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February 03, 2018


Dave (in MA)
(Not the the game isn't cutthroat, but sheesh.)

Dave, I was in COLORADO SPRINGS in SEPTEMBER. My NIECE/GOD DAUGHTER was entering the AIR FORCE ACADEMY. My wife, my son, and I, took the train to PIKES PEAK, and CRIPPLE CREEK is visible from near the top. GORGEOUS.
Abadman, LIVES THERE. I'm going to see ABADMAN soooooon.


exdem posted this a couple of hours ago:

And keep in mind that the only record of Flynn’s convo with the FBI - aka Strokh - is Strock’s 302 report.
Which no-one is allowed to see, of course.
Except for Flynn’s lawyers?
Ok, this just occurred to me:

Strzok "interviewed" Flynn in Flynn's office in the White House, right?

Trump forced Comey to tell the truth by tweeting a hint that the White House might have had video of the Trump/Comey conversation in the White House.

OMG -- do you think that the White House has video of Strzok in Flynn's office, and now Flynn's lawyers have the 302, and they've got Strzok for perjury? That the Strzok "ambush" of Flynn was actually Flynn ambushing the FBI?

THAT would explain why Flynn had to plead guilty to lying to the FBI in that particular conversation, rather than allowing Mueller to decide what charge to trump up. THAT would explain the distinctly odd framing of Flynn's "firing" as being for "lying to Pence" about the ambassador conversation.

Wow, this could be a Ludlum or Clancy novel...


GUS, At least wave as you blow past. I’ll be working a dreaded day shift. Give me a call if you decide to stop for a break.


I am reminded of an episode of montalbano When he interrogated a aisde Italian secret service with a hidden camera. Hidden behind a book case.


Gentlejim!! Do you have my email or my phone #?
If I come thru, N. Indiana on THURSDAY, I would love to say hi, and have a COKE.


GUS, I have both. I’ll send you mail with my tx.


Here's my dance party entry https://youtu.be/syi4TaaM48I for Miss Marple who likes vocals. This was the ND Mother's Day present when WonderBoy was a freshman. (And, GUS, it fits with your theme -- it's a song about a nice Jewish mother... ;-) )


Cathyf, Henry and I, had a conversation, identical to your THEORY, on FRIDAY afternoon.
DJT, The PRESIDENT, has all of his ducks, in a row.

THE FBI and even the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, is in big trouble.

It's fun to watch.


Cathyf, God Bless You, that is wonderful. I wish you knew my last name!!!


I wish you knew my last name!!!

Posted by: GUS | February 04, 2018 at 01:50 AM
Oo oo oo, I know it!!!!
Don’t let him fool you. His full name is GUS. He’s like Cher, Madonna, Sade and Donovan. :)


Cathyf, I have one child. One son. My boy GUS JR., is finishing his JUNIOR YEAR at MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL. He is handsome, kind, full of love, taller than me, more hair, AND HE IS A 3.65 Thus far. I prefer he go to a JESUIT UNIVERSITY, but I'm open to his preferences.
His future, is HIS future. I'm taking GUS JR to visit JOHN CARROLL UNIVERSITY in CLEVELAND this coming week.




Gentlejim, you only know my last name......BONO.....because you are an FBI agent.


Hey, GUS, so I'm not crazy! I only see about 20-25% of JOM threads, so I missed you and henry talking on Friday afternoon.

It's really hard to stay off the ledge, but you have to admit that there are little pieces in this whole drama which are just weird. Flynn getting fired for "lying" to Pence, and then Trump talking about Flynn to Comey, and then Flynn pleading guilty. (Clarice theorizes that Flynn plead because he ran out of money, but that makes no sense. A GoFundMe for Flynn and we deplorables would have come up with whatever was needed. If this is all a scam, they are lucky that somebody like me didn't organize the GoFundMe and screw it up!)

jim nj


I had the same thought earlier today, but you beat me to posting it.

I was going to posit a recorded transcript. Then I wondered if that would be lawful. I mean different jurisdictions have rules about recording people without their permission. Then I wondered about an overheard conversation. A door is open, somebody, like a stenographer is behind it. Or maybe there's an open phone line that somebody just happens to be listening to.

Possibly, probably didn't happen. But one never knows duz they.


