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February 01, 2018


Anthony J. Chavez

ToThePointNews.com editor/owner Dr. Jack Wheeler has come around from his anti-Trump stance during the campaign (he refused to allow discussion of pro-Trump members during the election runup--- he was a Cruzbot)

He was in the Himalayas I think when he heard DJT was elected. Dr. Jack said he wept because down deep he new Trump was what American needed. So now he leads a Trump banner waving fest each week in his "Half Full Report."

This past week he praised everything Trump had accomplished and was stoked for the memo release and SOTU.

However he pecked The President pretty hard on the subject of Turkey. He said too that Mattis is staying on the porch when it comes to Iran's continued takeover of Iraq (Shiites) and that DJT has abandoned the Turkish Kurds in deference to ErdoWanKanobie.

DJT is playing cards in the Middle East and doesn't want to be goaded into war with Turkey and Syria as I see it. And Mattis has had to tread lightly until now given the disrepair of our three branches of the military, especially the clown show over at USN.

But it was good to see Dr. Wheeler taking Mattis and Trump to task in order to raise the question: Behind the news cycle fodder re ISIS defeated, what is our policy post-embassy move to Jerusalem?

Those cards are being played close to the vest and have me curious about the true role and saving of Lt. Colonel Flynn from sentencing. And is Mule Tool's decision to slow down the rush to sentencing a signal that Trump has in fact turned his mangy ass, and has had him since the get go.

I dunno. This foreign policy rookie can't hold a candle to the Great Narciso (and I say this with total respect and admiration of your range on these issues, narc!) but I am curious about what isn't making the news cycle given the present kerfluffle by Deep State Party chickens who are experiencing their tail feathers bursting into flames everywhere they attempt to roost.

Great day to be alive in Califas: 70 degrees with a battleship gray bay waters view. First day I've sat in the warm sun without winter clothes on or a hoodie.

I think the memo drop is reminding me of the big MOAB pounding the enemy got over there a while back. The enemies of the state know it is going out but they are still going to be hit harder than they can imagine.

My Paw said today that 33 Congressman have announced over the past two months that they will not be seeking re-erection in November.

Anyone else up-to-date on how many of the Rat's rats are swimming away from the coming carnage?

If The Rat had intel on everybody in Congress (why wouldn't he given the sweep he could get from a FISA warrant) are they now fearful that this info is now in POTUS' hands.

And all POTUS has to do is tap the butt of his six-gun and ask them a la Doc Holliday (From the movie Tombstone): "Does this mean we are not friends?" Or, "Are we cross?"

Talk about shitting kuegerands. These numb-nutted pricks are going to be in hiding for a long time.

Enjoy starvation and penny pinching as you try to afford your lawyer. Call me bitchez. i can pipe u into a very tidy cash leverage program that will get you $100,000 in 100 days.

No really I can. It's paying all my legal costs for making corporation moves. I'd be happy to help my fellow Americans as they try to survive the cataclysm that will ultimately befall
them---> like the fallout from the Iran Deal and the Fake Stimulus Bill that was renewed by default for 7 more years.

They still would have to work for the money so they'd fail in this program I refer to. It requires work. So I guess I am just getting their hopes up only to see them dash themselves on the rocks of the Great Trump Barrier Reef.

I love this country.



If a revote is required for "tiny" technical changes, then there is a 97% chance that all the money spent in 2009 was illegal.


Be john galt, the successor to polipundit. Yes that entire possible take Richard Clark's crazy stalker, gyeneth Todd, who is the daughter and grand daughter of state department officials, she sought William Fallon one of the most blank mange flag officerscwas planning a secret war with Iran, Shirley I am serious.


Alternate tax form for Dems.
The print is small so
"Trump is not your President. Check here if you wish to pay taxes at Obama Administration's rate"


So, tomorrow we enter the the "Era of Schrödinger's Memo" ... with a memo that may be simultaneously both alive and dead.

Captain Hate

TK, restate your question because I can't find the first or second time you asked it (that doesn't mean I know the answer).

mad jack

ch: given the increasing level of sanctimony being excreted by that ahole the vegas odds on him running his car too long in a closed garage are close to even money.

