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April 03, 2018



I'm think Chaffed-putz has a thing for Treytor's node.


This looks promising, right up to the part that says "Congress must sign off on it."


Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

When you’re already $500 Billion DOWN, you can’t lose!

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Above tweet by President Trump came right after his earlier one about the trade deficit with China and the cries about hi starting a trade war.


This Datto node thing sounds ridiculous. All of a sudden we hear that the FBI had the missing emails all along, and that Comey stonewalled but Wray turned them over to the IG?

Methinks someone had a few too many Long Island iced teas and is now barfing off the side of the veranda.


The Fat-waw for Jihadies dietician figured a pretty quick way to lose all her weight.

She shares the same Spy vs Spy jawline of Hogg turd.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I read that not only did Rosenstein's Aug memo to Mueller post-date Andy McCarthy's pointing out the deficiency of his original SC memo by a few days it also post dated Mueller's search of Manafort's home and his wife's jammies.
If so IMO that makes Mueller's position even weaker.
You don't fix a poisonous tree by grafting a this-is-what-I-meant-to-say-the-dog-ate-my-homework memo to it.

Old Lurker

Me too, Iggy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My understanding of purgatory is the same as Tom Bowler's and it seems unsupported by the whole counsel of God.

Old Lurker

If he wore a white hat, why would Rosenstein hire a McCain guy as his #2?

Did that really happen or is it fake news?


Not allowed was in one of your posts.
Also your dream about visiting the WH.
I agree with your conclusion wrt the dream.
We differ in opinion on how this is all shaking out.
I no longer have blind faith.
We are not required to find out about 20,000 secret indictments.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Subotai Bahudor at Wretchard's has the best, most succinct take on our predicament:

"With the Republican party allied with the Democrats, we are not going to be able to vote our way out of this."


Y'all need to calm the hell down. For our terminally impatient Ledge, there's a fantastic write-up by Sundance over at CTH:


Interesting comments over at CTH in an earlier post (IIRC) arising from this newly-released memo from Rod Rosenstein.

Everyone is playing a bad poker hand right until the end. No one is folding, but Trump will not be bluffed because he know what cards everyone is holding and he has 4 aces.

The four aces is the knowledge that the genesis of all of this is contrived. The DNC was possibly hacked by Russia but they didn’t release the info to Wikileaks. Proof of this will unravel the whole thing. There is something there I am almost positive. There are a couple of things that lead me to this belief.

First, a long time ago, Nunes was involved in a press conference where he was asked specifically about the servers. He pretended to not hear the question correctly basically by answering a question that wasn’t asked. This was odd since he is generally straight forward with reporters and was throughout that press conference. He clearly avoided answering this question (and it was intentional in my view) and he quickly ended the press conference.

The second thing that leads me to this belief is that (as pointed out on Stealth Jeff’s twitter feed) Wray acknowledged that the IG is investigating those servers in public testimony. I missed that the first time around but his answer is clear that they are included in the IG investigation.

Additionally, Crowdstrike was paid by the DNC for information outsourced by the FBI. This is the exact same pattern as FusionGPS. What possible reason would the FBI have to outsource these absolutely critical aspects of an investigation that is so incredibly important and influential if not to avoid taking full responsibility and oversight for the conclusions of these outside entities?

Finally, the one person (or group) on the planet that has 100% certain knowledge of the source of this information is Wikileaks. They received the DNC leaks from someone and they know who it is. They claim it is not Russia (and imply heavily that it is Seth Rich).

Nunes knows. Brennan orchestrated the entire thing. Seymour Hearst had the story right a long time ago.


Yep, yep. Faith and patience. We have competent professionals handling their business; scalps and skulls are already being collected. No damn need for them to announce ANYTHING to any of you before the time is right.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Subotai also makes this cogent observation:

"When there is neither a social contract nor any generally accepted objective truth, then it is only safe to be with one's own tribe however defined. And if tribes cannot come together, then matters will be settled kinetically and terminally."