Cathy!! Yes, it is quite difficult to stay OFF of the ledge. From my perspective, I CANNOT GO TO THE LEDGE. For me, that is quitting or admitting failure. I WILL NOT.
The OBAMA ADMIN is as DIRTY as could be.
I'm willing to keep track of the criminality and to be patient.


GUS, my nephew graduated from Marquette and niece is there now. We haven't been very impressed with how they have been treated. My niece is brilliant, and a woman physics major, and they ignore her. She's the kind of student that DrF does everything he can for. I have a college classmate who just left the Jesuits and translated to being a diocesan priest because they treated him like junior-high-mean-girl bullies in continuously sabotaging his academic career, so I'm not so high on jebbies right now! I don't know much about Carroll, although we've been pretty impressed with Creighton. They seem to treat their students really well and are great at drawing out the best in them.


Cathyf!!!! God bless you my friend.
Mickey, my son, is at MARQUETTE HIGH.
I do business with MARQUETTE U....Athletic Dept.
WOJO and other COACHES.
Marquette U. has abandoned CATHOLICISM, in favor of SOCIAL JUSTICE BULL SHIT.
In our conversation CATHYF, I never mentioned MARQUETTE U, as an option for mY beloved SON.


jim -- when Trump tweeted about how Comey "better hope that there's no recording" I took that as a very odd construct. Did the FBI have the White House bugged, and Team Trump has control of the tapes? Wow, if Strzok gets sent to prison by the FBI's bugs, I just might pass out from laughing!


Cathy, what H.S.'s did your kids graduate from.


Cathyf, Comey has been quite beyond smarmy. Comey is being PLAYED by PRESIDENT TRUMP.
I hope the snarky and smarmy puss boy COMEY, goes to PRISON.

jim nj


You have to assume they are out there. People know what they know and can declaim upon it, but if they go to far they may stumble into a pitfall. And lose credibility big time.

That can't happen to us as we try to game out what's next. We're bystanders. I can, however, see politicians being allowed to go too far, intentionally, so that they look like idiots later.


Yeah, GUS, but be aware that the Jesuits rotate through their universities to some extent, so what you see up close at Marquette U is going to be going on to a greater or lesser extent at all of their universities. And Notre Dame certainly has its share of whackadoodle social justice warriors.

I've watched several generations of high school students apply for colleges. The most important advice I can give to GUS jr is to apply to enough places! WonderBoy applied to 19, WonderGirl to 13. But even more importantly, every single place has to be a place that he really wants to go. WonderGirl's best bud applied to 22 places and still ended up with pretty slim choices because so much of college admissions is a crap shoot these days.


GUS, I'm somewhat circumspect about my exact location, as it's small enough here that if you know the town you can come up with my last name, address and phone number, husband's and kids' names, etc, pretty quickly. Let's just say that it's the part of Illinois that's commuting distance to Iowa...



jim nj


If RG is correct - that Flynn gamed this out ahead of time, they could have built all kinds of pitfalls into their scheme.

We've already learned that McCabe allegedly asked FBI agents to rewrite some 302 reports.

Latest we've heard about Flynn is that he may have been confused about the timeline of his conversations. Maybe it was Strzok in his 302's who was confused.

Flynn was ostensibly "fired" for lying to VP Pence. Pence could just as easily say that's not true. We send him on an undercover mission.

Not likely, but possible.


https://youtu.be/St91A4tcBz0 is a different version of the Biebl, from the Glee Club Centennial concert. The 2015-16 Club is in front of the curtain, and then the lights come on and all of a sudden there are 500 more. It sent shivers up and down my spine!


Something I haven't seen comments on... When Putin responded to Obama's sanctions and expulsions of Russian diplomats, I thought it was absolute brilliance, Putin the masterful politician, with just the right tone. That was where he came out and said that Obama's charges were ludicrous, and Russia would be within its rights to retaliate tit for tat, but instead they weren't going to expel anyone, and the diplomats and their spouses and children were absolutely still invited to all of the diplomatic Christmas and New Years parties.

I've wondered about that... On the face of it, the most unlikely part of the "Russian collusion" storyline is that Putin would have wanted Trump to win. But he sure played the Obama sanctions masterfully. ("Vlad says to tell Barry that he will be more flexible after the election" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)


Ok, I seem to have outlasted the night shift for once. I'm going to sleep!

jim nj

So we've been in the phase of the drip, drip, drip, of the anonymous leaks to the media, where we now have a named individual, Nunes, in an open, and legal fashion, who get's to put out credible information.

