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February 25, 2018



Like I said at the time:

Police officers responding to last week’s Florida school shooting thought they were tracking Nikolas Cruz live on surveillance video — but then realized the footage was delayed by nearly 30 minutes because it was rewound, tossing roadblocks into the frantic efforts to capture the 19-year-old shooting suspect..

..Broward County School District also clarified on Thursday the high school’s security cameras do play in real time, but they were rewound 20 minutes that day to retrace Cruz’s actions, according to WSVN.


The rest of the article highlights that the cops had trouble finding Scot Johnsen as well as a money grabbing ploy because of "outdated communication equipment."


Happy Birthday Dave!


Your welcome, they also didn't draw enough ironically on stories from Africa west and east, it's not very multicult as they had a very sjw African American ryan Coogler do the script.


Sheriff slams state rep's calls for his removal over handling of school shooting: It's 'disingenuous political grandstanding'

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has slammed Florida state legislator Bill Hager for "disingenuous political grandstanding," after he demanded that Israel resign over his "neglect of duty and incompetence" over the handling of the shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Rep. Hager wrote a letter Saturday to Gov. Rick Scott, in which he outlined why Israel should be removed from his post, citing examples of the alleged incompetence.

And supporters of Hager took to the streets of Coral Springs, which is near the high school, carrying signs that read, "Governor Scott Act!, "Resign Sheriff Israel" and "Democrat Says Resign."

But Israel responded quickly, writing his own letter to Scott, in which he slammed Hager's "reckless" letter, writing that it "was riddled with factual errors, unsupported gossip, and falsehoods."

Old Lurker

Mockmook 7:47 asks precisely the correct question that follows the pretend application of justice, neither swift nor certain, when the good guys themselves drag out even the appearance of justice for what the average guy in the street knows were obvious crimes. Why should they not say to themselves "see, I told you our betters all do it or cover up for those who did it...Femall..."


"Reminds me of questions that I ask myself:

Are "we" becoming like the left? Like those who were forever expecting Rove to be perp-walked from the White House?

(Now that "we" are forever expecting Sessions and Trump to spring their 5 dimensional trap that captures all the bad actors in the DOJ and FBI and restores truth, honesty, and the American-way to government, amen.)

Old Lurker

So SCOTUS sees no need to jump in on DACA?

Add that to my 10:46.

Jim Eagle

Reminds me of every July when racing bike sales go through the roof as thousands of new riders saddle up after watching all the stages of the Tour de France.

Every 4 years, curling clubs across the globe add new members.


Account Deleted

Momto2: You're very welcome for the 1910 "factoids."

I don't subscribe to any cable channels or have Deep Dish TV with 95,000,000 channels or anything like that.

But we do get "stray" channels plus FOX, CBS, and ABC.

Among the stray channels are oldies channels that play westerns, 50s-60s-70s shows including the variety shows.

When I am not in the mood for currrent series or movies or docs to stream on NetFlix or Prime, I'll tune in to the oldies channels.

I'm grateful they're there. So much of the past is hidden from view.

I first began noticing it in the early 80s when the "flavor" of my favorite cookie "graham crackers" lost their original taste, were smaller, etc etc.

Cars started featuring plastic bumpers and there were no more classic-style logos on the bumper.

That was also during my graduate school years---> I noticed how most of my peers couldn't string words together and didn't read the original-source material *AT ALL* in researching their work.

Then when I began working with undergrads and 2 year tech students--- it really became apparent that "things had changed" since I was a kid in grammar and high school, where we learned not only to read and write. We learned about life's dilemmas, conundrums, and controversies.

It was if the youngsters on the 80s, 90s campuses had been fed "People Magazine" and "Vogue" for their socialization, formal ed, and moral training.

Like you covered in your summary, the pause to explain and give direction (translated today as "brainwashing" or "violating civil liberties or rights")those youngsters I experienced back then had experienced not very much of either.

Have a great week!


Clarice Feldman

OL, Not a bad idea to throw the matter into the hands of Congress--will force the Dems to stop preening and then waiting to criticize anything the WH does.
I think Roberts overdid it on Obamacare--but look what the result was--people hated it and punished the party which shoved it down their throats.


