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February 02, 2018


Captain Hate

Anyone who doesn't have Queasy in their dead pool isn't serious about winning. Excellent hire, William and Mary. Bravo!


Seems to me there's a whole lot of RICO going on in the Clinton Foundation.


It would have been beneficial to know your opponent's plans and strategies and debate prep ahead of time, wouldn't it?

I wonder if they turned on surveillance right after Romney cleaned Obama's clock in the first debate. In the second debate Obama seemed to anticipate everything and had the Crowley cheat all arranged - as if he knew exactly what Romney planned to say.


Sammy small, you beat me to it.


Maybe Benghazi triggered it.


I thought, and I will double check much later today when I get back, that Bundy consistently said something to the effect of the feds never really gave him a legitimate bill but, rather, they kept sending him notices of ever increasing fines.

At the time of the incident he would tell the reporters this and they would do nothing. It was almost as if the media was protecting the feds. Something the Kim Strassel has never-never-ever seen before in all of history.


James Freeman of the WSJ "Best of the Web" has what appears to be an excellent piece entitled "Obama and the FISA Court". I only read the first several paragraphs (because it's behind the paywall and I'm not signing up for their "deals") but it posits that what the FBI submitted to the FISA court would not have got past any decent editor as a newspaper article given the dubious nature of the sourcing--which seems undeniable--yet Obama's "law enforcement" apparatus went with it to spy on Trump.
If anyone has a subscription or can get around the paywall i'd love to see the whole thing.


I was under the impression the Bundy and Oregon dust ups were related to land grabs for uranium. Somehow I have both Harry Reid and U1 involved.

The occupoopers weren’t grabbing stuff the cabal wanted to sell to the Russians.


"Sammy small | February 03, 2018 at 10:17 AM"

Yes, it makes sense that the surveillance was spying, not for blackmail.

Man Tran

Re the Finicum mess, as well as all the other hacked 'law enforcement' we are disgusted by:

Maybe the new rule should be that the LEO goes to jail if any part of an incident is not logged on film including the back room interviews.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--but I don't see how that would have stopped the assassination attempts, that the feds lied about, while he was driving to safety.--

Why do you say stuff like that?
They tried repeatedly to get him to surrender and he didn't just not keep his hands up, he reached to his waist where his gun was and from his friends' own video can be heard telling them they were going to have to shoot him.

The only guy that lied was the FBI jerk who shot first and, let's note, the Feds are prosecuting him for it.
I hate the government too but that doesn't mean we get to create an alternate reality.


They tried repeatedly to get him to surrender and he didn't just not keep his hands up,

This has nothing to do with what I said.


4D Chess, maybe, but wow I do not see it.

Posted by: Old Lurker | February 02, 2018 at 03:03 PM

Of course you don't; that's the entire point for the perpetrators *and* the general public. This is the absolute beauty of this operation. You don't have to be optimistic to believe it, you simply have to trust President Trump.

His plan / Flynn's plan is allowing all of the wrongdoers to rather publicly out themselves before the nation and leave no doubt whatsoever as to their guilt. If Rosenstein isn't working for the force of good, that will be known soon enough. Same with Mueller. And it will be known *after* giving them the benefit of the doubt to do their job.

Now, about that Larry Schweikart tweet: it fits nicely, doesn't it, with [1] my assertion that Trump was recruited for this run, and [2] the point of the Admiral Rogers run to Trump Tower is for narrative purposes only.

They've known they were being spied upon from the minute Trump announced his run. It pays IMHO to remember just who the heck General Flynn is:

On April 17, 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Flynn to be the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn took command of the DIA in July 2012. He simultaneously became commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and chair of the Military Intelligence Board.




I think you're crazy if you don't think he could have organized this sting, placed himself within the bullseye, and completely tricked a bunch of educated fools who believe they are the geniuses of the planet.

I'll invite you to go take another look at the education of General Flynn and Admiral Rogers. It isn't the Ivy League. There's a lesson for the nation there.

Sammy small

Porch, yeah, but your much more eloquent with your words. I are just an engineer.


Read somewhere early in the FISA sage that the judge who hears a FISA application, by law, must hear all related FISA applications; i.e. the judge who rejected the June 2016 application was the one who accepted the November retry and 3 subsequent extensions. Along with seeing the initial failed FISA application, I'd like to see if BOzo illegally judged shopped to get a different judge in Nov.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am off to run errands with my daughter.

