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February 03, 2018


Janet 🚬

I agree with jimmyk's 2:54.
I'm not sure who the "big plan" planners are... Jarrett? Axelrod still? Brennan?

I don't think Rice is. She's loyal, but she gets sent out to do cover dirtywork.

Obama struck me as mainly a groomed front man..like the newsreaders on TV.

jimmyk on iPhone

"It's the Trump plan primarily in how he told Congress "the nation wants the type of tax cuts I campaigned on" but they made the sausage. And it worked as the Constitution laid out."

Oh I agree with that, but I still think as a matter of form Ryan should be praising Trump's leadership. It would show some humility on his part, and would be good for the party and the country.

daddy on iPad

Newt's and K Steyn's reads are both great. Loved this from Newt:

I would say to every candidate: study Trump. Trump is one of the greatest articulators I have ever seen. He understands fighting. He likes to fight, and he is prepared to figure out how to go at you at an angle you can’t defend. And that’s what we have to do for this whole campaign starting now.

He's 100% correct, but last year who would ever have expected Newt to be praising Trump's skills at articulation?

daddy on iPad

Mark Steyn, not K Steyn.

Man Tran


You mentioned last night about wading through Longmire. I had been wondering whether you were into that show given the great cast of Injun characters. We've enjoyed the hell out of it. Lots of excellent playoffs between/among the various roles. They must have had a blast doing that show.


Kev - I believe both JiB and Clarice have it. Not sure who else.

Account Deleted

David---> was it travel related or the "cash union" (debt fighting campaign) opp?


Miss Marple the Deplorable

OK, I am going to weigh here with two of my personally created conspiracy theories. Feel free to disabuse me of the notions. I will break it up into 2 separate posts, which follow.


Must read posted by MM earlier: Why the FISA Memo Could Lead to Perjury Convictions for Comey & Company:

In his law review article “Bearing False Witness: Perjured Affidavits and the Fourth Amendment,” Professor Stephen Gard writes,

“Indeed, to the extent the issue has been discussed at all, scholars have concluded that the warrant requirement itself operates as an effective deterrent to … police perjury.”

It is not only affirmative misrepresentations under oath and affirmation that may constitute perjury. Omissions of material facts may likewise constitute perjury.

At 49 CFR 1104.5, “Affirmation or declarations under penalty of perjury in accordance with 18 U.S.C. 1621 in lieu of oath,” we see that such serious omissions for oath and affirmation may constitution perjury:

(c) Knowing and willful misstatements or omissions of material facts constitute federal criminal violations punishable under 18 U.S.C. 1001. Additionally, these misstatements are punishable as perjury under 18 U.S.C. 1621.
The public should be able to see and compare the losing June FISA request with the winning Nov one. Who was the June judge who rejected the application? Was it the same judge in Nov? If not, who was it and what explains the change? What language was added or removed in the Nov application?

Clarice Feldman

I do not believe the Rosenstein threat goddip. Out of character and totally unlikely.

Clarice Feldman

they;ve been watching Carter Page since 2013--actually I think he's been working with them as most frequent travelers to Russia do--never even indicted and suing both Yahoo and Huff Po for slander,

jimmyk on iPhone

Kev@3:09, it was always my understanding that the President cannot be indicted or formally charged other than via impeachment by Congress. I didn't click through to the article but it sounds like the usual Politico blather.

Clarice Feldman

they;ve been watching Carter Page since 2013--actually I think he's been working with them as most frequent travelers to Russia do--never even indicted and suing both Yahoo and Huff Po for slander,Steyn online:Mr Page has committed no crime and been charged with none, but is routinely spoken of in the press as if he has been. In it is interesting to contrast his treatment with, say, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, whom the Department of Justice designated as "unindicted co-conspirators" in a major terrorism-funding case, but which designation is apparently no obstacle to their continued respectability in the media, their invitations to speak at small-town libraries, churches and schools (for example, a CAIR operative will be spreading the word at Firelands College in Huron, Ohio next month), and even their influence upon Robert Mueller's FBI

Clarice Feldman


Clarice Feldman

was the FBI judge shopping FISC?

David, Deplorable Internet Russian Dreamer Bot

Cash union.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


At the time just prior to Benghazi, I noticed a lot of rumors on the internet about the Blind Sheikh possibly being released. Since at the time we were still in the middle of fighting terrorists and the "Arab Spring" was in full swing, this seemed particularly odd.

Now, at the time, please remember that the Muslim Brotherhood guy, Morsi, had been elected president of Egypt. One of his goals was to get the release of the Blind Sheikh. Obama couldn't just turn him loose, as it would have guaranteed that New York would go Republican, because feelings were still quite high about Muslim terrorists in New York.

Following a similar path later demonstrated with the release of 5 terrorists from Gitmo in order to get the release of Bowie Bergdahl (when the real goal was to release the terrorists), Obama and Hillary hatched a plan.

They would send the ambassador to Benghazi and let him be "kidnapped" and then exchanged for the Blind Sheik.

However, they forgot to notify the CIA, who had people in the area. When the fake kidnappers showed up to take custody of Stephens, the CIA guys heard them and leaped to the defense of the ambassador. The "kidnappers" figured they had been set up and ended up killing the ambassador and his assistant.

This explains the following curiosities:

1. Why Obama went on to a fundraiser when there was a serious international situation. (He thought he knew how it would play out.)
2. Why there was no security for the ambassador at the consulate.
3. Why the military was told to stand down and not send a plane.
4. Why Phillip Reines went ballistic when the ambassador's diary was found in the ruins (and not by the FBI, by the way). (He was Hillary's assistant. Those of you who were on Ace of Spades at the time might remember his hysteria at the CNN reporter who found the diary.)