MSM and DEMs, beforehand cry "national security", when "national security" is obviously not compromised, they do their best to make it a "nothingburger."

What's next? Grassley? I don't know, but it's obvious that the "Minority Report" from Schiff is on deck. Which means the debate over the "Nunes" memo will be re-opened.

If you've already sufficiently "squashed" the Nunes memo, why re-open the issue.

Why let a "Minority Report" surface?

I'm not seeing a lot of strategy from the left. Defensive leaks, but no forward thinking battle plan.

jim nj

"Minority Report" seems to describe this whole thing.

Trump is accused of "thought crimes" because we Democrats know he is evil.

Ah, yes, could you elaborate on that, maybe show some evidence?

But he's Trump - what more do you want?

Account Deleted

Up late. Cain't sleep. That Winwood/Clapton/Trucks video tore my heart out. My son Noah and I get together from time to time just to tip our hearts and get a good healin cry on..."Can't Find My Way Home" kicks those buckets over.

Here's my never too late contribution.... "Contact From The Underworld From Redboy" Cree Nation's Robbie Robertson.... that first tract we sing in our prayer lodge.... get things going....The track "Rattlebone" is not of this world. Best line that describes how I was raised up: "They cut his hair and hid his feathers. Told him he was Latin til he came down chantin' like a cannibal in Manhattan."

An entire album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq0D6DubAUU

Yo buddy. The entire album played on repeat on our cross country car trips from SFO/Bay Area to the Eastern Sundance in Port Tobacco Maryland just outside DC. The last sun dance ceremony instituted by Lakota Chief Frank Fools Crow, given to the Delaware nation, under Chief Billy Tayak. FBI was overhead and in the week long camp stirrin up chit.

Music is eternal and it remakes us. Brother Robbie is not the same man on that Last Waltz stage.

Music transforms those who feel it.

JOM has become a very very different feel to me now since POTUS came along. Their is something ancient in what we're feeling about this Nation. It was founded on the structure of Haudenosanee Confederacy (Iriquois, Mohawk, Seneca et al). Benny Franklin was no fool: there is nothing new under the sun.

The Keepers of the Ancient Drum --- our language beats in these American hearts.

Don't expect everbody to understand.... but when a Circle (JOM) comes together around music that touches and moves the spirit, we are not far removed from the First people here understood--- The Truth about the Nature of things and how without Love we are so far from the Creator; some say as far from ourselves as a hawk from the move.

Just wanted JOMerz to know this feels like a living breathing life-affirming force coming through the ether.

"...makin a noise in this world; u can bet your ass I won't go quietly, makin a noise in this world."





Account Deleted

Track 4: "Unbound" A man decides to follow his heart once and for all. He is no longer bound to his mind. He laments over being lost "has anybody seen me" in a moment where he remembers that he's subjugated his monkey mind to his eternal heart--- where "she leads me now".... "no borders no fences no walls"... but his isn't about geography--- it's about eternity and stepping into it, a birthright---
"like a moth to a flame she leads me now".... unbound... it's open ... the female spirit of the man's heart, where he can rebirth and grow young as he becomes the Elder, the one his people wait to behold.

Track 5 features Leonard Peltier, perhaps the most misunderstood NDN in history. His life, he says, is his sun dance, the highest sacrifice an NDN can make for the People. Total sacrifice and deprivation.

Track 6:"Rattlebone"... the chanting sisters are real people and their sound is like nothing I have ever heard before...and the way that they move lifts you out of your body....all night long until the fires die...

"here's where we go off the map, out past the power lines, up that little side road without a sign, hidden from the mainstream, the Keepers of the Drum. THey dont preserve it. They live it."

Track 7: Peyote Healing Song: an Arapaho Road man and a Navajo chanter combine on this traditional song-- the only one I know in my native language Dineh.

It has pulled me through so many devastating illnesses of the mind, the body, and the spirit.

I'm called to sing this song in our lodge during the final round-- the longest and hottest round.

It's long and it pulls from people what they believe they must hold onto--- but should they succeed, what they hold onto takes their lives.

Their affliction leave them and can seize upon the singer, and at times the singer will develop the illnesses in himself, like I did--- diseases of the heart, the blood, and the bones.

They are healed but the demons live on until we put them to rest.

After 14 years I'm at peace again.

It is the Bear Path.

Music and song. There is much to know. And so we know each other here on this night shift.


