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March 18, 2018



Wake up!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Looks like we have a new candidate for Fahrvergnügen, or whatever that excellent kraut word for "punchable face" is; Scott Dworkin.
Wonder if he's any relation to that bloated, odd toed ungulate, Andrea Dworkin.

Captain Hate


Captain Hate

Dworkin, which autocucumber tried to change to dorkier or deworming, is trying to give Flake competition as a target for my foot between the uprights, but the Arizona RINO is very resourceful in playing the long game.


CH, you have two feet. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--McCabe Bailout: Dozens GoFundMe Campaigns Launched; Dem Congressman Offers Job For Full Pension--

Too funny. A bunch of Subaru driving, tie-dyed pensioners are going to contribute to a poor guy only worth $11 mil.


It's what you might call a target rich environment, wouldn't you say?

Yes, RG, which is why I'm waiting and holding out hope for the AG's second act.

After the OIG and OPR recommendations, firing McCabe was easier than not firing him, but I was heartened that Sessions chose to do it himself rather than let Wray do it.

Let's see a high-level indictment now, and soon, while they're still whining about the twerp McCabe.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Captain Hate,

Don't forget we still have Egg McMuffin floating around as well. Also, the ever-popular Ben Sasse, who seems to have gone off the radar recently.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Gregg Jarrett
‏Verified account @GreggJarrett
2m2 minutes ago

If it is true that McCabe gave false and misleading statements to the IG, he should be charged criminally under 18 USC 1001. If he was under oath, as the AG statement alleges, he should be charged with perjury under 18 USC 1621. Losing his job is the least of McCabe’s concerns.
Greg Jarrett has turned out to be a really good legal commentator on Fox. It surprised me, because when he first came on board he was used for celebrity stuff mostly.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think Kevlar Kid should ship CH some of his magnesium and potassium supplements to ward off any possible cramping before Flake's nads are liquefied.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jarret seems a lot more legally precise than Moose Napolitano, which probably falls under damning with faint praise.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The backpedaling begins! I wonder if she got a visit from the Secret Service. Of course that tweet didn't mean what you thought it meant, ignorant rubes!

Samantha Power
‏Verified account @SamanthaJPower

Whoa! Just home & see much misinterp. of earlier tweet. It’s testament to polarized times that it cd be misread as referring to something other than Brennan’s indignation. So will translate: not a good idea to upset @JohnBrennan bc/ he will raise an angry (& eloquent) voice.


So Powers thinks we should fear Brennan squealing like he just slammed a car door on his family jewels?

mad jack

short version of what was willowed on the last thread: could the great increase in referrals be an attempt to overwhelm investigators with false claims? probably some mix of legit and non legit but the result is that the investigators are overwhelmed and the big stall works. the mimosas are tasty as usual, OL.

Beasts of England

Last night's JOM After Dark crew was particularly hilarious! I'm never around when Ed and Hoyden are commenting, but maybe our schedules will sync up one day... :)

Captain Hate

Shorter Power: I stepped in it and can't erase it.

mad jack

i believe that would be CH's foot, not a car door, that brennan would be reacting to. !


McCabe ordered OPR to investigate this agent (ending in 60 day suspension w/out pay) for voicing concerns about Petraeus probe to a member of Congress.



Kyle Cheney
Kyle Cheney

WOW. Trey GOWDY addresses Trump's lawyer this AM:

"if you have an innocent client Mr. Dowd, act like it.”

Miss Marple the Deplorable


A reminder of when Clinton fired FBI Director William Sessions.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Maybe Trey Gowdy would like to act like a Republican instead of a weasel.

IMHO, passive-aggressive behavior because Trump has the goods on him. maryrose will disagree, I am sure.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Looks like Sammy needs a flash card containing the first rule of holes.
Does speak volumes though that his nerves-induced projectile vomit seemed eloquent to her.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

More Jarrett commentary:

Gregg Jarrett
‏Verified account @GreggJarrett
6m6 minutes ago

As for Comey, he appears to have stolen government documents, a crime under 18 USC 641. If any were classified (as Grassley seems to believe), it’s a crime under 18 USC 1924 (and probably 793). Deceiving the FISA court and concealing evidence? That’s 6 different felonies.


