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March 04, 2018


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I predict two results;
1. Almost no one's rights will be violated.
2. Almost no good will come of it.

Strawman Cometh

2. Almost no good will come of it.
Not true, unknowable, i.e., we won't know the names of the people he couldn't shoot, that he maybe would have shot.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Implicit in your assumption is a gun ro will prevent some nut from hiding some of his guns or acquiring others or doing something more lethal; all of them assumptions very seldom borne out by the real world.
They may do a little good regarding suicidal people but they too have other options.
CA's experience of 10 people losing their guns [assuming they were all denied justifiably] out of 40 million residents would seem to qualify as evidence that "almost no good" is pretty apt.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Especially since almost certainly not all of those ten people would have gone on to commit mayhem.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am not getting into a gun discussion again. I am going to do some housework and will be back later.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Before I go, here's President Trump and Melania surprising a group of tourists going through the White House:



NPR was hanging the crepe this morning re: the likelihood of this passing.

Fine by me--
enforce the laws we have; expose that PROMIS program for the moronic POS it is; fire the multitude of people who failed to protect those 17 people from Cruz the 40 odd times he came to their attention.
And failed Cruz as well.


Charlie Daniels

I would imagine that there will be a lot said about gun control at the Oscars tonight.
How about they start their gun control by removing all event and private security from the site, disarm the private bodyguards and leave the “elite” to handle the streets of LA on their own,

Beasts of England

It's never too early to get funky:


Beasts of England

And promise to never again make movies which feature guns.


They told us FISA warrants wouldn't be used for nefarious reasons either.


Anyway, not a big deal, but I think that's why the otherwise cool enough Glenn comes off so weirdly at 9:30 every night.

Posted by: Extraneus

Since I already weighed in on Professor Althouse, I'll share that I find Professor Reynolds comes across borderline pervy with some of the sex-related stuff he choses to post.
In a kind of adolescent "WOW" way.



I pasted your question for Jr to my notepad.

Want to be sure I ask it as intelligently as you did so he doesn't blow me off:)

I think a dozen years hanging out in a research lab has helped him appreciate what 1) isn't known, and 2) just how wrong you can be about things you think you do know.

Jim Eagle


Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.[1]

-Donald Rumsfeld, February 12th, 2002


This is due process

3) It should grant the respondent an opportunity to contest the claims against him.

but it would require mandatory registration in order to be effective, because anyone with half a brain would hide unregistered guns as soon as they get the subpoena.

Beasts of England

File formatting question, please: I sent GUS an email from my iPhone and attached a 'voice memo' recording made on the same phone, and he couldn't open it. I assume he's not using an Apple product, but don't know. Anyone else tried this and found a workaround for a PC or Android-based device?



Rumsfeld was exactly right, despite the jeers from the left.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--but it would require mandatory registration in order to be effective, because anyone with half a brain would hide unregistered guns as soon as they get the subpoena--

That's not how it works.
An ex parte petition is field with the court. If there is sufficient credible evidence the court grants the ro and the cops go grab the guns out of the blue.
Then there is a hearing a which point the evidence must be found compelling enough to keep the guns away from the grabee.


Yes, BOE -

ALBANY, N.Y. - New York sought to combat violence by rushing the nation's toughest gun control measure into law after the Connecticut school shootings that killed 26 people, but the state is now carving out an exemption to make sure movie and TV producers can stage running gun battles on Manhattan streets.

from 2013 - https://www.military.com/off-duty/movies/2013/03/01/ny-to-exempt-tv-movies-under-states-new-gun-law.html


Like twain said, neither life not property be secure when the legislature is in session.


I LOVE that Rumsfeld paragraph.


Should this be passed, the Department of Education will get $25,262,714 to replace Building 12 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where the shooting took place.

Will the empty plot be turned into a shrine? That money could be much better used to honor the dead by putting safeguards in place to protect other children, like bulletproof classroom doors/windows.

