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February 14, 2018



I'm not seeing the connection between Trump not calling Putin spawn of the devil thus reasonable that Trump could be Russian agent.
But yeah, no idea if media members are active conspiracists or just eager to help Dems push an agenda.

TK said: "The media is fair and impartial when they push for answers about Trump/Russia because they did the same thing with Obama/Pakistan."

Me: The media is fair and impartial when they request tax returns from Trump because they did the same thing with Obama's academic records.

Account Deleted

I see you anonamom! LOL

I'm back up to 65% and thinking about holding at 85% before heading to see Gundry in Palm Springs come June.

98% ended June 29 when the blood infection toppled my T4. I was at the mercy of hospital food or no food at all, and the psychotic nightmare of dilaudid and a serious fentanyl hangover.

So slowly and conscientiously I am re-eliminating soup and some other partially cooked inputs. And I am making dehydrated kale-spinach crackers again.

Thankfully this Garden of Eden in which we live has given us the sustenance to be self-healing (maybe not self-directed!)



I'm so sorry, MM--I hope the advice here helps, and that of your doctors. I think everyone knows that quitting smoking is easier said than done--thankfully, while I smoked all through college, bumming from guys generally, I never got hooked, because I never learned to inhale properly (a dweeb, yes).


Jim, "not calling Putin the spawn of the devil thus reasonable that Trump could be Russian agent."


Not calling Un's sister the spawn of the devil thus reasonable that the entire MSM could be Nork agents.

Not calling _____ the spawn of the devil thus reasonable that the entire MSM could be _______ agents.

This could be fun.

Account Deleted


Beasts of England

The pool? Jane wins again!! :)

Jim Eagle

Very interesting curatorial article on an exhibit at Yale that we failed to see.

About WWI and ethnic identity but the best part is that the hero of Progressivism birth, Teddy Roosevelt, was vehemently against hypenated Americans.


Beasts of England

'But, if you are going to assert that the media are principals in a conspiracy, you need to consider whether their reporting had some basis in fact.'

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm almost certain that the burden of proof rests with the accuser.

Account Deleted

So let me get this straight, the media squawks when POTUS villifies an enemy. But when he doesn't they squawk even worse with a trumped up SPEC-PROS charade looking find grounds for removal from office and worse.

Yet, here is our Commander-in-Chief raining down hell upon Russian "auxiliary troops" in Syria-- to the point of breaking all-time US records for artillery bombardment (can we get this into the Summer Olympics as a sport?), and they call him a Russian agent.

Soros didn't play much RISK, STRATEGO, or BATTLESHIP growing up.

MOAB these weenies, God Bless Israel, and E Pluribus Unum, Lefty Deep State curs.

Jim Eagle

Bumming Cigs is the easiest way to gradually quit since sooner or later your mooching catches up and no one gives in anymore.

Nothing like having to fly in a oxygen tent of a buut ffer at altitude for 13 hours to take the taste away. But once back on land everyone lit up. The OC was a fog of nicotine and martinis. Back then no one drank beer. That was a journeyman's drink:)

I suggest giving up both but the martini, only ocassionally. Hope DoT is lurking and laughs at that one.

Jim Eagle

...buffer, not buu ffer.....Yikes!


MM - so sorry to sign on and read of your problem. I concur with the excellent advice you've been given. The water will make a huge difference if you are used to walking around dehydrated.

Although my doctor did not agree that diet or supplements would aid my healing, I felt it couldn't hurt. I grew to love my daily green smoothies.

Praying for a reliable diagnosis and quick end to these episodes!

Beasts of England

And catching up, am I to assume Extraneus is at the Miami Boat Show? That would be sporty...


More bad news for the FBI!

Reuters Top News‏Verified account
JUST IN: FBI investigated school shooting threat made on YouTube last year but could not identify person behind it - FBI agent in charge of Florida shooting probe

Kevin Moran

He threw the FBI off by using his real name.


The two hijackers in San Diego, did the same trick.

Jim Eagle

But, but, but, momto2 we are supposed to believe the FBI is the wall between us and total wipeout of humanity as we know it.