Ocassionally they give the game away, Harding admitted that klimnik was on loan from the iri, I pointed this out to Beldar akhmetchin worked with this outfit again nuzurbayev because Mccain is a fool.


Be a good sheep and calmy line up for shearing. Message received.


Belmont, all of this our man in Moscow or taskhent people are as tied to Mccain as any other.

Jim Eagle

In MM's 9:12 thread there is a Kim Strassel choke-hold on the Obama EPA and their travel cost compared to Pruitts. You have to read it and the doubting Thomases of the dem/prog variety insisting she is making up the Obama EPA Administrator's travel cost when in fact, Kim pulled it directly from the EPA.

We are damn near a complete Civil War, not of ideas and agendas but of pure intellectual acuity versus an intolerant bunch of bought and paid for lemmings.

Mrs. JiB has been going through her families papers and books to clean out the house of years of collections. One item I now have to puruse is a wonderful insert from The Times of London named The Divided Realm: The Civil War of 1642-1651. The parallels are remarkable when you consider the "Forces of Change" that divided families, villages, towns, and caused the death of tens of thousands.

Granted our battle is not between King and usurpers like Cromwell but the Resistance, the #NeverTrump, the Strangled Agenda by the Dems in Congress, Fake News, MFM Issue Advocacy v. Reporting, etc. are just as much the Parliamentarians as they were in opposition to Authority.


The timespublished that fat back, there are echoes of the anti Elizabethan resistance which became anti jacobite.


Receive this message, henry:

We are told to be patient on the cleanup in DC, to let Mueller run wild; we know how that goes by looking at Chisolm not only avoid lawsuits and jail, but get reelected. Patience doesn't work.

Posted by: henry | April 04, 2018 at 05:57 AM

Let me see if I can navigate this response, henry.

Surely you didin't just equate Wisconsin to the USA and Trump to Scott Walker, right? Is that what you meant to do, henry? If so, the underestimation of Trump by some folks here continues to be off-the-charts weird.

Equally weird is the underestimation of Jeff Sessions.

Both of them are playing the politics beautifully in the face of an all-out assault from people who would have much preferred the oppositional approach of The Ledge. Because that approach is easily defeated. Easily.

And in the face of those on our side worried -- at this particular point in our history, having survived Obama and Clinton and ValJar -- of, incredibly, a vengeful President Trump -- come on, man.

More importantly for me, it appears they are doing an even better job administratively. The remainder of this Trump Administration first-term is going to be a phenomenal thing to watch. It might teach Wisconsin and Scott Walker a thing or two.

* * *

And, again for emphasis -- it doesn't truly matter if Mueller or Rosenstein are on board the Trump Train. Sessions the Attorney General is, and Wray the Director of the the FBI is. The DOJ OIG Horowitz is properly neutral. That's all that matters. Their goose is cooked. There is no way out.

Sundance's theory that the DOJ-NSD / FBI-CID cabal essentially selected Mueller works for me. Probably suggested Rosenstein, too. Both of them, however, have likely figured out the real deal by now. They were played. By the cabal, by the Clinton crowd, and by the Obama crowd.

But the jig is up.


The left never telegraphs their goals rattler in 1917, it was about ending the war with Germany and ending the food shortages, in 1949 it was about ending corruption in 1959 it was about the former as well as fulfilling the 1940 constitution.


RG, love your optimism.

You been in the catnip? :)

Captain Hate

When does the brilliant Sundance plan on addressing the legal expenses of Flynn et. al.? Or isn't that big picture enough for that mastermind?


RG, Walker got a lot done legislatively Act10 was in the first two months of his first term, Trump / McConnell / Ryan have not. Nothing Walker accomplished required chess (of any dimensionality) or even checkers to comprehend. The "deep state" types that brought the John Doe (a Wi form of SC) are unpunished 8 years later in WI.

Trump and Sessions are napping in comparison.