Clarice Feldman

Dennis Miller on the Oscars:https://twitter.com/DennisDMZ/status/970132459269455873


I'm oh-so-slowly catching up on the morning.

Yikes. Tribe though Obama was brilliant too. Didn't they write some equally laughable piece about physics and law?

Posted by: jimmyk

I have seen in the past a graph of "math smarts" on one axis and
"verbal smarts" on the other, with different professions plotted on the graph.

A whole lot of lawyers have a whole lot of "verbal smarts".

Let me tell you---you need some math smarts to be credible, and Tribe and Obama don't have any math smarts. (Nor does Professor Althouse.)

Clarice cooks, so we know she's got plenty of math smarts. Plus she's from Wisconsin. Anybody who grew up dealing with winter is light years ahead of kids who never had to get their fannies out of bed at 5am to shovel the drive so dad could get to work, right henry? GUS? Porch--didn't you live in MN??


BoE, can't you save the voice memo as an mpeg4 / mp4a file. Most systems have no problem with that type of audio file, right?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I don't think this is going to work, since Iran is part of the problem there, but maybe this is Macron's way of giving them an out.


They need to tear down about 6 if the 12 or more buildings there and build 2 to 3 more schools in that area and limit overall grade class size to 300-350 students. Many of these loner kids get lost in a 3000 student class and due to having limited awareness, how many of either the teachers or the students had any idea that he was a loner? When you have 6-8 classes each period teaching the same subject and the likelihood that the kids will be the same combo from period to period, how needle in a haystack would his behavior have been? If one or two classes the sane per period, the likelihood that several kids would have had multiple classes with him would have increased the probability that his “pattern” would have been noticed?


Anonamom, I grew up in MO. After a decade of plowing my driveway, I did math and figured it's cheaper (and I get more sleep) if I contract it out*.

*math smarts wins over playing with big toys.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
25m25 minutes ago

The Gridiron Dinner last night was great fun. I am accomplishing a lot in Washington and have never had a better time doing something, and especially since this is for the American People!

You just know this makes the haters gnash their teeth. It also should make those worriers who are so fearful calm down.

Clarice Feldman

Heh, anonymom. Jimmy's right-Tribe and Obama wrote the stupidest article ever comparing law to the theory of relativity revealing how little they understood either.



3000 school size,

Unlikihood the kids will be the same combo period after period

If there are only 1 or 2 of each type of class per period

Hate posting on my phone but decided to test myself to brunch as hubs is helping a friend stain a fence.


About to roll through a few comments denoted over the last two days.

* * *

Iggy quotes the skeptic cited by TM in the previous post, "Cherry Picked Data In The Gun Debate"

--But there's a serious flaw in Klarevas' result: There are few actual "assault weapons" of any type in his dataset, either pre- or post-ban. Klarevas and his allies are taking an apparent drop in fatalities from what are mostly handgun shootings (again, pre-ban as well as post) and attributing this lowered body count to the 1994 legislation.--

Sorry for going on topic, but isn't this more a case of deliberate deception and fraud than mere cherry picking?

Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkywatzky | March 03, 2018 at 12:24 AM

Yes, Iggy, it certainly is.

* * *

Iggy, again:

In an ideal world free trade and free markets would be unregulated and therefore work ideally.
However in this one criminals exploit them and one of government's few legitimate roles is to protect the innocent from those criminals.

A foreign country like China that is an aspiring hegemon and uses our desire for free trade to harm us and enrich themselves require us to place free trade behind national security.

The alternative is not dissimilar to refusing to lock your door after the neighborhood has been overrun with criminals. An open door policy is nice in an ideal world too but can lead to rape and murder in this one.

The free traders uber alles are correct that there is an economic benefit to even unilateral free trade, but that ignores the political and national security concerns that, if not addressed moot free trade issues because we won't have a United States to engage in trade with anyone.

And that, retard Goldberg, is why nationalism is the first and foremost conservative principle.

Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkywatzky | March 03, 2018 at 09:41 AM

* * *

Strong medicine, Iggy. Conservative medicine. You were kicking ass and taking names yesterday, bwah!


So my theory, about Qatar being the driver behind the russia probe, is born out by David Abbott kirpatricks piece in he time (remember he burned the air strikes against Islamic state, buys Hamas folderall by the byshel)


Great pieces, today Clarice. Had a killer week at work last week, so never got "A Round Tuit" writing my letter to the editor of the local paper, so my intended quotation from the previous week's Pieces never did happen.
I did join the NRA this week, however.


There are subgroups within the global Type 2 diabetes metabolic complex syndrome.

Type 3 is a treatable metabolic complex based on the same principles as Type 2 treatments.

They share a similar agglutinating response to sugar in the bloodstream with an acute localization of debilitating plaques in brain tissue, destroying brain function over time.

The End. ;)


Posted by: Kevlar Kid | March 03, 2018 at 10:19 AM

Very interesting read, KK.


I read somewhere this past week that a first grade teacher each Friday asks her students to write the names of four students they'd like to sit with for her, knowing that they may or may not sit by them come Monday.

She's not interested in redoing her seating assignment each week; what she is looking for is the kiddo who no one ever asks to sit with, or the kiddo who doesn't have four classmates to name to sit with.

She is looking for the child who can fall through the cracks socially, to keep that from happening.
We need teachers to keep doing that into middle school and high school.

Teachers play such an incredibly important role in kids' lives. They did in mine, and my kids' as well, and we all had everything going for us--stable home lives, loving families, friends and neighbors. Critical for kids who don't.


I kinda thought we were all guests, on equal footing since Jeff abandoned ship.

Posted by: anonamom | March 03, 2018 at 01:20 PM

First -- anonamom? A potty mouth? Wut !?!

I say . . . whut, whut !?!

Second -- Jeff? Who the hell is Jeff ???


Email clue. He who was resurrected combined with the first letter of the alphabet.

Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | March 03, 2018 at 08:13 PM

MM, my dear, that's not a clue. That's the whole kit and kaboodle!


How the #%^* did Tribe get anointed as one of the best and brightest law profs anyway? Suck up pencil neck students blowing smoke up asses to get primo referrals to the top law firms.

And they lecture us on privilege


This would take some preparation, and I'd want to be way down the list of people participating. Also, my voice is so raspy (and old sounding.)

Anyway, just a thought, if you think people would be interested.

Posted by: joan | March 03, 2018 at 08:33 PM

Now I *have* to hear your voice, Joan.

Beasts of England

That may work, RG. I can email it to myself and download it on my laptop, change the format, and then resend it. Of course, that requires a lot of effort. It would be much easier on me if GUS would buy an iPhone this afternoon... ;)

Jim Eagle

Looks like I have to wait until Robin's son can tell me how to integrate Podbean with Discord. Until then, I invite anyone who wants to join Discord to download the app then let me know you have it and I will send the link to the server URL.

Also, where is Jane?

I think the 2016 election split up more than blog commentors. Lots of family thanksgiving dinners will never be the same.

Y'all could benefit

Yes. Trump loves Thanksgiving chaos jack

Saturday evening, the Times reported that Mueller has interviewed George Nader, a businessman with long standing ties to the Middle East. Mueller has also pressed other witnesses about what role Nader might have played in trying to influence the White House and possible attempts by the UAE to buy influence during the presidential campaign. Since his election, Trump has forged a close relationship with the UAE After feuding broke out last year between Qatar, a close US ally in the Persian Gulf and the home of a large US air base, and other Arab states, including the UAE, the Trump administration loudly sided with Qatar’s opponents—even over the objections of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The Times reported that Nader, who has been working as an adviser to Dubai’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, the de facto rule of the UAE, has also worked closely with a top Trump fundraiser, a businessman named Elliott Broidy. Broidy has had significant access to Trump, according to the report.