Interesting how the Dems will now defend even more the FBI from the transgressions of Russian collusion and Trump. Talk about corners and painting.


MM, it's the diet soft drinks!! The artificial sweeteners.

I thought I passed that on--a couple of friends have experienced it--one while traveling ALONE in India. You can imagine how terrifying that would be! She'd been even using artificial sweeteners in baking.

Cut those out too. Definitely can cause amnesia.

Le Croix water is good--flavored but NOT sweetened. Lots of different flavors too, and some come in cool skinny cans that make you feel oh so sophisticate.


OT - This is a fun, healthy diversion for the weekend. The Great Backyard Bird Count is this weekend.

Fill your feeders, get out your bird ID books and spend 15 minutes or more counting birds.

I heard the first Great Horned Owl of the season last evening. Doubt I will see him or be able to count him. It's fun to download an owl call on your phone and play it on your phone's speaker. Sometimes they will answer.



I'd like Appalled to explain exactly when Russia became our enemy. Was it after the 2012 debate when Obama quipped about the 80's wanting their foreign policy back? If so, was it after Obama secretly told Medvedev to tell Vladimir that he'd be more flexible after the election? (Flexible about what, btw?)

IMO, the Russian scare was manufactured in order to target Trump. It had nothing to do with real foreign policy concerns, since Obama never cared about foreign policy unless it was to prop up a leftist dictator or to put Israel at a disadvantage. The petulant outgoing Light-bringer even used sanctions against Russia in furtherance of domestic political treachery. Kind of dangerous, actually. It was smart of Flynn to try to calm that situation down, and what did they do with the unmasked Flynn's wiretap? Framed him, and extracted a guilty plea to a non-crime by threatening to go after his son. When the FBI didn't even think he lied during the partisan Strzok's interview.

Anyway, Appalled, when did we become enemies with Russia?


No Splenda at all? Ugh. Bye-bye coffee.


am I to assume Extraneus is at the Miami Boat Show?

Today and tomorrow. Even got the hat.

Jim Eagle

anonamom is right on.

I only drink water, mostly Fiji, but also tap water which is pretty good here in Suffolk County. Time to change, MM. Its hard but necessary if you want to see the next decade or more.

Also, go out and walk. Walk two blocks at first the every other day, add a block. Pretty soon you are walking a mile or two. Do it! You will feel better and stronger.

Excerise and diet. Lots of brain food = protein like salmon. Get with it.


Bird count? At single digi temps? Maybe next month (really June).


Buckeye...re SS assistance...
I needed to correct paperwork to have Medicare premiums deducted from annuity payments. First contacted Fed OPM and was told that had to be processed through SS. So went to SS field office where I spent some hours waiting to see someone. Got shuffled up the line cuz first couple levels of staff couldn't figure it out. Finally got to see a senior staffer and explained there was an error in processing my Medicare premiums, and that I had evidence I'd originally applied correctly. He needed to consult with office manager. She and he spent about a half hour massaging their computer while I watched from his desk. Then he came back and told me I had to reapply for Medicare, but first step was with a form that said I was voluntarily cancelling my Medicare. I was suspicious by then. When I completed that form, I added several hand written comments that qualified what I was doing, named names, dates, times, etc, and copied that for my records. While waiting for the wheels to grind, I recontacted OPM and explained what I was directed to do, and that it was in processing. The OPM person snorted over the phone and said that was incredibly stupid. OPM gets the pick of the litter it seems, because they are charged with taking care of their own. I've had good experiences dealing with OPM.

Social Security is FUBAR.


The Great Backyard Bird Count is this weekend.

Thanks Mom2, I didn't know that. I have a webcam on a couple of my feeders and might be able to do it remotely!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Been watching the local news.

We had two high school scares here due to kids panicking when they saw a cafeteria fight and someone thought they saw a gun. One was at my kids' old high school, and one at the big school on the far northside suburbs at Carmel.

One of the victims in Florida had been given a scholarship for swimming and academics to a local college, University of Indianapolis. Very sad.

Jim Eagle


Did you stop by the Hinckley's?

