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February 05, 2018



Oh no!
Are citizens allowed guns in Toronto?


soylent green thumb


Geez---you just never know, do you?

Our neighbors at the lake were uppity ups in the Detroit mob.* Law enforcement did the same thing on their property looking for Jimmy Hoffa's body, and on their hunting property 20 miles away too.
Not there.
Maybe they should check out the planters at the restaurant.

*hit hard times; prison sentences; waste management business went under. Had to sell the lake property a few years ago, after the great grandma died.
Gotta say they were great neighbors Kept to themselves...
Paid for the plowing of the common access themselves too.




Isn't Jimmy Hoffa in the middle of a football stadium?


".. he was a keen baker, often showing off his beautifully decorated cupcakes and other confections while he rode the elevator with neighbors."

Hopefully, no "meat pies" a la Sweeney Todd

Dave (in MA)

A serial killer is bad enough, but this one's ghastly. That just won't do. Someone must do something about this chap.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

And you guys think my theory of framing Trump is fanciful. Jeesh.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
31m31 minutes ago

On Air Force One, WH says Pres Trump will give Democratic memo from House Intelligence Committee same consideration for declassification and public releast as he did the GOP memo last week.

Account Deleted

Three screeds from the old thread from your's truly. Sorry for carrying on without a comma this morning. Not.
The catch rule has the qualifier re fumbling/control: if the receiver has possession of the ball and control, and becomes a runner thereafter--- which Ertz did by taking two full steps in stride *WITH* possesion--- then the possession/control rule ceases to have sway.

Having said that, Ertz broke the plane of the end zone before the *GROUND* caused the ball to come loose, free, which he then recovered in a most acrobatic display to recover his own fumble. Even if the whistle had been blown quickly before recovery, the final phase of the ball movement would have been Ertz breaking the plane with the ball in hand.

Chris Collingsworth was sniveling for the Patriots because Nick Foles kept slinging touchdown strikes.

That strip sack to win the game was a classic way for Brady to lose this contest. He reminded me of Custer taking his last shot at the Hunkpapa's who were swarming all around him. He played and lost like a hero. The Matt Patricia defense, not so much except for James Harrison--- a beast til the end. Patriot linebackers played like they never got off the plane.

I rooted for the Pats but bet on the Eagles. Was forced to.

All the family dough was on the Pats. Shorted their butts.

Don't hate me because I'm shrewd.

I wanted Brady to have more rings than the psychotic Charles Haley. That's all.

The tuck rule vic over the Raiders would prevent me from ever being a Pats fan. Tommy woulda never gone to Disneyland if the refs had credited Charles Woodson with a sack instead of giving the Pats a field goal for the win.

Posted by: Kevlar Kid | February 05, 2018 at 01:33 PM

Kevlar Kid

NADler is going to be separated from his pathetic bean sac before it's all over. Til death do you part you gluttonous a-hole.

Posted by: Kevlar Kid | February 05, 2018 at 01:35 PM

Kevlar Kid
T-Mobile won my "Progressive Shitted Ass" award for using babies to virtue signal all the platform planks of "loving whomever you want" and all the diversity schlock n bullshitake those a-holes stand for.

A retrograde commercial from a phone network used by spazzes. Go straight to hell and do not pass go.


Voice of America is still prog central per this article.



This sounds like an episode of Criminal Minds.

Old Lurker

Speaking of all those commercials.

As an investor I find it disgusting that companies in which I might own shares find it appropriate to spend millions of shareholder equity to signal how virtuous they are. Sell the damn widgets, guys!

Account Deleted

where's Jennifer Jarreau when you need her fine self and the BAU?

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Not sure how credible this is (Gateway Pundit), but...

ROGER STONE: Gen. Michael Flynn to File Motion for Dismissal of ALL CHARGES Against Him

STONE: “Lawyers for General Mike Flynn will shortly file a motion to dismiss all the charges filed against him, based on reports now confirmed by The Hill, Circa News and Infowars, that Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe told a teleconference of law enforcement officials, “first we f*ck Flynn, then we f*ck Trump.”

