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February 28, 2018


David, Deplorable Internet Russian Dreamer Bot

And, just for fun, unlike the "AR" in AR-15, which doesn't stand for "Assault Rifle," the BAR in "BAR Mk 3 DBM" DOES stand for "Browning Automatic Rifle."


Dave (in MA)

Eat a bag of Dicks virtue signaling. Someone pointed out elsewhere that they're announcing that they will no longer sell something that they already don't sell.

Frau Mittwoch

OT -
"Few of us are mystified by you, [redacted]. We’re all aware that you’re a simpleton."

Patterico's gang do not like their blog carped on any more than JOMers.

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there


Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

Hell, I don't even get a medal!

Robin, eff 'em all

Last! On the old thread....

Robin, eff 'em all

Don’t worry, Jane, if you were a gay male figure skater you’d still get to go to the Olympics!

Comanche Voter

Our local civic auditorium hosted two or three gun shows per year (I'm in a Los Angeles suburb), and had done so for twenty or more years. Although I plinked at tin cans with a .22 rifle as a kid, I haven't owned a gun for 50 years or so now.

The City Council, pushed by the anti-gun crowd, got an attack of the virtue signaling disease and decreed that after X date they would no long allow gun shows in the civic auditorium. That did it! I drive by the civic auditorium every day and had noted the large crowds attending the gun shows---but I'd never bothered to go to one. I did go to the last one. For me a long gun involves a walnut stock and a blue steel barrel. I had all I wanted of the "Mattel Machine Gun" M-16 back in my Army days.

But any seller needs to sell what sells. And 90 per cent of the guns on offer at the gun show were variants of the AR-15. If they weren't selling the AR-15, they were selling attachments and accessories. Does the little lady want a pink stock and barrel shroud--we got 'em. Want a grenade launcher or bayonet mount? Come on down. It was apparent that a lot of the crowd there viewed an AR-15 as a sort of aging boys Erector set. You bought the gun, then you added accessories to "customize it" and "make it yours".

Well okay--horses for courses. Now this last gun show at the civic auditorium was during the Obama years. And there were long lines and rationing at the ammo sellers booths. The customers were stocking up on ammo like the Russkies or the Feds in Black Helicopters were just over the hill. Obama was a great salesman for the firearms and ammunition industry.

Beasts of England

Rifle rounds are very fast, and therefore dangerous. MSLSD told me so.


"Take the guns first...go through due process second" -- Donald J. Trump, 2018.

Have at it, guys...


Never liked Dick's much ever since I had my little son on my lap and we were looking for a football jersey for him. I typed dicks.com into the address bar.

Don't do it.


Jane,please check your email. Thanks.



Trump got a little ahead of himself there.


And apparently he won't have Hope Hicks to help him walk that back,


Someone mentioned "cause we ended as lovers", so I have to post the inspiration behind my "badass bass babes" series.


To bad Tal has not aged well, and someone made the mistake of telling her she could sing. Her recent stuff doesn't "cut the mustard".

But this....

Benjamin Frankly

Moar playing the fiddle whilst prancing past the geaveyard, eh Maguire?

Why are you determined to keep traffic?


How much could there be with a few dozen commenters?

Jim Eagle

Bringing it over from the last thread.

I am really new to all this so give me your patience and support, if required.

This is the Times Up test episode with a logo I picked out. No bumper music yet but I have signed up for pre-cast ads and ads at 20, 40 and 60 minutes as well as at sign off to monetize the cast to cover my meager costs. They are not in the test episode.


Here is hoping it comes off.

We can also add other podcasts of like minded groups or individuals. Give me your suggestions. We need to make some decisions on how we do the podcasts (ie. as a group of selected individuals depending on the topics we want to cover or as interviews similar to the one with Clarice, etc.)

Jim Eagle

Let me add that this is skeletal at this time. Lots we can add on.

And I think with all the music people here we can come up with an original theme music like Rush has:) Also, who to add to the side bar as following, etc.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I believe that statement was in regards to people like Cruz with mental health issues, but we will see what the transcript says.

And yes, Hope Hicks is resigning; confirmed by Sarah Sanders.


