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April 27, 2018



Privacy is for citizens. Unfortunately we are merely subjects.


Of course there is a new thread. I just posted on the old one.

Thnx, though for the new thread. :-)


Speaking of royal twits, knowing that the slogan 'mental health' is getting used to teach buddhist mindfulness training to 7 year olds is infuriating. https://news.sky.com/story/why-focusing-on-childrens-mental-health-means-success-in-later-life-11346749?mc_cid=d95d88798e&mc_eid=e5a76e5a55

That's a lot of meddling in the name of one stupid woman who died because she didn't wear a seat belt.

JM Hanes

Saw your post there, sbw. Thanks.


This is for the unconstitutional protect Mueller bill. I don't know if Grassley is being blackmailed or what but he and the rest of them need to go with that asshole Flake.

Posted by: Captain Hate | April 26, 2018 at 10:34 PM

He's skillfully robbing the Democrats of another hoped-for stunt / lie. The UniParty put something together and previously had Grassley's word that he would support a bipartisan bill.

That's what he did and he kept his word.

Politics 101; McConnell is on record here and will stop it cold. No big deal.


This is for peter particularly.

http://www.actionforhappiness.org/podcasts?mc_cid=d95d88798e&mc_eid=e5a76e5a55 is all about mindfulness for kids.


Thus house Intel report, is a joke and a half:


clarice feldman

Mark Penn: In typical cases, much of what the prosecutors gathered might be exempt from the rule. But if runaway investigations are going to be corralled, then it will take judges who hold special counsels to the strictest possible standards in all their actions and limit any exemptions because such prosecutors have vast, largely unsupervised and unchecked power along with unlimited budgets.
The best way to end all this is not to fire Mueller and Rosenstein or wait for them to wrap it up but to challenge this entire process in court as irretrievably tainted. If Mueller does not agree to end the investigation in exchange for presidential interrogatories, then it may be time to try to block the whole thing in court, with full discovery into whether its foundation was so corrupted — and the stonewalling actions so blatant — that the doctrine of the fruits of a poisonous tree can be invoked to stop this national distraction


I guess my rant on the Horrid Beast, Hilligula can stay over on the dead thread. In case anyone was wondering, it did involve this emoji: 🖕


20,000 such documents for a year is a massive version of the same thing and should not be allowed. Put up or shut up within, say, 30 days, or the indictments should die.

Posted by: Old Lurker | April 26, 2018 at 03:55 PM

OL . . . are you working for the Democrats?

They should be brought out when the administration, in their professional judgment, decides to bring them out. They are rather obviously being held for investigatory purposes. That happens all the time.

What *doesn't* happen all the time is the historic nature of what is being investigated, and what will have to be prosecuted, from actions taken during the past administration.

So, not unreasonable at all IMHO.

Jim Eagle

OT: Going to Venice this summer? You may want to reconsider.


I have been to Venice many times, mostly on business since we had done the study on installing a barrage to control the flooding, then doing the pre-construction planning before the government shut it down due to costs and the corruption that attracts:)

Those plans of the Mayor take away a lot of the cultural trails a lot of people use to track the history especially the architecture. I think the hotel and restaurant folks are plenty upset since it will reduce numbers or you'll just get a more dumbed-down crowd. Can you say Japanese?


--Anyone else with littermates see the same behavior?--

Jack - I don't have littermates but I have heard people say not to adopt littermates. One theory is that they will bond so much to one another that they will not be as affectionate with the owner. Also that they will have a pre-determined role in the pack - one will be dominant - which could cause issues. This doesn't make sense to me because once they are in your house one is going to be the alpha dog regardless of their litter.

The longer I'm around dogs I think they are all so different - much like people - so it's hard to make statements like that (don't adopt littermates.)

Do you have crates for them? Sometimes my foster dogs like to take their treats/toys into their crate (with door open) just to get away from the others and enjoy without any issues.


They should be brought out when the administration, in their professional judgment, decides to bring them out.

so much for the 6th Amendment.

Jim Eagle


Why is it a joke? Saves me from reading it. Off to the hardware store.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Geraldo Rivera
‏Verified account @GeraldoRivera
17m17 minutes ago

#Drake #KendrickLamar #Rihanna & others in hip hop establishment condemning & unfollowing #Kanye for qualified support of @realDonaldTrump It's like #ThoughtPolice No deviation from political correctness allowed-break w orthodoxy at your peril. Re #Trump only negativity allowed.


