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February 14, 2018



I will forego the shorts though.

Buckeye, please! The children!

Old Lurker

Buckeye, what is a "washing machine"?


The media is fair and impartial when they push for answers about Trump/Russia because they did the same thing with Obama/Pakistan.


Took a nice pre-spring walk down by Lake Erie this morning.
Still had on my winter quilted vest, sweatshirt and winter hat.
Most of it was frozen but a small part was moving much to the delight of the sea gulls and the ducks.


Susan Rice could write her “by the book” memo because she knew seeds were already planted so deep (FISA warrants) that following the book would reveal the planted evidence.


I could do a day trip in March and could meet you halfway so you wouldn’t have to go west to pick me up.
Can’t go on St Patrick’s Day , family tradition to uphold.


Sara A. Carter @SaraCarterDC

LATEST: Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Andrew Weissmann Busted for Withholding Evidence in Previous Case via @@SaraCarterDC wp.me/p9jC9u-vK


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Hello, all!

I had another episode of amnesia this morning. I will be going in for further tests on the 23rd.

They have ruled out dementia and tumors. What's left is carotid arteries and an echo-cardiogram to check heart function.

I cannot tell you how frightening this is. This morning I didn't remember where my car was (which my son totaled).

Anyway, that's why I haven't been here much. I am trying to keep up but when you forget whole events and stretches of time, it's pretty scary.

Old Lurker

For Buckeye:



Scary Miss M! Get well.


"you need to consider whether their reporting had some basis in fact."

and you need to consider - silently - what the fact that it didn't means.


Will McConnell keep his word and have a vote on this!

Senator Tom Cotton: Schumer bill is a disgrace. Huge amnesty of 5-10M people, including PARENTS of DACAns. Phantom border control. No chain or diversity reforms. Directs DHS to deprioritize enforcement for illegals NOT YET IN COUNTRY. Call your senator this morning & ask to vote no! 202-224-3121

Account Deleted

I was in wretched "car wreck" traffic yesterday to and from Alameda (8 miles).

Took an hour to get home. I hardly ever drive even in Berkeley before 9 and after 11a.

Even then it's a 1.4 mile jaunt to the Safeway and my horrible bank.

I passed the time listening to Dr. Savage. He hasn't been talking about the fake news assault on POTUS since the SOTU address in any appreciable detail. He'll quote "Trump's War" to lay out what POTUS must do to succeed and comment when it doesn't seem to be happening. Cut and dried.

Yesterday Dr. Savage was talking about the Second Amendment.

Opening his radio caller line to law enforcement officers (COPS--- not FBI/DEA/DHS bureaucrats) Dr.Savage asked them what was the best weaponry for home defense. Unanimous choices, fr a dozen responders, were two--- a revolver (won't jam, just point and shoot), and a shotgun.

Then Dr. Savage invited Second Amendment "absolutists" to chime in. Unanimous opinion: we need auto assault rifles, armour piercing rounds, tracer bullets, everything, etc in case the government comes for them.

Dr. Savage was disgusted by their zeal saying "If the government wants to come for you and you resist they are going to blow your house off the block, which they've already demonstrated to people through situations like Waco."

One caller, three tour vet was clear on auto-fire weaponry (combat weaponry) has no place in the hands of a self-trained civilian (non-military trained rifleman).

It is unbridled lethal force and killing power through walls. Etc.

What he suggested was a law to ban the sale of replaceable loaded magazines. Make the magazine so it has to be fixed in place by screws.

Reloading manually would slow down the rate of discharge and increase the possibility when in the hands of a nutbag that a hand-loaded magazine would likely jam when done in a hurry on scene.

But restrict sales of the extra magazines. Of course the ripple effects of such a law on gun show purveyors would need to be addressed.

All of that discussion was brought on by the FLA shooting.

Prior to that Dr. Savage wanted to know who is getting the hotel contracts from DeBlasio in NYC to put homeless people in $250 per night hotels?

One caller reported that there has been a breakdown in teaching our citizens how a burger flipping job teaches you to meet and make connections to advance yourself.

The caller put it this way "There's break in people's comprehension of how the American system works and it is widespread. And that leads to desperation, murder, and unspeakable crimes."

