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April 25, 2018



Posted by: daddy | April 26, 2018 at 12:29 AM

they cooked that up when they were working on the Comey penthouse letters ...

they backdate and fudge 302s ... a memo to file???

too bad when the FBI was working on its coup they couldn't have spared some resources to stop drug traffickers and terrorists ... ooops, those guys were on their payroll.


This is why the blacklist is dangerously on point, even though spader had to crack a tolson joke.


>>>She doesn't get anything that doesnt come off a risotto tray.

Posted by: narciso | April 26, 2018 at 12:36 AM<<<

lutz ... she works the risotto try to ... like a champ.

Wasn't that a Podesta email where he basically called her a Clinton bitch ... give it to her, she'll publish it.


Yes that's it, it became my shorthand for the press corpse.


she's gonna let us know about Kanye West ... all the dirt that can be found.

almost as bad as Hogg going to Overtown to tell the brothers what the deal is ...


Haberman is the mark 1, chozicks is the mark 3 model of obliviousness.


naw, just paid up ...

can't wait to find which journalists are on the Clintons payroll ... [i'm a fucking idiot for writing what went here]


And seeing what has been going on at Soros Corp that s not metaphorical.


All of them, quite nearly, in one way or another.

jim nj

Slavery in the Colonies and early America took many forms.

Obviously the big one was the pure slavery over Black Africans in the north and in the south.

Indentured servants who willingly entered into (usually) seven years of servitude for passage across the Atlantic. The contract also specified what the indentured servant was entitled to at the end of the contract. That might be a bible, a set of clothes, money, etc.

At the end of the contract the free man or woman could strike off on their own, become a paid employee, maybe borrow some capital from his former owner, or someone else, and start a business. Apply for a land grant.

Pull quote from Wiki below

Apprenticeships were done with legal documents. A family would "board out" a child to a tradesman to be taught a useful skill. Like an indentured servant the document of apprenticeship would include the term of service and what would be due the apprentice at the end of the contract. A bible, clothes, money, maybe a set of tools, etc.

Most masters were known to the family and expected the master to treat the children well. That didn't always happen and many wards of the state (orphans) were "bound out" to the low bidder. Unfortunately many apprentices were mistreated or found out that the work was not agreeable to them.

Runaway apprentices were not uncommon. See



Company Scrip employment, wherein you received company scrip to pay for your company housing, shop at the company store. In many industries it was used because money wasn't easily available in remote areas and it was used fairly. In some industries it was used to make people dependent on the company so that they couln't leave, they were in debt to the company and had to work it off.

Imagine working for the latter type of owner and you suffer a serious injury on the job. You better have some male sons at home who can work, or you're unemployed and homeless.

All of this ought to be taught in US history as a means of understanding how hard it was for many people here, not just slaves.

This is no apologia for slavery.

Tom R

I wonder why the FISA judges started turning down these requests instead of rubber stamping them like they have in the past?


jim nj

Between one-half and two-thirds of white immigrants to the American colonies between the 1630s and American Revolution had come under indentures.

The pull quote from above that didn't survive typhuspad.


>>>Slavery in the Colonies and early America took many forms.

Obviously the big one was the pure slavery over Black Africans in the north and in the south.<<<

Sowell has written about this and a good academic book, The End of Slavery, (a survey of the 19th Century comparing the US and the world-the section about the collapse of serfdom in Russia was interesting)

couldn't find the links for the drill down data on defaults by major, but think it would be a matter of making a big enough pivot chart ... I think I crossed my 6s and 7s on that.


and I'm thinking of going to my dark place because of jimmyk's comment ... but I need some mood music for it ...


>>>In some industries it was used to make people dependent on the company so that they couln't leave, they were in debt to the company and had to work it off.<<<

the coal mines ... or pretty much the whole state of West Virginia.


