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March 06, 2018



It's useless anyway.


I finally got a chance to write up the Parkland, media, Fake News, planned convergence and tie it to what was said at the CNN sponsored legal conference. http://invisibleserfscollar.com/outside-in-conjoining-education-media-to-consciously-create-consensus/

Now It's time to practice standing up and sitting down 60 times.

Account Deleted

Three! and FREE!

Account Deleted

I hope the clock does run out. The "Florida Model" will lead other states and the steers in Congress into more Swamp growth can-kicking.

Covered the main flaws a couple days ago. Increasing personnel and arming people are band-aid solutions--- THAT WILL FAIL!


Ralph L

Oh dear, I've skipped too far ahead. But I'm not turning back to the late morning.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


While I was outside ChiTown sent me a bunch of messages about stuff being uncovered in those emails.

So I went to see what was going on and Q dropped a hint "SUM OF ALL FEARS."

I read Clancy's book by that title years ago so went to refresh my mind on the plot. It's the one about a nuke at the Super Bowl and a president manipulated by a scheming wife. Hmmmm.

Also includes Israel and Saudi special forces and Iran.

I now return to following normal news, as the Q stuff sends me into deep paranoia.


MM- do NOT cut down hydrnageas!
The blooms come on the old stems.

You most definitely will NOT have blooms this year.


Moved from the other thread:

I read someone's comment (SBW?) that what Mueller is really up to is making himself indictment-proof.

That's a helluva theory and explains his actions and choices as well as anything.

That would be an incredibly reckless thing for Mueller to be up to. Trump IS the president and he IS the boss and he DID run on the fairly revolutionary (for the US) campaign promise of sending Hillary to prison. It's going to be WAY easier to send Bob Mueller to prison than Hillary. It's going to be WAY easier to send Hillary to prison if Bob Mueller is already in prison.

Are the Deep Staters really so out of touch that they believe that they are stronger than the president? Stronger than THIS president?


Obama should apologize to Trump over Korea

Barack Obama's trademark was apologizing to world leaders. With so much practice, Obama should have no problem with apologizing to President Donald John Trump for handing over a nuclear capable North Korea.


Just have to say I love the Nick Freitas video. Here’s a link for those that haven’t seen it or want to see it again.

Strange weather here the last 24 hours. Ice last night, snow this morning, sun for about an hour then rain.

Dave (in MA)
Michael Levenson@mlevenson
@DevalPatrick tells Kansas City public radio that 
a 2020 presidential run is "on my radar screen."

Chelsea Clinton To Trump: ‘Do Your Job’

The comments came Tuesday during her appearance on The View after co-host Sunny Hostin asked the former first daughter what troubled her “most about the state of the country right now” and what message she would say to the president about it.

“Please do your job. Focus on your job. And please don’t worry about the Oscar ratings,” Clinton responded. “Or how my mom is doing, although, thank you. She’s doing great.”

“Like, please worry about — you know, what’s happening on the Korean Peninsula,” she added. “Please worry about how to ensure that what the Parkland students are saying ‘never again’ is truly never again. So, we never have another school shooting in our country.”

“Please worry about, you know, what you can do from the federal government’s perspective to ensure that teachers in West Virginia and everywhere are paid appropriately,” she continued. “Whatever issue that you most care about, please, like, lead us forward on that. So, that’s what I’d say to the president. So Mr. President, if you’re watching, well, you heard what I said.”

Texas Liberty Gal

Gov. Abbott posted the link below on his FB page yesterday. Repubs + 16%, Dems up 102% 😲Voted this morning - not much of a turnout but everyone there was probably a Republican. Abbot's post got me off my butt to be sure and vote.


James D.

Are the Deep Staters really so out of touch that they believe that they are stronger than the president? Stronger than THIS president?

Yes, absolutely, they are.

Except I'm not sure how out of touch they actually are. President Trump is strong, but based on everything we've seen to date, he can count his actual loyal, reliable allies at DoJ and within the FBI on his fingers, while his enemies there number in the thousands.

James D.

please, like, lead us forward on that

Ladies and gentlemen, the results of an "elite" six-figure education.


The deep staters and the not so deep staters put an illegal alien in the oval office. The afterbirthers threw them a parade.

I think they have good reason to believe they can do anything.


