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February 04, 2018



Winter Olympics? Super Bowl?

Both long past their sell by dates.

Dave (in MA)

Flipped on FNC only to hear Leon Pantswetta bleating about the '17 intelligence agencies' to justify the continuing kangaroo court against Trump. Nice "Right Wing network" you got there, Chrissie.

Captain Hate

The Olympics are the UN of sports.

That CTH embedded video of Maria Canzoromo in the prior thread is very good.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Since this got posted at the tail end of the last thread, I am re-posting it to make sure Gus sees it.

Gus! Gus!

The Hill‏Verified account @thehill

Trump Jr. refers to Dems as "left of commie": They forced themselves further and further left http://hill.cm/0SPYrPd

I love Don Jr. He gives zero XXXX's about what anyone thinks.

I happened to hear him say this last night on Jesse Waters' show and it made me laugh out loud. The FIRST person I thought about was Gus!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think I lost interest in the Olympics when Tanya Harding had Nancy Kerrigan knee-capped.

I do have a fond memory of the Miracle on Ice, which if you ask me re-kindled patriotism and reminded people they didn't want to be losers anymore. I think it contributed to Reagan's popularity and election that fall.


this Atkisson post warrants re-posting too:




Reality Has a Voice

Andrew Klavan 02-04-2018 07:02:51 AM

After a year of relentless attacks from the press — 90 percent negative coverage from the networks, according to Media Research Center, three times worse than Obama's coverage, according to Pew — Donald Trump's poll numbers are rising. That probably seems like a paradox if you live in mid-town Manhattan where virtually every major news source is headquartered. But if you live somewhere else — like the real world — the reason is obvious: reality has a voice.

I'll tell you what I mean. I was a liberal once. When Ronald Reagan was elected president, the press told me he was an idiot actor, a warmonger, and a racist and I believed them. I never consulted any news source that presented him positively. I worked in some major news outlets for part of Reagan's two terms, and I never even met anyone who supported him.


Thomas Collins

My predictions:

1. 34-17 Pats, Amendola MVP.

2. Pink recovers enough from the flu to sing the National Anthem.

3. There will be more references in the pre-game to the threat the Eagles' pass rush poses to the Patriots than customers and dancers in Minneapolis strip club champagne rooms at kickoff (how's that for a prop bet).

4. Over/under on references to politicans' bets involving cheesesteak and lobster: 2.

5. Over/under on frostbite cases from folks waiting to clear security: 6 (it would be more, except the pooh-bahs who would be most likely to be unaware of proper winter dress will avoid the normal security checks outside of the stadium).

6. Over/under on pre-game references to the necessity of Philly not becoming too conservative if it has a lead in the third quarter: 6.

7. Over/under on number of times the camera focuses on Gisele during the game: 4.

8. Most likely conspiracy talk if Patriots win: Ernie Adams somehow introduced the flu bug into the hotel rooms of the Eagles.

9. What's happening tomorrow morning no matter what the outcome: Sun will rise.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for that Klavan piece.

The Berlin Wall went up when I was in Middle School. I lived in West Berlin for 2 years as an Air Force wife, and went by Checkpoint Charlie every time we went to Tempelhof Airport. I never forgot taking the duty train through East Germany and seeing a man plowing his field and his WIFE was pulling the plow.

Seeing the Berlin wall come down is one of the great historical events of my lifetime.
Ronald Reagan was my first Republican vote in 1980. I couldn't take the democrats any more.

Captain Hate

I do have a fond memory of the Miracle on Ice, which if you ask me re-kindled patriotism and reminded people they didn't want to be losers anymore

On the other side of the coin was the 72 basketball final when they replayed the last few seconds at least twice until the Rooskis won. I was pacing around my apartment like a lunatic, saying out loud over and over to an empty room "this is bullshit. Somebody has to make this right. They should've walked off the court immediately after winning and said it's over."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This is a really neat video of a bunch of different insects all of which look like leaves or flowers, and all on someone's hand. It's really quite beautiful.



Just to stay on topic for ones...

Here's hoping Brady limps off the field for his last time, in humiliating defeat.