Re. SCOTUS and DACA Who delivered the DOJ argument - An Obama Holdover?


I get angry every time I hear Hogg described as a "survivor"!

He's a kid. Give him credit for getting involved. My guess is he turns conservative before he finished college.


"He's a kid. Give him credit for getting involved. My guess is he turns conservative before he finished college."

He will be the youngest governor of red Florida.


Mona Charen Receives Warm Welcome From ‘Morning Joe’ After Getting Booed At CPAC

Captain Hate

Camera Hogg. Surely learned from his FBI daddy when the place turned into a politicized unprofessional dump under Mueller and Reverand Queasy.

Someone in Australia needs to be hung by the neck for that scientific fuckup. Unforgivable.


Hogg’s 15 minutes are almost up.He is being paid by someone to make this much noise and confuse the core systemic failures across the board.
This is my last post on this topic.
When they cover it on tv I now turn the channel.
Teachers and students out of school for this reason takes away from their education.
I hope these days are made up as the school year calendar is specific about how many days can be missed.
Perhaps if violations occur , the federal money for next year can be adjusted as a consequence for flaunting the rules and insurrection activities.
The above also applies to mayor of Oakland who believes she is now president and can protect illegal aliens with impunity.

Account Deleted

Terry McAuliffe has more Clinton-stink on him than a skunk-gassed dawg.

Evidently he wasn't allowed to prep Curb Dive for her lame-assed campaign against DJT.

"Lock him up" would pretty much deck this self-appointed shoo-in.

His motive likely based on having all those illegal campaign contributions feathering his nest on his way out of politics.

One look at that shizzle-eatin c-bag and I need a shower.

Old Lurker

Thanks Clarice.

I just mention it as another example of what people in the streets think about justice vs reality. That seventh grader who learned about the Constitution and the Separation of Powers has to be scratching her head about how one POTUS can do something with a pen all by himself though the "rules" would seem to suggest otherwise, but when the next SCOTUS tries to go back to the, you know, Law, then even the SCOTUS can't blow a whistle?

Not arguing you on the political reality, I am just observing that if you make things so complicated and convoluted that only the High Priests can figure it out, then We the people will lose confidence in the whole damn system.

That IS why the colonies threw off the morass of the British Empire.

matt - deplore me if you must

Blind pilots fly only in IFR conditions.


The underlying purpose of Mona Charen’s speech was to secure a spot on Morning Joke.
Of course she and her cohorts on this low rated snore fest take a huge risk.
They will be on the outside looking in for the next 7 years.
We will not forget their perfidy.
McMillan has become a regular on MessNBC.
He has made his bed and will also find the way back to respectful acceptance is a long one.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Why should I give some punk kid credit for mouthing off in an attempt to abrogate my constitutional rights?
Guys like him generally emerge from college bigger busy body pricks than they entered.

Captain Hate

McAwful is a big talker when dealing with fellow lowlifes like the Morning Homewreckers and Tweety. DJT would clean that smarmy cocksucker's clock with facts of people getting scammed by his worse-than-Madoff schemes just like that other protected pile of shit, Corzine. Like all of Slick's associates, he's a coward who needs those equine chiclets knocked down his throat.

Btw there are a couple comments at Surber's post making the point Ext and I did and then some. They were probably there earlier and I didn't scroll down.


Obama was "just a kid" once.

Jim Eagle

Mean't to mention to Jane and marlene that there is a curling rink in Ellenton, across the Manatee River from Bradenton. Bit of a drive but if you are missing the rocks and brooms.........

Account Deleted

..Broward County School District also clarified on Thursday the high school’s security cameras do play in real time, but they were rewound 20 minutes that day to retrace Cruz’s actions, according to WSVN.

Code for: lied to cover their exposed collective boobery.

Why would rewinding 20 minutes of tape help with an active shooting in progress?

Rewound tape is not the same thing as "taped delay."

It's all so confusing now, right? Obfuscate. Obfuscate. Obfuscate.

There's an old saying: "Ride toward the sounds of the guns."

However, "listening for where the shots were coming from" would have been unnecessary if LE was in the school TAKING ACTION based on real-time surveillance, narrated by comms coming from personnel manning real time camera feeds, patched into onsite LE comms, narrating feeds (not HQ).