Hope Hicks has been there for 3 years.
Manchin on Cavuto supporting the 2nd Amendment and swearing fidelity to President Trump.

Dave (in MA)

The only thing I ever bought at a DICK's Sporting Goods was a tick remover.

Too bad there isn't something similar for blogs.


That gun control meeting or whatever you want to call it is pretty scary stuff.

I hope Trump was just being agreeable for the cameras knowing that none of this is going to pass. Hopefully some nice fat juicy poison pills like no gun-free zones and CCW reciprocity will be inserted.

I hope.


Jack,we should have a JOM dog lover's podcast. We went to the dog beach today and we try to look for a dog breed that is unusual. Today's breeds were two (!) Bernese Mountain dogs and a Newfoundland. Interesting breeds,considering the Florida heat. They were beautiful dogs. The owner must spend a small fortune on dog food!


I know brainstorming is supposed to be free-wheeling and can lead people to throw stuff out that hasn't been thought through, but it still was a pretty dumb statement. What right would the gov't have to confiscate someone's property without some sort of judicial process?

I'm sure he'll walk that back if he hasn't already.


Damn, Jack. You have a distinct radio voice.

Beasts of England

Holy shit, Jack - that's fabulous!! You've got a broadcast-quality voice...


Does he have a face for radio, too?

Just kidding. I'm sure he's a handsome devil.

Benjamin Frankly

How is the Pretzel Party going to abuse these salient facts of caving by the spelunking, club wielding of CAVE-NATION represented by our Cheef Hakawi Trump?

(hunkering down hoping nobody notices)

Beasts of England

Really fine logo, as well!

Account Deleted

Cardiologist says I'm doin "better than expected."

He's a big Pharma guy. For all cardio and diabetic residual effects: NO PH*CKING PHARMA.

Grateful for the news but ITFP.

"They" have this "sciencey" way of smearing dog shite on yer shoes while typing "notes" into their laptops.

Bite me. Better health, quality of life, and zero-time served in "side effects Hell?" That's a no-brainer.


That is great Jack! Hubby says you sound like Paul (JiB) Harvey. :)

Account Deleted

Perhaps a trademark of the JOMcasts can be interviewers/hosts who have that "whiskey 'n' cigarettes" quality to their voices.

I kid. I kid. :>)

Account Deleted

"We win. They lose."
TRUMP 2020 (motherf*ckaz)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


That sounded great! I am impressed!

This is such a great idea!

Robin, eff 'em all

Nicely done, Jack. We’re you using a standard mic or just your phone mic? The sound quality was excellent and you’ve got a perfect host voice!


Do I have to use the App to get that?


The Hill link has two quotes:

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.


"Or, Mike, take the firearms first, and then go to court," Trump responded.

Did he say both?

Account Deleted

JiB: I want it to be your voice beaming word that Big Ernie has indeed pulled Planet Earth's plug.

"So here's what is recommended for you to do in these final hours of Life on Earth....."

Very comforting, authoritative voice.

I mean, who'd give a shite about what was coming, being all reassured and all that it made perfect sense as a consequence to all of the preceding irrational bullshitake.

Nice run down on the stuff that matters here.

Dave (in MA)

Well, I guess I shouldn't even bother clicking, then. ;^)


Trump is back to 21 years fro a rifle and Congress must stick up to the NRA!

Account Deleted

being new here i like hearing how some of the regs here get picked up via other media sources.

the podcast is going to generate some pretty fresh content with high potential for pickups elsewhere.

Great idea.


He also threw cold water on Scalise's reciprocity proposal and wants the Toomey-Manchin background check thing.



Great news kev.

Why are they throwing more to the sharks, have we not seen it doesn't work.

Account Deleted

Goods Sporting Dicks.

Kinda like that extraterrestrial/George Clinton story quote.

Account Deleted

No Country for Snowflakes, Pussyhats, and Democrats...TIME'S UP!


OK, works on phone, but not ancient ipad2. (Hangs that dude). Could even listen as a "guest," which is good because I don't do ZuckBook and any Goolag is strictly work related.

