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April 03, 2018



I wonder what Bible the Pope studies and teaches from?

The one from The Life of Brian of course:


Tom Bowler, for the most part the RCC, my beloved Holy Roman and Apostolic Catholic Church, has decided to FLIGHT vs FIGHT. It's just so HARD to be a Catholic who makes the dedication to ACTUALLY BE.....CATHOLIC.
How Pope Francis ever came to be, is a mystery to me. THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS, are supposed to be, the most PIOUS and DEVOUT Catholics on this EARTH.
I've known Cardinal Dolan for many years, since long before he was a CARDINAL. I've known Cardinal BURKE, for just as long.
I CANNOT IMAGINE that these 2 AMERICAN HOLY MEN, are part of this ABANDONMENT of our CATHOLIC VALUES and DEDICATION. It makes me sick and sad.


Wictor mentions her severe flat effect on display in all her videos and pictures, indicating mental illness.

She doesn't strike me as any weirder than any other Bay Area Starbuck's Barista I've come in contact with.


Did the bad guys win both things being voted upon?


They've been grading on a curve Gus, sacred causes this happened predominantly in the UK, but also in Germany and post Franco Spain, by the early 80s



I'm so sorry to read about the passing of your friend, Linda. Our prayers are with you and her family.

Tom Bowler

GUS, I don't know how you do it. I miss those innocent days, though I recall them being slightly stressful at the time. My father was a devout Catholic right up to his death. But I think one day I decided the teachings didn't make sense anymore. Looking back I can't say I drifted away from the church. It was sudden. And that was long before all the altar boy abuse came to light. I'm still the doubting Thomas.


Thanks, Barbara

Re the question of purgatory it seems to have been another ascriptural element.


Well faith is the evidence of things not seen, it is clearly stated that this is not our kingdom, hence it looks stranger and stranger every day,


I think the general commandment is 'dont be conformed to the things of this world' in mythology, Odysseus could not be entangled in any one place or he couldn't go home, as such it still took him ten years


Sorry to be waxing theological after lent but there it is, it is the Word that is key, who delivers it particularly is of secondary importance.


Tom Bowler, God bless you my friend. During the worst time in American Catholic history, the ABUSE, the PRIEST vs YOUNG MEN/CHILDREN abuse, was in my generation. Tom, I was an Altar boy, and I was proud and it formed me as a Catholic. I was never touched or in any way, harmed. The Catholic Church is the direct decendant of JESUS CHRIST. St Peter, is the PATRON of the HOLY ROMAN and APOSTLIC Catholic Church. NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT.
I love being CATHOLIC, but I am the most critically thinking peep alive.


Speaking of shootings, up here today we had a case of Road Rage. Local News reports that a 25 year old got PO'd at some woman in an SUV, so he got right behind her and threateningly chased her down the highway, so she drove to some location where her boyfriend was and he apparently walked out and shot the Road Rager in a vital organ.

As for our new Vote By Mail Election? Polls are closed: What's next?

So how do we know when the results are set? They won't be on Tuesday night. Hall says the city will release preliminary results Tuesday night at 8:30, of the ballots tallied so far. That’s the only set of numbers the city will release that night, Hall said...

...A public canvass is planned for April 12.

Alls I know for sure is that I'm still allowed to use the toilet that says "Boys."


Buzzard feed can't be cereal can they?


insty: "OPEN THREAD: Thread Away."

Pretty sure this is a duplicate.


So you're saying it's like abox of chocolates?

Tom Bowler

Thanks, GUS. I'm happy for the strength of your faith. :)

Comanche Voter

Well the shooter saved the state the expense of a trial and maybe 10 years room and board in the Graybar Hotel. So there is that.


More thumbs up for Surf Medley.
Love this stuff :)


I like the medley's "Secret Agent Man" section too. My daughter always calls that song Secret Asian Man and thought it was about some Chinese guy....


Another dose of Junior for anyone who wants more.
Highway Patrol


The lyrics make it clear, what they are talking about.