Clarice: Your article today was terrific! Lurkersusie:
Your posts have been great!
I agree with Matt, very good analysis,
Daddy, just enough questioning of what is being presented to us and
Janet: the voice of truth that can be relied upon to inform us.I find myself caught between the Ledge and the Verandah.
Porch and MM offer encouraging words but OL and Jimmyk and James D and Captain offer a reality check.
To say I am shocked and appalled at the level of deceit and corruption in the Obama administration is an understatement.
I believe Mc Cabe and Rosenstein listened to the bad angel on their shoulder and made the wrong choices hoping for future good fortune.
Throughout playing both sides against the middle.
Crucial day for Mc Cabe was testimony day when those emails from his partners in crime did him in.
Comey I now consider an enemy combatant, who if convicted will plead the insanity defense.
Unlike many others, I don’t think most of Hillary’s cabal thought it was a sure thing.
They thought the dossier and Billy Bush tape would help them cross the finish line
Where stupidity entered the picture was their belief that this phony dossier would get President Trump ousted.
Whoever thought this crackpot idea up needs to be drummed out of the Dem Party.
Until the Clintons are punished until it hurts, they will continue their illegal nefarious activities
Finally totally disagree with comments wrt Gowdy and Ryan that are not positive.
I know in my bones these are the good guys.

Thomas Collins

From the original Miracle on Ice:


Captain Hate

never forgot taking the duty train through East Germany and seeing a man plowing his field and his WIFE was pulling the plow

Did she look like Angela Merkel? I remember shots in National Geographic showing both sides of the wall. It coming down bloodlessly was a great triumph of freedom.


Here's hoping Brady limps off the field for his last time, in humiliating defeat.

I'd be happy to limp home to Gisele any day of Super Bowl week, or any other for that matter:)

James D.

Here's hoping Brady limps off the field for his last time, in humiliating defeat.

If they were playing any tam except the loathsome Eagles (or, I suppose, the Cowboys), I would feel the same.

Captain Hate

I'm sure there are times that Brady is glad that Gisele will be away on a photo shoot for a period of time.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

My roommate in college came over on a college tour and went to East Berlin. (I could not because my husband was a Russian linguist in the AF Security Service). She came back and went on and on about how different and gloomy it was.

Then she got her degree and became one of the most lefty professors, ever. It was a really amazing change for her, so life experience sometimes can be erased by brainwashing and the desire to fit in.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Since I never watch Saturday Night Live, I didn't know this had happened:

john coale
‏ @johnpcoale
16m16 minutes ago

Natalie Portman playing Jackie in a funny skit on SNL but she is wearing the infamous pink suit from the assassination. VERY BAD TASTE!! Natalie should know better,she played Jackie in the movie. Shame. NBC does it again!


maryrose - I have always been a huge supporter of Gowdy...sending clips of his interrogation to friends and family, making sure I knew of any time he would be on C-Span so I could hunt for him, etc.

I just cannot believe that he knew NOTHING about the Awan brothers. Do you believe that? I mean how can everyone at JOM know something that a member of Congress does not know and not only that but a member of the Intelligence Committee?

The dismissive jab about the deep state ("whatever that is") just shredded my last strand of hope. I feel very sad about him.

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Wednesday morning that the deep state is "very real," adding that he "lived through it."


Reposting from the last thread: Intelligence Committee responds to Nadler's pathetic response:


Jim Eagle


Spent many a day or week or two in the former East Germany in 1995-96 time frame. Chemnitz (ex-Karl Marx-stadt, Leipzig and Dresden as well as all over Berlin. While I was there they were all ready coming back and reinventing their cities.

Janet will appreciate that they all have tramlines:) In fact, Chemnitz is where Siemens has one of their main manufacturing and assembly plant for their line of trams. But Dresden still haunts me. Stayed across the river but had dinner a few times in the center near the cathedral at the Opera House restaurant. You cannot walk Cathedral and Zwimmer squares and not feel great sorrow, not for the bombings and fires, but for allowing a maniac like Hitler to have come to power to begin with.

Took the Deutsche Band from Chemnitz to Berlin a number of times and it is really interesting trip to see how much industry is packed into a relatively small country compared to us. Now, I think it is in great jeopardy thanks to Merkel and her "open borders".

