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April 12, 2018




All of these are complex issues which don't yield themselves to commentary here.

Respectfully, BS. There is a large amount of intelligent commentary here about everything you've mentioned - and more that you haven't.

I do believe the 2nd Amendment is probably safe under this administration, if that's any consolation.

Come on. You know as well as I do that if the 2nd amendment is safe it is BECAUSE of this administration and like-minded stalwarts. It is your ideological colleagues who are behind the assault on those rights, not ours.

clarice feldman

when people talk about govt evil, I'm reminded of Pogo's "We have met the enemy and it is us". Every time people screech there outa be a law or the govt ought to, they are demanding bigger, more expensive, more intrusive govt with concomitant venality and corruption.


I had a feeling Porch was in no mood to take any Bullshit today.


When is the committee vote for Pompeo happening?
All Senate vote?


Since JFK's death, the American Democrat party, has gone ape shit, promising everything to everybody.
Their tactics are to promise your money to someone else, and tell that someone else, that YOU HATE THEM. Every imaginable group or entity has been used by the left as one more log in the JENGA that is falling down now. And everyday, there is a new victim or victimized group that they can USE. It has become absurd. Hollyweird freaks fucking anything that moves, and drugging some so they can't move, and the THEY PLAY VICTIM and put on black dresses in solidarity against theselves. Trannies was a card pulled from the deck recently. All along the way, the FULL COMMIE, infiltrated our institutions, schools and bureaucracies. Children leaving high schools NOW, have a completely different view of America than you and I do. ANYTHING GOES, just shut up and pay for my shit. So here we sit $21+TRILLION in DEBT, and even the REPUBLICANS in charge don't see the shit hitting the fan.
Obama raised the SIREN for this nonsensical COLLUSION with RUSSIA BULLSHIT. It's been 18months since TRUMP was elected, and NOTHING, not a fucking sausage has been found. So NEXT CARD PLEASE....Stormy must be a russian hooker or something. There will be a new card tomorrow and the next day. The frustrations people express here, come from a higher intellect or maybe because most of us REALLY CARE about America. And most HERE, are not getting freebies.


Every time Trump ends a regulation or creates a rule I think he should declare: "The savings from this action will go directly to paying our debt" or "lowering the deficit".

So if he makes it illegal for illegals to get welfare - he will use the money to pay back our debt, or say he decides to defund Planned Parenthood - with government funds, he should promise to use that money to lower the deficit. I suspect a lot of people would be of two minds on that.


Watch out Porchlight, the CLOWN might squirt you with his seltzer bottle.


--The greatly ahistorical nature of what we are currently witnessing suggests that something other than stupidity must be at work.--

I think you can be evil and yet not necessarily adept at implementing your evil plots.

Seriously if you decide you're going to frame Trump for collusion with the Russians either as revenge for daring to challenge Queen Hillary, or as an insurance should he do the impossible and manage to defeat the stupid bitch, would you concoct something so ridiculously unbelievable as that Steele Dossier? That thing was so obviously fake that even the MSM--who was running any ridiculous packet of lies they could get their hands on before the election--wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

And so much of what they've done since then has been an effort to cover up for having used that stupid dossier to commit stupidly illegal acts.


Jane, don't be silly, we are supposed to decrease our debt by TAXING YOU more. Or we could print a shit load of MILLION DOLLAR bills just pay off our debt today!!!!

James D.

And in my darker moments, I actually DO believe that some of them even want to cull the human herd down to a "sustainable" and "manageable" level of no more than 500 Million people world-wide. So they are enacting policies and legislation, and fomenting wars, and creating conditions for famine and disease to do just that.

I have absolutely no trouble believing this.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

After Trump and his changes, we're still going to be left with a majority generation of dumbed down, indoctrinated and brainwashed, socialized, "tolerant", "anti-gun", history-ignorant, "citizens of the world" Millennials continuing to move this country to the Left, despite the few "exceptions to the rule" members like MM's children and JiB's Frederick.


Derwill, the frame up is akin to a murder burning down the house that the dead body is in.

Who is investigating THEM??
Does a rational human being not see WHAT Comey is by NOW??? McCABE, STRZOK,PAGE,YATES, ORH, ORH'S WIFE, McAULIFFE, on and on and on and on.
Obama lit the fire....here...http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-38337109

Read the headline. It's morphed into TRUMP was HACKING our ELECTION.......it's calculated, but it's easy to read, because it was HASTILY CONCOCTED. The FULL COMMIE was SURE that their crimes would never come to light. Rodham was going to win. She even bought the fireworks.


