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March 06, 2018


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Not surprisingly, the first issue of Marvel's Black Panther comic book is selling at high prices. Here is the current price at an eBay auction, with 4 days left to go! ($323 right now!)


Smart eBay entrpreneurs would have noted that this movie was being made and bought up the old editions a couple of years ago, when the announcement was made that the movie would go into production.

Jim Eagle

I will never understand the liberal Jew like Tapper (former spokesman for gungrabber USA aka Brady) when if only the citizens of the Warsaw ghetto had been armed? Or, of any of their other conclaves. The Pogroms would have never happened in a well armed civilization like ours.

PD in Detroit is 100% correct. I do not want to be the proverbial boiling frog when it comes to my rights as a citizen.

Captain Hate

Don't go to any airports, Miss Marple!


Tom McClintock weighs in on tariffs:

Snatching Scarcity from the Jaws of Abundance




How do you turn on chain saws? A button? A pull cord? I wondered if the tree men/arborists' balance would be affected by having to turn on the chain saw once they were up in the tree, and that's why they already have it running but with disengaged chain when they receive it.

Just curious.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Have no fear! I won't even wear it if I am heading to my dem isster's house.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Good idea and probably so, since these are chain-pull starts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Sessions' speech in Sacramento.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

‏Verified account @Breaking911

BREAKING: FBI Employee Kills Wife, Self In Maryland, Police Say - https://breaking911.com/breaking-fbi-employee-kills-wife-self-in-maryland-police-say/


Live tv features the 11 protesters that showed up in Sacramento.

Big deal.



American as Birferdom and racial slurs.

In a move that will likely prompt more calls for collusion, Russia's President Vladimir Putin offered more words of praise for President Trump on Wednesday...
So, do you think the propagandist meant "of" there?


Account Deleted

"Wait, isn't beer "liquid bread" with huge carb values?
How much beer is allowed in a low card diet? Asking for a friend."

Beer was my half-case per day dietary supplement for 18 years. My beer-doh drinkin buddy used to say "Beer gave me the body I gots today."

The glucose producing carbos in beer impact blood sugar to the extreme. And, the alcohol content in beer is processed into sugars.

The ultimate curse of consistent alcohol consumption for me (maybe not for y'all) is my liver worked overtime to absorb excess glucose in the blood.

My beer-doh buddy used to also say: "Don't bug me, wench! Can't you see I am trying to turn my liver into a canoe?"

As beer carbs, and all the processed carbs that go hand in hand with beer (Doritos, football snacks etc--- consumed by the truckloads), mounted in consumption rates--- PLUS insulin resistance building BARBECUED MEATS (red, flying, and swimming--- at different rates) my body was lit by inflammation. My insides were like a blazing Romani candle.

Inflammation got fanned by consistent beer consumption, alcohol consumption and the other enemies of good balanced blood sugar. Once insulin resistance and lectins go haywire (plant proteins found in beer ingredients EN MASSE) in the blood stream--- that is all she wrote.

I don't have stats, but there is an anecdotal trend you can explore in your immediate and wider circle of friends----> late adult onset of Type II diabetes is something people don't like to talk about because T2d is stigmatizing.

But if you can crack the code revealed by their eating and "love to eat" admissions, you can tell who the T2deez and high-risk folks are. It's eyeopening.

The so-called disease rate for T2deez is 11%. Those are gummint stats. Reading the ostracized few's research (they are not into medicine for profit but to heal) it is above 18%. Those are just the *diagnosed* millions.

The undiagnosed is projected at 80 million with the vast majority of those over age 55.

Now here is the hook in all of this reportage.

A person may die during a bout with colon cancer. Chances are that colon cancer was facilitated by untreated blood sugar issues. (There are over 160 chronic and fatal diseases--- including rheumatoid arthritis--- that evolve out of imbalanced glucose that affects MITOCHONDRIA and incubates dis-ease).

But, conventional medicine and BIG PHARMA-KARMA cover that connection so they can market "symptom-centered medications."

Back when Anheuser-Busch was an American company (late 70s early 80s) there was a cancer scare around a nano-element in their beer called "nitrosamines." It was assigned causation for a vague general category of "cancer". (led to the craft beer boom---> fear of cancer and a distaste for crap beer ;) )

Alernative theories about incidents of prostate cancer (preceded by enflamed prostate glands) among chronic beer drinkers were roundly ignored because these studies focused on the role of glucose production and the body's response.