Old Lurker@9.06:
The things started resembling USSR circa 1970s-1980s about 15 yrs ago when Hollywood movies became high tech version of Soviet films: they were about PC nothingburgers with only star power of performers to be barely watchable.
Also famous Soviet jokes became applicable. Two major newspapers were called Pravda (truth) and Izvestia (news). The joke was: there is no Pravda in Izvestia and no Izvestia in Pravda. And many other jokes as well.
To answer your 9.36: Daniel Greenfield thinks Ed Calaghan's appointment is good news (Frontpagemag.com).

clarice feldman

narciso I wish I understood your 9:49 post because it seems significant but is too arcane for my old peabrain.


Everybody klimnik, akhmetchin, probably milan the Latvian peter lorre all were familiar to state, to Mccain to aid,


Somebody broke Kenya.



"In MM's 9:12 thread there is a Kim Strassel choke-hold on the Obama EPA and their travel cost compared to Pruitts. You have to read it and the doubting Thomases of the dem/prog variety insisting she is making up the Obama EPA Administrator's travel cost when in fact, Kim pulled it directly from the EPA"

Strassel played with the figures a little by including the Obama-appointees security detail costs but presenting them as if they were just travel costs.She did the opposite for Pruitt(who btw flies first class on the taxpayer dime).

It's neither here nor there. The real question isn't how much pruitt's spending ($43,000 on a privacy phone booth in his office, a 30 man security detail?) but why he's taking these trips.Going to Morocco to promote liquid gas is out of his purview, but it sure does help the husband of his Washington landlord who lobbies on behalf of the only exporter of Liquefied gas to Morocco. And it is Odd that Pruitt's landlord gave him a crazy,crazy sweetheart deal on his diggs.

Funny though...in your defense of Pruitt you went from draining the swamp to being satisfied that it's just as swampy as Obamas.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Took my son to work. It was SNOWING.

I am getting pretty sick of this weather.

As far as that back-up server, I hadn't heard of it, but there is a damn LETTER there from the company, so it isn't something I made up and those who think so (looking at YOU, Extraneous) can go pound sand.

When I have an opinion, I label it as such. I do not manufacture evidence out of whole cloth.

Believe it or not. I posted an excerpt of the thread, and a link to the post where you can see the damn letter.

And why WOULDN'T Comey keep it from the IG? Especially if it has incriminating Hillary emails? This has, after all, been a major conspiracy involving high level people in the FBI and DOJ, and no doubt includes Hillary and her aides, and possibly Obama.

And why WOULD you hear about it before? Do you think the Washington Press Corps is going to point out the presence of incriminating evidence about these people to the public? Not unless they are forced.

You know, I don't come on here and insult people and for the life of me, I don't understand why some of you do that.

Captain Hate

God knows how DJT chose Kellyanne over this rocket surgeon:

MSLDS's Nicole Wallace mistakes sound of a soda can opening for gunfire:


That is hilarious! Ban assault sodas!
Posted by: WhatWhatWhat? at April 04, 2018 10:28 AM (Dn4Uq)

clarice feldman

I don't know anyone who was threatening the life of the former EPA head nor was she surrounded by Marxist eco freaks who opposed her--Pruitt it.

Robin, eff 'em all

I choose to remain optimistic. I do thatbecause I don’t think the president would have risked a very happy dotage to take on the presidency and the war on Washington if he didn’t have a very good plan for how to win.

He is a master of the narrative and he’s got one hell of a story to tell the American people about the corruption and criminal actions of some of our institutions. He is going to have to justify dismantling those institutions, so this is a very careful narrative he’s going to have to create. He has to bring a majority of Americans along with him because establishment Republicans sure aren’t interested in fixing things and interrupting a good gig.

