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April 16, 2018



"Put more simply, politicians and public sector unions changed the rules to enrich themselves, and got away with it for a whole generation."

And how did this happen? The media was too busy hyperventilating over a Repub spitting on the sidewalk to have time to cover groups of Dems shoveling pallets of cash on to waiting trucks.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Texas Liberty Gal,

Thanks for that article on how Ryan lost to Trump.

It's not even style, really. It's a willingness to FIGHT and to recognize that if you do NOT fight, your ideas and programs are never going to be seen, let alone implemented, and that being polite gets you run over by the democrats, who have no such niceties in their game plan.

Old Lurker

Buckeye, thanks for the fix, but there are not enough Tuesdays remaining to cover all in Congress or their staffs who need to be in jail.

Now I could accept a change that would up the number to, say, three indictments every Tuesday. I would suggest High Noon. OTOH, I am drawn to 4AM so that doors could be broken down and wives in nightgowns felt-up, reserving the 6AM slot for breaking into their lawyers' offices and homes.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

IMHO, we could fix some of these problems if we brought back tar and feathers.

Captain Hate

From TLG's link:

Ryan, 48, is a movement conservative. He spent his professional political life trying to complete President Ronald Reagan’s mission to build an America unchallenged on the world stage, governed by a smaller, less intrusive bureaucracy; and juiced by a thriving free market economy. Like Reagan, Ryan was a happy warrior.

Where do they come up with this? Ryan gleefully funded the expansion of the bureaucracy to the point that it was at Soviet levels of oppression to the average small business owner. He was as conflicted about the concept of freedom as the Bushes and almost the diametric opposite of Reagan.

James D.

It's a willingness to FIGHT and to recognize that if you do NOT fight, your ideas and programs are never going to be seen


And we see this not just with President Trump, but with specific issues as well. Why has gun control failed to really advance, in spite of all the efforts of the Dems and MSM, and the billions of dollars they spend? Because those who support the 2nd Amendment FIGHT, and fight aggressively, and refuse to give ground just to make nice or get a pat on the head from the editorial writers of the NYT.

Same with abortion.

And compare those issues to other social issues where the conservative position has refused to fight, and see how far and how fast the left has moved.

Old Lurker

I know fdcol, but I was specifically dispensing with the notion that government workers are naturally aligned with regular taxpayers.

Of course I do think of the FSA as the footsoldiers of the other side.

Taxpayers are pulling a long wagon train and some of the riders are pulling in the other direction.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

James D.,

Those are good examples.

I am reminded of how willing certain Republicans (Rick Wilson, for example) were only willing to fight when they realized Trump might get the nomination, and then, it was to fight Trump.

I bet you would see some fight out of Paul Ryan if we started a petition to deny him his pension. That is about the only time I see any fight in these guys.

It's real easy to pose as caring about the country when you don't have skin in the game. Ryan is from a safe sea, so he could prattle on about raising the retirement age to 70. Well, how do you think that goes over with the Wal-Mart worker who stands on concrete floors all day, or the guys who get up at 3AM to run snow plows in below zero weather?

I will say it again: one of the few things my daughter and I agreed on politically was being glad Ryan was retiring. Obviously, for different reasons, but Ryan has been a millstone around the GOP's neck for a while and a lot of people don't realize it.


I agree with the part of Paul Ryan being a happy warrior.
He is just not your kind of warrior.
We can’t all be President Trump.
I finally figured out after the Comey interview why the left and some Republicans despise PresidentTrump.
Because of the person he is, they feel superior and can’t understand why they themselves could never achieve the presidency.

fdcol63  🇺🇸


" ... I was specifically dispensing with the notion that government workers are naturally aligned with regular taxpayers. ..."

Isn't this the truth! It used to be that government workers were given the benefits of job stability and retirement pensions IN LIEU of the higher salaries and other perqs offerd by the private sector.

