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March 03, 2018



Moar coffee


I've had three since 0200. I'm done for the day.


Here's the bestest way to get the weekend started,


As a repeat, with a correction... WSJ this morning says Trump is about to appoint Adm Phil Davidson to Pacific Command. (A joint command over AF and Fleet units). This replacing the people in charge of the ship collisions.

Phil and I were on swim teams together from when I was 8 through high school. (Note: Phil was a state champ in swimming). I'm a year older, but we share a birthday.

Time to kick some Nork ass Phil.

Texas Liberty Gal

Holly - re: your question about land commisioner race from previous thread. I'm in Fairview which is northern Dallas suburb. I voted for Patterson-I have no interest in promoting another Bush to any office.

Texas Liberty Gal

Darn - I posted that comment before I finished my thoughts. If Patterson beats the incumbent Bush I hope that makes it harder for him in the future to win any race.

Kevlar Kid

Carried over from Night Shift, where jim nj shared link to NY Post article referring to 5 types of diabetes. Article sites a study entitled: "Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology"

The following post is not calling our jim nj in any way shape or form. It is intended to offer a competing paradigm to the Lancet study.

Re:5 types of diabetes===> The NY Post headline misleads.

Here is a perspective which challenges the Post headline with some alternative understanding of how Type 2 and Type 3 diabetic metabolic complex syndromes are the only other credible "types" in addition to Type 1.

This is written by a laymen based on the premises
"Food is medicine."

"There is a cure for Type 2 diabetes and likely for Type 3.

" Big Pharma medications for acute Type 2 diabetes "manage" symptoms but ignore metabolic imbalances and genetic controls which underlie them."

And so.....

Identifying 5 "diabetic patient clusters" in the study do not equate with establishment of "new" or "more" Diabetes Type.

In the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology (study), the patient clusters are defined "subgroups" of Type 1 and Type 2.

At least one central aim of the study is to refine medication manufacturing to address risk factors and symptoms within subgroups.

Makes sense; but, this is still the "magic" pill solution developed by a global pharmaceutical industry and backup medical establishment which insists "There is no cure for diabetes."

Looking a little more closely, the study identifies subgroups with symptom "not being able to process insulin."

This suggests:

rather than researching the imbalances caused by insulin *RESISTANCE*,

such as inflammation of pancreatic delivery mechanism (source of body's naturally produced insulin)

and a host of other imbalances (nutrient and mineral depletion, red blood cell deterioration, agglutination of blood supply to the brain etc),

the LANCET medical paradigm concludes the diabetic metabolic complex is really just an overall select deficiency trait within a specific subgroup of human beings, and

that deficiency trait can be linked to other treatable symptoms.

The challenge to the Lancet study re "types" is what is being established in the non-Big-Pharma-based medical treatments community regarding Type 3 diabetes, or what is commonly referred to as Alzheimer's Disease,(Cousens et al)

a form of dementia that is on the rise in the US, striking some as early in life as their 50s (my business partner is a good example).

Agglutinization of the blood supply is a treatable culprit (it can be interrupted, reduced to zero, and its impacts reversed) for the Type 2 diabetic and the Alzheimer's onset sufferer (Cousens, et al)

There are many antigenic causes of agglutination of the blood supply in non-diabetic metabolic syndromes.

But for the Type 2 diabetic and the Type 3 diabetic, agglutination has been found to be the result of how sugar and select proteins (lectins) in foods join forces to turn the blood into candy apple syrup.

Syrupy blood cannot circulate efficiently in the fine blood vessels of the brain.

Acute diabetics suffer from this to the extreme.

And synthetic insulin merely overwhelms cells to accept insulin onslaughts by injection or patch,

but doesn't create a blood environment to accept the naturally produced amounts that have been restricted by inflammation of the normal pancreatic delivery system.

So while insulin might artificially lower a "blood sugar level", the suffering patient is dependent on a growth hormone (which is what synthetic insulin is),

using absurd and escalating amounts of insulin over time (chronic use in order to "manage"),

then becoming at risk for different types of cancers (pancreatic, spleen etc.).