Jim Hoft:

12 Reasons Attorney General Jeff Sessions Should be Removed from Office Now

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If, as rumors indicate, McCabe altered 302s or advised agents to, I'm guessing any "notes" he might produce will come accompanied by shares in a salt mine.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry Trey but I think Mona Charen has the Strange New Respect award sewn up for 2018.
As the noose tightens around Dems he gets louder about Dem false claims.
Gee, I wonder why his "investigations" went exactly nowhere and did nothing.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


As I said yesterday,

"Dear Penthouse, You will never believe what happened when I went into the Oval Office...."

Miss Marple the Deplorable

More Greg Jarrett:

Gregg Jarrett
‏Verified account @GreggJarrett
3m3 minutes ago

If Comey cleared Cinton for political reasons (as evidence suggests) that’s obstruction of justice. If he gave false testimony to Congress, well...you know. I could go all day long on Comey. Looking forward to his work of fiction with the pretentious, self-righteous title.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

OMG. After years of tireless AP muckraking, the true picture of Trump evil begins to appear.
Kushner's Company found to have submitted inaccurate forms regarding whether they had rent controlled tenants. If true a misdemeanor that involves fling amended forms.

Beasts of England

My Alabama Outdoors FB link showed a fine American catching a gorgeous 611 pound Blue Fin tuna out of the Orange Beach (AL) Marina yesterday. Bo Jackson. Erin go Heisman! :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That was a close one; China discovers how to reduce nitrogen fertilizer use by some puny amount, saving the climate.
Now we're supposed to worry about nitrogen which makes up either 70 or 79% [can't remember which] of the atmosphere?
It is to laugh.


Think he will upgrade his sliders, BoE?




Captain Hate on the iPhone

The Bigmouthed Ass, Treytor Gowdy, is angling to replace Flake.


What is it with these South Carolinian weasels?

Lindsey Graham warns Trump that firing Mueller could end his presidency

“As I said before, if he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency,” Graham, R-S.C., said on CNN’s "State of the Union."

“Because we're a rule of law nation. When it comes to Mr. Mueller, he is following the evidence where it takes him and it's very important he be allowed to do his job, without interference. And there are many Republicans who share my view.”

And what is Mueller's job? Get Trump.


Marco Rubio: Andrew McCabe should have been allowed to get his pension instead of being fired


Chris Christie: Trump's lawyers are agitating for Robert Mueller's investigation to end to cover their own mistakes

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The RINO unmaskings continue. I don't know who Levin plans on interviewing tonight but I suspect it will be full of red meat.


Because we’re a rule of law nation.

Could have fooled me. Since when?

Account Deleted

Iggy strikes again--- liquified nads. Holding my sides here. Sorry to hear of that possibility arising CH.


Account Deleted

(from the last threadski.)

Long and hopefully strong.

"Good day, Sunday."

Mo Ment Um. Get with it or live with it. That's my governing maxim these days. There are fortunes to be made anew this fine day. No matter what age or station in life--- faith is hope with a faruking track record.

This comment- with its myriad facsimiles and corollaries-- i hear all around Berzerkoland.

My citation here is not about the poster who shared this perspective. Nor is this a refutation.

Here it is:

"Freedom here is being crushed-little by little-until it gets to gulags and death camps."

(Then it stops short?)

The election of our current POTUS has the choir here in Berzerkoville chanting similar mantras, haranguing anybody within earshot of their tables in coffeehouses, or on their street cornered petitions/demonstrations, offering pens to aspiring secessionists and the "impeach Trump" crowds.

Yet, the police here are in full neutered retreat. The FBI presence has ebbed back across the Bay to their downtown SFO regional palacial HQ. A lot of law enforcement thumbsucking.

What's happening also is a quieting down of propaganda by the "regional (unelected) non-governmental rule makers" who control regulations on everything from consumer product specifications to the type of sewer lines one can use to re-pipe ancient systems.