Junior and the Beach Boys!
One for daddy....


JimNorCal, my band has played SECRET AGENT MAN, for YEARS.
Great song, I hope someday, you see US/ME play it.



jim nj

Damn, typhus swallowed two posts.

jim nj

Something similar occured to me around the same time. I was going to mass when it was done in Latin. I knew the call and responses and understood the meaning in English.

I lost interest in attending mass. When my mother found out she convinced me to try it again.

I went. It was now in the vernacular, with guitars, handshakes, the altar facing the wrong way, etc.

Not my cup of tea.

My younger sister expressed her wish to skip mass also. Mom defered to our decision. Pop stopped going. He had a deal with mom to go to church as an example for we children. Mom kept going. She got something out of mass that the rest of us didn't.

Mom's mother attended mass everyday. When she got older the family moved her from a rented home two blocks from St. Cecilia's RC in Englewood to Bliss Ave., in nearby Tenafly, in an apartment across the street from the SMA fathers. She went across the street to daily mass there.



They were missionaries to Africa (founded in France) with a retirement home and a very good collection of African art in Tenafly.

Grandmom got along with them just fine. She was as devout as they were and roughly the same age as most of the priests.

jim nj

Ah, I had to create tinyurls for the links to the SMA fathers.

jim nj

First link is to the SMA fathers home page, they have an interesting story.

If that doesn't interest you the second link is to the home page of their African art museum.
They have a premier collection. I highly recommend it. Click on "exhibitions" to see some of what they have. Click on "resources & ebooks" and they have some free ebooks that detail their holdings.



GUS, would be terrific to see you play one day.

jim nj


Interesting article on revising the training regimen for junior officers.

And critical of "optimized" crew staffing.

You don't ever fight a war "economically." You don't predict just how few forces you need to deploy. Or how many few pieces of equipment or ammunition you need to accomplish the mission.

You go to war or battle, get there firstest, with the mostest, and overwhelm a force. You have reserves of everything - men, equipment, stores, etc.

You attack. Through any means you keep your enemy back-footed, unable to counter your forces. The OODA loop. By force of action you reduce your own casualties.

Regarding the Navy, you don't "optimize" staff, you build in redundancies, so that if you engage in action and suffer casualties, you can continue in action.

An "optimized" crew is, by definition, not an effective fighting force.

jim nj
jim nj

Also from Insty


68% of Indian military equipment is vintage? So, what, they're ready for an 1980's war?

Jim Eagle

Goede morgen van Brasschaat, Belgium. Nice day so far.

Your Latin phrase of the day:

"Contra felicem vix deus vires habet."

jim nj

Against a lucky man a god scarcely has power.

jim nj


Adds some new insights.

jim nj


With comments on Saudi Crown Prince MBS's comments.


This, posted on Instapundit, made me smile:

BLOWBACK: Men Like Trump More After Stormy Daniels Accusations, Poll Shows.

From the comments: “We have a President who has sex with porn stars and wants a space army. I love this guy.”

230 Posted at 8:17 pm by Glenn Reynolds


I guess that's how he got to 50%! ;-)

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Good morrning!

Apparently the police had questioned that YouTube shooter just hours before she went on a rampage. This is from a CBS affiliate reporter out in the area:

The Known Unknowns liked
Tina Patel
‏Verified account @tina_patel
6h6 hours ago

BREAKING: Just spoke to the father of Nasim Aghdam. He says his daughter had been missing for several days. When cops found her in NorCal last night, he warned them she was angry with YouTube. @CBSLA

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I had a dream last night that I was invited to the White House for dinner. It was very strange and detailed, including having some sort of casserole with piped mashed potatoes and the woman sitting next to me was a vegan and demanded they bring her a salad, which was extremely embarrassing.

Then I got to meet the President in the Treaty Room and told him all about how worried we were and he laughed and said "Don't be worried! Just watch me."

