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February 22, 2018


Captain Hate

Thank God we have Bill of Rights to at least give us a day in court if GOPe caves on this

Is it because he's a known squish or because he's a high exposure Senator from Florida that Rubio seems to be the primary target of the lib's spleen venting?


Regarding that pic of Trudeau at 6:41, @Iowahawkblog wins the internet:



Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

This is really about taking the Senate and the House, not gun control.

I don't think it is going to work, though.

I am off to get my last 2 tests. I probably won't be home until noon, because I need to make a grocery and drugstore run as well, and my sister only has so much time.

I have a lead on a car for a low price through a friend of mine. Her stepson got himself new wheels.

It's a 2001 Mitsubishi sport vehicle of some sort, I forget the model. (You can tell how smart I am about this stuff.) Anyway, I am going to look at it this weekend.

The President is speaking this morning at CPAC. I will have to watch the replay.

Everyone have a great morning!

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

jim nj's 4:24 comment is good.

They had their target ready to go.

Everytown...no IRS trouble for THEM.


What Parkland proves, yet once again, is that reliance on government for your safety is folly.

I would have more confidence in armed teachers and civilians managed by the PTA.


Parkland shows the consequences of having Dems in charge of public safety and public education. I don't see how that hurts Rs in November. Hoping the disastrous results of BOzo's "disparate impact" school discipline policy is fully exposed before the election.


"I believe that someone, possibly ATF or the FBI, got those tapes and noticed it. Look at how long it has taken for this to come out"

Another leak?.


I don't trust Scott Isreal. Show pony.


Scot Peterson - unfortunate name.


Scott Isreal - Exhibit A in where electing Dems leads


Good review of what is at risk from automation. My favorite is #1 (technology consultants).



Scot Peterson - unfortunate name

In that sense, yes, but it's a common name. When someone asks about it, he can just say "No, I'm a different Scott Peterson"


Iowahawk has excellent photoshops of the Canadian goof in costume with other world leaders up on twitter.


FL's Palm Beach County Sheriff in December: "Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw doesn’t think gun control is the problem. He thinks the problem is controlling which people get the guns. “We don’t want to get guns in the hands of the wrong types of people, especially people who have mental issues,” Sheriff Bradshaw told CBS12 News during a 6a.m. discussion on the recent mass shooting in California. “That’s where we get some of these active shooters and the work place violence and stuff like that.”


This discussion on Twitter about lowering school crime by ignoring it reminds me of this campaign by Soros to replace D.A.'s

Soros’ preference for how prosecutors do their jobs, using their powerful roles and vast discretion not only to protect public safety but also reduce prison populations and repeat offenses.



Thanks for that link henry.

I have spent my whole career automating some process.

Not sure we always ask enough of the right questions:)


he can just say "No, I'm a different Scott Peterson"

Are you the Scott Peterson who murdered his wife and unborn child
or the Scot Peterson who stood outside of the school (armed) while 17 innocent people were slaughtered.

No connection but I would probably start using my middle name if it were Scott or Scot Peterson.


Good Morning! I've had a spidey sense about the Broward County sheriff from the beginning.
Yesterday we went to a local farmers market.It is held weekly and known as one of the best outdoor events in this area. I noticed two ladies sitting at a card table with a sign that said Indivisible. This group is one of the anti-Trump grassroots efforts that sponsor rallies and protests. I don't know if they always set up during the farmer's market,but yesterday it was crowded and maybe they thought it was an opportunity. I was happy to see that people were ignoring them.


Donald J. Trump

For those of you who are still interested, the Democrats have totally forgotten about DACA. Not a lot of interest on this subject from them!

Clarice Feldman

Sheriff knew about deputy when he stood in front of the cameras haranguing the NRA:https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/289466/ Trump's strength is exposing the rot.


Regarding the deputy outside the school. I don't think it matters whether he was following protocol or not. Or even if he was directed to stay outside by head office. It would be difficult for him to work in the county as a policeman.


Nice approach... Trump set a good example.

Gutsy> Sen @LeahVukmir raised eyebrows by walking into a @tammybaldwin event yesterday.



Reportedly 130 Coral Springs police officers coverged on Parkland HS, along with 2 Broward Co deputies - one of whom might have been Scot Peterson. Sheriff Israel deserves to be fired on his post-massacre blame-shifting alone.

Beasts of England

'those of you who are still interested, the Democrats have totally forgotten about DACA. Not a lot of interest on this subject from them!'


~ ~ ~

When I popped out the door earlier for my run, I was pleased that it cooled off overnight and the temp (62°) was ideal for a jog. That's only funny because it's still February... :)

Captain Hate

Hoping the disastrous results of BOzo's "disparate impact" school discipline policy is fully exposed before the election.