From Hannity's TV Show I have to (Father forgive me) transcribe this exchange between Anderson Cooper and James Comey on his leaks:

An audience gal asks a question about the leaks to which he replies

Comey: I sent one memo, unclassified then, still unclassified, and it's recounted in my book, to my friend, Dan Richmond, and asked him to get the substance of it, but the not Memo, out to the Media. Separately, I wrote a bunch of Memo's about my interactions with President Trump, and I was what was called an Original Classification Authority at the FBI, meaning I had the training and the authority to make decisions about what should be classified and what shouldn't. Some of those Memo's I decided should be Classified. Four others, I wrote them, and was highly confident they should not be Classified. Those 4, I kept a copy at the FBI and a copy in my personal safe at home. After I was fired I put together a Legal Team of 3 people, one of whom was Professor Dan Richmond at Columbia University. After I had asked him to give this information to the Media I separately gave my Legal Team 4 Memos, which were unclassified. The bottom line is I see no credible claim by any serious person that that violated the Law...

Anderson Cooper: You did leak Memos. I mean, is it OK for somebody at the FBI to leak something, an internal document, even fit's not classified. Isn't that Leaking?

Comey: Well there's a whole lot wrong with your question, Anderson. First, I didn't "Leak" Memos. I asked a friend to communicate the substance of one unclassified Memo...

(Anderson interrupts but Comey interrupts back asking "can I finish?" Anderson acquiesces.

Comey: One unclassified Memo to the Media, and, really important, I was a private citizen, I was not an FBI employee at that time.

Anderson Cooper: But it was an internal document, it was a document you created while you were FBI Director. That, that, that is a leak, I mean if you tell somebody "Don't give then the documents but tell them what's in the document," that's still a Leak, no?

Comey: Welp, not to tangled up in it, I think of a Leak as an unauthorized disclosure of Classified information.

Anderson Cooper: Really? I did.


Hell, even Anderson Cooper ain't buying it. Ha!

Blast from the past: Comey: To President Trump “I said I don’t do sneaky things, I don’t leak, I don’t do weasel moves.”

jim nj


13 years later it became a capitol offense.

Prior to the 1807 act was the:

Which restricted any American vessel from engaging in the slave trade.


Interesting because it combines world and US history.

One of the interesting points in the timelines is that the northern US states abolished slavery, mostly before 1804, although some of the laws decreed that no child could be born into slavery after a certain date, but that existing slaves might be held for more years before their manumission.

Hooray, for the North, right. Enlightened people. Not so fast, NYC at that time was one of the largest slave trading markets in the country.

Not all of the slaves in the north were manumitted. Many were sold to buyers in NYC who brought them south on ships.

Also note that at the time the two acts were passed it was assumed that slavery was dying out of its' own. And that southern politicians didn't object, because allowing new slaves into the country would devalue the capital invested in their existing slaves. Ban new slaves - existing slaves worth more.


really want to explore the nooks and crannies of my dark dark place, but not feeling it today ... but want to further respond to CH's 938 and jimmyk's 1225

(in a too long, ponderous, besotted style ... fitting for KJOM)

nope, thought about it, not doing it ... not going there ... not tonight.


Posted by: daddy | April 26, 2018 at 01:37 AM

lots of Clintonian parsing there ... it depends on what the meaning of classification is ...

why can't that sucker of cock go all Rob Ford on us?


Nunes says to Hannity that Gowdy and Goodlatte need to immediately enforce the subpoena's for the requested documents.

Cong Nunes: ......They shouldn't wait. They need to enforce the Subpoena's immediately. Mr Gowdy and Mr Goodlatte. The more that you wait over time I have learned, that you just wait and you wait and you wait and pretty soon there will be an Elction and I that the DOJ and the FBI are banking on The Democrats taking over so that all these investigations can be shut down.

Tonight Nunes also called for President Trump to step in and order all these documents released. Nunes joins in astonishment that just tonight for the first time he is learning that Comey's professor buddy is an Employee of the FBI, after over a year of Investigation. He remains furious at the stonewalling he has been getting.

jim nj


Unfortunately, the greatest spur to increasing slavery than any other cause I can think of.

The rise of "King Cotton" and the northern mills that couln't get enough of it. Even funding the south through dirty dealings during the The Civil War.


in re: the Comey memo's I'm of the belief they weren't written at the time he said they were and obviously shade Trump as a villain and Comey as Inspector Gordon

just a little too perfect ... even for someone so versed in Reinhold Niebuhr.


how about some cherry waves


deftones ...

worth a second listen.


Rep Meadows says that he thinks Congress will get the latest Strzok-Page texts tomorrow.

