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February 26, 2018


Beasts of England



Bush 43: Grew up in Texas, good HS athlete, rugby in college, no military.

um, Texas Air National Guard for 100 Alex?

Paul Zrimsek

Surely Big Al would treat stopping the shooter the same way as living a low-carbon lifestyle: loudly in favor of making it mandatory for everyone, but in the meantime there's no controlling legal authority so he'll stay outside and make a speech about it.

Beasts of England

ChiTown Lurker says he was really first but offered no proof. :)

Beasts of England

Fat Al could knock out the shooter by releasing his Chakra.


Just tell them its a camera... they'd all stampede the shooter.

Beasts of England

I had a hard time remembering who is The Duke. Beware of Greeks bearing tanks...

Account Deleted

Where might I find the skinny on "ill-gotten" gain with Bain?

Might be Chi-Town's baileywick?

Account Deleted

I made the Top 10! LOL

Tom Maguire

Hmm, so TANG isn't just the favored drink of astronauts. Scary I forgot that 2004 drama - I'd Rather not know what is says about my memory.

Tom Maguire

Re: "ill-gotten" gains at Bain: it rhymes, mainly, but also, to many of our friends on the left all gains in the private sector are ill-gotten if a Republican gets them. Barry's book deals and Hillary's speeches are hard-earned.


W flew planes nicknamed "widowmaker" in the TANG.

Even though TANG is Air National Guard, they flew missions. The aforementioned "widowmaker" interceptor had the mission to intercept USSR bombers and shoot them down. Some were kept in the air at all times to save time by not having to scramble.

The reason he got out early was because the "widowmaker" interceptor was retired and W had too little time in to make it work retraining him on new planes.

John McCain, brave guy but mainly known for being shot down.


I’m behind, but need to post a comment during lunch.

Animals Rights Radicals IN "Cows Lives Matter" "protest" yell "MURDER!" at meat shoppers at Madison grocery store


Now i want a steak for lunch.

Posted by: henry | February 26, 2018 at 09:10 AM

The best thing about the above article about meat protesters is that it was covered by WKOW.

Old Lurker

Lurkersusie, previous thread "3 questions inspector general must answer regarding investigation of FBI leadership"

You're dreaming there Susie. He can answer whatever he feels like answering and when it moves him and he can water down whatever he wants to say any way he likes.

RG promises he has the biggest baddest white hat ever and has new super powers and shock and awe is in our future.

But that's just RG talking and he is still high on all the popcorn and Coke he ate seeing that movie TWICE.


I agree old unless Bryan mills is doing the wrangling:


Captain Hate

NFW would Slick have gone in. He's never done a non cowardly thing in his life except rut with Curb Dive on one confirmed occasion.

Jim Eagle

Well, even if the cop didn't go in, at least the football coach did and took a bullet by protecting some of the kids.

I have known a lot of cops including some on my mother's side of her family. I can't think of any of them that wouldn't rush toward danger to prevent a crime or murder. I would like to hear gentlejim's commentary on the situation at the Parkland school, from a LEO perspective.

F Hudson

I wonder if he intentionally said he would go in without a gun to cause the media to go bonkers over the next few days


Idk about the mind reading, TM.

Remember when we all had to read The Red Badge of Courage in high school and be lectured about the morality of desertion?

I'm reading leftists saying "of course he didn't go in, it would have been suicide."

And now this David Hogg choad is saying it's Rick Scott's fault that the (elected) sheriff's deputy didn't go in.


I wonder if he intentionally said he would go in without a gun to cause the media to go bonkers over the next few days

Nothing to wonder about. Of course he did. :)


The n stands for nazgul



"I'm No Coward" Claims Deputy Who Refused To Confront Parkland School Shooter

Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson, in a statement released through his lawyer Monday, said his actions during the Valentine’s Day massacre "were appropriate under the circumstances."

Peterson "heard gunshots but believed those gunshots were originating from outside of the buildings on the school campus," according to the release. "BSO trains its officers that in the event of outdoor gunfire one is to seek cover and assess the situation in order to communicate what one observes with other law enforcement."