This seems like just the sort of juvenile plan Obama and Hillary would concoct to give this country's enemies what they wanted and yet look like virtuous people. This is an MO both of them have repeatedly followed over their careers.

It may be an additional reason for Hillary's "hang by nooses" comment.

Another fun fact is that when Morsi fell and Sisi took over, the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters were raided by military loyal to Sisi, who let the poor in the neighborhood have all of the furniture and rugs, but they carried boxes and boxes of files out of the building. We never heard what was in those files, but I will bet Sisi knew what the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama/Hillary were up to. This might explain his joy when Trump won.

Ralph L

DJT has been all about Congress doing its job
That's SO unconstitutional.

JiB, did the Welsh sing God save teh Qeen or LLwsedhd aw Bsooeh?

Account Deleted

Man Tran--> "Longmire" had some great story consultants.

The show was recommended by my "anchu" (spiritual director) who is Northern Cheyenne Dog Soldier.

When media gets ahold of sacred roles in tribal life they have a tendency to desacralize them.

The "white warriors" Dog Soldiers and the Hector characters were respectfully portrayed as mixed-bag humans living in two worlds. Very very old and honored theme in NDN culture.

The tribal police character, Mathias, reminds me of many a brother making a living policing his own people, navigating NDN law and "white law."

Graham Greene plays a good bad guy; seems ambidextrous at it given his "Wolves" and "Thunderheart" roles as the good Injun.

A Martinez is excellent as the evil-hearted Jacob Nighthorse. He moves with "the blowing winds."

The Cady character, Longmire's daughter, (was one of Charlie Sheen's paramours on the disgusting sitcom "2.5 men". Perfectly encapsulates the innocent white woman do-gooder on the Rez who learns quickly how fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Lou Diamond Phillips plays a good Dog Soldier Cheyenne. Respectful of the spiritual traditions but doesn't chase them for his own glory--- he prays and tries to do what's right. No "Super NDN" competition going on inside of him. Afflicts many rez and non-rez Bloods alike.

Ya, I'm savoring this final season. Sorry it couldn't eke out a few more seasons.

Take care, MT.


Account Deleted

Thanks exdem. I'll ferret it out. :)

Account Deleted

MM----> talking about "collusion" in this SP investigation burns me so bad when we have The Bath House Rat and "She/Her" aiding and abetting terrorists and skating away unscathed and wealthy.

I don't think these high crimes and misdemeanors can escape military justice. Afterall, the terrorist assault on a US embassy is an act of war. And in this case it was facilitated by a sitting SOS and POTUS.

Military tribunals and nooses.

Captain Hate

The Unpeople of Jesusland will associate Chlamydia Thundershart (h/t Horde) with Benghazi as doggedly as they have Hanoi Jane.


read every word. then read it again. and again


Let me thank all of you, particularly those I was just chatting with, for your generosity. I have been active in the Republican Party a fairly long time, longer than the younger people here have been alive. And I want to talk to you from the heart. When Ronna and I talked about coming by, I think it was precisely because I had enough distance to look at these things and to be involved on a number of occasions.

First of all, I thought last night’s State of the Union rivaled anything that Ronald Reagan did. It was just astonishingly effective. President Trump found specific individuals whose stories weren’t just important as wonderful human stories, but they each illustrated a part of the American tapestry in the American culture in a way that reminded all of us America is such a wonderful country. I thought it was a very powerful and very effective speech.

I also have to comment on Ronna and the financial report at the end of the year. She hit the ground running with a very simple model that said, “I’m going to work with the president. I’m going to help the president. How big of a check are you going to write?” And she must have repeated that a hundred thousand times over the past year, and she has been very, very effective.

Now, I came tonight in part because I think the Republican National Committee really matters. I’ll tell you candidly, I think without Reince Priebus and without the Republican National Committee, we would not have won in 2016 because we needed all of the extra effort, and we frankly needed Reince desperately holding the party together all through the spring when about a third of the party was certainly eager to commit suicide. And without that kind of effort and without the ground game of the fall, we would have lost. It’s just that simple.

Similarly, I believe the Republican National Committee under Ronna’s leadership is going to be decisive this year. So, I’m going to talk just a couple of minutes about where we’re at because I think it’s really important. And I know those of you who are on the committee are going to take it seriously and take it as a personal responsibility, and those of you who are friends of the committee are even going to take it seriously.

I’m going to start with a very simple model. How many of you noticed [during the State of the Union] that Nancy Pelosi wasn’t happy? Now, I have a ground rule, when the president won, I said to every conservative I would talk to, every time you start to get mad at Donald J. Trump, I want you to close your eyes and think: President Hillary Clinton. Well, I would say to every one of you, every day this year that you do not work for a Republican majority, I want you to think about Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I think this is a very grave threat.

I’m going to be very direct, and I hope it doesn’t get misinterpreted. I do not believe the traditional Republican Party could win this fall. And the fact is we’re at an edge of a wave election, and if we end up with a wave election on their side, you can’t raise enough money to win normal races against that kind of wave.

We saw it in 1994 when we did it. We saw it in 2006 when the Democrats did it. We saw it in 2010 when John Boehner came up with a very simple model: Where are the jobs?

If you start getting that kind of wave building, it’s very hard to be able to keep control. And our margin is not that big. In the great 62-year period of Democratic dominance of the House, they would start elections with 60-seat majorities. If they lost 25 or 30 seats, their margins would shrink, but they were still in control. We’ve never been in control with that size margin.

For us to maintain Speaker Ryan and the House GOP majority in 2018 there are bold things we have to do.

I’m going to draw a very deliberate distinction. Just so you understand this isn’t just some theory -- get candidate Trump’s speech at Gettysburg in October of 2016, the president’s inaugural address last year, and the State of the Union you just watched Tuesday. Take those three and read carefully what President Trump says.