Not saying that every case of prostate cancer or prostate dysfunction is CAUSED by beer drinking, or can be avoided by not drinking the Nectar of The Gods. (syrupy blood or pre-syrupy blood will lead to inflammation that can center in the prostate--- the prostate in adult makes can be the canary in the SUGAR MINE.)

I am saying, that like every other of the 160 plus disease signatures in humans---- excess glucose as a metabolic input JACKHAMMERS and destroys mitochondria in the cells.

Insulin injections and blood sugar pills simply bowl over the cells to drown in these growth hormones and gh derivatives. The sugar chemistry is altered but not before glucose hammers away at the structure of red blood cells, weakening them to the point of decay.



An opening paragraph from Jonah Goldberg that explains the problem:

For the last couple of years I've been banging my spoon on my high chair about how Trumpism isn't a political or ideological movement so much as a psychological phenomenon.


Kevlar keeps practicing medicine without a solution/diagnosis for his mental state...as though it were a physical debilitation in stasis.

He's a half-genius.

Account Deleted

Re: Mountain lions, et al from a decent source in QUORA___>


Dave (in MA)


"a man".

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Pot - kettle, if you ask me, and the high chair serves him well as a metaphor.

How does Goldberg explain the people that initially didn't care for Trump but only voted for him to defeat Hillary, and are only now coming to realize that he is getting big things done, things that we have always wanted, and are becoming MORE enthusiastic?

How does he explain what's going on in Saudi Arabia? How about the North Koreans?

I no longer will listed to people who claim they are smarter than I am while all the while demonstrating their pettiness and stupidity.

Account Deleted

The TMc speech on tariffs is spot on. DJT knows all of this, which I find encouraging.

However, DJT also knows that snapping the American trade game back into shape---> we have to push other countries to stop SUBSIDIZING their industries so they can "Compete."

Their consumer base eat it in taxes and lower wages (bigger margins for owners and the Chinese Communist Party).

DJT is not going to blink. One result now emerging is China facing the task of reducing the trade imbalance by $1 billion.

That will ripple effect.

McClintock is correct across the board. He doesn't criticize DJT---> he lays out the working theory behind weaponizing Tariffs and its negative global impact.

The absence of criticism of some vague position is intentional. That is what a knowledgeable speaker does:influence the dim bulbs in the HOR.

Tom McClintock for POTUS in 2020. He has had my write in for POTUS since I met him at a small venue in San Rafael at a Santana acoustic show in 1998.

Account Deleted

"Live tv features the 11 protesters that showed up in Sacramento."

Sling shot those cock bags.


When you guys are mushing your Dog-Sleds in the middle of the night, what tricks do you use to stay awake?

Account Deleted

Trey Gowdy is behaving like a fungus, no?


Jim Eagle

We have cougars in Florida. We call them the Florida Panther. Same animal.

But the bobcat I think Beasts saw (weight and coloring) is a Lynks lupus, which are prevelant even more than the Panther. Panther needs close to 200 square miles of free roaming space, thus become more rare due to overdevelopment in Florida.

I have had Bobcats walk down our street in the afternoon as if they didn't have a worry in the world. One night we watched a Bobcat walk aimlessly across the 18th fairway, up to the Club's entryway and then down to the ramp they drive the golf carts inside for storage.

They are not spooked at all by humans.


After watching the Sessions speech today, I'm thinking that he's not napping but balancing priorities. Opioids and the increasing nation-wide crime rate are huge problems. Border security, lawlessness and nullification regarding illegal immigrants are huge problems.

Deep state stuff is actually less important, or at least less pressing, and if he'd have gone after it immediately it would have appeared too political. Today he said he'd "consider" appointing a second special counsel, but of course he's had to have been considering this for some time.

I'm guessing that, in order to keep his own hands clean, he does appoint a second SC, but if he does it too close to the election he still faces the appearance of being politically motivated. Ergo, if happens, it'll probably be pretty soon.

The timing of the IG report seems kind of perfect.


rse - I saw a plea from Dekalb Co. animal shelter this morning. They stated they had no water for the animals. It was shared on FB over 700 times.

By the afternoon their lobby was full of donated water! Some water was ordered through Amazon Prime and delivered within 2 hours. People can be kind.

Account Deleted

Like his namesake, Basquiat produces tripe, garbage and spew while huffing incessantly on the hoses of benefactors.