Henry . . . we're in a war. The principles crowd over at NeverTrump central await you *and* that bogus 6th Amendment argument.

* * *

RG, you are underestimating the magnitude of this fight and the incredible power behind the oposition.

Posted by: Eye Doctor | April 26, 2018 at 04:15 PM

No, I think I'm properly evaluating a disgusted senior Military and senior Intelligence and senior Law Enforcement officials who clearly saw what the deal was after Benghazi (and other activities) and said enough is enough. We have to go find a champion.

And they did.


When we were dating my wife had two American Eskimo dogs that were littermates. I may or may not have dubbed them: The White Supremacists.

clarice feldman

It's just for 3 days during a festival,JIB.


Well it cannot be evaluated, because so much of is it classified, its like Stephen strangers dark arts, which seems much more relevant to infinity war btw


Yesterday Medved was "warning" conservative not to praise Kanya because once we praised Bill Cosby (pull your pants up) and look how that turned out!

I quit listening to him months ago and now I remember why. So, I guess if we cannot see into the future and certify that nothing negative will EVER be associated with someone - it is risky to agree with anything they say?

clarice feldman



I'm walking through some of these responses because I think I'll need to step away from the Board a bit over the next few weeks (months?) and very much want to put down a marker of sorts on my accurate assumptions . . . or my mistaken presumptions, whatever the case may be.

I have a narrative I'll be posting later today that I pulled from the web; we've likely discussed it before.

* * *

fdcol63, re: Agile / OODA Loop / 4D Chess -- it appears to me you just don't see the political play. Many on this board don't seem to get the political play and this is why I suspect the Democrats have been so politically successful over the years. They much more intuitively see the political play.

It's what Trump meant when he said I'm going to show you how to win.

There's no way in hell 4D Chess is a solo play by Trump. None. It is precisely the opposite of a solo play.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

We on the Right need to hammer the Leftists' ostracization of Kanye West and other blacks who disagree with liberal orthodoxy as proof that THEY are the intolerant ones who refuse to allow any kind of political dissent.

Just continue to pound their hypocrisy.

Eye Doctor

Mueller needs to explain why he told Armitage not to tell anyone that he was Bob Novak's source three months before Fitzgerald was appointed special counsel.

Kanye Thomas

Many have suggested RNC name changes because...well...TRUMP!

A popular choice has been the Uncle Tom Party because degenerates have been slowly percolating DNA damage from too much inbreeding, complicating their racial identity.


Possibly, rattler, but there must be actual evidence than just hints that justice is being carried out, clarice can tell you how it goes.


Culture war continues...

Someone posted a photo of kids praying in a Longhorn restaurant before their prom. Posted a short comment "“So impressed with these young people on their prom date at Longhorn.
They all said Grace before eating and were all well behaved.”

Which of course unleashed a firestorm of comments like this:

“So now we are supposed to praise kids for praying to an invisible man in the sky for animals that were slaughtered so they could eat?” one commenter wrote. “Maybe they should be thanking that animal for giving up it's [sic] life so they could eat instead. So tired of Christians pushing their beliefs onto everyone else.”


Eye Doctor

RG, this is how deals are made at the expense of justice.


Couldn't take the pain any longer, went to hospital last night. Running tests, Migraine for 10 weeks now.

JM Hanes


"Add to the slavery content of the course, our investigations of:
What it meant to be a Plains tribe pre-1835 and post 1861, a Southwestern, a Haudenosanee tribe, a Northwest tribe, a Southeastern tribe, a California tribe?…
What does it mean, what did it mean to be a "reservation Indian… a Mission Indian?"

Then why not what it meant to be an indentured servant? What then is the criterion for inclusion/exclusion on such a list of ostensibly related or relevant studies? Or was it simply the context that bothered you?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think Kanye West's statement following President Trump's successful meeting with Macron, someone he considers a friend and who doesn't agree with him on some issues, is very important for this country.