Exactly; Cock Curious thought it was more important to have Saint Traytable and his other imaginary thug sons disrupting the small chance that any of the well behaved state indoctrination centers attenders might learn something than have the responsibility for dealing with them fall on the deadbeat parents.


I don't remember what became of "boot camps" for miscreant teens, but I think it's time to try them again. We need more drill sergeants and fewer impotent, "He won't mind me" single moms.


It's interesting to read all the thoughtful comments here about the school shooting and compare those to what the left is doing right now. It seems as though they're not as interested in understanding root causes and proposing real solutions.

You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. … This crisis provides the opportunity for us to do things that you could not before.

--Rahm Emanuel, Nov. 19, 2008

Robin, eff 'em all

Ex @ 9:11:

They are all interested in lowering the voting age to 16. My FB feed is a nightmare of disconnected thinking.

Captain Hate

Btw Tammy Bruce will be scorching the airwaves sitting in for Todd Starnes from noon to 3 on Fox radio. I think it's good for my favorite pistol packing doll baby to get some regular radio exposure for people unaware of her internet broadcasts. The first time I heard her she was subbing for Laura Ingraham and my immediate reaction was "Whoa, who is this serving up the red meat?"


This guy earns his living by doing this?



There have also been 2 other Broward Co. deputies suspended who were at the school. Haven't been able to find any solid information on what was going on with them.

Four minutes could sound like a short time that Peterson stood outside the school. But if you look and listen to some of the videos recorded by students - there is no way he didn't hear gunshots and screams. Just try setting a timer for 4 minutes and see how long it seems even without shots/screams.


Bozos is even worse than Carlos slims



Ha! Dads and their daughters...

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account

My daughter, Ivanka, just arrived in South Korea. We cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country.

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Gee, I hate to do this, but @POTUS is wrong and I respectfully disagree. Ivanka is great and smart, but @PressSec is there too so we have THE BEST & SMARTEST representative. Of course, I'm as objective about her as CNN is about @realDonaldTrump


BREAKING NEWS: U.S. embassy to move to Jerusalem on May 14th.


I think the other Coward County deputies are on suspension for previous "see nothing, say nothing" interactions with Cruz.


U.S. embassy to move to Jerusalem on May 14th.

Probably no coincidence that Sunday May 13 is Yom Yerushalayim, commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967.

Can you hear the liberal heads exploding?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If that Sundance article is accurate the progs and even LE are now in the bizarre position of advocating we not only ignore but actively hide actual criminal activity and then scream that law abiding citizens be denied their rights when the policy of hiding criminal activity results in a massacre.

It is difficult to see how we function as a country without by some method eliminating the lunatic, evil progs among us who have attained so much power and whose conception of "progress" more and more seems to mimic Caligula's.


Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:


We had a "thundersnow" yesterday. That's similar to a thunderstorm, but with snow instead of rain. It was 25 degrees this morning.



18+ shootings on school property in 2018 - some accidental. Most involving underage kids who shouldn't have had access to guns. Criminally charging/fining parents seems an obvious step in those cases imo.

Account Deleted

Lots of noise re the shooting and the politicking around it. I'll stop following the story after registering this stray array of reactions to this recent continuance of palpable social and political decay.

*Four minutes on hold with an "insurance provider"... a multi-tasking eternity.

*Standing somewhere listening to people reacting to murder--- the deputy must've had a circle of hell above and below.

*No way outta this, folks. Not as long as our fellow Merkins are fighting over deck chairs on the Titanic.

*During pre-college school years we had surprise drills for: fire, earthquake, and nuclear bomb attacks.

Does anyone know if today's schools, anywhere, practice "shooter reaction" drills?

*Seems like the chaos created by gunfire might be reduced if students could "think" to respond like the JROTC and coach heros did--- even if the drills reduced the chaos by i dunno 15%.

Reduced chaos on site: ADVANTAGE---> human targets.

*Rule number one of those drills: STAY CALM. DON'T PANIC.

*Fire, earthquake, nuke attacks were sensationalized by media back in my day.

And teachers did a good job of "teaching hysteria" to us in order to "Sell" the need for drilling practice.

But the occurrences where tragedy struck were absolutely ZERO.... like shooters shooting up schools in most of these 50 states.

*Are our kids being trained to protect themselves by practicing to defend themselves against the unthinkable >AT ALL

*The current scenario isn't reinforcing parental or child faith in "paid professionals" whose job it is to take bullets for their constituencies/clients/flocks whatever.

*I'm wondering how many students at the school have some degree of preparedness for a shooter scenario because they've been training at a dojo or dojung locally, learning a martial art.