Didn't see any link to The Hill or Circa News. Anyone else see a report of McCabe saying that?

Account Deleted

"On Air Force One, WH says Pres Trump will give Democratic memo from House Intelligence Committee same consideration"

Of course POTUS will do so. He's a mensch. Then he'll publically kick Schiffbird in his miniscule nut sac with the release of something else that will demonstrate that these criminal traitorous shitbags *WON'T BE ABLE TO KEEP UP* because their stools have but two legs to begin with.

GAWD dammit. MOAB these shitheels once and for all. We deserve to see this. Mach schnell (Sorry for the bad German, Frau.)


Roger Stone makes things up.

Account Deleted

Doesn't change the fact that Lil Bucky McCabe is a wreckless tool bag. Got his own ass fired (by surprise) and will lose access to all of his ill gotten booty. Enjoy wearing Maybelline you walking boil.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I did a quick google on that quote and it looks like the original source was truepundit.com.

If I recall, that guy once was involved with theFBI somehow and claims to have iside knowledge. I

The quote got picked up (in my search results) by circa, reddit, and some other sites I haven't heard of before.

If I run across anything else, I will post it here.

Account Deleted

"...well we hope Mr. Young will remember southern man don't need him around anyhow."

We got it goin' on here at Chez Kev this morning. Flat blasting the windows out.... it's 69 degrees at 1058a.

There is a GAWD!

My back hurts like a moferker. Stuck on 3 level. But I'm gettin by.

Anonomom--- my Sarno book arrived. Now if i can just conseetrate enough to read. Chicken/egg conundrum.

"...where the skies are so blue..."


Wray and Rosenstein now have 24 hours to decide on releasing a much less redacted version of the Grassley memo.

Should be enlightening to see what they do...


Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe told a teleconference of law enforcement officials, “first we f*ck Flynn, then we f*ck Trump.”

I saw that somewhere a few weeks ago. Have no clue where.


Ext, I've definitely seen that, but only at True Pundit:


This piece says that The Hill and Circa have the story, but not the exact words.


for those not twitter-phobic:


Captain Hate

So now it's looking like Czarina Curb Dive's needledick Rasputin is a person of interest. There was an interesting dynamic when Cock Curious told the fatassed Beast not to have anything to do with Sid but she went ahead and did it anyway with disasterous results. Surely Zippy and the Farsi Ferret were spitting mad but what could they do? Felonia Von Pantsuit was their legacy exit strategy and they couldn't come down hard on her. And it fell apart anyway.

God surely has a wicked sense of humor.


Rush will have special guest Devin Nunes on his show in hour 3 which starts in about 6 minutes! Tune in EIB and El Rushbo. I am interested in seeing if Rush is better at asking questions than anybody in the media.


Wray and Rosenstein now have 24 hours to decide on releasing a much less redacted version of the Grassley memo.

Says who and or else what?


Dated March 14, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: FBI’s Own Political Terror Plot; Deputy Director and FBI Brass Secretly Conspired to Wage Coup Against Flynn & Trump


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Live stream links here.

They will convert to videos later, so if you can't listen now, come back later this afternoon or this evening and play the video.


Oh, I so do NOT want MOAB these shitheels once and for all.
At least, not yet!

I want this to DRAAAGGGGG out for a long time. A couple more weeks, anyway.
I want them all to sweat bullets,to not sleep for days on end, to have to consider whether offing themselves is more prudent than going forward. As noted above---I'm thinking the FBI guy would not be received a whole lot more warmly in the gen pop than the pedophile is.

Yes I am that awful.

I DESPISE their lying----the endless lies they have told to get to where they are today.
Not a fan of the sanctimony either.


Jordan Peterson teaches at the University of Toronto. I bet he'd be good at helping profile serial killers.


here's a snippet from Catherine Herridge's report on the issue:

"Entire sections of the memorandum were redacted by the FBI on the basis that it contained classified information, though a review of the document shows the FBI redacted references to media reporting, including a Washington Post story available on the Internet."

yes, but has CNN given us permission to view it?