Account Deleted

that's the one exdem. We've been runnin with our chokes out lately, Noah and me.

We're listening to the voice that's been waiting fo s us, the "one who holds the key."

"Come down of your throne.... you are the one I've been waiting for so long..."

Gradually we change how we move in the world of men and material devoid of the spiritual, searching for that balance that would keep us whole, well, and content.

Still, striving for our families benefit--- a blood oath to leave them better than the generations before.

And sometimes we "can't find my way home."

Thanks exdem.

Kevlar Kid

Account Deleted

I crank this one before I have face-to-face meetings with pains in the nether extremities and I must just win without them knowing or suspecting

David Bowie Live "Heroes"


There is just something primal in the way that he yelps to escalate the song into the stratosphere...... great band.... timeless tune.

Account Deleted

A question that I hope we never stop asking. No matter who does the asking:

(from my high school years 1969-1973.)


Account Deleted

And sometimes no matter how much I might think I know about who I am and why our paths have melded for over twenty years and brought a delightful Spirit named Levon into the world, I must return to here:


Account Deleted

I think I can sleep now.

Ciao, bellas!

Kev out.

jim nj


I've had an interest in the Eastern Indian tribes for a long time. I think many made strategic mistakes/alliances that made it more difficult for them to survive.

Alliances with the French in Canada against colonist. Alliances with the British against colonists.

But here's a story very few people seem to know about. Early on, many native tribes allied themselves with "white" tribes. Some of those Native American tribes, called upon their white allies to attack other tribes.

Prior to this, native attacks often were in the form of "counting coupes", tap an unaware sentry on the shoulder and steal him away, demand ransom. It wasn't war, per se, but a demonstration of power or prestige.

Mohegan and Narragansett warriors called upon the white European tribe to support them as allies on the attack against the Pequot tribe in present-day Connecticut.

The Indian idea of war was nothing like the European idea of war. Europeans had muskets, pistols, swords, sabers, etc. And understood fire as a weapon.

The Mohegan and Narragansett had a limited war in mind, but the Europeans had a different one.

From the Mashantucket (western Peqout) website:


The image depicts the attack on the Pequot fortified village at Mystic on June 5, 1637. The woodcut was included in John Underhill’s account of the Pequot War published in London in 1638. John Underhill was second in command to John Mason and the woodcut is considered an accurate depiction of the attack which left over 400 Pequot men, women and children dead in less than an hour, many of them burned to death. The narratives of the Mystic massacre/battle written by John Underhill, John Mason and Philip Vincent are all consistent with this depiction of the massacre/battle.

The fort is located on the top of Pequot Hill in Groton approximately ¼ west of the Mystic River. Pequot Hill is the highest hill in the area and is very defensible because of the steep sides. The fort was described by Philip Vincent in his narrative of the Pequot War (his account was published in London in 1638):

"They choose a piece of ground dry and of best advantage, forty or fifty foote square.
(But this was at least 2 acres of ground.) here they pitch close together, as they can young trees and halfe trees, as thicke as a mans thigh, or the calfe of his legge. Ten or twelve foote high they are above the ground, and within rammed three foote deepe, with undermining, the earth being cast up for their better shelter against the enemies dischargements. Betwixt these pallisadoes are divers loope-holes, through which they let flie their winged messengers. The doore for the most part is entred side-waies, which they stop with boughes or bushes as need requireth. The space within is full of Wigwams"

The attack began at dawn on May 26th (Old Calendar – June 5 New calendar) when the English surrounded the 2-acre village and fired a volley through the gaps in the palisade. The force of 77 English, 60 Mohegan and 200 Narragansett surrounded the fort and the English fired a volley through the palisade walls. Mason and Underhill, with twenty men each, entered the fort through entrances on the northeast and southwest sides. Their objective was to "destroy them by the Sword and save the Plunder" (Mason). Unknown to the English the fort was reinforced the night before by 100 warriors from other villages, bringing the total number of warriors inside the fort to approximately 175. Within 20 minutes English inside the fort suffered 50% casualties. It was then that Mason said: "We should never kill them after that manner: WE MUST BURN THEM!"

The English retreated outside the fort and surrounded it to prevent anyone escaping from the fort. Their Native allies formed a second line outside the English as depicted in the woodcut. The fire quickly spread from the northeast to the southwest forcing everyone in the fort to cluster in the southwest quadrant of the fort. Pequot warriors continued to battle the English from behind the palisade and the English fired at them through the gaps in the palisade.