Meanwhile, brain compromise continues unabated because the quality of the blood supply isn't improved due to sugar imbalances in the blood stream (the source of the "syrupy" blood.

Go to any hospital and ask for the "diabetic" menu.

What you'll find by and large on the patient menu are foods that create sugar in the blood stream--- refined carbohydrates "with no added sugar."

Who needs added sugar when the food makes sugar

The point is: as long as foods contain lectin proteins and sugar-producing carbohydrates, the blood supply will remain agglutinated or syrupy.

What that does is signal the body's response mechanism to create more blood vessels to move the blood.

That's the body's counter. We already have billions of these small parts of the body--- yet, thick sugary blood will trigger a response where the body will create billions more.

SO how does a body fit all of those blood vessels?

They don't fit.

The diabetic body swells giving the appearance of obesity. There are a lot of skinny Alzheimer's sufferers, but that anamoly is a different discussion altogether.

Losing weight will only affect the overall physical condition and improve physical indicators for the Type 2 diabetic.

But until there is a genetic reset

(through RADICAL changes in nutrition that match the unique genetic code of the diabetic in question),

the body's overproduction of blood vessels continues,

adding useless body mass while depleting muscle tissue due to the collapse of even moderate physical activity ("low energy"= no blood flow)

Inflammation INTENSIFIES as the substandard tissue of new and old blood vessels dies prematurely.

The body can't "digest" and move the old tissue out.

The dead blood vessel tissue putrefies.

Infections nest in the dead tissue, blood acidity skyrockets to cause scarring of the circulatory system and "plaques" appear,

With time plaques become out of control wherever the blood flows--- and that's everywhere as a degraded, non-nutrifying sludge.

Plaques are brought on by the diabetic body's hyperreliance on cholesterol to patch the scarring effects of acidic sugary blood on the circulatory system.

Cholesterol is a plastering agent.

The more that's produced, the thicker it becomes on the thousands of miles of "blood pipes" that run throughout the body.

The patching compound is like spackling powder. It hardens into plaque. And it is everywhere throughout the body--- especially in the brain.

(Thus, the Type 3 assignment to "Alzheimer's" by Cousens and other medical professionals who've been curing diabetes since back in the 1920s with nutrition-based, genetic reset strategies. The most famous Type 2 patient was the famous British Doctor Livingston.)

Nowhere in the conventional medical paradigms is Type 2 and 3 diabetes referred to as a blood disease. But it is exactly so.

And the reason diabetes of all three types leads to decay of the body and eventually death is because the human blood deterioration,

due to agglutination and degradation of the walls of red blood cells,

triggers the brain to perceive of its host "This person is in decay."

So the body's response is to produce billions of killer "cells"

that surround each and every compromised red blood cell waiting for the cell wall to collapse--- and they invade it, blowing it up.

Entire colonies of red blood cells are destroyed, losing their integrity,

to become floating masses of decomposing cell matter *in the blood stream*.

The masses further thicken the medium, and the heart strains to pump the sludge through billions of blood vessels of poor quality.

And the host's metabolic system is overrun with acidic blood.

There are subgroups within the global Type 2 diabetes metabolic complex syndrome.

Type 3 is a treatable metabolic complex based on the same principles as Type 2 treatments.

They share a similar agglutinatizing response to sugar in the bloodstream with an acute localization of debilitating plaques in brain tissue, destroying brain function over time.

The End. ;)



Adm Davidson definitely doesn't have a "tough act to follow" problem.


Every time I see a picture of the Hogg kid, I can't stop thinking that his head looks like a guitar pick.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


As I said the other day, he has the same head/neck ratio as Adam Schiff. I am thinking it's a genetic marker.

James D.

Happy birthday, Jane!



Good to hear that the Admiral is someone we can have confidence in.

That part of the world may come "unglued" in the not too distant future.