This is my sign I am becoming way too obsessed with this stuff, I guess.


Daddy, re the election. San Francisco values won and we still have a State Treasurer. The John Doe DAs are still unpunished. Plus I look out the window and see an inch of snow on the ledge.

For whatever reason, the left can be angry and stay angry ( mental illness?). The rest of us have to go to work and get tired of the full on campaign. It's been a 10 year run here since Gableman replaced a lib on the SC and flipped it, through Walker and the recalls, to a Trump win. We are told to be patient on the cleanup in DC, to let Mueller run wild; we know how that goes by looking at Chisolm not only avoid lawsuits and jail, but get reelected. Patience doesn't work.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Captain Hate

All the 4D chess assholes still won't answer: how much collateral damage is permissible of people getting convicted of process crimes by Mueller and being financially ruined until Sessions takes control back from Rosenstein?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Vaptain Hate,

It's too early in the morning for you to start calling some of us names.

NONE of it is permissible unless you ascribe to a deeper plan for all of this. YOU need to explain what over 20,000 sealed indictments signify.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Fox News
‏Verified account @FoxNews

Planned Parenthood's political group failed to accurately disclose $120G in support of Clinton, Dems, FEC says

Captain Hate

Bullshit. An otherwise innocent person was convicted of lying to federal agents and deleting emails all because of Grand Inquisitor Mueller's scam investigation which should have never happened in the first place. It's time for Sessions to do his fucking job and take control of non Russian involvement in the 2016 election away from the "vewy honowable Won Wosenstein" and end this charade. And reimburse all legal costs out of his own pocket. Enough of this charade!


"YOU need to explain what over 20,000 sealed indictments signify."

DOJ has taken over prosecuting diplomat parking fines.

DOJ already had lots and lots of sealed indictments and are using them to blackmail, coerce, or in DOJ, or Big Brother, speak seek willing cooperation of suspects.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


I can't find much news this morning since it pretty much was covered lat night.

Mostly I am seeing lots of pictures and clips of that nutcase YouTube shooter, rehashes of the entire Mueller thing, and arguments between Piers Morgan and carious 2nd Amendment supporters.

I much appreciate jim nj posting those interviews discussing the Saudi Crown Prince, because they carried new information.

It occurs to me that President Trump and McS share an understanding of negotiation The prince's statement about "sometimes your choice is between a bad choice and a worse choice" is very similar to Trump's "always own the down side."

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Unlike many here, I actually think there is significance to that extremely large nymber of selaed indictments.

Many child sex trafficking groups have been arrested over the last few months, as well as human trafficking in general. There are also MS-13 investigations and arrests going on.

There is the possibility of vote fraud investigations as well.

However, the normal number is a few thousand over the course of a year, not 20,000. I find it very interesting that the media has studiously ignored this.

Captain Hate

So is the MFM pretending that the details of Little Miss Shooty aren't important for us rubes to know?


20,000 - someones been busy.

Another Bob

MM, I'm with CH on this (except for the namecall). Enough is enough. How many other secret enlargements of Mueller's already out-of-scope "investigation" have there been? All the collusion was from the Clinton side, but nobody's laid a glove on any of them yet.

And no, we are not obligated to disprove anyone's unproven theories. 20,000 "sealed indictments" - if that's true - are far more likely to be over, say, drug dealing than swamp draining.


Fusion is such a welcoming word.

WV woman interrogated for FOI request about mosque.


Another Bob

The initial story that was pushed - she was shooting a boyfriend - didn't last long, did it?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Another Non,

I know and I have days when I get exasperaed as well. However, I keep in mind 2 things:

1. I really have no idea what's going on - only what is released by the DoJ and filered by the worthless press.

2. I do not have control over any of this.

Therefore I observe. And I won't insult anyone who has a more pessimistic view.

As I said a week or so ago, either my outlook will be correct, or The Ledge view will prevail. I don't find it helpful for those of us here to get mad at each other.
I can go to Twitter and find plenty of that.