"Captaine Mason entring into a Wigwam, brought out a fire-brand, after hee had wounded many in the house, then hee set fire on the West-side where he entred, my selfe set fire on the South end with a traine of Powder, the fires of both meeting in the center of the Fort blazed most terribly, and burnt all in the space of halfe an houre;many couragious fellowes were unwilling to come out, and fought most desperately through the
Palisadoes, so as they were scorched and burnt with the very flame, and were deprived of their armes, in regard the fire burnt their very bowstrings, and so perished valiantly : mercy they did deserve for their valour, could we have had opportunitie to have bestowed
it; many were burnt in the Fort, both men, women, and children, others forced out, and came in troopes to the Indians, twentie, and thirtie at a time, which our souldiers received and entertained with the point of the sword; downe fell men, women, and children, those that scaped us, fell into the hands of the Indians, that were in the reere of us; it is reported by themselves, that there were about foure hundred soules in this Fort, and not above five
of them escaped out of our hands" (Underhill).

Archaeologists and researchers from the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and the University of Connecticut are currently documenting the site of the Mystic massacre with a grant from the National Park Service American Battlefield Protection Program. Archaeologists use metal detectors and traditional excavations to recover evidence of the fortified village and battle. Recovered objects include gunflints, musket balls, brass arrow points, matchlock and flint lock gun parts and materials associated with the village such as pottery, pestles, food remains and brass and shell beads. When this project is completed in September we will have a much better idea, and more detail about, the events that took place on Pequot Hill that day.

And this article doesn't really capture the brutality of the attack. Other accounts, that I can't quickly find, paint a much uglier picture.

And as I read elsewhere, the Indians, never called upon their white allies again, because they were abhorrent of what had been done.


From Lucienne

GOP Senator John McCain slammed President Donald Trump for approving the release of a once-classified memo. The four-page document, released on Friday, contends that the FBI, when it applied for a surveillance warrant on a onetime Trump campaign associate, relied excessively on ex-British spy Christopher Steele whose opposition research was funded by Democrats. At the same time, the memo confirms that the investigation into potential Trump links to Russia actually began several months earlier, and was ´triggered´ by information involving a different campaign aide.



Another from Lucienne:

"The FBI stipulated that they thought Page was a spy"*

Reminds me of Holder's lies about Fox reporter Rosen to obtain warrants covering even his parents.



Steve King’s Memo Warning: ‘Watch Closely for Barack Obama’s Fingerprints’

“Watch closely for Barack Obama’s fingerprints,” said Rep. Steve King (R-IA) on Saturday, suggesting the recent alleged partisan weaponization of state surveillance powers could be connected to the 44th president. “[Democrats and their allies] will defend Barack Obama at all costs, and they’ll defend Hillary Clinton almost at all costs unless they have to sacrifice her to protect Barack Obama,” he added.

Against the backdrop of Friday’s released memo from the House Intelligence Committee (HIC), King called for further investigation into what role, if any, Obama and his cabinet officials played in procuring state surveillance of Carter Page and George Papadopoulos (two peripheral operatives of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign) via Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications submitted before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

“Look at all of these investigations now,” said King. “Look closely for Barack Obama’s fingerprints. I’ve just identified some that I think are fingerprints, and I think this trail leads to the Obama presidency, to Barack Obama himself, but it’s going to take some time if we get there, and I’m not certain that the evidence trail necessarily leads there. There’s an indication trail that says we need to take a look and find out. But if it’s not Barack Obama, then who is it? Well, it’s Loretta Lynch, for example, and James Comey, and McCabe, and that cast of characters from Sally Yates on down. I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a long row of very high-level executive branch officials wrapped up in something here that is political partisanship, weaponizing the FBI and DOJ to do opposition research that was stimulated by the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and [paid for with her] and the DNC’s checkbooks.”

Democrats, their consultants, and their news media allies will “manufacture arguments… without regard to truth [and] without regard to being objective” on the issue of political and partisan weaponization of the FBI and DOJ in order to “move public opinion,” said King.

“[Democrats want] to destroy the credibility of the objective truth,” added King. “They will defend Barack Obama at all costs, and they’ll defend Hillary Clinton almost at all costs unless they have to sacrifice her to protect Barack Obama.”