Another Bob

Quick reply to JIB and OL from the last thread...

Yhanks. That note wasn't even a review of the trip.

I don't think we could have asked much more from that trip. Tauck isn't cheap, and Antarctica as a destination isn't cheap, but I think we got value for the money.

I'd recommend Antarctica to anyone, but you do have to be up for that kind of trip. It isn't your usual cruise.

It was damn complicated to pack for. Leaving winter in the US (in the 20s when we left) to go to summer in BA (high was 100 the day we left), to fall-like in Tierra del Fuego, and back to winter in the Antarctic (highs were low 30s), then reverse it, and it was -5 when we got home.


Late as usual, but I always love covers of great songs: Ray Charles' version of "Still Crazy after All These Years". Which then led me to follow the suggested links to Ray Charles and Bonnie Raitt, which led me to....sigh...


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Priebus recounts his conversation with McCabe in February.


That clip TC posted at 3:15 "Miracle on Ice" is amazing but what about the film quality? Isn't it amazing the improvement that has happened in our lifetime?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

CBS4 Indy
‏Verified account @CBS4Indy
31m31 minutes ago

#BREAKING: Suspected drunk driver strikes and kills Colts player Edwin Jackson on I-70 http://via.cbs4indy.com/XmY7e

Clarice Feldman

A bitter sweet football story:http://www.nola.com/living/index.ssf/2018/02/jackie_wallace_ted_jackson.html#incart_2box_nola_river_orleans_news


Kneel before iZOD!🏈

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jim Irsay
‏Verified account @JimIrsay
18m18 minutes ago

Our hearts and prayers are with Edwin Jackson’s family. Terrific young man, respected and liked by all. Rest In Peace, Edwin.


no it's not a star chamber, why do you ask:



does it seem their competence is reaching ministry of silly walks status:


Clarice Feldman

narciso--Grassley has those memos--fear not.


fellow is on the same wavelength as us:


he's a linguist and professor with an even more absurd perspective than iowahawk

Joseph Heller, would give up satirizing this situation,


Gowdy has been pretending to be unaware of the Awans at least since Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles back in July.

There is also video of an Awan behind Gowdy at a Congressional hearing appearing to coach Jeh Johnson's actions.


Very strange.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

Police believe the victims were standing outside of a passenger car stopped on the side of the interstate when 37-year-old Alex Cabrera Gonsales drove a black Ford F-150 onto the emergency shoulder and struck the rear of the car, as well as the victims.
Police believe Gonsales was intoxicated and was driving without a license. He was transported to the Marion County Jail. Toxicology results are pending.

Taking bets on the immigration status...


Powerline nails it: overlay the unmasking requests on the FISA warrant: many, many smoking guns will emerge.

Clarice Feldman

I've read the complaint against the Russian spy in 2013--it the Russians couldn't figure out "Male No 1" was the govt asset they're dumber than dirt. That means he was a Us asset against a Russian spy in 2013 and he was the least likely guy they'd try to recruit.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Presidential message on the Super Bowl:


"as we proudly stand..."

Dave (in MA)
Here's hoping Brady limps off the field for his last time, in humiliating defeat.
Isn't that special.
Miss Marple the Deplorable


I will not bet on that. Almost 100% illegal, as far as my experience here goes.

The sad thing is I think Jackson took Uber so he wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving.


Will wait and see how the Awan story plays out.
Without Howdy’s Benghazi committee we wouldn’t have the goods on Hillary even though the Times was the first to leak about her server.
As for Paul Ryan, this is my monthly statement that he is not running for President in 2020.
Some said he doesn’t praise President Trump.
Did other Speakers praise the Republican Presidents they served?
I don’t know so that is why I am asking.
Did Denny Hastert praise President Bush?


If Ryan had not been publicly negative against Trump nobody would be looking for evidence of support.


Good afternoon JOM! We have visitors,my sister and her husband. She is a rabid Patriots fan,her husband is a rabid Packers fan. They are raising their adopted daughter's child as their own. She is three years old and I'm already worn out having a three year old running around the house. My sister is a saint,I don't remember a three year old being so exhausting!