There are fewer news stories on "Pacifica" (NPR affiliate) being broadcast on "regional news" programs.

Their laundered TAXPAYER CASH slush funds have been pinched and disrupted.

Lefty "Power Bases" (no-longer called constituencies) are "at risk" due to lagging cash flows to pay "organizers" who herd the unwashed, flea-infested rank and file into astro-turfed riots and "demonstrations."

The Left's infrastructure here is shrinking, not in a profound "net loss" kind of way: it's being pruned back now that al-Quds Brennan and Company are no longer targeting Americans by the *MILLIONS* with surveillance and unmasking tactics to feed the Street level operators.

Example: I was at a City Council meeting where a neighbor was renouncing City hiring practices for pandering to illegals and making illegal hires. He was shouted down by 4 specific individuals who castigated him with information for which there wasn't any rational excuse for them to have in their possession--- FROM HIS PHONE CALLS TO HIS KIDS.

In light of recent events I have good reasonable faith that the Left has been forced to hit pause and scale back (at least) in this regard, the strategic misuse of domestic surveillance information, and the FISA courts to do harm and negate influencers from the Right.

That doesn't mean that there is NOT still credible agitation going on---- but it is fading from OBAMA levels.

A central reason:

In just under two years, the POTUS is pruning the Left by attacking their CASH SUPPLY LINES.

What remains to be seen:

The upcoming mid-terms, which if these go against the Right in Congress, is whether the absence of legally-fundraised cash is enough for Democrats to swing the numbers they need to "repeat historical mid-term trends." They need the corruptocrat cash to be a force they've been in the past--- even in losing the House; they were well-financed.

If they succeed in the mid-terms, by hook or crook, we may see at least a mild resurgence of cash flow to the Left--- but not anywhere near the use of Executive Order and hyper-regulations to launder TAXPAYER money and penalty proceeds which diverted CASH to La Raza and others.

Those "Street Army" cadres are a direct threat to domestic tranquility and lawful conduct of civil society.

Once we Boomers pass, there won't be a trace of any alternative traditional path for maintaining social and political stability, unless it is remembered by the Frederick's and the Levon's and daughters of JOMers and other fellow American patriots who taught them well.

Agitation and disruption are virtues to the Left. But isn't won't be the agitators who will take control in the collapsing void left by corrupted institutions and legal protections--- it is the murdering strongman who will get that done.

It is the flaw in the Lefty burgeois "dreamers" of social utopias. We aren't even close yet--- but the generational clock set by our schools is at 5 minutes to 11pm.

Right now it is our collective memory of what this Republic used to be like, even with Vietnam , the failed overseas "Santa Claus" foreign policy which lead us into temptations of disastrous "nation building" fiascos, plus the heinous (and brazen) "more flexibility" subterfuges of the most recent sham presidency,that is the fraying steel cable on which our national fate hangs.

We are each the outcomes of profound differences in the shaping influence of institutions and traditional culture when "men were men and....", and we knew "what we wanted."

Compare our conscientous stability to 1929 Germany just a little more than a decade following the mass slaughter and social chaos of The Great War.

How many motherless and fatherless children their were. How many decimated extended families there were. Boys without fathers. Boys butchered and surviving artillery slaughter. Daughters without fathers. No one to forgive them and teach them that there own mistakes in living a young life into adulthood would be the source of salvation--- by their own understanding.

What were they left with but empty misplaced hopes that a charismatic strong man would give them peace and something they could "believe in."

How different the collective memory of two decimated generations, younger and older.

It is US, the flower of "the Greatest Generation" who are the collective memory of our Republic TODAY.

We believe in a higher way than the harloting influence of politicians and graft-hustling political icons on the Left.

We see through the propaganda and are remaking our media, using the wire of our times to ferret Truth and ignore the Lying Swine Media who herd millions into cattle cars of the mind.

"Good and bad are mixed. If you do not have both you do not belong with us." -R. Almanzan, 1992.

It is important not to hide from the Socialist product of the 20th century ("The Devil's Century"?) and as long as WE refuse to allow our history to be hidden from us, by our narcisstic "betters", the Republic will be saved from the chaos of this failing Civil War 2.0.

