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March 14, 2018



Sessions sleeps on. No indictments or perp walks.

We need Hillary campaigning in PA, MI and WI.

Dave (in MA)

It's easier to get an hour of CNN in prime time than it is to buy an AR-15 with an expired license, or something.


Billionaire sweater girl in big trouble.

MORE: As a result of Elizabeth Holmes' alleged conduct, she is "stripped of control of the company...is returning millions of shares to Theranos, and is barred from serving as an officer or director of a public company for 10 years" (from their tweet)



Pompeo was a tea party candidate, if memory serves there are times rand is utterly useless.

From the other thread, Carlos slims finally tip toes around the promise program


henry, I don't think Holmes is a billionaire any longer.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

A Marine who is a Democrat. What a waste!


He was a jag lawyer in Okinawa, somewhat far from most theatres of combat.


I suspect he is a democrat because he is controlled by the union. That and he supports abortion.


Yeah, pagar, wonder why the republicans couldn't find a Marine who is a Republican!

Dave (in MA)

I know some JOMers will not be happy:


From the late night thread the junior riady of the Lippi group, tied to Stephens outfit, found his way back to the states despite being barred from the statesas a member of red queens kickback scheme, ahem charity.



BREAKING: President Trump to name Larry Kudlow NEC chairman as early as tomorrow, sources say.


Quoth the Raven @QTRResearch

Martin Shkreli = 7 years, $7.5M fine
Investor capital lost = ~$0

Elizabeth Holmes = $500k fine, D&O bar
Company value lost = ~$8 billion


The media won't be able to focus on 435 congressional races in November the same way they've put a national spotlight on obscure special elections. Isn't the DNC hurting for donations? Maybe Hillary can do a Life Alert commercial and donate the money.


Wine dinner recap. Feel free to SOB.

1996 Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin Brut “La Grande Dame”
Popcorn Shrimp/Oysters on the Half Shell/Quail Eggs w/Trout Roe

1st Course
2011 Domaine Christian Moreau, Clos des Hospices dan Les Close, Chablis
Lobster Crudo/Nantua Monte/Caviar


2nd Course
2012 Alain Chavy, Puligny-Montrachet Les Charmes, Burgundy
Abalone/Maitake Mushroom/Vermouth Beurre Blanc

3rd Course
1989 Camille Giroud, Latricieres-Chambertin, Burgundy
Beet Tortellini, Duck Confit farci, Citrus Broth

4th Course
1998 Vieux Chateau Certan, Pomerol
Elk Tenderloin/Corn Pudding/Sunchoke Chips/Sauternes

5th Course
2005 Chateau Doisy Vedrines, Sauternes
Foie Gras Yogurt/Duck Skin “Granola”/Rhubarb Compote/Strawberry Salt

Jim Eagle

Okinawa aka The Rock is a war zone on Friday nights and the local nipponese hate the Jarheads because some of them end up raping the local girls.....I will bet Lt. Lamb had a busy billet.

Sue, Lamb is pro-life. Where did you get he was pro-abortion?

Pepe wins again!


Not sure if this has been posted or commented on. If it has, here it is again.

US appeals court gives Texas major victory in fight to ban ‘sanctuary cities’

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that most of Texas’s controversial ban on “sanctuary cities” can take effect while additional legal proceedings move forward in court. The ruling was a major victory for Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Texas Republicans.

What was the law in question?

The law, Senate Bill 4, requires local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, and allows police officers to question the immigration status of any person they detain and arrest.

The law was passed last May in response to a growing number of municipalities nationwide passing laws forbidding law enforcement from working with federal immigration authorities.

What did the court rule?

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit unanimously upheld the majority of the law and said it can be enforced while additional legal challenges proceed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is the Theranos ruling press release from the SEC.