The gnashing of teeth and rendering of clothing may be cathartic, but it’s not the support the president needs. He knows what happens if he loses - his family is destroyed and exiled if they are lucky to survive. What happens to the rest of us IS NOTHING compared to what will happen to his kids. Subutai Bagatur (sp.) is correct in that we are in a civil war, whether it remains bloodless depends on the next seven months right up to the midterms.


Stifle yourself, MM. I don't believe they have the missing emails. You apparently do. Nothing insulting about that. Maybe you're right. I don't believe so.


And I hope you are right, btw. Would like nothing better than to see the Clinton Foundation corruption and bribes in gory detail.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
1m1 minute ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with the four U.S. Marines from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing who lost their lives in yesterday’s Southern California helicopter crash. We pray for their families, and our great @USMC.

James D.

OL @ 9:06

You pretty much covered it.


They are all fixers, its like complain about a scorpion sting, people you have to deal with to get business done.


Things aren't perfect but Hillary is NOT our President. Many positive things are happening.

Everyone has the choice of looking at the positive or the negative. After my little scrape with death/paralysis last year - I lean much more positive.

Miss Marple the Deplorable



Now, maybe the letter is a forgery put out by lunatics. Barring that, how could you not believe they had the back-up server?

Now, maybe it was destroyed while in Comey's custody. Could be, although it looks to me from that information that the IG DID get it after Comey was fired.

And, maybe it was wiped before they gave it to the UG. That is also a possibility, but then someone will be guilty of a felony. Not sure an IT guy would want to risk that.

clarice feldman

Very impt. Memo saying Mueller could investigate Manafort came only after Manafort raid--bootstrapping--ex post facto authorization.


This letter?

All it says is they have "emails." Doesn't say from what time period.

Is there another letter that claims they have the 33,000 emails she claims were personal and were deleted & wiped?


Btw, click to enlarge any pic I post, including that memo.


My theory that deripasha who introduced manafort to yanukovich, fell on hard times after 2008, when the bottom fell out of aluminum and used his contacts to get back at his ungrateful friend,


So the motives are really more personal than strictly ideological, Mueller wanted to get back at khan who was investigating the dossier so he goes after a junior associate at skadden

Miss Marple the Deplorable


Does that make Manafort's conviction null and void?

Miss Marple the Deplorable

Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
6m6 minutes ago

Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Earlier this year I spoke about Dr. King’s legacy of justice and peace, and his impact on uniting Americans. #MLK50 Proclamation: http://45.wh.gov/DrKing50th


In mcmafia a character a little like van derswaan although more resembling bill broader gets pulled into the whirlpool of Russian oligarchs that operate from Mumbai to plague,
The big bad is based on a real life character.


The main problem for me about the 4th generation game theory is communication. Who is going to tell the US people when 4g culminates with whatever the end game is.

Are they relying upon the media to get the truth out. Or maybe they will rely upon Twitter. Or, what about preempting the communications problem by beaming Trump directly into the homes of every US resident.


Re: reading Washington tea leaves

As my wife says, “Control the controllable.”

The corollary is not to panic and to deal with the rest.

I recall stories about my dad’s anti-tank company in France’s Haguenau Forest during WWII where his captain was relieved of command pressed by a passel of Germans and he suddenly found himself with a field promotion to the position.

Apparently, assessing the situation, his first command was “Retreat!”, saving his men to fight and ultimately succeed.

Our job is to know when to fight, where to fight, and how to fight.

Meanwhile, it is nice to know the veranda and ledge are well-stocked. Like my dad: don’t panic, keep your long term goals in focus, assess the situation, and do today’s work today.

Today I asked AP why they said Trump was “fixated on the issue”.

I asked, is “fixated” news? Is it your view? Can you find a word less freighted that says he believes it important to the security of the country?

Gosh, I have so much fun doing my job!



Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

HOW TO STOP A BLUE WAVE IN WI: apparently, Gov. Walker thinks reaching toward the "center" and rejecting "hard line" conservatism is the answer. He describes his differences w/democrats as "modest".