We learned many lessons from the first. Fort Sumter has yet to be fired upon.

The election of DJT is not the election of a conflicted A. Lincoln. There are of course similarities but our leadership is very very different. We are in possession of a national "us" we didn't have in 1861.

We have a leader of destiny, clarity, and strategic acuity. This doesn't mean that to me he is some kind of gawd, or 8th dimensional chess player.

It means he fights and understands the calculus of battle, how each is won before it's fought, and engages with his people protected even in the risks they take (General Flynn).

A king for life doesn't isn't capable of such.

And he must live and die by the apparatus of a Machine run amok, enslaving *EVERYBODY* useful to the material sustenance of (a) Party.

Not here. Not now.



Captain Hate on the iPhone

The only thing worse than reading Goober's stupidity is listening to that droning mincemeat ponce.

Beasts of England

I didn't even know that he's a chef, TK! I may have to try those...

Captain Hate on the iPhone

307 Marie Harf: 'I'm Offended' People Think 'The Left' Dislikes Christianity

Rocket surgeon.
Posted by: Anonosaurus Wrecks, Tyrannosaur Wrangler at March 18, 2018 11:57 AM (+y/Ru)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I remain convinced that an essential feature of the dem operations and an explanation for the Rino behavior is BLACKMAIL and THREATS.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's bad enough these eunuchs don't support Trump while he's being witch hunted.
Now as a few first tentative steps are taken to deal with what is obvious to 99% of America, that the FBI and Dems "colluded" to try and elect that unspeakable bitch by various illegal means, they actually defend the obvious criminally corrupt.

Captain Hate

I don't know, Miss Marple; the statements by those two goofs from South Carolins say loud and clear to me that the RNC is trying to do to DJT what they did to the Tea Party; i.e. thoroughly marginalize it. They reacted to Reagan by having the Bushes completely undo what he accomplished and I'm sure they feel threatened by Trump fully understanding what they did.

Anybody who doesn't think that the RNC considers us the enemy is a fool.

matt - deplore me if you must

So the new meme is Cambridge Analytics.

Google, Facebook, and the majority of Silicon Valley went full Big Brother for Obama twice and now we're supposed to follow another bullshit lead down the rabbit hole? I don't think so.

It's a slam a day with these a holes. Doesn't matter how absurd the claim is.


Michael Hastings fate was such that it made to that illfated Katherine heigl vehicle, the kill list

Re salafism In Bosnia, yosef bodansky did the earlier work, which he expanded for his work in chechnya, but you're not going to like this John schindlers unholy terror was the most comprehensive.

clarice feldman

Thanks, TM--I was wondering what happpened to everyone on the last thread.

Captain Hate

It got good reviews on Goodreads so I'll check it out.

Beasts of England

Exactly right, matt.


the FBI and Dems "colluded" to try and elect that unspeakable bitch by various illegal means

As bad as that is, it's even worse that the effort turned into a coup attempt once Trump was duly elected in spite of their sabotage.


Ignatz, it's almost as if the LIBTARDOCRAT party has gone THE FULL COMMIE.


Wow - BOE - that is a HUGE fish. Bo seems to excel at almost everything.


Warnings to Trump’s lawyers may just be to caution them to tread with care
to protect President Trump.
I agree with Clarice that MM should avoid some of the out there blogs or web sites.
Yes I do disagree with MM wrt Trey Gowdy, which is my right.

Captain Hate

Unholy Terror has one copy in the entire Cleveland public library system, which includes Euclid, Hudson and a lot of other municipalities outside of the county, and nothing in the Cuyahoga county system

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm talking about the GOPe, GUS.
And you are correct, jimmy.


Here is a dashcam view of the bridge collapse:


It looks like a crane is lined up perfectly with the failure point. There also appears to be a man, or men, standing on the roof at that spot when it let go.


From CH:
Anyone who thinks the RNC doesn’t consider us the enemy is a fool.
I disagree.


Let me know how they taste, BoE.


Talk about QED!