Yes JiB has good voice going. I'd pay money to hear that as play by play on "fail" vids.

Account Deleted

narciso... the lemming march into the sea.

Jim Eagle

Gosh, thanks for the complement. Not the first I have heard it though:)

I spent a summer in Worland, Wyoming working at the local radio station owned by my "dutch uncle" Tom Gee (rip) who sort of owned the whole town including Tensleep where he had his 20K acre cattle ranch.

I was the voice of the Chief Washakie radio network:) At least for 2 months.

But what I need now is ideas on how we go forwar. marlene, you are in charge of the Dog and Pet section of the program. Thanks for volunteering:)


You sound great, Jack - welcoming, confident, and a hint that something worthwhile is sure to follow.


KK, I gave you the inside scoop on cardiologists at the end of last post.
Not surprised you got the all good.

Maybe he'll learn a thing or two from you!
Like magnesium, for starters. ;-)

Benjamin Frankly

I had no idea you were at the limit.


Yes, via rectitude and confession.


Near absolute Zero...

Forge ahead..


In regards to Trump/Pence "take the guns first", if the authorities would have done their jobs, the Parkland Shooter would never have been able to buy the gun in the first place. Just how many officers will be killed by a policy such as this? Don't they realize that this "slippery slope" of firearm confiscation could likely lead to another internal war?

When we have idiot politicians who try to usurp RIGHTS, we organize an ARMED MARCH in their municipality and do nothing but walk by with firearms and smile. The Government needs to be reminded just who the POWER is vested in and HOW we can defend it.

Start sharpening the pitchforks...

Beasts of England

Thinking about what would be involved in a 20 minute segment, I turned on my voice recorder and started talking about vintage guitars - something in which I claim significant expertise - and let it run. Only five minutes!! It wasn't easy. And I don't sound like Jack - I sound kinda Southern for some reason...

F Hudson

Taking a gun in a temporary injunction based on less than due process based on reasonable cause and then giving a due process hearing to see if cause exist is due process. We need some lawyer on this board


I imagine that a 20min Birther stint won't be an issue for me.


The last time Dicks Sporting Goods decided not to sell AR-15's, they had already taken money from people for some and got sued. Dicks will feel the pinch from this...

I already go to Dunhams Sports, who has a much better selection of Firearms and Ammunition anyways.

Beasts of England

I'm hoping that's the very first episode, TK!! And I'm sure I'm not alone in that desire.


I'm sure Sessions can wrap it all into civil asset forfeiture. He's fully on board with the boss. (Hell, I can't tell if that is snark or not).

Beasts, I would assume a podcast would involve more than one person. A little give and take between you and GUS on vintage guitars might exceed 20 minutes without problems.


I will start with today's topic of gun control, BoE, and randomly call firearms dealers and ask them if a 9 layer digital image of an identification document is sufficient enough to make purchase.

Then I will make a subtle segue to All Things Birther.

Account Deleted

"I sound kinda Southern for some reason..."

it's cuz yuh down theyuh, son.

when i end up in southern illinois that drawl comes back in a heartbeat. don't normally speak with one.


Here's what peeps on my Twitter feed think Trump was talking about as far as "take them away first":



TK, I'm not gonna tell you how many layers of Fed Firearms License my ammo making customer stores. Suspense is good for you. ;)


YouTube Says They “Accidentally” Deleted Conservative Videos and Took Down Conservative Channels


Momto2 would also be great on the pet podcast because of her experience.
Having trouble loading the podcast on my I phone.


Very good Jack.

Got the app loaded.

Keep us informed.


Posted by: F Hudson | February 28, 2018 at 05:28 PM

Already happens here in MI for Domestic Violence cases. The order is granted ex parte and is in effect immediately. I believe that the person who is affected by this order can challenge in 10 or 14 or 21 days, but are prevented from Purchasing, Possessing, Transporting, or Carrying a firearm during this time.


I am sure clarification of President Trump’s statement will be forthcoming.

Captain Hate

By golly, I think there are some familiar faces here:


Beasts of England

lol, TK!!


