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February 25, 2018


Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

US Olympic skier slams Ivanka Trump for attending closing ceremony: What is she doing here?

comment on FB - "She won just as many medals as he did..."



Hogg. It wouldn't be much worse as Pigg. All young people should not merely learn but feel the value of humility--it will serve them well as older people have to learn it all the time, again and again.

Account Deleted

Thanks, DaveinMA!

Jim Eagle

Frederick back from watching Black Panther. Liked the movie a lot. Very impressionable for him. Lots of conservative values. But a number of mentions of colonization but by the bad guys:) Heh!

Beasts of England

A few 'Gangster's Paradise' lyrics are indicated:

'Or you and your homies might be lined in chalk
I really hate to trip but I gotta lope
As they croak I see myself in the pistal smoke fool
I'm the kinda G that little homies want to be like
On my knees in the night, saying prayers in the street light'



Who's behind Hogg? These are not all from some 17-year old with an instant blue checkmark.


(I'd bet some of his classmates want to beat the shit out of him.)

Account Deleted

David "Enos" Hogg-g-g-g


Gus Kenworthy is a high school grad.


Gun Training Classes for Ohio Teachers SELL OUT After Hundreds Sign Up

Jim Eagle

Back in 1969 there was published a book named "Hogg". It was irredeemable as literature. From a Chuck Klosterman review:

"The plot features a silent pre-adolescent boy (called only "cocksucker") sold into sexual slavery to a rapist named "Hogg" Hargus, who exposes him to the most extreme acts of deviancy imaginable."

And, of course, written in San Francisco. Make yourself sick:


Account Deleted

Reading about the young boys killed from both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line during the American Civil War (the real hot one, 1861-65).

Ages 9-15,especially noted. Shelby Foote's accounts.

How old is Davey Hogg? What is he willing to die for again?

Oh. That's right. That never comes up. All he talks about is what he "knows."


Heartbreaking, Kev, yes--we grieve for those boys over and over again. And they weren't all just brought into it at the end on the South, in its deaththroes--the too young were there, IIRC Foote correctly, throughout the war, though more towards the end, of course. Dreadful, and tears our hearts out. Haven't been reading since the shooting much--too hard. Gosh, lots of people don't want to "bind up our wounds."


Sen. Toomey Says He Is ‘Very Skeptical’ About Raising Gun Age

And he's Mr. Enhanced Background-Check.


Warning of ICE sweep, Oakland mayor takes Trump resistance to new level

The relationship between U.S. immigration officials and California’s liberal leaders soured long ago, but Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s decision to warn potential targets of federal arrest that an immigration sweep could be imminent was an extraordinary escalation.

Schaaf said she issued the alert Saturday night after receiving confidential tips from “credible sources” who revealed that U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement, known as ICE, was planning arrests across the Bay Area as soon as Sunday.

She and Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick discussed the reports before Schaaf concluded the information was solid enough to go public, according to people familiar with her thinking. Schaaf said she also conferred with “legal counsel” to make sure she wasn’t opening herself up to federal prosecution.

The news release that resulted — which Schaaf said was intended “not to panic our residents but to protect them” — was among the most assertive maneuvers by a local politician to counter the Trump administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants. The message: Not only will Oakland and its police force not cooperate with ICE, but the city will actively seek to thwart efforts to detain and deport immigrants.


Account Deleted

I hear you, Cats. The widening rift in this country is disturbing.

What I've heard from young people referring to their "wounds" as "their issues", seldom mark the beginnings of ascent on a moral path.

It's as if "their issues" grant them some strange kind of amoral authority that we (others) "HAFTA listen too."

And so many lack any basis for even assembling a useful moral compass. And if they're handed one by a Hogg, or a Fluke, or even less, it's got a huge marxist magnet bonded to it.

We were made in so many ways as a Nation by that great Struggle back then. And all of this loose talk about "secession" out here in California and other places---- it's as if they can just set up a flash mob and the US government will acquiesce.