Everybody on Hannity's Show does not buy a word of Comey's excuses. DiGenova, Greg Jarrett, Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch), Sarah Carter, all think that Comey has broken the Law and is in deep Legal doo-doo. Great!

jim nj

"rational actor"



working through your piece RattlerGator and I like it but have a searching criticism of it ...

>>>Our political problem today boils down to this: we are in a battle between a would-be self-governing people vs. those who would have us be citizens of the world.<<<

well stated ... but I would change "citizens" to "subjects".


Posted by: jim nj | April 26, 2018 at 02:06 AM

fas and foreign policy both have treasure troves of clip on NK ... that once NK reached a level of nuclearization they would make try to make a deal to protect the regime. This goes back to before the "axis of evil" and into the heady days of the Clinton Administration when NosoBright was dancing with the prior king.

Maybe that was the Trump Administration insight-treat Kim as the monarch he is and he has buy in from South Korea and Japan.


daddy - curious, isn't it, that Comey told Congress he gave the memos to his "friend," and left out the bit about him supposedly being an Employee of the FBI.

jim nj

I'm seeing a lot more articles like this one suggesting that the North Korean atomic test site is Kaput.

I, and others here, had the same thought, what 2-3-4 months ago.


Who needs analysts when you have JOM.


Either Comey is guilty of providing the news media/Richman with the GOVT OWNED MEMO'S or RICHMAN is.


Comey's latest, per my transcription above seems to suggest that he told his friend to leak the substance of the Memo, but not the Memo itself, thereby thinking that that technically covers Comey and his buddy from actually leaking the Memo itself to the Press. But all that obfuscating talk of his shows me that he knows that if he had handed over the Memo entire it would have been Leaking to the Press, so I see his substance argument as simply pushing a butt-covering excuse of a degree without a difference.

Greg Jarrett states that he believes that Comey committed a Felony by withholding information from Congress that his buddy Richmond was an FBI Employee during his testimony. During Testimony he mentioned Richmond, whom he did not name, was a friend, but never went further than that statement under Oath in replies to Congress that Hannity played clips of tonight, and Jarrett said he concludes that that was Felony withholding of information which Comey was required to reveal. I don't know about that, and maybe Clarice or Team Legal can give us a ruling on that, but Congressman Nunes said he only learned today that Richmond was an FBI Employee, and he said that only to learn that today after a year of investigating is outrageous.

From my perspective it is great to see Comey creating so much righteous and well earned honest animosity in those individuals capable of prosecuting the supremely arrogant sunuvabitch. Keep it up, Comey!



Clintonian parsing ... he's not an employee, he's a special government employee status

very different ...

how about some NIN


terrible lie

as I start to peek at that dark place ...


daddy - curious, isn't it, that Comey told Congress he gave the memos to his "friend," and left out the bit about him supposedly being an Employee of the FBI.

Yeah, ExDem. Greg Jarrett said he thinks that omission is a Felony.

jim nj

Maybe that was the Trump Administration insight-treat Kim as the monarch he is and he has buy in from South Korea and Japan.

Posted by: rich | April 26, 2018 at 02:17 AM

Maybe, but I think something changed on the NoKo side. I'm still betting on the atomic test site being useless.

If so, Kim can launch a charm offensive if he is a "rational actor" and turn lemons into lemonade.

Going into negotiations we're going to have to know the real status of the test site. Giving up testing isn't a concession if you can't do it anyway. Not testing missiles isn't a concession either if you have nothing in the way of a warhead.

I know I'm being way to optimistic here, but I can see a way to get to a "grand bargain."


lol https://i.imgur.com/3gsxoqj.jpg


Posted by: jim nj | April 26, 2018 at 02:27 AM

I think it is being driven by China. They'd know well the profile of the test site (the Richter mag plots linearly to specific geological formations) and insider knowledge from the multiple collapses. It's heat fractured and if it caves in further it could be worse than Chernobyl. China knows this and is trying to make some lemonade.


looks like we cross posted jim nj!


JMH's mention of Mongolia makes the moment apt for a music video from the grasslands.


Comey's dissembling is starting to sound about as credible as a 5 year-old explaining how it wasn't his fault the window 'became broken.'