They would have located the murdering scum bag pronto.

LE in the building would have the opp to drive the murderer off plan into an enfilade fire zone (gunfire into the shooter's flank from one side) that would have kept kids safe from overshooting by LE that were in pursuit and forced to fire towards them.

School hallways intersect at 4-ways and T-ways. Either one could have become a killzone on his azz.

But LE has to be in the building, using real-time video surveillance, and an alert *team member* running comms (not HQ).


David Hogg should wise up.

In a few weeks CNN will forget about him, and then he will be on his own.

Clarice Feldman

I know,OL.

Captain Hate

OL, Not a bad idea to throw the matter into the hands of Congress

Why? This wasn't a Congressional issue; it was totally, and illegally, unilaterally instituted by the Executive branch in the first place and now a black robed tyrant says it has to stay in place because something or other? Roberts has turned into GWB's Souter. Thanks again, Bushes.

Captain Hate


Man Tran

Re the airlines stiffing the NRA, Army Aviator over at AT said their charter outfit’s phones are ringing off their hooks with people bailing on the airlines.

I’m heading over to the NRA site to drop a couple of Benjamins in the pot.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Home in my own car!!!!

Oh frabjouus day, calloo, callay!!

Drives great! Radio works, too!

I am so happy! Thanks again to all of you for your help!!

Captain Hate

Congrats on being mobile again, Miss Marple.

Jim Eagle


If you can use the FBI, DoJ, CIA and at times NSA > Private contractors to surveill an opposing political parties POTUS campaign with impunity (so far) then you are not above extorting the Chief Justice of the United States.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

In case you still need convincing that NBC is scum, get a load of this:





Why would rewinding 20 minutes of tape help with an active shooting in progress?

The Coward County version of The Wolf was probably assigned the duty of cleaning up any evidence of Keystone Copping.

Kidding aside, I think we need a more accurate timeline to see if it was still an active shooting 20 minutes later.


Great news, MM!

Clarice Feldman

CH--the question before the CT was whether or not the unusual mandamus petition--overriding the ordinary appellate procedure was warranted--a rare step to be undertaken only when irrevocable harm would occur, not whether the lower ct has the power to compel the Chief exec to let lapse the executive order of a prior president. Politically, if Congress wants to regularize daCA before the courts act in the normal way, it's their opportunity to do so. They won't is my prediction.


Ugh. The Wisconsin unions argue that "if Janus overrules Abood, all Union speech directed to the government will be considered inherently political in nature, indistinguishable from lobbying the government."

The idea is that "the right of freedom of thought protected by the First Amendment against state action includes both the right to speak freely and the right to refrain from speaking at all," the lawsuit says.

nothing like lawfare.



Devin Nunes: More Officials Will Likely Get Dossier Questionnaire

“There’s likely going to be more people who will get it as the investigation unfolds, and if they don’t respond, they’ll be subpoenaed,” Nunes said in an exclusive interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“If you’re an official and you knew about this, the Congress has a right to know about it, and so do the American people,” he added.

Last week, the committee sent a list of questions to more than 20 current and former law enforcement, intelligence, and State Department officials, asking when they knew about the dossier and what they did with it. Fox News reported that three of the recipients are former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. The other recipients have not been named.

Nunes said one of the reasons the committee would not identify who has gotten the questionnaire is that they do not want recipients to coordinate their responses.


an early GUS'S WJOM Dance Party Special edition.

This hit goes out to Sheriff Scott Israel.

Eat it Sheriff.


Nunes said there will be more information coming but the committee wants to see the Justice Department start taking actions.

“There will be more information that will be made available. What we’d really like to have happen is for people responsible for some of these actions to be held responsible by the executive branch,” he said.

“In Congress, we can do oversight, we can subpoena, we can hold people in contempt, we can impeach, but we can’t actually go and arrest someone and hold them in a jail and prosecute them; the executive branch has to do that.”



This timeline gives no details of response from LE. It does pinpoint the shooting to have begun at 2:21 and lasted until 2:28.

If the cctv cops were looking at 20min old footage and calling out locations to the boots on the ground, they would have been confusing people at 2:41 at the soonest, assuming they weren't calling out "the suspect just arrived at the campus in an Uber."

