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March 01, 2018






Benjamin Cranky

Another bag of Dicks?


I didn't jump in to defend OL the other day, and I actually think he is perfectly capable of defending himself, but....

Even though I like what Trump is doing on many fronts, he isn't perfect.

And he doesn't know when to STFU.

He is not in the least bit articulate, and as a consequence, an easy target for the press. He gives them plenty of opportunities to twist what he says, and sometimes it doesn't even need twisted.

He has a practice of releasing trial balloons to smoke out the other side. I get that. Might even be effective, but there is a price to be paid.

Sometimes best to just keep your powder dry.

This rant isn't directed at anyone here, but if DJT is listening....

Benjamin Cranky

The purge of wary Jomers was like Krystalnacht. Reflective of the bloodlust of miscreants remaining...seems like the Gore and viscera decorating these hollowed halls of venal acts is just warming up.


Daniel Frisiello charged with 'powder' letters to Trump son, others - NBC News

A Massachusetts man was charged Thursday with sending the threatening letter filled with white powder to Donald Trump Jr. that sent his wife to the hospital — along with four other letters mailed to a California prosecutor, a law professor, a senator and actor Antonio Sabato Jr.

Daniel Frisiello, 24, was arrested after what prosecutors called "a textbook federal investigation" that traced the letters to him. The powder in the letters was not dangerous.

Frisiello had a different complaint for each recipient, authorities said.



Limbaugh gives a shoutout to Tom Maguire!


But he does get people talking, Buckeye. They just ignored GWB altogether unless it was some kind of Bush malapropism they could make fun of.

I'll take the occasional stumble since the rest of it is reaching people above the heads of the MFM. The base will be riled 1 out of 1000 times and the rest of the time it is energized and happy.

Then there are millions of others who may not otherwise be paying attention but who are getting Trump's messages second, third and fourth hand.

Dave (in MA)



Limbaugh is now saying that Trump did a little "walking back" in his tweet today.

Sooo, does that mean he is working the optics differently than yesterday's perfect optics?

Barry Dauphin

Many auto rental places discriminate against legal drivers under the age of 25 by charging extra fees or not allowing rentals.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce: Hope Hicks leaving is no big deal; people come and go all the time. If DJT really thought she was indispensable in terms of doing her job, she'd still be in place.

Dave (in MA)


Screenshot from his Facebook page, in case you want to share it.


Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

CONFIRMED by @wisconsincarry : MKE CCL holder who defended his life against an armed carjacker who pointed a gun at his head will NOT face any charges (GOOD). HOWEVER, NOW MKE county tells this INNOCENT VICTIM he probably won't get his gun back.


mm--I saw your community schools comment on the previous thread and will answer here. http://www.communityschools.org/about/institute_for_educational_leadership_connection.aspx IEL was originally funded by the Ford Foundation and still adheres to their steering human systems at all levels that goes back to when the foundation was set up and backed the creation of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences in the early 50s.

John Goodlad is tied to the creation of CASBS. Ball State is one of the ed schools in his ed innovation network. I covered him extensively in Credentialed to Destroy. The idea is that the school becomes the place the meet all young people's physical and emotional well-being needs.

This week the National Academy of Sciences with the involvement of HHS and fed Ed along with the usual group of foundations released two reports on all this. One was called Transforming the Financing of Early Care and Education. It clocks in at 266 pages, but is quite the template.

It also released the brief from a workshop called "Exploring Early Childhood Care and Education Levers to Improve Population Health". The Community Schools vision fits with all of these and are grounded in the supposed right to have human needs met in the 21st century even if the providers are not government entities. Access to that lucrative stream of taxpayer money does not just drive government unions. It also drives the financiers of many so-called 'conservative' think tanks hoping to cash in.

Many faith-based entities also love this vision.


Sooo, does that mean he is working the optics differently than yesterday's perfect optics?

I was not happy yesterday, but this is all very Trumpian.



On the View, @MeghanMcCain asks Schiff for his long-promised evidence of treasonous collusion and -- and I'm not joking -- he says Papadopolous was told Russia had HRC's 30K emails (he wrongly says they were hacked DNC emails) and the Trump Tower meeting.




Trump supporters do deserve their space to stretch out and chat -- the conversation at the end of the last thread, all by folks sympathetic to him, but worried about the course of events, was really quite interesting. I didn't sense any evidence of anyone od-ing on the cult of personality cool aid.


Speaking of behavioral science, looky!


Just out.

Captain Hate

Schiff was on The View? An audition?


Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone"

Now where [he says rummaging around] did I put my Second Amendment.


Oh wow, we should ban white substances and refuse to sell them to anyone under 21. Or 24, or whatever age they act stupidly.

Captain Hate


That meathead ought to go directly to sentencing.





BREAKING: The Houston Fire Department Just Declared A Mass Casualty Incident After 22 Students Become Sick From An Unknown Substance At The Young Women's Preparatory Academy Near Downtown Houston -Scanner


Coincidence? (note i haven't seen confirmation of the "event" yet)


A bunch of people got sick after contact with a suspicious letter at a VA military base yesterday, too.



This may be the most relevant post I have ever read from Daniel Greenfield and fits with what I heard last week at the Judiciary and the Media legal conference. https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/269437/trumps-win-reichstag-fire-internet-censorship-daniel-greenfield

When I investigated the News Literacy Project and noticed all the ties to the LA Times and that it was established in March 2008 I thought of that tape they refused to release of Obama ranting at a dinner in a manner that would likely have tanked his campaign. And then they lecture about censorship. They simply want to be the censors and not have that widely understood.


rse, The LA SLIMES, is a FULL COMMIE rag. It's all about the CAUSE.
People don't seem to understand what the FULL COMMIE is. It's fascism. The FULL COMMIE, does not believe in the CONSTITUTION. Not at all.


My surmise seems to be right about deripasha as the senate ostrich club, seems to be all agita about the dirty laundry.

Dave (in MA)

The rocket surgeon got caught because one of the anonymous letters containing powder was similar to a letter that he sent with a "glitter bomb" via a commercial web site shipyourenemiesglitter.com, under his own name.


Add Fred Meyer (AKA Kroger) to the list.


Too bad really, Kroger supported the Right To Carry in their stores. Shopping somewhere else is EASY for me.


My two cents . . .

1) Trump is human, which means he isn't going to be perfect, he's going to make mistakes, and he does have his flaws (as do we all). OTH, one can probably make the case that the very nature of his biggest flaw made it possible for him to have the chutzpa to take on the Deep State and the MSM, and actually believe he could win and MAGA. A person without Trump's outsized ego would never have dared to try.

2) We are in a do or die situation in this country right now. If Trump fails we are finished--and I mean that in the literal sense. If the Left succeeds in destroying Trump, they will not stop with him. They will go after us deplorables with everything they have--to cow us, and subjugate us and shut us up for good. They will rig the system so that there will never be the possibility of another Trump. What they will do might precipitate another civil war, or it might not. And that will depend on whether we will be willing to fight--literally--or we just give up. And that, I think, is unknown at this time. It is one thing to talk big on the internet, and another to put it all on the line--your life and the lives of your family--for an ideal. We won't know until we are faced with that option, and I pray that day will never come.

However, at this point it is not that Trump is our best hope--he's our only hope. Which is why I don't snipe at him from the internet sidelines or set my hair on fire every time he stumbles. This is going to sound a little New Agey, but I believe that sending negative thoughts out into the universe does have an adverse affect; whereas positive thoughts and prayers can help Good to power through and defeat Evil.

Tom Maguire

Rush mentioning me puts me up there with Clarice and... I know other JOMees have gotten airtime, but can't remember who.

I'm holding our for a re-tweet from the Real Donald Trump. People who thought they knew "insufferable" ain't seen nothing yet.


The Houston thing is now reported as a gas leak.



https://globaldignity.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Global-Dignity-Day-Toolkit_2018.pdf creates curriculum for the schools and the desired Learning Experiences to create new guiding belief systems.

Fits in with need to censor nonapproved sources of information.


Our own rattler, yes the tendency is enbiggen every possible misstep, whereas whacking inslee with a mackerel gets a nod if that

Old Lurker

You are thinking RG, Tom.


Which is why I don't snipe at him from the internet sidelines or set my hair on fire every time he stumbles.

Same here.



You may need to change one of your favorite nicknames...(I got this from a secondary source --think its from the Times)

Behind the scenes, Trump has derisively referred to Sessions as “Mr. Magoo,” a cartoon character who is elderly, myopic and bumbling, according to people with whom he has spoken.

Its not new, except for the location:



Unnamed sources..

Old Lurker

Wise post at 1:12 Derwill.


Also Clarice's friend Tom Lifson at AT has this good one:



No that's clapper, goof would eat his glasses if not warned.