Another California City Bails On Sanctuary Status

The Huntington Beach City Council voted 6 to 1 to sue the state over SB 54 — the Senate bill that would protect undocumented immigrants by limiting the cooperation between local police and ICE agents.

More than 100 people were at the meeting to tell the council they wanted to join the Orange County lawsuit, just days after Los Alamitos became the first city in Orange County to leave their sanctuary city status behind.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher could barely be heard over the hecklers.


Much of this is about petty grudges, like Armitage turning on Libby, like moldea turning on Ken Starr masquerading as principle.


Like tube bridge, or grenfell towers:



Henry, no offense to you or any folks from Wisconsin on this board -- but give me a break. Wisconsin doesn't even register on the scale compared to what is being thrown at this administration.

And we've already seen how your boy Walker folded in the Presidential election, and how he's rolling right now.

Shot: thank goodness Trump and Sessions are napping in your estimation.

Chaser: thank goodness The Ledge isn't running things in this administration.

Miss Marple the Deplorable

As far as explaining all of this stuff to the general public, I believe that is where Joe DiGenova will come in.

He is hands-down the best on explaining this stuff in easy-to-understand terms.



And it's pretty good.


Ok RG, I believe you....get back to me in a couple years with the results of your theory.


Iggy notes: Subotai Bahudor-"With the Republican party allied with the Democrats, we are not going to be able to vote our way out of this."

a) that's a pretty commonplace observation. We all knew that Swamp RINOs run the Party and we all knew that collapsing and re-forming the Repub Party while at the same time keeping Dem fingers off key Gov control levers is a daunting task.

b) it might not be true. We *might* be able to vote our way out. Time will tell. We need Trump to hold and gradually dominate the executive branch. We need better, less activist judges installed. We need to avoid a blue wave in '18. We need an improved set of Repubs in Congress to implement agenda items and hearten the base.
We're not in horrible shape. Avoiding a blue wave is a checkpoint to watch. And the hardest item seems to be to get the Swamp RINOs in Congress to give the base it's due.

Jim Eagle

Does national standards supercede state standards like California? What if Kia decides to make cars specific to California standards and not US?


Yes but the method is similar, Mueller is pat fitzgerald, chisholm, Ronnie earle, Brenda Murray, whoever prosecuted Mcdonnell, they pick a target use any excuse that seems expedient. There is no vekakte check on their authority, even when stopped from persecuting they leak to friendly media.


Wisconsin doesn't even register on the scale compared to what is being thrown at this administration.

National all-in bused in occupation of our capitol? Full on secret (but leaked) investigation of the Governor and anyone that contributed to him?

Get real.


Lunch break in class.

I don't like to see people get convicted for process crimes. It enrages me, to put it bluntly, and I start looking for enablers.

Mueller needs to be shut down now.

Posted by: Captain Hate | April 04, 2018 at 07:25 AM

Absolutely agree with this.


Yesterday I ordered a replacement plastic shell for my keyfob.

Not the electronic guts or the key, just the exterior shell. Cost all of $7.07, shipping was free.

Today Ebay sent me an insurance offer for said part. $3.99/year.

Are people really that stupid? Do I really need a "safe space" for that purchase?

Jim Eagle

Correction: I know. They are acceptable since they are more stringent.

Mulvaney may end up being the biggest hero instead of Pruitt and Zinke, if that is possible. He trapped her into the corner she painted. Well done, Mick.



Something tells me it will be a cold day in purgatory before you buy a KIA anyway:)

Tom R

All the 4D chess assholes still won't answer

So I'm an asshole because I can see a plausible possibility that Mueller is actually working with Trump instead of trying to destroy him?

Jim Eagle


Funny car story here in Belgium. We always rent from Sixt. They gave us a nice Class KJ Jaguar 4 door in Zaventam. We drove it for a couple of days until coming back from Tonegren, the console lit up to save I needed to "Fill the Diesela Exhaust Fluid". Okay.