Thank heavens for JOMerz like you and RSE who are in the front lines, trying to brake a runaway train of ignorance and irrational emotionalism.

Okay. Chin going up! Have a great evening.

Kevlar "Forever Free" Kid


Gun background checks give 'false senses of security,' GOP congressman says

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie came out Sunday against legislation bolstering background checks for gun purchases, saying that such measures would amount to "trying to put lipstick on a pig" and create "false senses of security."

"I wish that background checks stopped criminals or stopped school shootings, but they don’t," the Kentucky lawmaker told NBC News' "Meet The Press."

Massie was reacting to a revived proposal by Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., to expand presale checks for firearms purchases online and at gun shows. The measure was first introduced after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 in Connecticut, and the Senate has rejected it twice.

"You could put all the information you want in it, but the [Sandy Hook] shooter in Connecticut who stole his mother’s firearms and shot her before he committed the crime ... isn’t going to be stopped by a background check," said Massie. He added, "and in ten years, we're still going to have school shootings unless you propose real legislation, like President Trump has proposed, that would allow teachers to be armed."

Jim Eagle

You don't see it everyday but Kevin Harvick has won Atlanta by over 3.5 seconds. Astounding.

Account Deleted

Cats--- "a runaway train of ignorance and irrational emotionalism." Should read
a runaway train of ignorance, irrationality, and emotionalism.

Got ahead of meSelf.




So who is the JOM tie to the NRA?


Re: delta being an asshole.

I was flying back from Minnesota with my MA team after a BonSpiel (which I'm confident we didn't win) and the crew on the plane gave us free drinks all the way to Boston. We were utterly tanked by the time we got home.

MM, I think Daddy is in Taiwan.

Frau Die Wacht am Bein

Still puzzling over what has changed in the past fifty+ years in the US and what has not.
It must be a toxic combination of changes that brought us where we are.


New Thread

Beasts of England

You'll recognize the name listed under past presidents, Jane.


Account Deleted

Mayor Schaff and her Psychologist Police Chief have stepped in dog doo on this one.

The Feds won't bother trying to prosecute her or her snooty "police chief".

They'll prosecute cops and social services rank and file not under the executive administrative shield who fail to cooperate-- and can be prosecuted for obstruction, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to aid and abet convicted felons (smuggling phones and contraband into prizzin by family members of felons here illegally) in California penal institutions, and drug/human trafficking ("I didn't know!" isn't going to cut it.)

Yes, the rank and file are only following orders....but somewhere in there a deal will be cut to expose the kind of dirty money that flows through the "sacred" marxist paradise "sanctuary cities."

The same kind of scams we're seeing exposed in Coward Bounty FLA and Sheriff Islam's fiefdom.... those same kind of Federal schemes are propping up sanctuary cities--- as well as cartel cash paid to keep drug lanes open.

Further, there is nothing to stop the Feds from prosecuting "grassroots" advocates who are aiding and abetting felonious elements in the illegal population (You see, the advocates are focusing on doing "good work" all in the name of saving Mamacita and the brood from not getting the better life they came here for, while Papi or Mijito engage in street crime).

I'm so glad Schaaf is sticking her neck out for the lawbreaking border jumpers.

The murder and mayhem that's growing in that beleaguered City, the dysfunction of the Oakland PD, and the graft and corruption at County levels which is ruining public safety in general are the other nails in her political coffin.

The political winds are changing--- and once the rank and file start getting prosecuted, political fortunes will change in a hurry.

And if POTUS is smart he'll turn off every taxpayer cash spigot that Obama had going full blast to reinforce the sanctuary city model that is in play here.

She's on thin ICE.

I'll be here all week!



So who is the JOM tie to the NRA?

Huh? Not sure I understand the question.


I don't think I would support Delta bumping paid first class passengers for Olympic athletes, despite their NRA decision.

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