He is describing an American party that reaches out to every American, that makes the case that America is an idea worth fighting for. He suggests that we have a model for success: the American model of limited government, lower taxes, less red tape, more entrepreneurship, more take-home pay, more local control, which means more local responsibility, and a foundation of rights that come from our Creator.

You take those three speeches, put them together, and look at them. What does that mean? What would a Trump Republican Party be like? We are not yet there. With Ronna’s leadership and the president’s leadership, we can get there. I think by 2020, we will get there.

I think President Trump will get re-elected almost without regard to what happens this fall. But remember, it’s one thing to spend 2019 and 2020 with Speaker Ryan and a Republican House getting things done. It’s another thing to spend 2019 and 2020 in a life and death struggle against Speaker Pelosi and a Democratic House that will automatically want to impeach the president while having every House Committee launch investigations of the administration. They won’t have any idea what they’re impeaching him for and or what they are investigating for and it won’t matter to them. In the majority, House Democrats will spend two years in hostile assaults on the administration.

You may have seen the Fox and Friends interview of the New York University students who they asked on Monday morning, “What did you think of the president’s State of the Union speech?” And these students said things like it was, “Hateful. It was racial language. I can’t believe he said that.” It didn’t even matter that President Trump hadn’t given the State of the Union Address yet. This is the unthinkingly hostile Left we’re dealing with.

What you saw at the State of the Union was the face of hate. I mean when people sit there, and you explain to them that there’s the lowest black unemployment in history, and they can’t applaud. There’s the lowest Hispanic unemployment in history, and they can’t applaud. You’re looking at people so consumed by their passions they can’t think. Those are the people who will be in charge of the House if they win.

So, these next few months are really important, and here are a couple of very simple principles for a Trump Republican Party as opposed to a traditional Republican Party. Now, a Trump party largely grows out of the Reagan party and out of the 1994 Contract with America majority.

First Principle: Go home and take on everyone. Don’t talk about safe seats, not safe seats, all this bologna. When we won control in 1994, we ran against every Democratic candidate except three.

We beat the chairman of Ways and Means of downtown Chicago. We beat the first Speaker of the House to lose since 1862. We beat the chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Houston suburbs. No Republican consultant would have recommended running against any of them.

We are in a similar situation this year because every Democrat went out idiotically and voted no on the largest tax cut in your lifetime, and they have to go home and explain that.

One example from the State of the Union : We are not tough enough, we’re not fast enough, we don’t think aggressively enough. Last night, they picked somebody to answer the State of the Union, Congressman Joe Kennedy. He was symbolically perfect standing in front of a broken car because the Democrats can’t fix anything.

We should have been asking Kennedy, “How could you vote against tax cuts and job creation? The Ways and Means Committee has analyzed every congressional district in the country. You can go to the Ways and Means Committee website for your district. In Kennedy’s district a median-income family of four got a $5,800 tax cut. Now we should be all over him. How can he vote to take $5,800 away from a family of four in his district to send it to Washington bureaucrats? We should have used every social media tool so people watching his response were waiting for him to answer for his vote.

Now, he’ll give you a left-wing answer. If you’re one of the families, how many have gone to find families of four and say, “What can you do with $5,800 per year, which is, by the way, $58,000 over 10 years? Do you think it’s better spent by a bureaucrat or you?” I think we should take on every single member of the black caucus. Again, every single district in America, it turns out, has a net tax cut. Every single one of the Democratic members of the Black caucus voted against the tax cut for their own people and could not applaud the lowest Black unemployment in history.

Now, you can’t get much further distance from the traditional Republican consultants. but the truth is, too many Republicans don’t have the nerve to go out to new neighborhoods and new voters. They talk in cost-benefit terms. Well, that’s not going to work if we are serious about growing a stable majority. I lost twice. And if we’d had that cost-benefit attitude toward my district, I’d never have gotten to Congress, and we wouldn’t have taken control in 1994.

We have to have the nerve to go nose-to-nose.

Second, don’t complain about the news media. The news media is a fact. The news media is the offensive wing of the other team. They are not the problem. They are a fact. What we do about them is the problem. So, we have to design a campaign plan, and we have to train our candidates assuming the worst about the news media. Whenever you interact with the news media you should assume you’re going into a war zone. You should plan to take the host head on and challenge their assumptions.

I read the transcripts every Sunday. You would be amazed how many of our folks are too slow, too untrained, and don’t know what they’re talking about. So, they walk in as though George Stephanopoulos is neutral. I mean not only was he the Clinton press secretary, who gave $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and we allowed him to chair a presidential debate in 2012. Now, you at least have a minimum rule. Nobody who’s completely on the Left is going to get to chair anything for this party’s good future.

Point One: Compete everywhere.
Point Two: Design strategies that win despite the news media because you overmatch them.
Point Three: We have to have the courage to fight. You have to be prepared. When someone gets up, the junior senator from New York, and says, “You know, if you talk about chain migration, it’s racist.” But we need to say: “You must be losing this debate on the facts so badly that you’re now reduced to scream ‘racism,’ which is, by the way, what you scream about virtually anything, unless of course that’s homophobia or something else.” The Left has no arguments left except to yell nasty names.

And we have to go nose-to-nose with them to knock them down mentally and psychologically. It’s very important for us to understand this is a fight. We are in a cultural civil war with people who despise us. There’s no neutrality in there. And that’s why they dislike Trump so much, because Trump has the nerve to talk about MS-13 because they can’t answer it. The more he is right, the more enraged they are.

If you’re a left-wing Democrat and totally for open borders, you can’t actually go up and say, “Well, I think it’s okay for a few hundred MS-13 folks to come in.” You just can’t. So, then you get furious at Trump because he’s found the angle of attack you can’t defend.