Mrs. JiB looks up the info in the car manual (in French, of course) and tells me the next waring will mean when I stop the car it will not start again. Well, we make it back to the house, tell Stixt the problem, drive there and get a spanking new X5 BMW on the house.

Took me and Frederick into Antwerp today. A good ride, since I have had 3 of them before.



Is the X5 a diesel also? Given petrol prices in the EU, would hope so:)




Facebook acknowledges it shares info with Instagram, WhatsApp in revised terms of service



Feds spend $30,000 researching how to teach people how to cook

Jim Eagle


You bet it is:)

Tom R

Can you give me one substantial piece of news, evidence, even rumor that Mulehouse is working for Trump and not the #nevertrump or deep state contingent? You and RG cannot point to any objective news or talk that indicates so. Show us the cards:)



When I was working in BOZ I usually rented something at Schipol after getting off the plane.

At the recommendation of my Dutch buddy, I rented red BMWs. He said it was well understood that when you were in the left lane and you saw a red BMW in the rearview mirror it meant "get over":)


{{Donald J. Trump
‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

When you’re already $500 Billion DOWN, you can’t lose!}}

With all due respect sir, we are $21,000,000,000,000.00 down and you just signed a bill making that number LARGER. I back you Mr Trump but on this issue I must say....TOUCHE sir.


Jack, ROSENSTEIN is the guy working for Trump.......RIGHT?

Jim Eagle


You worked for BAH? Wow. Maybe our paths crossed.

From my observation this trip, it is Audi drivers who spend their time in the left laned over the speed limit. Very few beemers, compared to Audis and Volvo's. Not as many Mercedes either.

Smaller cars seem dominated by Renault and Citroen.

But the F**king traffic on the Antwerp Ring road is unbelievable. No wonder it is the most growing city in Europe. It is the South Beach of Europe when it comes to music, clubs and restaurants.


Its just cruel to put santelli against liesman, 'you teach a class in this'





At the time I worked for a small automation company who did all the GE Plastics plants. We were typically contracted by Crawford and Russell, Stamford who were the process experts.

Can't remember who was prime, might have even been your shop.

Spent 3-4 months there, on and off.

On the weekends, when we wanted to chase girls (this was mid 70s when I was young, single and "normal":)), it was a tossup as to whether we were heading to Antwerp or Den Haag.

There were definitely some wild spots along the docks in Antwerp:)


Take a guess.

Top Republican lawmaker says Trump SHOULD sit down with Mueller if he has 'nothing to hide'

Captain Hate on the iPhone

So I'm an asshole because I can see a plausible possibility that Mueller is actually working with Trump instead of trying to destroy him?

Even if you were right, for which there's no current evidence, I don't want a corrupt pile like Mueller on "my side". If Sessions is getting to the bottom of draining the swamp with regular prosecutors that adhere to the Constitution then full speed ahead. But Mueller is a runaway bull in a constitutional republic china shop.

Tom R

Another theory from a 4D chess asshole. Its coming from an angle I haven't seen anyone make yet. RG and Clarice are welcome to run with this in one of their online essays if you think it is warranted.

Lets state some assumptions up front. 1) There never was any collusion between Trump and the Russian government. 2) The criminally corrupt Obama administration weaponized the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and who knows who else to spy on Trump and his team. 3) As Director of the FBI, James Comey was directly involved with the criminal corruption of the Obama administration's spying on Trump.

With all that out of the way, the key question becomes this. On what date did Trump find out Comey was directly involved in the spying against Trump? We are fairly certain Trump initially found out he was getting spied on by Obama when NSA Director ADM Rogers briefed him in Trump Tower in mid-November 2016. If Trump found out Comey was involved in the spying against him BEFORE he fired Comey then that fully justifies his firing of Comey and from a legal and ethical standpoint there can be no "obstruction of justice" when the person getting fired is one of the culprits involved in an actual crime.