I mean, you know, like, know what I’m saying, you know.
No, that’s not a portion of Obama’s Columbia application essay although it probably could be if it had more “I, I, I, if if if...”.



TK: "The deep staters and the not so deep staters put an illegal alien in the oval office."

Getting Obama elected was an amazing stunt. Not because of the color of his skin. Obviously that was a huge plus.
But the negatives were obvious and stunning.
A guy with almost no achievements. No important job in the private sector held. At the beginning of his first term in the Senate. Voted "present" a lot in the IL legislature.
All that AND they had to shoulder aside Hillary who, with all her faults, had a strong support base in the Dem machinery.

Has a book been written to make sense of how they pulled it off? Or is there a stable of Muslim billionaires busily stifling the story from meeting the light of day?


Michael Thomas that uber wasp banker turned novelist did a roman a clef about the campaign called traders. The premise being a group of bankers saw the storm coming, of course he misses that Obama helped set the storm in motion, in his suit against citibank.



Well, you can think what you want. I know what I believe.

So nice of you to come here to tell us that prayers are ineffective.

Not "nice" of me, MM, just accurate. People who prayed for Hillary, or Mittens, or any other loser, found their prayers to be ineffective. Which is why it's always an eye-roller, for me, when an athlete credits their win to their prayers - the other team prayed too.


News said that the 7th district in Texas is important as well as the second which is an open seat because of a retirement.
Any info on those two?


A prayer answered is equal to a prayer unanswered.


Chelsea, I have news for you and your mother.
Currently there are 3 investigations ongoing which affect you and your mother.
The Clinton Foundation, The E-mail private server and the Russian dossier financed by your mother’s campaign.
I doubt that fine is the word I would describe her as being at this moment in time.
With lawyers and jail in her possible future I wouldn’t get too comfortable on that couch on the View.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


3 live stream links at site.


Wouldn't surprise me if BOzo's main accomplishment in his 8 yrs. was strategically settling illegals in districts around the country to enable Dems to regain control of Congress.


Jim, they could use a pop up book to explain what happened with the Obama scam.

Dirty republicans, pinned by the consent decree, thought that a person of color olive branch would get the dirtier dems off their back.


From Clarice, prev thread:
"Here's the Schweikart thread unrolled:https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/97106324577"

Three theories of what Mueller is up to. Although the key bits of evidence supporting each interpretation are provided, one item is conspicuous by its absence. Isn't the Mueller Team staffed largely (completely?) by Hillary backers? If Mueller is a white hat are the Hill-bots unaware? Complicit? Being distracted from what is happening in plain sight?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Brian Wilson
‏ @BrianWilson997

I didn’t know Glamor Shots was still in business. What kind of mug shot is this?



Now former mayor of Nashville. You have to see the picture.


maryrose, the Dem primary in the 7th is very heated. I would expect big Dem turnout there. Republicans have held the seat since 1967 but Dems will fund it heavily this year because it narrowly went to Hillary in 2016.


Which is why it's always an eye-roller, for me, when an athlete credits their win to their prayers - the other team prayed too.

hrt, there's a difference. I can understand your presumption that God doesn't take sides in sporting contests, at least not in an obvious way. It doesn't follow that one side in a vast political and moral battle isn't more in line with what God wants than another side. Praying that your side is the "right" one in that battle is not subject to the same criticism as the one you make about sporting contests.


With lawyers and jail in her possible future I wouldn’t get too comfortable on that couch on the View.

I don't want to go all Iggy and say "Hillary will never go to prison," but unfortunately I do think it's pretty unlikely. At this point I'd settle for an end to the SC's investigation, and some prosecutions of higher-ups in the FBI that pushed the bogus FISA applications.


Unanswered prayers teach us more?

Texas Liberty Gal

Oh brother - they are stooping to new lows



We were speaking of Zimbabwe earlier and who has benefited by the gringolade there and the future in south Africa.



TK: "Dirty republicans, pinned by the consent decree, thought that a person of color olive branch would get the dirtier dems off their back."

Sure, but I'm more focused on the group who put BHO forward. A bunch of Repubs didn't fight back. A bunch of Hill-bots suffered a humiliating defeat. A bunch of hangers on congratulated themselves on their great enlightenment. But somewhere there is a core that launched it. I bet there's a story there, cause this was not a straightforward operation. IMO.