FYI...NBC sucks.

Frau Amerikanerin

Don't steal or--Gaia forbid!--buy this book. The looneys are loose.

"Woman After All: Sex, Evolution and the End of Male Supremacy" by Melvin Konner, M.D.

In characteristically humorous and engaging prose, Konner sheds light on our biologically different identities, while noting the poignant exceptions that challenge the male/female divide. We meet hunter-gatherers such as those in Botswana, whose culture gave women a prominent place, invented the working mother, and respected women’s voices around the fire. Recent human history has upset this balance, as a dense world of war fostered extreme male dominance. But our species has been recovering over the past two centuries, and an unstoppable move toward equality is afoot. It will not be the end of men, but it will be the end of male supremacy and a better, wiser world for women and men alike.

Quick, Henry, the Flit Taser!


What a guy,

Wired Sources
FLASHBACK: Rep. Adam Schiff admits joining Benghazi Select Committee to protect the Obama Administration.


Has he been publicly negative lately?


Gowdy has been pretending to be unaware of the Awans at least since Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles back in July.

There is also video of an Awan behind Gowdy at a Congressional hearing appearing to coach Jeh Johnson's actions.

I'm not convinced Gowdy is dirty, but at best all in for the Uniparty agenda.

At worst, creating a false imptession he is going to get the "bad guys", just to blow smoke up our ass and divert attention.

Texas Liberty Gal

Looking forward to the Super Bowl - go Patriots!

Also looking forward to This is Us - how did Jack die???

Can't wait for the Winter Olympics especially curling & gymnastics

Has a president ever put out a Super Bowl proclamation? Love that Trump did.

And finally looking forward to justice being done at some point in the next months or years.

Life is good - Trump is president. Thank you Lord


Strong women make their own mark.
I have never in all my working life felt held back or discriminated against in any way.

Beasts of England

John Hinderacker - after a kiss, but no tongue, to the NeverTrumpers - has done some solid analysis and cataloging of the assaults on Trump.


Gowdy has already exposed the bad guys.
He was the first to put Comey back on his heels.
I know people want to know what has he done lately.


Jeb Johnson is the hapless former DHS head who could never answer any of Gowdy’s questions because he was too dumb.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is Gowdy's complete interview on Face the Nation:


Sundance thinks Gowdy is like Alec Guiness's character in "Bridge Over the River Kwai."

Not a bad analogy.


Maryrose, exposing and getting are two different things.

I want guys prosecuted.

Robin, eff 'em all

I did not know that story about the 1972 Olympic basketball controversy- how interesting that it led to a presidential commission on amateur athletes representing the US. Here’s a story from The NY Times which indicates that lots of people have long memories....


Frau Amerikanerin

Along with Plouffe's infamous statement about candidate Donald Trump (and others like him), this one from Eric Holder must never be forgotten:

"Said Holder for the ages, "I’m still enjoying what I’m doing. There’s still work to be done. I’m still the President’s wingman. So I’m there with my boy.”


So its like the hapless missile platform guys in spies like us, the ones who wash out of balashita, their version of the farm,

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Tear-jerker essay from a daughter's Catholic school assignment:



Isn't that special.

Hey, I didn't hope he'd get carted off on a stretcher, did I? I have heart, I tell ya!

I do kind of hope for 6 picks, 7 or 8 sacks and maybe 2 or 3 fumbles, though. I'd watch replays of that game. Close-ups of Tommy's tears would be nice, too, actually, now that I think of it.

Frau Amerikanerin

maryrose, I agree about never having felt held back in life.
OK, the Long Beach Press Telegram would not let me sell newspapers on the street when I was twelve. I later saw that as in my interest.

Until there is an actual Congressional jail, what teeth does the power to subpoena have? Trey Gowdy probably wants to see the crooks go to jail and eat oatmeal and baloney sandwiches washed down with tepid tap water.


Did other Speakers praise the Republican Presidents they served?

I don't know, but Pelosi was not shy about praising Obama. For example:


I'd be willing to wager that Hastert was at least willing to say Bush's name during the presidential campaigns, but it's harder to find stuff from more than 10 years ago.