I would say to every candidate: study Trump. Trump is one of the greatest articulators I have ever seen. He understands fighting. He likes to fight, and he is prepared to figure out how to go at you at an angle you can’t defend. And that’s what we have to do for this whole campaign starting now.

The most useful book I have read to better understand this year is Karl Rove’s book on "The Triumph of William McKinley." That 1896 campaign may sound obscure, but it relates directly to our challenge.

McKinley was faced with the great charismatic Democratic leader, the youngest major party nominee in history at 36 years old, William Jennings Bryan. Bryan is such a great passionate articulator of demagogic populism and was so influential in the Democratic Party for two generations (nominated three times for president) that Elizabeth Warren is his direct emotional descendant.

He literally – and I mean this as a tribute to Bryan – h e imprinted the Democratic Party with a negative, anti-elite, anti-city, anti-modernity kind of populism, a populism of anger. He talks about mankind being crucified on a cross of gold. He says at one point that he wants grass to grow on the streets of the cities. McKinley realizes he’s going to lose the election unless he breaks the heart of Bryan’s argument. McKinley understood in 1896 what Margaret Thatcher said in the 1970’s when she warned: “First you win the argument. Then you win the election.” And so, McKinley created the most thorough educational campaign in American history.

They printed 18 brochures for every American. That’s a scale of organization that’s unimaginable. And Karl, who’s a great professional, really walks you through it. The first part of the book most of it you won’t find all that exciting, because it’s about how he got the nomination – although it’s very useful. But the second half of the book is amazing and is the campaign we need this year.

We need a campaign that is going right at the philosophical basis of the modern Democratic Party. We need a campaign, for example, to say, “How many Americans do you think want to abolish the Medicare trust fund?” That’s actually what’s in the Sanders bill that could create national health care. You know, to the average 65-year-old or 55-year-old say, “Hi, would you like to help Sanders in abolishing the Medicare Trust Fund? All it requires is that you trust politicians.”

You know, you could probably win that argument and keep them on defense all the time. So, I think it’s tremendously important. I think what Ronna is doing is extraordinarily important. She needs your help and every state in the country. I need your help talking to every incumbent and every candidate, and you need to understand, this is where we’re going. This is what we have to accomplish, and my last point is this: 50 percent should be spent on the tax cuts.

I mean literally, 50 percent of our effort should be explaining the tax cuts and their impact at multiple levels. At a cultural level, it puts America back on the road to being an entrepreneurial society. At the large economy level, it’s going to lead to growth – and at a personal level. When I talk about the example of reaching out to everyone, would you like to guess among all the Wal-Mart employees who just got bonuses what percent are African American? What percent are Latino?

Now today, they have no mechanism to say to them: “By the way, that was a Republican idea that just got money in your pocket.” That’s our job. It’s not their fault they don’t know it, and it’s certainly not NBC News’ fault. NBC News is the other team. So, we have to learn, and I would urge all of you to think about this literally. Fifty percent of our effort from now to election day should be very simple. We want you to have money in your pocket, a better job, a greater future, more money in your 401k for retirement. They want all of that money for their bureaucrats and their giveaways. You pick which team you like. You think it’s better to have Washington spend your money, you have a great party: The Democrats. If you think it’s better for you to have the money, you have a great party, the Republicans. The two parties are this far apart.

As RNC members, if you’ll do your job, if you’ll help convince every single candidate and every single incumbent, we’ll change history just the way Trump changed history.

So, when reporters and analysts say, “Well, it’s the first term off-year election. The average losses are X.” My first thought is, “How do you think President Clinton is doing?”

The truth is we are led by somebody who breaks the records. We ought to join in this fall to break the record, and next year if we have won control of the House altogether – if we’ve picked up six or eight Senate seats – President Trump and the Republicans will be able to say, as Ronald Reagan used to say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Schiffs Unlicensed Optometrist

Can the House Intel Committee call in for questioning (under oath preferably) the FISA judge(s) who approved the bogus FISA warrants for Carter surveillance?

If not, I would subpoena them anyway.

Account Deleted

Thanks, David.

One of the many names for the Great Spirit in Northern Cheyenne is "maheo". My Street number
is 793. Put those two together and you have my email handle. Same evil provider as yours. ;)

See if you can send me a test message.



Captain Hate

Yes, someone needs to tell Schiff that hard contact lenses are so mid last century.


"...after FISC approval there were three more renewal applications for a total of four submissions to the FISA court. A source tells the Journal all four FBI requests were reviewed by four different judges"

What about the FISA rejection in June? Wouldn't that be counted as the first submission, making the total 5? Which judge heard that case? And I'm almost positive when this first came up seeing a statute posted stating the judge who gets a FISA case continues with that case throughout its "life".


Sundance believes it would be impossible to have four separate dealings with the FISA court and get four different judges.


Captain Hate

Noot's presentation was typically well thought out but it was a surprising reminder about what a good job Romney's daughter has done with the RNC.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Second theory:

Why all of this spying on Trump.

I seriously think that Obama and Hillary were convinced they had a lock on the election, and motivated by revenge for Trump's critical comments and insults about both of them.

I have never forgotten David Plouffe's Twitter comment, "Trump must not only be defeated, but destroyed, so that his kind shall not rise again." When I saw that late one night on Twitter, the hair stood up on the back of my neck.

One would think a political aide wouldn't post something like that in public, but remember, they were totally confidant that they would win.

I believe they set out to frame Trump for something serious, like espionage or sedition. They used these old FISA warrants to spy on him, from the time he won the nomination (which, as was mentioned up thread, they did NOT think would happen).

Obama was vengeful about Trump calling into question his birth certificate, and Hillary was angry because she felt like he should have been one of her donors, rather than an opponent.

