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March 06, 2018



Gary Cohn Resigns

According to the NYT, officials insisted "there was no single factor behind the departure of Mr. Cohn" but his decision to leave came after he seemed poised to lose an internal struggle amid a Wild West-style process over Mr. Trump’s plan to impose large tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

What's so Wild West about something an elected president campaigned on?

Isn't this the same guy who tried to throw Trump under the bus over his completely reasonable and totally mischaracterized Charlottesville comments? F' him.

Howdy Doody



daddy on iPad

In Ohio your ballot filled out in pen is your paper back- up in addition to your machine tabulated vote.

Doesn't do me much good when my Identity Thief keeps getting the (redacted) US Post Office to reroute my mail to some LA location and we have now switched to Voting by Mail.

Howdy Doody

The Goldman Ballsach speaks with forked tongue..

“It has been an honor to serve my country and enact pro-growth economic policies"


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Lindsey Graham
‏Verified account @LindseyGrahamSC
11m11 minutes ago

If there is an agreement reached between the United States, North Korea and the rest of the world regarding the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, the lion’s share of credit will go to President @realDonaldTrump for his strong stand.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Robin, eff 'em all

I can’t imagine what Cynthia Nixon brings to the table for NY’ers. Boy, am I tired of celebrities.


Some progtard sticking up for McLame is pretty entertaining.


Or embarrassing. Take your pick.

Howdy Doody

Some Trumpenfuhrer sucking the endomorphic draft dodgers cock is true Porn.


Hopefully Tump realizes that NK will never denuke and will use these proposed discussions to buy time to prefect the nukes. I can't imagine he doesn't.


So hrts is skeptical of the idea that Trump's election might have been divine intervention. As an admittedly bad Catholic, I'm not so sure.

(Btw, I agree with the basic premise that God doesn't modify what humans do. If he did, wouldn't Allah have already killed us all?)

Howdy Doody

There’s something genuinely hilarious in the fact that the entire Republican Party handed itself over to this bunch of mooks, and that the logical end of the conservative “movement” turned out to be a vulgar talking yam. But that’s for later, happier days. However, let us return to Sam Nunberg’s televised “episode.” There was one piquant passage that occurred when Tur asked him if Sam thought that Mueller had the goods on the president*.

"I think they may. I think he may have done something during the election. But I don’t know that for sure."

Water is wet, dude.


I ask again: is there killfile for iPad? I’ve searched the App Store to no avail.

daddy on iPad

Success! Got called with 9 minutes left on the meter. The Chinese American Social Security lady was very pleasant to deal with. She verified who I was via my Passport, Military Retirment ID, FAA ID, and Alaska Drivers License, which I had brought along as evidence. She said I have not yet been robbed of my Social Security and she suggested that we put a lock on anyone being able to sign up on-line for my Social Security. That way I will have to come back down to the Social Security Office with all my ID's when and if I do want to finally sign up, but todays action will prevent the perp from signing up elctronically and robbing me via the Internet.

Was a pleasure to meet someone in Government so intelligent and helpful.

Howdy Doody


Has Trump spread your virtue with his speculum of truth?

Wide open support is his price


Just saw that Donna Shalalalalalalalalala is running for Congress in FL at the tender age of 77.

Howdy Doody

"Was a pleasure to meet someone in Government so intelligent and helpful."

I blame Obama.

Howdy Doody

I haven't heard malaise since Carter.

"According to conversations with a dozen Trump advisers inside and outside the White House, little has happened to change the feeling of malaise that has settled into the West Wing. Morale, many of these advisers said, remains low, with few signs of turning around."


So glad you were successful.
I have had a pleasant experience at my SS place as well.
Lovely people, willing to help.

F Hudson

Trump won this election when he challenged Obama's false birth certificate.


I like where this is going.


Yes its groundhog day Jane, just like the negotiations with Cuban 1974, 1977, 1981, 1993,
Had no appreciable impact on the regime.

Howdy Doody

Closing in for the kill just kills killfile.