Texas Liberty Gal

That essay is so sweet. I'll have to share it with my son. They are still mourning their dog.

Account Deleted

Pats. The will be the history-making team. Even though their run started by the Foxboro refs giving them the tuck and fuck rule which screwed the Raiders out of the Super Bowl back then, I still root for the Bay Area talent --- Brady is Catlick league talent from Serra High School. We played those bitches every other year. They were the size of a college team but we'd bloody their mouths real good and they always lost their next games.

Watching on HULU because NBC local gave our zip code the finger 5 years ago. Can't say I missed that Boner Chris Collingsworth and Teenie Weenie Costas who never once in his pussyhat life made an open-field tackly on a 230 pound scrum half or a football fullback when it mattered. He is the consummate pussy stat-freak.

Pats come from behind again to take the crown. The Eagles don't have the head coach and Foles doesn't have the shoulder strength yet to carry a team to a super bowl win. Edge: Belichik.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - meant to tag you in my previous post about the essay.


All in good time my friend.
Already we had demotions soon to be outright firings,
Retirements and McCabe asked to leave.
I would say we are finally starting to get some of these treasonous guys.
Patience is the watchword.
Don’t buy the 4 dimensional chess game.
Mueller got conned into this by Comey and Rosenstein.
If there is an exit ramp, he will take it.

Beasts of England

Ben Stein sees the light.


Account Deleted

Gowdy and Issa were on the hook by the Deep State running those hollowed out investigations back during The Rat's Reign of Terror.

The huffed and they puffed. Then walked away.

Now Gowdy is smearing dog shit on the heels of anybody who has faith in the Nunes memo. He is either playing a dual role to keep hope alive and incriminating actions going or he has sold out.

Time will tell.

My money is on him keeping Deep State hopes alive as if they've turned him.


So does that make nunes William golden or was it Trevor Howard?

Frau Amerikanerin

narciso - no word from you about the books and TV series "The Expanse"? I watched most of Season 1 and have now a hankering to read the series. I guess the present stinky politics of organized SF kept me from even checking.
I've just read a couple of the short prequels and like the 'verse created.


Not talking about Democrats, perpetual bottom kissers and brown noses.Republicans are more reserved by nature.
Besides who says we have to agree verbatim with everything the President says or does.
Bloggers here disagreed with President Bush all the time as did Congress during his second term.

Jim Eagle

I watched England demolish Italy today by wearing them down in the last 20 minutes. It wasn't even fair.

Who is more fit for the mental, physical and emotional struggles and outlays for the 3 hours of totally interruptible football? I am going with the Patriots. Plus the key is the OL of the Patriots. If they can keep Brady safe for his needed 3-5 seconds, its all over.

NIck Foles will need all his biblical reference especially 1 Samuel 17 if he is going to be an effective pastor.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Texas Liberty Gal,

Thanks! I hope that helps your son. I have lost 3 dogs in my lie and I have their pictures here in my office. It is never easy, even if they are very old.

My daughter's older dog is 15. She's a small dog and those live longer, but I am afraid in the next couple of years we are going to have sad times. My dog Maggie is getting arthritic and I think I am probably facing the same thing in a year or two.

It's just so hard, no matter how well-prepared you think you are.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

TLG Gymnastics is a Summer Olympics sport.


The cinematography visual aspects are , the writer is rr martins coauthor, and there is a
Touch of game of thrones machinations. Its worth a look.


Losing dogs is heartbreaking.


But speaking of dogs, I don't have one in the hunt for today's game other than one of Eagles RBs is a former BSU player. There's also another one the Pats but I believe he's on IR.


Firstrate, I mean, I started a new series by pierce brown set on mars into a roman style


I am also looking forward to This Is Us special edition tonight.
Really enjoying the second season of The Crown.
Margaret is a real corker.
Maybe I relate to Ryan’s reticence because Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice.
Campaign support or lack there of can’t be judged until people realize their newly elected President can actually help them as well as the Tax Bill proved.
Ryan did yeoman’s work with Brady on this but of course will get minimal credit for it on this blog.