FDCOL63, my 17 year was in the H.S.State and National championships last year with a 12 guage.
He had a question written when Mayor Barrett spoke to his History of Milwaukee class.

"Mayor Barrett, what was your last job in the PRIVATE SECTOR?"

The shit stew of INDOCTRINATED children, leaves WIDE OPEN opportunities for WELL EDUCATED PATRIOTS.


Hello James D!!!!
I'd like to introduce you to OBAMA'S SCIENCE CZAR.
Remember the AMERICAN CZARS?? Whatever happened to them.

John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet Book he authored in 1977 advocates for extreme totalitarian measures to control the population

Captain Hate

Norma Desmond going full retard:



Appalled has no sense of irony. 1st Amendment rights are threatened by the right on the day the NYT comes out with an attack on AMI and the Enquirer for being politically biased? 4th Amendment rights are threatened by the right a couple days after Trump's lawyer gets raided by an out-of-control FBI? And the 14th Amendment, when laws are applied vociferously and imaginatively to go after Republicans, while Democrats are let off for things like "lack of intent," "sloppy desks," etc.?

Old Lurker

Porch is so right here: "In my view, what is causing the earthquake we are feeling now is the ascendance of Trump."

But for Trump at that very point in time, Hillary would be POTUS and all the frogs in the pot would be fully cooked, waiting to be skinned.

I like derwills comment about stupidity explaining a lot, but of course that plays right into the pessimism on the Ledge. This country was founded by a small group of extremely smart and well read patriots against all odds, and it will not be rescued from this its darkest hour by the stupid people doing stupid things. Trump is far from stupid so that's a good thing; but he is but one man rolling a very big rock up a very steep hill.

Finally, every time FDCOL speaks up I am reminded why he gets one of the corner rooms on the Ledge.


CAPN, I like the comment at 384 on ASS OF SPADES.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

Wanna read some scary shit?

Read some quotes sometime from Maurice Strong, a wealthy Canadian businessman and former UN official responsible for much of the Agenda21 and other globalist crap coming out of the UN.

Thank God he's dead (and I hope in a special dark corner of Hell).

fdcol63  🇺🇸

OL ... you're too kind, bud! Keep a cold brew ready for me. LOL

Old Lurker

fdcol, remember, we don't have to run faster than the bear; we just have to run faster than the Verandah Dwellers.



Remember the 4D immigration poison pill that Cruz bewildered the gang of 8, his supporters, his detractors, and himself through crafty double speak?

This Grassley move seems to be of the same dimension:


fdcol63  🇺🇸

Besides the generational issue of the Millennials, we on the right have another big problem:

We're basically law-abiding people who are typically individualists, and otherwise pre-occupied with making a living and taking care of our families.

We just don't organize into herds and collective hives as well as Lefties, and we don't have or take the time to protest or march ... or riot .... as well as our adversaries.

And because we're law-abiding, we remain determined to work within the existing legal systems and processes, hoping to effect change peacefully .... all while those same systems and processes are being subverted and corrupted by the Left to the extent that it will be futile and moot point.

So, we'll just sit there like frogs in a pot being brought to a slow boil, refusing to do what's necessary, until we're simply cooked.

We're not going to have the sense or the fortitude to do what our forebears did in 1776.

None of us want to jeopardize our social security or IRAs by creating a bloody mess for something as vague and anachronous as "freedom".


CAPN!!! Comment 395 at ASS O'Spades had me laughing out loud.


GUS, that was thinly disguised, but no all-caps?

I saw the Twitter thread on that, it was pretty funny, as in:

David Burge
‏ @iowahawkblog
6h6 hours ago

I was watching Morning Joe this morning with my happy well-adjusted 22 year old, and he said "who the fuck are these people and what are they talking about?"

4h4 hours ago
Replying to @charlescwcooke @NicolleDWallace and

I was flipping through channels when it landed on Morning Joe and my 3 year old daughter said, "The mofo RINO need a cap bust in his azz!". I thought to myself, "She understands".

And so on.


fdcol63, therein lies most of the disdane for the like of Paul Ryan and moreso Mitch McConnell.
We EXPECT them to carry out our wishes as we sent them to D.C. to do. The FULL COMMIE PARTY is beholding to so many freakish groups and lobbies, that the MUST do crazy shit, or they'll never ever have power. You know a party is batshit crazy, when they back TRANNIES in your teen daughters bathroom and Mickey D's. The LGBTQRSTUV "movement" is just another group they need to keep happy. Or keep gay.