Did they update the Picnic boat?


And they didn't just frame Flynn, they ruined him. For sleazy political dirty trickery. Ruined his career and his life.

A man whom Obama should be serving coffee, as another great man would say.


Didn't see that, Jack. What is it? I'm going back tomorrow.


Byron York: Why are the Comey memos secret?

Jim Eagle


Just checked. They're not there. But Sea Ray is with their new 560. Worth a look. Downstream from me in Florida.


No Splenda at all? Ugh. Bye-bye coffee.

I don't use any of them, as I drink my coffee unadulterated, but I thought Stevia is supposed to pretty benign. Not sure if it works for coffee though.


From Byron York's article Ex posted @ 6:19

"An FBI agent's contemporaneous notes are widely held up in court as credible evidence of conversations," the Times added."

So these folks who have now been exposed as not just "leaning toward liberal" but all-out, snarling, slobbering Trump haters, are allowed to write down anything they want and it is later considered credible evidence?


Why hold these people in such high regard? These geniuses who saw Nicholas Cruz's name on a post but he "could not be identified?" @5:31

This needs to be changed...like yesterday! Everything involving the FBI needs to be tape recorded or it didn't happen. I don't trust them any further than I could have thrown them with my broken neck (not allowed to pick up over 5 lbs.)


So what did I win?

OL I had to throw away all Kiwi's wagon train treats today because they are made in China. Thar cost a pretty penny.

Kiwi eats chicken and rice. Rarely dog food and if so it's Cesar's.

This is the irst mass shooter in history I've ever felt sorry for. I' not excusing him, but it was a tough life and he's 19.

Jim Eagle


Ik ook (me too). Long Island couple move to Florida and adopt this kid.Both parents die and he is without anyone. Pretty sad and telling of our so called social-justice system of caring for all dependent on government without any government intervention even when the almighty FBI get the clues.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

I don't drink sweetened coffee, but I am a big diet Coke drinker. I will just have to give those up. Won't hurt me, and will save some money.


Miss M, I know it's easier said than done but my grandmother used to tell me that worrying is a lot like rocking in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn't get you anywhere. Always in my prayers.


MM, I smoked the summer I was 18, and miss it still almost every day-
-four decades later.
Loved it.
Every single cigarette, a mini vacation. Plus--what a great drug--anxiolytic AND stimulant!
I don't underestimate the role smoking plays in one's life.

I've been spending time with my 80 year old retired partner--fabulous woman. Tied to her oxygen lines and walker now. In and out of the hospital.
All was fine til it wasn't, five years ago.
Limiting her husband's life, not being able to be part of her children's and grandchildren due to her choice to smoke is a burden she bears.

Quit. If you slip, quit again. And then again.
SBW's way might be yours.

I strongly suggest nicotine patches or gum to satisfy the addiction, as it is real. Those receptors want their nicotine.


Jimmy K is correct, Stevia is fine, as it is not an artificial sweetener.
It's from a plant.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I was dumbfounded to know that the FBI doesn't record interviews, but just makes notes on those damn 302's. Who has allowed this to continue in the age of portable recorders and computers.

That needs to be changed, pronto!


MM, it's the diet soft drinks!! The artificial sweeteners.

You're a doctor and I'm not, so I should probably keep my mouth shut, but the idea that "artificial sweeteners" in general cause amnesia strikes me as highly dubious. Why should both aspartame, which is a bipeptide, and sucralose, which is a modified sucrose molecule, case the same ill effect? I suppose it's vaguely possible that what ever makes them both sweet also causes amnesia, but if that's so, why don't natural sweeteners do so also? I can certainly believe some particular class of artificial sweeter might cause amnesia in some people, but the idea that it's a general property of artificial sweeteners sounds more like folklore than medicine.


Sugar is from a plant, too.


Good Morning!

Just awoke and so sorry to see our wonderful girlfriend Miss Marple's post. Keep rolling Miss M. I got no medical advice, but I wouldn't change a lick posting-wise. Keep slinging it out there like normal 'cause we love you and Trump and JOM needs you doing that valuable chore on a daily basis. When I'm exhausted and feeling a bit blue I lie on the rug and let the puppy dogs lick me back to mental and physical health. They read us better most times than we read ourselves, so sprawl on the carpet with Maggie and Jack, heed their diagnosis, and press on good friend.