Killfiled accordingly.

Account Deleted

Berekeley's Animal Control unit shoots dead any cat over lynx size. Several "mountain lions" have been taken down over the past 3 years.

Racoons are a deadlier predator than the periodic big cat. Up here where the eatin is good, they can approach the size of small bears. They devour cats like snacks.

Animal Control doesn't kill coons though. They trap em and whisk em off to public land east of town and let em out. Like Mezzkins from Metziko they just file back down to Dumpster Paradise and the Compost heaps of "community gardens" to fatten up one more day.

Go fig.

Account Deleted

Momto2: What's up with the Shelter's plumbing? No water taps? Curious. -Kev


We had a gang of raccoons as I mentioned before, animal control did little to nothing.


Isn't rabies a big problem with raccoons? But they're not otherwise dangerous to humans, whereas mountain lions have been known to kill people, as I recall.


I had the early news on momto2 while I exercised round 2 and they said they will be able to restock all the empty shelves because it was limited to one county. I am about 1/2 mile from the line and my widower fil is in the boil/no water pressure zone.

I did this before hurricane too, especially since I knew I would gradually use the bottled water combining it with my apple cider vinegar.

Let's face it though, next to clayton county, dekalb is probably the 2nd least functional county govt in metro area.


Raccoons are pretty fearless, too. I had one on my deck one evening and I went outside yelling and waving my arms, figuring he'd take off.

He just stared me down. Didn't even flinch.

Then I got my pellet gun.

Tom R

After watching the Sessions speech today, I'm thinking that he's not napping but balancing priorities. Opioids and the increasing nation-wide crime rate are huge problems. Border security, lawlessness and nullification regarding illegal immigrants are huge problems.

After 8 years of Holder/Lynch and a weaponized FBI/DOJ that targeted conservatives, I'm personally glad to see that the DOJ under Sessions is focusing on enforcing federal laws that have been in place long before Trump was elected. No hint of partisanship whatsoever.


KK-a 48 inch main water main broke about 3 am just outside 285 taking out water pressure and toilets through one of the biggest metro counties--dekalb if you look at a map.

The neighbor I mentioned is cfo of the us sub of a big multinational. Everyone in all those office buildings in periemter area sent home in addition to closing mall. Restaurants closed. Schools closed countywide.


Raccoons are a menace. They destroy everything. "Animal control" firms catch them in the suburbs and release them out here (illegal). I trap & shoot 20 a year. Doesn't dent the problem. Wish coyotes would eat them.


I'd still like to see a sign that Sessions is willing to go after the law breakers in the Obama administration.


Wrongway corbyn:


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sessions will be interviewed on Shannon Bream's show tonight.

However, here is a quote:

Jake Gibson
‏Verified account @JakeBGibson

Sessions on calls for second Special Counsel: “I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice, to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee members sent to us and we're conducting that investigation.” @ShannonBream


I wonder who that could be. Maybe Guiliani? He served with Sessions in the DOJ.


Hi Kev - There was a big water main break this morning. Schools had to close early, hospitals had to cancel surgeries, restaurants and businesses closed, and all sorts of upsets. I understand it has been fixed but still under a boil water alert.



I enjoy context.

You, kevlar?


He used the word "obstruction" about the Californicators multiple times today, and was very clearly pissed about the increasing danger she put citizens and LE people in by letting criminal aliens back into the community, including a child molester. I wouldn't be surprised if he drops the hammer on the Oakland mayor.


Robin - I didn't see your answer to Kev before I posted. So sorry for your fil as it's one of life's essentials that we all take for granted.

You are so right about Dekalb/Clayton!


Truly Trump is a genuine 'Lewder'...


You moralists must be danged proud.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Years ago, before I had dogs, we lived near a wooded area. I heard a noise and went out to the carport, and there were 5 raccoons, working as a TEAM, in the trash. Two were down inside passing the choice morsels up to a third who would toss it down to a raccoon who would catch it. The fifth was holding the lid up!

They are very smart and without fear, unless they are way in the wild.


We've had panther sightings in our community here in Florida. I don't want to sound warm and fuzzy about the critters here,but there is so much land being cleared that the animals are being pushed out of their habitat. I always bring a flashlight when I walk the dog in the dark,because the thought of facing a critter makes me cringe. Someone posted a picture on Next Door of a baby alligator on their front porch. Adorable,ha,ha.