Old Lurker

fdcol, the only addition I would make to your 3:49 is that not only is our side law abiding, we project that onto the Left and time after time are surprised-shocked I say- that they are not law abiding at all. Our side thinks the law is the law; their side thinks the law is a weapon to be used against us but not them, and is something they only have to follow when it serves them.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

OL @ 3:55 PM - indeed.

Old Lurker

As we were saying:

Breitbart "Sixty-six percent of American Millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 years old did not know that Auschwitz was part of the Holocaust, according to a survey released Thursday.The Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Study, released on Holocaust Remembrance Day, found that many U.S. adults lack basic knowledge of the events that occurred during the Holocaust—and that the lack of Holocaust knowledge was more pronounced among American Millennials ages 18 to 34. One of the more striking findings found that 41 percent of U.S. adults—and 66 percent of U.S. millennials—could not explain that Auschwitz was a concentration camp in Poland"

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I saw that Tweet by Wallace this morning, too. HA! She sure got a lot of burn comments!

I just got done with my taxes, in which I pay nothing and get nothing back. Turbo-Tax tells me "great tax planning!" Actually, it's what happens when you are poor! HA!

Next year I will do them by hand and mail them. I had all of last year's info stored at the site so sort of had to use them this year.

Anyway, that's done.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

GUS @ 3:55 - indeed. The GOPe wing of the UNIPARTY isn't going to work on our behalf.

2008 was really a turning point, when the country shifted from center-right to center-left. Because of Millennials, I don't see a return ..... instead, I see a steady, incremental movement ever further to the Left.

No matter what Trump and his 4D chess strategy may accomplish temporarily.

Hopefully, though, I'm wrong.




OL, when the FULL COMMIE is in power, it disobeys the law and weaponizes govt for their purposes and specifically against US. Take the IRS scandal, you can't raise funds and compete, if you are denied access to 501 c3 status. Fast and Furious. We can't allow that type of gun, look what it is doing to JUAN and MARIA down in MEHEEECO. The Full COMMIE picks judges that are HARD LEFT. The GOPe, smiles and approves the nominee. The JUDGE WRITES LAW from the bench. SEE:Trump immigration policy.
We assume that all Americans share decent moral values. THE LEFT DOES NOT HAVE DECENT MORAL VALUES. There is always one issue that proves it.
Name a DEMOCRAT in Congress/Senate that objects to BABY KILLING and BABY PARTS R US..


Oh this has been going on since Wilson's war socialism--the New Dealers learned much from it, restarted it and adapted it to their own ends, but the only real change since JFK is that the Left has been successful beyond their wildest dreams.

The fundamental point of inflection was the initial injection of organized communism into the institutions of the nation in the 20s and the 30s, starting with the Unions and the political parties but very soon branching out to the schools, the media and NGOs. The core of these cadres were professional political operatives (and direct action operatives too for that matter) literally sent by the USSR, but they were more than enough local fellow travelers to recruit and utilize. The first steps of the "Long March through the Institutions" began long before the 1960s.

This just standard stuff for the left, and as obvious as the sun should you know how to look at it. It has been played out in countless nation and societies.

Yes, the Democrats cleared out the Scoop Jackson wing, but the "professional left" had been power long before that. They just cleaned house as they did earlier with the holdovers from Wilson era "progressives'. Both purged group had ceased to have an real power long before their ouster; they merely served as camouflage.

Systematic purges, often along the lines of the generations of cadres, is SOP for the Marxist Leninists. It should not surprise.

Many of the political actors of today can be traced though actual real human connections over generation to the actual original operatives, other have a more indirect personal connection, but this matters little as they have been thoroughly indoctrinated and vetted by the Left.

This is not some loose "confederacy of the like-minded". This is an organized movement that has sustained itself for generations. The have been in control of most of our institutions for quite some time. They dominate our society in a way that now other faction ever has. If they seem like they have gone more "batshit" it is only because they have grown much more confident that they are now the beginning of the end. And when you have a President openly normalizing transvestites in women's washrooms (and doing it as a nation legal issue, none the less), the hideous performance of the NFL in their support of racially motivated shook troops, and the truly Orwellian horror that our Universities have become, it is not hard to see just why they might feel so confident.