Jack is Back! (At De Kathedraal)

Having pizza at La Torre next to the Cathedral in Antwerp. Mrs JiB kicked Frederick and I out of the house so we drove in, parked on the south quay and walked into the Grote Markt and Onze Lieve Vrouw Cathedral square.

Next some University of Antwerp gear. My FIL was once the President after he combined 3 separate catholic colleges into one.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Sorry for all of the typos.

I need more coffee.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
2m2 minutes ago

Our Border Laws are very weak while those of Mexico & Canada are very strong. Congress must change these Obama era, and other, laws NOW! The Democrats stand in our way - they want people to pour into our country unchecked....CRIME! We will be taking strong action today.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
35s35 seconds ago

We are not in a trade war with China, that war was lost many years ago by the foolish, or incompetent, people who represented the U.S. Now we have a Trade Deficit of $500 Billion a year, with Intellectual Property Theft of another $300 Billion. We cannot let this continue!

Captain Hate

I don't like to see people get convicted for process crimes. It enrages me, to put it bluntly, and I start looking for enablers.

Mueller needs to be shut down now.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

I think I will find something else to do for a while.

Back later!

Another Bob

And a comment from CTH about the YouTube shooter: "My guess is that the father was an informant at one time, or continues to be...".

It's a shame that we can't discard that as a silly conspiracy theory anymore.


Process crimes amount to entrapment.


"My guess is that the father was an informant at one time, or continues to be...".

Probably works for a Fusion Center.


Am I the only one troubled on a fundamental level by the idea that there is a "secret" prosecutor and 20,000 sealed indictments?

I share the fading hope that "something big" is in the works to drain the swamp and vindicate the good guys, but this is no way to operate a free republic.

And my concern applies not only to the legal abuse of essentially innocent parties for process crimes but the basic due process rights of even alleged drug criminals and "sex traffickers." Or for that matter the rights of the swamp dwellers.

Enough with the secret police. Coercion through fear of exposure or more secret charges is not justice.

Another Bob

It's not just the process crimes Cap, it's that the whole entire thing was an invention of the Clintons to:
1. Hide their complicity, along with the Obama DOJ, in the attempted rigging of a presidential election.
2. Hide their complicity, along with the Obama DOJ, in acts of sedition after the election and inauguration, to frame the elected president for crimes he did not commit and force his removal from office. And,
3. Maintain the political viability of one Hillary Rodman Clinton.

This is banana republic shit. And lots of people who would normally be calling for pitchforks and lampposts in DC over it are sitting quietly and watching it happen.

Captain Hate

The MFM is so willing to distract from the particulars of Little Miss Shooty they're considering looking at the lack of progress on the Vegas shooting, which is another national disgrace.

Captain Hate

Welp, I guess AB and bb share my outrage.


Recommend the Hugh Hewitt interview with Michael Oren that jim_nj linked last night:


One bit:

HH: What do you make of the new foreign policy team that President Trump, the second line we call it in hockey. Usually, it’s not as good as the first line. In my opinion, this time, the second line is better than the first line. What do you make of this?

MO: Well, from our perspective looking from the Middle East and certainly from an Israeli perspective, it’s the A Team. You have a Secretary of State and a national security advisor who have gone repeatedly on record as being opposed unequivocally to the Iran nuclear deal, and we view that deal as a catastrophe. They have expressed serious reservations about the Palestinians’ willingness to make peace. That has been our experience. They are willing to work to forge this Middle Eastern united front against Iran, against terrorism. All good, all constructive, we welcome it.

They reference a Jeffrey Goldberg interview with the Saudi Crown Prince that I may or may not read, since it's Jeffrey Goldberg.


Me too, CH, in case you missed my comment (or it was too understated.


Indeed, Captain.


You need to remember that the lies and subterfuge is the way they brought down regular criminals such as organized crime and 'Bad' companies.