Cooper lacks the lawyer's basic skill: to keep drilling down on a witness's statements. "I didn't leak the Memo, I just leaked the substance of the Memo," should have been followed with "Really? How, exactly? Did you dictate it over the phone? All of it, or just parts? If parts, which parts? And how did you decide which parts?" etc.

It may seem banal to a pompous windbag like Cooper, but that is how the truth emerges. Assuming you want to get to it, of course.


whoa ... Elliott bringing the Mongolian to KJOM ... we go international here (and this was a slovenly KJOM presentation ... I should have just turned in after dinner tonight).

Алсад суугаа ээжий минь

yeah. I have no idea what that means ... not so much my dark place anymore, but my moment of zen.


Posted by: jim nj | April 26, 2018 at 02:40 AM

the mountain they blew up was also a symbol of the divine right of the monarchy ... a not so subtle problem.

jim nj


Yes we crossed posts. If the atomic testing site if kaput, as I've been suggesting, another test there would be a Chernobyl for China.

If it is kaput, they don't have another site to test at. It would takes years and a lot of money to site a new one, and I wonder if they are geologically restrained from finding another suitable site.

So Trump calls Kim an "honorable man" not "little rocket man" what are we to make of that. We don't need to defeat or humiliate NoKo, we just need them to "denuclearize" however you define that. Trump should bargain in the literal sense. No more tests, no more missiles, sell us all your warheads, etc.

What can we offer, honest friendship, recognition, a possible peace deal, assurances of a mutual defense treaty - US, Japan and SoKo will come to your defense, which implies no offensives against them.

Kim could gain greatly from a deal and Trump won't crow about it. The same way we didn't make a big deal out the Berlin Wall falling.

If it works out, Trump won't have to say anything. The results will be self-evident.

I'm also hoping that part of the deal is that the NoKos have to reveal all their partners in crime.


I know Kudlow reads here ... give us ledge dwellers something. I know academic economists will scoff but how about release of 5 million bbl from the SPR even though refining capacity for the seasonal change over is most of the problem ... make it a double play an SPR release and a relaxation of blending standards ... use vague MENA issues as a hook, or its just something nice to do.



Here's the video and make your own judgment about whether or not Anderson Cooper wants to get to the bottom of it. Personally I think Cooper knows it's total BS but he's too much of a coward to seriously push back:

Hannity: Legal jeopardy doesn't stop Comey from living it up

The first bit I transcribed is between 00:50 and 01:45. The second part, with Anderson Cooper's reactions, is between 02:10 to 02:50.

jim nj

I'm pleased to see that my Port Authority of NY&NJ commissioner post last night went national. Links on Hot Air and Instapundit.

Nobody likes overly officious people throwing their presumed weight around.


can't add to that jim_nj. glad your back.


sonofabitch ... your-> you're

yeah, yeah ...

jim nj

From Insty


Most precise strike ever using space based assets.

jim nj

Also from Insty


First the small drones, now this. Seems to me that if the Russkies can interfere in our capabilities, we can do the same to them. When they least expect it.

jim nj


Kanye's Yeezy shoe brand may be worth big money.

If so, you can see an affinity with Trump.

jim nj

Last post on slavery.

I don't think northern slavery was similar to southern slavery.

I looked at several pages of the 1790 census of Kinderhook, Columbia County. NY, a long time ago since it's an area of interest to me genealogically.

33-40% of the white populace had no slaves. A similar amount had 1-2 slaves. Mostly 1. If you had 1-2 slaves they lived in your house. Probably in the loft huddled near the chimney at night for the warmth. If the slave was a female she would have worked with the wife in the house. Would have worked with the wife in the kitchen, done some cleaning. would have helped with the kids. If male he would have worked as a field-hand or tradesman, depending on his owners profession.

I would argue, perhaps wrongly, that these would have been something along the lines of co-dependencies.

I can imagine, perhaps wrongly, that they might have been friends also. The status of the owners of the slaves would not have been that much higher than the status of the slaves.

These people were eking out existence, in many cases. If owner and slave didn't work in concert, they'd both suffer.

Several families, about 10% had more than 2 slaves, usually around 9-15. These would have had separate living spaces, but were probably families, with young and old.

I may be biased in my analysis, but I don't think so.

I've read of slave children being baptized. I've read of families bringing their slaves to church.