Our nation is now at the deepest point of degradation and decadence that it has ever been. This is deftly illustrated by the out of control Mueller team and its blatant disregard for the law and all accepted norms. The very fiber of the nation Christianity, the traditional values that have shaped our civilization for centuries push into what is now a minority position. This is not the country it was even 40 years ago. None of this is by chance or the result of some "organic" process.

Always remember though that above the Ideologues their is a tier whose main pursuit is power, chaos, desolation and destructive pride. You talk of "useful idiots" but there are actually many layers of them.

They mean our destruction--the useful idiots too. They have done so well that we now pin our hopes on one man fighting inside the political process.

He may make some headway, but do not think that the enemy is on the run.

The struggle must ultimately be fought beyond the political realm.

The first step would be to try to understand who the enemy actually is and what he is about.


Imagine for a moment, what your Father would have said or done, or what your Grandfather would have said or done, if they saw you KNEELING for the NATIONAL ANTHEM. Libs/The FULL COMMIE is desperately playing every card they can think of, because they are abject failures. COMMIES sare akin to rapists. They are going to do what they are going to do, and they have zero interest in you, your family or the betterment of Society.

Jim Eagle


About 20 years ago, I had an associate who was an anal retentive engineer with a Hawking's math brain who thought he had filed the most fool proof tax return in the history of mankind. Little did he know that math and IRS regulations do not necessarily merge to your advantage. Got hung dry with a $12K under paid taxes.

He handled the only way people who always feel aggreived handle things. He sent the IRS a strong box (actually a welded large container) of 1,200,000 pennies he spent 10 weeks collecting from banks, supermarkets, 711's and gas stations.

Did I say he was anal retentive?


Squaredance 4:13. very good.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


What a funny story!

I wish I could have back the taxes I paid when I was running my business. Maybe I should start it up again. The only thing is that there is no room here to store antiques or collectibles.


The first step would be to try to understand who the enemy actually is and what he is about.

The second step is to take your Danish sword and decapitate the sonofabitch.

Started reading "The Last Kingdom" that the UPS man dropped off this morning.

Now those Saxons in the 9th century knew how to take care of business:)

fdcol63  🇺🇸

squaredance @ 4:13 PM - indeed.

Gramsci's strategy is almost complete.

These 2 videos pretty much describe what you're talking about:


Yuri Bezmenov Interview

fdcol63  🇺🇸

Yuri Bezmenov Interview



The Seahawks asked the Kneeler in Chief whether he intended to kneel for the anthem this year.

He wouldn't answer.

His tryout was cancelled.

The NFL really does not want this controversy. Not for a not very good backup quarterback.

Ralph L

Happy FDR Deathday!

Ralph L

Speaking of IRAs, does anyone know if it's legal for your IRA to buy some of your own securities without first selling them (and taking a capital gain)?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

One of the things I have noticed with the left is this new-found Puritanism. I think they have made up a cartoon character of Christians in their minds and are playing to the cartoon character, thinking things like Stormy Daniels will send us running for cover with our aprons pulled over our faces.

I also would like to point out that if you go back through President Trump's speeches, he uses statements of faith far more than any recent president, even George W. Bush who had the famous Never Trumper Michael Gerson writing for him.

It's very easy to miss President Trump's statements because he just matter-of-factly sticks them in. They are phrases like "God will protect us" . It's interesting to me that those phrases are there.

By the way, we haven't had much news from Syria, have we?


NY Times Editorial: If Trump “has nothing illegal or untoward to hide, why does he care about the [attorney-client] privilege in the first place?”

I predict the NYTimes will see a day when they regret writing that.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

SUG is the Man!

Ralph L

The Kneeler at his best. I love the receiver at the bottom jumping like Yosemite Sam.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The Mexico City Times has completely lost it.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

NY Times Editorial: If Trump “has nothing illegal or untoward to hide, why does he care about the [attorney-client] privilege in the first place?”

That's kinda like saying, "Hey, if the arrestee hasn't done anything illegal or untoward to hide, then why does he need a lawyer in the first place?"


Ralph L:

See --


Ralph L

I was right this morning. Elizabeth had Prince Phillip whacked. He's just had hip replacement surgery.


--This country was founded by a small group of extremely smart and well read patriots against all odds, and it will not be rescued from this its darkest hour by the stupid people doing stupid things.--

Alas, you are so right about that OL.