Frau Einmalig

"@DevalPatrick tells Kansas City public radio that
a 2020 presidential run is "on my radar screen."

Dave (inMA) - I know he was the first Hope'n Change man from ChiTown, but isn't it really Maxine's turn at the gold ring?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This neighborhood is near mine. Please note that while the attacker is the owner of a strip club, the councilman is under investigation for multiple child molestation charges.


Comment at BJG, no link given:
"Fed Judge rules that Trump can indeed withhold funds from cities that are declared sanctuary cities."


A long time theory was that he was being groomed by Chicago power brokers to be their mayor. Lots of their players get tied to him.

I don't think they had POTUS in mind until his 2004 speech. It was shortly after that when Dick Durbin made several inquiries as to whether or not someone with Obama's citizenship status was eligible. When it became obvious that the answer was no, they modified Obama's citizenship status and started scrubbing.


TK, so it was pretty much a local operation for the benefit of ChiTown? With Turban Durbin pressed into service?
Interesting but not as grand as I was surmising.


They saw the 1984 cycle with the examples of cuomo and Jesse Jackson as models, garrows war and piece length tome is not helpful.


A more practical solution


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Indianapolis Airport
‏Verified account @INDairport
5h5 hours ago

IND has been named Best Airport in North America for the 6th year in a row! We are honored to have received the Airport Service Quality Award for best airport in N. America as well as Best Airport by size and region! http://bit.ly/2HdgKOu


Once the scam started to move national, Jim, and the Rupukes announced that they had their own ineligible candidate, that is when the bigger stakes players hitched to the wagon.

I don't think there was any 20-30 year plan in play.


Obama actually got Michigan votes from a primary he never entered.
At a meeting on a Saturday morning they actually gave him some of Hillary’s votes.
Michigan was being punished for jumping the line with their primary.
Hillary campaigned and had her name on the ballot and Obama didn’t.
I think Hillary learned how to cheat like this and 8 years later made sure She and not Sanders got the nomination by having the Dem Party limit the debates and rig the votes and money.

Captain Hate

Now former mayor of Nashville. You have to see the picture.

She takes a better mugshot than Heather Locklear.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

This press conference with the Swedish PM is quite good and is serious rather than a bunch of shouted tabloid questions. When the video and transcript are up I will post the link.

Texas Liberty Gal

As Gov Abbot says, we are the model for the rest of the nation.


Greg Abbott

Verified account
7h7 hours ago
Your vote is essential today to keep Texas the model for the rest of the nation. We can’t let liberal ideas that have destroyed other states to seep into Texas. You can preserve our greatness by casting a vote today to #KeepTexasRed. #txlege @TexasGOP #ImWithAbbott

Frau Schadenfreude

Don't let your daughters grow up to be a Dem mayor.
IowaHawk goes country on Nashville mayor:

There was a mayor named Ramblin' Meg
She used to steal, borrow, and beg
She thought she was the smartest mayor around
Well I found out on Tuesday
On a very slow news day
They've got her in the jailhouse way downtown
She's in the jailhouse now
She's in the jailhouse now
I told her not to do those crimes
Like chargin' sex to overtime
She's in the jailhouse now
Ah di ho-dalee eehee dee-o ti
Ah di ho-dalee ee oh dee-o ti

Miss Marple the Deplorable

HA! The President is backing PAPER back-up ballots.


It doesn't follow that one side in a vast political and moral battle isn't more in line with what God wants than another side.

I agree with that, jimmyk, and prayer is a good thing for all sorts of reasons. We want to believe that what we think is good and right is also viewed by the Lord as good and right; alas, people on the left believe that too (the few on that side who pray, anyway).


the few on that side who pray, anyway

We had the numbers. ;)


Good afternoon! The 2020 political season begins when the politicians start showing up in New Hampshire. The NH Institute of Politics at the daughter's college (Saint Anselm) hosts many wannabes. Last month Julian Castro attended an event and next month,Jeff Flake is scheduled. This early,politicians make stealth trips to NH,so I'll keep my eye on the NHIOP schedule.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
3m3 minutes ago

"You have to be very vigilant," said Pres Trump, asked about preventing Russian meddling in foreign elections. He recommended having paper backup system of voting. "I think that’s a great idea," he says, and is studying it closely.