I think, perhaps wrongly, that the basics of humanity served to undermine slavery in the north. It was personal, not like the slave factory plantations of the south.

Anybody want to argue about this? I'd appreciate the feedback, if I need to modify my position.

But, one caveat, I've run this by AA historians, but few of them have focused on northern slavery, because southern slavery is so blatantly wrong with overseers, etc.

And further, I've pointed out that New Amsterdam had Jews in the 1650's and weren't allowed to get rid of them.

In a similar fashion, New Amsterdam had free blacks, who walked off sea-going ships when they got here. And some of them married white women.

jim nj

So I'm doing a soliloquy at this point with no feedback.

When will young blacks realize that Republicans/Conservatives care more about them than liberal Democrats.

We don't want to oppress them. We want them to flourish. Because if they do, we have a stronger America, than without them.

But we can't help them if they are stuck in Democratic enclaves. They won't educate them properly. The Dems tell them they are victims. And they're right. They are victims of the Democrats that run the inner cities.

This Republican, Conservative, Libertarian cares deeply about this.

I don't want a caste system, where AA can never rise to their full abilities.

Young black children are "wasting assets." Which is an economic concept. A "wasting asset" is something not used to its' fullest advantage.

Build a factory capable of running three shifts and you can only run two shifts. You own a "wasting asset." You create an astrophysicist who can only gain work as a janitor you have a "wasting asset."

Miss Marple

Me internet is down. I am posting from my phone and I don't get much free access on Safari, so no lonks this mornings ng unril I can get back on, which i hope is soon.

Miss Marple

Sorry for typos. Old and smaller iPhone. Back later .

jim nj

I know some of us are interested in alternate histories.

What about if Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., weren't assassinated?
No Jessie Jackson. No Al Sharpton. Could we, as a nation have healed faster?

jim nj

Is Candace Owens the next Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr.?

jim nj

I'm intrigued, but I realize I'm over-posting.



RE. Korea.

This oilprice.com article, although dated, may be relevant today:

Can Putin Bring Peace To The Korean Peninsula?
By Gregory R. Copley - Sep 07, 2017, 6:00 PM CDT



Welfare and Medicaid use by new immigrants, even those with college degrees, has surged to new levels, an indication that the jobs they came to America to take aren’t there, according to a new report.

The Census Bureau charted the growth in the use of taxpayer-funded programs for financially poor new immigrants and found the biggest rise in the use of welfare, roughly triple over the last 10 years.

And, according to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies, the use of Medicaid by immigrants has gone up nearly as much.


In 2007, 6 percent of new immigrants were on Medicaid; by 2017 it was 17 percent — an 11 percentage-point increase. The share of natives on Medicaid increased from 7 percent to 13 percent — a six percent­age-point increase. New immigrants are now more likely to use the program than natives.

The share of new immigrants living in households receiving food stamps roughly tripled from 4 percent to 13 percent from 2007 to 2017. Among natives, food stamp use also increased, but not as much, from about 6 percent to 10 percent.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Yay! I had to have a signal sent and reboot, but I am back in business!

Off to check news!

James D.

Good morning all! Does Typepad love me again? Or at least not despise me?


Presumably, even with improvements under Pres Trump, the spike in welfare and food stamps after 2007 has not been completely nullified.


Re. Slavery.

I cannot find a reference now. However, when I was living in Maryland, I used to visit many historical locations and read what was provided.

I did read that Maryland re-introduced slavery at some stage. All the Blacks were re-enslaved.


Part of the spike can be attributed to the economic downturn. However, a large part of the spike should be attributed to the massive advertising campaign by the Obama administration.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

The Hill
‏Verified account @thehill

Vicente Fox rips Trump: You have killed the American dream http://hill.cm/I2Z53mT


I refuse to link to this, but thought I would put it up so you can see what this jerk is saying.

He is so over-the-top angry at Trump that I think he must be afraid of HIS corruption being revealed.


Re. Slavery. Maybe we should set aside next February to spend the month discussing slavery.

I have just started reading - Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters, White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500 - 1800. by Robert C. Davis.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable


I think this is due to BIKE LANES. They painted those on all of our major streets in Indianapolis, narrowing the right hand lane. Bicyclists seem to think they have some sort of magic protection if they are in the lane and are not as cautious as they used to be before they were created.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



So, Vicente Fox, how's that Mexican Dream coming along, bucko?
Oh, and GFY.