Now, because of the incredible power of public sector unions - which will ALWAYS vote for expansion of government and higher salaries/more benefits for bureaucrats - you have a system where this paradigm is squashed, and the private sector often can not compete with all the bennies that government can dole out ... especially when it comes to votes.


How would DiNiro punch POTUS in the face??? Those elevator shoes aren't going to help.
Maybe Rosie O'Bese could put Lil Bobbie on her shoulders.

Jim Eagle

Ralph L,

From what is being reported, it looks like Macron got Trump to go along.


I liked your link at 12:06.
It explains a lot and I myself know many double dippers.

Tom Bowler


Back end loading all the Equal Justice stuff, though, makes it an all or nothing outcome, seems to me. Screw it up and Trump is screwed himself.

I didn't mean to suggest that Trump would save up all the indictments until right before election day. I'm hoping we'll see indictments occurring fairly regularly between now and November. But I imagine him stringing them out, and delaying long enough on each to build some suspense. Hope so anyway.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

Just think about this:

Comey believes it is more probable that Trump was peed on by hookers in Moscow and is colluding with Putin ......

... than he believes it's probable that Hillary lost thousands of emails and smashed her servers and cell phones to protect her traitorous malfeasance over Benghazi and other actions as SecState.



i think that is probably backwards


James D.

Via Insty:


Remind me again why the "Internet of Things" is a good idea?

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce is apoplectic that McTurtle still refuses to schedule a confirmation hearing for Rick Grenell as ambassador to Germany. If everyone is really worried about a blue wave in November (which I think is a hot steaming pile, although the masters of screwing up a sure thing are...) wouldn't it make sense to confirm everyone rapidly?

Texas Liberty Gal

JIB - From the reporting this morning Macron is walking that back.

maryrose - Happy & Warrior don't really go together tht well. When I think of warrior I thing Fierce Determined NeverGiveUp. That doesn't describe Ryan as far as I'm concerned.

Account Deleted



Account Deleted

"When in written history have employees of the King ever been allied with taxpayers?"

Wharf rats.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

The use of drones as delivery vehicles for Amazon, FedEx or anyone else gives ME the heebie-jeebies, especially after the recent Austin bombings.

Imagine giving terrorists the power to deliver bombs this way, dressed up as birthday or Christmas gifts ... or just regular commercial packages?

...what about the 47% who don't pay ANY Federal taxes?
While they don't pay any taxes which are categorized as "Federal Income Tax" the assertion that they don't pay ANY federal taxes is not only false but repeating this lie is a really really stupid tactic. Every working person pays hefty payroll taxes, and payroll taxes are regressive, so those people who don't pay in one category are paying a higher percentage than you in this other category. Not to mention things like the federal gas tax, where poor people in suburbs, small towns and rural areas pay a tax that fabulously wealthy uptown elites who don't own cars don't pay at all.

Yeah, keep telling those insulting lies about people who might be your allies in cutting government spending and increasing economic growth and heading off the imminent bankruptcy of our government. Especially at this time of year, when everyone in the 47% has just done their taxes and had their noses rubbed, yet again, in the difference between what they earn and what they take home. You wouldn't want to actually be part of the solution, after all.


I will never understand where the outrage is wrt all of the heinous crimes Hillary has committed.
She has consistently screwed up every job she has had.
Government wanting to examine Rose Law Firm recordsbecsuse of malfeasance, she hides them until statutes expire.
She covers up Bill’s crimes and threatens all the women who block her rise to power.
She is the perennial victim.
After Obama is forced to give her SOS job , she screws that up too with Gaddafi blunder and Benghazi and then lies about it to insure Obsma’s The-election.

Account Deleted

I agree with the part of Paul Ryan being a happy warrior.
He is just not your kind of warrior.

Good luck proving that negative.

Paul Ryan is *for sure* a penis with ears.

Just because he showed up to serve himself don't make him enna kind o warrior. Nope.