Yes he pandered some:


Sure OL. The 4D chess to avoid the press calling any indictment of a Dem as a Trump vendetta. The problem with Lifson's logic is the press will go hair on fire with "vendetta" no matter what Trump does. I believe Trump is bright enough to figure that out himself. (But what do I know, I never watched reality TV, let alone ran a show).


Lifson types out of both sides of his keyboard. He concludes:

Now, it may be that Occam was right, and the simplest explanation is the best one: Trump is really mad at Sessions. It's clear that his recusal from appointing a special counsel has caused grave trouble, but President Trump could have fired him anytime he wishes. And he would have, if he really thought the prosecutions of his mortal enemies are going nowhere.

I see. Trump would have fired him regardless of the optics.

Earlier he writes:

The very last thing Sessions (or Trump) would want is for Sessions to be seen as Trump's hit man, going after his political opponents.

Ahhh... he didn't fire him because he fears uncontrollable optics.

Old Lurker

me neither, Henry.

Jim Eagle

too extreme to bear; [Example: Cavuto and Gasparino]

"the heat would be insufferable by July"

intolerable, unbearable, unendurable, insupportable, unacceptable, oppressive, overwhelming, overpowering; informaltoo much
"the heat was insufferable"

having or showing unbearable arrogance or conceit.
"an insufferable bully"

conceited, arrogant, boastful, cocky, cocksure, full of oneself, self-important, swaggering;


Rick Scott has to tread carefully. He too is on record praising the Hugs4Thugs no arrest program for "reducing" juvenile crime year-over-year.


Example: Cavuto and Gasparino



Rush's take is that Trump's speak or mis-speak has "Unnecessarily tampered with the glue that binds Trump's supporters to Trump."

I, instinctively, would never make that gun grabbing stumbling statement whether or not I misunderstood what was being told to me.


The problem with Lifson's logic is the press will go hair on fire with "vendetta" no matter what Trump does.

The press will. But voters might not.

Whereas if Trump/Sessions had rolled out investigations and indictments right away without waiting for all this other evidence bubbling up over time...and the IG investigation/report which they knew about as early as the transition....it might have seemed a tad heavy-handed after a hugely disruptive and divisive election.

Meanwhile the press have been hair on fire about everything, and the public is increasingly tuning it out.


Initial jobless claims drop to lowest level since December 1969.


"I was as surprised as anyone to find out that a $31,000 dining set had been ordered," Carson said in the statement. "I have requested that the order be canceled. We will find another solution for the furniture replacement."


I have no doubts that Carson was set up by a HUD lifer.

What will Treytor Gowdmouth do?

James D.

What will Treytor Gowdmouth do?

Nothing good or useful, I think that's a safe bet.

Old Lurker

In the real world, Gowdy (R) would have picked up the phone to Carson (R) and asked "what up with this furniture, bro?"

But in Hollywood on the Potomac...


What a dick move by Gowdy.

Old Lurker

Porch, your post still works if you substitute "move by" with a comma.


I echo Porch's 1:45. With the added thought that as Trump's agenda takes affect, and people see their lives improving--i.e. jobs, more money in their paychecks, factories opening up, gangs getting deported, etc., Trump's approval rating is going up. As MAGA begins to work, the average, mostly apolitical Joe and Jane are not going to be in the mood for any impeachment drama--especially if the evidence of Dem law-breaking is solid. I've felt all along that those two reasons: 1) build a solid case; and 2) get enough of his agenda through first, so that the majority of the general public will come down on his side, if for no other reason than that life is good, or good enough, and they don't want to upset the status quo--and that's why we haven't seen arrests yet.

And may never see arrests, if the time never becomes optimal.

As for the statue of limitations, I think that can be gotten around by making the case that the crimes that were committed is part of an ongoing conspiracy, because the cover-up of the crimes is still on-going.


And may never see arrests, if the time never becomes optimal.

bread and circuses while we stall any swamp draining. aka business as usual.


"People who thought they knew "insufferable" ain't seen nothing yet."

We've got a club for that too!

Congrats TM


I guess @Jack doesn't like Trump's tweets.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

Twitter's CEO had harsh words about his company: 'We aren’t proud of how people have taken advantage of our service, or our inability to address it fast enough.'

Old Lurker

derwill, Porch has never waivered from her 1:45 from the get-go. On even numbered days I agree with her, then on odd numbered days I see it the opposite way.


henry, if arrests put Trump at risk of being removed from office, or derail his economic agenda, then we are going to have to face reality and weigh whether that risk would be worth it or not. In a perfect world we could have it all, but this is far from a perfect world.