PS. From what I have read, possibly unsubstantiated, Page was a FBI/CIA source of information about his trips to Russia (Much like many visitors to Russia).

If so, the the FBI burned its own informant/spy with its FISA application.

That will teach him to work for the Trump campaign.

Remember, at the time Page joined up with the campaign, it was having difficulty finding subject experts to join the campaign.

jim nj


Turkey taking casualties in their intervention into Syria.


More from McCain from earlier source:

"McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Forces Committee, issued a written statement saying 'if we continue to undermine our own rule of law, we are doing Putin's job for him', referencing Russia's president"

Who is undermining the rule of law? The FISA app's supporting info could well have originated from FSB agents.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5349421/John-McCain-condemns-release-Republican-memo.html#ixzz568KuKzsj
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

jim nj

FISA judge, so where did this come from, who's the US person you're referring to?

Answer, John McCain, who got it from the source.


Looky what I found!


Look what hoyden found, LOL
The 'Constitutional Crisis' the Fourth Estate Birthed
By Clarice Feldman


Thank you, JimNorCal for reigning in Clarice's linky. I don't know what caused it to color outside the lines. I learn a new word, "whinge". There's been a lot of whinging going on by the MFM.


"Nunes Says Attacks From The Left Are ‘Quite Enjoyable’

“It’s actually quite enjoyable because we have the underlying facts,” Nunes said in an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier.

The memo also asserts that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told congressional investigators that the FISA against Page would not have been sought without the dossier. Democrats disputed that claim on Friday, but Nunes stood by it in his interview with Baier.

“It is definitely what he said,” Nunes said of McCabe, who left his position earlier this week. “Not to mention we have other witnesses who said very similar things.”

But Nunes said he is not concerned with the attacks because he believes that President Trump and his campaign did not collude with the Russian government during the election. And he said the attacks from the Left are coming out of desperation.

“They know there was no collusion,” he said of Democrats.

“We’ve been investigating this for a very long time. So you know you’re over the target because you’re being attacked from all sides,” he told Baier."



I'm reading backwards on the thread this morning; meant to post this last night.

* * *

Hmmmmmm -- the oversold Nunes memo ??? Looks like TM doesn't quite get that whole scalps before skulls thing either. Remember, TM, McLaughlin wrote a beautiful December 16, 2015 piece in The Federalist on the Republican primary but COMPLETELY misunderstood what was happening with Trump. He has made that mistake once again.

They are setting the stage for a 7-course meal and this is but a social sippy sip before the sit-down for the meal. As merely preparation for this most necessary national conversation based on the realest reality TV series ever constructed (y'all do see what the Trump Administration has done here, right? In order to communicate with this TV generation, right?), the Nunes Memo has worked beautifully. A full freakout that leaves the country wondering what the hell are they freaking out about !?!

Tom Maguire, inquiring minds want to know: what, pray tell, are they freaking out about? Hmmmm ???

* * *

Beasts keeps tempting the fates by jumping on board the crazy train.

Posted by: Captain Hate | February 03, 2018 at 12:42 PM

Wait, did I miss sumpin' sumpin' ???

* * *

I do not believe the Rosenstein threat goddip. Out of character and totally unlikely.

Posted by: Clarice Feldman | February 03, 2018 at 03:47 PM

IMHO, Rosenstein is clearly on our side and (like Sessions) doing a rather good job operating in the shadows while allowing confusing narratives to do what they're supposed to do: confuse the enemy.

I heard some screeching about martial law during the hysteria about Trump in the campaign and dismissed it but . . .

. . . the idea about military tribunals has intrigued the heck out of me.


Clarice's "Pieces" covers a lot of ground, none of which I've seen mentioned in the MSM. Everything I've learned I've read via JOM, Insty, PL. There's no context for discussing news with folks whose only understanding of the news is what they heard from the MFM.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Bad Amtral wreck this morning on the Miami-New York line. 70 injures, 2 dead.

Happened in South Carolina near Columbia.

Press conference n now.

Happened about 2:30 AM. Passenger train hit a freight train.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Well, well, well. New information. Now why would Obama have warned about Flynn?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I love it when people ask something that's been bugging me for some time:

Larry O'Connor‏Verified account @LarryOConnor

Forgive me if this question comes across in the wrong way @Evan_McMullin, but I'm genuinely curious. What do you actually DO right now? Do you have a job?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Student loans.