So they tasked the FBI with concocting a frame-up. THAT is why all of the spying was going on. They were hoping to cherry-pick some comments and frame a "Russian spy" story. They probably had some of Putin's cronies all ready to testify to fake meetings and such. They were going to destroy his business, his family, and put him in jail for the rest of his life. The lesson would be that you shouldn't oppose the Marxists running the democrat party, and all of you Deplorables should shut up and pay your taxes.

When, against all odds (and to my dying day I will swear it was the Hand of God) Trump won, they went into full panic mode. Hence the media hysteria, the riots, the going on and on about popular vote, the attempt to undermine the electoral college, etc.

They CONTINUED spying on him as the president-elect, which is in most cases we would think unbelievable, but in fact was because they were hoping for anything, anything, to justify their prior actions, which they knew would eventually be discovered. This explains Comey's sucking up after earlier actions, and also why Comey didn't tell President Trump a bunch of stuff.

I think it is also why Comey was fired. Admiral Rogers probably got wind of all of this, which is why he is the ONLY person from the prior administration's intelligence heads still in office. I think this is why Rogers went to Trump Tower without telling anyone, and why the transition decamped to the Bedminster site the next day.

The more I think about this, the more I want to see henry's pile of skulls. These are truly evil people who should have their crimes revealed in a national OJ trial scenario, and I would do everything I could to gin up public opinion against them, including having the grandchildren hugging their grandad every day and cute pictures of baby Luke (Eric's new baby) and even having Barron adopt a beagle!

I despise these people, who are not the democrats of my dad's generation, but are FULL COMMIES and should be imprisoned at the very least.

Now I am done with getting these theories out of my system. Thank you for reading.

Account Deleted

Fuckin A, anonamom..... I am all over this post of yours...pasted it into a word doc, link and everything.... will read tonite.....reads like a war plan.



Bye for now, Peeps.


jimmy K
It's possible Rosenstein is just a "yes man" who goes along to get along, rather than outright evil.

These people are equally evil as "outright" evil doers. They are just lower testosterone variety.

That's how 6,000,000 million Jews died in Europe--the "go along to get along" types let that happen.


Based on the excerpt below, I'd like to see how Sundance calculated a 0.94% probability of hitting 4 different judges. They have staggered terms and rotate on a weekly basis. Seems like it would be more likely to get different judges than the same one multiple times.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was established in 1978 when Congress enacted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which is codified, as amended, at 50 U.S.C. §§ 1801-1885c. The Court sits in Washington D.C., and is composed of eleven federal district court judges who are designated by the Chief Justice of the United States. Each judge serves for a maximum of seven years and their terms are staggered to ensure continuity on the Court. By statute, the judges must be drawn from at least seven of the United States judicial circuits, and three of the judges must reside within 20 miles of the District of Columbia. Judges typically sit for one week at a time, on a rotating basis.


Clarice Feldman

precinct by precinct vote in 2016:http://pullmanradio.com/wsu-grad-student-creates-first-of-its-kind-detailed-precinct-level-voting-map/


Also, while 3 of the 11 judges "must" reside within 20 miles of DC, that doesn't exclude the possibility that at least some of the other ones might travel to DC for their 1-week stints.

Jack is Back (Again)!


The Welsh sang their national anthem: "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" or "Old Land of My Father". Have no idea what your idea of their national anthem is but it isn't their national anthem.


I will bet, though, that the recused Flynn judge, Contreras, was one of the ones signing bad FISA warrants.

David, Deplorable Internet Russian Dreamer Bot

Extraneous, I seem to remember reading that once a judge signs off on FISA warrant, any extensions and such always come back to that judge. The rationale is that will minimize the chances of playing games with the warrants, but of course, it also means that if you have a clueless/corrupt judge, it means you never have to worry about getting an honest broker.



Seems like that would make sense, David, rather than waste time bringing multiple judges up to speed on the same issue. I thought I read somewhere that they deal with something like 8,000 warrants per year. (!!!)

Anyone have info on what David mentioned?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thank you for posting Newt's speech. That was great!

How can we help? I am going to continue to work on my daughter, and will possibly call in to local talk radio.

I will send a small (which is all I can afford) donation to the RNC.

If I get my driving privileges back, I will help whoever is running against my current representative, the odious Andre Carson.

Newt is right, and we have to fight on all fronts, without stopping. It will cause them to have to expend funds in areas where they thought they had a lock.

I am very pleased with Newt's talking about how to fight.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hare,

I believe Roma Downey is Romney's niece, not his daughter. I believe Romney only has sons.


Thanks for that link, EX. On page 6 ...

"Rule 18. Court Orders.
(a) Citations. All orders must contain citations to pertinent provisions of the Act.
(b) Denying Applications.
(1) Written Statement of Reasons. If a Judge denies the government's application, the Judge must immediately provide a written statement of each reason for the decision and cause a copy of the statement to be served on the
(2) Previously Denied Application. If a Judge denies an application or other request for relief by the government, any subsequent submission on the matter must be referred to that Judge"
That's what I remember imo suggesting applicants couldn't fail with one judge and then shop for another one.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Baba97 liked
‏Verified account @ChuckGrassley
2h2 hours ago

Bipartisan solution is needed to resolve the DACA issue. Let’s take care of the DACA kids, increase border security & end chain migration and the visa lottery. Do the long time advocates for DACA want certainty for them or use DACA for election fodder?

Grassley has turned out to be a late bloomer, but boy is he feisty!


I feel like chopped liver. I think I've been mentioning Carter Page for a while.

to answer the question about-yes the Page warrant was authorized in October. Page left the Trump campaign in September before Isakoff published his piece. The Page trip to Moscow in July(?) to the New Economic School in Moscow was disclosed and a transcript of the speech he gave available. If anyone would have asked him he would have provided it. (still surprised the Trump Tower server angle hasn't come up yet ...)

if the first request was for 4 people in the campaign it most likely centers around Typhoid Natalia and the Trump Tower meeting ... and how about that-Fusion GPS is at the center of that too.