Kev, for what it's worth, my blood glucose was never high. The a1c was in std range as well. I may just be lucky on that, or seeing the impact of alcoholism on family have kept a balance under too much (mostly by luck as well).

Cleo in Glee-o

Sessions diminutive status on the National scene was tattooed on the body politic as the leprechaun weakly condemned the lawlessness of fairness versus federal boots on the ground with his tiny head barely visible above the podium.

He needed something to stand on.


I meant danger "they" put citizens and LE in.

And these numbers are pretty sobering:

And I am well aware that the increased training, professionalism, leadership and more effective enforcement policies of our departments nationwide, and over several decades, has been the critical factor in reversing the dramatic rise in crime that we saw throughout the 1970s.

Over a 22-year period, we saw homicide rates cut in half, youth drug use fall by almost half and violent crime fall dramatically. It was an achievement few would have ever expected.

Much of the transformative leadership for this change arose from your former governor and our President Ronald Reagan — aided by his fabulous California counselor and later Atty. Gen. Ed Meese.

Maybe in recent years we got complacent and took our eye off the ball, but recent trends are deeply worrisome.

In 2014 and 2015, violent crime stopped falling and jumped 7% nationwide.

Homicide surged 20%, the largest increase since 1968. And drug availability rose dramatically, lethal purity reached unprecedented levels while prices fell. And along with the new killer drug fentanyl, overdose deaths reached levels we have never seen before: 66,000 deaths last year.

Tom R

I'd still like to see a sign that Sessions is willing to go after the law breakers in the Obama administration.

For me personally it will be much more satisfying if the Obama-appointed IG is the one who breaks the news to America of who all in Obama's administration broke the law.

Also, I think its almost a 99.999% certainty that Trump, Sessions and whoever else is involved are intentionally dragging this out until sometime in the summer/early fall for maximum impact on the November 2018 midterms.


They are very smart and without fear.

I may have told my raccoon story here before so forgive me if this is a repeat. We used to have a barn cat that we took in when a neighbor moved. My kids would feed him each time they fed our horses.

One day my daughter said, "Mom, you need to buy more cans of cat food - we are completely out!" I said, "That's impossible! I just took an entire case up to the barn a couple of days ago."

When we investigated, we found the raccoons had taken every can to the back dark corner of the barn, popped open the pull top lid, and devoured all of the cat food!

We had to start keeping it in a locked, heavy-duty metal trash can that was anchored to a barn pole. Within the year, my husband had coaxed the cat down to the house and converted him into a "house cat" where he lived out his years without the pillaging raccoons. (His name was "Meow".)

clarice feldman

We had a family of racoons in our fireplace. They's lifted off the screen covering the flue and moved in. When we figured why our dog was always barking at that fireplace and why we couldn't get rid of her fleas, we had a chimney sweep get rid of them and cement down the screen over the flue. For a couple of days afterwaed, the racoon family lined up in the front of my house looking as though they were cursing me for evicting them.

clarice feldman

s/b*raccoons* *they'd*


We had a family of woodchucks in the backyard shed at our house in northern Maine. I looked out the kitchen window one morning and saw half a dozen little critters in the backyard. Hubby went to the local farm supply store and got some smoke bombs. He and the neighbor tried to smoke them out. Classic "hold my beer and watch this." Ha. We finally had a trap set and killed the mother and the others scattered. Don't tell PETA.


“I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice, to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee members sent to us and we're conducting that investigation.”

Pretty important statement. Any bets on who this person is?

Cleo in Glee-o

I must admit the commenters are your inferiors..



Ext, better not be from Chicago with prior SC experience.


Words fail, it like hiring the James boys for security



Years ago we lived in a split level with a "toy room" for the kids half a level up from the basement. Buckeyette was about 2.

We had a problem with raccoons in the chimney and Mrs. Buckeye had an exterminator remove an adult and take it away.

Couple of days later, Buckeyette found her mom and said we "had a kitty sleeping on the couch in the toy room".

It was a baby raccoon. We also found a second one climbing out of the furnace. Turned out there was a step in the chimney right adjacent to the flue for the furnace and it was a nesting spot for a total of 4 baby raccoons.

The exterminator found mommy but not the babies. Guess they got hungry.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


My first thought was Guiliani, but probably he would be too political. Joe DeGenova and Victoria Toensing are in DC, so that rules them out.