"Allegations that Mr. Peterson was a coward and that his performance, under the circumstances, failed to meet the standards of police officers are patently untrue," according to the statement sent from the office of Fort Lauderdale attorney Joseph DiRuzzo.

Captain Hate

Heather Locklear arrested on domestic violence and attacking cops. From her booking photo it must've been a bitching bender:



Ext, so not cowardice, but incompetence? That's an improvement that'll get me to hand over my guns once I have pulse rifle replacements.


Didn't the shots begin at 2:21, i.e. in the middle of the last class of the day? No reason for Peterson to think shots/screams were coming from outside when almost everyone was inside.

Ralph L

I can see Trump going in after he became a father.
Love the Mondale comment, why is John Wayne in there?


Btw, I find that patently ridiculous. You are sworn to protect students, whom you have known for years. You live on campus, rent-free, just so you can be there in the event of an emergency. You have surely run this exact scenario through your mind many times. Yet you don't immediately go where the students are?

He's claiming they're trained not to go into the school to guard the students? To wait outside while the students cower inside with a bunch of unarmed teachers guarding them?

Not buying it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Sorry I missed you!--

Not sure whether to respond that's because I saw you first or because you keep telegraphing your punches.
Either way, don't go away sorry...

Ralph L

Wasn't there a fire alarm blaring?


NFW would Slick have gone in. He's never done a non cowardly thing in his life except rut with Curb Dive on one confirmed occasion.

You think that hag that looks like Webb is confirmation?


The on site housing benefit in Broward imo is mostly because the school resource officers' main function is getting to know the kids, who'll then feel comfortable enough to tell them when/where trouble's brewing. Unbelievable that the Douglas HS officers didn't automatically rush to save the kids, but hid instead.

Jim Eagle


The Duke is Michael Dukakis, not John Wayne:)


“Let’s roll!” has a place here.

So does Spencer Stone.

Courage springs from understanding what matters and why.


Dukakis? He was a Swarthmore when my dad was. 5'4" guy not on Swarthmore's BB team (despite goofy photo), that might have been a jv squad of some sort. Smug rich kid is how dad described him, certainly not any kind of athlete.


Hard to match the cowardly low of Bill Clinton's naming his victim in both his initial "I never had sex with that woman - Miz L..." or his months later "I did indeed have ... with Miz L". "Hillary" was never uttered, just alluded to as "my wife".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Carter? Yeah, right.

My list;
Ford? Yes.
Carter? NFW.
Reagan? Yes.
Mondale? Honorable though stupid guy = yes.
Bush 41? Yes, so long as it was prudent.
Clinton? Hahahahahah...wipes tears away, resumes laughing...
Dole? If he had to crawl.
Dukakis? Yes...unless the miscreant was raping his wife.
Gore? Only if he got to make a fake movie about it.
Bush 43? Yes.
Kerry? Yes. But when he came out he'd be on the side of the shooter...and have a minor self inflicted wound.
McCain? Yes.
Mittens? Yes, with a kevlar binder and a dog crate to put the shooter in.
Barack Hussein Obama? That pansy ass would make Billy Jeff Clinton look like Sgt York.
Trump? I suspect yes.


Trump Strikes Out Would-be Mugger

by James Rosen, New York Daily News

Witnesses said Trump, with Marla Maples tugging at his arm to try to stop him, leaped from his black stretch limousine Monday evening during the Manhattan assault.

“Someone in the car looked over and said, ‘Gee, look at that, it’s a mugging,’ ” Trump said. “I said to my driver to stop the car because it was brutal-looking.”

Trump was at first reluctant to discuss his daredevil deed, but then he warmed to the task.

“The guy with the bat looked at me, and I said, “Look, you’ve gotta stop this. Put down the bat,”‘ Trump said. “I guess he recognized me because he said, ‘Mr. Trump, I didn’t do anything wrong.’ I said, ‘How could you not do anything wrong when you’re whacking a guy with a bat?’ Then he ran away.