RE. Vicente Fox.
This CIS essay from 2006 (The Fox era) discusses Mexican government (politicians) salaries and the current (2006) state of immigration reform in the US:

Mexican government officials feather their nests while decrying US government immigration policy.


Miss Marple the Deplorable


Wictor suggests following Kanye West but not to expect him to be a spokesperson.


WSJ editorials extra useless today. The problem with global warming: Al Gore is a lousy salesman. Otherwise Americans would leap to escape freedom as citizens for the glory of globalist peonage as subjects.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Further explanations on how blacks are not only limited in speech, but even in areas of expertise, by the hive mind of political correctness.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Reminder: the President will have a phone interview with Fox and Friends at 8AM Eastern.

James D.

iTunes is one of Satan's creations.

I don’t think Satan would take credit for it. Even the devil has some standards.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

It is ridiculous that some pitiful bot vids spread around on social media are painted as dangerous Russian interference with our elections!!!

...while Vicente Fox writes op-eds for Newsweek.

Pelosi met with him before the election to discuss how he could help too.

There was Brit. Paul McCartney singing at s Hillary fundraiser too..anyway, the angst about foreign interference is all so selective.


I am not an audiophile. Plus, I'm cheap. Maybe someone can give me some advice?

A couple of years ago I got a BlueTooth speaker, and it is pleasant to have for playing music from my phone while I do stuff in the house.

Now I would like to upgrade and my goal is to have stereo, you know where the guitar comes out of one speaker and singer's voice comes out the the other speaker?

Despite lots of speakers labeled "stereo" I've learned that you need TWS support (True Wireless Stereo) to get what I want.

My goal is to spend $100 ($50 per speaker). I wonder if anyone here has experience/recommendations?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Diamond and Silk will be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee today.


As to the topic here, one must be aware of what your State and Municipal Laws/Ordinances allow for what is commonly called "defensive display" of a firearm. Additionally, one must also be aware of "deadly force laws" as they can impact "defensive display".

handgunlaw.us is a good place to start and lists Deadly Force Laws State-by-State in PDF format.

I believe that in most States pointing a firearm directly at a person is use of deadly force. If a State does not have a "defensive display" law, then merely exposing a concealed pistol could get a person charged with brandishing.

Arizona has such a "defensive display" law:

13-421. Justification; defensive display of a firearm; definition

A. The defensive display of a firearm by a person against another is justified when and to the extent a reasonable person would believe that physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the use or attempted use of unlawful physical force or deadly physical force.

B. This section does not apply to a person who:

1. Intentionally provokes another person to use or attempt to use unlawful physical force.

2. Uses a firearm during the commission of a serious offense as defined in section 13-706 or violent crime as defined in section 13-901.03.

C. This section does not require the defensive display of a firearm before the use of physical force or the threat of physical force by a person who is otherwise justified in the use or threatened use of physical force.

D. For the purposes of this section, "defensive display of a firearm" includes:

1. Verbally informing another person that the person possesses or has available a firearm.

2. Exposing or displaying a firearm in a manner that a reasonable person would understand was meant to protect the person against another's use or attempted use of unlawful physical force or deadly physical force.

3. Placing the person's hand on a firearm while the firearm is contained in a pocket, purse or other means of containment or transport.

One has to be careful how they use a firearm and especially in States and Municipalities with weak laws and overzealous prosecutors. While you can certainly save your life, you might sink your pocketbook in the process.

Captain Hate

daddy - curious, isn't it, that Comey told Congress he gave the memos to his "friend," and left out the bit about him supposedly being an Employee of the FBI.

For someone in charge of the FBI, he seemed more like a low level supervisor afraid to ask a pool secretary to do some paperwork for him and very disorganized. Of course when the majority of your day is spent on things that directly contradict your job description it all makes sense.

Captain Hate

iTunes is one of Satan's creations.

Eh, it enabled some musicians to hopscotch some of the latter day robber barons at the labels and take their music directly to the listeners; for some that was great and ones that weren't very talented not so good. Musicians can be really obnoxious whiners when they don't understand how to assign an accurate value to what they do.