PS---I hope it wasn't the chocolate from Venezuela:(




I hope you are right because I still enjoy drinking Diet Coke but have cut down recently.
I wish you would ost more often.
I always enjoy your comments.
Your words about worry are exactly how I feel about it.
Action is the answer or talking to someone to resolve the situation.
MM :
WRT your ex- husband, he is no longer your problem.
Don’t empower him with any control over your life.
I think he is a trigger for bad feelings.
Just remember these words from a friend:
Not my monkey- not my circus.

Jim Eagle

Going to bed early again.

Will lurk from bed. Need to be early to get Fred up and begin to organize for our trip down to Florida. Bringing the Beagles back next weekend. That is enough of a challenge.

Interesting how all the athletes speak perfect english but none of ours speak Finnish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, Latvian, Polish, or Russian. Wonder why?

/You all know why but the left is in denial.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Just did a google, and there are several articles tying aspertame (Nutrasweet) to memory loss. So I am going to go with anonamom's advice and switch to unsweetened iced tea, water, and coffee.


I became intrigued with the whole Congolese situation, after a minor Daniel suarez novel that mentioned koltan and the warlords in passing, we are told it is one of the bloodiest places on earth, but we aren't told who does the bulk of that resource go through china, these bastards used the Rwandan genocide as an opportunity for business expansion.


Anonamom, I thought nicotine was the drug that coopted the dopamine cycle while constricting arteries etc. can't see how a patch or gum helps... it keeps the addiction going. Like quitting alcohol by drinking vodka instead of beer.

(I never smoked, did do far too much chew and help on a tobacco quit site).


Congratulations to your daughter and you as a parent.
Well done!

Beasts of England

If you need help picking one out just let me know, Extraneus - my watercraft consulting rates are quite reasonable!! :)


Who is about to plea with Molar?



Last night I was able to catch up on the last 48 hours worth of threads. Really enjoyed your Am Thinker midweek column and the links to Judge Sullivan's rulings that Team Mueller and the DOJ has to actually obey the Law. (Imagine that!)

Just before going to work I saw a headline saying that late yesterday Mueller had asked for a protective order to seal all the documents re: Flynn and FISA-gate.

That had me thinking all night that Mueller was trying to pull a fast one in order to somehow not have to comply with Judge Sullivan's orders, but now on catchup I see via Sundance, that events took another unusual turn yesterday as Special Counsel Robert Mueller -with agreement from all parties- filed a motion for a protective order to seal documents. These are documents compelled on behalf of the defense, by Judge Emmet Sullivan, prior to sentencing.

So with all parties agreeing to this latest Mueller move, does that give you any new insight into what's going on that differs from Sundance's take that it seems to implicate Judge Contreras as a dirty Judge? If you have any different thoughts or links on that I'd appreciate hearing 'em.


Never smoked and try to eat healthy foods.
What was in your green smoothies?


Rick gates, he clearly took the wrong turn at Albuquerque, among his attys Thomas green's previous clients are Richard record from Iran contra. I think the same 'fruit of the poison' problem attached.


I also am interested in why all records have to be sealed.
So much happens behind the scenes.
Biggest revelation: FBI is really a Keystone Cop organization that needs revamping.

Beasts of England

What's your opinion on vaping, anonamom? I have several friends who were long-time heavy smokers who haven't touched a cigarette since they tried the electronic version.


Narc: what is the plea? Process crime, taxes, mattress tag?


The patch or gum helps by helping to quit the smoking feeling. Filling your lungs with smoke is addictive in its own right. Possibly even more so than the nicotine. Both are very hard to quit at once. One at a time makes it more manageable.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

Nolte — Hate Fatigue: CNN Viewership Collapses 30%



Maryrose, never smoked either. But worked for a marine Colonel that used Copenhagen. My grandfather and uncles smoked cigars and pipes. Thought it was benign. I was wrong. Powerful drug, and highly addictive. I wish I never tasted tobacco in any form.