Beasts of England

'I'm no coward - and pay no attention to the armed detail guarding my house!!'

Captain Hate

Dukakis? Yes...unless the miscreant was raping his wife.

Lol. He could ride in a tank.

Beasts of England

Trump could run in and say 'Hey, you wanna see some nekkid pictures of Melania?' That might work...

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Thanks for finding that because I remembered it as I was reading the list.

I also remember during the campaign when someone rushed the stage and Trump lunged toward the guy before being stopped by Secret Service. The debate on Reddit then was whether or not he packed heat while on the campaign trail.

Jim Eagle


Disagree in re Carter.

Any guy who had to sit through an interview with Adm. Rickover, sitting in his special, uncomfortable, slanted chair is one tough guy even if he didn't get the job:)

Dave (in MA)

Kerry would rush the building, but just before reaching the door, he'd turn around to see if there were any cameras, causing himself to trip and get a minor scrape, whereupon he'd head back to safety to tell of his adventure ad nauseam.

Perot would have gotten a team of ex-military together to stop the attack.

Stockdale would have rushed in and beaten himself senseless to confuse the shooter in order to subdue him.


Clinton shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a school.

And Carter seemed pretty shaken up when that rabbit attack him in his canoe.



Buford Gooch

Congrats to Porch for using "choad" well.

Captain Hate

Here's what LI had to say on the DACA decision:


Sounds like it was a major fuckup by the DOJ. Isn't about time that the Elmer Fudd defenders, including RG who apparently should run for President for some fucking reason, start explaining why his department keeps botching things after about a year on the job? I'm not saying that he didn't walk into a nest of vipers but except for a few FBI resignations there's no evidence that things are running efficiently. This was inexcusable and DJT should demand many pounds of flesh. And pawning this off on our useless Congress is NOT a good answer.


Didn't refresh to see your post, Rocco.



Dave,Happy Birthday. I was going to say that Kerry would run into the building if he knew a rich widow was teaching.


You are welcome, MM.

Dave (in MA)

Thanks Marlene, and thanks to all the others who I see posted on the previous thread thanks to James D. blabbing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I could be mistaken about Carter, but as Rocco points out and as Tom Paxton put to music, that bunny wunny scared Jimmuh no small amount.


Al Gore: Hmmm

Judging by this. Al Gore would rush in. His intent might be OK, but someone else will do the real work. And then the incident would be featured in a campaign ad.


Old Lurker

"why his department keeps botching things after about a year on the job?"

Bug or Feature depending on where in the Swamp you dwell.

Jim Eagle


But he did put his life on the line when he was part of the team of Navy reactor officers who went to Canada to help with the partial-meltdown of the Chalk River reactor. He maxed out on dosage rates because he was the guy being lowered into the reactor to take measurements. Not a job for the faint of heart.


Lol, thanks, Buford.

Happy birthday Dave (in MA)!


TK, Great minds Brother! Well, yours anyway.

Captain Hate

I'd rather lose an argument than use Tom Paxton to support my point.


I miss James Rosen!

mike in houston


My uncle worked for Rickover and didn't have a good word to say about Jimmy Carter


Judging by that, Gore might head in after the heavy work was done and snap a couple photos.

Old Lurker

Where in my internet wanderings this weekend did I see a St.Paul's Prep School picture of their hockey team featuring Mueller and Kerry sitting side by side in the center?

I had not realized that they were best buds from pre-college days.

Splains a lot.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'd rather lose an argument than use Tom Paxton to support my point.--

But I have always kinda liked that tune from when the incident occurred.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

I think I read somewhere, perhaps one of the guys I follow on Twitter, that only 30% of DOJ are recent hires, the rest being career types hired during the Obama administration with a few from Bush 43. They can't be fired because they fall under the Civil Service laws, even though for all practical purposes they are political appointees.

I never really thought about this problem until this recent scandal, but I bet it's a real one for a lot of attorneys general, especially GOP appointees following a dem administration.