This is an interesting article reflecting how much student loans affect young people.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Steyn does an incredible job on the memo. It’s a huge deal, undersold if anything. I think we all look for some kind of validation from the media, which will never be forthcoming, because they knew and participated in this coup/takedown. We knew what happened, the memo merely confirms it.
Now the President should issue a pardon for all that have been indicted.
I have always said fire Molar, but Trump won’t do it. At this point I have to believe Trump knows what he’s doing.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jimmy Kimmel in a lib podcast interview:

“It just so happens that almost every talk show host is a liberal and that’s because it requires a level of intelligence”

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Found on Twitter:

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think so.

For tablet users:


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is a thread about Conteras, the judge who okayed the FISA request. He was nominated by Eleanor Holmes-Norton, among other things.



Kimmel should invite Steyn on his show and see how that goes.

James D.

Good morning, everyone! The night shift was certainly busy last night!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sarah Sanders
‏Verified account @PressSec
3m3 minutes ago

A rebirth of American manufacturing and good paying jobs is taking place across our country. On Monday President Trump will visit Sheffer Corp. a manufacturing business in Blue Ash, Ohio that gave $1,000 bonuses to their workers because of the Trump tax cuts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Twitter thread with nothing but photos of the President and family this weekend, beginning at the retreat.


Janet 🚬

Clarice's "Pieces" covers a lot of ground, none of which I've seen mentioned in the MSM. Everything I've learned I've read via JOM, Insty, PL. There's no context for discussing news with folks whose only understanding of the news is what they heard from the MFM.

SO true, hoyden.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I have a friend who calls me to see what I have learned, because of the dearth of news in the MSM. Even Fox doesn't cover a lot of this stuff.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I thought the same thing when I saw the link to this story this morning. I didn't link it because I couldn't read it (free reads are used up).

I would be really happy to find out that this came from Brennan or Clapper and that they have been arrested.

Jim Eagle

Does anyone know if the three people killed in the latest Amtrak crash were republicans? I guess we'll have to wait for a Bill Kristol tweet to make sure.


Morning all. Sorry I had to exit the dance party thread a little early. Planning a New England menu today and had to prep my baked beans.

Exdemocrat, thank you for that terrific Joan Armatrading song! I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard it. I've always known about her but never really listened. She's hard to pigeonhole - I hear Joni Mitchell but also Van Morrison. What a voice.

For English 70's classics, I submit Richard and Linda Thompson: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PEk-wjil1rA

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable



I don't know if I'll ever catch up, but MM posted this yesterday in Tweets. Here's the more readable form.
Why the FISA Page judge either was lied to, or is crooked:


Old Lurker

All these trains wrecks sure remind me of Atlas Shrugged.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Taking aim at Iran, US hits Hezbollah with new sanctions


Officials signal there are dozens of more networks that could be targeted.

Old Lurker

A-mom "Here's the more readable form."

For you maybe! :-)

I deplore the attempt to communicate more than a bumpersticker via twitter.

It is like trying to learn the news from reading the scroll at the bottom of a tv screen. (not that you can learn anything from the screen above anyway.)

Or like trying to follow a story in a magazine which has been chopped up into many odd sized blocks of text so that you have to dig them out from amongst the ads.


Rant over.

mad jack

clarice: excellent!

Captain Hate

Kimmel should invite Steyn on his show and see how that goes.

That dumbass would get trucked by any of us, much less Steyn.

I'm in a really bad mood because I broke my glasses this morning which is not a good thing to do on a Sunday. I have a serviceable extra frame that the lenses could be popped into if I could find a place to do it. Walmart's vision center doesn't have its hours listed on its website and gives you a number to call which nobody answers after the recorded message doesn't say a GD thing about the hours. And nobody is answering their main number. I think I've detected some flaws in their really really great customer service system.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

Would I prefer formatted essays with paragraphs? Sure.

Ya go with what ya got. Right now, Twitter is actually my best source of news. I have spent years culling weirdos from my follow list, adding good researchers, and generally creating my own personal news feed (with some humor, too).

Since the news outlets are mostly partisan on steroids for the democrats, what I do is use Twitter to find out what's actually going on.

What is interesting is how the left has belatedly discovered how we are using it. It's pretty routine now that conservative accounts are shadow banned, put in time out, or outright banned. Some of the people I follow have had to re=register 3-4 times with different screen names.