SD, the thing about Communism as a form of government is that like all tyrannies it might be able to get itself into power through the ballot box, but it can only stay in power behind the barrel of a gun, and at this point in time, at least, the American Left doesn't have the military behind them, nor do they have the well-armed civilian army that Obama had hoped to establish. (Interesting, btw, that he failed at that. I seem to remember him trying to get one going at the beginning of his first term, but it seems not to have gotten anywhere.) So rather what civilian army that does exist, it's on our side, and while it might not be organized, it is very well-armed.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

This just in: The Kneeler is a terrible quarterback.


Bezmenov was actually pulling his punches so far as I am concerned.

Unlike most here, I have lived in Communist nations. We are quickly getting to the point were we are little different then them. the EU is more or less already there.

As someone mentioned above, the indoctrination of the young is most challenging. Yes, they are some of them that see through it, but they are a small minority at this point.

In my work deal with a lot of young professionals, many from the best schools, They are not stupid but have been wildly miseducated and thoroughly indoctrinated. It is shocking to me what they believe.

As I have said many times before, the average factory worker of the 1950s had a better political understanding of the world, and a firmer grounding in our civilization then some of these young people.

Once the boomers die out, it is hard to see how the young recover the values that our civilization would need to survive and turn this around. They have no memory at all of what this nation once was, or what a balanced, morally ordered and sane society looks like.

Remember that the World the left wants will not work-it cannot work. It will leave a desolation. Their leaders know this, but they do not care. It is indeed what some of them want.

Perhaps if Trump is successful it will help the young to see, but ultimately the enemy must be removed from power across the board.

Old Lurker

Buckeye, if I took the time, I could go correlate the spreadsheet I use to track the kindle books I have read with the tone of my JOM posts and it would not surprise me to find I became more demanding of "just fix it now, damnit" and less forgiving of those who won't about the time I binge read the Saxon Chronicles of which your book is #7.

Jim Eagle

I have given up on the Save Mercy effort. On March 21 I sent to the school board members my recommended outline of an Action Plan cum Business Proposal to bring to the Bishop. Heard nothing. But last night the chair of our Ad Hoc committee asked me if I didn't have a plan to report on.

Hell no. No one got back to me. Now I find out that since the 21st the committee has two other people working on a plan. They never let me know. What a f**kiing waste of my time. Told them if you need my input let me know but I am busy vetting other schools for Frederick's next year.

This kind of management of a crucial issue tells me it is DOA.

Ralph L

Thanks, Appalled. Guess it's verbotten. I'm tired of paying yearly tax on 2 mutual funds, but the IRS doesn't want to wait to fleece me.

clarice feldman

The prosecutor who fell from grace--or, as the worm turns.

fdcol63  🇺🇸

"Once the boomers die out, it is hard to see how the young recover the values that our civilization would need to survive and turn this around. They have no memory at all of what this nation once was, or what a balanced, morally ordered and sane society looks like."

squaredance, you said this better than I've been able to do so.

This is the primary source of my pessimism.

Too many of us who DO remember take way too much for granted, and almost just ASSUME that the status quo ante is the normal and natural state of things, and that the ship will right itself somehow, when Trump makes his changes.

Jim Eagle


Thanks for reminding everyone here why the second amendment is the most important amendment because without it, you'd have no other amendments or a Constitution.

Now everyone who has a sentient mind understands why we want gun rights not gun control.

I have always wanted the guy Harry Turtledove (sic) to write one of his alternate history around the repeal of the 2nd amendment and the full confiscation of guns ala UK and OZ style. Chilling in the least, I would say. And you wouldn't have to own guns to find it that way.


Dreqillwill: So far as I can see they are in power right now.

I would not use the sequence of events or the stages of tyranny in the USSR and a ultimate guide to the progress of these things. That was a different time and place. The process has been different here.

The destruction of a developed society may, I would must, follow a different path than that of Russia. Moreover, the civilization that was Russia was completely destroyed.

Should they ultimately fail in the USA but meanwhile destroy this civilization, it will be of little comfort to us.

Ralph L

I don't think I'd heard of the Holocaust until the '78 miniseries--with Meryl and James Woods!
I was 17 and oh so skinny.

Old Lurker

SqD and fdcol, way up above I posted a thing about how few millennials know about the Holocaust and Auschwitz in particular. I wouldn't want to do a man in the street survey of Boomers on that subject either, frankly.

Hence the Ledge.

Cocktails at 6pm.