In one example of Mr. Nader’s influential connections, which has not been previously reported, last fall he received a detailed report from a top Trump fund-raiser, Elliott Broidy, about a private meeting with the president in the Oval Office.

Mr. Broidy owns a private security company with hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts with the United Arab Emirates, and he extolled to Mr. Trump a paramilitary force that his company was developing for the country. He also lobbied the president to meet privately “in an informal setting” with the Emirates’ military commander and de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan; to back the UAE’s hawkish policies in the region; and to fire Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson.

Nader also reportedly made numerous trips to the White House himself, and met with former Trump senior adviser Stephen Bannon and Jared Kushner.

Trump began openly bashing Qatar as a major source of terror in June of last year, not long after he visited Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the UAE (even though Trump once tried to open a hotel in Qatar, and in 2015 on the campaign trail declared that Qatar’s airport made America look like “the third world” by comparison). Last year the Washington Post broke a story that Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater military contractors and the brother of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, had worked with UAE officials to set up backchannel communications between the Trump administration and Russian president Vladimir Putin. "


So my theory, about Qatar being the driver behind the russia probe, is born out by David Abbott kirpatricks piece in he time (remember he burned the air strikes against Islamic state, buys Hamas folderall by the byshel)

Posted by: narciso | March 04, 2018 at 01:19 PM

China -- Russia -- Qatar -- certain elements of Saudi Arabia that have now been crushed -- Brennan -- Clinton

They are *all* in bed together, aren't they narciso? Given the stupidity of our leftwing, a pretty smart play by the Communists to corner, among other markets, the global energy market.

Account Deleted

Re: "syrupy blood"... pretty sure this lay shorthand won't be found in the parlance of labbies, medical researchers, and prescribing doctors.

Disclaimer: everything that follows is a combination of knowledge of facts and paradigms imparted through medical professionals who do not subscribe to conventional and "accepted" (settled?) theories of the disease diabetes mellitus.

First and foremost, said medical professionals' theories of the disease, and subsequent treatment applications are based on their laboratory analyses of disease manifestations and impacts on the major systems of the human anatomy, foods related to such, and foods which counter the diabetic complex disease syndrome known today as Type II diabetes.

These go back to the late 19th century with the first major notable breakthrough being the reversal of Type II diabetes in Dr. Stanley Livingstone, the Victorian-era medical missionary to Africa.

Secondly, i have first-hand experience with the reversal process and have attempted to create a language for sharing this "body of understanding" with others who suffer what the American medical community, generally speaking, and the pharmacology-industrial complex, have misguidedly constructed a pharmaceutics-based theory of the diseased.

Watch any of today's "manage your A1C level" (blood sugar lab test"commercials) on one channel; then turn the channel and see "class action" lawsuit ads re those very same "safer than insulin" pharmaceuticals (amputation survivors). {end disclaimer}

"Syrupy blood" is a term i coined after reading about the history of diabetis mellitus throughout Western Civ.

a handy evolutionary guide on the term is contained in the abstract:


pre-BC Greek soldiers had difficulty keeping pace with their fellows on the march. they'd fall behind due to low energy and stamina, a disease symptom--- perhaps the most devastating in its impact on the metabolics of a Type II diabetic.

one memorable characteristic they shared was that their urine attracted mobs of flies.

they were referred to as men "dissolving into sugar."

Araetus of Cappadocia (writing in the Ionian Greek dialect, then living in what is now Turkey) coined the term "diabetes" with a metaphorical relevance to this condition of adult humans "siphoning" their glucose rich urine (they referred to it as 'sweet') out of their bodies.

it wasn't much later that scientists in 17th century England rediscovered what ancient (dot) Indians knew about "sweet tasting blood and urine." The term "mellitus" was added to "diabetes" in 1675 and has been around since.

as you may have concluded by now, the term "syrupy blood" isn't off the reservation nor is it from "Mars" to people who live close to this disease, have survived it so far, or who have been fortunate enough to reverse a disease which the conventional medical-pharmaceutical complex has dourly claimed "has no known cure." (Keyword: "known.")