Clarice might be a good person to have suggestions. Clarice?


To sum up, buzzard feed hired derwick partners south American counterpart to fusion, to verify the dossier.


Mukasey would be a great choice.


better not be from Chicago

No way. Did you notice how Sessions talked about Reagan and Meese, and then followed with "Maybe in recent years we got complacent and took our eye off the ball"?

Prepared remarks.


But mukasey works for a firm that represents some members of that anti magnitsky alliance, of course the whole vekakte thing is pointless.

Tom R

I have appointed a person outside of Washington, many years in the Department of Justice, to look at all the allegations that the House Judiciary Committee members sent to us and we're conducting that investigation.

Can Sessions appoint someone to be Special Counsel (like Mueller) without making the appointment public?


DeGenova's been talking and writing on his opinions. No way it's him, and I don't know what cred either he or his wife have anyway. Needs to be someone of Mueller's stature. Who is that? Mukasey? Even he's written something recently. Must be someone else.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Gavin Newsom
‏Verified account @GavinNewsom

Jeff Sessions just called me an embarrassment. A man whose legacy is targeting immigrants, re-waging the failed War on Drugs, sucking-up to private prison profiteers, and apologizing for white supremacists... I take that as a HUGE compliment.


Popped up on my feed because someone was commenting on a re-tweet.

So, I assume that newsome backs illegals over citizens, doesn't want to fight the opioid crisis, opposes privatization, and of course, calls anyone who opposes him "racist."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Louis Freeh?

clarice feldman

I think Mukasey--once again jimmyk is in my head.


More questions suggest themselves



Didn't Guilfoyle bang Newsom?

clarice feldman

I don't see why the appointment would have to be public--it's purely a discretionary move on the part of the AG:CFR › Title 28 › Chapter VI › Part 600 › Section 600.1
28 CFR 600.1 - Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel.
Authorities (U.S. Code)
prev | next
§ 600.1 Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel.
The Attorney General, or in cases in which the Attorney General is recused, the Acting Attorney General, will appoint a Special Counsel when he or she determines that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted and -

(a) That investigation or prosecution of that person or matter by a United States Attorney's Office or litigating Division of the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the Department or other extraordinary circumstances; and

(b) That under the circumstances, it would be in the public interest to appoint an outside Special Counsel to assume responsibility for the matter.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jennifer Jacobs
‏Verified account @JenniferJJacobs
1h1 hour ago

Trump will make the steel and aluminum tariffs OFFICIAL in a signing event Thursday at 3:30 p.m., White House official says.


The problem wee newsome was 'banging' some else in the interim, first proof the man was an idiot.


Louis Freeh?

I don't remember ever seeing an accusation against him. Have there been any?


If Newsom was faithful he would have been a good catch for Guilfoyle.


I think not paying enough attention to Robert Hansen, in the last few years:


Captain Hate

Gavin Threesome h/t DrJ

Just stfu, tool, and pretend you don't have Kate Steinle's blood on your manicured hands.


TK,they were married.

It cannot be that someone who illegally crosses the border and two days later arrives in Sacramento, Dubuque, Louisville and Central Islip is home free, never to be removed.

It cannot be the policy of a great nation to up and reward those who unlawfully enter its country with legal status, Social Security, welfare, food stamps and work permits. Meanwhile, those who engage in this process lawfully and patiently and wait their turn are discriminated against at every turn.

Most Americans get this. They are working hard to make ends meet, follow the rules and try to keep their loved ones safe.

They, our citizens, want our government to think about them for a change to consider their interests. They have dreams too. Frankly, this commonsense concept was a key factor in President Trump's election. Elections have consequences.

Can we agree that he's not sleeping?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
2m2 minutes ago

Pres Trump having dinner tonight "with a small group of supporters at a private residence" in DC. WH says it's a political event, but not a fundraiser. No press coverage, natch.

Clarice, you don't have an interesting invitation tonight, do you?


Even worse

Captain Hate

Raccoons are nasty little vermin that can do a job on dogs. A coyote'd have to be very hungry and in a pack to take one on. Without knowing this for sure, I think they're less susceptible to rabies than skunks; in either case if they're wandering around in the middle of the day they're surely rabid and not long for this world.



There is no such animal as a panther. I did not know that until a game warden told me a few years ago. I didn’t believe him and looked it up. He was right.