Somehow I had it in my head that these people would automatically follow the lead of their new boss, when in fact, we can see they are sticking around to drag their feet and undermine things. (Same goes for the FBI and I bet the CIA.)

So, I don't have expectations that we will see any action until all things are in place. If I am wrong, well, I am wrong. But it seems likely to me that things are being kept under wraps until the last minute.


things are being kept under wraps naps


JiB, Carter probably would run in to help, I just couldn't resist the opportunity to bring up the rabbit!

I can't tell you how many times guys I worked with ran when the shit hit the fan. "I'm going for help", famous last words.


Georgia Lt. Governor Threatens Delta Airlines After NRA Rejection

I will kill any tax legislation that benefits @Delta unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with @NRA. Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back.

— Casey Cagle (@CaseyCagle) February 26, 2018

Nice quid pro quo tweet, Casey.

We need smarter tweeters on our side.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Here is the session of President Trump with the governors. Runs about one hour.


I am listening while I clean my bedroom. Back later.

Captain Hate

But I have always kinda liked that tune from when the incident occurred.

I'm sure it's topically funny. I just remember way back when our library started getting CDs in I saw one by that dweeb and thought "let's see what all the dipshits who listen to this follicle challenged troubadour like". I didn't make it halfway through.

Old Lurker

MM "..the rest being career types hired during the Obama administration ..."

Nice try but no sale, MM. While that is of course true and I am sure is a PITA to the new AG, any new AG, that does not excuse this AG for not paying intense attention to matters of the highest importance to the President's Agenda. How would DACA not rank as a top five issue for his boss, and one on which a screw up would be very embarrassing to Trump?

Sort of like if you are a navy ship Captain who saw a sister ship blindly run into another ship because of inattention by the Captain and his command, would you not have the entire crew being careful when you drive your ship through the same waters a month later?

Some things just sort of get absolute focus even by a very senior but subordinate officer.


CNN Analyst Suggests Women Can’t Carry Guns Because They Wear Skirts, Dresses

A CNN analyst insisted Saturday that arming school teachers is impractical, arguing that women who wear skirts and dresses can not carry guns on their person.

"A lot of these schools—Sandy Hook had an all-female faculty, from principal to teachers," noted CNN senior law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes. "For a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day?"

Women who carry: That's for me to know and you to find out, twerp.

Old Lurker

Also, if we are to wait until all vestiges of previous administrations are replaced by true believers, since that day will never arrive, why bother?


Georgia Conservatives Aim to Derail Delta Airlines State Subsidy After Airline Cuts NRA Ties

Atlanta-based Delta was set to get a $40 million per year tax break on jet fuel from the Georgia legislature, something establishment Chamber of Commerce-backed GOP Gov. Nathan Deal supports handing out. But when Delta yanked its relationship with the NRA after the Parkland shooting, conservatives in Georgia have risen up against the airline’s efforts to procure this big government handout.

“I decided to take action against Delta and the way they align with the left in going after the NRA and its members,” Debbie Dooley, an influential Atlanta-based Tea Party leader, told Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125. “Donald Trump tweeted out something I will always remember. I think it was in 2015. He said when somebody challenges you unfairly, fight back. Be brutal. Be tough. That is what we’re going to have to be to fight for his agenda and to fight for the Second Amendment. If you’re in Georgia, I found out that Delta Airlines is asking for a $40 million per year tax break on jet fuel, and I realize the best way that we can be effective and the best way we can combat the boycotts and threats of the left is to hit them. Go after their subsidies. Go after their tax breaks that they’re receiving on the state level, and take it away from them. If we’re successful in stopping Delta’s tax subsidies, we will have cost them $200 million in five years. I think that’s something that’s important that we replicate in other states.”