HAHAHA! Russian meddling? Well then, let's monitor our own polling places closely and have PAPER back-up! I just love this.


If China cooperates with the U.S. on North Korea because they fear tariffs, and if North Korea decides to join the human race because of our sanctions and their reliance on China, then it's time to get engineers out to Mt. Rushmore to start drawing up plans.


That will be quite helpful.
TLG:Thanks for the Texas update.


"HA! The President is backing PAPER back-up ballots"

You really don't know how bad things are for Trump,do you?

It's funny.

I kind of feel bad for you.


In Ohio your ballot filled out in pen is your paper back- up in addition to your machine tabulated vote.


Here's the important News to the MSM 2 days ago:

CNN: Little girl awestruck by Michelle Obama's portrait believes she's 'a queen'

US News and World Report: Photo of Little Girl, Michelle Obama Portrait Goes Viral---The former first lady might have found her tiniest fan.

WaPo: ‘A moment of awe’: Photo of little girl captivated by Michelle Obama portrait goes viral

NBC: Portrait Of Michelle Obama Leaves Toddler Awestruck

Here's the important News to the MSM today:

TIME mag: Michelle Obama Met the Little Girl Who Loved Her Portrait

NBC: Girl Seen Admiring Michelle Obama Portrait Gets to Meet Her

PEOPLE mag: Cutest Dance Party Ever? See Michelle Obama Meet the Little Girl Who Admired Her Portrait

Now you guys are up to speed on the important News of the day. Good Morning.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Amazing video of North Reading firefighters and police reviving a puppy. (Video at link.)


After years of hearing about crap like the Trayvon Martin controversy, I am all for getting as many of these sympathetic videos out as is possible.

Right now Lebanon, Indiana is grief-stricken over the loss of one of their deputies who left behind a wife and 2 small sons. I just read that his K-9 partner is being taken to stand watch with the body at the funeral home and then will be retired to live with the widow and children. The police chief is almost inconsolable.

Account Deleted

MM---> this reminded me of something i took in from the book "BOLD", an entrepreneurial theme for going big in binness to make wealth and alter the course of humanity.

Here's what you said: "I now return to following normal news, as the Q stuff sends me into deep paranoia"

In "BOLD", the author recounts an infamous moment by an infamous "fake news" comedian who's now no longer on TV.

He came onto his daily show (hint hint) and was flipped out crazy about a news story he'd just seen. Played a clip from the story on "Asteroid Mining" (a project announced back in 2012 by the "BOLD" author himself).

The host came back on after the clip and said: "THAT is my idea of what news should be about in 2012!"

Really. I think I feel the same way. With all the discovery and leading edge thought coming down the pike--- and we get Hillary Clinton, the foulness of the Deep State, and silly birds tittering without a view to anything EXTRAORDINARY.

Imagine a major network being devoted to NOTHING but news of the EXTRAORDINARY, with a special subchannel focused on nothing but that trend in innovation in Amerka.

I mean come on...there is need and a niche....where's the money bitchez?!?!?!?!


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Enterprising Reddit guys will probably find out the little girl is the daughter of a former White House aide.

Good morning!


Speaking of praying, MSD High in Parkland is resuming classes this week. Their website' info page says nothing about any changes they've made since the shooting. I guess saying "We'll keep the outer doors locked during classes now" wouldn't be helpful as the face a flood of lawsuits. But who'd let their children return without knowing what specific changes had been made to ensure kids would now be safe?

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I sure wouldn't. In fact, I would be taking out a second mortgage to send my kids to a private or parochial school with security.


a 2 year old child would have no idea who Michelle Obama is. How REDACTED for LENT stupid are these Urinalism school grads.
I wonder if the 2 year old commented on Mooche's toned arms.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Miss M, I read about the Deputies murder. He is in my prayers as is his family. The scum that shot him will not get the mfm's love.


‘Sensitive Content’: Twitter Hides President Trump, Don Jr. Posts for Sharing Drudge Headlines

Anything from the Drudge Report is censored, including Drudge Report tweets, even when they're re-tweeted by the president.

Account Deleted

TK---> "A prayer answered is equal to a prayer unanswered."

That principle rests within one of the Seven Aspects of God we were taught in grade school.

God is Principle. As well as Truth, Life, Love, Infinite Intelligence, Spirit, and Principle.