Australian friend of Clintons that tipped off the Trump / Russia is tied into Huweii, the Chinese router / networking maker believed to be run by Chinese Intelligence Services (as in all your comms belong to us).


Howdy Doody

I really enjoy Trumps pooched lips.

He imagines a cock bigger than his.


Interesting Henry, they are the rough counterpart to grishenko bogyman kaspersky.


And kaapersky didn't hack 20 million opm files.

Howdy Doody

Soon, your suffering will reduce...

"Mr. Nader’s cooperation in the special counsel’s investigation could prompt new legal risks for the Trump administration, and Mr. Nader’s presence at the Seychelles meeting appears to connect him to the primary focus of Mr. Mueller’s investigation: examining Russian interference during the 2016 presidential campaign."


Comment by Howdy Doody blocked.

Dude, you are insane. Do you realize that?

I don't read your posts. I can spot them within a few words and then I killfile you. I realize that means you could simply change your handle, but I recognize your changed handles once you show up here.

Seriously, you have a mental problem. We've been cordial in the past, but that was a long time ago and you're still doing the trolling thing. At your age, this is really not normal behavior. You should try to get help, and I hope you do.

Meanwhile, I don't read your posts.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Hurray! Glad you got such good help!

Howdy Doody

I don't GAS which of you retards reads.

Why don't you get that?

Are you insane?


I call it his boiling bunny phase, downer is the aussie John Kerry who didn't serve in Vietnam.
So full of self regard as a Tyson sphere

Howdy Doody

Y'all should die in the flames of Perdition.

I take that back. First the Rack, then then flames.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Daughter doesn't follow news very mich, because she finds it "depressing."

So today I informed her of

1. The movements in North Korea.
2. The Saudi Crown Prince visiting the Coptic cathedral in Egypt

She was gobsmacked. I did not say it was due to Trump, but merely said I hoped both things led to a better life for her, her (hopefully) future children, and grandchildren.

Little steps.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Posting this because I was so worn out with Michelle Obama being extolled as the elegant fashion maven:

Howdy Doody

91% negative...why not 100?

"For this study, MRC analysts looked at all 505 evening news stories that mentioned President Trump or his administration in January and February. Out of 851 total minutes of airtime devoted to the administration, the networks spent almost one-fourth of it (204 minutes, or 24%) on the Russia investigation, eclipsing other major topics such as the economy, immigration reform, and even the gun debate.

Since Trump took office on January 20, 2017, the three broadcast evening newscasts have spent a combined 1,438 minutes on the Russia investigation, accounting for more than one out of every five minutes (21%) of coverage of the Trump presidency.

Network coverage has also emphasized the drama of Trump’s presidency while giving short shrift to its substance. In January and February, nearly 63 percent of news coverage was devoted to scandals like the Russia investigation, plus tabloid fodder such as the domestic abuse scandal involving White House aide Rob Porter (54 minutes), the fallout from Michael Wolff’s book about the Trump White House (53 minutes), reports that the President made disparaging comments about African nations in a closed-door meeting (31 minutes), along with dozens of other controversies the networks deemed worthy of airtime.

During those same months, coverage of policy issues such as immigration reform (100 minutes), the government shutdown (84 minutes), and gun control (63 minutes) amounted to just 37 percent of Trump’s coverage. Among the important substantive issues getting relatively little coverage so far this year: the continued strong economy and jobs (12 minutes); the positive impact of the big tax cuts passed in December (9 minutes); and the fight against al Qaeda and ISIS (a mere 1 minute, 23 seconds)."

Howdy Doody

Kept whore resting on desk..

Masturbating Piece!


Hes the one traipsing through Iowa right,


Jim Eagle

There are so many "Comment by Howdy Doody blocked" That I can't imagine what set him/her/ze off except the lack of medicine. When you go off your meds, these episodes happen quite a bit.

What is interesting with these fools is that he will respond to this without realizing I have Killfile on and won't even see it. moar winning.