Account Deleted

"The above also applies to mayor of Oakland who believes she is now president and can protect illegal aliens with impunity."

I commented yesterday that the same strain of Obama/Holder corruption which gave us cooked books on crime stats in FLA and elsewhere, in exchange for taxpayer cash from DC, has been propping up the "sanctuary cities" movement.

California cannot afford any sanctuary or LE leniency policies on their own dime. These were put on overdrive during the Kamala Harris/Holder era. And funded via backdoor strategies such as the grassroots funding from DC for assholes like La Raza.

Pinch the camouflaged funding lines and sanctuary cities go away. California can't appropriate its own dimes for that. SFO, Oakland, Fresno, LA, and other municipal governments sure as hell cannot either.

POTUS can't withold normally appropriated Federal highway funds etc.

But there is "shakedown" cash (e.g. EPA "settlements") and Porkulus "shovel-ready" (i.e. bullshitake-ready) funding.

That's already starting to bite the Oakland Mayor in her sack of kittens. Thus her "warning" strategy re ICE raids.

It suggests to me, and I have anecdotal to support this from friends who are unemployed "legal advocates for 'immigrants'", that funding for groups who would be communicating directly with their "clients" is drying up.

The Big Foundations (like Terayza Heinz Kerry's Tides Foundation) are scrambling to replace the Obama/Holder pipelines ("We got yer backs.")

Those rivers, streams, and tributaries of dirty money can be stopped without triggering Ninth Circuit chicanery.

If POTUS doesn't engage in full-frontal assaults on this "Sanctuary" edifice he can flank the lawlessness, and failure to enforce federal laws by stopping the flows of dirty money.

In a perfect world, Mayor Schaaf would be prosecuted or sacked for violating federal statutes. But I won't hold out for that.

Drain the swamp and let demagogues like Schaaf lose their ability to engage in demagoguery in the name "social change."

End this gangsterism of the Obama/Holder era.

Captain Hate

In Congress, we can do oversight, we can subpoena, we can hold people in contempt, we can impeach, but we can’t actually go and arrest someone and hold them in a jail and prosecute them

I'm glad Nunes took the opportunity to point out this obvious truth. So many times in the past, people like Issa would grandstand in front of Chris Wallace and act like there would be dire consequences from what he was doing and then nothing. He never took advantage of the opportunity to stress that Stedman nor LoLy would do a GD thing with his committee's findings.

Account Deleted

"Guys like him generally emerge from college bigger busy body pricks than they entered."

Note to self: Refrain from sipping any kind of beverage when reading Iggy's posts.

Clarice Feldman


Cashill on Sundance and Parkland

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

Camera Hogg

That is excellent.


Olympic Bobsledder Lauren Gibbs Deletes Selfie with Ivanka Trump, Sarah Sanders After Onslaught of Hate

Twitter is good for bullies.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

She posted two beautiful tweets yesterday saying that she appreciated their support and that there was no reason people couldn't be friendly and civil even if they don't agree.

I guess she learned HER lesson.

Trumpet Dumpty can't reassemble.

"I believe my father"

Heh. Incest victim blames self.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Charlie Spiering
‏Verified account @charliespiering
2m2 minutes ago

Trump on weekend lunch with NRA officials — “I cannot believe the press didn’t find this out .. I believe they were a little bit … I don’t want to say lazy…”

Trumpet Dumpty can't reassemble.

"I'm glad Nunes took the opportunity to point out this obvious truth"

You really have topped off your tank shit.


Has the Walker zombified Sharia for cultists yet henry?


SCOTUS has privatized their bona fides and the typical end game is nothing but cowardice.

Captain Hate

Patterico demand an oath of eternal fealty to Jake Tapper and Mona Charen?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Why certain people predicted a Trump win while the majority of pundits and assorted politicos did not.

Well worth reading.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏ @unseen1_unseen
4m4 minutes ago

Rush is now reporting on the information @TheLastRefuge2 broke last week about the Broward school policy.

That would be Sundance's columns. Yay!


Patterico is merely being rational.

Smoke em if you got em.


Trump: I would have run into school during shooting even without a gun...

Now that's some bullshit.



Miss Marple the Deplorable

I had better get some work done. I have been reminded how trash can pile up if you're not diligent.