To grasp the concept of "syrupy blood" conduct this popular experiment:

Heat up some table syrup over a low flame.

What happens to it? It thins.

Similarly, saunas are great therapy for syrupy blooded diabetics due to the sauna's capacity to turn up the heat radically.

Sweat lodges are similarly effective.

It's why exercise is recommended too--- heat the blood by running it through a pump (the heart), which raises temperature and pressure sustaining "heat."

Circulation improves because the blood is thinned to a more natural range of viscosity that is conducive to improved circulatory reach into "extremities" (further way from the heart).

Y'all could benefit

Highly recommended reading


Miss Marple the Deplorable


It is why I hate the media. My middle sister whom none here have never met (and probably never will) paid good money to go see Michelle Obama when she was here. I know that she admires her greatly (for reasons I cannot fathom) so I made a nice compliment about how she always sounds well-spoken and she sure got a nice crowd.

In return I got snark about Trump and how he cannot string 2 sentences together and he's stupid. When I said, "Hey, I was being nice!" She replied, "Well, I am just saying what everyone else is saying."

I had to end the conversation. She only watches NBC and CNN, is not on the internet except for shopping, so of course that is what she thinks. She has remained a dem out of loyalty to my dad, who was a yellow dog dem, but I firmly believe he wouldn't have voted for either Obama or Clinton. Can't prove it, though, as he passed away some years ago.

It's gotten so bad that my teacher sister (who voted for Trump) posted a long quote on Facebook from some author begging people to not judge each others' worth based on their political opinions.

When I see the hatefulness every day on Twitter and the media, it's understandable how many have been frightened and brainwashed. I don't know what to do except hope that this passes, the way that the Salem witch hysteria finally dissipated.

What it means to me is that every family gathering I attend I have to be on guard and cannot talk about anything political, governmental, or entertainment. I am left asking people if they have any new recipes and what flowers they are going to put in this year. Mostly I am silent.


Don Surber also has a blog post on Hollywood virtue signaling at the Oscars


JiB, send me that eMail re the url -- I've downloaded Discord and established my account.

Here are two suggestions for consideration as subjects, as well.

[1] I find myself curious about this very clear split on the board caused by Trump. I've also noticed there are some "refugees" here from other boards (Ace of Spades, for example).

I think some of you longtime regulars should do a show on that topic (the zig and zag of the Board). Not from any place of blame, but from a sense of community and what the Obama election cycles did to this community, and, most importantly, what the Trump election cycle did.

The subjects fascinate me, especially the Trump cycle. I'm still thinking through a book proposal that builds off of my "OODA Loop President" column and this subject fits with the advent of this effort by JiB, IMHO.

[2] Tom Maguire, dammit. Is he forbidden territory for this evolutionary outgrowth of his board?

Robin, eff 'em all

Just got home from my weekly knitting circle. I’ll ask Liam what he knows about Podbean, but i know he doesn’t use that platform. I think they post directly to iTunes.

Y'all could benefit

You kidding rattle?

This blog made it's bones on the bones of US military and Dem black bones of Obama.

Trump screws many pooches.

Account Deleted

2 questions:

Is Discord registration for what looks like a "gamers" communication tool? Or have I downloaded the wrong "Discord"?

GUS or henry--- can you email me the URL JiB is referring to?




RG, Jeff is Jeff Dobbs, a real live human being with a Twitter account under that name , who posted here for a long time as HitAndRun. Left probably right about the time you came on.

Great heart---knew everybody's birthday, as well as spouses and kids and all. Something happened--and I still am totally clueless as to what it was, as I was busy as I get in the summer, but he disappeared. it may be he was/is a NeverTrumper, and couldn't bear that the people who ended up hanging here accept the duly nominated candidate, Donald Trump.
Someone else may have more insight to share. I just don't know.