KK, your posts contain valuable info, but I wish you'd describe contents rather than post multiple paragraphs. Your adding the "wink" after "The End" doesn't offer much hope though.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I put this at the very end of the last thread, but wanted to post it again.

I got called by the doctor yesterday and my echocardiogram and carotid artery scan came back normal. The eeg results aren't in yet but I should have them by next Tuesday or Wednesday.


I am thinking it's a genetic marker.

lol, MM. Maybe we could find examples of such for Jack's podcast.


I think of the Spy vs Spy characters, Flodigarry.


I like hearing the good news, MM.


Interesting find, I think jabotinsky who grew up in odessa, realized what Ben gurion could not that any ground the jews claimed like when they went into Canaan would be hard fought.

Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, Jane!!

~ ~ ~

You've got mail, GUS!


When I read Brennan and Holder’s comments (last thread) about Trump they seem to be trying to shape the battlefield in anticipation of the various investigation reports soon to be released.

I’m guessing flak because investigators and Trump are over the target.


Great news, MM.


HB, Jane! (... and all the other birthdays I’ve missed between then and now.)


Good news miss marple

So the coverage of the new booster doesn't suggest it's a rocket sled.

Jack is Back!


Saw your comment on "Last Time Out". As I noted, someone posted a title that sounded like that. If anyone remembers let me know. I won't do a podcast using Times Up. Need a new name.

How about Take 5 or Take Time or. [all suggestions you may all have].

Get use to Hogg. He is fully captured by Progmerica and will continue to be their spokesman on this until he wears out his "kid" persona. Say when he reaches 35 or 40. The theme: Its about the children.


Something is very wrong with the US navy ... Hope BOzo's armed forces heads appointees are all gone or soon will be.


AP’s article intro:

Headline: Trump's shifting stance on guns leaves lawmakers baffled

WASHINGTON (AP) — In his quest to tackle gun violence, President Donald Trump has ricocheted between calling for tougher laws and declaring his fealty to the Second Amendment's right to bear arms, leaving a trail of befuddled lawmakers and advocates in his wake. ...

What we rewrote:
Headline: Trump negotiating different gun proposals

WASHINGTON — In his pursuit of better gun policy, President Donald Trump has both called for tougher laws and declared his support of the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, confusing lawmakers, advocates, and the media reporting him.

His negotiating has not outlined his personal legislative priorities. ...

One is an editorial. The other seems more accurate reporting to us.


Happy Birthday Jane!


I’m guessing flak because investigators and Trump are over the target.

Yep, sweating bullets most likely.

Rubber Schwan

What is the Trump theme..I mean 'if it could be distilled?


Jack, is including the word "time" important for some reason? Given the effects of the BOzo yrs., "Time's Running Out" is apt but too dark. Something more generic like "Pull Up A Chair"?


Happy Birthday, Jane! May you enjoy many more. May you enjoy your retirement also!m


Trump "has ricocheted .."declaring his fealty" ... Ugh. Keep up the good fight, Sbw.


Time Served


In The Nick of Time re DT ...and after 8 yrs. of BOzo -
Time Has Told

Rubber Schwan

NOT the Onion..

FRANKFORT, Ky. — A bill to make 18 the legal age for marriage in Kentucky has stalled in a Senate committee amid concerns about the rights of parents to allow children to wed at a younger age, according to several lawmakers.
Known as the “child bride” bill, Senate Bill 48 was pulled off the agenda just hours before a scheduled vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee for the second time in two weeks.
“SO disappointed! My SB 48 (outlaw child marriage) won’t be called for a vote,” sponsor Julie Raque Adams, a Louisville Republican, said in a Tweet early Thursday. “It is disgusting that lobbying organizations would embrace kids marrying adults. We see evidence of parents who are addicted, abusive, neglectful pushing their children into predatory arms. Appalling.”

Ach! The Good Old Days...

Janeprobably about 10 minutes after getting there

What we know for sure Clarice is that it is National Anthem Day!