Newt was always complimentary toward Trump in the many interviews I heard on Hannity during the election.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am sorry if I didn't notice your comments about Page. This is the problem with this stuff - there is so much information I simply can't retain it all.

I have even forgotten stuff that I posted myself!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thomas Wictor thread on Mueller and Rosenstein.

Be sure you read it. There is a surprise about Rosenstein.



MM -reading your Benghazi theory and the part about the CNN reporter finding the diary - I was reminded of something else. What other high profile case was around that time where evidence was left at the scene and later found by reporters?

I'm thinking it was also an FBI investigation but cannot remember what it was.

Also, did you know the last words in his diary were "Never ending security threats … ” written on Sept.11th - the day he was killed?


Newt was our Rep during his time as Speaker. Rs kept the majority during his stint. Vindictive GA Dems demolished Newt's district, putting us in crazy commie Cynthia McKinney's redrawn district. Newt retired and was replaced by Denny the Pervert. Ugh. SCOTUS rescued us from McKinney, but too late to keep Speaker Newt.


now I feel bad that I made Miss Marple feel bad ... lol. just goofing around. there are too many moving parts for me to keep straight.

the reason why I was focusing on Page was he had perfected the art of not being seen ... worked for Morgan Stanley for a number of years and made no mark, or apparently friends, the politico piece before the Isakoff piece poked holes in his resume and his actual role in the campaign ... and his singular drive to make deals with Russian energy interests (... and the amazing fact is that he couldn't even when oil was trading around $150/bbl and natgas was $18/MMBtu and Russian energy companies were printing money. I think any western banker could have made deals with them at the time.)

Clarice Feldman

I have reread the federal code relating to FISc and cannot find that rule about the same judge cited above--that is the normal procedure in federal district courts, but I do not see it with respect to the FISC.

Captain Hate

My bad, Miss Marple; I meant niece.

Newt was a danger to the Uniparty because he really meant the entire Contract with America and was sorely disappointed when the RINOs torpedoed term limits. The usual GOP apologists brought up spurious justifications for lying. Subsequently when Newt was almost bankrupted by spurious lawsuits the same clowns could barely disguise their glee, just like a few years later with the Huntress. It was a real eye opener for me.


Clarice, did you see the Heller/Good as Gold link I found?


It is a mention of Pugh Biddle Conover but may not be the one you wanted.


Newt is quick to praise Ronna, the RNC, Karl Rove, ....
I think that's generous and correct. Even if we disagree passionately on important issues.


Posted by: Momto2 | February 03, 2018 at 05:11 PM

maybe thinking of the San Bernardino massacre. iirc media walked into one of the homes or apartments and found stuff laying around.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is more information on the dossier/FISA stuff, this time with Clapper.


Captain Hate

Hey, I just got got an email from Cuck Schooomer telling me the Restraining Order "walks the walk". Does that mean the hoarse goof has to stay on the sidewalk when going to his ex's place for custody of their child because, well you know. Excellent choice of terms by Schmucky.

jimmyk on iPhone

"They are just lower testosterone variety."

I agree anonamom, only that it may be possible to manipulate them into serving our side, as RR evidently was when he wrote the memo to fire Comey.


From that Sundance link above

[…] At least two of those renewals occurred while Mr. Trump was president and at least one was authorized by a Justice Department official he appointed. A person familiar with the matter said that four separate federal judges approved the surveillance of Mr. Page, and all of those judges were appointed by Republican presidents. (link)

Who in the DOJ could have signed a FISA?


Thanks, rich - I think that was it! Didn't LE open up the scene quite quickly and allow camera crews inside? Other investigations would secure scenes for days as they looked for clues.

It seemed quite sloppy at the time. None of our TV FBI agents would have done that :) They sweep up every smidgen of dust and find all sorts of clues in unexpected places.


Wictor and others have invested time and brainpower on the theory that Mueller is actually a good guy in cahoots with Trump - a good guy with a staff of Dem hitmen who are either in on the plan themselves or don't know that Mueller is actually helping Trump take out a bunch of Dem hitmen.

Captain Hate

Thanks, rich - I think that was it! Didn't LE open up the scene quite quickly and allow camera crews inside? Other investigations would secure scenes for days as they looked for clues.

That was it. I remember Tammy Bruce screaming about how sloppy and unprofessional the whole thing was. Didn't they lose track of the whore girlfriend too?


had to look it up Momto2. the FBI executed the search warrant then turned the property over to the landlord in less than 2 days. the landlord invited the media to look over the place and things that one would think would be relevant were just laying around.

other things ... 1 charged and pled guilty to providing material support, and big surprise, some relatives got rounded up in an immigration marriage fraud scheme.

Clarice Feldman

I didn't, porch. Let me look .


>>>Didn't they lose track of the whore girlfriend too?

Posted by: Captain Hate | February 03, 2018 at 05:42 PM<<<

the tranny wife is in hell with its husband. they were both killed in the shootout. iirc, there was some speculation they had made a tape and it was never found. it was the Orlando shooter that they let the whore wife go wander around for months before arresting her.

Clarice Feldman

Alas, porch--that's what I found, too,perhaps the reference was to another character whose name I don't recall. The sentence read something like "He lied before Congressional committees in 7 different adminsitrations and was widely considered a statesman"..It reminded me of the overblown descriptions we used to read about Comey. Also--I should never let my Heller or Francis King's books out of my sight.


Who in the DOJ could have signed a FISA?