We have GOT to get over this idea that people have to be 100% in agreement with us. I imagine Kanye West wouldn't agree with me on federal funding for schools, dress codes, and certainly taste in music. However, he does good things in the black community and I don't have to listen to his music or wear his clothing, which apparently a lot of younger people like.

Same with Macron: he stepped up and paid his NATO dues, helped with the Syria strike, and generally showed respect and friendship to our country.

I don't expect him to suddenly drop his concerns about climate change or abandon the EU, of which France is a member.

This is why I got frustrated with the Never Trumpers. Yes, President Trump can be a bit vulgar at times.

And on the other side, we control the House and Senate, possible peace with North Korea, tax cuts, deregulation, good judges, strong military, new respect on the world stage, and no communists appointed to the government.

I think all of that is worth hearing a few vulgarities.


That line attributed to chesterton, about those who believe in nothing, will believe in anything.

Eye Doctor

Deals are made at the expense of justice


I look forward to seeing the marker but not so much to you taking a hiatus, RG.

fdcol63  🇺🇸


"There's no way in hell 4D Chess is a solo play by Trump. None. It is precisely the opposite of a solo play."

Exactly! This is precisely why I have always disagreed with the 4D chess analogy, because that scenario implies a lone chess master calling all the shots.

It's precisely why I prefer to think of what's happening as an Agile-inspired TEAM effort, where Trump has surrounded himself with able aides, and together they are running a shotgun offense that's running rings around their opponents and exhausting / confusing them, while achieving real results.

None of this means that I deny or appreciate the gains that Trump is making. And I'm not as impatient as others who have expected immediate results, because I hope that competent people are taking their time to dismantle the Deep State in an efficient, complete, and LEGAL way. I know building legal cases take time, and something as vast as the Deep State is now, which has taken decades to build, will take time to destroy.

But the Trump issue is different from the reasons for my longer term pessimism on the future of the country and the Millennial generation, and why I more often find myself on The Ledge.

It's a shame that you think my view is so disagreeable or a cause for a potential "I-Told-You-So" in the future. But it is what it is.

However, I still look forward to our continued meet-ups and brew sessions, bro!

Please keep this response as part of my testimony, too. LOL

JM Hanes

Oh, PD! I'm so sorry you're suffering such unmitigated pain.


Excellent, fdcol63. Absolutely excellent.


Yes about that:



Stay strong, PD. Poor thing.


Praying for you to get some relief, PD! I cannot imagine having a headache (much less a migraine) for that long.


Is it neurological, there's got to identifiable cause for this.

JM Hanes

Eye Doctor:

From yesterday: "Fitzgerald is leaker as well. He to gives false information to the media. His publication of choice was the Chicago Tribune"

There was something hinky about the involvement of the Chicago Trib, maybe related to the financing of a stadium(?), but I can't remember exactly what it was. Might also have been related to the timing of the Libby (or Blago?) indictment, or maybe not. Afraid that sounds like a batch of scrambled eggs, but do you, by any chance, recognize what I referring to?


Tom Brokaw added to the Trump Effect List.


As to DNA Testing, please do not do the consumer testing as it wouldn't be long before the GOV gets it's filthy fingers wrapped tightly around your "data". Now that it has come out that there is more to DNA THAN DNA ITSELF, it may come to pass that DNA TESTING is as flawed as the "settled science" of Global Warming. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. We know so little about that which is so important.

Eye Doctor

The Blogo indictment was designed as a distraction to draw attention away from Obama's criminal ways. The Tribune was very instrumental in that scheme.


PD...I'm so sorry that you're suffering so much. My mother used to get them occasionally and I remember how much she suffered for a day or two until they passed. I can't imagine what you're going through. Praying hard.


Eye Doctor, are you the former TBT?


Well fitz did a favor through breeden they got rid of a competitor in Conrad blacks sun times, the torygraph given to the barclay, who employed jeb at one time.


When my wife and I were dating, she said "let's get married." I bought a bus ticket to Fullerton CA. I had to hitchhike everywhere but no one would pick me up because of the Hillside Strangler. Ran out of money, hitchhiked home with $20 in my pocket and proposed to my bride.