Hear! Hear! Conservatives need to pick up our battleflags and drive the national will to act to legislate the current Communist manifestos for mind control (under the guise of mindfulness policy and die-versity) on our Bill of Rights, government in education. We must return to *FUNDAMENTALS* of citizenship and self-government: and getting back to basics on how a society is a positive force for conditioning human beings noggin-boxes to *DEVELOP* under their own power.

I realized in the 70s when Pat Robertson and Jim Baker and Falwell were tar-brushed as Christian FUNDAMENTALISTS. Now the PC term is "core principles"---- Commie Carp for how we're going to make you subscribe to an intended world commie order (channeling my inner-GUS here. 'sup BFAM?!?)
Until then, we're going to have the ACLU and the SJW's visions of death and darkness for self-government.


matt - deplore me if you must

What really pisses me off is that the whole system is broken and the same people yell time and again to take things away from people or to throw money at the problem. This is societal.

Serious mental illness is not taken seriously. This kid was ID'd by the people around him as the "boy most likely to go on a rampage" and no one did a thing.

U have been working on a set of proposals to change the way we treat both addiction and serious mental illness.

In both cases the individual is non compos mentis, they cannot make rational decisions. In many cases they are arrested for felonies and processed through the criminal justice system, but do not get treatment for their underlying illnesses.

In the case of addiction or dual diagnosis, there is jail time involved, sometimes with straight MI as well. There is no treatment in jail, only behavior modification through either discipline or medication. Most of the violence in jails and prisons revolves around the mentally ill as victims, mostly.

So if some is convicted, why not give them a choice of jail or treatment? Or if they are brought in for severe psychosis, why not track them into an involuntary program? This is what we used to do.

It takes between 6 months to a year or more to re-wire addict brain. Put them in locked facilities dedicated to treatment, not warehousing or punishment. This would also include the severely mentally ill on a separate track. If you ideate shooting lots of people you really shouldn't be on the street. There is also a condition in mental illness called anosognosia, where the individual cannot or will not recognize their illness. Another factor in treatment.

The evidence shows that permanent supportive housing and wraparound services reduces reengagement by 85-90%. This is a big factor in addressing the homelessness problem. A lot of those homeless are addicted or have mental illnesses.

It is also much less expensive to treat the illnesses and care for the individuals outside of the ER's and jails. It is also more compassionate.

But for politicians and "experts" to offer the same old shit every day is unacceptable. There was a blog piece in the NYT yesterday on addiction treatment and they asked some of these experts what they would do if they had $300 Billion over 10 years. The top answers were methadone and expanded Medicare.

Permanent supportive housing with wraparound care can be done for between $20K - $50K/year, even in high cost California. It costs from $50-$140K/year to house people in jail.

Some people will need long term locked care, like these shooters. But if there were a different treatment modality, I think we could heal them enough so that they could re-enter society and not be an immediate threat to themselves or others.

Thomas Collins

According to Sharyl Atkisson, Appalled, media unanimity in reporting a story is a sign of fake news.


Here is an excerpt from the article linked above:

"She described two warning signs to look out for.

1.When the media tries to shape or censor facts and opinions rather than report them.

2. When so many in the media are reporting the same stories, promulgating the same narratives, relying on the same sources -- even using the same phrases.

Attkisson pointed out that there's an infinite number of ways to report stories, so 'when everybody's on the same page, it might the result of an organized campaign.'"

In the "news" re Trump's collusion with Putin, we not only have stories repeating each other, we have supposed "intelligence of Steele" (so to speak) being verified by a journalistic piece that relied on the supposed intelligence it was supposedly verifying.

It's tougher and tougher for satirists these days, because so much of actual news seems like satire.

Let me put it this way, Appalled: Do you really think that the press's focus on whether Trump colluded with Putin, as opposed to Uranium One sleaziness, is an indication that Trump/Putin collusion is more likely to have occurred than Uranium One sleaziness?

Jim Eagle

I was wondering when ARTBA, ABC, AGC, ASCE and NCA, would fire up the war room for the 25cent increase in the gas tax. ARTBA will take the lead but the heavy hitters will come out of the National Constructors Association.

