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March 21, 2018



Miss M, another storm that will miss here. Dammit I have to do yard work instead of watch snow.




henry @famousquotenet

Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace. - James Madison



Find an outlet mall that has a Gold Toe store. The Windsor Wool socks have been my mainstay for 4 decades.

Wear like iron, are absorbant, and come in non-faggy colors like black, navy blue, brown, gray, etc.

You know, stuff regular guys wear.

May be available online also.

Tom R

Tom R. "The budget bill gave Trump the amount of money he was asking for to build the wall."


This article is from last month.

Trump got what he asked for in 2019 funding. That is enough money to fund one year's worth of construction. That gives Trump flexibility to get the construction started before the November 2018 midterms while still holding out hope that Mexico will help pay for some of the wall by way of the NAFTA renegotiations. IMO bad move politically for Trump to ask American taxpayers pay for all $18 billion of construction costs.


I just flicked on FBN Cavuto's show. He had on Paul Ryan's former chief-of-staff. Who said what this budget does is gives them time to really develop the budget correctly over the next year/months.(paraphrasing).

WTF, WTF. They had the f.........g time to do it before and they did not.


They always run out of time.
Not really a priority.


Gold Toe store. The Windsor Wool socks have been my mainstay for 4 decades.

+1 Have used ’em for decades.

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