Lacking candor—Liar Liar Pants on 🔥!

Captain Hate

Bo seems to excel at almost everything.

I'm as far from a fan of Nike as you can get but the commercial when Bo learned how to play the guitar to the surprise and satisfaction of Bo Diddley is one I never got tired of seeing.

Captain Hate

Of course you disagree, maryrose.


Bo is a Renaissance man.

Beasts of England

Thanks, Momto2!! I've been on that pier quite a few times and have never seen a Blue Fin landed. Wonder where he got that Nike cap? ;)

~ ~ ~

Will do, TK!


Circular firing squad accomplished nothing.
Concentrate on the Democrats- the real enemies.


Frightening video TK.


Here is the Treytor Gowdmouth exchange:



In so far as they didn't insist on noncooperation from the get go I agree with stay puff

The May 20th 1996 covers most of the ground



Republicans giving grief to Trump is not a circular firing squad. However, conservatives giving grief to Republicans who give grief to Trump is a circular firing squad.


Absolutely no time to react, henry.


That is correct.

clarice feldman

jimmyk, I'm beginning to think that's what happened. They were snooping and unmasking to help Hillary and when she lost they scrambled to get rid of him and hide the evidence, We're just lucky they were so stupid and careless.(what numbnut puts this all in emails, i.e.)

Captain Hate

Gowdy and Wallace: dumb and dumber. And you wonder why I can't stand to watch that garbage anymore?


So flake pushing amnesty and a minimal wall, Cornyn pushing on guns, mcturtle being awol In all of this, not pulling Richard burr from the sham he has allowed Senate Intel to become.

clarice feldman

All these hotshots writing stuff like let's fix FISA requests with the judge by pretending it's just a diner party so we can whisper in his ear ?
The FBI portfolio has to be stripped of CI .

clarice feldman

s/b dinner party


Thank God for their stupidity
Now hopefully we can bring them to justice.
Rubio and Lindsey are afraid to put one toe out of line.
People don’t change.
I expect this tone from them.
Waste of time trying to shame them into changing.


How about how they burned Felix Sater who risked life and limb to get us info on al queda and the Taliban, thanks buxzfeed.

Re uranium one, the most interesting bit was their late south African born diplomat? Who just happened to set up a major heu transport hub.


Rubio and Lindsey are afraid to put one toe out of line.

Who controls the line?


As Nick fury said, when he found out Pierce was head of hydra 'this is why I have trust issues'

Account Deleted

GOPe and Republican "business as usual" Insider Trading D-Bags are "not" a circular firing squad.

Okay. Let's invite some heavy lifting.

TK and maryrose: *WHAT* precisely are those squishy and duplicitous types as a political force in today's Republic?

To me, they represent a delusionally opportunistic group of horseflies who smell the fresh loads of road apples being dropped by the media.

They smell opportunity.

They're anticipating the sacking of a Republican president. They believe this is the fruit of the Demz/Deep State long game to avenge Clinton's impeachment. They intend to remove him from office.

However, their shooting gallery is about to close down on them with continued firings and emerging prosecutions, perhaps even military tribunals.

These "indefensibles" remind me of the people of Berlin who were surprised when Adolf was reportedly dead at the close of the war. "We thought we were winning."

They think there is a power vacuum, when the opposite is true.

Rather than attack my viewpoint here, TK and maryrose, lay out the positive arguments you have which shore up your own. Move beyond the delimiting views of what these GOPe and Republican insider trading cons are NOT. What are they?

And what is it that they seek for the Republic?


So the UMBC team name actually IS a Golden Retriever. They get my vote to win it all. Perhaps I’m biased...


I guess I first need to understand what you think my viewpoint is, Kev.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I have to wade through a LOT of stuff to find links. If I didn't do that, I wouldn't have found that Twitter guy this morning with the info on Brennan.

I don't get upset by the stuff, and I discard things I consider unreliable. I have quit paying any attention to Cernovich, for example, as he is interested in being an internet STAR and making money off of his books and site traffic. He also tries to sow division within the administration.