I will be back in a couple of hours, hopefully.


Could't Trump simply suspend/remove/replace Rosenstein indefinitely or re-assign him on the basis that, without taking any position as to the propriety of his actions, he simply can't function effectively in his position due to the "cloud of suspicion" around him, and the inherent conflict alluded to by Penn?

(I am assuming that Rosenstein is not part of the 4D chess plan but either way it works).

Thomas Collins

Re McCarthy's side: He's not on any side. He is bringing his experience and knowledge he gained as a federal prosecutor to bear on these matters. I would be interested in knowing if any of my friends here have found a misstatement of the law on any of his writings on the FISA process.

As this slog drags on, it's helpful to have people like McCarthy to assess how this will actually play out at DOJ and FBI.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Finicum already knew he was a dead man. If he wanted to get suicided he would have popped out guns a blazing.

Instead, he went to rationalize with trigger happy goons that had no intention of negotiating a decent outcome.--

Bullshit. Did they shoot anyone else in the truck?
Did they shoot the guys back at the refuge?
Finicum tried to run a roadblock and came within inches of hitting a cop when he did so. Had he done as instructed, like the others in the truck he would not have been shot.
This conversation borders on the asinine. His shooting was at least as justified as Michael Brown's, but we agree with his anti-government stance so it's a conspiracy and an assassination.
If an antifa goon tries to run a roadblock, tells a bunch of cops "you'll have to shoot me" then reaches for his gun would anyone here consider it unjustified to shoot him?

Is the law applied equally or well? No. But no cop would have hesitated to shoot a prog doing the same thing Finicum was.

Thomas Collins

Firing Rosenstein isn't going to derail Mueller, boatbuilder. If Rosenstein is axed, that's fine with me. But at the moment, Trump doesn't have the political support he would need to shut down Mueller.

Mickey Fickey

"We all saw how the Occupy squatters were coddled & celebrated for their protests....but this group was too much? "

One group was an urban mob and the other was a few in a rural setting.
The PTB were afraid that the mob would burn the whole town down.
They didn't care if they gunned down a few protesters in the country; who's gonna riot, the rocks and the trees?
Same as it's always been.

Old Lurker

TC, if McCarthy limited his writings to that it would be great. And useful.

It is when he interjects his personal views about the integrity of some of the players that he comes across as biased in favor of his pals in the system.

To me he always seems to want to have it both ways.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

To Man Tran's point, we do have video evidence, both the FBI's and from the people in Finicum's truck.

Thomas Collins

I agree, OL, that McCarthy sometimes gets irrationally exuberant about his fed homies. But I can ignore that and benefit from his knowledge of federal criminal law and the law of intelligence gathering.

Clarice Feldman

The WaPo is full of crap this morning--just a tad more balanced than usual--a TAD, not much. On the front page they assert that the FBI disputes the accuracy of the Nunes memo. I have no idea where they got that from, do you?

Janet 🚬

Why was there a roadblock?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

TC, McCarthy goes well beyond 'just the facts, maam'.
He frequently assures us of the honor of people who we either already know are not honorable or who he doesn't know are.
His default position is to side with the government generally rather than looking at the plain facts of each case and reserving judgment on the parts he cannot know.


Did they shoot anyone else in the truck?

The difference between "shooting at" and "shooting" is where you are misrepresenting what I said.

One of the assassins shots did enter and exit the vehicle well before Finicum got out.

Got to go.

Beasts of England

I heard a rumor that Mitt tore the tags off of his mattress, but that's probably the worst of it.

Old Lurker

"they assert that the FBI disputes the accuracy of the Nunes memo."

Ask them to wake me up when they can cite a page and line number for any inaccuracy.

Old Lurker

Beasts, I heard he went to bed one night without flossing.

Old Lurker

BTW, Beasts, you sound chipper. Did you dodge a bullet this week?


I are just an engineer.

Much more valuable than eloquence. :)


I'd regularly check WH Dossier to see BOzo's daily schedule because it fascinated me how empty it was but for "Receives daily brief", vacay/fundies info, Solyndraesque photo ops, "will host (insert winning team), etc. DT's work day vs. BOzo's is night and day. So what was BOzo the self-absorbed malignant narcissist who saw himself as a genius doing with his time? Plotting the demise of his "enemies" with his cadre of true believers a la David Koresh. I bet there's a "war room" in his DC mansion with scenes reminiscent of Hitler's bunker August 1945.