My personal belief is that Trump discovered Comey was directly involved with the spying on Trump before Trump fired him. Hopefully we will soon know what the facts are.

Now comes the key point. From the outset of the Mueller appointment as SC, AFAIK at no point has Trump or anyone else made the public argument that Trump can't be guilty of "obstruction of justice" for firing Comey because Comey is one of the Obama officials who is guilty of spying on Trump and his team. In that scenario the firing of Comey is 100% justified and any reasonable American would agree. You never hear that argument though. All you ever hear is Trump claim there was no collusion with the Russian government.

Why isn't Trump defending himself against the "obstruction of justice" charge? It goes back to the 4D chess Mueller is a White Hat theory. The entire "obstruction of justice" narrative is part of the cover concocted by Trump and Mueller to disguise who Mueller is actually going after. All of Trump's enemies think Mueller is trying to nail Trump for obstruction of justice or some minor process crime when all along Mueller has known from the outset the reasons why Trump fired Comey. Mueller knows this because Trump told him the day before his appointment as SC when Trump and Mueller had a long meeting with one another. The entire SC investigation itself could be a scam to give cover for the real investigation going on by the DOJ IG Horowitz and US Attorney Huber.

Now I'm really gonna piss off the Ledge dwellers. In the event the above theory actually has some truth to it, here is another plausible theory. When Trump won the election, Comey realized the S was about to HTF and that the criminal actions of the Obama administration were eventually going to come to light. Comey had to know he had a good chance of going to jail at this point. It is within the realm of possibility that Trump learned about Comey's involvement with the spying against Trump from Comey himself. In exchange for future leniency, perhaps via a pardon, Comey spilled the beans to Trump and told him everything that happened under Obama. In that scenario the firing was all part of the long term 4D chess strategy.

Fast forward from the start of the Mueller investigation to now and the current state of affairs is that almost all Trump supporters are wanting Mueller fired and the investigation ended while all of Trump's political enemies want Mueller to indict Trump for obstruction of justice. Trump's enemies to include the leftwing media are painting a narrative of Mueller that he is a straight shooter and a man of honor. Imagine how many heads are going to explode when Mueller completely exonerates Trump while at the same time the criminal corruption of the Obama administration is finally exposed? My guess is that happens around the September/October timeframe this year right before the mid-terms.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I guessed correctly, Ext.


At this point its like being rickrolled, no matter where you turn.


Me too, Captain.


Theo's here.

Account Deleted

"But the jig is up."

RG: I'm in total agreement with your stated views without qualifying any of them.

Here's my theory re the present strategy deployed by the Executive Branch. It's classic hard-nosed football. (Hey! It's something I know about and LOVE! Sorry, Chuckie has us Raiders fans going wild here. )

So, in comes DJT and he starts pounding the rock as POTUS. Straight ahead against a stacked box of a defense that is in blitz mode. The media, the Deep State, Soros et al.... they are teeing off.

But when a defense stays in blitz mode *thinking* DJT is going to pass, those running backs--- the GRINDERS--- go for 3 yards or they rip off a 15 yarder, making the "last line of defense" make tackles. That kind of start-stop-move-up-get-hit-by-big-line-players takes its toll.

So now it is an obvious passing down: DJT is getting to the end of the line with Mueller. The blitz is on.

DJT's big play will be a screen pass. His side will let the blitz and red dogs play out in a hellfire all out rush of the Passer in Chief.

Let em come. Toss the ball over them to a running back to hit a wide open secondary at full gallop. This may not finish the Deep State but it will take out Mueller. Public shaming.

The public will be asking: "Why isn't the SC investigating Russia and the Deep State Big Tent Players?" Done. Mueller resigns in disgrace.

RosenLangoStino gone. In disgrace. The grand juries and the indictments will grind through the mid-terms and the 2020 presidential sweepstakes. Every single Dem frontrunner will be tainted in some way by ongoing investigations.