But, he had "the keys" and was allowed by TM to post a fresh post under his name!
Which meant when threads go long, he could save us.
We miss him--for more reasons than his ability to end the long threads.

Robin, eff 'em all

RG, that’s an interesting topic, and as a mostly lurker, I’ve wondered about the comings and goings of regulars as well. I left for a while during the 2015-16 nomination process and was surprised to fin Jeff no longer a contributor or commenter. Not sure what happened there.

I do believe that for many 2016 was do or die, and it felt so imperative that a republican win the WH that emotions were running hot. There was disagreement everywhere I went about who could win the general. I had a discussion yesterday with a friend who just can’t deal with Trump at all. Can’t think about him or listen to him or read anything about him. That makes for a very uninformed citizen, but he seems to have that affect on some.

Beasts of England

Excellent, JimNorCal!!

Robin, eff 'em all

HitAndRun, that’s right! I was scrambling to remember his screen name before being given keys to the castle.

Beasts of England

Hit was more of an AlwaysCruzer more than a NeverTrumper.

Jack is Back! (At  Southampton Car Wash)


At car wash. Soon as I get home will send the server link. Looks like Discord may not be able to interface with Podbean. Awaiting advice from Robins son.

Big crowd at car wash. Winter storm Reilly their best salesman.

Beasts of England

That was a grammatical masterpiece...

Y'all could benefit

Hit still has his blog running but..crickets.

He was the best of you, is why he left you with road apples like jack.

Clarice Feldman

Mickey Kaus
"Europe is complaining about the US’s latest policy...Europe has already imposed two dozen anti-dumping measures against Chinese steel exports....If Europe were so open, what is all the fuss abt Brexit & the inability of the UK to access the European market?" https://twitter.com/kausmickey/status/970048686871822336
4:32 PM - Mar 3, 2018

Robin, eff 'em all

Jack, sent you an email.


Anybody who didn't understand what electing HRC meant was NOT "the best of you."

Paul Ryan, Jeff Dobbs, Mitt Romney, whoever---absolutely positively missed the boat.

Ted Cruz got it.


Ohhhhhh, anonamom, I remember HitAndRun as an incredible contributor. What a shame. Thanks for explaining that. I just did a quick check, and I *do* follow him on Twitter but I'm not sure I knew he was hitandrun.


Indeed, rattler, now the wilmer Pickering connection is that Barclays brothers retained then in connection, with certain investors for that emirate, now princes operation academi is based in the Dubai, now they handle certain proxy security forces in Yemen and Syria, the former is the likely source of the tip on the yacla raid at the beginning of last year.
Al nusra and ansar sharia are supported by the other team.

the unspecified opening scene in mcmafia, which sparked my brainstorm about the dossier, is set in Dubai, even though the scroll says the Arabian peninsula. I discovered in Steve calls latest about the Pakistani deep state, s division. Points out mike the fellow played by mark strong in zd30 who the same reporter mazzetti burned as head of the Iran taskforce,
Is a shia moslem.

Y'all could benefit

Actually no one is wurst than Trump.

You can kiss that justification cheek farewell.


And belated happy birthday Jane.

Mazzetti was along with Shane at Carlos slims,
Priest at bozos Mayer at new yacker were all recipients of leaks from grenier, kirikaou,
Mary Mccarthy (she is the Joan Allen character in the Bourne films, and the real life fitzhume, glen carle


FTR--Cruz was who I settled on after our Wisconsin governor folded--but he would never have won the general.

I support POTUS as a Divine Intervention, and pray for him from that mindset.