I remember many moons ago when Crystal Light first came out we used to take it to work on the airplane. After years of flying, most of us became bored with the drink choices on the airplane so it was a treat to mix up a pitcher of Crystal Light lemonade or peach tea.

We offered some to the cockpit crew and one pilot asked if it had artificial sweetener in it. When we said yes, he told us he had a horrible episode after drinking some and he called it "brain fog."

He said his doctor said it only affected a small percentage of people but it was a real physical reaction to the substance.


Ext & Beasts, I see many articles recommended chew or vape as a way to quit smoking. As far as I can tell, both end up delivering a higher nicotine dose than cigarettes. If you need a fix, chew on a flavored toothpick (or use one of the non-nicotine chews re chewing tobacco). One week to flush nicotine from your system. Then a couple months for dopamine production to recover. No healing if still pumping nicotine into your bloodstream.


I'm guessing registration issues, I was relating some of these slimy nazgul that are prologue to Susan rice working the taliban re bergdahl and the like, as well as the Libyan chieftains like bel hadj.


New Thread.


Here's The HILL story on Trump's former campaign advisor Richard Gates, about to cop a plea with Mueller:

Gates close to plea deal with Mueller in Russia probe: report

A close reading of The Hill story shows that it has nothing to do with Russia, but is supposedly related to some Tax stuff from who knows when and where:

...Mueller’s investigators are planning to file new charges against Gates that are tax-related, sources familiar with the investigation told the network. The additional charges could be used to pressure Gates into cooperating with Mueller’s team.

Additional charges against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort are also being prepared, according to CNN...

So once again, nothing to do with Russian collusion regardless what the headline's imply. I hate Mueller's guts.

Beasts of England

I was asking for a friend, henry. ;)


Beasts, you have my email if I can help. Nic addiction is awful.


Nicotine addiction is one thing; damage to the insides of blood vessels is another.

Yes, nicotine can constrict blood vessels, but that is a transient effect; smoking damages the inside --components in the smoke that are absorbed. Permanent narrowing from the atherosclerosis that results.


MJW, my recollection is that they are thought to act as false neurotransmitters, though I do not know if anyone has done research on the why--just have noted the association, and most important, that the amnesia episodes stop when they are no longer consumed.

No, it's not everybody; it's rare--but if a person is experiencing amnesia and ingesting artificial sweeteners, stop and see if you get better.
And other known compounds that effect mentation, like alcohol.

I'd do that, then work on adding the wine back in :-)


I quit cigarettes over 20 yrs ago Henry. Smoked a cigar a day after that, then finally quit those too. Very tough addiction. I'd go back in a minute if I weren't so stubborn.

Frau Papa Razzi

Let your church help you, Miss M.

Benedict XVI will celebrate his 91st birthday April 4th. He has a debilitating disease. He's inspired many--even those of us who are not Catholic or even traditionally religious.




Jane has captured my thoughts so well I'll just parse her note for you, annotated as appropriate.

I'm so sorry about your scary news. CHECK

I have lost tons of memory over the years. CHECK

And I'm inconsistent so I can never remember where I put things. I lose words all the time.

I live in a 55 and older community, and everyone has the same problem. CHECK...MINE IS A COMMUNITY OF ONE.

I do find I still have a steel trap mind when it comes to things I love, like the news.


You just might be getting like the rest of us. I hope and pray that is the case. DITTO

Posted [ORGINALLY] by: Jane | February 15, 2018 at 03:17 PM

Best wishes, MM.



Jane. I'm a slow reader and by the time I'm caught up, the event has usually passed. I will simply echo all the others who've passed on their hopes and prayers for little Kiwi in the last few days. I hope his (her?) recovery is coming along well. Our dogs become parts of the family, and their distress or passing is as profound as the agony experienced by the illness or passing of a child or parent or other loved one. It took over six months to overcome the grief of losing my daughter's Starr, a beloved Walker Hound, I had adopted.

Best wishes, Ed

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