They will round up the building trades unions, the state highway departments and don't forget Caterpillar, GM, John Deere et.al. Infrastructure and the money for it will be an irresistable force in the halls of Congress.

You can probably put the 25cent increase in the bank unless Trump has a Project Finance Initiative ala the UK version. Trouble is those have lower NPV's than if the government direct funds. Instead of paying for it over 20 years on a DBOM kind of deal. Plus the legal, consultancy, bankers and accounting fees to do a public/private financing can be as much as 15% of the total installed and operating/maintenance costs.

And it will attract the world players like Alstom, Odebrecht, Skanska, Technip, Saipem, China State Construction and Chiyoda especially if it goes Public Private Partnerships and private financing.

Let the good times roll:)



I have the deluxe clothes basket.

My underwear doesn't just get deposited on the bed, it makes it in the drawers:)

Account Deleted

Extracted from DebinGA's 1:03, Trump's statement to kids:

""I want to speak now directly to America's children, especially those who feel lost, alone, confused or even scared," the president said from the White House. "I want you to know that you are never alone — and you never will be. You have people who care about you, who love you, and who will do anything at all to protect you. If you need help, turn to a teacher, a family member, a local police officer or a faith leader."

The practice of a Loving Father is steeped in the tradition of a Loving God--- the ultimate map for anyone trying to raise children. They need fathers--- real one's, not sperm donors or "play date" partners for the turkey baster generation.

MAGA needs to include our children and we must drive the agenda to revitalize Alpha masculine virtues, genuine warriorship (it is right to defend women and children and defuse danger), self-sufficiency, mercy, anger tempered by Love and Intelligence (the real meaning of Compassion-- not Enablement and Co-dependency and bun wearing), a sense of wonder about the natural world to pass along to the wee folk, kindness and relationship to animals, strength and health, and respect for the living Sources of human life--- the Women--- and the Mighty Unborn.

That POTUS statement inspired me to no end. It's an early Father's Day gift from the President of the United States.

One last thought--- been going back through the music i was first listening to until I was 21 from the late 50s until leaving college. Steven Stills had it right "It starts when you're always afraid."

Now this may need a lot of qualification but even here in our home the Loving Father is the essence of the Standing Bear medicine that balances Mrs. Kid's Hawk medicine and Levon's Wolf medicine. The Bear protects and teaches---- even his wife, but in a way that reminds her that she needn't live afraid for one second longer than it takes to reveal her fears to this Bear--- Shash.

Yes, she has women to support her and be with her at certain times and to talk shit with her. But fearlessness begins at home with the Loving Father. Not as her Father, but a practicing Father. That scoop of vanilla creme should always be there.

That's who and what we elected. And it is driving the Left insane. Many of them never had one or if they did, they hated him. "Imagine no Fathers, it's easy if you try..." ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!


Account Deleted

Dear maryrose:

i thoroughly enjoyed your snapshot of a late winter's walk.


Old Lurker

I have the same one, Buckeye.

Tis a miracle.

Account Deleted

JiB--> i agree with that scenario re infrastructure one hundred percent. It might even revive the coal and steel industries.



For those thinking govt employees will be punished for their crimes:

MacIver Institute @MacIverWisc

Attorney General Brad Schimel says John Doe agent Dropbox and email accounts on third-party servers containing secret, illegally seized John Doe records were still active.

No encryption on Dropbox. FYI.



Miss Marple,How distressing this all must be for you. So sorry.

Account Deleted

"Let me put it this way, Appalled: Do you really think that the press's focus on whether Trump colluded with Putin, as opposed to Uranium One sleaziness, is an indication that Trump/Putin collusion is more likely to have occurred than Uranium One sleaziness?"

This is vintage Thomas Collins. TC: remind me never to cross swords with you because you seem to carry these intricately forged dagger-like questions, from whence there is no return and no quarter given. Loving this!

Appalled, I keep you on HUSH because I'm weak and you make my blood pressure go up. So when I read my fellows mincing your contributions, it is a net drop in BP. My doctors are indebted to KillFile.


Account Deleted

Okay, at the risk of overposting (call the media, right?) I'll reveal a domestic truth about the Radiant Mrs Kid and yours truly.

