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March 29, 2018



Fedex delivered a package from Amazon today.


--But Iggy - how many of the young today know how to castrate a bull? Lost art...--

With your teeth?


With great reluctance I’m going to have to pass on this great opportunity to meet up with you, MT. I came back from Nawlins with a brutal cold that has only gotten worse since last night. Very sorry but very much hope I can get another opportunity. Heading back to bed now. Ugh.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

To all who have a fascination with history and the way people lived, I present the 1812 Diary of Miss Fanny Chapman:


Reading through a sampling of the entries, I am struck by how tedious life was, and how few effective medical remedies were actually available. She talks several times about applying LEECHES to herself.

Jim Eagle

Back from the trenches at Ieper plus lunch of Filet Americain met Frites en Salade for Mrs. JiB and I while Frederick enjoyed a "Cheesy bacon burger met Frites". Then we walked across the plaza to the Flanders Fields Museum displaying life in the trenches.

We American's were lucky to over at Chateau Thierry near the Somme instead in direct dirty contact with the Hun. Lots of information on using Chroline and mustard gas and the results. Glad we went after we ate.

Went to the British bookshop that specializes in everything War. Beside some interesting books including "The Geology of Trench Warfare" (Miss Marple would enjoy that)we picked up some spent bullets, one each of French, German, Belgian and British. All as a gift for Frederick's History instructor who also teaches Modern World History of WW1 and 2.

Tomorrow we have our Easter Sunday Lamb. I will slow cook it over a prepared gratin of potatoes, tomatoes and onions all layer with thyme and garlic. Lots of olive oil, white wine to cap. Just let the Leg bleed its juices into the Gratin. Zeer Lekker!

Monday, off to Tonegren and the Gallo-Roman Museum. Oldest town in Belgium. An early Roman village in Gall.


Catsmeat is probably drooling over that diary. Georgian's produce the great poets of Coleridge, Byron, Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth and Blake. All of my favorites since it was one of my two electives for Literature at DAAP in College. To this day, I have all their works in my library. I think her Jane Austen started out in the Georgian period.

Asparagus Vlaamese (White asparagus shaved, wetted and cooked. Served with chopped egg, melted butter and parsley) awaits.

Captain Hate

That's too bad, lyle; MT's a great guy.

Jim Eagle

Correction: Not the Hun we encountered but the Hun the Brits, French and the Commonwealth encountered.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


You are correct; I would love that book on The Geology of Trench Warfare!

Your food sounds great!

Jim Eagle


When I am finished with it I will send it to you:) I have enough books on soil mechanics and foundation design.

BTW, the big news over here is that some dingbat association or organization of idiots wants to invite Obama for a speaking engagement but are all verklempt at the price of $500K. I don't think they even pay their King that kind of money. My reaction to a SIL who adores him is "if you think he is worth it start a gofundme page". She had no answer.

I am in the throat of the enemy. I asked her then, what is it he could tell you that you don't already know? Even, your leftist ideals, your anti-americanism and your ideal of a world order where abortions are free, immigration is no longer an act and we all live in peace as we walk toward the death chambers of ignorance.

I am not making friends while I am here.

But she leads the colon cancer awareness program in Belgium. Okay, one "atta girl" but that is it.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Rich Lowry inches closer to the truth about the President, but he STILL thinks he is undisciplined and hasn't planned anything out.

At least he recognizes that the fate of the GOP is tied to Trump, and that there has always been a populist vein within the party, so that's something.

Captain Hate

BTW, the big news over here is that some dingbat association or organization of idiots wants to invite Obama for a speaking engagement but are all verklempt at the price of $500K.

I guess the "glass half full" way to look at that is they don't have as high an opinion of [Redacted for Lent] Curious as he does.


JiB, my grandmother's older brother got a dose of mustard gas before his unit made it to the front. He died a couple days later. Not sure where. Jack Steele of Shamokin, PA.


Jack, you are making us all hungry!

Love hearing the details of your trip. Did I comment last night on the photo of your son? He's so handsome and there is nothing like spending time with older relatives. I'm sure you have thought to make recordings of your FIL and the great-aunt. I wish I had done that to preserve my dad's stories of WWII.

Tell him we love his Trump tie!


Cool job, what's the difference between a frite with bacon, and cheese and the American version.

Jim Eagle


Wish I had known that since we could have looked him up on the wall at the Nemen Gate. My great -Cousins twice removed were from Alberta via England and died in the trenches. Could not find them but then that damn wall of names is over a mile long on both sides of the gate.

What a waste of humans. For what? A hundred square miles of Belgium?

Idiots but historic idiots.


Jack, wish I'd thought of it this morning before you left. Oh well.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Another take on the USPS- Amazon relationship.


Yes I concur somewhat with nial ferguson, on that front, the irony is now Germany runs the whole show through the EU.


Have they learned anything:


Jim Eagle

Can anyone point out what is irrefutable about the Nugent statement?

You know sometimes plaing talking with facts is the best bromide on the picture of misleading and false information being painted. I know today's modern media of ill-educated kids from poorly taugh journalism classes at or poorly run universities poses as the ideal but its not.

Media Hogg will get a Journalism scholarship to Columbia or UMizz. Believe me. They can't help themselves.


New thread

Miss Marple the Deplorable


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