I love the name: JustOne Hour - which someone suggested yesterday.

I'm only accepting 66 birthday greeting today and at 11 I'm almost maxed out! Thanks everyone!


JiB, I suppose “Fireside Chats” has been taken.


Jane, Happy National Anthem Day! ;)

Goofy GOPer

TRUMP! or consequences?

Beasts of England

Well, Jane - you don't look a day over 56 birthday greetings! :)

Kevlar Kid

DebinGA---> Your wish is my command. Kev

Kevlar Kid

Many Happy Returns, Jane.

Jack is Back!



How about this? Let's Talk About.....Anything!

My logic is that I want to exploit the wide and diverse expertise of our JOM community and not limit it to current events/politics/news.




Your wish is my command. Kev

Time will tell, KK. Looking forward to reading your stuff as much as ever, just in slightly shortened form.


Love it, Jack! Covers everything.


Tick-Tock's Ticked Talk


Jane,Happy Birthday!


Well, I am in to my second day of "retirement", and I am already having doubts about how long it is going to last.

I have several people dangling opportunities in front of me, and sooner or later someone will prove that I "can be bought":)

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Happy birthday, Jane.


"just in slightly shortened form."

You're killing me..


Buckeye's Retirement Countdown Podcast


How about “Not So Fast” for the podcast name?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

It's not being bought when you do it on your terms, Buckeye. At least not as much...


Happy Birthday, Jane!

MM - good news, you must feel relieved!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Yes, very good results, MM.

The Infamous Ignatz

"Time Served" is kind of brilliant if you think of the various meanings of served.

OTOH, since I don't see a ™ by TM's JOM, what's the matter with Just One Minute, since it's kind of an organic offshoot of the blog?
Unless TM objected of course.

Man Tran

Whew! Spent a week being two days behind around here. Still have a hunnert tabs open the I still need to read.


I’ve mentioned before that one of the newer members of our Friday lunch bunch (officially known as the Young Republicans and Ammo Reloading Society) is a retired doc from Las Vegas. He suffers from some ailment, probably stroke, that leaves him trying to talk like he has a ping pong ball in his mouth. Anyway he showed up yesterday with a book, Eat Rich, Live Long, by Cummins and Gerber. Have you heard of it?

I have trouble comprehending more than about 70 pct of what he tries to convey, but I think he is a kindred spirit to your perspective. I’ve met his son a couple of times. He is a ER doc down in Loma Linda and every bit as up to date on our version of current events than this crowd.


We are heading down to the Front Range in three weeks. Still don’t know whether we will be flying or driving due to pending wing repairs. Anyway, if you are up for it, I’m sure we can arrange a mutually workable time/place.


CMU killer who killed his parents yesterday is in custody. He'd been arrested on a drug charge on Thurs, and his parents arrived yesterday to take him home for Spring Holidays. He used his police officer dad's gun.

art in newport -

'Times' ....

- The Right Time(s), maybe 'Conservative Times', or generally 'The (Something) Time(s)'

- The Time(s) of (Something/Somewhere), ie, 'Time of Decision', 'Times of Milwaukee', 'Times of Wrath'

'Now is the Time', 'Time and Again', 'Time for Change', ...

That exhausts my feeble imagination.


Rag Time


Thanks, Ig. I thought the same thing.

Jack is Back!


Not So Fast is associated with Lee Corso on College Football Today.

But if we used it - it could look like this:


Not So Fast is perfect if debunking Fake News is expected.


Not trying to be difficult but I really am grateful for all the detailed info contained in your comments about health. Especially this one about blood agglutination. It will be of great help to my spouse.
Just a difference of opinion DebinGa.

Kevlar Kid

"The Height of Epitome"

"Time of the Season"

"Reasonable Doubt"

"Make Your Mark"

"Straight Up No Chaser"

"No Ice, No Glass"

to name a few names....