Skip the Twitter threads if you like. I have learned a lot from reading them. I did have to train my eyes to read short statements linked together.

Janet 🚬

It is cool to use EVERY method available to spread the word.

Twitter, FB, blogs,...
Long threads, short shout-outs, memes, cartoons, essays,... It is ALL GOOD.

One thing is that young people are more likely to read short headline bits, that come in over apps & tweets, than some long 4 page essay behind a pay wall.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

On Twitter, Dan Bongino retweets Eric Holder, with the comment that Holder knows he's in trouble and is panicking:

Eric Holder‏Verified account @EricHolder

People must understand what is at stake by release of the bogus, contrived Nunes memo. It uses normally protected material and puts at risk our intell capabilities in order to derail a legitimate criminal investigation. This is unheard of- it is dangerous and it is irresponsible

Captain Hate

Exdemocrat, thank you for that terrific Joan Armatrading song! I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard it. I've always known about her but never really listened. She's hard to pigeonhole - I hear Joni Mitchell but also Van Morrison. What a voice.

I saw her once in a small club in the 70s opening for someone when it was just her playing the piano and singing and she sounded pretty good. Fast forward to the 90s and Richard Thompson opened for her in a performance stage at a local park. The crowd was mostly WNBA fans and her massively synthed band was so GD loud it probably drowned out the sonic boom my rapid exit caused.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Captain Hare,

I believe Roma Downey is Romney's niece, not his daughter. I believe Romney only has sons.--

Roma Downey?
Since the gruesome, backstabbing, hectoring Mittens is the reason I left the GOP, I have thought for some time he was a bit touched, I just never realized it was by an angel. :)

Captain Hate

It's Ronna McDaniel.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


HA! I didn't even notice I had typed that last night! I follow Roma Downey on Twitter so it just sort of flowed from my fingers without thinking.


GUS, I need to second this as much as I can:
I've watched several generations of high school students apply for colleges. The most important advice I can give to GUS jr is to apply to enough places! WonderBoy applied to 19, WonderGirl to 13. But even more importantly, every single place has to be a place that he really wants to go. WonderGirl's best bud applied to 22 places and still ended up with pretty slim choices because so much of college admissions is a crap shoot these days.

My wonder boy #1 is who I refer to as "the wait list king."
Applied to ? I can't remember--it was 13 years ago--?20 schools? admitted to three; waitlisted at 12.
That's where my remarks the other day came from, not any intention to minimize your boy's achievements. But as I said ---I'm guessing he most likely does NOT let them check any of those oh so vital diversity boxes.

It all worked out wonderfully well for our boy/us,as he went to cathy f's favorite school, which was PERFECT for him, and then on to the post graduate program of his choice. May you and your Mickey have equally good fortune.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Jimmy Kimmel in a lib podcast interview:

“It just so happens that almost every talk show host is a liberal and that’s because it requires a level of intelligence”--

--Kimmel should invite Steyn on his show and see how that goes.--

Well, Ben Stein invited Kimmel and Bits on his show to host it and Kimmel spent most of his time joking about how freakishly smart Ben is.
The rest of the time he spent demonstrating what an ignoramus he is.

Old Lurker

Actually MM, as long as we have you doing the search and edit, twitter ain't so bad.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

With the confirmation that the House Intelligence Committee is also investigating the State Department's role in the FBI/DOJ scandal, Ed Henry asks Sarah Sanfers if John Kerry's rant about the release of the Nunes memo might be colored by what he knew HE did in the run-up to the election.

Glad to see Ed connecting the dots. Boy, would I love to see John Kerry nailed!


My first thought on seeing MM's dog pic on Twitter "Nope...I have not seen FBI corruption. Bad Comey!"

Old Lurker

Also MM and Janet, yes I fully understand that this is just the way it is and thank God some of you will harvest the good stuff for the rest of us, but #1 (where is rse?) I worry that what Janet says about young people is so true that they need their information in small bites because of what that tells me about their brain wiring, and #2 I hang onto this rant as one of my "get off my lawn" prerogatives.

Boy do I miss old fashioned newspapers and mags which told a story in long organized essay fashion and when Owner's Manuals came as small books with a ToC and Index, not just a "quickstart sheet" and a link to the real stuff.

What? You say I am an cranky old curmudgeon?


Glad to see Ed connecting the dots. Boy, would I love to see John Kerry nailed!


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