Mickey Fickey

I'm getting to the point where if this memo isn't released forthwith and doesn't result in at least one immediate arrest, then it's just another "Hannity tick-tock scooper big deal" that just fizzles out.

That said, I hope RG is correct. Probably just a fool's hope.:(

Skulls, or it didn't happen.

Tom R

Yes, Tom R, Queasy seems to be completely unaware of the Venona papers

If you know about the Venona papers then you probably know who this guy is but in case you haven't here is a link to his website.


Frau Molkerei

mad jack - Like Her Thighness, BHO would never leave *his* name on anything. It would be a treat, though, to learn the fake email name he used to correspond with his SOS on her DIY rig. Even Hillary!'s bodyfemale did not recognize it until the FBI revealed it.

Jim Eagle

When you think about it was bad strategy to project ths memo so early without releasing it. What has it bee now? 5-6 weeks?

I think this has screwed the pooch, so to speak. Now, everyone is either expecting the son of Watergate or a flop depending on who gets the best mesage out. Considering the state of our MFM where most of America gets theire news, then the later.

Poor strategy, unless I am missing something.


In the military there is a concept, you can delegate authority, but not responsibility.

Obama, Clinton, Comey, McCabe, et al. all the way up to include the FISA judges were responsible to protect the trust, they asked for and were given. It all needs to be laid out and punishments severe enough to keep future public servants awake at night if they even think about straying.

Whatever fallout that occurs from a scorched earth approach to the misdeeds of the previous administration, it is, in my opinion, a smaller price to pay compared to what was happening, and will likely happen again, if we do not cure our “masters” of their mistaken impression of who serves who.

Frau Molkerei

anonamom - I wondered Tuesday night what special delivery the Congressional drug store had delivered Pelosi. As demonstrated, her behavior was the same for the preezy's final SOTU in 2017.

Another Bob

JIB, what you might be missing is the dem flop-sweat panic.

They seem plenty frightened about this memo.


I think it hasn't been that long, jib, the if report might be that long in the tooth, but it as with the William Campbell testimony, and uranium or the awan bros. Everything gets stretched out like reed Richards every bit of schiff gets thrown out, from %@$!#hole to fire and fury, to that porn performer.

mad jack

frau: i agree but dots are likely easily connected. his ultimate defense will be that he never attended the daily security briefings so he didnt "know". plausible defense actually!

daddy on iPad

Don't underestimate 'em RG. They got ways.

"6 ways from Sunday," AB.


CH, RG said:

Now, I gotta go continue celebrating on this victorious Tuesday (I hope y'all are celebrating, because last night was one hell of a victory) and, OL, I've been hip to your lets bait the HNIC game but . . . about this FBI statement. This is clearly part of the script. Who runs the FBI? Who runs the DOJ? Who is the boss of the Executive branch? Who just delivered a phenomenal State of the Union address ???[Bolding mine]

Here is the link if anyone wants to charge that I am leaving anything relevant out:

I asked how the FBI statement is part of the script.

The response is essentially a recommendation for me to open my eyes.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

President is up! Fox and Fox Business!

Frau Molkerei

mad jack @ 8:16 - the talent to avoid responsibility is great.

Photo of Pelosi chewing her cud or tongue was from 2017 and not BHO's final SOTU which was in 2016. In any event her condition is not short term.

BTW are the Awans back to selling cars?


he didn't "know". plausible defense actually!

Yeah, try using the "I didn't know" excuse when the IRS comes around.


Obama didn't know the biography he wrote said he was born in Kenya.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, crap. Tuckker interrupted to interview Jim Jordan and another congressman.

I would rather hear the president. And I don't get Fox business.

Maybe I can find a video later.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


"Another document — an eight-page criminal referral filed with the Justice Department by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — is also part of the GOP case."