And I already know what the counter-argument will be. We must restore the rule of law, or nothing else will matter. But if we go into that battle without all our ducks in a row and we lose as a result, then the rule of law will have been destroyed in any event, and forever.

That's why I want the moment to be optimal. Because if the moment isn't optimal we are likely to fail, and at that point we will either descend into civil war or tyranny, and I'm too old for that shit.

Account Deleted

Revoke His Clearance and Hang the Motherfucker

Beasts of England

'Oh wow, we should ban white substances and refuse to sell them to anyone under 21. Or 24, or whatever age they act stupidly.'

Tell me about it...


Winkler you say:


Clarice Feldman

TM, you couldn't be insufferable if you tried.


Our friends, the MSM and their tricks.



Rubio goes full restraining Order. no mention of punishment for predictable lies, just you get dragged to court on someone's say so.


James D.

KK @ 2:35

if Rhodes still has any kind of security clearance, then there is something unforgivably wrong.

Pulling all clearances from all of Zero's people who were no longer employed in the government should have been done at 12:01 PM on January 20, 2017, and there is absolutely no reason why not.

Ralph L

Pulling clearances is different from allowing access.

Carson needs to get photos of the old furniture out there pronto.

James D.

if arrests put Trump at risk of being removed from office, or derail his economic agenda, then we are going to have to face reality and weigh whether that risk would be worth it or not. In a perfect world we could have it all, but this is far from a perfect world.

I think there have to be other ways of punishing the wrongdoers of the past administration (and their allies/enablers in the media) than arrests and prosecutions.

I'm concerned that we don't seem to be seeing ANY cost at all for the crimes committed under Zero, or the treasonous ongoing attempted coup against President Trump since then. If the traitors are not punished SOMEHOW, they will keep up their efforts, and a lot more good people will be hurt or destroyed by them.

Clarice Feldman


Beasts of England

Did the Earth's magnetic field switch polarity this morning? Because I was shocked to read this (correct) analysis about Trump's gun-grab bromance:

'What was really going on? To my eye, it looks like how he played the Democrats over DACA reform, getting them enthused that he'd flipped to their side, and then wasting their time and leaving them disappointed.'

- Ann Althouse

When Althouse has less of a hair-on-fire reaction than many people on the right, then that whole polarity thingy may be real... :)

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Account Deleted

"The problem with Lifson's logic is the press will go hair on fire with "vendetta" no matter what Trump does. "

It's hair on fire *about everything*, no matter what DJT does.

When a group reacts, in place of effective response-ability, with hyper-irrationality and shibboleths, who really has the optics problem?

Who is looking into their binoculars backwards? DJT or the Lyin Swine "press"?

Methinks Lifson didn't articulate, for me anyway, the relevant tactical brilliance of DJT's faux repudiation of AG Sessions.

DJT seeks more than setting up the bad guys or getting a rise or a gotcha re the Lyin Swine Media.

DJT seeks total victory over them: Putting them out of business; Forcing them to sell their holdings to White Hats for pennies on the dollar.

The war equation is: "R(esistance)= R(esources)xW(ill to fight). R1= R2xW.

If either R2 or W goes to zero, what's the resulting value for R1. Zero. And that side loses when R1 goes to Zero.

DJT is living in the Fort Apache of all Fort Apaches. Hopelessly surrounded and pretty much outgunned when it comes to "public opinion",the mass-manufactured kind.

DJT isn't attacking the Lying Swine's Resources. He's attacking, and battering their Will to Fight.

The only indomitable attribute of genuinely free American Press is "Integrity."

What we have today is what I call the harlot's moment of truth, when it looks in the mirror during that fatal moment of recognition of its true lot in life they've created themselves, based on how THEY see the world.

Not on how OTHER PEOPLE in the world behave in front of them behind close doors.

The harlots I've know, biblically of course--- I've never once paid for "it"--- find themselves in that moment at a crossroads. There they either reform their ways and go out of business. Or go out of business anyway, to pursue a more tasteful revenue model.

A rapidly shrinking ingredient is credibility and believability earned from the average LIFO who tunes in, subscribes, or consumes "product."

And that is heading to ZERO.

The war against the unconscious support of the Deep State Propaganda Wing is going DJT's way because of his tactics re Sessions et al.

The Lying Swine Media is misreporting and fabricating "news" over it.

They are letting the unconscious, non-WOKE LIFOs down.

The final straw will be LIFOs figuring out they've been had by The View, The Today Show, Mandy and Piker Bob hosting the local nightly news at six, and all the various appendanges of Big Lying Porker Media.