The idea that anybody is concerned that Trump could be blackmailed by anything classified in the FISA application or the memo--or anything at all--at this point is simply absurd. Everybody already knows that he's a philandering Russia-loving crab rangoon-eating TV obsessed corrupt racist anti-semitic literally Hitler insane idiot egomaniac whose tax returns are rife with records of Russian payola.
Maybe there's ironclad proof he cheats at golf. But short of that I don't see it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

There was a roadblock because people wanted for the crime of illegally occupying federal property for weeks left that property and so an arrest was attempted.
Since they had the assets to follow them an argument can be made they should have done so. That an argument can be made about most roadblocks.

I guess I'm not getting it. Are we arguing for the rule of law or against it? Do conservatives get an affirmative action break because the deck is stacked for progs?
Either the insurrection has already started in which case someone needs to shoot Hillary not argue she should be prosecuted or it hasn't in which case guys on our side who break the law seem a peculiar rule of law hill to defend.


Trump doesn't have the political support he would need to shut down Mueller.

Trump shouldn't have to be the one to do it. That's Rosenstein's responsibility. He appointed Mueller and tasked him with investigating crimes associated with the Trump campaign's conspiring with Russia to interfere with Hillary's coronation. And now that Rosenstein is under his own cloud of suspicion, he should call Mueller in to ask for his status, and if there's nothing yet relevant to the reason Rosenstein appointed Mueller, he should shut it down for the good of the country.

Unless of course Rosenstein is a bad actor.

If he doesn't shut it down, my preference would be for Rosenstein to recuse himself rather than be fired or reassigned. Let Rachel Brand take a fresh look at Mueller and his posse.

matt - deplore me if you must

John F'ing Kerry called Nunes release of the memo treason. Funny coming from the guy who wouldn't release his DD-214 and was pardoned by Jimmy Carter for his treasonous meeting with the North Vietnamese in Paris. If ever there was someone who needs to be off'ed it is Kerry.

Old Lurker

Shakespeare could develop two great characters in Mueller and Rosenstein.

Mueller is at the end of an admirable career and like many old war horses in DC, probably fears damaging that reputation in his final act (Clark Clifford et al). One would think. The irony is he has done no damage to himself, yet, that cannot be solved with simply declaring they gave the investigation their best shot but found no crimes worth pursuing. And he walks off the stage undamaged. Will he or won't he? Shakespeare could have fun with that.

Rosenstein is another matter because he is mid career but was forced to chose sides and unfortunately for him, he chose badly. I imagine he wishes he could take that back but sadly for him he screwed the pooch by signing that FISA extension. He gambled that the team he joined would win and then he would be solidly in the inner circle of the ruling elite, but now he is boxed in. If he tries to do the honorable thing (which would be to resign and admit his sins), he would be run off K Street as damaged goods who had betrayed the Uniparty Prog Globalists, and even the good guys would wonder why they should hire somebody foolish enough to have been sucked into the evil gang. He's in a tough spot.

Shakespearean, both, seems to me.


What reason would Rosenstein have to voluntarily resign? None imo, especially now that Sessions has threatened to resign if RR is axed. RR and other FBI bitter clingers like Stzrok and Page will hang on as long as possible.

Beasts of England

No, she's still asleep, OL. :)

Old Lurker

Deb "especially now that Sessions has threatened to resign if RR is axed"

Fact or theory?

Old Lurker

OK Beasts...we are here when you need us.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The difference between "shooting at" and "shooting" is where you are misrepresenting what I said.

One of the assassins shots did enter and exit the vehicle well before Finicum got out.--

This is nonsensical.
If assassination was the point they could have shot them all and others could have fired. They could have shot him as son as he got out rather than trying to tase him.
Instead, only one guy shot and the other cops didn't believe he should have, hence his lying about it. And they could have then gone back to the refuge and assassinated all of them if assassination was the plan.

This is stupid. I'm not even going to discuss it anymore. Anyone that can watch the video and still have a problem with the OR troopers, not the FBI, shooting him is seeing what they want to see not what's there.

This was not Waco or Ruby Ridge. There was one dead person and he was not a bunch of kids burned to death or an unarmed woman holding a baby. He was a guy who told a bunch of cops they would have to shoot him and then reached for his gun. A guy who does will always be shot, whether he's in rural OR or downtown Detroit.