Should be re- election.
Then she is found with an illegal server and deleted emails and the best she can come up with is “like with a cloth”.
Somehow she and Obama managed to stop the investigation into her illegal
Foundation and her emails labeling it as carelessness.
She is also permitted to smash cellphones and delete emails with impunity.

fdcol63  🇺🇸


Would you have felt better if I had said "federal INCOME taxes"?

I thought that was what I was referring to in the other person's post.

My bad if I wasn't specific enough.

All I know is that I am paying ALL of them, and I fucking loathe and resent those who don't.



Speaking of double dippers...

$84,930 is a lot lower than I would have guessed it would be.

He's only 48, for God's sake. He can start collecting at age 50, and collect for a lot more years than he "served." As far as I know he gets that even if he has other employment. And he'll get it in addition to Social Security. The federal pension system is a complete scam, though we've known that forever.


Nope to your opinion also.
He stepped up when everyone else took a pass. What an interesting way to express your opinion.
Nanecalling in my opinion ,is the last resort of a losing argument.
It is used by another poster as well.



Old Lurker

Cathy, every single time you get on that rant we swirl down the same drain. You know what the statement means (its about INCOME taxes), we know what the statement means, fdcol knows what the statement means and why you go into such a hissy fit every time the subject comes up is beyond me.

Nobody ever said those 47% are ALL free riding on ALL of the ways government gets money, though some are indeed, and all 47% are free riding on the Income Tax part.

Otherwise, Strawman.

Dave (in MA)

Should be Obysma.

Jim Eagle

Mid-day levity:

A chicken farmer went to the local bar. He sat next to a woman and ordered champagne.

The woman said : "How strange, I also just ordered a glass of champagne."

"What a coincidence," said the farmer, who added, "It is a special day for me. I am celebrating"

"It is a special day for me too, I am also celebrating!" said the woman.

"What a coincidence." said the farmer.

While they toasted, the farmer asked, "What are you celebrating?"

"My husband and I have been trying to have a child for years, and today, my gynecologist told me that I was pregnant."

"What a coincidence," said the man. "I am a chicken farmer and for years all my hens were infertile, but now they are all set to lay fertilized eggs."

"This is awesome," said the woman. "What did you do for your chickens to become fertile?"

"I used a different rooster," he said.

The woman smiled and said, "What a coincidence."

Captain Hate

Here's a counterpoint to Patterico on Reverend Queasy:




Captain Hate

We may get an Arkancide update:

Clinton insiders told The Daily Beast that Comey should "beg for forgiveness," not use his book to try and explain away his actions.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


This is the first year that I paid zero taxes. It is because I am officially poor.

However, other than Social Security I don't TAKE anything, so I guess that I am sort of even-steven.

Dave (in MA)


(The FBI Director about 12 FBI Directors ago would not be impressed)

(Yeah, I know it's been debunked)
Miss Marple the Deplorable



James D.

jimmyk@ 2:37

Agree completely. I just assumed that his yearly amount would be in the $150-$200k range.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

TRUMP News 24/7
‏ @MichaelDelauzon
28m28 minutes ago

>>> BREAKING NEWS: California (@JerryBrownGov) rejects plan to send National Guard to border; work 'too closely tied to immigration enforcement' - KABC.

Old Lurker

MM, NOT picking a fight, but I know you know that in addition to the SS, you are "getting" all the benefits the Feds provide everybody using the cash they get from Fed Income Taxes. And I know you know that because even though you paid none yourself this year, you are the first among us to fight the Feds for over taxing the taxpayers who are writing checks for that tax and all the others too.


EGO - Edging God Out.

Must be quite damaging to be "on top" then relegated to the dustbin of history. Too bad he didn't quite keep "the cloud" a little closer to the ground. You were always a servant, too bad you thought of only yourself...

It's just not about you "little jimmy comey".

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Apparently the unnamed third client of Cohen's is Sean Hannity.

I am going to try to find verification of this, as I don't want us to be victimized by rumors or lefty trolls.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

MM, those on Social Security have earned it.