The memo said:

The FBI and DOJ obtained one initial FISA warrant targeting Carter Page and three FISA renewals from the FISC. As required by statute (50 U.S.C. §J805(d)(1)), a FISA order on an American citizen must be renewed by the FISC every 90 days and each renewal requires a separate finding of probable cause. Then-Director James Corney signed three FISA applications in question on behalf of the FBI, and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one. Then-DAG Sally Yates, then-Acting DAG Dana Boente, and DAG Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of DOJ.
Jack is Back (Again)!

Something different tonight for Frederick and I: Steak Tartare, salad and Pomme Frites. We were talking about my culinary pursuit of finding the greatest Steak Tartare in the world. So far, its a small bistro in Antwerp near the train station, although Pierre's in Bridgehampton does a fantastic job with theirs.

I am not commenting on the Memo or its possible consequences until after the news shows tomorrow which I will not watch (never do) and rely on the most fair and balanced reporters in the world - JOM commenters - to tell me what's up. After mass tomorrow we have the England v. Italy 6 Nations Rugby match from Rome. Should be a doozy.


Nadler confirms what the panic is all about.

Democrats spooked? Internal letter says FISA memo 'provides no credible basis" for Trump to fire Rod Rosenstein

In his letter, Rep. Jerold Nadler, D-N.Y., said that had Rosenstein, whom Trump nominated to be the DOJ's Number 2, not signed the FISA application it could have appeared like a political move.

“The Deputy Attorney General could not have signed an application to renew surveillance on Carter Page if the government was unable to show that it had already gathered valuable evidence under existing orders and expected that collection to continue,” wrote Nadler, who is the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. “Under these circumstances, any decision not to approve the renewal would have appeared to have been politically motivated.”

Since Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from Russia-related investigations, Rosenstein was the DOJ official who appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to head the federal Russia inquiry after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in May of last year. He alone has direct authority to fire Mueller, who is looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin.

Nadler warned that Rosenstein had become a "target for those attempting to interfere with that investigation."

"President Trump has refused to rule out using the Nunes Memo as pretext for dismissing the DAG. 'You figure that one out,' he said when asked about the Deputy Attorney General on Friday," Nadler noted.


>>>Wictor and others have invested time and brainpower on the theory that Mueller is actually a good guy in cahoots with Trump - a good guy with a staff of Dem hitmen who are either in on the plan themselves or don't know that Mueller is actually helping Trump take out a bunch of Dem hitmen.

Posted by: Extraneus | February 03, 2018 at 05:38 PM<<<

reading those theories makes my head hurt.


From same piece, WH says Rosenstein is safe.

"I'm saying it on behalf of the White House, and that's that no changes are going to be made at the Department of Justice," White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah said during a CNN interview on Friday. "We fully expect Rod Rosenstein to continue on as the deputy attorney general."
Miss Marple the Deplorable



But speaking of stupid, something else occurred that few are mentioning, but may be of more significance than anything. What were these FISA judges thinking who allowed for the surveillance? They actually read the Steele dossier, one would assume. Were they imbeciles or as biased as McCabe, Strzok and the rest of that seedy FBI cabal? Whether they were told that document came from the Clinton campaign or not, it read like an outtake from the back pages of the National Enquirer — and not one of the good issues (John Edwards, etc.). The dossier was ludicrous on its face, yet the supposedly great legal minds of the FISA court accepted it as what appears to be the most important evidence for the case.

Think about that."


We'd better start getting used to Nadler. He's not dumb.

More from that same piece.

Nadler is one of a few lawmakers, Democrat or Republican, who had access to and has seen the underlying documents that supported the so-called Nunes memo. Last week he sent a letter to the chairman of the judiciary panel, pressing for an urgent meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray to discuss areas of concern the FBI has regarding a controversial memo that allegedly outlines surveillance violations by the U.S. government. Democrats and the FBI had warned against the release of the Nunes memo, arguing that some of the claims could be damaging and misconstrued without the proper context and documents.

Another sticking point on which Nadler harps in his letter, obtained by NBC News, is about the key assertion in the memo related to the process by which Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant applications were submitted for approval by a judge to spy on Page. The document claims the Justice Department and FBI officials used information from the "Trump dossier," authored by ex-British spy Christopher Steele, to obtain and renew a surveillance warrant against Page.

"If not for this misrepresentation to the court, the story goes, there never would have been a Russia investigation. This claim is deliberately misleading and deeply wrong on the law," Nadler said.

Nadler argued that Steele's Russia and organized crime expertise counted for more in the consideration of a FISA application than who paid for his work. The memo alleged that DOJ officials knew Steele had an anti-Trump bias but made no mention of that in their effort to renew FISA surveillance on Page.

Nadler also said the Nunes memo "does not provide a single shred of evidence that any aspect of the Steele dossier is false or inaccurate in any way."


I should have said he ain't no Conyers.


Think about that."

That was exactly my point yesterday when I said the judge(s) must either be effing stupid or corrupt.


Nadler has joined Schiff as a leak-o-matic? He may not be as smart as he deems himself.


Nadler also said the Nunes memo "does not provide a single shred of evidence that any aspect of the Steele dossier is false or inaccurate in any way."

The FBI has not provided a shred of evidence that any aspect of the Steele dossier is true or accurate in any way.

FIFY Jerry.

Account Deleted

MM---> That Wictor thread encourages me to withdraw my mockery of Rosenstein. He has a serious track record. I called him Rosenblatz the cocks*cker earlier today.

I hereby withdraw such mockery and will suspend judgement. I will however maintain my allegation that Mueller was turned in the runup to this SpecPros assignment by Rosenstein.

The Deep State trusts him. The Hildo donors he hired probably got deals to dummy up and play the role. This suggests to me that there is a white hat counter-coup in play and has been in play since the waning days of the Bath House Rat's presidency.