And what firm did they retain as counsel:



(okay, I'm about to do a long rant about soccer and football; scroll on by if needed because this will likely be disagreeable to many of you)

* * *

JiB, I knew you'd go down that soccer is ascendant / football is in a death spiral road. Here's my very, very biased (and necessarily adversarial) take (it just is what it is, I mean no harm but I am passionate about what I say on this topic):

I'm not saying it's going to replace soccer in Europe. I don't give a damn about soccer in Europe. I appreciate the game. I can enjoy watching the game with friends. But it's an inferior game to *this* American eye.

I also don't give a damn about how many American kids are playing soccer. You know who those kids are? They aren't our elite athletes. They never will be. You know why? Because it's a game that penalizes offensive, individual excellence and rewards defensive, group excellence. That ain't us, my friend.

I'll tell you something else. African Americans *hate* the freaking game, and we don't care if Black people from other places love the game. If you don't see this as extremely important, you're not paying attention. We're average Americans and we have no love for that game.

And you know why we have no love for the game? By penalizing offensive, individual excellence you're not only penalizing athletic excellence but you're stifling creativity. And by rewarding defensive, group excellence you're *also* stifling creativity. It's a double-whammy.

I've had this argument with many foreign friends down through the years who just could not understand why the game wasn't more popular in this country.

Real Americans don't give a damn what the world prefers. Real Americans don't give a damn what the world thinks. With respect to sports, the DNA of our country loves -- first -- athletic, individual excellence and spontaneous creativity. It defines us in ways that escapes the comprehension and appreciation of Europeans. It's another manifestation of individualism and liberty.

That said, we *also* love group excellence, but we revere individual excellence. This is our major, generic advantage over Europe and the rest of the world.

So, to hell with soccer. My only argument: football is a threat to them because it is much more accessible to the gambling thirst. Many, many stops and starts allow for itemization of bets, etc., crazy conversations about strategy and what should have been done vs. what was done, etc.

Soccer? Man, it just flows-zzzzzzzzz. But, they love to gamble more than us. So American football will grow, commercially, in Europe in ways soccer will not grow here.

That, and the fact we're entirely unique in all the world. No other nation has 4 major professional sports. None.

Can soccer compete in such a world? I don't think so. And concussions? Women's soccer has as great a problem, right? Men's soccer? The concussion discussion is best seen within the prism of a controlling big government with trial lawyers driving the train and transferring wealth by insinuating themselves into every facet of individual life.

To hell with them . . . play on !!!

Eye Doctor

Don't forget it was the Tribune who refused to release the Rashid Khalidi tape.


So the concept is not new but the use of a geneaolgy datbase rather than a criminal one seems to be.

That does seem rather new.

I haven't done this DNA testing (I think it's kinda dumb) but do their terms of service explicitly mention the possibility that customer data could be provided to law enforcement, and under what circumstances?


Right on, RG.

Soccer is a commie sport. You'll never convince me otherwise.


RG-sometime when you are in the atl area you should get tickets for atlanta united and you will discover that, at least here, at lest now, the fans are a multiracial diverse group that have decided this is the team they want to support.

More than 70k fans now for virtually every home game and a multi-year wait for season tickets. It really is a sight to behold and healthy for the city to have such a diverse experience.

The child I call red has season tickets and has been to all the games. Of course her seats are in the zone where you get beer thrown up in the air with each united goal.


RG, I think the same about golf and tennis. But to each his own.



Nobody reads the bills.

Ralph L

Venice gets 30 million tourists a year. No wonder the natives are leaving (or are they dying out).

A mob scene would ruin it for me, guess I'll stick to pictures and video.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I am leaving for a few hours. I am going down to a friend's house to dig some hosta starts.

Will catch up when I get back.


went to hospital last night

PdinD, I’m going to blame your migraine on Democrats. They deserve the blame.

Please! Some respite for Pd!


Oh never mind:



Trump effect:

Republicans moving up in race for California governor and U.S. Senate, poll finds

Even if it's ultimately hopeless, let's face it, we are not used to these headlines.


RG. Soccer in ascendancy in the USA is not new. I arrived in the USA in 1986 and lived in Arlington, Virginia. Travelling in the metro area on the weekends all I would see were soccer teams playing.

Now this may well be because the football teams all played and practiced during the week.

One time in my travels I also came across a cricket match.


Back to the topic -

So am I to understand they had the killer's DNA but no suspect to match it to, so they solicited the help of Heritage DNA and others?