Clarice Feldman

I don't know that sessions threatened anything. I don't put a lot of credence on reports (anonymously sources) of internal conversations in this Administration, most if not all of which have proven to be popycock. If I am not in error, I think rosenstein's authorization was shortly after he took office and it's possible he thought it rather pro forma and was not fully aware of what had occurred beforehand.


"One of the assassins shots did enter and exit the vehicle well before Finicum got out"

Given recent history it may have seemed like they were being targeted by feds.

In which case it may have seemed the feds were deliberately trying to provoke an excuse to terminate Finicum.

In which case it may have seemed without said excuse the feds would have to kill everyone from the vehicle in order to lie about what happened.

In which case it may have seemed that providing an excuse was the only way to protect the passengers.

The event was FUBAR. Just as the Feds intended.

Jim Eagle

Of course they surveilled Mitt. Remember Jimmuhs nephew somehow got a gig at a fundraiser and was able to record the famous Romney 47% of Americans living on the dole. You can bet he was trained and not by the DNC.

And the unmasking was 100's if not 1,000's and it was shared throughout the administration. I think this is part of the end game where the Rice's, Rhodes, ValJar's come into the picture along with their operations officers, Clapper and Brennan and to a limited extent, Comey.

Something has to give considering the IG report, Senator Grassley and Johnson's bird dogging, Goodlatte and Nunes continuing on their mission. This is why you're not hearing from Zippy, Brennan and Clapper now.


Mueller has a lot to answer for in allowing the anti-DT black cloud of suspicion to linger as long as it has. Comey was his disciple, and Comey's word/actions reflected lessons learned.


No like john houstons character in chinatown, Hes respectable because he knows where the bodies are buried, having buried a few, twenty years ago, Anthony Hopkins would have played him. Now it would be the one who played the mob boss in Batman begins.

Rosenstein strikes me like Vincent kartheisers character in mad men, we are told he is honorable, but one looks at uranium one and this brouAha and starts checking the silverwear.

Beasts of England

You're a sweetheart, OL - thank you. :)

Old Lurker

Footnote to my Shakespearean post.

IF RG and the 4D chess guys are right, then Trump is at the center of a great Machiavellian revolution to reclaim the country for the good guys and in that play, Sessions and Rosenstein both are playing parts assigned to them knowing that for a period time they would have to appear in a bad light, but would emerge at the victory dinner as deep stealth heros.

Keep hope alive.


Sessions has threatened to resign if RR is axed

How do we know this?



"what could go wrong"?

Hopefully not this:)

Best Rockabilly video I have seen in a while.


Excellent example of what I would call "regular guys".


Ooops, I see I'm a bit late to be asking that question.


As it turns out, that story came from David corn as well, what are the odds, the true confession came from that straphanger Robert creamer hired who confessed to o'keefe.

Where the rule of law has been bent out of shape like a crow bar there is no legitimate solution. And such is the case in malheur and the bundy place.


and it's possible he thought it rather pro forma and was not fully aware of what had occurred beforehand.

Rosenstein was U.S. Attorney-MD District until his FBI appointment April 26, 2016, several weeks before Comey was fired. He wasn't an FBI insider like Mueller, Comey, McCabe, etc. When FISA aps signed by Comey and later McCabe crossed his desk early in his tenure, I can imagine RR fully trusting that their okays were based on knowledge he didn't have.


Yes he prosecuted general cartright (who famously dismisses runsfelds complaints abiut
Ballistic missiles) re the stuixnet leaks which were actually not that impressive, the latter is apparently related to peter strzok.

art in newport -

Extraneous, you may be describing Rosenstein's survival scenario:

If he brings Mueller to heel and forces him to conclude the Russia probe, he demonstrates his bona fides to Sessions and Trump and remains on the team.

If not, he reveals his alliegance to the Deep State and his days are numbered.


I'd love to believe RG's theory. It does appear that Chuck Grassley is eagerly waiting off-stage for his cue in a coordinated plan.

Old Lurker

Art, they (M&R) could both survive that way if they hurry.

Jim Eagle

Just when you thought the Olympics couldn't do more to turn people off, their NBC owned channel is now promoting transgender athletes. No idea if any of them are competing in the Winter Olympics but it wouldn't surprise me.


Chuck Grassley Memo Comes Next - "Question surrounds FBI knowledge of Steele shopping dossier to media"


The names were Tom Wilkerson and Noah cross in reverse order.