Man Tran

For all you stranded DC travelers, here is a tale from four decades ago. In those days the hotshot trains were Metroliners, that were MU (self powered, catenary fed) modern train sets for the day. Whenever there was the slightest snow storm, they would fail to operate properly, so Amtrak would fire up their fleet of GG1s out of mothballs and drag the Metroliners around. What’s a GG1? A 1930s electric loco that looks like a black double ended whale. Can’t do that today because the old Corridor ran on 25-cycle power. (I say cycle because that was before they changed the label to Hertz.) ;-)


Just a difference of opinion DebinGa

My sincere apologies to both Kev, kave, and any others I offended. Not my nature to tell others what to do, and I feel really bad about it. Not a defense, but I had in mind posting links, not abriding personal experiences and helpful advice. It's Time to spend some Time Away. Again, I'm very sorry.


I think not so fast, covers the subject of the threads well.

Kevlar Kid

“We haven’t seen this kind of animosity between a state the federal government since 1865,” Mark Krikorian said."


MT, do electric trains have electric brakes or is there a compressor to operate air brakes?


Not offended DebinGa. And I did not mean to offend you.Just stating that I learn alot about health from Kev and also anonomom. Maybe it's because I don't really like doctors.Haven't been to one in three years.😒

Kevlar Kid

Oh now DebinGa.... when a woman speaks her mind to me, directly and without reservation, i will speak my own back to her.

Not one drop of offense did I take from your *suggestion*.

I received a private email a coupla weeks back from one of the beloved regs here who shared in detail about "what we're kind of all about here (JOM)."

It's invaluable to understand the particularities (peculiarities) of the members of this online "whatever you want to call it." And how else can I learn if individuals don't *suggest*.

Besides, I give Suthin gals much more leeway and acknowledgement than all the rest. ;)

Hope you're around to read this before it gets buried by thread volume.




Why does your plane need a wing repair?

Repeat of that fly-in experience on the mainland years ago?

Kevlar Kid

narciso, that's funny.

"I Think Not So Fast" is a great name for a podcast.




“It's Time to spend some Time Away. Again, I'm very sorry.”

Stick around, Deb, there’s nothing wrong with polite feedback such as you gave. The reality is that when I’m playing catch-up I’m more likely to read shorter posts.


And I was going to say that I doubt kk took offense, but I didn’t want to speak for him.


“A Minute of your Time”

“Wait a minute”

A Minute’s Reflection”

“Time to Reflect”

“Your Thoughts”

“Penny for your Thoughts”

“Making Sense”

Jack is Back!


I know that TGV (SNCF) and Eurostar and Thalys untis all use Dynamic aka Rheostatic braking=Electric versus mechanical.

Kevlar Kid

From the article: "Should America Secede From California?"


Jack - well, I’m biased, but that’s perfect! I answered your email, btw, after picking my son’s brain. I’m guessing Frederick will know exactly how to make it all work.

Kev, I sure would like to see the email that explains what JOM is “all about” here. I’m not a frequent commenter, so sometimes I feel like I’m overstepping, or understepping, or misstepping....

Captain Hate

TV shows are going all out to shill for dreamers. Don't lecture me, tools; I can tune you out just as easily as I did the NFL.

Jack is Back!


Forgot to add that some units use blended braking combining rheostatic braking with additional air braking.


Time Away

Kevlar Kid

Dr. Jack Wheeler suggests going on a full-offensive against California's secessionist folly by:

"What’s needed is this: persuade Pubs in Congress, conservative think tanks like Heritage, conservative sites like Breitbart, and conservatives on talk radio like Rush to full-bore advocate an offensive. Then get POTUS to get out in front and lead the parade to:

*Abolish the 9th Circuit in California via Article III

*Enact National Voter ID legislation for federal elections before November 2018

*Hold a Referendum by California CD to secede or stay in the US

California is dying. It is terminally ill from a Democrat Social Disease. Only a full-scale attack upon it with radically aggressive therapy will save it. For once cured, California can become the Golden State it once was yet again."


Thanks JIB.