Just a thought about Nunes using the SCIF for access to the memo. This might have been a way to limit what people can do or record while viewing the memo, without it actually being classified.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

NBC Politics‏Verified account @NBCPolitics

JUST IN: Cuban government sources confirm Fidel Castro Jr., son of Fidel Castro, committed suicide Thursday morning.
5:27 PM - 1 Feb 2018



The FBI has some 35,000 employees. Chris Wray needs to be seen as defending the honor of that large, and largely honorable, workforce. Trump respects that reality, but needs to be seen as accepting the "kill shot" embedded in the House FISA memo. Gen Kelly's task has been to negotiate language which serves both of those legitimate purposes. Sounds like he has done that.

Frau Molkerei

All roads lead to the Clintons:

Cody Shearer (Dossier #2) is the bro-i-law to Strobe Talbott, friend of Bent Willie.

The former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) operative Sergei Tretyakov said that SVR considered Talbott a source of intelligence information and classified him as "a special unofficial contact," even though "he was not a Russian spy.


Miss Marple.

Grassley/Graham is Act III.

Frau Molkerei

Queasy needs a Reinhold Niebuhr refresher course.

Captain Hate

I don't know, TK. I thought the "FBI statement" was some bit of misdirection from someone that the MFM ran with as if it was legit which imo just reaffirmed how poorly and sloppily run the FBI currently is.

Captain Hate

Speaking of Tucker Carlson, Bill Kristol continues to take shots at him but refuses to come on his show and have it out.

mad jack

looks like Raul might have a little Richard III in him.

Jack is Back!

Off to an early bed

Slaap lekker. Tot morgen

Clarice Feldman

I think that's correct about Talbott. People in the know have long so considered him, Frau.

Frau Molkerei

"Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy," Comey added, a reference to the Wisconsin senator who claimed high-ranking government officials were Soviet spies in the 1950s.

Queasy does not want to acknowledge that the Democrats are the ones who see Russians in and under every bed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Years ago when the Clintons were in power, Gordon Liddy used to regularly rant about Strobe Talbott on his radio show.

To this day, when I see Talbott's name, alarm bells go off.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

TRUMP News 24/7
‏ @MichaelDelauzon
12m12 minutes ago

>> Just found out the news media were escorted out of the auditorium where Pres Trump is speaking. That's why the feed was cut.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Wow . The info about Castro jr. Sort of blows my mind. Did he leave a note?


To me the FBI statement seemed too sloppy. If it was Wray's defense of his 35,000 employees honor, it fell short, IMO.

Did anyone get the impression, from the statement and how it was haphazardly released, that the FBI wasn't more worried about covering something up?

I didn't.

Captain Hate

I'm sure I'll be regarded as deplorable for saying this by some but Condoleeza Rice's policies on Russia were just as delusional as Talbott's. She definitely wasn't a Rooski agent though...

Frau Russische Eier

Clarice - Anyone paying attention during the Clinton administration caught the whiff of borscht.


Captain Hate

Yes to everything you said, TK.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Regrettably, I think Condi Rice was easy to hoodwink. Not a Russian agent, but incredibly naive about their goals.



The broader narrative of "Wray at war with Trump" was effective. Have yet to see any evidence tying Wray to the weird statement issued by FBI Public Affairs.


They dont care they botched the anthrax investigation twice, failed to follow up 9/11 ties in San Diego and Tampa, the first would lead to awLAKI. failed at interrogating zubeydah and ksm and rubbished those that got results. Soufan and his boss d'mure got cash contracting jobs as rewards for their category error, journalists like Jane Mayer got publishing contacts and major journalism prizes

Frau Russische Eier

mac - more fakerie afoot?

Captain Hate

Don't forget fingering Richard Jewell and turning his life into a holy Hell, narc.


Any group of 35,000 people can make a lot of mistakes over time. Not defending them, especially given their interview protocol, just sayin'.


What the hell is going on at the Trump RNC speech? Feed cut, nobody knows what's going on. Say a little prayer just in case.

Anthony J. Chavez

" Mueller should have tossed this out and exonerated Trump 6 months ago. Just allowing this process to go on for so long is serious punishment all in itself and grossly unfair to President Trump and the country."

I agree with this perspective. Yet, I keep coming back to a priciple of warfare which holds that when you observe your enemy making a mistake do not stop them.