And I know there are valid reasons for some - students, retired and elderly, and poor below a certain level - to be exempt from Fed. taxes.

But it's incredibly unfair for others to game the system - both rich and poor - and not pay ANY federal INCOME taxes. And I do loathe and resent those who do.

Everyone should have skin in the game. I think only in this way will people have an incentive to vote for and elect politicians who will spend their tax money responsibly.


Maryrose, I'm not sure I agree with your assessment of why people hate Trump. I have been trying to figure this out for 3 years and the closest thing I'm getting to, is class. (Which actually is part of what you are saying)

I was born in a poor household but raised to be able to hang out with any class. Now that I'm old I find I would much rather hang out with truck drivers, and firemen and policemen (all retired) than with doctors and lawyers. I think Trump is like that too. He can hang out with the rich and famous, but I think he prefers the people. They have much more interesting stories to tell, and are far more entertaining, and they, like him, know how to work.

I think people loved Obama for the same/opposite reason - finally someone who reflected the elite's class. Good crease in his pants, fabulous staged rhetoric, hanging out with Hollywood, and a control freak. The complete opposite of Trump. Lots of people it seems disliked Obama's policy but were reverent of the man. (I couldn't stand him)

He reminds me of the guys who walk into a party and announce themselves as "Dr so and so".


Miss M, its out across the MSM now.


Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's mystery client is Fox News host Sean Hannity


Every working person pays hefty payroll taxes, and payroll taxes are regressive, so those people who don't pay in one category are paying a higher percentage than you in this other category.

As OL said, we've been through this before. Yes, payroll taxes shouldn't be ignored, but the difference is that people are getting something back for those taxes. To say they are "regressive" ignores the fact that the SS benefit has much the same structure: It's based on contributions and maxes out. I'm not saying SS is a great deal, but the 47% stand a much better chance of getting back what they put in than those who are paying all the federal income taxes, because there's a good chance at some point SS benefits will be means tested.


Nanecalling in my opinion ,is the last resort of a losing argument.
It is used by another poster as well.



So I hadn't realized that kingsman owes more to avengers than the harry palmer seried


Hannity? Ugh..

I guess we are playing 1/2 dimensional 52 Pickup now.


Hey Matty, put down the cocoa and explain why all the MSM types forgot to recuse from covering their spouses in the Obama admin.

Matthew Yglesias

It seems a little unethical of Hannity to have been covering the Michael Cohen raids without disclosing that he’s a client.



I think the best (or at least, most colorful) riposte to patterico came out of his own comments:


I don't know a man who had a bigger effect on the 2016 election than Comey. And he did such an inept but reckless job with his power.


Is the unethical benchmark set by Stephanopoulos covering the Clinton scandals?


Nobody ever said those 47% are ALL free riding on ALL of the ways government gets money, though some are indeed, and all 47% are free riding on the Income Tax part.

These people didn't pass the tax laws*, and they might even agree that the current system is unfair. Cathy thinks that insulting them is counterproductive and just puts a Monopoly guy's hat on your head in the eyes of potential allies.

*In fact, it was Republicans who traded raising the zero bracket income in return for cuts in the higher ones, never even attempting a fairer flat tax.


I don't know a man who had a bigger effect on the 2016 election than Comey

Trump had a bigger effect.



Life is always YMMV when it comes to people, but I think you need to do a compare and contrast between Obama and Trump on how they treat and have treated members of their family to understand why some people like Obama and detest Trump on a visceral level.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


How about you give us an example so we can understand what in the hell you're talking about?

Account Deleted

Characterizing President Reagan as "happy warrior" is a revisionist nose pick.

Ronald W. Reagan was reluctant to run for President of the United States. He certainly didn't need the fame or to line his pockets.

It was the Young Republicans of California who illustrated for him how he could win. Then they persuaded him that he could win.

President Reagan was a warrior with a penchant for calculating each play.