Back later.


"Kushner’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, declined to comment."



First time ever loudmouth Lowell contained hisself.

James D.

Whatever happened to the old adage that children should be seen and not heard?



MM -

When we're human again
Only human again,
When we're knickknacks and whatnots no more....

I couldn't resist as my students just performed Beauty and the Beast this weekend. Those tunes are stuck in my head now for weeks!


Which libertarian cult does this cuck claim?



Romney meeting #resistance.



Apparently, if you are obstructing justice, like Devin Nunes…in the eyes of CPAC…you get an award, The Schiff Memo Drops While Devin Nunes Wins a CPAC Award

Nunes was presented with the ACU’s “Defender of Freedom” award and received a standing ovation.

If you want to read in detail the background during this award presentation, WaPo has a good description: Nunes gets conservative award for pushback on Russia probe – The Washington Post

Defender of Freedom…fucking hell.


Ggargle your Bargle


Sorry I missed you!


JamesD - Some children are not being heard - it depends on what they are saying.


Jim Eagle

I am still waiting for Morning Joe to interview me since I am also a survivor of the Parkland school shooting and know that the Broward sheriff is an elected position by Broward county voters and doesn't report to Ric Scott. I would be able to set them straight since the unimpeachable brat David Hogg has convinced the American press that the NRA pulled the trigger on Cruz's AR-15.

I mean, where was Dana Loesch at 2:21 on February 14th? What is her alibi?

Account Deleted

From AT archive (2/23/18):

Gun Violence Target Explains Why He Supports 2nd Amendment Not Teen 'Victims'

Ggargle your Bargle


I can't say how entertaining your purply-bruised prose sounds accompanied by my Sawzall.

Jim Eagle

Rush continues his reading of CTH on Broward school policy.

Account Deleted

Why David Hogg Appeals To Leftists

and shows no interest in any kind of "national conversation" about gun violence.


anonamom, I thought Marlene's comment was perfectly clear:

murder *by* a knife wielding maniac

*of* a woman who attends a Maine college

Looks good to me. :)


Continuing, vibranium seems be along the line of adamantium which is also of extraterrestrial origin, but it doesn't explain the technological advances, which are unique to wakanda unless one of the infinity stones are involved


T_D is on fire today.


3 questions inspector general must answer regarding investigation of FBI leadership

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) is a nonpartisan oversight branch charged with detecting and deterring misconduct within the Department of Justice (DOJ). The FBI and its director answer to the DOJ and its head, the attorney general.

It is no secret that the OIG is investigating allegations of malfeasance within the upper echelons of FBI leadership during the James Comey era, from September 2013 until his firing last May. Its report could ruin careers and reputations at the FBI, damage the bureau's morale and image, or even lead to the prosecution of some FBI officials.

The expected report is a hotly debated topic between two intransigent camps, pitting adherents of the Comey cult-of-personality against those who view his tenure as fraught with somewhat well-intentioned but inherently politicized missteps.

Those detractors, with whom I claim association, view Comey's oversight as a period when the bureau's organizational values tacked out of alignment. We lament the missed opportunity for Comey, the custodian of those values. to exhibit courage and confront a bully of a president who, sensing weakness, exploits it.



yeah, that new thread thing


MASTER CLASS: Charles C.W. Cooke effortlessly DISMANTLES David Hogg’s ‘incoherent’ talking points – twitchy.com



I love Charlie!


I just saw an anti-gun,anti-Gov. Scott ad on local (Sarasota) news. The ad is paid for by the Gabby Giffords ant-gun group.




Miss M,
Congratulations on the "new" car. Since it sounds like a friendly private sale, I hope you have decent maintenance records. If so, track the timing belt replacements against mfr's recommended schedule. Your mileage suggests it's probably due. Don't neglect that!

A broken timing belt, easily deferred because the car seems to run fine, can lead to the engine parts fighting among themselves, often to the point that an engine repair is impractical...just happened to my daughter's Outback. I replaced that car for less than cost of fixing it just a couple weeks ago. Her "new" Outback is scheduled for timing belt replacement!

Happy trails to you...and thanks for your great and prolific posting...you're a better news aggregator than Drudge!

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