Now from there, my thoughts go somewhat like this:

the chicanery of the SP lulls the Dems and the Deep State elites to *THINK* they are still in some kind of stasis politically, when in fact, POTUS is facilitating the slow but sure dismemberment of the heart of the Deep State, the FBI.

that is how POTUS is allowing our domestic adversaries to continue making the same *type* of mistakes they had been making for 8 years without consequence. And Mule Tool has been the perfect cover for that story.

Mueller may have been given latitude to "follow the evidence". But there has been a huge limitation put on him because there isn't any.

Mueller will have to fabricate ANYTHING, even process crimes. And anything he comes up with is going to automatically be held up to the fabrications of Comey, McCabe, and others have foisted upon us in recent months.

With the prospects of additional SP's being appointed to investigate further the historical mischief of the FBI, Mueller is on thin ice.

And that means, to me, he's been turned. As for his lieutenants on the SP team--- they cut deals already based on their agreements to make the witch hunt look good.

It's one reason why I think Clapper and the other national security porcine have been scarce these past few months. They have smelled this out and need to keep their yaps shut.

So why the ruse? The prizes are Clinton and Obama. And they are resting secure behind what is supposed to be a legal firewall doubly protected by the current SP.

If Clapper et al were to rat on Mueller and his team, then they are likely to get suicided out.

Wild speculation on my part? For certain. But I've learned that unless I do this from time to time I surrender to the No Man's Land rut of "same shit different day" mentality that dulls my perception.

Nothing is as it seems. And if I allow my habitual cynicism and skepticism about government to take over, and not toss that to the wind and begin asking what if hypotheticals, I lose.

So this isn't an invite to debate or to be scolded for being naive. It IS an invitation for JOMerz to go deeper about what they think beyond the confines of stalemate.

Ya, the memo is coming out but it will underwhelm. What else is going on and what will happen or be enacted by the Home Team while this shoe is dropping?

But who am I to expect anything on this matter for discussion.



When the FBI puts out a statement on a particular position the FBI holds, its upper most management is tied to the statement.

If Wray has allowed the statement to stand, he owns it. (I'm not suggesting that he owns something that resides on a HuffPo website. This is on the FBI website)

Frau Russische Eier

narciso - Ask James Rosen and his parental units about FBI agent Reginald Reyes.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


All feeds cut.

Saw this on Twitter:

‏ @DaveNYviii
4m4 minutes ago

Wapo coverage same pull back and fade to black.
0;14 - 0:15 "Shut it down. Shut it down."
Planned shutdown of feed. Not a technical problem.


To be clear, mac, I'm not suggesting that you are defending the Feds. I assumed that was what you were saying Wray was doing.

I believe that could be true. I don't see how it was part of a script that Trump and Wray are acting out together.

Clarice Feldman

Gates lawyer reportedly is out and his new lawyer is known for making pleas deals Fwiw.

daddy on iPad

given the increasing level of sanctimony being excreted by that ahole

Which a-hole? And can I please beg folks to not come up with a ton of new nicknames immediately since there are so many characters and I really want to understand but I don't have the time to do catch-up and keep them all properly identified. Queasy and Tardive?


Not sure if anyone heard Dan Bongino on the Old Yeller show guest hosting. He was good.


Dinner beckons.


"Saw this on Twitter:


Is that Barney Franks account?


Guess where his fmr counsel was from, does Sydney and Austin ring a bell.

Clarice Feldman

One possibility--the Gates' action and the Flynn postponement might mean Muelller's deciding to shut it down.


Sidley, yes Michelle's firm among others.

Yes I'm referring to strickly management decisions and priorities.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


HA! Sorry, no, that was me missing the "T" when I copied.

I will grant it looked pretty funny, though!



Queasy = Comey
Tardive = Pelosi


Common sense

Ignore the spin. When the memo goes public, here’s what to look for, writes @KimStrassel




I preferred inspector dreyfus, because clousseau got a clue for often than not.

mad jack

daddy: sorry. that particular sanctimonious ahole was comey.

Janet 🚬

And can I please beg folks to not come up with a ton of new nicknames immediately since there are so many characters and I really want to understand but I don't have the time to do catch-up and keep them all properly identified.