We have 9 f*cking laundry baskets. Very functional system because we rack, hang, outdoor dry, electric dry but do loads like most with the sorting and such. But the sorting after the washes are done to accomodate drying and making our American made clothes last requires 3 baskets.

So why the extra six?

They are wicker.

Mrs Kid uses one to fold her daily wash (mostly training outfits she wears after her Special Ops morning routines).

I use the other 5 to store my clean clothes until the Round Tuit miraculously descends onto my face and I reload the chest of drawers.

I think that poor habit is what broke up my first marriage. We only had one laundry basket.

Who knew?


You'll remain in our prayers, MM. Ditto your doctors.

Old Lurker

Kev "I use the other 5 to store my clean clothes until the Round Tuit miraculously descends onto my face and I reload the chest of drawers."

That right there is your problem, Kev. The magic baskets Buckeye and I have actually place the clean, folded clothes into our dressers.


I am so sorry to hear this.Your inability to get a decent night’s sleep also concerns me.If I put on my counselor hat, I would suggest also talking to someone about all the recent trauma you have endured.
This is just a suggestion out of my genuine concern for your well-being .
Prayers will continue for a complete recovery.

Thomas Collins

I'm just a stumbling cupcake, Kev!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


It is very distressing. As someone who was always the Jeopardy winner in the family, and who keeps a lot of information in my head, it's pretty scary.

Anyway, I am reading but not commenting much because of it. I feel fine now, but to not remember chunk of stuff is scary as heck.

Anyway, I am reading along but not commenting much since I am afraid I will have forgotten pertinent facts.



Hope they get to the bottom of this quickly.

Got to be unnerving.

Did the previous episode happen within 24 hours of being around daddy???


I am afraid I will have forgotten pertinent facts

that doesn't stop us. ;)

Old Lurker

I find pertinent facts actually slow me down and interrupt my train of thought.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I actually didn't remember much about lunch with daddy until I saw some notes from my sister in email - then it came back to me.

Anyway, I am reading along but not commenting much so that I don't make a mistake and then get myself more upset.

My son is here with me today and will call up Uber to take a ride to work around 5.

I tell you, it's always something!


I agree with Maryrose,MM.

Account Deleted

matt--> always great reading your substantive narratives on the dynamics of addiction and human poverty.

I'm contesting nothing here with this excerpted bit from your essay (you are an essayist in my limited range of literary feats!).

I'm sharing a little about what happens beyond the 6 month rewiring--- something we Friends of Bill W know and understand if we do our heavy lifting in the early months and genuinely surrender.

"It takes between 6 months to a year or more to re-wire addict brain."

So, so, accurate. I white knuckled my first 9 years trying to self-educate instead of self-medicate. The proselytizing of Vermont AA was just too much to bear, and meetings hardly worked. I got clean and sober in southern Illinois for a year before moving to Vermont.

When Mrs Kid and I moved to Berkeley I finally hit rock bottom after limiting the rewiring process. I turned to my Sun dance brothers for help. If you want to ever find speakers for your clients to hear, then find the Sun dancers who live near you. We are everywhere.

The pain and suffering endured by these men and women is almost unimaginable. Bear dancers too. But it is 2x4 most of us require in order to let go of old ideas. That inside job so many mistake for rewiring the brain for some of us is an unburdening of our hearts (soul, consciousness, center whatevs).

The Heart is my electrician. Going on 3 decades now there are messages that give me pause as my noggin is so ready to transpose self-pity and emotive sentimentality into maps. And, you know as well as I that the map is not the territory.

I hope you are able to find time to restore your energy and revive your Spirit. When our family lodge is finally built, now that I am at the end of this cycle of spiritual sickness that has left through my body, YOU, fellow deplorable, will always be welcomed here.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin (So be it! All My Relations)

Shash aka Kev

PS: It was the "old music" that led me to the Church across the street from where i was living in 1990. One can hear words for a decade and not be listening.

Then this happened (my favorite rendition): Cant Find My Way Home


Jim Eagle


Is your Doc a Ben Casey type? Sounds to me like its a wiring issue.

Anyway, you are in our prayers for a positive dianosis and resultant fix.