Captain Hate

This is what a bruised mangina looks like:



FD: I think of this often. You are not alone in this.

Dave (in MA)

Ralph, expanding on my prediction on how The Americans ends,

Elizabeth kills Philip
Stan kills Elizabeth
Paige kills Stan
Oleg kills Paige
Claudia kills Oleg
Henry kills Claudia



OL: for quite some time I have assumed that you had long ago reserved an comfortable chair out there just for me.


Dave, quit spilling my plans. :)

Old Lurker

Goes without saying, SqD.

Old Lurker

Funny Dave. I was going down your checklist putting faces to characters, nodding my head about likelihood of each step, then I got stuck at "Henry". Please do not mix my worlds like that. I already have James running a guillotine, dressed in funny clothes, and now Buckeye, with hair down to his waist, swinging a sword with a funny name...

Another Bob

James D. | April 12, 2018 at 10:51 AM

There’s nothing I’d like better than another soul crushing defeat of the Craps at the hands of the Pens.

But despite the 7-0 start last night, my guess is Pittsburgh is a relatively early exit. Maybe not the Flyers, but Caps or Jackets.

pagar, a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley said Thursday Democrats are delaying a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller in the event that President Trump moved to fire him."

I do not understand why any Republican would be supporting a bill to keep Mueller employed.

IMO, he and everyone who works for him should be fired and charged with taking money under false pretenses. There never was any reason to hire him or any one else in the first place.


The Left has a lot of power now, but not ultimate power. There are many things they would love to do to us, but still don't dare to do, and ultimately won't be able to do except behind the barrel of a gun. For one thing the Left must always crush dissent, and in order to crush dissent they need a secret police, cattle cars and prison camps.

fdcol63 pointed out that we won't fight back because we're too comfortable, with our things like our 401ks. But the Left has already telegraphed that if they get the power they will take away our retirement accounts, our private property, our incomes over a certain amount, etc. Will there come a point when it dawns on us that if we don't fight back we will soon have noting left to lose? I actually think the election of Trump came about because enough people in the right states had reached that point already, maybe not through conscious reasoning, but on some level they recognized that their way of life was being destroyed and they wanted that to stop.

Trump has always maintained that MAGA is a movement, and that he did not create it, rather he just stepped forward to lead it.

Another Bob

PD, comment from last thread...

I think it was that 2008 loss to the Wings that taught the Crosby/Malkin /Letang/Fleury group what it took to win. Served Pittsburgh well in later years.


Now we know what happened to Greta


derwill: not for long. The Left just raided the offices of the lawyer of a sitting POTUS and the GOP evidently want to "protect" them.

What do you imagine that they will do to you if they can get away with this?


And while we're on the subject of Teh Stupid--how about this brilliant idea to paint the streets in CA white to combat globull warming? I thought of that as I was driving to the grocery store today and looking at the filthy black piles of old winter snow that haven't melted yet along the road. Those pretty white streets will be a dirty gray within a week from the car exhaust and black as soot within a month.

There really are two America's, but only one of them lives in reality.


Ken Holland, GM of the Detroit Red Wings, said he would leave when Nick Listrom retired. Big mistake keeping him on for "rebuilding"...

Jim Eagle

I have been a Caps fan since 1974 their ignaural season. Would listen to the games back then on my radio prone on a hardwood floor. Went through the worst season ever in NHL history until we got Langway, Gartner and Ciccerreli. It was hard but at least Pollin tried like hell to get the best players since the NHL was bidding against the defunct WHL at the time.

Then we got Scott Stevens and the most exciting game in history, the 3 OT games against the Islanders.

Last year almost hung me dry on them. I will give them and Ovie one more time but that is it.

clarice feldman

Pagar, the law would be unconstitutional. Grassley was pulling the Dems' chain. They wanted to fuss about Mueller being fired, but did not want to stand up for him when it's clear he's lost the public's favor.

Tom R

I have always wanted the guy Harry Turtledove (sic) to write one of his alternate history around the repeal of the 2nd amendment and the full confiscation of guns ala UK and OZ style.

His book The Guns of the South is a fun read.


Perhaps if Trump is successful it will help the young to see, but ultimately the enemy must be removed from power across the board.

I don't think that can possibly happen. The only solution I can see is a divorce. We split the nation in half.