I agree. It makes it hard to share great comments too.
Also hard to search JOM for old comments about certain players because their real names aren't used.

Ralph L

plunging the porcelain with Rush on the headset
His name is Rush, not Flush. Try using an actual plunger.

Clarice Feldman

The Kim Strassel piece is a must read.

Captain Hate

Queasy is Comey and has been used since well before this year. I think Frau came up with it based on the creep's stated response to one of his initial meetings with Trump.

Tardive is Pelosi based on a condition anonamom said this morning is characterized by her weird mouth motions during the State of the Union address.

You don't really expect us to stop assigning derogatory names to these creeps?

Texas Liberty Gal

lurkersusie - Could you please cut & paste the Kimberly Strassel WSJ article - its behind the paywall.. TIA

Clarice Feldman

Here's the Strassel article again--it's a must read IMO:https://www.wsj.com/articles/memo-reading-for-nonpartisans-1517530297

Texas Liberty Gal

copy & paste - ugh

Anthony J. Chavez

That sounds like something we might see soon.

Perhaps the strategy of footdragging on the memo was less about considering what the overrated "public opinion" was going to sound like through the Lying Swine's projection of what they must make it sound like, therefore skewing it.

Instead, the slow turning of the blade inside a gaping wound over the last 5-6 weeks was designed with the intent of watching our enemies do what they do under severe pressure.

And in the meantime we sacked Lil Bucky McCabe.

Remember when Comey was hiding in the drapes. He confessed his MO under pressure. So what else has he done, and being kept close to the POTUS'vest now that leakers have been largely flushed out of the West Wing?

Mueller's finished. He served his purpose.

And I am of the firm opinion that POTUS has a lot of intelligence on these a-holes, and owns a crisis watch that precisely shows him what-the-fuck time it is. Right now.

Mueller failed.

The Deep State failed trying to use their domestic intelligence wing to hamstring the President.

They failed.

They couldn't even get Ivanka's hubby on a process crime.

And they had General Flynn dead to rights, thin, but clear enough to convict and sentence him--- and now they are backing away.

Why? Because it netted them ZERO.

The Left wanted POTUS GONE.

And one year later he has their heads exploding and the all-powerful "wimminz" vote wearing vagina hats on their mushy little heads.

This is what failure smells like when people can't accept the outcomes of a free election. Obama cheated his ass off to win---- but I didn't see much in the way of calls for anarchy and violence.

The Left has experienced a massive and decisive defeat with the election of DJT and the state by state routs too.

The Left is in full retreat trying to regroup for their full frontal assault on Congress via the voting booth in November.

Sure they have their Lyin Swine Media skirmishers at pressers. But they are wasting time with tired, childish behavior that is netting them ZERO.

The Left is running out of time.

We're already in February and their vaunted ground game is in disarray. Their deep pockets are being "pussified" a la Harvino Weinstain and other DNC money launderers.

It's time to attack.

The memo is a controlled, limited salvo into a few powder magazines for full effect.

There will be some more resignations (political deaths/surrenders).

Let's see how many of the rats are knocking on the back entrance to the WH in order to get a deal.

Good luck widdat. "Uh, ya, sorry Clem. We already KNOW that. Bye bye!"



Man, when you actually see what Carter page did to undermine the United States you can see why the FBI wanted to BEGIN/renew that FISA warrant against him.

After being embroiled in a Russian spy ring in 2013 where plots against the US where being set up, Carter Page made it to the counter-intelligence watchlist as an enemy of the state.

Then Page went to Russia and gave one of the most disgusting ANTI-AMERICAN speeches at a Putin related University and praised....praised Russia for it's innovation and prosperity.

Of course they wanted to FISA his traitor ass.

Carter Page....traitor.....and the new Republican hero who President Trump wants justice for. This is the guy the Nunes memo wants exonerated. This is also the guy who the FBI are salivating to release all the damaging information on and how he tried to hurt America in other ways we don't yet even know.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
8m8 minutes ago

Friday at the WH: Pres Trump meets with North Korean defectors. In his SOTU, he honored Ji Seong, who fled NKorea on crutches. Later, @POTUS visits the @CBP National Targeting Center which seeks to detect travelers and cargo that threaten the US. Trumps end day at Mar-a-Lago.