Nunes is on with Rush.


Czarina Curb Dive's needledick Rasputin

Ok, I give up. This would be...? I usually think of Huma as Hillary's Rasputin.


And I wouldn't be surprised to find Huma has a needledi...... you know what I mean. LOL


jimmyk, it's Sid Blumenthal aka Sid Vicious in these pages.


Ah, ok, thanks, should have known that. Maybe Huma could be her Potemkin.


Another bold Grassley move (not sure if it's already been posted here):


Maybe one of those "redacted"s is Sid Vicious.


Nunes says that he knew the Left was up to no good when they forced him to step aside in recusal and the resolution of his supposed actions that should have taken only about a week at most to resolve, the Dem's stretched out in his case for 9 months, keeping him on the sidelines all that time. He says that convinced him he knew he was over the target.

James D.

I want them all to sweat bullets,to not sleep for days on end, to have to consider whether offing themselves is more prudent than going forward.

Yes! I am with you 1,000% anonamom.

But while they're doing that, i also want their houses tossed by SWAT teams, and I want them liquidating all their savings to pay defense lawyers. I want them to be treated precisely the way that the victims of the John Doe persecutions were in Wisconsin.

Janet 🚬

from May 2015 - Off-Books Clinton Libya Adviser Had Business Interest in Libyan Regime Change




One sick joke


Nunes reiterates that there is more and more that will be uncovered and now he is saying the State Department is dirty as hell as well. Hopefully there will be a transcript later. Commercial break at the moment but more to come.

Here again is the link to listen to Rush in Hawaii that allows you to catch the full Show on computer whenever it starts tape delayed out there: Listen to Rush in Hawaii


confused about who the problem is:

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Trump insists on funding a border wall, complicating efforts by senators McCain and Coons to push a narrower immigration bill

Account Deleted

There is a new wave in advertising which few media companies understand how to do with any acumen.

"Anthem" advertising. my son's firm did 3 commercials for Nutella, they werent for tv but for trade show application. 15 minute vignettes that never mention Nutella but illustrated how everyday people "Spread the Happy".... not the feel good schlock one might expect... real people doing things for others that will blow your mind.

they recently shot that commercial featuring Mrs.Kid and didn't mention the name of our company until the last 20 seconds of a 3 minute display.

it is the wave of the future because we hate widget ads. Obtrusive and fulla shitake.

We love anthem ads. So few confuse that with stuffing the script with virtue signaling propaganda for a demographic that already buys their shitake.

Anthem ads speak to "us" no matter the demographic.

It's an art lost on today's prog dominant huckster a-holes.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Right Side Broadcasting is carrying the President touring shops in the plant. It's pretty cool. Middle stream on live links.


Gorgeous here too.
Above 50, not a cloud in the sky, red bud doing its thing and some daffodils in a neighbor's yard that get full sun all day are BLOOMING!

This Nunes interview on Rush is good. Thanks daddy.


Nunes praising Grassley highly, explaining how Chuck's investigation is really helping. Nunes is also very very blunt on the complicit media. He and Rush are exactly on the same wavelength. He says almost every story that runs about him is fake. Nunes sounds very optimistic to me to me.

Says that the Repub Nunes memo, when it was first allowed to be read by all House members, less than 10 Dems total bothered to come down and read the memo. Now he says more Repubs have read the Dem Schiff memo than actual Dems have read the Dem Schiff memo.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hmmm. I wonder what this is about:

Josh Caplan
‏ @joshdcaplan
21m21 minutes ago

CNN: Newsweek has fired its editor-in-chief and executive editor, staff in New York told to go home for the day


Unbelievably, there is still a Newsweek. I just skimmed an article an hour or so ago about the dossier. They claimed some of it was verified. News to me.


Trump comments on tax reform - live:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

With the President are Steve Mnuchin, Rob Portman, the lieutenant governor, and some people I didn't recognize. NOT present, the governor. HA!