I was giving the benefit of the doubt they are in range of the Kim dauphin,


CNN's Mudd: 'I Wouldn't Stoop to Wipe My Ass' With House Intel Report

CNN Counterterrorism Analyst Phil Mudd became a bit unhinged when discussing the preliminary report released by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee drawing their investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election to a close, arguing that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. Appearing on CNN's The Situation Room Monday night, Mudd went off the rails, saying "If this report were written on toilet paper, I wouldn't stoop to wipe my ass with it."

Mudd’s profanity should not come as that much of a surprise; neither should CNN’s embrace of profanity in general. Following the report that President Trump described poor countries as “sh*thole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of Senators focusing on immigration, Mudd declared himself a proud “sh*tholer.” He also used various racial slurs, including the N-word, while trying to make the point that America has not become any less racist over the past half century.

Competing with Brennan for most punchable face.

Beasts of England

Vieux Chateau Certan? Was it the special Jack is Back bottling?

matt - deplore me if you must

Theranos falsified test results as I recall, while Shkreli ripped off consumers.

The market is a biotch.

Life is rough, lyle....enjoy!

We have been whittling down some older Seghesio single vineyard zins and Pride cab francs that have been excellent over the past few days.

The only problem with most wines is that they have a drink by date. We had three bad bottles in a row of '01 Montelena Estate Cab. Drat!


So he was the bureaus liaison to counter terrorism center, hes right up there 'noodle head ned' price and the josh punk from comeys staff.

Jim Eagle


Good taste, serving my BIL's family Bordeaux. I think my SIL is invested in Alain Chavy. Have to check. What was the wine dinner for? A fundraiser?

Captain Hate

Shouldn't there be a grass roots effort to get CNN out of airports?


Andrew McCabe To Be Fired Days Ahead Of Retirement: NYT


Contrary to the headline, the ZH piece seems to only say that Sessions is reviewing a recommendation.


He can do that in his sleep. ;)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is the first IG report issued. Rather mild concerning training of employees to avoid whistleblower retaliation violations.


Here's the NYT headline:

Andrew McCabe, a Symbol of Trump’s F.B.I. Ire, Faces Possible Firing

Beasts of England

'We had three bad bottles in a row of '01 Montelena Estate Cab.'

Yikes!! Have you had them since birth or were they recently acquired? I'd strongly recommend calling the vineyard - the Barretts have a lot of pride in their wines...

Dave (in MA)

Patterico has prevailed in his case brought against him by Kaboom Kimberlin, which is a good thing even though he's an ardent TDSer.

Old Lurker

Personally I have always liked Kudlow. There is some baggage and he does not like trade fights, but he is a true supply sider and I think will be a good team player for Trump.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I am telling you guys, Pope Che is the perfect moniker for him.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The steering wheel can come off while you are driving. Fusion and Lincoln models 2014-2018. Link for more details in the story.


Perhaps Pope Chavez II


Somm Foundation wines. Not necessarily a fundraiser, JiB. Bordeaux was in mags...and magnificent. The “Le Grande Dame” was delicious. The Chablis was phenomenal. The red Burgundy was a shade past its prime.


Walk out signs in Madison.

"The uterus is more regulated than guns"

"Guns have more rights than my vagina"

Note, you don't have to pass a test and training, then get a license to walk around with you vagina concealed. (I am not complaining).


Captain Hate

Patterico has prevailed in his case brought against him by Kaboom Kimberlin, which is a good thing even though he's an ardent TDSer.

Agreed. In fact you could probably make the case that dealing with that malignant pile of [Redacted for Lent] is what led to him losing his marbles.


Wow. Three bad bottles of ‘01 Montelena? That’s more than bad luck. More like enemy action. 😉

Captain Hate

School kids outspokenly preoccupied with private parts. Aren't unionized teachers wonderful?


Catching up from the last thread:

Best wishes for your brother, rse. Good thing they caught this.

On these senescent parents, I remember my grandmother's last year, in the mid-1980s, she would claim that she had an appointment with President Reagan, who was waiting to see her. We didn't try to correct her.