Here it is
By Kimberley A. Strassel
Feb. 1, 2018 7:11 p.m. ET
The White House looks set to release the House Intelligence Committee memo on 2016 government surveillance abuses, which means the attacks on the document by Democrats, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the media are going to get wilder. To help navigate through the spin, here’s a handy guide for what to look for, and what to ignore:

• Rationale. Did the FBI have cause to open a full-blown counterintelligence probe into an active presidential campaign? That’s a breathtakingly consequential and unprecedented action and surely could not be justified without much more than an overheard drunken conversation or an unsourced dossier. What hard evidence did the FBI have?

• Tools and evidence. Government possesses few counterintelligence tools more powerful or frightening than the ability to spy on American citizens. If the FBI obtained permission from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to monitor Trump aide Carter Page based on information from the Christopher Steele dossier, that in itself is a monumental scandal. It means the FBI used a document commissioned by one presidential campaign as a justification to spy on another. Ignore any arguments that the dossier was not a “basis” for the warrant or only used “in part.” If the FBI had to use it in its application, it means it didn’t have enough other evidence to justify surveillance.

Look to see what else the FBI presented to the court as a justification for monitoring, and whether it was manufactured. Mr. Steele and his client, Fusion GPS, ginned up breathless news stories about the dossier’s unverified accusations in September 2016 in order to influence the election. The FBI sometimes presents news articles to the court, but primarily for corroboration of other facts. If the FBI used the conspiracy stories Mr. Steele was spinning as actual justification—evidence—to the court, that’s out of bounds.

• Omissions and misdirection. What else did the FBI tell the court? One would presume the bureau did its due diligence and knew Mr. Steele ultimately worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The FISA court puts considerable emphasis on the credibility of sources. Did the FBI inform the court of the Clinton connection? Or did it lean on the claim that the Fusion project was originally funded by Republicans? Such a claim might diminish the partisan stench. But it would also be a falsehood, since the dossier portion of the project was purely funded by Clinton allies. And if the FBI didn’t bother to ask who hired Mr. Steele or Fusion, that’s a scandal all its own.

Also, look to see whether the FBI informed the court that Mr. Steele was blabbing to the press. When he first approached the bureau in July, he hadn’t yet briefed the media. But by September he and Fusion were publicly spinning the dossier for their Democratic client, and the FBI would have known who was generating the stories. Did the FBI continue to attest something that clearly was no longer true?

• Duration of surveillance. The FBI may argue it had good cause to look into Mr. Page. But if months of wiretaps didn’t turn up anything (and surely we’d have heard if they did), the FBI also had a duty to cease such a liberty-busting intrusion. Ask how long this probe went on and whether it was justified, or if the FBI was simply giving itself an open-ended license to spy on a campaign.

Expect Trump critics to renew their effort to turn Mr. Page into a Manchurian aide, seizing on his every action or word while ignoring the small role he played in the campaign, not to mention his obvious oddness. This will be designed to make people forget that for all the focus on Mr. Page, he was and remains a private citizen, who apparently was subject to months of government monitoring based on what may prove nothing more than the gossip of a rival campaign.

• Team Obama. Somewhat lost in this narrative is what role if any the broader Obama administration might have played with regard to the dossier. What actions were taken by former CIA Director John Brennan, or former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper ? Also don’t forget Bruce Ohr, the Justice Department official whose wife worked for Fusion GPS, and who himself met with Fusion cofounder Glenn Simpson. Or the Justice Department officials who approved court filings. If there was surveillance abuse, accountability shouldn’t stop with the FBI.

Mostly, ignore what is certain to be a nonstop shriek that this memo is out of context, that it omits facts or cherry-picks data or makes unfair allegations. You know, sort of like what Democrats and the media did this past year in their “Russia investigation.” The difference here is that the memo only needs to provide a few facts for the country to understand if there was FISA abuse.

The rest is noise.

Write to kim@wsj.com.

Captain Hate

I'm not translating any troll droppings.