A man who understands his PURPOSE in life always does--- because that can only happen for him if he grocks that his PURPOSE by necessity must be "To serve...."

That is the essence of a warrior's purpose.

"WARRIOR" doesn't need an adjective. One is. Or one is not.

It's why I call Ryan a 'Richard Noggin with ears.'

And, in my estimation it is one of the most admirable traits of a warrior----> to serve his People (note: we are speaking of men here. there is a an entire female narrative but i'm not gonna go there.)

The fight is the public flash point.

While Sting and the rest of the Communist global bowel movement were castigating "the tired old man we elected king" (thanks, Don Henley) as being a trigger-happy moron, President Reagan was publicly shadowboxing with the Kremlin while spending on the arms race the souffle-like cratering of a sclerotic Soviet.

Nary a shot fired in public view.

It's what a warrior does. And happiness has not squat to do with that.

Faux warriors like Ryan and other prancers confuse "mission" with "purpose." So they have to qualify themselves and every single action they take. It's not a visionary form of calculation--- it's reactionary. It defines their edited, airbrushed poses in public.

Reagan, Trump,and other *accomplished* individuals do not.

The confused like Eddie Munster will always tweak around the edges of a metastizing problem before going home, prancing over what "good" they were able to do "under the circumstances." Their implied belief: "If you had just elected ME president, then I coulda done more!"


Eddie Munster epitomizes a confused mind-set. For all his wonky window dressing, the sumnabeench is confused.

A purpose-oriented man (since we are talking about men) is not confused to the point where his actions have to be explained to others 'why this is meaningful.'


A man of purpose does what his purpose DEFINES as meaningful.

His actions are integrated into something bigger than "interpretative gymnastics" such as what Bill Clintoona Cahoona is famous for.

The same confusion wrecks men when they comfoozle "values" as Purpose; or their one-eye blind "vision" as Purpose.

Cases in point: Barry Soetoro, James Comey, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adolf H, Pol Pot, Mao, et al.

A warrior, even today's spec ops men who typify many Americans' conception of what it "means" to be warriors, will tell you that firing that weapon and blowin shite to kingdom come is the last resort in the decision tree.

Yes, they must train and retrain and adapt tirelessly to the sitch on the ground, to be ready to kill and blow shite up.

Service to the man on either side of him is paramount---- not saying the fighting skill set for battle and armed engagement doesn't play a part.

PURPOSE for being one of those guys in the first place (because any individual is both--- in the middle and beside somebody in another middle)
gives meaning to ALL of it.... not the other way around.

History is littered with men who got it bass ackwards.

Should a man be UNABLE TO GROCK the concept of service, as a combatant, a politician, public servant, father, brother, lover, or friend, he will never be able to claim with ANY legitimacy the role of warrior infused with "adjective-free" meaning.

Such meaning can only come from a clear understanding of his PURPOSE for being on this Earth, the single-most integrating power in the known Universe. ("Turn, turn, turn, Baby.")

That PURPOSE by necessity MUST begin with 3 magic words: "To serve others.... (by)...(then articulate the specifix in just 4 words)."

Long enuf for ya, maryrose? :D>

Headin' back to my hogan wunnerin if it will hail again today.


Yes, Obama's brother in Kenya might disagree. And his TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN Grand mother as well.



You mean like brother who he abandoned to that hut in Kenya, the grandmother who he used as a prop, to prove his virtue,

I didnt know Patrick mcnee and John steed were both etonians (and contemporaries of James bond)


Miss Marple, I think the CLOWN means Jugears shared his dope with his kids.

Old Lurker

Ext, de Tocqueville said it for sure, and some think it goes back to Socrates, that democracy will work until enough people realize that collectively they can vote benefits for themselves to be paid for by the other guys who get outvoted.

Nobody can argue with a straight face that we are not living in that reality right now. And that's why some who pay get mad about the situation.