My father at 96 is not all there, but he doesn't seem to imagine things that aren't there. Just gets a bit confused and forgetful, especially about anything very recent (like even an hour earlier).

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is about an exhibit of chicano paintings on velvet in a Michigan gallery. To me, since the images are mostly based on what would sell to tourists, I am not sure this qualifies as art.

In fact, I am wondering if this exhibit was the result of someone losing a bet.

Beasts of England

lol, henry!!


'Senator wyden we were facing a second or third follow-up attack, we didmt have time for rapport with the detainees'


Jim Eagle

Whereas at Frederick's, soon to close Catholic school, its dress down day to raise funds for the local St. Gertrude house for young pregnant girls who want to save their babies.

Some choose limelight and others choose life.


Some light but much fog:



"Sue, Lamb is pro-life. Where did you get he was pro-abortion?"

He's both - so he says.

I'm pro-life but not for outlawing abortions as long as people pay for them themselves.


maybe sleepy will sign off without waking up.

CBS News @CBSNews

NEW: FBI officials have recommended that former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe be fired, sources tell CBS News; recommendation comes just days before he is set to retire

Captain Hate

That's a strange definition of pro-life.


The sandhill cranes,our neighborhood mascots,are taking an afternoon walk around our lanai. Of course,the dog is going nuts.


That other "pro-life" PA guy Sen Casey voted in lockstep with the Dems on everything related to abortion, including funding PP, Obamacare, you name it.


Mika Brzezinski Breaks Down Over Trump's Visit to Mexican Border

Recurring panelist Willie Geist began the segment with a short summary of the President’s visit to San Diego. The line in Geist’s introduction that set Brzezinski off was a quote in which Trump referred to people attempting to cross the border from Mexico as “incredible climbers.”

“Oh my God,” she burst out as the clip in question to play.

As co-host, Brzezinski’s duties include providing an overview of topics and moderating discussion. However, the trauma induced by hearing the President say, “They are like professional mountain climbers; they’re incredible climbers,” appeared to have short-circuited the portion of her brain responsible for impulse control. She began talking over other panelists, contributing little more to the conversation than shocked gasps and expressions of outrage.


Eventually, she managed to organize her thoughts into a concrete question: “I mean, isn’t the – don’t the numbers defy the logic of this stupid wall?”

Heilemann sarcastically chided her for “introducing facts into this discussion,” to which she responded, “Oh, my God, I cannot believe – that’s our President!”

They don't mention exactly what facts these were.


Illinois politicians...

"Of all the African-Americans that I can think that are sort of like qualified ... and people will say 'Oh - that's, you know that's, that's a pretty good pick,' the one that's least offensive and maybe gets you the most because it gets you that secretary of state appointment is Jesse White."



Ben Sasse: NATO should punish Russia after Britain expels diplomats


On Sunday, President Trump agreed with May and said Russia should have to show evidence proving it was not responsible for the chemical attack on Skripal and his daughter. The White House said once it's proven Russia was responsible, Trump would condemn their actions.

Huh? Are they guilty until proven innocent or not?


in other FB news:

Facebook Deletes Britain First, Leaves Farrakhan's "Satanic Jews"



Looks like Lamb got by with a little help from our “friends.”


The vapid bleached platinum clown said this:

((Eventually, she managed to organize her thoughts into a concrete question: “I mean, isn’t the – don’t the numbers defy the logic of this stupid wall?”))

What numbers was she suggesting?? This horse shit isn't even a valid OPINION. There is NOTHING in the CLOWN RANT that makes sense.
This is what the FULL COMMIE is. It rams a shit sandwich down your throat and asks for a TIP.


They had to run a fake Republican to "win."

Saccone isn't much of a candidate, but it isn't really a "20-point swing" when the candidates weren't differentiated as Trump and Clinton were. If Lamb had run as the Shillary clone he likely is, he'd have been beaten handily just as she was. So he just lied, as Dems do.