Anonamom, the idea of a preventive order sounds good. But without serious blowback (as in huge dollars beyond process costs to the victim), how do we deal with false reports. Gee, I wanna rob Biff, I know, say he crazy and have the popo take his guns! Or a leverage in a divorce. Or because your neighbor's dog pees on your roses. False positive is too predictable and to heinous to allow that.

Account Deleted

I "record" presentations for specialized training conference calls.

My habit is to have a double-spaced outline with highlighted key words.

Those key words are absolutes. I need to touch upon those moving through.

When recording "blind", unable to see the audience, I need the outline or I end up spacing out on distracting visuals in my location, especially new ones.

When speaking to large and/or small audiences, outlines aren't good for me.

I love telling stories. Those tend not to flow so easily with an outline directing my vision.

Even on the calls I start with a short 90 second story. A friend of mine who can speak in just about any medium calls "the story" his best "audience lube."

Heez in sales. ;)


I share your concerns.

Beasts of England

Very true, henry. Does GUS talk in ALL CAPS? ;)

Robin, eff 'em all

I’d like to see a “craziest thing seen on FB this week” segment on the podcast. I need to know that I’m not alone with my crazy feed.

Account Deleted

This constant barrage of assaulting our basic freedoms and hard-won liberty from the spilling of blood.

On political movements in the South seeking to ban symbols of the Confederacy and slavery.... one individual in particular:

"She succeeded in getting a state senator to legislate removal of the symbol of the Confederacy, not the battle flag, the symbol of the Confederacy from the letterhead of a particularly venerable organization. That violates the Great Compromise which grew out of the War. It rouses animosity.

"She has every right to hide from history. That is her right. But she doesn't have the right to do is hide history from us."
-Shelby Foote, 1996.

Beasts of England

Ignatz and rich have excellent voices, as well.


Beasts, of course.


Or a leverage in a divorce.

Which is exactly what happened to me, as I've mentioned before. No due process, just a deputy knocking on the door with a piece of paper saying he was there to confiscate any guns I had in the house. My ex actually had to write a letter saying she never asked for it and never thought I was a threat before I could get them back, which still took over a month. All just a scumbag lawyer's scare tactic.

I'd be ok with a GVRO bill, but it has to include due process.


Jane had a radio show, so she's a pro.

Old Lurker

Do I want to live in a country without Hope Hicks in the WH?


Ext, you had due process. What you didn't have was compensation for a false claim (and automatic permanent disbarment of the lawyer). Fundamentally unjust. No thank you.


The nice thing about Trump is once the polling comes in, he'll say he never said the thing about "take the guns first," existing audio be damned. And that will be that.


Ex - Somebody comes and takes your guns abusing the process, then you are ok with this happening to others?

What if your wife didn't write the letter? How much time and $$$$$ would you have had to put out? What about the ability to protect yourself during that entire time?

Think people! You deserve neither safety nor security for giving up RIGHTS.

Jim Eagle

Okay, off to dinner with Frederick at Little Red. Back in an hour.

But I need some ideas on bumper music to use, background music, etc. Since I am totally a music ignorant. I could ask Frederick but all you get there is rap, hip hop and early Chuck Berry:)

Also, if anyone has any podcasts we can link to to as side bar widgets please let me know.

Tomorrow I am going to do a podcast just by reading the TM lead in and then some of the comments to see how that goes.

Captain Hate

(and automatic permanent disbarment of the lawyer)

Bar Associations are like Islam in their unwillingness to rein in the biggest scum buckets.

Beasts of England

Trump is a master negotiator and he was in that mode during the round table. He's going to say things we think are disturbing, but he's doing it to a) draw out the opponent, b) expose the opponent, and c) trap the opponent.

Remember DACA? Same thing. He said some things that made many say 'What! What?', but in the end he won.


Nothing wrong with early Chuck Berry.


Five minutes is a long time for this generation to listen. Seven minutes, perhaps.

Beasts of England

Hot date - gotta get... See ya - and hear ya - tomorrow!!


Almost all the bumper music can be handled with movie soundtracks.

Have a Blues Brothers week, A Forest Gump week, etc.