Rosenstein doesn't have to resign to be "honorable." He has some excellent reasons to recuse himself, especially now that it is public knowledge that he signed one of the FISA warrants.

I frankly don't understand why he hasn't--it would seem to indicate that he is either a very black hat or a very white hat.

art in newport -

OL, you may have something there ... Mueller has to be checking his hole cards and wondering about his own graceful exit strategy.

If Rosenstein gives him a way out by saying 'enough already', he could write his report saying nothing was found and bow out.

RR would keep his job and Mueller his reputation ... it could happen.

Man Tran


This was not Waco or Ruby Ridge. There was one dead person and he was not a bunch of kids burned to death or an unarmed woman holding a baby. He was a guy who told a bunch of cops they would have to shoot him and then reached for his gun. A guy who does will always be shot, whether he's in rural OR or downtown Detroit.

I think we are haggling over perfect being the enemy of good here. From my 27,000 ft perspective (my bird's ceiling), Ruby Ridge and Waco as well as the Mohammedans cartoon contest, reflect a core corruption that is so deep that putting anything on Finicum is missing the big picture.

Somewhat in parallel, I think the Bundy ranch standoff came close to being our Bunker Hill whether you like the basis for the confrontation or not. If shots had been fired that day we would be in our third year of the revolution. That feels like providence to me, just like DJT winning.

Clarice Feldman

I see a sign of that exit strategy in Mueller's entering into a joint motion to postpone the Flynn Sentencing until May. I'm an optimist--I think it clear the case against flynn is bs. and plans to withdraw it on his way out of Dodge this spring.


C’mon over to the new thread


Chuck Schumer tweet: "The Nunes memo is partisan and misleading, simple as that." lol - Wish we had video of the discussion re adding "simple as that".

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Home. Ended up buying a new vacuum (well actually, my daughter did) because it was going to cost too much to repair the Dyson, which had lasted 5 -6 years. In the House of Dog Hair, that's pretty good. So I got an early Mother's Day present! Yay!

Then we went to Aldi's and I have been informed that while she will go to Kroger with me, she will NOT go to Aldi's with me again. This is because she thinks I take too long, block the aisles for other customers, etc.

The reason I do this is that Aldi's moves their stuff around and I can't always find it on the shelves. Sometimes the wine is up high, sometimes low, sometimes unavailable in the brand I like. I went back and forth 3 times in the bread area before I figured out that they had NO rye bread. Etc. etc.

She has gone off to shop or something because she lost her temper. All I said was that I remembered standing in Lowe's lumber aisle for half an hour while she chose some boards for an art piece when she was in college. THAT didn't go over too well. HA!


Was Rosenstein involved in the delay in prosecuting the, Maryland based Uranium related case.


Does anyone care to ask that lying POS or witch Pelosi what they mean by partisan or misleading? What a crock of horse manure since both could share the Oscar for being partisan and misleading. Just once I'd like to see an honest media doing their jobs...that follow through with a "what do you mean by that...... What proof do you have...? Grr...

Schumer can rot in hell right alongside my cheating ex's divorce attorney & so can Nancy Pelosi. How embarrassing to see them sit there pouting over the strides this new president has taken his first year in office while ignoring what ails the partisan lying scum passing themselves off as public leaders. These people aren't human. They're evil. From Obama, to Clinton, their many henchmen & women willing to break laws, while denying baby body parts are being sold, to plotting evil here & abroad regardless of the consequences? Proving their oaths in office are meaningless words - I hope to God they all hang! And, this sick & disgusting POS John Kerry, and 1,001 tweets by Comey, etc. would be laughable if not a clear example of what more needs to be added to that DSM IV manual under psychopath.

We're also seeing more scum such as Mini Warren aka Joe Kennedy trying to get the word out to all the anarchists he calls on to destroy the border wall.... Arrest him! Lock him up, too! Dems are effing losers...and so is McCain, etc. They all need to be imprisoned-for life... without any possibility of parole.

Anyway, I thought I saw Brennan on one cable news show with Trapper on another the other night - I think it was Tues night or Wed discussing what would happen if the Memo was released. I could've been having a nightmare but I's swear to it. I just changed the channel, didn't want to hear. The MSM nutwings got their own mass produced talking points memos and spreading cow poop 24/7 seems to be pretty effective for the masses to swallow whole I'm sad to say.

Have a good weekend all!

Another Bob

OT for OL et al.