Trump -- 2 divorces. Cheating. Daughter from 2nd marriage on perpetual outs. Eyebrow raising admiration of older daughter. Way too much family involvement in the government. And, Miss M, there's no evidence that Trump has reformed that or sees the need to.

Obama -- Fairly normal looking marriage, with the occasional evidence of a fight. Two kids who seem pretty OK, and a wife who has stayed well away from politics.

Sorry, I can't get that wrought up about cousins Obama never really knew from a Father he had little connection to. And I accept Obama has a know it all quality that is fingernails on the blackboard to a lot of folks.


Yes but, they pay taxes when they buy a BIG GULP.
Unless they use an EBT card.

Account Deleted

"Nanecalling in my opinion ,is the last resort of a losing argument."

It's also my way to send a clear message that your BoyToy Eddie has nothing in his character *in total* which suggests to the contrary that he is anything but another poser seeking power he is unworthy of wielding in the first place.

And if you need to typify people and their views as "winning" and "losing" arguments, because they satirize a public figure with a heinous moniker like "Penis With Ears", then go back to the school lounge and skulk about in your open-toed shoes and passively aggress against all those "quality" individuals who ended up collecting pensions doing their "good work" while passing societies problem kids up the line after "doing all that they could."

Now, if you will spare me any further "case of the ass" re Paul "Dickhead" Ryan. He's headed for the dustbin with all the other who'res from Congress.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

It is my personal opinion that people are duped into voting for dems thinking they will reap benefits, when, in fact, they are just voting for people who will skim a chunk off the top for themselves, then reward donors and cronies, and lastly, confer a marginal benefit to the voters (aka "crumbs" as Nancy Pelosi pointed out.

Case in point is education money. Feds dump billions into aid for schools and universities. However, all that happens is more and more bureaucrats get hired, favored vendors get to sell fancy schools fancy computers, software, books, etc., consultants are hired, etc. etc.

The result is reading scores go DOWN and tuition at universities goes up. Kids are borrowing thousands and thousands of dollars for degrees which really aren't worth much.

No one in the student population benefits; only those who are making money on the racket.


Kim Strassel is asking the right questions of Comey:



Drug abuse, chain smoking, ugly wife, for the first time in my life I'm proud of my country, You can keep your DOCTOR PERIOD, friend of Farrakhan, racist....uh uh uh uh uh uh if I had a son, he'd look uh uh uh like TRAYVON, the POLICE ACTED STUPIDLY. Uh uh if if if uh uh, they bring a knife, we bring a gun, yeah uh uh uh uh uh the Republicans can come along, but they'll have to ride in the back..Uh uh uh uh if if if provacative....errrr uh OKIE DOKE.
No no no no no no not GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD DAMN AMERICA........THE U.S OF KKK A., i GOT GAME, I know more about the policies than my policy advisors do.......

You're a clown son, and you'll never be anything more than that.


Obama -- Fairly normal looking marriage, with the occasional evidence of a fight. Two kids who seem pretty OK, and a wife who has stayed well away from politics.

Seriously? Mooch has been trashing Trump, which is a completely classless thing for a former FLOTUS to do, but then she is classless. And I don't know how "normal" it is for spouses to take separate vacations, but that seems to happen a lot with them. And Trump's kids seem better adjusted than Obama's, though they're older so it's hard to say.

Captain Hate

Sorry, I can't get that wrought up about cousins Obama never really knew from a Father he had little connection to.

I can. Both Slick and the JEF illustrated the pathologies of males growing up without a father.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Alexander Fraser Tytler.


The speculation is it was about debbie schlussel, the canary like stalker, from some years back. Who had it in for the huntress i submit for the record.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I agree with Appalled.
Trump screwed women not his wife.
Barry screwed the rest of us.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That 3:38 was for OL.


democracy will work until enough people realize that collectively they can vote benefits for themselves to be paid for by the other guys who get outvoted.