In keeping with that, a corollary we were taught under "Infinite Intelligence": "Praying *IS* the answer." When done properly, that is *not* using it as a 1-800 number to "Big Ernie's Wish Hotline", PRAYER is the Golden Key.

The order to the madness from which we seek deliverance lies behind the madness---> prayer will reveal it by giving us "eyes that see". In turn, the resulting focus reveals meaning quite possibly rooted in Capital T Troof.

Then we know what to do.

NO one or any force slips us the answer, right?

Of course, one can pay Tony Robbins $10,000 for a 4 day "intensive" to be told the same thing in a secularist paint job. ;)



Softer, Gentler North Korea: ‘U.S. Cannot Escape Doom’


Time to abandon Twitter en masse. Let it be its own lefty echo chamber if that's what it wants. Daniel Greenfield points out that they are censoring pro-Israel activists while giving free rein to groups designated by the US as terrorist.


Account Deleted

"IND has been named Best Airport in North America for the 6th year in a row!"

MM---> Paw was Chief of the regional air traffic control center from 1980 to 85. His controllers came out of the mass firings of 1980 (Paw cut that cheese quickly under Reagan's executive order....why can't agency chiefs fire mass numbers for conduct unbecoming?) to serve him well.

Their job was to take IND airport traffic after 3 miles and direct it on their flight paths across the country in four directions... it was either IND or NYC (Ronkonkoma NY) that had the largest share of domestic air traffic in the USA.

More Kev lore. :)


Another data point from TX, a commenter at BeJohnGalt blog:
"Just got back from voting in TX primary. My area is very red. Usually no Dems in their line, usually 10 to 1. Today just as many dims as R’s. Hope this is not a harbinger of things to come."


as predicted:

Charles Gasparino

Verified account

6h6 hours ago
just spoke w @NunbergSam he told me he's fully cooperating now w Mueller's team and he's intending to go get treatment following his grand jury appearance on Friday

Miss Marple the Deplorable


The software that runs Twitter cannot be too complicated, minus all of their algorithms for screening people and bumping preferred customers up.

I have a Gab account but the site for some reason is sort of clunky. Maybe if they would tweak it a bit, or if Peter Theil could devise something new, it would be a good thing.

I would be grateful since I have to wade through so much crap to get information. The only reason I am on Twitter is to get news and to see what the President and a few people in his administration have to say.

Account Deleted

" President Trump is strong, but based on everything we've seen to date, he can count his actual loyal, reliable allies at DoJ and within the FBI on his fingers, while his enemies there number in the thousands."
Posted by: James D.

James---> true dat, logistically anyway.

POTUS enjoys the tactical advantage of asymmetrical warfare, however.

While his enemies there number in the thousands, POTUS is wracking up an enormous body count whenever any single enemy acts.

They leave trails and end up under investigative exposure. Sure, that exposure or investigation aren't featured on the Nightly News or on We Are The World type of blogs.

Nevertheless, the exposed become radioactive to the subterranean brain trust that is as deep underground as it is diffuse in location, status, and expertise.

Losses are mounting. And still no indictments, traction on impeachment, and the mid-terms are impending.

By racking up the body count, the opposing force begins to see what they thought was an easy victory (because they were "ahead 50 points" in the polls at one time--- manner of speaking) slipping away. Comey is dust. That Gerbil McCabe is dust. etc etc.

POTUS is attacking their will to fight. And once that begins his enemies begin to do insignificant things to feign superiority. ("We won't charge Flynn just yet. But don't leave town, Buddy!"

Decimation of their will includes relentless attacks on the egos of the Lyin Swine Media. The younger dawgz coming on the scene are wondering why they can't "do journalism" like Cheryl Atkisson. LOL

Well, hon, if ya gotta ask that question you just might never know. Amirite?

If will to fight goes to ZERO-ty, dialed down from ELEVENTY (when all of em were with 'Her')
then the #Resistance goes to Zero, despite their mighty resources.

POTUS understands the mathematical equation of war--- war of any kind: Resistance = Resources x Will (to fight). Reduce either Resources or Will to ZERO and the fight is over.