You can bet there will be plenty of amendments to any infrastructure bill invoking Davis-Bacon, Jones Act and Buy America. Unfortunately, we don't have the steel making capacity like we used to have. Behtlehem's Sparrows Point is shut down last I heard. I think Harris, part of NUCOR, is now the largest fabricator of reinforcing steel. There are a lot of structural fabricators but not many makers anymore. China and Korea control that market and the QA/QC is questionable. Hell, even the Mexicans control most of our concrete supply through CEMEX.

Time for an infrastructure Elon Musk. Now, where did I leave my magic hat:)



We all have the subject we'd rather be talking about, and sometimes, in responding to an argument, we get on to that subject, even if that's not really the argument. With respect, I think you are doing that.

My intended argument is this -- if you are going to accuse the press as being principals in a conspiracy (which is a different thing then claiming they are biased), then you might want to rule out all other possibilities. And the fact is that Trump had spoken at least somewhat favorably about Putin on a number of occasions. A good faith liberal with a gift for hyperbole (you know, by your lights, someone like me) might easily write the articles the Federalist was pointing out as part of its conspiracy theory. They might also do it after being prodded by Clinton's people. These are opinion journalists, after all, and coming up with story ideas day after day after day without some help isn't easy.

I do believe the media has become blind in its bias. I don't think they worked hand in glove with Clinton and the FBI in setting Trump up in Spring 2016.

Now you ask a question -- what's more likely -- Trump colluded with Putin in some unspecified way, or Hillary caused a favorable decision on some Russian uranium interests, after knowingly receiving a nice healthy donation to the Clinton foundation. Answer is --

Donald Trump surely did not do any deal with Russia for help on his campaign. It is possible Trump's associates thought they might get some Hillary dirt from Russia, but if that had really happened, it would have leaked by now.

Hillary Clinton's involvement with the ultimate Uranium One decision is unproven, but possible. The reverse genius of the Clinton Foundation is that any donation can make any decision by the Hillary led State Department look dirty. (Of course, an upstanding politician would realize that AND JUST SAY NO.)

Account Deleted

"I'm just a stumbling cupcake, Kev!"

Posted by: Thomas Collins | February 15, 2018 at 02:11 PM

My budding friend, at least you get the recipe right. Makin' it to the plate, well, that's always a crap shoot in my kitchen!

Have a great weekend!!!



Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

The Schumer-Rounds-Collins immigration bill would be a total catastrophe. @DHSgov says it would be “the end of immigration enforcement in America.” It creates a giant amnesty (including for dangerous criminals), doesn’t build the wall, expands chain migration, keeps the visa...

...lottery, continues deadly catch-and-release, and bars enforcement even for FUTURE illegal immigrants. Voting for this amendment would be a vote AGAINST law enforcement, and a vote FOR open borders. If Dems are actually serious about DACA, they should support the Grassley bill!



Jim Eagle


Old Lurker

not gonna do it


Are you a fool appalled, the dossier paid by Dnc
With perhaps input from one of those same oligarchs deripasha used Russian disinformation
In official counterintelligence surveillance, and an official us intelligence estimate. Bow that oligarch made a billion pounds on the UK exchange.

Account Deleted

MM: Please send me an email with your snail addie. I won't interfere with your doc suggestions.

But I do have some information and an input that you may want to investigate and test for yourself.

What is happening is an escalation. I dont want to scare you. And if I might be overstepping, please accept my humblest apology.

But after a long, too long, period of tolerating debilitating escalation of disease that was entirely curable---- I will always speak up at least once to people I respect when there is recurrence and escalation.

I do not want to lose you or anybody else here due to doctor-inspired "toleration" and other nonsense that they are receiving money for.

When the risk of stroke was 9 on a 10 scale, my Anchu (teacher) told me that my body was out of sync with an attempt by my heart to release something that I was meant to carry no longer. That was in 1999. It wasn't until 2016 that I was able to sync up. And one year later the spinal infection (an escalation) was the perfect science of the body to gather up the material dimension of a dis-ease of Spirit.

It isn't just stress and strain and fatigue and pressure.

There are old rules and misinformation about "who" we are. And some of these get stored, but need to be released. Otherwise we exert so much unconscious (not an unenlightened sort but one we don't even think about, like a background running program) energy holding these in our small boxes where we keep them.