I don't think that's how we got the income level for the zero tax bracket. Other benefits, sure. Vote Dem and get food stamps, Obama phones, etc. As for the income tax brackets, I think it was all about Republicans afraid of being called names (which they get called anyway). Every time they try to cut taxes, they raise the max income of the zero bracket just to show they're not heartless.


Trump screwed women not his wife.

It's a pretty safe bet Barry screwed men not his wife.


So David kendall who had access to the server and David petreaus record and not that long agocounsel to the national enquirer, he doesn't get all his clients leaked to the press.


Trump doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs.
Which of those 3 does Obama NOT do?
Trump has never been pictured like this.......
Nah, he's not......

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Since I have been married 3 times, I say so what?

Tiffany is at school. She is at all of the holiday celebrations. Do pay attention.

Your insinuation about Ivanka is disgusting and uncalled for.

As far as Ivanka and Jared working for the President, maybe it's because there are so few people in DC who can be trusted.

Obama's older daughter interned with HARVEY WEINSTEIN.


Her internship was right before the scandal broke, and you cannot tell me that people in Hollywood or DC didn't know about Weinstein. Obama had the FBI and Secret Service to check things out, so no excuse for letting her do that.

As far as Michelle not being in politics, she's going around the country giving speeches. I know this because my sister, the democrat, paid $120 to go hear her portray herself as some statesman-like First lady and pump up her reputation. I bet she runs.

Old Lurker

Agree completely, MM. Sadly their vote counts the same as mine.


Point taken:


Old Lurker

Cap'n "I can. Both Slick and the JEF illustrated the pathologies of males growing up without a father."

suggests this:

“Ma, ma, where's my Pa?” was answered by Democrats: “Gone to the White House, ha ha ha!”


Your insinuation about Ivanka is disgusting and uncalled for.

He doesn't always make sexual innuendos, but when he does, their fairly weird.

Old Lurker

Thanks Iggy.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Old Lurker,

It is my hope that at some point Trump can explain this. Every time we try to cut something like federal funding to education, the dems act like teachers are going to have their pay cut and students are going to have to walk barefoot to school. They scare the voters who are made to feel like if they want the money cut they are heartless.

I don't know how we can get this turned around except when those tax cuts really show up next year with reduced amounts in black and white, maybe people will start to get a clue.

I used education as an example, but there are tons of things in every department that drain money from the Treasury to no benefit to anyone except a few people who have government contracts.


Seriously these bastards deserve the captain mccloskey treatment,


Don’t know.
I scrolled on by because it was uninteresting to me.


We all wish Ivanka could be more classy, like THE OMEN and Lil Miss Choooom-a-lot.

Old Lurker

Ext...in no way did I mean to exempt the Uniparty- R Wing from my disgust about getting us into the mess we are truly in.


Ext & Miss M:

Please don't pretend you live under a rock


It isn't my I just thought of it kink, y'know.

The point I had with Jane is sort of a c'mon...there is ample reason why people regard Trump as personally nasty. It takes a lot of self-lobotomy to get all mystified about that.


The point I had is sort of c'mon....there is ample reason why people regard Appalled as a CLOWN.



fdcol63  🇺🇸

"If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her"

To some of us, this just means that he's a proud father, who feels that his daughter is attractive, with a great personality, that anyone ... even he ... might feel honored to date.

To people with sick or perverted minds, it apparently means he wants to jump in the sack with her and commit incest.

Which way someone takes it probably reveals more about THEM than Trump, I think.


Which way someone takes it probably reveals more about THEM than Trump, I think.



Just more chum in the water, which allows one to ignore my high crimes including treason in the last administration.


More, do we ever get to William Campbell's open testimony on uranium one.


The past administrations relationship with the press, was akin to miss Daniel's owvre I'm given to understand.



How is it, that not a single partner at skadden harps not pat Fitzgerald not Greg Craig or the other administration factotum got caught up in the grishenko matter.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sean Hannity
‏Verified account @seanhannity
25m25 minutes ago

Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter. I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective.


Perhaps not merely the press:


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