Re. the Antarctic travel we completed, we went through Tauck, which presumably purchased a block of cabins from the French cruise company Ponant.

Trip started in Buenos Aires, with a couple days to allow for airline problems and do a little city touring. BA hotel was the Hilton in Puerto Madera, which is the newest, nicest part of town. Dozens of restaurants etc. within walking distance. The city touring ended with a dinner and tango show. The dinner featured a fist-sized piece of Argentinian tenderloin that was good. And it was not the cheesiest "folk show" I'd ever seen. Last day in BA starts with a 2:30AM wakeup call to catch a 6AM flight to Ushuaia. (BA to Ushiaia flight is included in the package.)

In Ushuaia, a few hours of bus touring that included a decent lunch at a place toward the national park, then to the port to board the ship.

Small ship, but what you want so you can get into spots larger ships can't. Accomodates 250 but was limited to 200 pax, likely for reasons of making the landings in Antarctica easier to organize. They describe it in terms of an "expedition", probably because the advertised itinerary at the destination is tentative and is pretty "fluid" as we were to learn. Comfortable ship. Meals aboard were not as varied and of same quality as other higher-end cruises we've been on, but: 1) they only provision the ship once in Ushuaia, what they put on there has to last nearly two weeks, there's simply no place to take on fresh fruit/veg once the voyage begins; and 2) we weren't there for the food.

Two days across Drake Passage to the South Shetlands. But the time is taken preparing for the landings. A parka and waterproof boots are supplied, and there are sessions to get fitted for both. (You get to take the parka home as a souvenir.) There are required briefings about how to handle yourself around the Zodiacs, get a warning about not pushing yourself past conservative boundaries (as there is a ship's "hospital", but acute care is two days away and would ruin the trip for all aboard), a requirement to "sanitize" (meaning vacuum) any clothes you'll wear ashore, and a few other rules. Attendance at the briefings is mandatory, and they won't issue the last piece of required kit – an inflatable life vest – until after you've signed off on attendance. (You do need to supply waterproof pants and whever layers you think you'll need to stay warm. I needed nothing other than medium-weight wool base layer pants, lightweight base layer top, and a t-shirt under the parka.)

Everyone fears the Drake, nearly everyone was wearing scop patches (except us of course, we're veterans at this ;) ), barf bags set up every ten feet of every corridor. But on the way down, we got "Drake Lake". Made great time, got to the Shetlands half a day early, so they added an unplanned shore landing. First example of "fluid" itinerary working to our benefit.

The ship routine was captain and "expedition leader" huddling up daily and deciding where the stops would be the next day. Two-a-day "landings" on the land or on ice where you boarded a Zodiac boat and went ashore to see what there was to see. As you'd imagine (and want) shore facilities are nonexistent. The expedition staff went ashore first to scope it out, and mark any "no-go" areas. The timing of the landings varied some depending on arrival times and logistics, but were not at regular times. So you had to "fit in" meals etc. around them. You got 1-2 hours per landing which I thought was adequate. We frequently saw the captain going out as well to see what thte passengers were seeing, the ships doctor was always ashore lugging a 60L drybag, and we noticed about halfway through they had one of the lifeboats or a spare Zodiac out with divers, all "just in case".

We missed at least one advertised stop (which triggered complaining by at least one small set of assholes that I would have deported if I could), but got others in return. This culminated in, at the point where by published itinarary we'd have started heading north back to Ushuaia, we got an announcement by the captain that due to conditions and the extra time the trip down got us, we would proceed south to cross the Antarctic Circle and make another landing – most definitely not planned, and usually you'd have to buy a different (and more expensive) itinerary to get there. This was met by cheers.

Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and we headed north. The Drake wasn't quite the Lake, but wasn't the worst the crew had seen. (They mentioned trips with 30-foot swells.) Got one last bonus stop at Cape Horn, Chile, before back to Ushuaia, then BA, then home.

In BA there are timing issues (the departures to NA leave late-evening), but Tauck dealt with that by arranging a late lunch and "guacho show". Again, food was good, show was entertaining without being overly cheesy.

We splurged a little and flew Delta One class, which made the ten-hour flights and the airport waits much more tolerable.

All told: wife and I have travelled relatively extensively (I've >40 countries on my list), and this was the best trip I've taken. Pictures don't do it justice.

Interesting sidelight – the captain of the ship was a guy named Patrick Marchesseau,who had the experience of being hijacked by Somali pirates.

Any other info you'd like?

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