Boy that certainly opens some doors in the future,

The guy they arrested was a cop. I'd love to hear from some of his teammates.


To be fair to RG, soccer in the US has been "in ascendancy" since the mid 60s.


I wonder if the ascendancy matches legal or illegal immigration numbers?


I read that guy was a disgraced cop that was shitcanned in the 70s.


On the lack of individual talent showcasing, I blame too much coaching (by idiots) in youth soccer... not enough playground game. Kind of the opposite of modern basketball which is its own boring mess.

Jones said DeAngelo was an officer in two small-town California police departments during the 1970s - Exeter and Auburn. DeAngelo was fired from the Auburn force in 1979, Jones said, after being accused of shoplifting a hammer and dog repellant from a store.
Another Bob

RG, hiatus due to not being able to take us anymore, or a doc say you need more work done?

Thomas Collins

It sounds creepy to me, Jane. I suspect the reaction is going to be positive overall because they got the bad guy. Nonetheless, it looks as if BIG SIBLING has another means of tracking us (DNA of relative critters who do the ancestry.com or 23 whatever it's called thingie; some of my relatives have done this, but I, assuming I have the usual mix of fine people, heroes, miscreants and scum in my past, have no need to confirm that fact).

matt - deplorable me

Interesting read: Trump for Nobel.



Here is a cop who remembers something from the 3 years he knew DeAngelo.

Farrel Ward, 75, served on the Exeter Police Department with DeAngelo. Ward called him a "black sheep," saying he was quiet and didn't fit in with other officers.

Ward said it's possible that DeAngelo helped with a search in a killing he's now suspected of committing. Ward doesn't recall DeAngelo directly working on the case but said it's possible he joined the hunt for the killer.

Ward said he thought DeAngelo was overqualified for the small-town job because he graduated from Sacramento State with a degree in criminal justice.


The media's use of "ex cop" in their headlines seems to serve a different purpose than being descriptive.

The was a fired cop from 30 years ago. He is probably an ex paperboy too.

This is to tarnish law enforcement.


He was a...


Boy that certainly opens some doors in the future

Sure does.

Scary stuff.

matt - deplorable me

As to littermates, we have two hounds. One was the first out and the other is the runt of 14.

We had issues with their bonding to each other when they were pups. They spent all their time together and so it was natural. Very rowdy animals. But we sent them to doggie boot camp for training and they did very well.

A year or two later we then adopted an Australian the same age and there was hell to pay. He thought he was going to be the alpha and went after the other two. It took a few months and then the occasional snarling match to cool down.

The hounds have each others back, but that's about it. The three of them are a joy most of the time except when an omelette gets stolen off the kitchen counter whole (with no evidence whatsoever, sneaky bastard) or one of them does something scatalogical.


"Alexa. Share my whereabouts with the DNA database."


Brits revive death penalty.
But only for children.
On August 13, 1964, Britain executed Peter Anthony Allen and Gwynne Owen Evans for the murder of John Alan West. This was supposed to be the last executions by the state in that nation.

But nearly 53 years later, Britain executed Charles Matthew William Gard.

His death was not by hanging. They did not draw and quarter him. The British did something far worse. They starved him to death by denying him medical treatment because the treatment was too expensive.

Charlie was 11 months old.

His death at the hands of government come from the same people who lecture Americans on how we let people die because we don't have socialized medicine -- a lie -- we provide the best care for the poor through Medicaid.


Okay, I can't catch up any further so this will have to do. I doubt if I'll be able to stay away for any sustained period but I'm definitely going to try and lurk more and comment less for a sustained period of time.

AB, I'm addicted to y'all. That should be clear. I've been perpetrating about writing a book and (given my lack of mobility and probable rehab, surgeries or stem cell injections, etc.) I need to truly hunker down since I'm now intrigued enough to try and write *two* books (I know, I know -- but I want to give this a shot). A novel, and a political book about Trump / MAGA up through the State of the Union speech in 2019.

* * *

And this negates Mueller being a white hat, as theorized earlier in the thread I posted in the middle of the night.

Posted by: Miss Marple the Deplorable | April 27, 2018 at 07:42 AM

But it doesn't negate him being used as a deceptive tool; a very useful tool.