Beasts of England

Nunes is killing it on Rush. I'm contemplating a man crush... :)


Nunes reiterates that he has optimism that some of these Govt institutions (DOJ/FBI, etc) can be fixed but not the News Media. Says Trump has already been tried and convicted by the MSM.

Rush says please come back and he can come back anytime he wants.

Another Bob

Nunes really opened fire on the media and FBI.

“We’re not taking [the FBI’s] crap anymore.”

Another Bob

And Rush says he gave Nunes “the number” that only four others have. ;)


Dow flirting with 25,000 :( (on the way down).

Old Lurker

I say let Nunes run the FBI.

Confirmation would be fun.

Dave (in MA)
Hmmm. I wonder what this is about
Maybe they decided they weren't getting their $1 worth.

So now it's looking like Czarina Curb Dive's needledick Rasputin is a person of interest.

Is that Sid Blumenthal or somebody else?


On catch-up I see it was Sid Blumenthal. Thanks for pointing that out.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am torn whether or not I would like to see Lurch or Sidney Blumenthal on trial first.

Blumenthal encouraged Hillary to push for the Libya invasion, in order to burnish her commandeer-in-chief credentials.


It ain't just flirting anymore. We're gonna need a gif.


..anonamom..you remind me of me ...maybe?

I'm ready, willing and able to assist a repentant soul, who, after making a mistake....to improve their chances of living a fair, full life.
Good people screw up sometimes, but if no one else is harmed or in danger..you'll get a second..ok third, maybe , chance with me. In faith, hope and charity, I trust 😊

But...if your entire life has been nothing but greed, envy, false witness, abuse of your position to self-service with no sense of shame or accountability..(see: the Clinton's, Obama, Comey, Holder, Blumenthal, Brock, Maxine Waters, Weinstein, Abbas, McCain)..they are irredeemably evil, the lowest of the low.

If you're honest , you're loyal, usually. If one lies to coverup and collude in service to liars--they are cowards. No mercy !

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Somebody in the crowd must have said something about this FBI thing.

President Trump chuckled and said, "Oh, they thought they wouldn't get caught. But we caught them. I'm like a sleuth.."


Captain Hate

Maybe Huma could be her Potemkin.

Not bad but I don't think she's smart enough for that role. More like Sancho Panza.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Charlie Spiering
‏Verified account @charliespiering
8m8 minutes ago

“Did we catch them in the act or what?” Trump said referring to memo. “Did we catch them in the act? We caught ‘em … it’s so much fun"


Did he actually say "we"? Wouldn't that support the 4D theory? If it were just the congressional investigators, would he say "we"?


CNN would call that a "royal we." Idiots.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Trey Yingst
‏Verified account @TreyYingst
3m3 minutes ago

President Trump on Democrats during his State of the Union address:

"Can we call that treason? Why not?...They certainly didn't seem to love our country very much."

THAT should trigger some democrats and media! HAHAHA!


I am torn whether or not I would like to see Lurch or Sidney Blumenthal on trial first.

As they say, embrace the power of "and."

Beasts of England

'They certainly didn't seem to love our country very much.'

Best election evah!! :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

You guys HAVE to watch this speech in Ohio.

He is introducing a CEO that recycles SMART PHONES and he asks the guy "What if they smash it with a hammer? Can you recycle THAT? I bet you would find a ot of stuff..."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am telling you guys, he KNOWS things. He is confident and JOKING about the democrats and the FBI etc.



glenda--we are definitely sisters from another mother.

Yes, we are all flawed humans, able to fall/fail at any time.
Acknowledge the sin/failure, get up, move on, do better, be better.
(Hell, I'm Catholic--we acknowledge that it's such a fundamental part of humanness that we have a SACRAMENT just for this very purpose!)

But don't you be telling me up is down or down is up, and that if I don't see it/ go along with your bullshit I am some kind of ignorant racist bigot while you lie yet again.
And if we catch you at it, and you don't fess up---prison for you.


DOW down 1,500 and falling:(


As the kids say, jimmyk, porque no los dos?

Beasts of England

Holy Dow!!


Miss M:

So disliking the leader in public is Treason? Pfft.