The screen pass, when properly executed devastates a defense. All that chasin tires and frazzles a defense that can't come off that field. The Deep State--- although they are posing as taking the offense against DJT and the Executive Branch--- is really just an aggressive defense that sorties outside the ramparts just to get spanked by a frontal assault by the EB.

Why try to storm the walls when the defenders are attempting to blitz and break up your lines. It's time to encircle this front-line defense and attack the zone behind them.

I try to remember, RG, that every near disaster scenario is averted by *REFUSING* to give up and focusing on the reliable truth about anything in life: disaster is usually just a millimeter away from glory and victory.

Thank you for your stalwart contributions here on this parapet of Patriotism!

Kevlar Kid


Why isn't Trump defending himself against the "obstruction of justice" charge?

He did.

I never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Just more Fake News covering another Comey lie!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 3, 2017
Jim Eagle

Tom R,

With all due respect: BS.

Mueller could have easily told Trump in that meeting that he may be POTUS but that will not prevent a complete investigation aka Nixon. I have no idea what was actually discussed beside golf and grandkids but it had nothing to do with the cover of indictments of the bad guys who are not Trumpians.

No. This is nothing more than the Deep State bringing down an elected POTUS. Those who continue to beleive this is some kind of sleight of hand trick need to get better glases.

I expect a finding against Trump or his campaign aroud the end of October. Anyone want to bet against me?


No, Jack, the only way to win is not to play the game.


From our Chitown Lurker:

I’ll take $100 vs JiB, with a June deadline.



I expect a finding against Trump or his campaign around the end of October.

Marcy Wheeler of Emptywheel:

All of which is to say we may be looking at a public report saying that Trump should be impeached just as Republicans attempt to keep Congress.

Even as some of Mueller’s 17+ prosecutors write that up (by my estimate, only Watergate prosecutor James Quarles has been working the Trump obstruction full time), the rest will continue to roll out evidence — possibly in the form of very inflammatory indictments — of what Trump was trying to obstruct.

Effectively, I think Mueller is giving the GOP Congress a choice. They impeach Trump on the less inflammatory stuff,which will remove all threat of firing and/or pardons to threaten the investigation, not to mention make Trump eligible to be a target for the actual election conspiracy he tried to cover up. Or after they fail to hold the House while explaining why they’re covering up for Trump’s cover up, they will face a more serious inquiry relating to Trump’s involvement in the election conspiracy.

Thomas Collins

Back to real chess for a moment. Vachier-Lagrave and Vitiugov are currently tied for the lead in the GRENKE Classic.



Try this on for size Vlad:

The Spectator Index @spectatorindex

BREAKING: Bahrain announces it has discovered 80 billion barrels of oil, which is as much as Russia's oil reserves

Jim Eagle


When was the last time the Golden Domers won a game like that? Parsheigan? Midswest football hasn't been the same since.


The election conspiracy?

You're inhaling some strong fumes, dude.


Theo and the CLOWN on the same thread.


I will bet against you.
No finding against President Trump because as Mueller has stated as of last night President Trump is not under criminal investigation.
No interview with Mueller should be permitted.
If not under investigation, why talk to him.
Sorry your theory, in my opinion strains credulity.
No concrete evidence they are working together.
No reason for all partisan Dems on Mueller’s team.
Also Rosenstein signed off on Manafort after raid of his house.
How do you explain that occurrence?
I appreciate your optimism.
I have some as well wrt how this all turns out.
However, after following Wisconsin politics for years,
Henry has some real concerns about the corruption that has occurred there.
You in her comments seem to minimize that and every person here does want the best for their state and their country.
I don’t believe in name calling g but also think a closed mind to the facts known or unknown can be limiting.
In much of this ongoing struggle we still need more information.
My question is why are we being kept in the dark?
Transparency needs to happen now before too many people lose heart.



I copied that without vetting for inflammatory language. My opinion is that Trump did not collude with Russia, and I doubt his staff did either.


OT...great song, but notice Gill's guitar collection!

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