I recall reading some time ago that in their efforts to hide their assets/informants the DOJ made up evidence for made up witnesses to put before the courts.


Good Morning! Inquiring minds want to know how the nutcase YouTube shooter got a gun?

Re: the Catholic discussion...my husband is a cradle Catholic,born and raised in a French Canadian town that was 99.9% Catholic. My in-laws conformed to the social mores of the (1950s). My mother-in-law is a faithful Catholic. Only one of her five children is a practicing Catholic. Hubby describes his Catholic childhood as oppressive,he doesn't have memories of singing "Jesus Loves Me" for instance. Pope Francis seems to be a shallow man,we were blessed with JPII and Benedict. The Church is in a precarious time.


From the HH interview or Oren"

" MO: Look, I’m not going to compare anybody to Adolf Hitler, with all due respect to the Iranian leaders. But they are a hegemonical, genocidal regime."

Lets change that a little.

Name the party.

"Look, I’m not going to compare anybody to Adolf Hitler, with all due respect to the [..... party]. But they are a hegemonical, genocidal [party]. They’re the [......party].out to destroy my country of [325.7] million people. "


Davod: It's one thing when genuine criminals such as mobsters get convicted on process crimes because that's the best the prosecutors can do. Quite another when otherwise innocent people are tricked into committing a process crime.


PS, It might have been the FBI not DOJ, or both, that made up evidence and witnesses.

Another Bob

Boatbuilder, I'm generally with you on that. But when the institutions responsible for "justice" have been corrupted, you can't rely on them to self-cleanse, and fighting fire with fire is, i think, OK.

As such, I had no problem trusting Trump to do a few controlled burns within government. Arguably, it's why he was elected. Problem is I'm not seeing any of those burns getting started.

Mulehead has been a big part of the problem, but look where he ended up - running the star chamber deciding who "lives" and who "dies". A few minor players have been thrown over the side (sone with rich retirements), but none of the ringleaders have been touched. Why has Hillary not been indicted for the negligent handling of classified data? That case has already been made with the evidence already made public. Nothing.

And people wonder why some of us are skeptical?


jimmyk. It is not the process crime I worry about, unless it's bull shit evidence. It's the lies and subterfuge. Why do you think the 302 is still around.

Lying to the government with no way to disprove the charge, with the threat of much greater charges if you do not plead guilty. That's the catch all. Something out of the Eastern Bloc or other totalitarian regimes.


Talk radio view of the election:

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

Those who would blame other factors: Turnout was HUGE in liberal strongholds and slightly depressed in the WOW counties. This was a straight forward head-to-head, and republicans aren't energized right now. That's the story. Scary for Walker & GOP dominance in Madison.


Swamp refilling?

PJ Media @PJMedia_com

Rosenstein Names Former McCain Campaign Lawyer His Right-Hand Man at DOJ


clarice feldman



Guess who was in New Hampshire yesterday? John Kasich was at a "fireside chat"meeting in Henniker yesterday,the NH Union Leader reports. A few gems...he praised the students of Parkland,"shame on the adults attacking them",he hasn't made a decision about running in 2020 because he's going to complete his term as Governor and he predicts a wave election in November that will wipe out incumbent Republicans.


So catching up from last night, I see narciso takes the win for best late night post:

Well faith is the evidence of things not seen, it is clearly stated that this is not our kingdom, hence it looks stranger and stranger every day,

Concise, clear, to the point. Great even if he borrowed a phrase.

And not a single misspelling. God's hand was in this:)

Ralph L

Does this flip the WI SC over to insanity?


Ralph. Still 4-3 conservative.


Just means the next SC election will be dialed to 11. ugh.


From a press release by Christian group AFA who led the Target boycott.

AFA urged supporters to sign a petition to reverse Obama's hostility toward Christians in the Air Force, and the voice of AFA supporters made a difference.

Over 50,000 supporters signed the AFA petition urging Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to restore the religious liberty of U.S. Air Force Col. Leland Bohannon.