Account Deleted

talking politix with loved ones and friends who cling to liberal progressive fascisti talking points

(they don't understand fascism for squat, even if they are WWII era holdovers, like my Paw)

begins like being in the midst of some bucolic setting in Scotland or Wales, watching over a peaceful sheep herd across the comfortable landscape.

enter POTUS the Wolf. bedlam ensues.

sheep turn into a rabid band of chihuahuas, snarling to beat the band, as my bucolic delusion pops, while the rabid little dogs threaten no quarter jumping onto the dinner table, their next leap menacingly telegraphed as a pounce upon my wind pipe.

at that point, i have no other choice but to put them down with questions such as

"Why is the DNC broke and its former leadership under threat of indictment for aiding and abetting espionage on the American people and our elected representatives?"

The whimpering ensues and soon they're re-formed into the mild bleating flock of woolies they started out to be during soup.

Ask them questions they cannot answer, the kind that are "all about them", without mentioning "He who shall not ever be named" in polite company.

Works for me. I don't buy into the "angry chick" discussion dynamic. The beta males have become experts in this technique: act scorned to justify rage and treat every Trumpian advocate as some kind of abusive Alpha male.

Puck em.


Jeff Dobbs aka HitandRun- wonderful and greatly missed. Never remember him being unkind.

Robin, eff 'em all

I’d like to hear from CA people - have you heard of Mike Shellenberger? He’s on the current Dave Rubin podcast and sounds like a reasonable Democrat.

Account Deleted

Opening "spend" from the FLA State Legislature's "package of gun safety" measures:

authorizes the awarding of grants
through the Crime Stoppers Trust Fund for student
crime watch programs; (amends s. 20.15, F.S.)

establishes the Office of Safe Schools within the
8 Department of Education; (amends s. 30.15).

Question: As our parliament of whores in DC get involved in this opportunity to kick cans and create more Democrat-oriented "good works" solutions and job programs for their pets, will they spend on similar "priorities" that take our eyes off the ball?

Reading further down there is the obligatory bring state LE retirees out of retirement and allowing them to draw more pension and benefits after some nebulous amount of time (can't use the State pension system, but they will probably be wired into some kind of private annuity system).

Mentioned in the bill prior to the LE retirees, is setting up a school marshals program using "volunteers."



Kev, sent the URL via email.


Is the pontiff Argentine yes kev that is likely it is the only template they understand.

So Chris reich is this former Swiss banker turned financial thriller writer, he takes real events and tweaks then like the latest involves the aftermath of that car jacking in Paris some years back, one character is mentioned re that incident in Dubai, but the timeline is slightly altered,


Jeff/Hit is a NeverTrumper and I presume left for that reason. His Twitter feed, last I checked, looked like my lib friends' Facebook pages.

Trump does that to people. TrueCons have the hardest time because for the most part he is doing everything they said they wanted and more. The left doesn't have that problem.

The Gipper Lives

Another law that will not be enforced by every level of our failed government?

This Time It Will Be Different(tm)!

Clarice Feldman

I also mistt Rick Ballard--I was able to steal so much good stuff from him.


Hes withdrawn from even neoneocons when last I checked, its his right of course.


Me too clarice!
And Sergeant York from Althouse's blog, who was purged by her manservant.

Life does go on though---


Iirc Jeff had a secular job but also a Masters of Divinity. Trump's history might have been spiritual roadblock to Hit, as it was to Ryan, Romney, Kasich, etc., but wasn't to many like me who viewed Hillary's "sins" as much worst.


I don't know why Hit left, but he is quite willing and was quite willing to back RODHAM. Not backing TRUMP did exactly that. Here is where character comes in. Not being able to own up to being COMPLETELY WRONG about TRUMP says alot about Kristol, Hayes, and Dobbs.


For me, it's not being "COMPLETELY WRONG about Trump"---I still must admit I am not POSITIVE about him.

What I am am POSITIVE about is that HRC is EVIL INCARNATE.

And what I cannot grasp is how anybody with two neurons that connect doesn't get that.


I trust the call committee at church to do a good job picking our next senior Pastor (kinda).