I have never seen you but I can see you clearly.

Maybe this is the stuff of a private email.

Maybe this comes off as some kind of repugnant mansplainin'.

But I don't care. I do care about you to the degree that you've etched a true place in my heart: I just Love you.

Rest well. You'll be receiving something very soon if you send me that street addie. Thanks.



Carlos slims was all verklempt over this, last week:


Account Deleted

I won't be on the night shift tonite, so Rich and Gus, here is a political tune from one of my East Bay homies, Carlos Santana and the Santana Band--
they played songs from their first album at my freshman welcome dance in August 1969.

This tune is from "The Man with the Outstretched Hand" (considered Santana 3 after Abraxas in case a reference is required. Neil Schon was encouraged to leave the band after this because Carlos saw that his style was explosively in need of control via self-direction of his own band. So keyboardist Greg Rolie and Schon left to form Journey--- and the rest is history.)

I want this played IN COURT on the day that they sentence Rodham to eternal damnation: "Toussaint l' Overture"---- the only black man to ever lead a successful slave revolt in Haiti against Napoleon's occupying force (1803ish).

Meant to play loud:


Warning: this is tequila drankin music ;)



I'm totally pissed that this ROB PORTER guy, was able to allude the FBI and shoot up a high school, with the aid of the PUTIN funded NRA.

In fact, I'm Appalled.


matt, is another saint--taking on a difficult issue against long odds for good purpose.

Account Deleted

narciso---> there are few human constants in life which do not disappoint.

one of my favorites of late is your ability to use an old fashioned harpoon with great precision.



Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am having trouble logging into my email right now. The problem seems to be the password, which I had stored, but it seems not to be working.

Are you on Twitter? If you are I could send it through that.

Old Lurker

Iggy too, Clarice.


Now I had forgotten that porter, had worked for three different senators, mike lee has certainly been basenghi on the matter.



I'm so sorry about your scary news. I have lost tons of memory over the years. And I'm inconsistent so I can never remember where I put things. I lose words all the time. I live in a 55 and older community, and everyone has the same problem. I do find I still have a steel trap mind when it comes to things I love, like the news. And my brain is sharper in stress.

You just might be getting like the rest of us. I hope and pray that is the case.


Why do we roll up snakeyes, even in places like the dakotas crikey?

Account Deleted

MOAB the Democrats.

Main HEADLINE: POTUS DECLARES STATE OF EMERGENCY ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER---> SUBS: Arizona, New Mexico, Tejas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabammy, and FLA citizenry rejoice.----> MS-13 imploding-----> Schumer scratching his coconut in a Ricky Ricardo moment of "Wha Happa Lucy?" confusion----> Susan Collins starts babbling in tongues like Pelosi-----> Council of La Raza Executive Board investigated for money laundering----> Moonbeam Brown steps down as cartels threaten his life openly----> Kabbalah Harris fills her piehole with crow----> California prisons cooperate with massive airlift of Mexican nationals out of the prison system back to Mejico.----> Obama amends his portrait to feature a chilled bottle of Dos Equis Donkey Piss and a cig in solidarity with "who we are."

I could do this all day. Executive Order that #Resist.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I never had problems with this. Ever. It came on sudden and was not forgetting certain things, but true amnesia, where you forget whole chunks of events.

This morning I couldn't remember that my son had totaled my car. AND, when I was trying to remember the car, I didn't remember the Jeep but my Datsun 510 from 20 years ago!

It's really frightening. I am concerned about ti because I don't want to be a burden to my kids.


Iggy,too,OL--but I don't want to signal he's my favorite favorite.

Old Lurker

NOT trying to be cute about MM's truly scary concerns, but "This morning I couldn't remember that my son had totaled my car."

Now that really sucks for him since his Mother will be mad at him all over again.

MM, are we going to have to send A-mom down there?


Lovely Miss M, you have many MANY friends and loved ones praying for you. You'll be just fine and raising hell soon.




I'm sure Sessions is handling this.

EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Official Bruce Ohr Hid Wife's Fusion GPS Payments From Ethics Officials


Question who was the supervisor of the unit. That received the tip from the vblolgger, and what did he do with it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks guys.

