op-eds and Twitter dustups. (“It’s so much fun!” said one.)"

Linky (MM?): https://www.politico.com/story/2018/02/02/trump-russia-indictment-mueller-probe-384969

David, Deplorable Internet Russian Dreamer Bot


You posted something about a business opportunity that you were getting involved with a couple of weeks ago. I meant to ping you at the time, but real life and the flu intervened. I would like to find out more from you. If you would send me a note at djharr at the evil gmail corporation, I would appreciate it.


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