A number of people have probably been turned with the promise of leniency, immunity, or clemency upon conviction and sentencing.

This Rosenstein information is yuge in this one man's opinion. Sorry Rod.



"Clarity Media Group is the holding company for media properties owned by Philip F. Anschutz. These include the San Francisco Examiner and the Washington Examiner.

On June 17, 2009, Clarity Media Group acquired The Weekly Standard, a conservative opinion journal, from Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation."


"William "Bill" Kristol (born December 23, 1952) is an American neo-conservative political analyst and commentator. He is the founder and editor-at-large of the political magazine The Weekly Standard and a political commentator on several networks."



We should probably assume that the leak to Greg Jarett about Rosey threatening Nunes was from someone trying to get Rosey fired, right? Someone close to Trump? Who would want Rosey fired?


Ext, Schiff would want Roaey fired. Because it sets up impeachment and the "rally around Mueller" noise drowns out tax cut in the run up to the election.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Miss M sez: "Think about that."

rich sez: "reading those theories makes my head hurt."
I hope rich is excused for the time being.

...and, Miss M, weren't the re-submissions supposed to be accompanied *each* time by material supporting renewal? Did FBI grunts/worker bees do all the written work for the FBI Seventh Floor demigods?

"It's good to go. Just make your usual scrawl here, Deputy Director."

Janet 🚬

The sentence read something like "He lied before Congressional committees in 7 different adminsitrations and was widely considered a statesman"..It reminded me of the overblown descriptions we used to read about Comey

That reminds me of a JM Hanes post about Thomas Pickering. He got the "great guy!!" treatment too.

"Pickering said during his investigation of the Benghazi attack more than 100 people were interviewed, not one of them was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Pickering also said the ARB was not a "gotcha, investigative" panel. It was also revealed members of the ARB regularly briefed Clinton and her closed advisors on the status of their probe and that the ARB showed Clinton the report before it was released."



Lurker Susie:

I simply do not know how anybody could still describe Pickering as "one of the country’s most respected diplomats."

[Piockering] has been quietly taking money from Boeing while vocally supporting the Iran nuclear deal—testifying before Congress, writing letters to high-level officials, and penning op-eds for outlets like The Washington Post.

Pickering confirmed via email—from his Boeing corporate email address—that he was on staff at the company from 2001 to 2006 and has been a paid consultant for them ever since.

He showed up here last January when a Clinton email revealed that he’d been helping with a Secret Plan to Spark Palestinian Protests — while he was our Ambassador to Israel. He was still carrying Clinton’s white-washing water when he gave her a pass as Chairman of the Benghazi Accountability Review Board . In fact, given his long standing relationship with Hillary, I can’t help wondering if the Clintons don’t have a hand in that latest pot somewhere too.

Posted by: JMHanes | June 22, 2016 at 10:27 PM


Interesting point, henry. So we can't judge based on who wants Rosey fired, only whether Trump does.

You figure that one out!

Jack is Back (Again)!

Just got an email from Ronna McDaniel pointing out Pelosi's "crumbs" remark. Instead of the usual $50 to $5,000 request she asks for $1:) Crumbs, indeed.

Clever fund raiser. Sent her my crumb.



"You figure that one out!"

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That entire post was a quote from the article, not my writing.

I have no idea who did the work on the re-submissions. I do think too much deference has been given to the intelligence agencies.

a Clinton email revealed that he’d been helping with a Secret Plan to Spark Palestinian Protests — while he was our Ambassador to Israel.

Wow. Didn't know or didn't remember that.


" Maria Bartiromo‏Verified account @MariaBartiromo

six senior leaders of the FBI/DOJ have been reassigned or fired based on facts that have come out of the work of the inspector general Yet, House Intel Cmtw Chair Nunes is branded a lunatic by the CLINTON/obama mafia w new killers- adam Schiff & media Incredible
4:35 AM - 3 Feb 2018

Janet 🚬

And this -

Crowdstrike's Dmitri Alperovitch, Evelyn Farkas, & Susan Rice are members of the Atlantic Council - funded by Soros.

Thomas Pickering is a Director of the Atlantic Council.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

I assume every one of these guys is a black hat.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a sad story about a former NFL player.

The league should have a fund to help guys like this.

Frau Roggenbrot

Jerry Nadler--"Impeach Bush! Impeach Trump! Impeach the ham sandwich!"--would rather,however, eat pastrami sandwiches on seeded rye and many of them.

He's a master of excess.


And this -

Crowdstrike's Dmitri Alperovitch, Evelyn Farkas, & Susan Rice are members of the Atlantic Council - funded by Soros.

Thomas Pickering is a Director of the Atlantic Council.

Soros needs the floating face down in a drainage ditch treatment.

Captain Hate

it was the Orlando shooter that they let the whore wife go wander around for months before arresting her.

It's difficult keeping track of those coastal whores.


"You figure that one out!"

Would that be the greatest line ever uttered in human history if the 4D chess theory turns out to be right?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

John Dickerson
‏Verified account @jdickerson
5m5 minutes ago

Trey Gowdy on @FaceTheNation says Nunes memo has no impact on Russia probe of collusion or obstruction.


(quotes at link)


This was retweeted by Stephen Hayes.

Frau Roggenbrot

Crowdstrike's Dmitri Alperovitch, Evelyn Farkas, & Susan Rice are members of the Atlantic Council - funded by Soros.

Thomas Pickering is a Director of the Atlantic Council. Janet @ 6:42


Of course, none has ever met Daddy Soros in person.
[insert narciso ::snorfle::]

Jack is Back (Again)!

Gowdy crosses over to the dark side? Say it ain't so Trey.

Frau Roggenbrot

Buckeye - or Daddy Soros might choke on a piece of hot langos. Who would want to Heimlich him?

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