I bet you saw a lot of that in your job.
I understand your optimism and faith wrt the plan for resolving all this rotten behavior and illegal activity.
However as of today, I am joining OL and CH and JamesD in demanding that some sign of real progress against these criminals be taken very soon.
Awan brothers free to flee at any moment.
Hil and rotten lawyers surrounding her still with immunity deals.
Podesta not charged yet.
It is s travesty of justice and these terrible people actually still think they are home free.
Repeated statements that they are scared and worried are not proven because so far no action has been taken against them.
A year is long enough to gather information and knock some heads together.

Captain Hate

Yes, OL gets it right; this is a high exposure fuckup by Mr. Peepers and DJT should be very pissed off.

Dave (in MA)

Unseen: https://www.gungoddess.com/products/garter-holster

Old Lurker

Maryrose "However as of today, I am joining OL and CH and JamesD"

Free drinks in honor of MR on the Ledge tonight. Be careful of the flying pigs as you head to the bar.


More to the point, Sessions was well known as an immigration hardliner. You'd think this is something he'd be concentrating on.


The somber and serious school agitators in a less scripted moment.


We was takin' it to 'em.

Ol Ricebutt, eh? Haven't we buried him here?

Well, I have.

Old Lurker

Every news cycle on my radio has lead with "Supreme Court rules against Trump on DACA" since the news broke this morning.

Geeks might know the truth in the details, but everybody else hears it as, well, "Supreme Court rules against Trump on DACA".

May 5th comes early, dude!


I’ve been withholding judgment, but here it is.
My opinion on the shooting: Charlie Foxtrot prior to, during and after. That CF absolutely excludes the on and off duty LEOs that went in, teachers, coaches and students that saved lives, some losing their own, all first responders, citizens that rendered aid. I do include Camera Hogg in the CF category. The more we find out the more angry and saddened I get. 4 or 5 minutes is an eternity to be standing around with both thumbs up your ass while people are shot. Israel is a disgrace.

Back later.

Annie Oakley, whet your pun.

Wimmins & firearms?

Haven't we settled that here?

I'm reminded of the time a black woman asked how I liked Jackson being replaced on the Twenty Dollar Bill, and I said I loved it; the usurper was a Christian, a Republican, and a gun toter.


Doesn't anyone remember when Trump got out of the limo to stop the mugger who was shellacking a guy using a baseball bat?



I remembered it at 2:35, Porch.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

TK, did.


Thanks for sharing your opinion, gentlejim. I appreciate you 1st party knowledge of LE.


Make mine either a Bloody Mary or a Gin and Tonic please.


The end of the linked Legal Insurrection article on SCOTUS refusing to hear DACA (for now):

Needless to say, supporters of DACA are painting this as a substantive decision, even though it is not. It’s the result of a strange tactical decision that has backfired. Of course, Trump is likely to lose in the 9th Circuit, so waiting for a 9th Circuit decision (at least on a stay request) likely was futile, but it’s the normal course.

My emphasis.

So the "normal course" was going to result in the same thing happening.

Seems like the thinking was "we'll lose in the 9th either way so why not give it a shot and if SCOTUS will hear it now?"


Thanks, TK. My apologies.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jacobsen seems to think not requesting an emergency stay was more likely a Trump decision to continue DACA negotiations than a nap slap [Sessions' version of a nip slip :)] by Elmer.


No need to apologize, Porch! I am an advocate for multiple links to similar stories.

I only demand recognition with my irritating birther links.



..1st person...

Old Lurker

Porch "so why not give it a shot and if SCOTUS will hear it now?"

Because of exactly what happened. That guy in the street just heard again and again that SCOTUS ruled against Trump on DACA which makes people other than us think that Trump lost a big one and that sinks in.


Bull Moose

Stop straddling that Trump fence Maguire. It's time for you and Patterico to fully comprehend your ambivalence not only on him but Trumpublican antics in general.

Clarice Feldman

My niece makes lovely concealed gun handbags for women.https://beenandbadge.com/collections/handbags

Send shysters, gats, and loot.

Heh, bin and cache, CF.

Dem ah sum perty pusses.


Of course, we will always have Castle Rock v. Gonzales

Warbed Buyers.

Those in the middle catch it from either side for insincerity, and then there's the fence.

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