*The Broward County Sheriff is an elected gatekeeper. He's hamstrung the sheep dogs and let the wolves into the fenced-off back 40 where the flock is.... those poor kids.

*Asked a question over at ACE last nite: What do the Israelis do in their schools?

A rabbi answered: No tort law.

Have a great day!


Well interesting except for plutarch all the critics of claudius and his sacking of the Senate were in that body,

When a WSVN-TV reporter tried to approach Peterson's Boynton Beach home for an interview Thursday, he said he encountered a contingent of six police officers standing guard.

They prevented us from approaching the house," WSVN-TV's Frank Guzman tweeted.


So much for understaffed as a general excuse. Maybe the 911 dispatchers will get transferred to Peterson's garage so it is easier for them to explain to the civilians why they don't merit this kind of attention to their emergencies.




Remember scheuer wanted to throw India under the bus:



The gun grabbers count suicides in deserted school parking lots in the middle of the night as "school shootings"? Sheesh.

In the name of diversity: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner drinks chocolate milk during a demonstration put on by Tyronne Stoudemire of Hyatt Hotels at the Thompson Center on Feb. 21, 2018. Rauner was attending an African American History month event. (State of Illinois)


No mention of lemonade and Asians. They will have to wait to get their own diversity month...

Beasts of England

Old and busted: high schoolers are idiots eating Tide Pods and ODing on heroin.

New and hot: high schoolers are our guiding light for gun rights.


Such a contrast between Peterson and this guy:

Then there is the neighborhood civilian, Stephen Willeford, age 55, when hearing the shots at a the Sutherland Springs, TX, church (26 murdered by shooter Devin Kelly), Willeford got his rifle, went to the church and exchange gunfire with the murderer. As the shooter got in his car, Willeford shot him again and flagged down another courageous civilian, Johnnie Laggendorf and the chased after Kelley doing 95 MPH to catch up with him. Murderer Kelley ended up crashing his car off the road.....dead.


Yes I would have never figured the tidepods thing, I mean even yogi knows better.


The Asians have May!


Start squeezing those lemons, Chicago!


Shirley they can't be serious:



that lawyer should be permanently disbarred and banned from receiving government funds.


"And every time I heard a shot I knew that that probably represented a life. I was scared to death. I was. I was scared for me. I was scared for everyone of them, and I was scared for my own family that just lived less than a block away.”

Willeford said he grabbed his rifle from a safe and ran barefoot to the church when his daughter told him about the shooting. Once there, he confronted 26-year-old gunman Devin Patrick Kelley and the two traded gunfire. [HuffPo]
God bless him. Ever since then, hubs has his 7 shot Keltec in his pocket holster when he's the deacon on duty Sunday a.m. No one asks, and he doesn't tell.


We've learned that sheriffs in Florida have wide jurisdiction in each county. One day when hubby and his cousin went kayaking,he returned to find a parking ticket on the Jeep. He wasn't happy,the ticket was $118. He and the cousin went into the local watering hole for their usual after kayaking beer. Hubby told the bartender about the ticket. The bartender suggested hubby take a picture of the parking area (no signs restricting parking) and contact the Charlotte County sheriff's office. Hubby did just that and a few days later received a call from the Charlotte County sheriff. He apologized and said he had a newbie deputy who was a bit too eager giving out tickets. He told hubby to void the ticket,no problem. The area is one of hubby's favorite kayak launches and he noticed that no parking signs have recently been installed. We were amazed that a sheriff was micro managing a parking ticket.


We were amazed that a sheriff was micro managing a parking ticket

He was micro managing a pension funding scam that didn't need any daylight shining on it.

Anyone who didn't call just paid the fine.


James D.

It seems as though they're not as interested in understanding root causes and proposing real solutions.

Sure they are. It’s just that in their minds, the problem is that they don’t have absolute power, and the Bill of Rights empowers the deplorable lumpenproles in Jesusland to ignore them and make their own life choices.

With that in mind, getting rid of Second Amendment rights IS a root cause, and pushing lies, slanders and hysteria at every opportunity IS a real solution.


But they have time to go after one stupid governor:



Good point, James.

Problem = the Constitution

Solution = tbd


Anyone watching Trump at CPAC? He is slaying it. Made me so happy to listen driving in to work.



Sheriff's priorities

This is not a read the headline & leave story -- this is a read the whole story story

Sheriff's hiring of political supporters under fire - Sun Sentinel


Automated cooking gizmos catching fire.



So paying three million to boko haram did not have desired result, shoker


Enterprise Rent-a-Car: No More Discounts for NRA Members

Another foolish company taking sides? Ok, then.
No more Enterprise Rent-a-Cars.