Clarice Feldman

I imagine Carter Page knows full well what's in the memo and how the govt broke the law in surveiling himl that he knows he's in the catbird seat on a plea bargain and that he timed the switch in counsels to this very point for a reason.

Account Deleted

Wow did i screw the pooch by not logging in. DUH.
Unsee what you've seen? Sheesh.



Per Ed Henry on Fox News (reporting from WH): Memo should be released tomorrow (Friday). Four big revelations in memo have not leaked out yet.


Summation in a few words


All this over the Page FISA warrant - Its genesis: unverified oppo-research - Its scope: collect communications between Page and Russian Intel Agents - not a gateway into non-Russia related conversations between Americans on the Trump Transition Team.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏ @TheLastRefuge2
6m6 minutes ago

TheLastRefuge Retweeted TheLastRefuge

FBI was using an approved FISA warrant on Manafort to monitor the Trump campaign. When Manafort left the Trump campaign (August '16) the FBI needed to find a new way to get intel; and thus was spawned the Clinton-Steele dossier.

Janet 🚬

Look at this from a McClatchy article "DNC exaggerated how much it spent to defeat Roy Moore"

"After Jones defeated Republican and accused pedophile Roy Moore, the DNC ..."

So that is how Roy Moore will forever be written about in the MFM - accused pedophile Roy Moore.

I tell ya, it makes me sick.
Dems & their rabid dog media employees are evil.

Janet 🚬

You don't really expect us to stop assigning derogatory names to these creeps?

No. It is just hard to follow sometimes.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


My daughter is convinced that Donald Trump molested a 14 year old girl, due to lefty media.

I an hoping what is revealed tomorrow destroys some of the media.

Texas Liberty Gal

Thank you LS!!!



"I imagine Carter Page knows full well what's in the memo and how the govt broke the law in surveiling him...."

You're betting everything on Carter Page? ROFLMA.

In the words of the kidnapper from the movie Taken...."Good luck".

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jonah Goldberg‏Verified account @JonahNRO

Goodbye twitter. I didn’t think it was possible, but you’ve disappointed me beyond my expectations.

Dave (in MA)


Dave (in MA)

MM, he came back and said he meant goodnight, not goodbye.


Tweets out his goodbye? What a fruitcake.


James D.

What happened to precipitate that, MM? Did somebody hurt his poor widdle fweelings?


The response is essentially a recommendation for me to open my eyes.

Posted by: Threadkiller | February 01, 2018 at 08:21 PM

No, TK, it's an invitation for you to trust the President.

I mean, it's an opinion. Granted, it's a contrary opinion to yours. But it is my opinion. Those are freely offered on this board. You agree with it or you don't. Vigorously, meekly, six in one or half dozen in the other.

You've stated I get the rules. I see the greater chess game. I have been a supporter of this type of thinking longer that most everyone here at JOM.

Okay. So . . . why isn't this clearly part of the script? What agency in the world do you know of where some rogue employee in the press office sends out a statement that is subsequently reported -- widely -- as the position of the agency . . . and said statement is allowed to hang out there unrefuted by the agency head *or* the Attorney General ???

For me, it remains hard to see how this can be anything other than part of the script. A very smart and flexible script that allows for Mueller or Wray (or others) to be good guys or bad guys without it stopping the train.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James D.,

I imagine he got tired of criticism by Trump followers. I quit following him months ago. That just popped up on my feed because someone re-tweeted it.


You know, I'd love to believe these optimists, but come on.

Posted by: Extraneus | February 01, 2018 at 06:14 PM

This right here is precisely why the plan worked so well. The Democrats *still* don't know what has hit them. Many on our side don't either.

It really isn't that Trump is necessarily some kind of genius (but he might be). Again, my theory is that Trump was recruited -- primarily by Defense Intelligence types, law enforcement types, CIA types. People inside and outside of government who were absolutely appalled, as I was, to see the President of the United States of America bowing to foreign potentates. Going on international apology tours. Idiotically stoking racial tensions.

He and his conspirators will get their comeuppance because the genius that's being exhibited is a hive mind, Army of Davids genius. An American genius.


Rouge agent?

This is why I am having trouble with the script.

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