Last thing I would expect them to do well is pick a President. Particularly when it is obvious we need a throat slitter.

Account Deleted

More from the package indicating, to me anyway, that admin overhead will consume most of the appropriations.

* requiring theDepartment of Children and Families to contract for community action treatment teams throughout the state with the managing entities;

*specifying requirements for community action treatment teams;

*subject to legislative appropriation, requiring the department to contract for additional teams to ensure statewide availability of services;

Question: Are not these "solutions" creating one more layer of failure-prone bureaucracy the buck passers will claim were set up to "manage the problem?"


My mon had a Masters of Divinity.

Didn't preclude some occasional bone headed thinking.


Very good anonamom. Trump has been FAR BETTER than anyone could have predicted. Actions, not words.
The only time Rodham isn't lying, is when she's passed out drunk. She is a vicious evil pig.


Oh good grief, children's and family, you might as well geed them to rancor, there is one boschian story after another every few monthes.


Some of us might remember Hit’s obiter dictum to all right before he left (I quote from memory): “I hate all of you.” Funny? Sarcasm? Who knows? Me? I took him at his word.


Well, I did want to watch Hit play pool.

Ralph L

Sergeant York from Althouse's blog, who was purged by her manservant.

Trooper York. He was expelled? She's lost some good ones over the years. So has JOM.

Who was the Greek?

Mickey Fickey

All I know is, I don't want to be geeded to rancor.
Cause that sound pretty bad.

Account Deleted

More on the Legislative "reaction" to gun violence... I don't think these events are 2nd amendment issues at all.
Misplaced attention by FLA legislature reflects confusion and lack of leadership by the Governor

The solutions rest outside the continuously unimaginative efforts by bureaucracy-minded legislatures to change their religion of overreach that allows murderers to operate with relative ease in soft target zones.

Ralph L

Conor Lamb?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Jeff was always very kind to me and I was sorry he left.

Account Deleted

The overreach in FLA is creating bureaucratic layers of personnel FIRST, before looking at how the design and arrangement of public school facilities enable shooters to inflict optimal casualties without effective defensive deterrents.

Personnel is the single costliest and, in a bureaucratic system, the least responsive asset in creating defensive deterrents to shooters intent on hitting soft targets.

Account Deleted

CREATING DEFENSIVE DETERRENTS. Case in point, back during the Berkeley riots in the 60s in the UC district, the situation was made worse because violent elements could hit the campus and cause mayhem almost at will.

The street layout in Berkeley made it possible for such elements to flee by car down neighborhood streets that led to what is now Interstate 80. From there they could flee north, south/east or west following a 3-5 mile escape corridor from campus.

The law enforcement response wasn’t to put more boots on the ground.

They altered the street plan. Two way streets became 1 way streets. Barriers cut corridors into half, some even into 3rds. Through streets were turned into cul de sacs.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Roseanne Barr said she ould be live-tweeting the Oscars earlier today.

Roseanne Barr
‏Verified account @therealroseanne
55m55 minutes ago

if u r boycotting oscar tonight, just read my tweets instead.


If she posts some good snark I will post it here. I am so out of touch I don't know who half of the stars are, anyway.

Account Deleted

The most recent riot activity in Berkeley was localized to a small area just outside and within the UC Main Gate.

Even the Occupy rioting in Oakland a few years back were hard to infiltrate by elements of “shock troops” being infused by car to make guerilla strikes and then be whisked away.

One way street augmentation by the City back in the day came following the Reagan declaration of a state of emergency (when he called out the tanks, remember?). The same mindset should prevail in this era of school shooting events.


Before Parkland, few could have imagined school security, who are uniformed police officers in GA, would hide outside within earshot of kids being killed inside. Freaked out FL poilticos are in do something-anything mode.

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Some may have noticed my vitriolic venting abbreviation: IHTFP. Used at the end of some of my postings here.

You'll know my season here will have turned frigid should it ever become: IHYFP.

No worries. ;)

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