For our mutual reference, I'm going to post a series of comments (there are 64 total) that lay out what is (for me) the controlling and accurate narrative on what's what with the Trump / Sessions thing. These comments are not mine; they were originally posted on Twitter in November 2017 at this link. Down the road we'll perhaps be able to take a look back and see how close to the truth they came.

Just remember, in many of the best operations certain hands will remain invisible and unacknowledged but it appears by the close of May we should know whether this is largely true or not. Others may have a different take but any of you should feel free to reference this narrative when questioning or critiquing me about this, that or the other in the coming months:


The series is A - G.


1) This started either before Trump announced his run for President, or soon thereafter. Someone who knew what happened told him.

........[RattlerGator says: *This* means the combined PSYOP / Counter-Intelligence operation ongoing against the Deep State]

2) SOMEONE in the IC, likely military intel, sat Trump down & laid out the entire #UraniumOne bribery scheme.

........[RattlerGator says: General Flynn; remember, my theory is Trump (and his team) had a viable plan to take down these folks whether or not they won the election]

3) How all across the breadth of the Obama Administration people in high offices took massive bribes to facilitate sell of uranium to Russia

4) It involved so many people, it compromised so many agencies, the people who did it counted on it never being exposed or prosecuted.

5) The lengths to which they corrupted our government offices to enrich themselves by selling out our country virtually ENSURED they'd walk.

6) People knew but nobody could talk, the people involved in the scheme were at the HIGHEST levels of the American government.

7) So patriots in our gov't had their hands tied. There was nothing they could do to stop the sale.

8) Even after SOME of the dirty facts behind #UraniumOne became known in 2015, it was easily buried, ignored, passed by.

9) Somebody took a chance on Trump. They sat him down, walked him through what happened.

Ponder the impossible task being revealed.

10) Even if he WINS the election, he'd be taking over a gov't that had been corrupted & compromised by the previous administration to a

11) degree that was almost unfathomable.

HOW do you go about restoring the US gov't to what it should be, instead of what it's become?



12) [So] Trump and his advisors came up with a plan.

A brilliant plan. An intelligence operation based on DECEPTION.

13) It started during the primaries when Trump began taking every opportunity he could to brag about what GOOD FRIENDS he'd be with Putin.

14) Trump literally could not seem to SHUT UP about how awesomely AWESOME his relationship with Putin was gonna be.

15) It became a running joke, a campaign feature, engendering much hand wringing & concern among Never Trumpers, including me at the time.

16) WHY does Trump keep going out of his way to incessantly BRAG about the sweet, sweet deals he & Putin are gonna do together?

17) But go back and look. During the primaries, during the general election campaign, what happened EVERY TIME Trump did this Putin act?

18) He *literally* trolled all the people who took dirty Russian $ to compromise our nat'l security into ATTACKING HIM FOR IT.

19) And all HE was doing was TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING HE HADN'T DONE YET and would NEVER really do.

20) Literally ever single time Trump talked about his good friend Vladimir, Hillary 'reminded' him Putin is...NOT our ally!


From Ace:

"Note: The little boy has been granted Italian citizenship, by the way. So Britain is basically executing an Italian citizen without any kind of a trial. I wonder what international repercussions this is going to have."



21) Obama condescendingly chided Trump for his friendly talk about Putin. Holder was aghast, Lynch was stunned! etc.

22) They fell right into his trap. He TALKED about doing deals with a guy ALL THESE TRAITORS TOOK BRIBES FROM TO SELL URANIUM TO.

23) He's talking about hypothetical deals with Russia & people who took massive Russian bribes on the U1 deal rushed to ATTACK HIM for it.

24) What possible EXCUSE are they going to have when the truth comes out?
They're not going to have one. He made SURE of that.

25) Everything Trump does is calculated for effect.
So now you know why he showed all that 'Putin-Love' during the campaign.

26) The traitors had no idea what he was really doing & rushed to attack him for merely TALKING about doing deals with Russia.

27) Then Trump won the election. He and Sessions went to work.
Now here's something people overlook or don't understand.
Pay attention

28) All this stuff about #UraniumOne we're now just finding out?
Trump & Sessions knew about ALL OF THIS before they were sworn in.