I am scheduled for 2 tests on the 23rd and another one on the 21st, I believe. (I will have to check.)

Meanwhile, my son and I think my ex-husband is up to no good in Africa and the Middle East. I am not making this up. I won't go into details but he seems to have some iffy contacts and operations.


So sorry Miss M, wishing you the best. May I suggest
doing a little breathing techniques to help with your
anxiety. They do work.

Calming Breath
Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs, then your upper lungs.
Hold your breath to the count of "three."
Exhale slowly through pursed lips, while you relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach.


It's really frightening. I am concerned about it because I don't want to be a burden to my kids.

I would't worry about that MM. From where I sit, looks like they owe you.


Looks like everyone knew

·CBS News
NEW: Broward County Sheriff's Office apparently notified in Feb. 2016 of Instagram post from Jan. 2016, under the name of Nikolas Cruz, that he was going to shoot his school, law enforcement source tells CBS News; Cruz was holding weapon in photo


Its understandable that certain dramatic events, that you have been subject to recently would be easy to forget,

You mention those two nodes and it makes me twitchy.

jimmyk on iPhone

Best wishes to you MM. I think and hope it's not a coincidence that his came on during a period of stress. I know for myself that poor sleep can seriously exacerbate memory issues. My occasional moments of confusion almost invariably happen first thing in the morning, and after a poor night's sleep, and before my first cuppa Joe.


MM, are you just forgetting the stressful things? Give yourself tests on the value of certain collectables.

Jim Eagle

Miss M,

Ever tried this site? I have been using it for a couple of years since my steel trap mind for names, titles, associations, etc. deteriorated big time after retirement.

It works and gives you not only analysis but games to play to resurrect your past memories. Try it.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


It's whole stretches of time. I still remember stuff on collectibles and scandals with Obama and stuff like that. It's like I go into a time warp.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Thanks, Jack! I will give that a try!


He was deemed acceptable to the gang of 14:


Old Lurker

Jane and other dog folks. This story broke in DC last night and seems to be a big deal.


Jim Eagle


You keep putting a period in front of your website link. It therefore doesn't work and we all have to go to the source and search for the information you wanted to share.


Why I pay a premium for my dog food (Nutrisource or Blue Wilderness) and treats. You can never be too safe. China again, I assume.

Old Lurker

I think Henry II had a nice quotation for Turbulent Priests that might apply to Black Robed Tyrants.

Figuratively speaking, of course.


Sorry about that, it was roger Gregory (Doug wilders law partner who was approved for a bag of magic beans.

Old Lurker

We do the same, Jack. And their mother reads the labels anyway.

Old Lurker

World's Greatest Deliberative Body:



And it's already 70° here, so I'm wearing shorts to the Thursday guitar jam. Top that!! 😎

82 at the Miami boat show at around the same time. 😎

Jim Eagle

I see a revolution coming and the hardest hit are going to be the judicial system and especially these Judges that think they are more important and authoritative than our elected executive who is truly trying to protect us.

If we have one more lone wolf attack who came here on a chain program or lottery visa, then Katy-Bar-The-Door. Especially, if the precious little flowers are killed. How come we never hear about banning trucks or guns when the Muzzies use them?


MM, stop drinking, for now anyways.
Also, I've asked before---are you ingesting any artificial sweeteners? They can cause amnesia in susceptible people.

And ditch the cigarettes--they cause small vessel disease, and the blood vessels in our brains are small.

Up your B vitamin intake. Terry Wahl says a plate of greens a plate of cruciferus, a plate of colorful, a plate of protein a day got rid of her neurological disease. She's fine w you cooking them!

Pull up her TED talk.


And if that doesn't work, you're going to have go raw, like KK. ;-)

Do you take fish oil???

Did you just find out about the EX's activities?

I also suggest taking a week off from the internet.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Just got off the phone with my friend who is a retired RN. She suggested cutting way back on the smokes which isn't a bad idea.

I also drink diet soft drinks so maybe I should switch to water. I also am going to knock off the wine, which is all I drink. I gave up martinis years ago.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


No, just that my son brought up today that he thinks his dad is up to something fishy.