I disagree that the times aren't as dangerous as I said. We have rent-a-mobs, hysteria over weapons, active sedition in public against a sitting and duly elected president, and widescale corruption within the DOJ and FBI and probably the CIA.

This makes me concerned for the good people in the administration including the President and his family. Social media and outlets like CNN and MSNBC are stirring up crazy people.

clarice feldman

MM,You provide us with reams of valuable information which I certainly appreciate. All I'm saying is anonymous posters with no real record for probity are not worth wasting your time on or getting you upset.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

A sign that the Clintons may be losing power:

Josh Caplan
‏ @joshdcaplan
21m21 minutes ago

Former Obama State Dept. Official Marie Harf says Hillary Clinton should “go away” after falsely branding Trump supporters as bigots.
Said on Chris Wallace show, according to clip with the tweet.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Box office figures which show "I Can Only Imagine" doing much better than "A Wrinkle in Time" with only a $7 million budget and in a smaller number of theaters.


Once you lose Marie Barf, you should know enough to fade into obscurity UNTIL the indictments come down.

Is it possible that Hillarity! could be a bigger narcissist than The Big Zero?

Help, I've fallen and I cannot get relevant again!

Tub Dive must have missed the memo that the Swamp is being drained.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

"A Wrinkle in Time" is one of my all-time favorite children's books. I first read it when my son was in grade school and probably re-read it several more times as my daughter got old enough. There are also 2 sequesl: "The Wind in the Door" and "A Swiftly Tilting Planet."

The books have good lessons about courage, individualism, the evils of government control, ethics, etc. They are multi-layered and well worth reading, even for adults.

I am appalled at the mess Disney allowed to be made in place of a decent picture. It is simply infuriating.

Also, the Peter Rabbit movie, just from the trailers, is NOT a gentle story as we all grew up with. Instead, Peter Rabbit acts like a teen-age vandal and a smart-aleck.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think she is unaware how much power and prestige she has lost. She is still surrounded by sycophants and the press hasn't turned on her yet.

I have noticed Bill seems to be missing. He's smarter than she is. He probably traveled incognito to a country that doeson't have an extradition treaty with us. LOL!

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

the link w/ video clip - Former Obama State Dept. Official Marie Harf says Hillary Clinton should “go away” after falsely branding Trump supporters as bigots.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Durbin disassociating himself, too.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is a good interview with some interesting information.

According to Goodlatte the IG's report will be released in April.

Account Deleted

TK: you posted--- "I guess I first need to understand what you think my viewpoint is, Kev."

I'm asking you, sorry if it sounded like a command/demand, to share with me/us the positive view of what the GOP/Republican/Establishment party
IS, rather than what it is not.

To paraphrase you summarized what *is* the circular firing squad (conservatives shooting at GOP Trump dissenters) and claimed that the anti-Trumper Republicans et al (i refer to them all as dissenters) are not a circular firing squad when they are publically critical or procedurally fighting against the WH agenda.

So, if they are not the circular firing squad, then what exactly by your views are they?

You are free to leave that as a rhetorical question. By all means.... on this fine Sunday in the wake of recent victories, I don't mean to assign "homework." :>)


Account Deleted

TK: Here is a big PS----

I'm asking you to clarify your position on the "circular firing squad" topic, not because I am laying in wait to pounce on your argument.

I want to know the specifics of how you see the GOP et al in light of this recent direct hit on the Deep State cabal... like Gooey Gowdy and the rest.

Why? Because i want to understand this microcosm of conservatism here on JOM to better understand the rest of the landscape "out there."




Surprise (WSJ)!

Russian President Vladimir Putin won a new six-year term in a presidential election Sunday, according to a state-run exit poll, extending nearly two decades in power ... Mr. Putin won 73.9% of the vote, according to state-run pollster VTsIOM. His nearest challenger, the Communist Party’s Pavel Grudinin, won 11.2%, the poll said.

Kev, I wonder if people like Graham are playing to their supporters, people like Gowdy are playing to their future in Justice, or whether they have been compromised.

I wonder because their responses make no sense to me. Their selection of evidence to disregard seems unreasonable.

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