It's clear to me asymmetric warfare advantages the out-resourced warrior. And we elected one.



mike in houston

As to the 2nd and 7th districts in Texas. I live in the 2nd having been redistricted out of the 7th. Ted Poe (R-2)is retiring, he has had some cancer problems. There are six republicans running in the primary. The only problem is there might be a runoff. John Culberson (R-7)is running again. If you remember, he is the guy who asked Chris Matthews if he still had a tingle running up his leg. While the district went slightly for HRC in 2016 it has returned a Republican to Congress every time since GHWB won it in 1967. An interesting note in the Democrat primary is that the national party is trying to sabotage on of its candidates because they consider them as too liberal for the district

Jim Eagle

Podcast studio is set up. Will try to run a test pod tomorrow. Getting closer to figuring out how to tie everyone into the cast.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
2m2 minutes ago

WH announces Gary Cohn stepping down as @POTUS chief economic advisor. No official reason given, but WH says Cohn has been talking about leaving "for several weeks." His departure date yet to be determined, but will be a few weeks from now.


MM, if Trump would just switch to Gab, that would start a cascade. And Twitter's stock would tank, which would be a joy to behold.


Cohn lost the tariff battle. I think it is principled of him to part ways.


On the other hand, sometimes Twitter can be fun, as we get this little catfight between two blondes:



And Meghan just gave a classy response:

Meghan McCain
‏Verified account @MeghanMcCain
12m12 minutes ago

Meghan McCain Retweeted Kimberley Strassel

Thank you - I am sorry then for misinterpreting what you meant and your intentions.

Ralph L

A guy with almost no achievements.

This allowed "moderates" to delude themselves, particularly after the 2004 speechhogwash.

Jim Eagle

To Meghan McCain:

If the shoe fits wear it.

daddy on iPad

I read a story last week about some Mexican illegal pleading guilty to having stolen 360K from some American citizens by collecting Social Security checks. The Americans apparently did not know it was occurring due to not yet having applied for Social Security.

Because of that and my identity and mail theft problems, I called into the Social Security number and logged on to the Social Security website and tried to see if I could find out if that has happened to me. The phone number site and the website are un-navigable if you are trying to simply find out if you have been defrauded, so I came down to the Social Security Office in town and took a number and have been sitting for an hour waitning for my number to be called. I only have another 40 minutes on the parking meter so my guess is I will not be called.

Any suggestions?


Good job JIB!


Heh. I stand with Kim Strassel!

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Stay there and pay the parking fine if you get hit with one. Or pay someone to go out and put quarters in the meter.

I called into Social Security a month ago and finally got a statement of what I am being paid and what is being deducted for my Humana health supplement.

I had the same concerns as you, particularly after someone hijacked my Facebook Messenger account.

daddy on iPad

I should mention that the Security check to get into the building was as intense as going thru Airport passenger screening. Had to take off my belt as well as everything else, and put everything thru the X-Ray machine. In the Social Security Office itself are 2 uniformed guards wearing firearms.


Your (almost!) daily Wretchard:


Jim Eagle


You always get a FredXpress to Bal'more and go visit the main office. No waiting there but you'll probably need an introduction. My bet is that everyone in front of your in Anchorage are disability applicants. Biggest fraud in America today.



The week before Thanksgiving, Wood briefed McCain at the Halifax International Security Forum. McCain was deeply concerned. He asked a former aide, David Kramer, to go to England to meet Steele. Kramer, a Russia expert who had served at the State Department, went over the dossier with Steele for hours. After Kramer promised to share the document only with McCain, Steele arranged for Kramer to receive a copy in Washington. But a former national-security official who spoke with Kramer at the time told me that one of Kramer’s ideas was to have McCain confront Trump with the evidence, in the hope that Trump would resign. “He would tell Trump, ‘The Russians have got you,’ ” the former official told me.

Sure, it was Kramer's idea, not McCain's. Very believable.


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Goodlatte and Gowdy ask for a special counsel to investigate FBI misconduct:



First lawsuit against Dicks, Walmart filed in Oregon. They're in clear violation of law.

daddy on iPad

Thanks, Miss Marple.

If I don't get called soon I'll leave but come back in future with an entire pocket of quarters. Quite the experience.


Btw, I was at Reagan Airport the other day and this was prominently displayed in the magazine sections.

American hero.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Dem actress challenger to Cuomo, who considers him too conservative!! Yay!


You’ll thank God for Lent when it comes to McTumor and lyle...

Howdy Doody

McCain didn't punk out like your bone-spur coward..

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