Another Bob

"they don't understand how to assign an accurate value to what they do"

That's a pretty common problem everywhere.

Always know your value prop.

Another Bob

But iTunes is a satan's creation. Apple did its usual "you're stupid, we know better" treatment to what should have been a simple media player.

Another Bob

Oh, and it's usual "let's lock you into this cage of our design so we can extract a continuing revenue stream from you".

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Candace Owens
‏Verified account @RealCandaceO
3m3 minutes ago

Candace Owens Retweeted Hollywood Reporter

The plantation supervisors are out in full force.
They want their slaves back.

Hollywood Reporter
‏Verified account @THR

Late-night hosts pick apart @KanyeWest's pro-Trump tweets http://thr.cm/k9Fcvc

Another Bob

And to answer a question upstream - Candace Owrns is not the next MLK. (Of course MLK wasn't really the "next MLK" either.)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Another Bob,

I don't think she is the next MLK. I just think she's a clear voice about how black citizens have been intimidated by the democrats.

We need more voices like that.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Mark Knoller
‏Verified account @markknoller
3m3 minutes ago

Jackson withdraws. RADM Ronny Jackson MD issues statement that due to "completely false and fabricated allegations" against him, he is "regretfully withdrawing his nomination to be V.A. Secretary.

James D.

Apple did its usual "you're stupid, we know better" treatment to what should have been a simple media player.

And each update makes it worse, rather than better.

Captain Hate

Bandcamp is a good alternative for musicians who don't feel like dealing with Apple.

Another Bob

No disagreement on that MM. I didn't intend that to be a criticism of her.

Voices like hers have been heard before, but they've all been successfully marginalized to this point. Remains to be seen if she has the staying power to make a lasting difference.

You probably noticed that Kim led Kanye back a step or two later in the day yesterday?

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

from the Hollywood Reporter link -

"Jimmy Kimmel similarly quipped, "Now Donald Trump has two black friends. I hope Ben Carson doesn’t get jealous!"

That right there shows how blind people on the left are. They believe their own lies.
Just because the MFM doesn't show or amplify Trump's many black supporters, doesn't mean they aren't there.

People like Kimmel are poison.
Hey Jimmy, are ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, ALLOWED to decide for themselves about politics?

Another Bob

Too bad that Trump loses another nominee to what looks like abuse of the process. And for VA administrator? Where's the actual political gain for the Dems in that? Seems like simple scorched earth.

Or are the charges about to be substantiated?


JimNorCal - you get what you pay for, this old adage is still true. Save your pennies and get something that you will really like AND is good.

I have a JBL Charge 3 that I really like for portability and while it doesn't support TWS, it does have an app that allows for pairing two (2) Charge 3's together for Stereo.

JBL Charge 3 Review

JBL Charge 3

Info on Bluetooth Sound Quality

Info on Sound File Formats

Miss Marple the Deplorable

CHiTown recommends these, JimNorCal:


Another Bob

Not stereo, MM.

Captain Hate

PD is right; speakers aren't something you want to scrimp on unless you want to be dissatisfied with how things sound. Even though the free market has made things less expensive there's still a threshold level.

Janet 🚬 -  I wish my family had a poncho

Kimmel & TV Hogg seem to think that some Americans, because of their skin color, are too weak to live their own lives & make their own choices. They need white heroic champions, like Kimmel & Hogg.

Dear pathetic people of color,

Don't worry, We will speak up for you. We know you are too stupid to get an ID to vote, so we will fight for you.
We'll fight so you lose your 2nd amendment rights.
We'll fight to bring more taxpayer funded abortion clinics to your neighborhoods.


Kimmel & Hogg

JM Hanes


I should have stayed up a little later! It's great to see you here.

I loved the Mongolian song, and the video too. Do you have an interest in Mongolia / Russia as well as liking music from that part of the world? I found a translation of the lyrics (Mother in the Distance) which intrigued me, because Ahn Ye Eun's Same Thought, which I believe is either based on, or at least in the style of, traditional Korean "folk music," also expresses somewhat similar sentiments. Google translates the recurring theme:

Smiles of the same color
Same mind pictures
Far and away
All scattered and gone.
Maybe a long time ago

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