Put as little effort into it as possible.


Pool Report:

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has passed along the following statements in response to questions about the resignation of White House Communications Director Hope Hicks:

PRESIDENT TRUMP: "Hope is outstanding and has done great work for the last three years. She is as smart and thoughtful as they come, a truly great person. I will miss having her by my side but when she approached me about pursuing other opportunities, I totally understood. I am sure we will work together again in the future."

CHIEF OF STAFF JOHN KELLY: "When I became Chief of Staff, I quickly realized what so many have learned about Hope she is strategic, poised and wise beyond her years. She became a trusted adviser and counselor and did a tremendous job overseeing the communications for the Presidents agenda including the passage of historic tax reform. She has served her country with great distinction. To say that she will be missed, is an understatement."

Hope Hicks: "There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to President Trump. I wish the President and his administration the very best as he continues to lead our country."

Some additional background information from the White House:

* WH Communications Director Hope Hicks is leaving the WH after serving the President for three years
* Hope is the Presidents longest serving aide having worked with him before he announced his candidacy, through the campaign and into the second year of his administration. After three years, she approached the President and told him she wanted to leave so she could start exploring opportunities outside of the WH.
* Her role evolved from what was initially considered to be an unconventional press and communications aide to formally being announced WH communications director in the summer of 2017
* In this position, Hope has led strategic messaging for administration priorities such as the historic passage of tax reform and worked with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to stabilize the press and communications teams after initial phases of transition
* Hope is a valued adviser and counselor to the President and other senior administration officials
* Her exact departure is to be determined but it will be sometime in the next few weeks


No, I am not ok with any confiscation that is a surprise. You want to sue me, fine. Maybe you'll win. Secret orders where I have no opportunity to defend myself and face my accuser? No, that can't be constitutional.

simply stupid

On Sessions and Trump stop being worry warts . See Israel for a template. The leftists have been probing Netanyahu for years and have gone after him for taking small gifts like cigars and cognac from bigwigs to help with visas. The last one was probe of Bezek, a public utility that prosecution claimed bribed Natanyahu for favorable rates by touting Hetanyahu's government in the press. A cabinet member was going to testify against Netanyahu and poof the next day tapes of the prosecutor talking to the presiding judge crafting who in Bezek to prosecute or go leniant appear and the whole probe gespoof.

Trumpholds all the cards and all communication between Comey and Lynch and the Fisa stuff so stop sweating.

Only fun part is that on one side it is collusion and the other side it is opposition research go figure.


TK, I hear you on the avoid effort. Royalties are another matter.


As long as you keep the clip of the music short enough I think you skirt the royalties rules.


At least I thought that to be true.


CNN playing at a bar in DC, and who's on the screen? That asshole Preet Bharara or whatever his name is. He must be getting them hot because he's been talking for a while. (No sound, thankfully.)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think you guys are missing that this is a negotiation.

The discussion was about nut cases with guns. So the President puts forth the idea of taking guns from said nut cases.

Chuck Grassley points out that it shouldn't be ALL people with mental illness, because many of those people are not dangerous. (Example: people who are germ adverse or have phobias against cats.)

You were watching the beginning stages of a negotiation. Grassley and others will push back, the dems will offer something else, people will counter again, etc.

I am glad to see this televised so people understand the meeting and don't have to depend on the evil MSM for a report.

The President seemed caring and reasonable. If you don't agree with his statement, send an e-mail.

I still remember everyone getting upset about the DACA meeting and how we shouldn't be giving all of those people citizenship. Has anything happened? No.

The President knows what he's doing.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I follow that guy (Preet ) on Twitter because I want to know what he's up to. He is vehemently against anything that Trump does and poses as being reasonable.

I guess he thinks he can get away with it because he's Indian. I think he is gearing up to run for political office.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jordyn Phelps
‏Verified account @JordynPhelps
21m21 minutes ago

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks delivered a tearful goodbye to her staff this afternoon in the White House, saying she's decided to leave because she doesn't like Washington and doesn't want to part of the system, according to a person in the room.

Translation: Hope Hicks hates the press.

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