29) Part of the intelligence operation Trump & Co. are running is you never show what you know, you keep your enemy in the dark.

........RattlerGator says: If, that is, the Ledge will calm the hell down and allow you to do so ;-)



30) Trump & Sessions knew about ALL the details of #UraniumOne BEFORE the election.
Who got how much, from who, all of it.

31) How much uranium was being shipped to Moscow, who facilitated that shipping, they already KNOW all of this.

32) They just haven't TALKED about until now. They PRETEND they are just now becoming aware of some of this stuff.

33) There was NO WAY they were going to come into office in January & tip all these people off "Yeah hey we're going after #UraniumOne!"

34) Trump & Sessions know what happened with #UraniumOne. All the dark, dirty details. START with that premise, replay the last 9 months.

35) You need to start an investigation where somebody deep dives into #UraniumOne BUT you can't let anybody outside KNOW that.

36) So here's where the second part of the intelligence operation begins.
You convince people it's TRUMP & HIS TEAM being investigated.

37) All the traitors who facilitated the #UraniumOne deal were on high alert after the transfer of power. Will they be sniffed out?

38) Well not to worry. Almost IMMEDIATELY the new President & his team end up being embroiled in a very public scandal.

39) Trump asks Comey to back off of Flynn, then fires Comey, who leaks memos to the NYT's & DEMANDS appointment of a Special Counsel.



40) With a President who bragged about doing deals with Russia, an advisor caught on the phone with the Russian ambassador.....

40(a)...and who briefly for 3 months hired a guy known to be 1 of the SLIMIEST and DIRTIEST Russian-connected people in DC as his manager.

40(b) [of course, now we know after the election it was actually JARED KUSHNER running the TRUMP campaign behind the scenes]

40(c) while Kelly Anne Conway was handling the public PR & media chores.
and Manafort was brought in as ANOTHER reason to investigate Trump!

41) ...everybody AGREES: yeah, great idea! Let's appoint a special counsel to investigate RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE in our election! So be it.

42) Jeff Sessions then recuses himself from the Russian investigation. [But remember: HE ALREADY KNOWS EVERYTHING ANYWAY]

43) Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein then appoints Bob Mueller & tasks him with investigation Russian interference in the 2016 election.

44) MUELLER AND ROSENSTEIN *both* already know that Trump & Sessions BOTH know all the details of #UraniumOne.
Got that?

45) Everybody involved in this ALREADY KNOWS. Everybody was in on this from the start. Trump, Sessions, Mueller & Rosenstein.

47) A lot of scenarios go wrong because they start by assuming Trump was clueless, didn't know any of this, Sessions didn't either or

48) was part of the #UraniumOne coverup. Same with Mueller & Rosenstein, whom many assume to be dirty, trying to HIDE the evidence.

49) An intelligence operation based on deception calls for putting the enemy at EASE because they don't understand what you're REALLY doing.


Boy would I like to see the process of the Italian citizenship reward used here. I can only imagine it is without merit.

I am not wishing any ill will towards the child. I am just curious about the new sovereignty busting procedure.

Did the parents apply for citizenship for themselves?



50) So: what do the #UraniumOne traitors & DNC Media & Democrats THINK has been going on for the last 8 months?

51) Trump has been STAGGERING on the ropes in desperate trouble trying to avoid a KNOCKOUT BLOW as Mueller relentlessly stalks him!

52) The reality? Mueller has been digging even deeper into #UraniumOne & into #FusionGPS & the Trump dossier.

53) He *has* found Russian interference in the 2016 election.
Do you know what it was?
Shall I tell you?

54) He found a MASSIVE Russian bribery scheme involving 1 of the Presidential candidates in which she compromised US nat'l security.

55) He *also* found this selfsame candidate illegally funding solicitation of info from Russian gov't sources to smear the OTHER candidate.

56) And to compound THAT offense, this candidate also tried to HIDE her funding of this dossier by using a law firm, which is illegal.

57) The investigation is mostly over. Most of the indictments from the grand jury/juries have been made, sealed.

58) You're all about to witness something that was deemed to be an impossibility.



59) A previous administration that was so corrupt across so many agencies with so many people involved, it made it invincible....

60) is about to be rolled up.
Dozens of people are going to prison. And you know most of the names.