Hello from NYC! Daughter's h.s. orchestra trip.


Some goofball site I frequent claimed that a Paul Ryan super pac sent out a flyer that seemingly gave support to Lamb. I did some digging:


What a bunch of dipshits the GOPe are.

That is about the stupidest ploy I have ever seen.

"Dear crossover voters, Lamb ain't so bad!"




Coming up, LIVE, on @CNBCClosingBell: Larry Kudlow will discuss accepting President Trump's offer to become the new director of the National Economic Council.


Beester highlights the goofball site!

Great timing!



Jim, LOL on your Glad vs Gleeful comment!

Sadly I was neither.


rse, praying for your brother.


There was little doubt:

‘Free Gaza’ Spokesperson reveals #MaviMarmara flotilla violence in 2010 was proven to have been premeditated, with terror activists armed with knives and firebombs prepared and ready to use against the #IDF who boarded to redirect the vessel to port


Captain Hate

Supporting the party candidate is not who we are.


Strange for Ryan to do that considering his job is on the line in November. But I guess it would be beneath him to fight for his party.


jimmyk, I sure Ryan got the uniparty guy elected

Texas Liberty Gal

This article convinced my husband that Trump is doing the right thing re: tariffs



Re the daily caller link, Daniel Jones is
the former staffer who has tried to prevent the work that haspel presided over.

Old Lurker

Let's see if this Ryan thing gets verified.

James D.


It's one step forward, five thousand steps backwards for the GOP congressional leadership, isn't it?


Henry. You probably know this but the first Israeli borders were under orders to use only non-lethal weapons. They might have only been armed with non-lethal weapons.



Another goofy site. Posting as I see ‘em. :))


Some kind of oxymoron James d, yes the tories have neatly the same taste for shoe leather.


Let's see if this Ryan thing gets verified.

Particularly since the WaPo piece was by Dave Weigel.


So sass who would deign to do anything about the 125 dead Venezuelan students 'that's not what we do' wants to embark on Alan that could less to nuclear war with Russia?


Beester, perhaps a Creamer or Brock special rather than Ryan?


Tillersons jury of his peers:



Professor Notes Men Are Taller Than Women On Average, SJWs Storm Out Angrily

The speaker you’ll see here is biology professor Heather Heying, wife of professor Bret Weinstein. Both Heying and Weinstein left Evergreen State College as part of a settlement deal last year. Heying was making a point about physiological differences between men and women. “Are men taller than women on average?” Heying asked rhetorically. She added, “Does anyone take offense at that fact?”

It seems someone in the audience did because Dr. Peter Boghossian (seated on the right) turned toward the back of the room and Professor Heying chuckled.

“So I would say you could be irritated by it,” Heying said. She continued, “You could be irritated by the fact that women have to be the ones that gestate and lactate. You could be irritated by a lot of truths but taking offense is a response that is a rejection of reality.”

But before she had even finished her statement, a group of students got up and walked out of the room. As Heying continued to talk about physiological differences between men and women, there was a loud commotion in the back of the room. One of the protesters apparently damaged the sound system on the way out.

At this point, a camera out in the lobby area shows a small group of protesters, one of whom (the girl with purple hair) is led to a seat by a police officer. There are some cuts in the video but she is clearly agitated and says at one point, “Even the women in there have been brainwashed.” She shouts “F**k the police” as she exits a few moments later.

Another protester in the lobby says, “You should not listen to fascism. It should not be tolerated in civil society. Nazis are not welcome in civil society.” I guess that explains the urge to wreck the sound system. The far left is all about silencing its opponents by any means necessary.



Power up the lasguns:


Account Deleted

Mika Hunt overeacting to Donald Trump:


Or, upcoming Dem performance in the midterms?


>girl with purple hair

Of course.