Col. Leland Bohannon was asked in May 2017 to sign a "certificate of spouse appreciation" for a retiring master sergeant in a same-sex "marriage."

As a devout Christian, Bohannon refused to sign the document stating it would violate his religious belief of marriage being between one man and one woman. As a result, the Air Force suspended the colonel and effectively ended his career.

As a result, "Bohannon was relieved of command. Additionally, a letter sent by a superior officer recommended against Bohannon’s promotion to brigadier general, effectively ending his career."

But Col. Bohannon's religious liberty was restored after an appeal to the Air Force Review Boards Agency. Secretary Wilson announced Monday that the Agency ruled in favor of the religious liberty of the colonel saying:

The director [of the Agency] concluded that Colonel Bohannon had the right to exercise his sincerely held religious beliefs and did not unlawfully discriminate when he declined to sign the certificate of appreciation for the same sex spouse of an Airman in his command. (Emphasis added.)
This is a tremendous victory for religious liberty in President Donald Trump's administration and in the armed services. The glory for the success belongs to God alone.

Old Lurker

And OL, Cap'n.

But you knew that.

Captain Hate

The youtube shooter:

1. Was not a member of the NRA.
2. Did not use a bump stock.
3. Was not under 21.
4. Was not a veteran with PTSD.
5. Was not a gun show nut.

6. Not a white male.
7. Not a Christian.
8. Not a conservative/alt-right/tea party/KKK/Nazi/Trump supporter
Posted by: Lizzy at April 04, 2018 08:03 AM (W+vEI)


henry, is there some reason WI doesn't just hold elections on, say, election day, as opposed to every other Tuesday? Seems like a recipe for craziness.

Ralph L

I'd always thought Madison was a small city compared to Milwaukee, but your map showed a million votes in Dane Co--on a non=Pres election.


Clarice. It is a pity we don't have the same sort of more simple way of establishing the time both the original and the follow up authorizations were signed as the Dan Rather fakes.


jimmyk, WI has two elections each year (plus primaries before each): Spring and fall. The spring is for "nonpartisan" positions, the fall for the partisan ones. School referendums sneak in where the School Boards / union think they can overwhelm a low turnout.

Having lots of elections is how progressives get their crap through on local levels.


Ralph, Madison is U Wisconsin. That is a major driver of votes, especially given the weeks of early voting for the cigs / beer for votes teams from Creamer and Foval to crank turnout.

Old Lurker

When somebody wants to tell me why we do not resemble the SS in the 30's or the USSR in the 80's, I would be happy to listen.

Doors broken down, then paperwork later.

Process crimes like forgetting to wear the jewish start on your coat.

All powerful investigator with police powers given marching orders in secret.

20,000 sealed indictments - are YOU next?

Police suited up in black assault uniforms driving tanks.

State computers recording everything imaginable, whether legal or not.

Political opponents wiretapped and threatened.

Tax authorities able to take your money, details to follow.

Civil assets taken at will, no details to follow.

Club members allowed to break laws at will while regular Joes locked up.

James...help me out here, my fingers are getting tired.


I am plenty cynical, and I don't blame Trump except to say that extraordinary measures are way overdue.

Not going to win this war playing "fair".

Sad to say.

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Miss Marple the Deplorable




The IG has the Datto node, which was backing up all of Hillary's secret server unbeknownst to the Hillary camp. They had completely forgotten about it! @jasoninthehouse was trying to get it from the @FBI but @Comey stonewalled him, however Wray said it was turned over to the IG

(Above has a letter from Datto)

Old Lurker

Buckeye, all I can say is that had better be one hell of a rabbit Trump has in his hat.


Datto turned the node over tho the FBI in 2015? Is the statute of limitations on its contents passed already? Mighty convenient coincidence that it pops up now if so.

Old Lurker

I'm with MM in admitting I have no clue what is coming. At this point it seems we are playing Russian Roulette with a two chambered gun. Talk about binary outcomes.

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