It will be difficult, like any divorce, and many people will have to move, but then we can see which system thrives and which does not. Perhaps someday, fifty or a hundred years later, there could be some sort of reunification, but I think people need to get over the idea that borders can't be moved. Reconciliation between the American left and right is not possible at this point, and a split would be preferable to a civil war, even if our side were to win and dominate.


SD, I know full well what they want to do. I just think that eventually they're going to need the backing of a willing military to pull off full tyrannical control, because we have such a well-armed populace.

It is possible that eventually they can convince the populace to voluntarily surrender their guns, but they are a long way from that now. At least here in Idaho.


JiB - I lived through the "dead things" era and even though the DRW are absolutely on the wrong path, I will still root for them. Just don't expect me to buy tickets to go see them...

Yup, that's right. We never went to a single game at LCA this year, in the inaugural season.

Jim Eagle


No. I want to go guns blazing if we are to do this. The left and their apologists, enablers and promoters are nothing more than seditionist SOB's who need to be eliminated. Choose your weapons: The Ballot box or the AR-15. Which one do they deserve when you consider the damage they have done to our constitutional republic and for what it stands?

Yes, I am a absolutionist and eliminationist.

Tom R

Lawyer question for Clarice or anyone else who knows the answer.

During Mueller's raid on Cohen's office it has been reported that the FBI seized documents and communications that should have been off limits due to the principle of attorney/client privilege.

If Mueller tries to use any of that attorney/client privileged information as evidence in a trial, shouldn't the judge rule it inadmissible due to a violation of the 4th Amendment?


“Goes without saying, SqD”

SqD makes OL look like Dr Pangloss

Comanche Voter

Give me an effin' break. This bit by the failing and flailing NYT and its editorial staff show they have nothing more for brains than common buffalo dung. Which my ancestors used to pick up on the prairie.



The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Surely there's a warrant, and a judge signed it based on a probable cause claim. The warrant probably doesn't say "Vacuum everything you find and let's sift through it to see what we see," or it would violate 4A. I don't know how Clarice will answer, and Dershowitz thinks it was unconstitutional, but I don't see how it's a slam dunk.


By the time the treasure trove from Cohen's office is tested for Constitutional violations most of the damage will have occurred through black hat leaks.


In Michigan in the 1980's, the Firearm Deer hunters numbered 1.5 million and listed as the 5th largest standing army at the time. We have way more people that DON'T hunt and are far bettered armed NOW.


Trump, Mueller teams prepare to move forward without presidential interview

Kind of interesting that Mueller decided on the Cohen gambit instead of holding out hope to get Trump under oath.

Apparently, like Russia, obstruction was a dead end.


I didn't know Pompeo graduated first in his class at West Point.

Pompeo Pushes Back Against ‘Hawk’ Reputation During Senate Grilling


JiB - think 7.62 NATO goodness.

.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO > 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington.


It is the fact that they can do it is the issue. It is an outrageous usurpation.

It is perhaps the most dangerous act in American politics we have seen in our lifetimes.

And the silence for the GOP serves to normalize it.

It need to be stopped and dealt immediately.

Watch them actually manufacture evidence,

They have now said to the nation "See we can even do this to the President. Watch Out!"

It is a complete disaster for law and order in the nation. We have just thrown the Constitution out the window.

I cannot see why some feel so complacent abut this.

The GOP may think that they will get milage out of this in Nov, but if they do not start to take action now against this I doubt that strategy will work.

clarice feldman

Ext--I haven't seen the warrant soI don't know what the govt claimed. OTOH Cohen said he was cooperating and turned over everything they asked for. In the meantime, without any court ruling on the 6th Amendment, the public is speaking--they don't like it and Mueller has (a) lost majority support and (b) even the LAT ran an articles critical of him.
Also to be noted-- The Dems and a few R jackasses were demanding Trump not fire Mueller(unconstitutional overreach) and when Grassley called for an immediate vote on this--DiFi called for delay..See where I'm going..the courtroom is not the only place citizens' views on unreasonable searches are shaped.
Now, if only they could prod this SOB and his crooked team to wiretap a confessional our long national nightmare would be over.


I didn't see the hearing, but apparently the grandstanding lightweight Cory Booker attempted to take the high ground on whether anal sex between men is perverted.


clarice feldman

s/b FOURTH amendment

Dave (in MA)
If Mueller tries to use any of that attorney/client privileged information as evidence in a trial, shouldn't the judge rule it inadmissible due to a violation of the 4th Amendment?
Because so far everyone's stuck to what they should do.

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