Anyone know of a website that keeps track of who the lefty companies are?


Customer feedback has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA. As a result, First National Bank of Omaha will not renew its contract with the National Rifle Association to issue the NRA Visa Card.

— First National Bank (@FNBOmaha) February 22, 2018

Eff off, First National Bank of Omaha. I'm sure another bank will be happy to step in. And your customers will know you pussed out and don't have their back.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Broward County sheriff;

"What have I done differently than Don Shula or Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, Ghandi?" asked Israel. "Men and women who assume leadership roles surround themselves with people who are loyal, who they can depend on and who they appreciate their skill set."

I guess, since he only hired ten cronies rather than twelve he didn't feel comparing himself to Jesus Christ was entirely appropriate. :/


Now going after these companies

The following companies still offer discounts to @NRA members. Please tell them nicely to end their partnership:




Broward County had a standing policy of ignoring criminal student behavior:


Seriously disturbing and related to lurkersusie's 11:11.

This is also extremely disturbing: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/966396341877342208.html

Why was the USSS at Stoneman Douglas for training? Many unanswered questions.


Had should be has. As far as we know, that policy is still in effect.


These companies have business relationships w/ the @NRA@Fedex @TrueCar @Hertz @Avis @Budget @LifeLock @Enterprise @Alamo @NationalCares @life_line @NortonOnline @alliedvl @SimpliSafe @starkeycares @Manageurid @eHealth @Teladoc @northAmericanVL

Spread the word to demand change!

— Ed Krassenstein 💎 (@EdKrassen) February 22, 2018

Michael Skolnik
In the past 24 hours, these companies have ended their relationship with

the @NRA:

Best Western
Wyndham Hotels
Alamo Rent A Car
National Rent A Car
Enterprise Rent A Car
First National Bank of Omaha



Thanks lurkersusie.

Well, now I know who not to do business with (list at 11:40).

I'm off to send messages of support to the other listed companies.


Perhaps I'll contact Enterprise and tell them I'm canceling our membership in Enterprise Car Share (a Zip Car competitor). I probably spend over $1000/year on it. Using Zip Car instead this weekend anyway.

Stephanie Nene Not your normal Grandma

He cited a dramatic drop in violent crime during his tenure, and the issuing of thousands of civil citations — rather than arrests — for juveniles. Using one of his well-worn sayings, he said "lions don't care about the opinions of sheep,'' and maintained that he doesn't spend "more than 10 seconds'' listening to his opponents' criticisms.

From the 11:38 link Not bragging about that so much now, is he?


ABC News
BREAKING: Florida Gov. Rick Scott says the state "will require all individuals purchasing firearms to be 21 or older."


The article at 11:11 notes that Israel used to be a Republican. I couldn't find when and the reason he gave for changing.

Quite a few double dippers, I'm assuming, on his community outreach hero brigade.

This site won't open properly on my gadget:


I will have to check Peterson's and the Sheriff's roundtablers bloated salaries later.


He cited a dramatic drop in violent crime during his tenure

Less crime or less reporting?

This needs to blow sky high.


I guess since the Winter Olympics were a dud, we get the "strange new respect" olympics with Scott challenging Trump for gold.


He cited a dramatic drop in violent crime during his tenure

Making a lot fewer arrests does wonders for crime stats.


BREAKING: Florida Gov. Rick Scott says the state "will require all individuals purchasing firearms to be 21 or older."

Is this an executive action? Doesn't the FL legislature have to vote on it? FL legislature already has some gun rights expansion bills in the pipeline this session but they are deadlocked:



Surpringly you can't find out Israel's salary fro. That site.


They say petersens was 75k


Many more details here about the Broward and Miami-Dade criminal reporting scam.


It's so much worse than it even appears at first glance. Criminal gangs were recruiting high school students because they knew they wouldn't be prosecuted or even arrested. Crime wasn't being reported. The police had enormous stashes of stolen merchandise gathering dust because they couldn't give it back to the victim without explaining why there were no arrests. They all claimed to just "find" the merch on the side of the road.


The tweeter above learned of all of this when doing his own investigation of Trayvon Martin.

Guess who benefited from the Miami-Dade policy? Friend Trayvon.


This might help:



Two can play that boycott game.

I just joined the NRA for 5 years for $100. Even got a nice looking NRA duffle bag and a magazine subscription.


Tweeter above is sundance I think - not sure. Conservative Treehouse Twitter account.


The duffel bag is really nice, Ext. My husband has one from a gift membership I bought him. He uses it all the time and gets lots of compliments.