Not talking about Democrats, perpetual bottom kissers and brown noses.Republicans are more reserved by nature.

An alternative way to see that is that Democrats close ranks and have each others' backs, while Republicans undermine and stabe each other in the back (Akin, O'Donnell, Moore, etc., etc.). I don't want to rehash that discussion, but that is the point.

Jim Eagle


Agreed. Hard on the kids if they were young when they came into the home and now both are grown.

Going down to Florida on the 16th for our midwinter break, then Frederick and I will drive the Beagles back here the next weekend. They have been with Mrs. JiB for the last month or more.

We can't wait.


I am pulling for the Eagles today so of course that means the Patriots willwin.
I wish Tom Brady no harm but secretly hope this is his last rodeo.Give other teams a chance or go to an A-team and B- Team division.


I go down to Punta Gorda on the 19th.
How far away are you from there?

Captain Hate

My daughter's older dog is 15. She's a small dog and those live longer, but I am afraid in the next couple of years we are going to have sad times. My dog Maggie is getting arthritic and I think I am probably facing the same thing in a year or two.

When my last Airedale, Maggie, died the thought that gave me the most solace was thinking about how miserable she would be if she outlived my wife and me. I've seen dogs who've been in that situation and they look lost. That's why if Teddy should outlive us he'll be returned to the breeder, who still clips his hair and he loves being with her.


I missed this yesterday, but Taranto got the better of Bill Kristol, which maybe is an unfair fight.


But the interesting thing is he links back to a WSJ piece he wrote in 2013 about the IRS scandals, in which he used very similar language to what people are saying now ("Worse than Watergate," etc.). Of course there were zero consequences for anyone from that scandal, to the point where Zippy even managed to fire off the whopper that his administration had been "free of scandal."


We've had some laughs watching the dog interact with the three year old. When she cries or whines,the dog looks at her..."what the what?!?


Republicans are not lemmings , voting in lockstep and are capable of independent thinking.I can not dismiss the entire party for the mistakes of a few who would not back potentially good candidates.
Already we see holdouts beginning to embrace President Trump.
I don’t count Flake in the sane group.
He has gone off the deep end but if he votes for the agenda until he leaves we have to put up with him.


Maybe I relate to Ryan’s reticence because Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice.

Not many people here had Trump as their first choice. I know I didn't, but "reticence" after the nominee was chosen merits a different and much slimier word.

Ryan assumed that Hillary would win and was looking out for his own relationship with the new president rather than fighting against it being her. Many others did the same, obviously.


maryrose,Jane and I are closer to Punta Gorda than Jack. Maybe we can meet?


It is good to know Teddy will be taken care of in a loving setting.
You both will live many more years and enjoy the company of your wonderful dog.
Thanksgiving Mass today for all the recovering JOMers.Today’s message was take more time in your daily life to pray.Valentine’s Day begins the Lenten season.Imagine fasting on Ash Wednesday and foregoing having any chocolate.
Works for me as I buy the candy the day after on sale.


I honestly think that since the success of the Tax Cuts Ryan has come around more.I could be wrong.


Nice tweet by Taranto.

So Jimmy, I take it you're pretty familiar with the ex-fatboy congressman from Manhattan? I am, too, somewhat, but only because I'm from the city, although it's been quite a while since I lived there.

He'll be a more effective scumbag than Conyers was is my bet.


I agree, MR. Everyone likes to win.


They don't all like to fight.

Jim Eagle


We are First Coast on the beach between Daytona and St. Augustine. Exit 289 on I-95:). Out of your way but you are down with Jane and Marlene. My oldest son runs a charter fishing boat out of Siesta Key, near Sarasota.


Tom Brady negotiates retirement with Gisele: 'Two more Super Bowls'

Please, take this mf off the stage tonight. I don't ask for much.

Captain Hate

I honestly think that since the success of the Tax Cuts Ryan has come around more.I could be wrong.

I agree with you. Ryan looked pleased at the State of the Union address at just what's been accomplished and seems geared up to build on it going forward. I hope we're right.


Some people are not hardwired to fight.
My husband, his brother their father all played high school and college football.
None of their sons do.

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