This is true because I only found out he had been in the Congo during the court hearing for support. As far as I know there is no mining in the Congo which would require his expertise.

I am going to follow all of your instructions except maybe the internet. It's my entertainment!

Account Deleted

MM--> had to quit the Twit. Gonna get the addie a different way.... help is on the way.

One problem with trying to eat enough of the plant and fruits each and everyday for the polyphenols you need in the extreme is the amount of BULK.

So there is a corollary to A-mom's sage, as usual, advice: WATER and lots of it....at least 64 ounces.

Part and parcel of the parcel I'm sending you will contain a supplement of reds and greens that you mix with separate pints of water which give you the equivalent of three servings of the red fruits and greens high in polyphenols.

And, I will be sending a quality pro-biotic for digestive assistance. You will be rockin your brain and body in no time.

Then eating whole foods just helps you even more.

God Bless!


Jim Eagle

MM smokes? Didn't know that.

MM - Full cold turkey stop. Believe me, at your age it ain't good no matter how it makes you feel. Not good. Not Good. Not Good.

And make anyone in your family who also smokes to either quit or go outside and imbide.

We are all here for you (and Janet, come to think about it:)


She suggested cutting way back on the smokes which isn't a bad idea.

Quitting is traumatic and when the traumatic happens you want to have a cigarette. Rather than quit, just wait five minutes before lighting up if you really need one. Soon the five minutes becomes ten, 20, an hour, and, in my case, since 1984.

I also drink diet soft drinks

All of us drink water with a twist of fruit juice - lemon or lime. Seldom soda time anymore.

We are with you in spirit, MM.

Account Deleted


PS: The reds and greens supplements are delicious without any alternative sweetening compounds.

I AM GUZZLING 3 TIMES the recommended daily amount and giving my digestive system a break. They taste that good.

Day 5: 8 pounds dropped. Blood pressure under 130.
And I am chasing Mrs Kid around the house. Oh shit...TMI!

But that's just me. Wanted you to know I was "taking my own medicine" and can vouch for what I'm sending. Wahl's video is excellente by the way.



Well they do mine koltan the key component for cell phones, and uranium.


These were the respectable folk that Susan rice felt she could do business with:

Old Lurker

As long as she did business By the Book, right Narc?

fdcol63 🇺🇸

MM .... please stop smoking. Now!

My mom was a 2 pack a day smoker from age 15 until about 67, when she suddenly started developing COPD symptoms.

After years and years of pleading, she did something I NEVER would have thought possible:

She stopped, cold turkey.

Unfortunately, too late for the COPD. She gets out of breath with the slightest exertion.

She has some days that are better than others, and even though she's trying to remain as active as possible (both parents have been life-long bowlers), she has done permanent, irreversible damage to her lungs.

And though she's a 30+ year breast cancer survivor, I worry that lung cancer is still lurking in the shadows.

Account Deleted

I didn't end my relationship with tobacco when I stopped smoking Vantage brand low tar ciggies.

There are satisfying traditional pipe mixtures that can be used in quiet meditation/prayer and contain tobacco.

We grow all the components for it.

There is a way to consecrate it--- and that way is open to all to do for themselves.

It is all about intention.

The way I quit Vantage cigs was as simple as buying a pair of very sharp eyebrow scissors. Three drags max. IIRC there were 15 good ones in each cig.

Got me down to 5 smokes a week for about 2 years.

Then one day I went to snip the cig and felt like a goddammed monkey. It was over.

Tobacco is the most addictive plant in nature but one of the most sacred.

Growing the organic tobacco is difficult and not as good as Kentucky burleys, but there is no cocoa, salt peter and other hazmats that have no place in the human lung.

All my Relations.


Account Deleted

Koltan sounds like the name of a Marvel-type bad guy.


Other charming gents


The byline is by the one who started the Moore panic and Perry racist rock


Its the real life vibranium, not as durable but as neccesarily.

Account Deleted


What was Mom's brand?


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am going to pull away from the computer for a while and go read. I don't smoke except in my room, so if I go sit in the living room I won't be tempted.

Back later.


I'm just a stumbling cupcake, Kev!

Who looks like a Mafia don.

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