Thank you for reminding me that his membership needs renewing. :)

James D.

I guess since the Winter Olympics were a dud

With "star" athletes like this, who could have guessed?

Forget the gold medal, Mirai Nagasu has now set her sights on the Mirror Ball trophy.

After placing tenth in the women’s individual figure skating event Friday, the 24-year-old Olympian boldly likened her final campaign in PyeongChang to an audition for ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I would like to be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ because I am a star,” Nagasu told USA Today. “I made history here by landing the first triple axel for a U.S. lady at the Olympics so I think that is a big deal. I hope I get more opportunities to let my personality just shine.

“I smiled in the middle of my program. It is really rare for me but I enjoyed myself and I thought of this as my audition [for ‘Dancing with the Stars’].”


Deputy who didn’t stop Florida shooting thinks he ‘did a good job’ | New York Post

The sheriff’s deputy who failed to engage the shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School “believed he did a good job” because he called in the location of the massacre and gave a description of the shooter, a top union official said Thursday.

School resource officer Scot Peterson, who resigned in disgrace from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, was “distraught” about the shooting that killed 17 people — but believed he did his duty, according to the president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association.

“He believed he did a good job calling in the location, setting up the perimeter and calling in the description (of Cruz),” said the union official, Jim Bell.



a top union official said Thursday.

the problem in a nutshell

As Loesch and her security detail walked toward the stage, audience members shouted at her phrases like, “murderer,” “child killer,” and “burn her.” Jake Tapper, CNN’s chief washington correspondent and anchor of “The Lead,” was the event moderator.

“I know Jake, and it might strike a nerve, me saying this, but I think he lost control,” Loesch said.


We don't want to strike any nerves.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Oh, I can guarantee it struck a nerve. Tapper is one of the thinnest skinned anchors out there. I have been blocked by him on Twitter for at least 5 years.


CNN Worries Trump Calling Parkland Shooter ‘Sicko’ May Be ‘Harmful’

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Ryan Saavedra
‏Verified account @RealSaavedra
5h5 hours ago

Andrew Klein, whose daughter attends Stoneman Douglas High School, says that a CNN producer told him the day after the shooting they were looking for people to do interviews who would "espouse a certain narrative which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate."

Contains a clip of his interview with Laura Ingraham which you can see here:



I agree, MM. It was the "benefit of the doubt" way Loesch presented it.

"I know jake..."

I feel like the people who keep pegging him as an honest broker are engaging in 8 dimensional gaslighting.

Captain Hate

People on "our side" have to treat Tapper with the contempt he deserves. Don't go on his show. If he shows up where you are ignore him and, if he asks you a question anyway tell him to fuck off, go to hell or go away depending on your comfort level. The time for playing nice nice with that tool because he showed up on Dennis Miller's show from time to time is ancient history and he is the enemy.


Robert Mueller is playing chess, not checkers

Trump could counter the political ramifications [of refusing a meeting with Mueller] and talk of impeachment by repeating and amplifying his mantra: The special counsel’s investigation is a “hoax” and “witch hunt.” By delegitimizing Mueller’s office, Trump could muddy the political waters, asserting that his Fifth Amendment claim centers on his refusal to participate in a sham investigation, not over any real concern that he would incriminate himself.


To head off such a move in this ultimate game of chess and further tighten the noose around the president, Mueller may have issued the current round of indictments, at least in part, to prove in no uncertain terms that the Russia investigation is no “hoax” or “witch hunt,” taking away Trump’s cover should he try to delegitimize the special counsel’s office while asserting his Fifth Amendment rights.

Just playing games, in other words? Gee.

This chess game has many moving parts with historical consequences. Mueller made his move through the Russian indictments. President Trump, it is your turn.

By Seth Waxman, Clinton's Solicitor General.


President Trump, it is your turn.

kinda depends on the meaning of "is" doesn't it? Slick's Ambulance Chaser indeed.

Account Deleted

The NRA represents an assload of American *CONSUMERS*. Perqs of membership? Be damned. The 2nd Amendment protected is good enough for me.

Besides, there are so many ways to get discounts on just about everything without being tied to some token discount because of one membership.

Mrs Kid and I get *paid* to rent ourselves cars, fly internationally, book hotel stays AND get wholesale prices on all of it.

I don't need my NRA membership to waste money setting up marketing partnerships with gun-grabbing company boards of directors. Those goodies aren't free.

The companies get their money back six ways from Sunday and we'll pay it in some way shape or form.

Mrs Kid is a liberal progressive voter so we usually allow the other, when booking, to support businesses that support our views.

It's called compromise....but these fascist companies are getting 50% less of our dough. GARE-Un_TEED.

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