Pretty lame retorts from the Californicators:

The state's Democratic governor, Jerry Brown, fired back: “At a time of unprecedented political turmoil, Jeff Sessions has come to California to further divide and polarize America. Jeff, these political stunts may be the norm in Washington, but they don’t work here. SAD!!!”


“We’ve seen this B-rated movie before. So we’re not totally surprised,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in response to the new lawsuit.

How biting.

These fools know they're going to lose in the courts. Just a matter of delays.


Newsome was doing his best pals wife. Real class.


Is Mountain Lion, Cougar, Panther, Puma, Catamount, and Painter all the same cat? How did the cougar get each of these names?

Perhaps they were named by a Dutchman, err, a Hollander, err a Netherlander:)

Account Deleted

rse and Momto2: i get it. water mains bust up here all the time on the Hayward Earthquake fault. The mains run through earthen belts that are as flimsy as oatmeal cookies.

DeKa'b county was always in the news when I lived downstate (anything south of DeKa'b county LOL) in Union county.

I can only imagine the urban sprawl prollems have only intensified when infrastructure goes down.

Any corn still growing in DeKa'b county? We planted DeKa'b and FUNK's seed corn back in the 80s. Good shite. Lotta kids from DeKa'b enrolled in the SIUC School of Ag if they dint qualify for U of I.

Oh hell, this is more than you wanted to know. ;)


Captain Hate

Clarice or anyone else who would know this: when Ken Starr expanded his inquiry into Slick's activities, which began with Whitewater, he always got Reno to sign off on the expanded mandate. Maybe the fake news MFM isn't employing any standards of reporting now but when Mueller decides to cast a wider net it sounds like he's doing this unilaterally. Is that true and, if so, why the differing standards?

Jim Eagle

Just don't drink PlumJack wine if you want to hurt Newsome. But he is all over the place as a left-wing capitalist.

I knew him when I lived in SF back in 92-97. He was at every cocktail or reception I ever went to and they were more than 3 or 4. But he was a definitely a mover and shaker even then.

Cleo in Glee-o

Temerity and arrogance are growth sectors.

"President Donald Trump's lawyer is trying to silence adult-film star Stormy Daniels, obtaining a secret restraining order in a private arbitration proceeding and warning that she will face penalties if she publicly discusses a relationship with the president, NBC News has learned.

The new pressure on Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, comes a day after she filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court alleging that a nondisclosure agreement she made to keep quiet about an "intimate" relationship with Trump is invalid because he never signed it.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I got upset when China bought both ends of the Panama Canal. Most in the government at that time didn't bat an eye.


The head of the US Forestry Service should have stuck to hugging trees.


Account Deleted

Coons will fight at night with a pup let out to do its binness, like our Anya.

She's got some fighting tendencies as her Rotweiler, Chihuahua, Daschund dander gets up at anything larger than herself. Coons can strip the hide off a dawgs back with a swipe. Cats? Forget it. One shriek by the cat within arms length and it's over.

If I find a coon path on our slope then I call Ol Trapper to come and set up a marshmallow reflecting trap near the full moon. Coons get crazy for the reflecting pan inside it, along with the aroma of marshmallow. Trap one and the rest find a new migratory route (that's meal time migration, not seasonal.)


Account Deleted

Are we now engaged in practicing animal control or practical zoology without a license?

Account Deleted

"<Perhaps they were named by a Dutchman, err, a Hollander, err a Netherlander:)"

A dyke plugger? Pah-doomp-poomp-poomp! Try the veal.


Why not? We practice everything else without a license.

Jim Eagle


Your are right that the Florida Panther is a cougar but it has also been recognized by wildlife classification as a subspecies of the Cougar although not with the standard differntials. Lets put it this way. If you have a cougar in Texas, you are allowed to call it the Texas Panther.


100 to 1, it was not a panther but a cougar/bob cat. Panther sightings in any populating development like a community or resort are so rare they can't even count them. Wildlife researchers spend years in the Everglades trying to find and identify them.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Zerohedge, so grain of salt:


Account Deleted

Any Twosome Newsome is a scoundrel in high places.

A spawn of Willie Brown's era of a "new generation of leadership."

That slick-back hair and his trademark black suits has the homo vote swooning. And the hetero female vote can't help but picture him in their shower (the Bath House Rat effect).

Gawd help ForniCali.


Every great once in a while someone will spot a cougar around here. We have a ton of bobcats.

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