The revenue death knell will put these megalopolies on the auction block. Windfall MAGA!

Mass consumer defections will put them them *OUT OF BUSINESS*. Their will to fight--- ZERO.

DJT has in effect chosen to leave the hunkered down Fort of the presidency to maneuver in the field (the rollicking, high risk world of American social media) against a "superior" force.

Of course, the attacking media sees this as foolhardy and evidence he's unworthy of the presidency. Their pronouncements have ramifications for their optics--- something they think they aren't beholden to. (Here's your new clothes, Emperor.)

"How dare he use Twitter?!"

By making moves his opponents and critics are relegated to a cheap shot seat where they condemn.

DJT forces them into the unenviable position of *NOT TAKING THEIR AVOWED ENEMY SERIOUSLY*.

History has proven, as recently as the Presidential Election of 2016, that such lack of respect leads to total force destruction, even by a "perceived" inferior force.

So who has the optics problem?

DJT has left the fort, divided his small force in DC and ridden around the enemies flanks on both sides. Then, he continues to smash into those flanks hard on a daily basis-- himself or Sarah.

Make no mistake, this enemy, the Deep State Propaganda Machine, will be politically destroyed in detail. The rank and file media hump already knows that their heart is not in it, like Sheryl Atkisson's or Laura Ingraham's or Clarice Feldman's is.

And on both sides--- integrity is the basis of their WILL to even refer to themselves as a Free Press.

On which side has this been destroyed?

DJT is merely stepping on that Roach Motel saying "I win. You lose."

America will say to them all: "You're fired."

So who has the optics problem?

Note: I studied the History of Optics in college. It was the sequel to Philosophy of Optics.

The premise from antiquity on down has been, not how does what I am looking at present itself--- rather it is more of how does my own eye affect what I observe?

Heisenberg, Schroedinger jazzed it up and honed the various corollaries of that.

With re to the Lyin Swine Media.... who has the optics problem?


From the Viking blog:

"This story made me laugh. Today the Supreme Court heard a case where Minnesota voting officials sought to exclude somebody from voting if they wore political messages on their clothing. The case stems from a guy who was turned away for wearing a "Don't Tread On Me" T-shirt. Here's the relevant exchange between Justice Samuel Alito and the lawyer representing the Minnesota elections official:
Justice Alito: How about a shirt with a rainbow flag? Would that be permitted?
Mr. Rogan: A shirt with a rainbow flag? No, it would be—yes, it would be—it would be permitted unless there was—unless there was an issue on the ballot that—that related somehow to—to gay rights….
Justice Alito: Okay. How about an NRA shirt?
Mr. Rogan: An NRA shirt? Today, in Minnesota, no, it would not, Your Honor. I think that that's a clear indication—and I think what you're getting at, Your Honor—
Justice Alito: How about a shirt with the text of the Second Amendment?
Mr. Rogan: Your Honor, I—I—I think that that could be viewed as political, that that—that would be—that would be —
Justice Alito: How about the First Amendment?
Heh. Poor guy."


Beasts of England

This whole investigation is reminding me of one of my favorite scenes in Pulp Fiction, and I see Mueller as Zed and Trump as Marcellus Wallace. And we all know what happened to Zed.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
15m15 minutes ago

Pres looks for the First Lady in the audience at the opioid conference. "Melania's here someplace. Where's our First Lady? Says "Hello, Darling," upon spotting her. Also a friendly word to Atty Gen Sessions. Not Darling, but calls him Jeff.

Jim Eagle


I think we all saw that march coming. And it will be the news and the only news for days on end. Kids being pawns is nothing new for the left. I wonder how many of those kids know the difference between a square root symbol and a gun? Better yet, how many of those left wing groups know the difference.

Account Deleted

Yo soy in-soo-fer-ah-blay.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Well, this is interesting.

Mike Tokes
‏Verified account @MikeTokes
27m27 minutes ago

BOMBSHELL: Women says she had a 6 month affair with Sheriff Scott Israel when SHE WAS ONLY 17 and he made her have an abortion when she became pregnant. She said she didn't know he had a wife & kids.

This was 1 of 3 videos uploaded to YouTube 5 YEARS AGO.

Account Deleted

Even DJT's out-of-context sound bites comply with Churchill's prescriptions for a good speech that he likened to a woman's dress---

"Long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to make it interesting."

Try the veal!


But but they're just kids

Why Did It Take Two Weeks To Reveal Parkland Students’ Astroturfing?