I was told there would be no rules and math at JOM. That’s why i stick around. :)


I hope they indict the Oakland mayor. Then we can debate what obstruction of justice actually is. Maybe Comey would like to weigh in.


Outfucking standing.

Kevlar Kid

Hi, Robin!

Suffice to say the email was one person's take on some of the interlocking idea frames between itself and others who post here.

Because I was engaging with that subnetwork, the person who wrote that email to me was laying out by way of example, the "dynamic" behind JOM interactions.

For a relative ruby newbie like myself, it was instructive. With that subnetwork of posters I changed my tack.

Sometimes when I've posted something long, I assume most JOMerz just S.O.B. If Threadkiller dint already have that JOM d' plume I would have assigned it to myself. ;)

All of this is to say: You aint alone. I can adapt and grow into a more manageable presence here. But sometimes I feel like I'm posting for the archives. Sometimes I feel like quipping.

It's a balance, I'm guessing, like everything else.




This suggests air brakes on MT's double whale engine:


“Time to make sense”

Clarice Feldman

ecurity incident at White House

NBC News is live now.
23 minutes ago ·
LIVE -- BREAKING UPDATE: NBC News' Geoff Bennett reports live from the White House that he was advised by a Secret Service agent that they were investigating reports of shots fired. The Secret Service says someone appears to have shot themselves near the White House.


Now can we talk about collusion?

“The committee began investigating Russian attempts to influence U.S. energy markets in the summer of 2017 when Chairman [Lamar] Smith wrote [to] the Secretary of Treasury regarding Russia’s intricate money-laundering scheme. Russian-sponsored agents funneled money to U.S. environmental organizations in an attempt to portray energy companies in a negative way and disrupt domestic energy markets,” the report states.

“Upon discovering that Russia may have exploited American social media platforms to accomplish its disruptive objectives, the committee broadened the scope of its investigation,” the report outlines. “On September 26, 2017, the Committee requested data from Facebook and Twitter as part of this expanded investigation.”


“No Rules”

“Time Out”

“Our Blog Neighborhood”

“Leaning on the Fence”

“Second Opinions”

Man Tran


To add to JiB’s insights, all locomotives for the last half century or more have dual braking systems. The regenerative turns the traction motors into generators and in the non-electrified territory dissipate the power in big resistor banks with fans to cool them. The regular brakes are air and apply the force to disks on passenger eqp, but still use tread brake shoes on freight.

One thing to keep in mind is that in the freight world, a tremendous amount of energy needs to be dissipated when going down grades and the regeneration is much easier to manage and more efficient than heating up wheels and wearing out parts.

Kevlar Kid

My questions for the Secessionist Morons in California, and their enablers like Mayor Shifty Schaaf, is:

Are you going run your economy on crypto currencies?

How will you pay for the investigation and prosecution of criminals that violate California laws but operate across state lines?

How will you conduct commerce effectively with the "other 49" when your economy will be subject to international trade agreements, taxes, duties, tariffs and a whole buncha other shite?

How will you pay the federal share of welfare and entitlements currently going to illegals, the elderly, and the indigent?

How much of California will you be selling to the Chinese to "raise revenue?"

How will you manage and pay for incursions by narco-cartels?

Will you usurp control over Federal lands, National Parks, rangelands, offshore oil deposits, etc etc?

Do you expect this to be a bloodless secession?

Has any rational adult helped you, oh once sweet Califas, to think this through?

Just curious.

matt - deplore me if you must

Happy Janesday, Jane! Al the best!

All I have to say about California is We're Number 50! We're Number 50!

I understand that the Kalifornia National Kongress is going to begin seizing white farmer's property and giving it back to Mexican tribal klepotocrats as soon as Newsom is elected.

The new state motto "At least you're not in Zimbabwe!"

Kevlar Kid

I'm wondering what becomes of the live nuke silos in California.

Kevlar Kid

Shots fired near the WH. Someone offed themselves.

Was it Schiff?

Or has he committed himself to falling on his sword?

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