61) Not until the hammer actually falls & all the indictments are unsealed will most people figure out what Trump & his team did.

62) DNC Media never had a chance to compromise/thwart the investigation of #UraniumOne & #FusionGPS because they fell for the COVER STORY.

63) It's literally too late at this point to stop what's coming. That window closed weeks ago.

64) Examples will be made out of these people. When Trump & Sessions are done, NO ONE will ever try this kind of treason again.


* * *

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Elmer Fudd has already been spanking some serious azz behind the scenes but now, just for The Ledge, he's going to let us all in on it.

Later, Gators.

JM Hanes

Go for it RattlerGator, and the best of luck to you!

Eye Doctor

RG, Mueller helped push the Uranium One deal across the finish line.

Kanye Thomas


JM Hanes


"I am not wishing any ill will towards the child. I am just curious about the new sovereignty busting procedure."

The moral travesty and emotional tragedy of little Alfie notwithstanding, I had similar thoughts. That's essentially, if not always technically, what Putin does whenever he wants to take back a bit of the old U.S.S.R. by force. He justifies such action for the "protection" of fellow Russians. Neither he, nor the Russians, invented the practice, however, which actually has a fairly long history.

Jim Eagle

Catching up.


I know the Mayor announced for the festival but knowing Italian politicians especially the Mayor of Venice he will most likely make it permanent until someone comes from the hotel association and pays him off:)


The 3 beagles can't stop loving us. Smother us all with tongue baths everyday. That's not a problem. No. 2 guy acts like the Alpha dog. He is faster, more energized and most sensory but No. 1 guy is more patient, more polite, less begging, etc. It just seems odd to me that No.1 wants to entrap No.2 with his food, chewy or toys. Like I say masochistic in a way.


Plausible. My bet is Flynn knew Rogers wanted to brief Trump and set it up while Zippy was still POTUS. But I don't buy the Mueller white-hat theory based on Trump deception. I hope I am wrong because nothing would make the members of this board happier, champagne sipping and smiling all day then to see the NYT/WaPo/NBCABCCBSCNNMSNBC nexus embarrassed and disqualified as news outlets but only the propaganda arm of the Resistance movement.

Thomas Collins

Under what I think should be the standard for the Nobel Peace Prize, Trump shouldn't get the prize until the year in which inspections of the NoKo nuke sites actually begin. In other words, a definitive peace agreement wouldn't be enough. However, if the standard is the one applied to Barry Obama, Trump should be immediately rewarded the prize. Trump has already done more to move forward the peace process in the Korean peninsula that Barry O did to move forward any peace process in his life.

If the Korean War really ends and inspections begin, look for NY Times to write a long and detailed article assuring its fans that it was really the Chinese and SoKO leaders and diplomats that achieved a real peace agreement and effective implementation procedures, and that it happened in spite of Trump.

clarice feldman

Via Insty

JM Hanes

Eye Doctor:

"The Blogo indictment was designed as a distraction to draw attention away from Obama's criminal ways."

I'm sure that's related, I'm just trying to remember something about the indictment(s) timing that hinged on a pending Trib business deal somehow. If nothing immediately springs to mind, I'll see what I can dig up with Google, at some point.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

If the Korean War really ends and inspections begin, look for NY Times to write a long and detailed article assuring its fans that it was really the Chinese and SoKO leaders and diplomats that achieved a real peace agreement and effective implementation procedures, and that it happened in spite of Trump.

They'll also give credit to Bubba J and Maddy All-too-Bright for dancing with Kim and the appeasement of the "Agreed Framework".


Eye Doctor

There were multiple Tribune deals. And timing was a factor,but It's convoluted.

Eye Doctor

Remember, Greg Craig (Skadden Arpps) was representing the Sam Zell owned Tribune.

Captain Hate

Willowed since I just got back from a tour of President Garfield's house:

The claims come side-by-side with a revelation that Chelsea apparently saw herself as Kate’s equal, implying that the Clinton’s be the answer to America’s version of a royal family.

I'll forgive anything royals related as long as it illustrates the delusions of the latter day Snopes trash family. Does it get any more common than that?

clarice feldman

RG, how stunning if true. If you think you can abandon us now, forget about it. we'll have Jane deputized to drag you back here.

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