Ralph L

Just gets a bit confused and forgetful, especially about anything very recent (like even an hour earlier).
More like 10 seconds with my dad. Some poor woman at one of his banks is going through the same numbers over and over on the phone right now. He's still obsessed with balancing his accounts after the step-monster squandered nearly all his money.


Perhaps Henry. I admit an anti-Ryan reflex. ;)


Rauner vetoes gun store licensing bill, saying it would 'do little to improve public safety'


Clockboy's suit against his former Texas school district has been dismissed.



Did they say what happened to the driver, Kevlar? Looks like the windshield was blown right into his face.


From ABC:

Lamb has emphasized his support for Second Amendment rights. His first campaign ad, a “bio” ad to introduce himself to voters, included a photo of him shooting a rifle...

...The CLF mailer, ironically, highlights that record. The flyer, obtained by ABC News, reads: “THANK YOU CONOR LAMB FOR OPPOSING GUN RESTRICTIONS

But the recipients were Democrats in Allegheny County, likely in hopes of suppressing turnout among the more liberal Democrats who live in the Pittsburgh suburbs that make up that part of the district; a group of voters that supports more restrictions on guns.

“Our job is to make sure voters in Pennsylvania’s 18th District know where Conor Lamb stands on important issues of the day. This mailer was sent to voters who might find his views on the Second Amendment of note,” said CLF spokeswoman Courtney Alexander in a statement.


That is good enough for me as proof that the CLF did indeed send out positive news regarding their opponent in a multi dimensional gambit.

CLF's website shows that other than this late in the race blunder they were offering the Republican candidate decent support.

Ultimately it appears to be another "snatched from the jaws of victory" stories.




That Holmes Theranos indictment? Straight up sexism, yo. 😎


In the “Life comes at you fast” category ...

For the next 5 days someone very close to me will be receiving steriod infusions to beat back her DEVIC’s NMO (neuromylitis optica) that had, thanks to Mycophenylate, been in remission for seven years. She is in good spirits but misses, as principal, her little nippers.

We'll move up to the next line of defense in the race to to reach the science to engineer something to fasten on to the rogue antibody that is mistaking aquaporin 4 for an enemy.

Aquaporin 4 is the gatekeeper for water entering and leaving myllin sheath cells that surround nerves and allow them to work.

So, prayers may be in order for remission for long enough for science to advance. Thnx.


TK—I had looked at CLF’s website. Your info makes me detest the GOPe more, if that’s possible.


Nothing like a habitable planet nearby for when deep state takes over this one.



"That's a strange definition of pro-life."

It's libertarian. The reason I feel the way I do is when I was younger, and could have gotten pregnant I was pro-abortion. I no longer feel that way but I also am not getting pregnant, so it seems a little hypocritical to me.

But I feel strongly that the government should not have anything to do with it, and definitely not pay for it.


The GOPe makes me neither glad nor gleeful, Beester.


I live in fear of the day when I say something dead factual such as "men on average are taller than women" and catch significant grief for it. So far, everyone has been reasonably reasonable. I get to explain Victorian gender ideals all the time, and they assume I'm horrified by them, but I am only up to a point. Admittedly, the Victorians would not have let me do the job I do on numerous "scientific" grounds. Am in Philly--off to the Board meeting.

I'm praying for the heart-blocked brother too.

Account Deleted

The narrative from Deep State media, of course, is that the PA congressional race was a referendum on President Trump.

El Rushbo says "Trump wasn't on the ballot. A party candidate was. It wasn't about Trump."

Also said Trump voters don't blindly follow Trump and just haul off and vote for any Republican.

What matters to me about this election is the "redistricting" fiasco, which is to be in effect by the November elections (in the PA district and others) and how this was exploited in this election cycle in PA to justify denying R voters from voting in their district.

So when has voting out of district and precinct ever stopped the Dems Mobile Repeat Voter Machine from churning votes out for their hacks?


200 light years isn't really nearby Henry.

clarice feldman

fingers crossed,SBw.

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