Captain Hate

I just saw Dow -882. That's bed enough.


Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built

SAN FRANCISCO — A group of Silicon Valley technologists who were early employees at Facebook and Google, alarmed over the ill effects of social networks and smartphones, are banding together to challenge the companies they helped build.

The cohort is creating a union of concerned experts called the Center for Humane Technology. Along with the nonprofit media watchdog group Common Sense Media, it also plans an anti-tech addiction lobbying effort and an ad campaign at 55,000 public schools in the United States.

The campaign, titled The Truth About Tech, will be funded with $7 million from Common Sense and capital raised by the Center for Humane Technology. Common Sense also has $50 million in donated media and airtime from partners including Comcast and DirecTV. It will be aimed at educating students, parents and teachers about the dangers of technology, including the depression that can come from heavy use of social media.

“We were on the inside,” said Tristan Harris, a former in-house ethicist at Google who is heading the new group. “We know what the companies measure. We know how they talk, and we know how the engineering works.”

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Re the Dow,

It was bound to correct. Plus you had the Wells Fargo fine, the undertainty of a new fed head, the democrats being caught in crooked stuff, and probably some nefarious stuff by Soros and others.

The media is giffy of course. I think the CNBC tweet on that has gone by Twitter deed about 10 times.

Account Deleted

Anyone believing one man and one congressional committee can turn entirely a Nation headed for the hell of tyranny is naive. Not nuts. Naive.

There are so many patriots needed to run a counterintelligence op--- and it's not going to be run or QB'd by the WH. That would've been surrounded and sacked right away.

The FBI became modern day redcoats of yore. To vaunted to fail. And all that Clinton cash in their offshore accounts to grease the wheels and make them swallow her bile and screw up in the end. Same goes for the Bath House Rat.

No. This is a far-reaching counter-coup run by the best American patriots of the day. We'll see.

Account Deleted

Lest we forget: Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA).

Suck it Kamala Hair Pie, Willie Brown's whore.


"DOW down 1,500 and falling"

- so Obama gets credit for that too, right?


Since iPhone 7, Apple has shared baseband chip orders for iPhones with Qualcomm and Intel. For the 2018 iPhones, KGI reports that Apple is set to rely on Intel as the exclusive supplier, amidst Apple’s ongoing legal battles with Qualcomm.

KGI says Intel can meet Apple’s technical requirements and offers more competitive prices.

Beasts of England

'So disliking the leader in public is Treason?'

False premise, Appalled.

Account Deleted

Jumped off of our DOW pygmy pony after 1000 point ride. Stay tuned. Doesn't have dick to do with the economy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

TrumpSoldier‏ @DaveNYviii

President Trump: We Caught 'Em!
"Did we catch them in the act or what? You know what I'm talking about. Oh did we catch them in the act! They are very embarrassed. They never thought they were going to be caught. We caught 'em... It's so much fun. We're like the great sleuth."


Video at link.


I smell a buying opportunity.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am SO glad you aren't in charge of strategizing for the President.

You obviously also do not understand the concept of trolling, or you wouldn't have been waxing indignant over that comment.


Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah told reporters on Air Force One Monday that President Trump's attorneys have already approved the idea of appointing a second special counsel to investigate the FBI and Justice Department's actions during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to White House pool reports.

Account Deleted

"disliking?" to the point of being a mutinous pot tosser? What's "love" got to do with it. Even Tina knows the answer to that one. Appalled has been relegated to "hush" now that my KillFile has been restarted.

Jim Eagle

Martin Feldstein says it can lose a 1/3 of its value. That will drive it down to 16,500 territory. Treasury yields and inflation from a booming economy, higher wages and consumer confidence (buying instead of sitting).

Got to go get Frederick. Play nice.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hey, Appalled!

For tablet users:


Account Deleted

Say 'sup! to Frederick for me, JiB. You 2.


In case everyone missed it, it's http://www.ips-dc.org/events/transit-equity-day/

Account Deleted

Them rabbits on the fence wire got triggered.



Shiff my pants

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