Frau Kein Mitleid

Ext - SOB the SOB

Howdy Doody

The humor resident in the appeals for comity and courtesy from the redolent evil of your words/behavior make a mockery of the putative principles you appear to embrace and I can only ascribe that belief to your sodden souls.

I pray for your salvation, but I fear it's futile.

Robin, eff 'em all

I listened to a short interview with Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame today. He dropped a little tidbit I had never before heard while discussing the unfortunate tendency of nominating credentialed Ivy League educated judges rather than people who have actually practiced law. He said that there was a desire in the Reagan WH to nominate Thomas Sowell to fill the slot eventually taken by Kennedy, but they decided it wasn’t worth spending the political capital on arguing for a non-judge to fill the seat.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
3m3 minutes ago

Will be making a decision soon on the appointment of new Chief Economic Advisor. Many people wanting the job - will choose wisely!

Howdy Doody

What do you call a lawyer with double-digit IQ?



Nuevo Threado.

Woe be unto thou who dare copy anything from this Deado Threado over there!

Some kinda rule from what I've heard.

Jim Eagle

Look Cohn was a big time Dem, but had a relation with Trump, Ross and Kushner. He was always a place holder to bring some credibility to the Dems in Congress. And it worked until it interfered with his Globalist Goldman Sachs rule of ruling.

The big problem of course is that Trump in not an embedded forever politician and its hard to bring people into that enviroment. Where does he go to find the kind of people and assets who can deal with that?


JiB, it is your acknowledgement of the troll's existence that feeds and keeps him here.

Have mercy--Cease and desist.
Now and for the rest of your life.
No more comments about him in any way, shape or form.
Zero, zip, zilch.

He must be dead to you, for him to be dead to the rest of us.


The kid is at violin lesson, I'm listening to a podcast.
A fascinating interview with Jack Cashill.
MissM may be interested.
A huge shout out to Sundance and CTH.
Big coverage of Trayvon. The PROMISE program also central. Nicholas Cruz also covered in detail.

I think the link is correct (on my phone). But just go to TeriObrien dot com and find the very recent interview for Dangerous Thinkers.


Robin, 6:32: "I can’t imagine what Cynthia Nixon brings to the table for NY’ers. Boy, am I tired of celebrities."

Someone might have said this (haven't read thru other posts) but Nixon is gay. I'm sure that is an asset in "today's" NY. Too bad she isn't trans, she'd win in a landslide.


Italy's (political) Earthquake:


Italy's Trump Election:



Thoughts from a former dysphoric:


daddy on iPad

So glad you were successful.
I have had a pleasant experience at my SS place as well.
Lovely people, willing to help.


The overall feeling in the waiting room was sort of like that scene from "Beetlejuice" of the Waiting Room for the Recently Dead:
buy my Case-worker was even more pleasant than Juno:

Howdy Doody

"feeds and keeps him here." And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is the last time mom will evah, evah make references to cognitive agreement on reality...

Making such assumptions makes you an assnyoy know when you fail to recognize it's about you, singular.

It's knot always about y'all. It's more about context in the Din of your obsequious little World. But more than that, there's a whole lot if other people.

Your discomfort with context us irrelevant.


Daddy, I had a similar experience when I last visited the SS office to finish my sign up for Medicare.

Lady was pleasant and competent.

I was shocked:)

Texas Liberty Gal

So far with 2% reporting no big surprises in Texas races. Bush is far ahead of Patterson but it's early.

Frau Kein Mitleid

anonamom @ 8:01 = right over the target. No oxygen! Starvation!

Frau Kein Mitleid
Donna Shalala jumped into the political arena Monday, filing paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for the U.S. House seat being vacated by retiring Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Shalala, 77, a Democrat who was secretary of Health and Human Services under President Clinton, also served as the president of the University of Miami and as president of the Clinton Foundation.

Donna is the same age as retiring Rep. Ros-Lehtinen. Hey, Shalala, you should take up another hobby for your retirement.


Actually frau Donna is 11 years older, yes she was rewarded for being a loyal soldier.

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