The real tip-off should have been the $500,000 donations from Winfrey and Clooney. Big celebrities don’t give huge money to strangers on a whim. Somebody who knows Winfrey and Clooney called them and asked. But the press’s response was to be ever more impressed with the kids.

For two weeks, journalists abjectly failed in their jobs, which is to tell the public what’s going on. And any of them who had any familiarity with organizing campaigns absolutely knew. Matt Pearce, of the Los Angeles Times, would have been ideally placed to write an excellent article: not only is he an organizer for the Times’s union, he moderated a panel on leftist activism for the LA Times Book Festival and has the appropriate connections in organizing. Instead, he wrote about a school walkout, not what was behind it. (In another article, Pearce defined Delta caving to a pressure campaign’s demands as “finding middle ground.”)

But it’s not just a mainstream media problem. None of the righty outlets writing about Parkland picked up on the clear evidence that professional organizers were backing the Parkland kids, either. Instead, they objected to the front-and-centering of minor kids as unseemly, which does no good: Lefties aren’t going to listen, and it doesn’t educate the Right to counter.

The closest anyone got was Elizabeth Harrington at the Washington Free Beacon, who noted that Clooney’s publicist was booking the kids’ media interviews pro bono, and said that a friend (not Clooney) had asked him to do it. The result of all this is that the average righty does not understand what’s going on in activism, because all they see is what the press covers. The stuff that’s visible. It’s like expecting people in the Stone Age to grok the Roman army by looking at it. Conspiracy theorists happily fill this ignorance vacuum.

Account Deleted

Mike Tokes What?

Account Deleted

Sheriff Islam bred a 17 year old girl.... sweet gawd, MM.

That's a mind worm I won't soon dispel.

Imagine letting that salamander crawl "all over ya bawdy." Her parents must be so proud.

Benjamin Cranky


If there is anything but self-serving rationalizations it is not seen by naked eye.

I don't have a molecular microscope.

Old Lurker

Jack are you getting the same Nor'easter predictions Nantucket is getting? We're looking at 40-50 mph winds gusting as high as 75-90 and tides 3.5 feet above normal. Severe beach erosion. No snow but a lot of rain. Boats and planes all cancelled till further notice. Exactly why I overhead Mrs. OL telling a friend the other day who asked her "do you think you will ever move there full time" and without hesitation my wife said, "OL might, but not me..."

I think she meant me to overhear, don't you?



What did Trump "playing the Democrats on DACA" accomplish? Looks like he was trying to get a drastic change in immigration policy out of it, but the Dems didn't play, and DACA, courtesy of the courts, is still in effect.

It is possible he's playing a longer game here -- trying to get the Dems closer to election to get them to have to do something, or else there will be lots of deportations. But I don't see a victory to claim yet.

Account Deleted

"Why Did It Take Two Weeks To Reveal Parkland Students’ Astroturfing?"

Buhcuzz whores will be whores. Obviously.

Beasts of England

Do I win a prize for linking a song with the exact same title as the post?


Account Deleted

"And any of them who had any familiarity with organizing campaigns Communist Agitation Protocols absolutely knew."


Beasts of England

A victory of optics, Appalled. The left shut down the government because they put their concern for illegals ahead of their concern for citizens. Your mileage may vary.

Jim Eagle


Yep. Same-O-Same-O. Starts tonight here and gets progressively worse Friday through Saturday. I had Mrs. JiB change her flight back from Florida until Sunday afternoon. We are expecting winds up to 60mph and up to 2-3" of rain. If temps drop it could be snow.

We are getting more and more overcast and you can feel the humidity climbing and the barometric pressure dropping.

Benjamin Cranky

Remember when every frog out his mouth boosted Stock price.


Account Deleted

The American Left, its media and Deep State leadership, with their constant generation of BULLSHITAKE, forget:

The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Max Boot‏Verified account @MaxBoot

.@BretStephensNYT: “NeverTrumpers haunt the conservative movement the way Polish or Czech dissident intellectuals such as Czeslaw Milosz and Vaclav Havel haunted that segment of Central European intelligentsia that made its peace with Stalinism.”

James Taranto
‏Verified account @jamestaranto
1h1 hour ago

.@MaxBoot: "I would sooner vote for Josef Stalin than I would vote for Donald Trump." https://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/03/us/politics/anti-donald-trump-republicans-call-for-a-third-party-option.html

Old Lurker

"The Earth gets 100 tons heavier every day due to falling space dust."

Moochell has a lunch menu for that.


Third party. Remember the Bull Moose party?


Not too surprising...


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